Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Dave..
    I am with you totally….I am a nightmare with AI…first it has to be HOT, that’s the first hurdle, I want good decent food that’s the second hurdle..plenty of chefs around the world have followed me around the buffet..and even followed me out of the buffet! Bloody raw chicken, cross contamination of utensils…I could go on, I cleared a table of 10! they walked out with me over uncooked food……

    You are so strong …a Twirl and he’s not sharing!…Go Outdoors didn’t have my sizes, just remembered a shop in Hull with a good mixed selection possibly have a ride there…

    I don’t think I am so disciplined, I slip regularly unfortunately…I am strong if we are on our own, with people about it’s a different story..two more days and then on holiday something to look forward too and then when you come home a new kitchen 😀…

    Jean x

    Evening everyone, just got back from having our meal at our local pub. Glad we have a bit of a walk to get home from there as I’m so full and only had one course.
    Hedgehogs had a lovely day in Ely thank you it was very busy due to our lovely weather we’re having at the moment.
    Jean glad you had a nice lunch out and hope you’re successful soon in your shopping quest.
    Mel have a good time away.
    Dave hope Denise has calmed down now.
    Nana x

    Nana – left you off my last post 😣. Sorry, and nice to hear from you. We have a pub in the village, about four minutes walk away. Unfortunately the food isn’t up to much so we don’t go there. There has been three different people there since we moved here, we keep hoping it will improve but it doesn’t. 🙁

    Jean, I have never eaten all inclusive, you make me feel rather grateful for that!

    Morning all!
    Have to take hubbys car in for an MOT- it’s where son works selling cars, he’s been trying to get us in to test drive a newer car, ever the salesman! Some shopping on the way home, maybe clothes!
    Have a good day everyone!

    I have been up before Denise every day apart from today,She went down for breakfast on her own so I could be missing another meal🤐😬🤯.We went out last night to Rockefeller’s, I must admit I am Hank Marvin now.

    Hi all – and Hank…welcome! Ha ha.

    Started the day with a really good massage…feel a bit bruised and battered now, though. My 10 o’clock stood me up, so I had a lovely quiet coffee. Going to try and tick off some stray jobs and slide into my 24 hours off – first day off with the boys in a month, so really looking forward to…cleaning, probably! May even try a wee run in the morning?! Next couple of weeks are going to build to a fever pitch of juggling, so I need to be ready, and relaxed if I’m going to make it to the October break.

    Weight loss – well, I really should replace the battery in the scales! My aims are small…4lb this month, and I’ve no idea how I’m doing🤔 Wondering if it’s worth keeping the tension to keep me good?

    HOpe everyone else has a gentle slide into the weekend…

    Scorching again here, not a cloud in the sky.We went to the fools and horses pub this morning, I had a nice breakfast,two eggs, sausage,ash brown,three bacon(smoked yuk) so left that and tomatoes, plus two toast. Hopefully the food will be better tonight in the hotel,We have not yet had an hot meal,it’s usually lukewarm-warm🙁. Don’t know where we are going tonight,the two bars we go in have acts we have already seen,so will see what happens.

    Hi Hank, hope you’ve found something to eat my now! Doesn’t sound like you’re forgiven yet 😂
    Minols- if it’s your only day off with the boys, DO NOT spend it cleaning, have a nice time & go out together!
    Car took longer than expected, shopping done, (bra sorted you’ll be pleased to know 😂) caught up in a traffic jam & road block on the way home so later back than should’ve been…starting to wish I’d avoided the AGM next week- appatently there’s a seating plan, I have a named seat & badge😱, not sure what’s going on, not like the usual AGM…

    Afternoon All..
    A busy morning..took Charlie out to a different Country Park in Hessle near Hull, rather nice quite a lot to see but will come back when Steves walking better..we did 40 mins…found some shoes but they only had one, lost the other so they have sent away for a pair for me..I am not sure about them but they say it’s not a problem ..bought a torch for my coat for winter walking…

    More cleaning as our best man coming tomorrow..all done but need shopping….fence problem back on the horizon so that’s not good can’t find a solicitor to help uninterested!…Steve said he will saw it down, I can see problems ahead!

    One course you did better than me…fasting today and I haven’t eaten yet! Hot chilli Chicken for tonight.

    I think I have only had one A1 which was about acceptable in Cyprus last year, that was mostly hot food…I think we have just given up on them…their budgets are just so tight these days not like the beginning of it all…

    Denise deserted you….you must of had a good paddy!! 😂

    Be brave and buy a battery…then you will know were you are…have a lovely weekend make it a lazy one..

    Good the bra is sorted…I am sure you will enjoy your do, it will work out ok in the end..hope the cars fine ..

    Jean x

    Dave..has been locked out of forum 😱

    It’ll be because he’s been claiming to turn down free food! 😉

    I had that recently, they let me back on quite quickly, over zealous spam filter…maybe he has a dodgy IP address in Cyprus!
    Jean- a busy time for you, well done fasting today on your usual day off! Shame about the neighbours again, hadn’t liked to ask, hoped it had gone quiet 😣
    Minols- don’t do it, leave the batteries, stay in blissful ignorance!
    Have been good today, ignored the cakes when we stopped for a cuppa, hubby had a choc muffin…looking forward to having some breakfast tomorrow!
    Walked Xena on the heath again where we met a truck ahain, she was good this time & came straight back! Think we might have to give it a miss, they’re busy with pheasant rearing & shoots, not sure who actually owns the heath but they’re obviously allowed on as they have keys to the barrier!


    Managed to undo all my good eating in one sitting yesterday. Friend came for tea and I made tartiflette. I can’t even begin to think how many calories and I really didn’t need a second spoonful. Oh and did I mention warm cherry pie and cream.

    Just going to put myself over here on the naughty step.

    Did go running again this evening. Managed 23 mins so bit quite back up to the 30 mins but felt better.

    Gardening day at MiL tomorrow and a visit to the tip – strangely looking forward to the day.

    Booked Barry Manilow tickets with my sis, taking mum too. Am now officially old person.

    Glad you got bra sorted Hh, makes all the difference.

    Dilemma re battery Minols. I wish I was one of those that could ‘go by how my clothes feel’

    Wonder if Dave can read messages whilst locked out? “Waves”. I must try and keep up, I thought Hank was a new member to the forum for a bit!

    Anyone watching the interior design programme?

    Hello Jean, Nana, Mel and Kay too

    Hello everyone, Friday night so a nice couple of chilled glasses of white wine and a prawn Bhuna and vegetable rice have been consumed.
    Jean the meal last night was a 10oz steak plus onion rings grilled tomato and chips which was why I only managed one course.
    Hedgehogs glad you got the bra sorted.
    Cakey no not watching the interior design program.
    Nana x


    Ah I am back😄.Had food tonight,lamb with potatoes and mixed veg plus mint sauce.Cold as usual but I ate it all then had ice cream.

    Dave- Was the ice cream cold? That was probably warm 😂
    Cakey- Barry Manilow? very old, sorry! 😂 I don’t think you need to be on the naughty step with all the exercise you’ve done!
    Nana- that sounds like a good meal!

    It’s absolutely freezing,ice in it,the ice cream.I am looking at new smartwatches, possibly with an ECG on it.

    We feel as if we can’t leave the house…a bit of legal advice over the phone, can’t do anything let them move the fence then take them for trespass, England laws are very vague he said!….so if anyone wants to take their neighbours land they can…

    Weigh in in the morning after my fast..not expecting a lot…shame on the heath if they are shooting..hubby and Steve would get on well always stuffing their faces 😂

    Barry Manilow that sounds exciting..joining the old brigade…but he is very good…

    Quite jealous..very bad fasting on a Friday…🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

    Lamb lovely ..cold no…glad you are back on…

    Jean x

    Morning all!
    Dave/Hank- welcome back! Hope the food is better today, enjoy the sun! Any more trips planned?
    Jean- hope yesterday’s fast has at least maintained your weight! Are your other visitors going to be as much fun for Charlie?! Such a crazy situation with the neighbours, so frustrating for you…
    Minols- enjoy your day off!
    Cakey- hope you get MILs gardening done!
    Mel- sorry, I can’t remember if you had another FD today? Hope you have a good day!
    Kay- thinking of you, busy week with your charity do, the weather should be good! Hope you raise lots of money!
    Have my Church prayer morning again. We might be boy free for a few days- eldest is going to see a friend in Southampton, youngest might be going back to Yorkshire to see his cousin…Mum’s coming round for dinner tonight.
    I’m having a day free of counting calories; I think only 1lb off this week after 6 days of 800cals?! Not fair 😣, so a break is needed!

    Good morning, I am waiting for a message from Angelos not seen him for two years,hope he can make it.He was the bar manager at the hotel we always went to and used to make Denise hot chocolate at the end of the night and even sent beer over to my room occasionally 😄.We both like technology so talked about it quiet often.I showed him things on his phone which he was delighted with.Had breakfast having a cuppa before we go out.

    Morning All..
    A lovely short day again maybe the last…

    I am surprised I have maintained last weeks weight…I did a very tight day yesterday..

    Walk time before our visitor arrives…

    Visitor won’t be the fun for Charlie..a dog is a dog attitude, no upstairs, no titbits, no on furniture ..Charlie will be over him like a rash, usually on the settee with his head on his knee! it’s quite embarrassing really…he will be in his bed when we are eating under Stay…

    We won’t be leaving the house this weekend in day in case anything starts..we will call the police!…still like everything else they possibly won’t help…

    Enjoy your boy free weekend, is the cousin already working in Yorkshire?…enjoy mum tonight…a pounds a pound..well done

    Hope your friend comes through to see you, after a long while it’s lovely to catchup…

    Jean x

    Morning Everyone, as the weather is so lovely we’re going to be having a BBQ but I’m still having a FD with nothing to eat until then. Doesn’t help when husband is watching Saturday Kitchen. Keeping myself busy so getting washing up to date to take advantage of the drying weather plus we’ve had a glut of tomatoes so I’ve got a large pan of chutney on the go also.
    Jean annoying about the neighbours feels so sorry for you having to put up with that alongside everything else that’s going on for you at the moment.
    Hedgehogs well done on losing a pound.
    Hope everyone has a good day whether fasting or not.
    Nana x

    Had lunch today spag bol without the spag😄 I had rice instead of the pasta,there was no spaghetti otherwise I would have had a little.The had lots of cream and cake 😈😈.

    Have a good bbq..make the most of the hot weather..plum chutney sounds good with a bit cheese when it matures..it’s a while since I made chutney and jam, it gets too tempting ..

    I like James Martin he is my sort of chef, more normal and not too chefy ..lots of butter…lol..I never seem to get the TV on maybe as the weather changes…I think the neighbour has gone to work, he’s not about…phew!

    Forgot to say…no baking all bought from Tesco!…hoping just tasters for everyone and it it all goes…very naughty of me….

    I forget you are a couple of hours on..glad you found something to eat..I am always around the desserts to fill up on, and the ice cream …enjoy your day..have you heard from your friend, is he meeting up?

    Jean x

    Missed out on a walk with mum & sis, too late back, but I think it’s too hot for the dogs at this time anyway!
    Bought kimchi- they had a big event with lots of stalls in town, so tried it, & some beetroot falafel too, yum!
    Jean- you’ve done well maintaining! Have a nice time with the visitors, & glad the neighbour is out!
    Dave- glad you’ve had some lunch!
    Nana- have a good bbq, & hope there’s not too much ironing to do later!
    I’d like to make the most of it & fiddle in the garden, but hubby keeps grumbling at me to have a clear out, I have loads of craft stuff for kids from the club I helped with, so do need to get rid of some!

    Evening All..
    We have had a good few hours sat outside in the shade chatting ( keeping guard😂)..risked a walk all of us in the park thought it was late to start big jobs..so that was fine…quite windy out very pleasant, very hot in the garden and very still….

    Going out about 6.30 to eat we will leave Charlie behind..it will be an early night…might have some wine when we get back…

    Hope you balanced what you are doing gardening or clearing out??..clearing out is a winter rainy day thing..food wise I have been reasonable today, so it will be ok tonight.

    Denise will be pleased at a City winning…8 nil…

    Jean x

    Denise not as happy as me being a red😄. Denise is under the weather so she didn’t have anything to eat,I went down on my own.No message from Angelos so don’t know if he will come or not.Sat in our room watching speedway from Cardiff, British GP.

    We have decided we will dine out the next three nights and have some hot food.That will take us to the day we come home.I am fed up with the Russians in the hotel,I was having my meal tonight and twice they ran into my chair with pushchairs,not an apology.Four out of every five are russian.They don’t talk to each other just sit there then leave,all the British people let on to each other.

    Evening everyone,
    FD not gone to bad – 850 calories so just over but have been busy all day and also went for a walk so that should’ve helped. Next FD will be Monday and then we’re off on a short break to Brighton to celebrate our wedding anniversary on Thursday.
    Soldier grandson messaged me earlier to say that he was flying home today at 6:30pm Cyprus time so looking forward to seeing him.
    Hedgehogs BBQ was very nice thank you we’ve just come inside as it’s started to feel a bit chilly. Will tackle the ironing tomorrow😕
    Dave hope Denise feels better soon. A shame when other people don’t appear to bother about upsetting people.
    Jean sounds like you’ve had a good day and I’m hoping that your meal out goes well.Hope you enjoy that 🍷🍷as much as I did mine last night.
    Nana x


    We had a lovely evening not over the top…getting old now guest already gone to bed he was up at 5.30 we will be going up soon….

    Hope Denise soon feels better and your red calms down…shame on all the Russians in the hotel they don’t seem to know how to socialise..food seems to have let you down this time….enjoy your last three days and the hot food outside the hotel…

    A lovely break for your anniversary how many years is it?….you will be excited seeing your Grandson is it a quick holiday for him too..only had a half of Guinness as driving and one small wine at home..quite good really…

    Night night..

    Jean x

    Good morning all, we went to bed at 1am and up at 7am😴😴😴, Angelos didn’t turn up so maybe a good thing with Denise being under the weather.Just had a shower so ready for the new day.Tempted to go out for breakfast, will see how Denise is today.

    Morning all!
    Dave- hope Denise feels better. Shame the Russians aren’t very friendly! Have a good day whatever you do.
    Jean- nice meal out, that’s good. We always come home for coffee, too tight to pay ectra for that 😂. Glad the neighbour didn’t get up to anything.
    Nana- well done fasting yesterday. My ironing is waiting too, it can wait til Monday! Will be nice to see your grandson.
    Hooe everyone else is okay & had a good day!
    Spent 3 hours clearing up, wittled 4 boxes & a sack down to 2 boxes & a bag for the loft- I’ve kept all my cards from hubby & the boys, can’t bear to throw them out; does anyone else keep all that? So quite successful, but no time for gardening. It’s supposed to rain here but nice right now.
    Watched Strictly with Mum, & then she got very confused over BGT, kept asking the same questions, I had a job keeping a straight face!!
    Church & then a peaceful afternoon, hopefully, both boys arrived safely at their destinations!

    Hi everyone, just had two NFDs, including chocolate both days (only a little bit). Last FD today before kitchen is destroyed tomorrow and we go away Tuesday.

    Jean I thought it had gone quiet with the neighbours. So aggravating. Glad the visit went well though.

    Got all to do today so will just wish everyone a good day, fasting or not.

    HH meant to say, 1lb off after six 800 days is a bit of a blow. Perhaps a little break is needed, your body holding on to its reserves?

    The sea is very rough today, never ever seen it like this here before,all the poor people on Fig tree Bay are standing about like headless chickens,not allowed on n the water😄.I was going for a pint but Denise said go for dinner and get a free drink,u would have preferred to pay,so off for dinner (lunch if your posh).

    Morning All..
    A rainy day here and for the day..just made it home before getting too wet…visitor gone, it was lovely seeing him.

    Miners Brass band on the village green at 3pm to 5pm, if raining in our church…quite like a brass band, so we are going…it will be in the church rain is expected heavy later….

    It’s a shame Angelo didn’t turn up..hoping Denise soon bucks up to enjoy your last few days..

    Quite a squirrel but you need lots for craft work…hope you have enough left..well done…I used to keep cards but not any more..I ended up with loads, with birthday, anniversaries ( more than one in a year) and Xmas ..quite minimum all round now..so everything gone…have a lovely lazy day…

    Enjoy your holiday…you will be busy sorting everything back into your new cupboards when home…well done on a pound off…it’s only to be expected one pound a week!

    Jean x

    Mel- are you busy packing everything up today then? Hard fasting & packing up food! It’ll make the day go quick though! I do agree about the break, don’t want my metabolism to get used to only 800cals! So had yesterday off & back on today. I think my body likes to be this weight, to lose any more will be a real struggle! I was 7lbs less last summer, but only got there with keto, extended fasts (2 or 3days!) & lots of exercise, & that’s not going to happen right now! It’s an okay weight…
    Jean- hope the neighbours are quiet again if it’s raining! Every cloud…
    Dave- how’s Denise? Shame you couldn’t meet up with your friend. Have you had a storm or anything if the sea’s rough?
    Hope everyone else is having a good day!
    We took Xena out for an earlier 2nd walk before the rain, she’s worn out now! Hubby wants to do more clearing out tomorrow- suits me if he’s doing his stuff too 😂 He has shelves full of DVDs… Will be strange cooking a dinner for just us tonight, no boys coming & going!

    No storm it’s 28°C now at 6-30 pm.Not a cloud in the sky all day.Going for a nice meal out tonight the either going to watch Elvis or Bob Marley 😄.

    HH was going to ask if you were near goal. If you feel this is an ok weight and you struggled with staying 7lb less, perhaps this is the weight your body wants to be at. Maybe time to accept and live happily at this weight? Re kitchen I have been packing up in little bursts over the last two weeks to try and make it less stressful. Still feel a bit stressed today although only last bits to go. FD became 1300 cals today, combination of stressing and holiday mode kicking in!

    Jean, hope you enjoyed the brass band. Cakey, I quite like Barry Manilow too. Going to see the Bootleg Beatles soon at the Royal Albert Hall with the London Philharmonic. Also our younger friends are coming to see us later in October and we are going to see Feeder in Lincoln. Don’t know their music at all but I am told I will enjoy it. We will probably be the oldest there again. Must dig out my purple biker boots (love them!)

    Evening All..
    The brass band were amazing we had flags to wave, last half like the proms…they coming again in December..we sat in the church I think the sound was possibly better…top brass band in Yorkshire ..

    The rain was good today, as you say a silver lining…I would say stay put with your weight, maintain for a while then you can have another push when you feel like it….enjoy your twosome meal crack some wine…

    Hope you are all ready to go on your holiday…enjoy..

    A rough sea day maybe a storm brewing..love lightening abroad it can be fantastic….

    Jean x

    Evening everyone
    A nfd today and don’t think I’ve done to badly with my food choices A few sharp showers today which has done our garden some good. Not heard from soldier grandson today as yet but I think there’s a girlfriend that he’s keen to catch up with. Cyprus posting now finished for him not sure where he’s going to be posted next.
    Hedgehogs I’m with you on saving cards. After Christmas each year I save my cards instead of making a list and then recycle them the following year after I’ve written my cards out. I’ve saved the last ever Christmas cards i received from my mum, mother in law grandparents , and a favourite Aunt and put them up every year so that I feel they’re sharing Christmas with us. I also hold onto birthday cards and I have a load of art work from my daughter when she was small plus the grandsons and great grandsons.
    Cakey I have a Barry Manilow CD that I haven’t played in ages – must dig it out.
    Jean it will be our 49th wedding anniversary. Hope you made it to the concert and that you’re neighbours have stayed quiet.
    Dave hope Denise is feeling better today and your evening meal was good.
    Goodnight from Nana x

    Your 49th Anniversary that’s a very big one…congratulations…have a good break away…..nice you have your last card from special people and they are still with you at Christmas .. a lovely idea…

    Jean x

    Nana- well done, 49 years! I have kept a few cards ‘last ever’ ones too…
    Jean- concert sounded good, nice for you both to get out for a bit.
    Dave- have a good evening out, hope the music’s good…& the beer!
    Mel- well done fasting at all, with kitchen stress & nearly holiday!!
    I think I will have to accept this weight for a bit- it was my original target, 2 years ago I didn’t dream I’d even get down to this again 😂😂

    Had a great day food wise and music Elvis was excellent,had the crowd singing and dancing.Must try and get more than 6 hours sleep today.gone midnight so having a cuppa then bed,must be getting old.☹️☹️☹️.

    Morning everyone another sunny day,only two full days left, the best part of going home is to see Heidi 🥰.I have watched her on my phone now and then when she is in the living room.Nothing planned today so will see what happens.The shirt I put on last night was a little tight so I dread to think how much I have gained 😬😦.

    Many rning all
    Sounds like everyone’s had a good weekend. I managed to put my back out again… Standing is the only pain free position so doing lots of gentle little stretches to try and ease it back again.
    However… I did manage to gut the kitchen Inc the eye level cupboards – it so needed it! So chuffed with that.
    Mel – happy kitchen chaos day… Glad you’re going to be away for the worst of it.
    Nana… Is it you and me fasting today? Did I pick that up right? Anyone else?
    OH has a works night out tonight, so I’ve promised the boy my best ever macaroni and cheese… I’m hoping to hold off eating and have just a wee dod with him.
    Have good day everyone.


    Morning All..
    I am fasting too with Minols and Nana?

    Charlie’s food has just arrived nice and early, great service…

    We are the same then, at original goal weight…I am fighting for 4 lbs wriggle room, I would of liked 7 lbs and wriggle room but it’s not to be…my body is so happy where it is…I call it my vanity pounds I am chasing!…I am not starving myself to get lower it’s just not healthy…

    You seem to have put a lot into your holiday and mouth 😂..have a lovely last two days…then back to fasting!

    Too much work in the kitchen, take it steady with your back, standing is not a good position to be in all day!

    Safe travels walking and driving, steady with your foot…enjoy your time away…

    Nothing planned as yet see what develops..

    Have a good day all

    Jean x

    I just checked the living room,my son has gone to work and Heidi is not about,the light and telly were both left on so I just turned them both off from 2000 miles away😄can’t beat technology.Sat in the shade it’s so hot and no cooling wind today.

    Morning Everyone , yes Jean and Minols I’m fasting with you today.
    Nothing much planned here today either Jean the weather is nice and sunny so maybe a walk later on but we’re waiting for a parcel delivery so hope that comes early. I’m happy to walk on my own but the husband worries about me being on my own – nice to know he cares but before he retired I did it all the time. Have to admit it’s nice to walk together and talk without the distractions of television or mobile phones.
    Have a good day everyone.
    Nana x

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