Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Can find 11s easily,13 a bit harder.

    He has enough trouble with 11, they seem to get one pair and they sold!

    Eaten and kitchen closed…Charlie’s paws have had the bees wax cream rubbed in see how we go…

    Jean x

    NATIONAL CHOCOLATE WEEK starts tomorrow 😀😃😄😁😁

    Evening everyone,
    Welcome back home Jean hope you and Steve are feeling better for the time away.
    Hedgehogs hope the husband has had a nice birthday 🎂
    Just finished packing away a Tesco.com delivery – I only do an online shop every six weeks and buy my fruit and vegetables weekly. Before husband retired i would drive to Tesco and do a weekly shop on my own but since then it’s so much easier to do it online as he’s a nightmare when grocery shopping.
    Been to visit a friend today that we’ve been friends with her and her late husband with since before we got married and sadly her husband died of motor neurons disease a couple of years ago but we still visit each other on a regular basis and have lunch. So not a bad day eating wise as I’ve not had anything to eat since then. Will make tomorrow a FD.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone.
    Nana x

    Hi Ll – out and about sampling lovely local food today and the magnificent Doune castle… Fab audio tour done by thingummy out o monty python.

    Tomorrow I think we’ll head over the Rest & Be Thankful to Inveraray – haven’t been their in maybe 25 years!

    Bought some Blue Murder cheese – try that with oatcakes tomorrow.


    Morning all!
    Minols- enjoy the cheese! I have Scotland envy…
    Nana- hubby said it had been a great birthday! Why is yours a nightmare shopping? You’re so controlled not having anything else after a lunch out, it seems to make me more hungry! Hope your FD goes well!
    Jean- hope the beeswax helps Charlie! Well done with the FD yesterday…
    Dave- noooo, why did you share that about chocolate cake week?! Are you having some?!
    Kay- hope you get some dry weather soon, so you can plant those bulbs!
    Mel- are you hanging in there with the kitchen work? Does Jodie mind the work?
    After eating rather alot yesterday, I’ll do a FD today, not sure if it’s going to be liquid, 500 or 800 cals!
    Dog training with Xena, & then shopping. Oh, good job it was his birthday yesterday or he’d have been bumped on the head with his laptop…hubby watched a clip of lead training & wants to try it out- it’s pretty much the same as I was trying to do with her & he wouldn’t wait for us! Aaagh! Nearly our wedding anniversary, 29 years, I should get a long service award for that 😂

    Morning All…
    A brighter day at the moment…

    I am doing a health survey about dally’s waterworks for Nottingham University ….how do you get a sample from a dog, walked round for 10 mins this morning in the garden he was very suspicious..no joy…Steve had him up the street every time he started to pee he stopped when you got near him!! 😂..it’s going to be fun..

    Park walk with Steve coming with us…nothing really planned, work through washing and ironing, not a lot, plenty of folding.

    Never done a on line shop, I think I would find it strange….as we live in a village it would be good when we can’t get out and about…I like my cafe stops when shopping, Steves used to me now.

    Nice you still meet up with your friend, people can disappear when there’s only one left.

    The castle sounded good, the boy would have enjoyed it something out of one of his books…enjoy the cheese today…A good name!

    Thanks for the reminder, Charlie needs his wax on before we go out….your anniversary 29 years that’s a good one…are you doing anything for it…hope hubby enjoys his video!..good luck in that direction…

    Steve said…hubby should know by now, especially after 29 years…’ we train the dog, we train the hubby, the hubby should listen like the dog…all is well and far easier’!..😂 🤣 😅

    Walk calls..paw rub first…

    Jean x

    Couple of glitches with the kitchen, mainly because no walls or ceilings or floors are straight. But they did say it wouldn’t be a problem but now it appears it is a bit. Both feeling stressed. HH the only one who isn’t is Jodie! She takes it all in her stride, stays downstairs with the workmen while we disappear upstairs. Re fasting, I could microwave some low cal meals but haven’t the heart at the moment. My mind seems to be in a fog. Have put another pound on! Not too worried because I know I can get back on the wagon when things are straighter. I need my 🍷🍷 at the moment – and chocolate Dave! Minols what I would give to be up in Scotland at the moment 😂. Nana I like food shopping, Paul hates it so I happily go alone. We love being together but I need my own space. Probably why we are knocking around in a big house, me in upstairs lounge, him downstairs, Jodie off in a corner somewhere. She has always liked her own space too. Not like loyal Charlie, wanting to be close all the time!

    Forgot to say Jean, love the images of you both shadowing Charlie ready to thrust a container under him at the crucial moment. No wonder he is suspicious 😂😂.


    Hope your kitchen sorts it’s self out…it will and it will be wonderful…I think ours took three months before we were straight but well worth it…

    WELL I got it…in a very small bottle they gave me……instead of hovering over the back end…at the park a dog had just cocked his leg up at a post, gave him a minute to go then we got out the car…Charlie was in like a shot… I went over his side/middle while he was sniffing..lifted his leg and got it!…..only thing now is a worry he is 7.5…should be below 2….maybe they will contact me to re do it again…

    Might buy some dip sticks…

    Well a bit of sorting and tidying up of caravan things…

    Have a good day all..

    Jean x

    Jean- what are they checking for with the wee samples? Sugar levels? Very funny trying to catch it! Don’t think that I’d be volunteering for that one 😂
    Mel- poor you with the kitchen- had some big problems with ours that we were told wouldn’t be an issue…hope the workmen are good! Don’t blame you not fasting- if you’ve only put on 1lb you’ve done well, I can do more than that in a couple of days!
    Nana- hope your FD is going okay…
    Dave- what are you up to today?
    Dog training was really good, we did a few different things today, & Xena learnt a new trick, she enjoyed it. No foid so far today, but very hard as lots of stuff still about, & both boys off today eating lots…

    HH it’s not chocolate cake week,just chocolate week,just done the shopping in Sainsbury’s,walked past all the chocolate but didn’t get any😇😇😇.Gene the meow skill dosent would in Heidi anymore,she is dead or hard of hearing.She never used to bark but her head used to go to one side then the other, very funny 😄. I’ll send you a video how to do it if you want.Not raining at the moment so I will take Heidi out now.

    Charlie has just had a ‘B’ we can’t say bath as he is horrified….still only showers here…all done now about 10 mins, I don’t know what all the fuss is about…

    Dally’s get stones in their waterworks very much like gout..they have to drink a lot of water and have to eat low purine foods..males worse than females…some get away with it others have to have operations and Vets diets and tablets…American dally’s have been bred out but they are not recognised with KC yet. Vets here don’t understand the breed they are a very one off..all stones are sent off to an American lab the only one in the world. Nottingham University are doing a study on it…I don’t mind helping…

    Well done on fasting and the good training with Xena..

    Chocolate week…umm lovely

    Jean x

    Evening everyone,
    Hedgehogs I’ve struggled today been ravenous all day. A mug of low calorie soup at lunchtime then a jacket potato with some leftover homemade chilli that I found lurking in the freezer. Will have to see what the scales say tomorrow morning. The reason husband is a nightmare food shopping is because of the fact that you make a list and don’t look at anything else. In and out no deviation.
    Jean well done on getting Charlies water sample – remember having to do that with our Labrador once – running around the garden after him like a mad woman.
    Dave well done on avoiding the chocolate .
    Mel hope the kitchen problems are resolved soon.
    Minols holiday sounds as if it’s going well do you.
    Nana x

    Denise makes a shopping list but never uses it, occasionally she will say to me have I missed anything.She is glad I go shopping with her because she can’t reach the top shelf 😄.Had a beef casserole for tea,just a bowl full so not sure about the calories, quiet a lot left so if my son dosent have it she said she’s going to make a casserole pie never done that before.Its the time of year when I get worried,lots of fallen leaves,a couple of years ago I went A over T on the slippy leaves,so don’t want a reply of that.

    We had a nice evening yesterday, a couple of games of pool and watched our darts team win a match!

    Today we didnt actually do anything with our day off! Very lazy! Ah well.

    I cooked toad in the hole this evening, was fine, but definitely not low in calories!

    Fasting on Thursday so dont want to do another one tomorrow. Will try and keep it low though as Ive had a heavy couple of days.

    Jean, the good thing of being part of the research is at least things can be picked up. Well done with getting a sample! Bitches are far easier 😂

    HH, xena had a good training session by the signs of it! Chuckled about your hubby finding the video about the lead training!

    Mel, hopefully the kitchen delays will soon get sorted. Dont worry about fasting at the moment, you can cook healthy meals in your new kitchen once its sorted.

    Dave, casserole with a pastry top in the offing for tomorrow then!
    And the chocolate diet is back!

    Nana, well done with today. Hope the scales are kind tomorrow.

    Minols, holiday is sounding great.

    I sent my self assessment form in to HMRC last week and Ive already had my tax refund. Must have done it right!

    Kay x

    Testing a post- rejected for spam earlier 😂

    Not read any posts. Just a quicky re dog calming. I found the wipes I mentioned earlier. They are in a little wet wipe sachet – Pet Remedy – Natural de-stress and calming. A clinically proven blend of Valerian, Vetiver and other calming essential oils. Think you get a box of 10 from your vet, about 50p each. I was very sceptical but got some for last year round firework night. Wipe round muzzle and chest then put in place they sleep. Very inpressed.

    Right, hopefully won’t happen again!
    Jean- good they’re raising the profile & looking into the Dally waterworks! Have only washed Xena 4 times since we’ve had her…she’s not smelly! Today’s mud had dried before we got home & brushed out okay.
    Kay- nice day off, what they should be!
    Dave- don’t know how I mis-read the chocolate week! Well done resisting it!
    Mel- poor you, lots of stress, don’t blame you not fasting,🍷 & 🍫 needed!
    Nana- well done with your FD- I do make life hard for myself being keto as well! Shame hubby doesn’t like to wander round the shop…we definitely do!
    Minols- hope the weather’s nice for you up there?!
    Liquid FD until 2 squares of dark chocolate just now, watching Bakeoff now…but I have been very bad & bought a vanilla crown pastry for breakfast- we’re going out for hubby’s birthday tomorrow night so the boys can both come, so won’t be a keto day. Need to be really strict after that!

    Hockey so a late night 😖🥴.Had toast too so not good.Gym this afternoon so will have to be a FD to make up for eating toast.

    Morning all!
    Going to take Xena out soon before we get the rain (hopefully!). Little pickle kept barking & huffing at something last night, woke us up several times… Enjoyed my pastry already for breakfast!

    Morning All..
    To a very wet morning…dry later..

    Shopping this morning for 4 birthday cards and an anniversary card….some elastic…we have a topper and it keeps moving so my under sheet and top sheet moves, driving me crackers!!…a sewing afternoon…!!

    Looking on line…I was wrong on the water sample it’s between 6.5 and 7.2…so 7.5 is pretty normal..phew!

    Enjoy your casserole pie?? Later…

    Good on the tax refund….😀..we are having a low day, fasting tomorrow….

    Dogs are maybe more smelly than bitches although he’s been done…smells lovely this morning 😀..have a lovely meal out and your day off food…you are joining us and Kay tomorrow..(Steve is fasting and keeping low today but isn’t!!)😂😂 I am keeping quiet!

    Have a good day…

    Jean x

    It’s a nice sunny day here,off to the gym soon and not had anything to eat so definitely a fast day.Saying that a big cloud suddenly appeared 😟.Good result in the hockey so worth staying up.I just got kicked out of here so hope this gets through.

    Homestart family still poorly, so no visit…popped out for a few bits, can get some jobs done & will do some more training with Xena.

    Hockey again tonight,no rest for the wicked.Must stay away from the toast, bowling tomorrow so up fairly early

    For anyone who feels they haven’t had a very good day eating wise –

    Today I have had:

    Two marmite breakfast biscuits
    Half a packet of Jaffa cakes
    Handful of nuts (unsalted)
    Packet of crisps
    Two Bourbon biscuits
    Two chocolate caramel digestives

    Feel better now 😂😂😂👍?
    Chilli and rice and 🍷🍷 on its way.

    Evening All..
    Got a few jobs done, house looking better can’t stand clutter about…bought my cards popped into 02 shop as changing from Tesco 02 but it will be the end of November…got home realised my shopping bag left in the 02 shop…so a round trip back…

    River up high again this morning had to avoid some flooding, then the water authority was grass cutting with tractor, vans coming along our old road leaving gates open onto the busy road …so poor Charlie more or less had a lead walk..a pain…..he enjoyed the park tonight for a run…

    Two nights hockey hope tonight is a good game…

    Your day up side down too..hope you got lots done..

    Good day food wise then 😂…it’s hard without your kitchen…good excuse anyway…😂..🍷🍷🍷cheers!

    Fasting tomorrow…

    Jean x

    Forget the marmite and bourbons,and don’t have crisps anymore.The rest sounds good.

    Evening everyone,
    Well the scales said half a pound on this morning a bit disappointing but just have to go with it and carry on. Think I need to be a bit more active. Nothing much different today just our usual Wednesday lunch out.
    Nana x

    I think you should only get weighed once a week,counter productive doing more often,I only do it every Friday.

    Oh Mel, I can beat that!
    1 vanilla pastry, 1 almond croissant, 1 slice peanut butter toast, chocolate, 1 biscuit, chocolate, cauliflower curry, chocolate parfait, hot chocolate…& an aero chocolate! 10 mugs tea. Slight carb binge while not on keto 😱!! Back to fasting tomorrow!

    Hedgehog and Mel
    Goodness me!!!!!
    Night night
    Jean x

    Hi all
    Hot choc yesterday and bbq with family today!
    Visited an old jail yesterday… Thinking I might try convict rations next week – porridge,broth,porridge!

    I feel slightly better HH! 🥰

    Morning all!
    Now begins the penance for yesterday’s indulgence😂 Don’t think there’s any meals out or big social stuff for a bit, so hopefully can get stuck into keto properly again & get back on track!
    Keep strong everyone fasting today!

    We really went for it yesterday HH! I followed the chilli with a homemade (not by me 😂) rocky road thing and three Hotel Chocolates. We are down with friends in Kent. Bootleg Beatles tonight. Not really looking forward to it. Got to battle up to Royal Albert Hall then we have ‘restricted view’ tickets which we have had before there. They aren’t joking. Also I am more of a Rolling Stones girl! Also really can’t stand one of the men we are going with (Paul’s cousin). He is a total a**e. We are having something to eat with him and his wife first. He never puts his hand in his pocket. It’s all ‘Paul can afford it, he can pay’ and of course Paul does. Never says a simple thank you either. A real miserable b****r.

    Blimey what a rant 😂😂.
    The pub is a real chips with everything place. Considering my mood I will probably eat my entire body weight in chips! Never mind, tomorrow is another day and I have promised myself I will start reining in.
    Love this forum where I can vent! Sorry everybody, it’s all about ME today! 😂😂💋

    Mel- sounds like a real fun day! 😬 Feel free to rant, doesn’t sound like you need a trip like that with all the kitchen stress…not good timing! Hopefully the chips’ll help 😂
    Good walk with Xena before the rain, now popping in to see mum…

    Morning All..
    A lovely morning here…I am fasting today…

    A good walk around the park…Charlie’s paws much better just down to one which is quite sore…going to bathe it in salt water in a minute….

    You have been busy half a pound isn’t a lot to put on…enjoy your day….

    A lovely family bbq, you never seem to have the time for family things…glad it was enjoyable…jail sounded different..

    Moan away it does you good, get it off your chest…..tickets for the Albert Hall, is it for the proms…you always get one or two in a family we all have to put up with them..SIL the nearest too us is a blxxdy pain, very controlling but daughter doesn’t see it…have a fun time …

    Have a good walk and visit to Mum….my boots have arrived, quite pleased at least they fit..going to wear them around the house to make sure…came quick from France in three days..they are for real heavy rain/snowy/muddy weather ..should be £99 down to I think £63 good buy.

    Cup of tea time..have a good fast day…

    Jean x

    Jean- glad your boots have come, hope they last well, a couple of days before mine come, can’t walk round the fields until they do.
    It’s my sister in law in the family who’s the pain! & she’s very controlling too!
    Poor mum- she’d had an interesting online shop, lots more than she needed & ordered a couple of things wrong!
    Staying strong so far, I’m sure you are Jean!

    Yes all going ok…keep stopping and starting different things…daughter will get ringing shortly but the grass could do with a cut still wet though…

    I really like my boots but my toes are going a bit numb after they have been on a bit….I thing they going back ☹️

    Keep strong..

    Jean x

    They have been returned shame they would have been good….
    Hope yours are better…

    Mel drink your body weight in wine🍷🍷🍷🍾🍾🍾.Took Heidi out this morning then went to bowling club,they had darts,cards, snooker and archery, I got my phone out when they were doing the archery and played the Robin Hood theme on it😄,had three games of bowls so really aching now😖😩😵.Will take Heidi out again when my legs stop aching.

    Dave- did you have a go at any of the other things? I like archery, but am rubbish at it!
    Mel- hope this evening’s not as bad as you think!
    Jean- shame about the boots…mine came early, I got a size bigger so I can wear extra socks, they’re very comfy & warm, but don’t look quite as strong as the old ones.
    Nana- never mind, a little teeny bit up is nothing. Maybe your body’s getting used to the diet?
    Minols- hope your holiday’s still good!
    Kay- how many days are you working now?
    One of those evenings where the kitchen will be open for ages! Just doing son chicken korma & naan, making my mouth water!! Will have a cuppa soon & maybe a couple of squares of 🍫

    I used to play darts for a few teams,and can play cribb ,tried the archery,first arrow went over the target😄did hit with the next two.The sign language and Spanish started last week,we didn’t know so will go next week ,think it’s only for a month.

    Which boots did you get…was it the Muck boots? if so which ones….poor you the kitchen open all hours on a fast day…

    Are you just doing Spanish lessons?

    All going well here…hoping not up too much on the scales tomorrow after being away….😬

    Jean x

    Hope the chocolate isn’t my downfall on the scales tomorrow.Been good today.

    Morning all! Good luck on the scales anyone weighing today!
    Jean- the boots are made by Requisite- I looked at lots of brands, but even the better ones seemed to have some bad reviews so went for midprice ones, but they don’t look as strong as the old ones.
    Dave- was there hockey last night? Had to google the speedway results for the Witches; nothing on the local news, that’s bad!
    Mel- how was last night?!
    Nana- are you out for a meal tonight, or a takeaway? Do you think you’ll be able to up the exercise at all? It sounds like you do quite alot anyway with bad knees…
    Minols- are you back home tomorrow?
    Kay- when’s your next day off? Have you been able to fast at all?
    Will take Xena out early, try to avoid the rain, failed yesterday afternoon! Some shopping to do, & seeing some neighbours this afternoon.

    Morning All…
    Miserable dull day but dry….

    I have maintained which is a surprise, Steve 2 lbs up ….don’t really know what he’s doing at the moment I am just letting it roll at the moment….I will have to talk to him, surgeon says he is still healing….

    Hair cut and blow then food shopping later…possibly meeting up with daughter tomorrow for coffee at a garden centre, half way between houses….

    Hope the chocolate diet has kicked in again..good luck on the scales…

    I will have a look at your boots, I have not heard of them….enjoy your visit later….shopping too, a must!

    Did you survive last night, was it better than you thought. Enjoy your next few days…

    How long are you away for…is it a couple of weeks?

    Take it how you go, you fit in lots of meals in your social life……you usually loose each week….

    What are you up to…are you back fasting or is it hit and miss….I think it would be hard when working with others about.

    Nearly the weekend, a few days off for you…how are things ?

    Walk time….I do think my walking is maintaining my weight..😀🚶🏻‍♀️🐾🚶🏻‍♀️🐾🚶🏻‍♀️🐾🚶🏻‍♀️🐾

    Jean x

    The boots look really lovely…which ones did you get….review as a long standing dog walker 😂


    The chocolate diet rules ok😄lost 3lbs😀😀😀.So got to be happy with that.Nice and sunny here at the moment, will have a cuppa then take Heidi out then do the shopping,going to see Denise’s mum this afternoon, waiting until my son finishes work so he can come too.

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