Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Evening everyone,
    Well have managed a fast day today with nothing until half past five and had a grilled chicken breast with salad .It’s been very hard really missing my holiday lunch time drinks and lunches😕
    Mel it has to be done you can always try again tomorrow.
    Jean hope both of you are feeling a bit more cheerful – doesn’t help with the likes of me talking about having had a lovely holiday.
    Hedgehogs your dress sounds lovely – you’ll look very glam in it I’m sure.
    Kay glad you had a good time away.
    Cakey I’m not much of a gardener my poor garden needs a good tidying maybe tomorrow .
    Minols glad your dog is perking up.
    Dave sounds like your holiday is going well. Our soldier grandson has been on a posting to Cyprus since March- but is coming home this Sunday by the sound of the temperatures you’re having he’s really going to feel the drop in temperature when he gets back.
    Hope everyone else is doing well.
    Nana x

    Yes he will it was 35 today on the strip😅😅😅, kept out of the sun today, cooling down in the pub now🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

    Your lunch sounded tasty was it so much over…bread maybe….glad all shopping done for both of you…better than me 😂

    We are fine, just gets you down when we visit everyone, even doing hospital visiting, giving people lifts to appointments when they are 100 or even 200 miles away, even my daughter 30 mins away and only a couple of visits..a 18 year old grandson not even asked how he is, Steve took him down to Wembley for a uni visit overnight a few months back…do people think or forget so easy…..Steve has been so ill, even some support for me…sitting thinking about it, people are so thoughtless..

    I don’t begrudge anyone’s holidays go while you can and fit to go….live life to the full……we have had a lot of abroad holidays in the past, hopefully some more in the caravan when he can drive…possibly another 7 weeks to go.

    Get those pints down to cool down…enjoy

    Fasting has gone ok for me, felt quite hungry today..

    Steves daughter visiting tomorrow and staying over…a penny must of dropped!

    Jean x

    I am sure you will have plenty of caravan holidays in the near future Jean.And who knows maybe even America.xx

    Only another seven weeks hopefully…I will do a week in Houston too at some stage….

    Enjoy your night..

    Hello everyone

    It sounds like a few of us need a bit of cheering up. Shame we don’t live close by and we could have caught up together.

    You know the sort of night when you buy a lovely new bedside lamp to replace a broken one, with a stained shade. And H helpfully set it up yesterday.

    Mistakenly keeping the broken stained one and throwing out my best (expensive) shabby chic one.

    Apparently it’s my fault for not being specific about which lamp. I thought the broken shade and dirty marks might have given him a clue.

    That sort of night.

    It’s only a lamp!

    Roasted cauliflower soup for tea, new recipe / I’ll let you know


    Evening all!
    Jean- hope the antibiotics sort Steve’s cough out…again. I can understand people maybe not visiting to start with when he was very poorly & needed rest, but now he’s home it’s a shame he’s not seeing anyone! Often seems to be the same, some people are the helpers & do all the running around, others take & don’t give 😣 Definitely do some baking early tomorrow, not today on a FD!
    Minols- hope you’ve managed to get a few things done & feel a bit brighter…glad your dog is better.Monday blues?
    Dave- you are so lucky you don’t get hangovers! Enjoy Michael tonight,are you going to practice the moon walk?!
    Mel- hope getting out & the lunch cheered you up! You can change FDs about…
    Nana- will be lovely to see your grandson when he’s back from Cyprus I’m sure! Well done witb the FD!
    Cakey- hope today has gone according to plan!
    Kay- are you getting much work now?
    Decorating is done, hubby hasn’t done a great job with the glossing, he never rubs it down enough first, some bits peeled off already when I hoovered the edges! But the walls look good, pleased with the colour. We need to get another lamp, & new tablecloths too.
    Xena is asleep now, worn out from her busy day!
    Fasting was okay today, too busy to eat, cooked easy stuff for the others, told hubby we were not having a takeaway!

    Mel – oops I forgot to answer your questions about books. I’ve got 3 on the go:

    – The legacy of Elizabeth Pringle (Kirsty Wark) as going to listen to her talking about her new book at book festival next month
    – Girl waits with gun (Amy Stewart) which is the book club book
    – Rushing Woman’s Syndrome (Libby Weaver) – just one that caught my eye.

    I think the answer to the 3rd book might be to read one book at a time 😆. Might lend it to Minols after!

    I’ve only got back into gardening the last couple of years. I used to enjoy it when we first got married but then it took a back seat whilst the girls were growing up. Now I have an empty nest so have taken over the front and started meddling in the back.

    What do you like to read? I prefer proper books but usually read on IPad, just easier when travelling but not as satisfying.


    HH not had an hangover for almost 50 years,Had some mad spells of drinking when I was 19-21, actually drank 40 pints in a day a couple of times,and twenty many times.These days apart from holidays I don’t drink 20 pints in a year😄. Been out to see Michael Jackson tonight he was very good but not really my cup of tea.Onky had about six pints,so can take it or leave it these days.Open top bus tomorrow so guaranteed sun tan☀️☀️☀️😎😎😎.

    Morning all, it’s very hot today so plenty of sun cream on for open top bus ride.The last time we did this trip the guide said Denise could do it because we have done the trip a few times.We sat outside for breakfast today but the sun was so hot I was glad to get out of it.I have been looking at smartwatches, getting fed up with my Fitbit Versa.Seen a good one which has GPS on it so very accurate for distance walked.The only downside is WhatsApp doesn’t work on it at the moment but they are working on a solution.Looking back to when I was young,all the drinking we did, couldn’t do it now,The times I had a lot was so called morning drives from work when I was in engineering,a trip to York races and finished up in a club in Piccadilly until 5am the following day,and another trip to Sheffield, went to a nightclub to see Lulu😄,then back to club in piccadilly.These days if I didn’t go on holiday I could go a year without any alcohol 😇.How times change.I checked in on Heidi last night and she was fast asleep on the sofa.

    Morning all!
    Dave- wow, you can definitely hold your drink, I never could! Have a lovely day! 🌝🍦🍺
    Cakey- 3 books on the go? Can’t do that!! I’m ready the Supervet’s biography at the moment, don’t normally read any of those, but it’s really interesting! Thrillers are my thing usually.
    Jean- you like reading too, don’t you?
    Have a good day with Steve’s daughter! Hope it cheers you both up, & Charlie too!
    Minols- hope you’re feeling better today!
    Mel- if you do a FD today, hope it goes well, I’ll be with you!
    Nana- hope you have a good day off!
    Kay- are you back on 5:2, or doing 800 days?
    Will be fasting today, although eldest has asked for home made bread- haven’t made it for ages as it’s so hard to resist when I’m on keto, that’ll be a challenge! Dog training with Xena & then food shopping later.

    Morning All..
    A beautiful day here, a bit chilly but will warm up, blue skies..

    Awaiting (Wales) daughter, don’t know what time she set off….she did visit Steve in hospital …she is a loony with Charlie, she makes me dizzy, goodness where she gets her energy from ….he will go barmy when she arrives, I think he’s seen her three times, once in Wales in the caravan…

    No baking, it will be vanilla slices from our local bakery, they are good….I read books usually from charity shops via my sister, just easy reading one at a time not much time since having Charlie….Steve and my American daughter can read three at a time, I can’t!

    Glad all the decorating is finished, I think we feel the same but at least it’s all done…looking now for new bits and pieces to fit in…

    Homemade bread …delicious…..I haven’t made any for a while, I used to make that Italian one…

    What a shame on the new lamp it happens …I threw my ex hubbys suit out, I saw the dustbin man trying the jacket on, then he put it in the cab, I thought going to a good home …Yes it was the new suit the old one was still in the wardrobe oops 😂

    A new adventure in finding another lamp..

    You seem to have settled into your holiday routine very well….enjoy your open top bus ride..plenty of sun screen…

    Jean x

    HI All
    Definitely less ‘meh’ today – had a hot bath and early night yesterday having felt quesay and head-achey all day.

    Interested in the roast cauli sopu – tell me more. Did it work out?

    Books – so very rarely get to read for pleasure/leisure these days, although I currently have a detective fiction on my audible walking to work/butchers just now. Have quite a lot of work stuff on kindle as it means I can always be ‘working’ when other people think I’m stopping for coffee – and it means I can find quotes easily with the search function. I also have quite a lot of kid’s ficiton so the boy and I can always settle down with something on my phone. I’ve always liked good children’s fiction – the familiar stuff is a good safe hiding place! But a young woman in the church recommended the Roman mysteries for me and the boy – fabulous! I think we’re now on the last, or the penultimate one, we’ve learned lots about life 2000 years ago, lots about friendship and courage (like Harry Potter for that, too), and techy as the boy is, I think this is one of his favourite bits of the day. We have at least 15 minus every night, or sneak out after school for aftrnoon tea and book reading.

    I have bookshelves half way up the stairs, and last night noticed a thick layer of dust on the books stacked on top – I’ve written my name with my finger on the cover of a George Eliot, I think it was, and a love heart! Maybe I should do some cleaning at the weekend!!


    Morning all. Bit of a worry yesterday after shopping. Suddenly had this horrible pain in a middle toe which steadily got worse. Couldn’t walk at all in the night, really agonising. Think I know what caused it. I have plantar fasciitis in both feet intermittently. Trod on a very hard stone in my slippers on one heel and think that affected the tendon and inflamed it. Managing to walk a bit now in shoes which seems to support it so it should just get better. Paul was worried his walking holiday was going down the drain! Just walk through the pain he says. Easy for him to say! Anyway FD800 today, along with you HH. We’ve got this. Feel ok about it today. Jean, hope visit goes well, sounds like Charlie will have a whale of a time.

    Cakey loved the lamp story! I can only read one book at a time, mostly novels but across lots of different genres. Thrillers, history, a few SF. I normally have a choice of about eight on my ‘to read’ shelf.

    Well done Nana, you sound like you are back in the groove.
    And Dave, 40 pints! I didn’t know that was possible. I was a beer drinker in my twenties, always had pints along with the men and I think three was probably my limit.

    Cup of tea time I think. Lastly hi to Minols. Think your last post was on the previous page, can’t go back and check as I will lose this. Good luck if you are fasting today, enjoy if you aren’t!

    Mel – nightmare for your foot. Walking through – harrumph! Help it feels better soon.

    Mel- poor you! I’ve had that plantar fasciitis thing, the doctor suggested putting a tennis ball or small can on the floor, & rolling your foot backwards & forwards on it, it helped me- walking on it for long won’t!!

    Hope you soon feel better…I am past my miseries too…hot baths help a lot with a glass of wine…I only have a wet room now so no wine…don’t like watered down wine!

    Poor you hope your foot soon eases off…maybe you will be hopping on your walking holiday!!…I would like to see a man walking with a bad anything!!…rest up I think…Charlie went barmy when we came in from our walk, ignored Steve, over daughter like a rash 😂..

    Lovely hot pulled pork with apple sauce butty for lunch with vanilla slice…really tasty loads left for tomorrow.

    Good luck to the fasters today…a strange couple of weeks ahead, we have rattled lots of cages, our best man coming to stay over Saturday, Steves other daughter and his sister/BIL coming next Tuesday….now I can’t moan but what about my fasting 😂😂😂😂!!

    Charlie walk soon and eating out this evening…

    Jean x

    Take a week’s break from fasting Jean,you know you will soon lose it.Treat yourself life is to short.I imagine I have put on a lot of weight,it will give me something to do when I get home 😃

    Jean- yep, you can’t complain! Enjoy the visitors & have some nice food, you’ve done really well with all this stress & still fasting…having a week off is allowed! Plus you may have a day inbetween visitors to fast! Enjoy your meal out tonight!
    Dave- was the bus trip good? What are you planning tonight?
    Minols- books can be dusty, adds to the atmosphere 😂 no need to clean at tge weekend!
    Mel- how have you got on today?
    Dog training good, shopping was funny, I tormented myself in the cake, biscuit & chocolate aisles! & son enjoyed the bread, had a teeny bit of crust, that’s all the food so far, omelette & veggies soon.

    Just had really lovely beef olives from the local butchers – scrumptious! I was going to do a liver and bacon casserole, but my piano teacher kept me late. not complaining – she’s lovely and I’m really enjoying the challenge of learning again. I’ll do the liver and bacon tomorrow.

    No idea how you calculate the cals in something the butcher has made, but I’ll try and stick to well within limits tomorrow.

    Evening everyone, a nfd and I’ve been really hungry all day. Had our evening meal about an hour ago and still feeling hungry and then I saw your post Minols I love liver and bacon. Was pleased to have a pound lost on the scales this morning and intend trying for another FD tomorrow as husband is meeting up for lunch with his old work colleagues in Cambridge and won’t be home until early evening.
    Mel hope the foot is easing for you. We walked over to the next village to ours today as we needed a few things and my knee was really painful and I got told to walk faster and I told husband my knee hurt and his response was just the same as you received from your other half.
    Jean hope you enjoyed your day and as the others have said give yourself a break you deserve it sounds like you’re going to be busy in the coming days with the visitors you’ll be having.
    Dave hope you’re not to sunburnt.
    Cakey i don’t read books that often but am reading Nella Lasts War on my kindle in dribs and drabs at the moment as I’m knitting the husband a jumper for the winter and I’ve only managed the back and a quarter of the front so far.
    Hope everyone else is doing alright.
    Nana x

    I have a tan now after the bus trip,and Denise is like a lobster😁,I use cream that you only put on once,it’s very,very good,Some of the cricketers use it.Its expensive but doesn’t mark your clothes or anything else.And it will last for two years once you open it.Will put some on in a minute.I have a white band on my wrist where my watch goes,I put my all inclusive strap there and cover it with my watch.One more week to go.Think we may go out for breakfast and have a proper English breakfast.The walk about with salads for breakfast in the hotel and even have mixer veg and carrots.Cant believe it😃.

    Morning all!
    Dave- can’t get used to you posting so early in the morning 😂 Shame you’re having to keep paying out for food when you’re all inclusive, salad for breakfast is a definite no no!
    Nana- well done on another pound off! When I was doing ADF I did find I could easily overeat on nonFDs & undo any good, had to keep counting calories!
    Hope your knee isn’t too bad today…
    Jean- how did the visit go? What have you planned for today, is it another FD?
    Minols- when was your piano exam? Hope the butchers food is good!
    Mel- I forgot to say I found orthotic insoles really helpful, you can get them on Amazon, much cheaper than at Boots.
    Cakey- how’s the plan going for your week?
    Kay- hope your event planning is going well!
    Seeing my Homestart family today, not sure what else I’ll do, need to keep busy, another 800cals day planned!

    Breakfast out consisted of two eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes,two bacon and sausage,toast and butter also jam.Its smoked bacon so swapped two bacon with Denise for one sausage😄,only posting early because we are two hours in front, I normally get up around 10 am at home.Sat on a bench at Fig Tree Bay in the shade,way too hot to sit in the sun.Might have a night off the beer tonight and see if I can get the football on my Chromebook in our room tonight.

    You’re making me hungry! I did have breakfast today as my tummy was feeling so empty 😣

    HH you are really motoring! So many 800 cal days! I managed yesterday (710) and enjoying a NFD today. Re heels I had a special roller type thing but never used it. I have got the inner soles and they seem to keep it in check. It’s nothing I can’t live with now. Has been much worse. My toe pain seemed to come from the ball of my foot. Anyway I “walked through it” and damn it worked. Why does he always have to be right 😂😂. Can’t believe something so excruciating could get better so quickly so walking holiday here I come!
    Jean hope you are ok? Nana and HH have a good fasting day, Minols stay in control! Dave, just eat what you want. No beer? A dry day on holiday? You are a better man than I am!
    Hi to Cakey, and Kay.

    Morning All..
    We had a nice time yesterday, a lovely meal out, Charlie went barmy as I expected…she’s left now she is on her way to Manchester to see her mum……

    I will have to sort the bedroom out..next guest Saturday….our best man coming to see Steve, usually play snooker but Steves says not this time….possibly meal out, I prefer that, I don’t like cooking for other people, he can only eat certain things due to an operation he had in his mouth, I would rather he chooses his own thing.

    Beef olives don’t sound my cup of tea…you seem to like strange things….liver and bacon 😱

    Good on your pound lost enjoy your day lazy day on your own, and a good fast day…rest your knee while you can…

    Enjoy your full English this morning…hope Denise’s sun burn is ok today…just seen your post a good full plate !!……Sounds good….

    Lots of pulled pork left so will be eating it up today, might push it into a dinner…..may freeze some…I am fasting Thursday…have a good Home start day..

    Glad your feet feel better, take it steady…when is your walking holiday, this weekend?

    Jean x

    HH I have just been to the restaurant in the hotel and had roast lamb and roast potatoes with sweetcorn and carrots plus mint sauce, maybe I should go every day 😄.That’s on top of a good breakfast.Bet that makes you feel hungry👿👿👿.Doing a sudoku and crossword between us now.Two glasses of beer too and two milkshakes.The weight will be piling on.😬

    HI all

    Jean – not really so strange, just a slice of beef wrapped around sausage meat! Haggis olives are a slice of beef wrapped around haggis (also yum) – and not an olive in sight! Olives are NOT my thing!

    Having a low/fast day today. I did have breakfast (which I don’t usually) but it was a high protein omelette shared with the boy. I’m really hoping it will take me nearly up to the liver and bacon tonight. The scales have run out of battery, so I’m not sure if I’m making any difference at the moment – will need to sort that perhaps for the weekend.

    Having a writing day today, so lots of coffee.

    Mel – glad your foot is feeling better. Sent the boy to school with a sore knee with a ‘comfort’ tubi-grip…psychological treatment, I reckon!


    Can’t stand olives,lots of them here in Cyprus,but yours Minols sound nice,not sure about the haggis ones,my son loves haggis, I will stick to black pudding I think.Denise is giving me orders to make a brew,got to go.

    My mum used to make beef olives, I had forgotten.
    Dave I thought beer would appear. Good on you! I like crosswords but never mastered sudoku 😳.

    Paul reminded me yesterday that this September is the 20th anniversary of me surviving my cardiac arrest. 20 bonus years and lots more to come. Think positive! Think slim and fit 😀

    That’s good news about the 20 years, I hope I get the same,I have to go for my first check-up since my heart attack on the 5th of November.The bar manager from the hotel we usually go to in Cyprus just sent me a WhatsApp message.He lives in Nicosia which is a fair way away, saying he is coming to Protaras where I am now and will arrange to meet us for a beer,it will be good to see him again,we speak sometimes on WhatsApp,he has a wine business in Nicosia and I think he has just bought a house in Protaras that he rents out.

    Evening everyone, despite all your good wishes for my FD today it sadly didn’t happen as I lasted until around half three and I was so hungry that I ended up having cheese with crackers and my homemade plum chutney which doesn’t sound to bad reading it but it was a lot of cheese. Oh well I’ll just put it behind me (which is where it’ll probably end up on mine) tomorrow is another day except it’s Ely market tomorrow and pub meal at our local in the evening. Looks like next FD will be Saturday.
    Best wishes to you all
    Nana x

    I have eaten as if there is no tomorrow 👻and still hungry.No beer tonight watching football in the hotel room.So that will save some calories 😄and Money.

    That sounds better..thought it was olives…I still can’t eat liver, my face is all twisted writing this 😂..hope your boys knees better after school..

    Well done on a 20th anniversary on your cardiac arrest …it’s a real positive for lots of people..

    Never mind it sounded nice cheese and chutney, enjoy lunch and Ely….fast Saturday..

    You sound very busy fitting a lot in…re charge your batteries tonight…

    How’s your day gone..anything exciting with HS..

    Jean x

    I am with you Jean if the choice was liver or die I would choose death,Denise loves liver and onions 🥵🥵🥵🤬🤬🤬

    Totally agree x

    Calves liver, bacon, creamy mash and gravy. I can taste it now.

    Yuk, yuk,yuk.


    Our local butcher does beef olives too and they are so good. The name is always misleading. I used to cook liver and onions all the time but probably haven’t for about 20 years. Used to be quite a favourite but not sure I’d fancy it now.

    I went a bit fancy yesterday with scallops, chorizo, Halloumi and purée minted pea but it was quite an easy recipe. It was really tasty and didn’t feel too full after it, I guess because there was no carbs (are peas carbs?)

    Tonight having bacon Brie and cranberry panini so a bit more carby but first thing since my breakfast cereal.

    Made it to Pilates and walked 8km so not too bad around work.


    Dave- enjoy the footie & hope you get to meet up with your mate! Your roast lamb & mint sauce didn’t make me hungry, hated it when I ate meat so there! Would rather eat liver & bacon if I had to chose!
    Jean- I was getting confused with the days, I know you usually fast Thursdays! Glad you haf a good meal out last night…
    Minols- still don’t like the sound of beef olives, weird! I do like olives though 😂 Hope your son’s knee is better, amazing what a tubigrip can heal!
    Mel- glad your foot is better! Just a fluke that hubby was right 😂
    Nana- shame about the FD, you can’t eat too much cheese & be under 800 cals! Plum chutney sounds lovely!
    Cakey- well done with the walking & pilates! Sorry, peas are quite carby! The pannini sounds lovely, hasn’t it got gluten in it, will it upset your skin?
    HS visit went well, the children seemed okay with me- thankfully because one of the severely autistic boys growls at people he doesn’t like & bites them 😂😂
    My new dress has come; my mirror at home is not as flattering as the one in the shop, but dress still looks nice, will do an underwear shop at some point soon!
    Dinner ended up cooking in a rush, so didn’t have time to weigh out everything so can’t work out cals, might be a little higher than 800 cals- it was a lovely tofu satay stir fry, only a teeny portion son had most of it! Made fruit crumbles & resisted them…

    Off to see my ‘old’ Homestart family this morning, only one or 2 more visits 😢 Seeing mum in the afternoon.
    Hope anyone fasting stays strong, & have a good day all!

    Morning All…
    Lovely day here…
    We are going out for lunch…not happy I will have to fast tomorrow…a few pounds are creeping on..more at the weekend and again Tuesday!!

    Have a good time with your HS family, it must be sad to say goodbye to them at the end…

    Just love lamb..made my mouth water..😀

    A good walk and Pilates..well done to you…

    Going to take Charlie and Steve to the park…Charlie will be left behind later so tire him so he can sleep…

    Jean x

    Been to Aiya Napa today,it’s absolutely roasting 😅😅😅.Came back on the bus and it was like a sauna,only one seat left so I let Denise have that and I stood up,it was like surfing,the driver went very fast round bends and I was trying to stand up.Got off the bus and straight into the bar😄, Denise was very thirsty so she had a coke.Will have a nice shower now and sit in front of air con.

    Quiet here today!
    Jean- have a lovely lunch out! Relax & enjoy it, you can do some ADF another time to get rid of those pounds…
    Lovely visit with my family, the baby is 4 months now, sitting up quite well & much more alert, he’s so smiley! We did a music group which was fun; one more visit next week.
    Very hungry so had a nice salad for lunch.

    Afternoon All..
    A lovely catchup with friends, three course meal but I had two course…fasting now and into tomorrow totally stuffed…

    So very hot here showing 28 degrees too hot for me…still looking for walking shoes just not any about to suit me..looks like I will be paying £100 which I didn’t want…the ones I am using are giving up the ghost, loosing stitches must find some…

    A quiet hour before ironing and walking depending the heat which way I do it….

    You sound as if you are into baby’s…nice to see them growing and developing..

    You do lots of things in the heat…I would be under a brolly reading…..

    Jean x

    I would commit suicide before I go under a brolly unless it’s for fishing 😄.There are loads of empty chairs around the pools, wouldn’t need a towel to out on them.We never bring any so it doesn’t matter.Its been around 34°C here today, boiling.Worst of all it’s humid 😅😅😅.Will need plenty of beer too cool me down🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺.

    Just been down for dinner, Denise had pork and veggies, I walked around twice and put my plate back,so I think I am in the doghouse now.The only thing I could have had was chicken and I am sick of having that so I had nothing, Denise said have a dessert but I wasn’t sure so she got up and walked out.

    Hi everyone, quick post. Think I am with Denise on this one Dave, frustrating when your partner is so hard to feed. Mind you I am sure she is used to you by now! We are lucky we both like practically everything. Our holidays revolve around food! Couldn’t take that heat out there, phew.

    HH you are doing well. Think I mentioned I always write down what I eat every day, realise this is my third vegetarian day in a row, quite unintentional. I have never cooked successfully with tofu, need a good spicy recipe.

    Cakey, that scallop recipe sound great, lots of my favourites in that.

    Jean, glad you enjoyed your meal. You can do that, because you are so disciplined.

    My FD today came in at about 730 so happy with that. Two NFDs now then a last FD before the kitchen is destroyed and we go away. 17 days no fasting. Will try and limit the damage but am going to enjoy my food and wine.

    Hi Minols and Kay, hope you had a good day too.

    Mel- 740cals is a good FD, I’m only just under, not even enough for a cuppa? Hubby has just offered me some of his calories, his are unlimited 😂 He is eating a Twirl beside me 😢
    Cauldron do a marinated tofu which is nice, they sell it in Tesco. There’s also a company called Tofoo I think it is which makes a smoked tofu, that it lovely! If you have the wet stuff it’s best drained with paper sheets round it & something heavy on top, you can bake it or fry it then & it gets crispy.
    Dave- I would love just having dessert for my dinner! Wouldn’t do for me to be in front of a buffet for 2 weeks! Hope Denise forgives you…
    Jean- glad you enjoyed the meal! I usually get cheaper shoes or boots from Go Outdoors or Millets, I don’t think expensive ones seem to last any better! Hope you can find something cheaper…
    Nana- did you have a good day out today?
    Minols, Cakey, Kay- hope you’re all okay.
    Had a nice cuppa with mum, didn’t see any dogs at the park for Xena to play with, lovely stir fry again for dinner.
    Going to do one more 800cal day tomorrow, then a day off on Saturday!

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