Fasting on holiday?

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  • Hello all
    I have a question about fasting while on holiday and if anyone has done this and has any tips?

    Me, hubby and our two children are off to the coast for a weeks holiday during half term. I know it will involve a lot of eating and drinking and I know I will go over my TDEE of 1800.
    Is it better to just keep an eye on the food every day and not attempt fasting or go for the fast days and then not worry too much about the other days? I can’t decide what to do. Help!
    I have a birthday party coming up in 2 weeks and don’t want to ruin all the hard work I’ve put in so far…


    Hi Myggan:

    The nice thing about 5:2 is you can stop and start it quite easily. Enjoy your holiday!

    I travel quite a bit and do not try to do 5:2 when I am on the road. What I do try to do when possible is skip meals. So, for instance, if I really don’t need to eat breakfast, I won’t. By skipping meals I really don’t need or want to eat, I usually manage not to gain weight on my trips while eating the meals, and drinking the drinks, I want to.

    Good Luck!

    Thanks simcoeluv. That’s a good suggestion.
    Will try managing it that way and to enjoy the holiday as a ‘little’ break in the routine.

    Ooooh we haven;t actually had the holiday question for ages, first of many in the next few months I bet ๐Ÿ˜€

    You can approach a holiday in several different ways, so just pick what’s going to work best for you. As you suggest yourself, you can try to just keep an eye on your TDEE each day and knock the fastdays on the head for a week, or you can try to actually do 1 or 2 fastdays while you are away and not worry about your intake on the other days, or you can try to do 16:8 where you avoid eating for as long as possible each day (skip breakfast & lunch if possible) and eat only within an 8 hour window during the most ‘dangerous’ portion of the day (It’s not impossible but it is quite difficult to overeat your TDEE in one sitting).

    Or you can try a combo of some or all of these – whatever will work for you.

    Personally I usually try to sacrifice my travel days (to & from) as fastdays and then just stick to my TDEE (roughly) while I’m there. That usually means I get in 2 fastdays in an 8 day period and I make sure that there are 2 proper fastdays in the week prior and the week after (which usually means that in practice I’m doing 4:3 on my first week back home if we’re really counting in 7 day incriments). Incidentally, I’m a natural 16:8er anyway, so that helps too.

    Best of luck with whatever you go for and have a lovely holiday ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thanks TracyJ, That’s a great help. I especially like the idea of fasting on travel days.

    I think fasting on travel days is quite common amongst 5:2ers but I for one like to start my holiday at the airport! Also we tend to travel long haul to Asia with 12-13 hour flights and the meals really break up the journey. Am a really good faster but even I would struggle to sit right next to my hubby on a plane while he tucked into his meal!

    Depending on where I am on holiday (and how nice the breakfast offering) is I sometimes skip breakfast and just have lunch and dinner. Eating good food is such a big part of our holidays I choose not to diet whilst away and suffer the consequences when I return! This year I was better at listening to my body and whether I was actually hungry i.e. not eating for the sake of it. Am a bit of an emotional eater and sometimes I get excited or panic on holiday and want to try everything whilst I have the opportunity regardless of whether I have an appetite!

    Hi , , ,

    we haven;t actually had the vacation query for age groups, first of many in the next few several weeks I bet ๐Ÿ˜€

    You can strategy a vacation in several different methods, so just choose what exactly is going to perform best for you. As you recommend yourself, you can try to just keep an eye on your TDEE each day and affect the fastdays on the go for per A week, or you can try to actually do 1 or 2 fastdays while you are away and not fear about your consumption on the other times, or you can try to do 16:8 where you do not eat for provided that possible each day (skip morning meal & lunchtime if possible) and eat only within an 8 time screen during the most โ€˜dangerousโ€™ part of the day (Itโ€™s not challenging but it is quite challenging to overindulge your TDEE in one sitting).

    Or you can try a combination of some or all of these โ€“ whatever will continue to perform for you.

    Personally I usually try to compromise my journey times (to & from) as fastdays and then just adhere to my TDEE (roughly) while Iโ€™m there. That usually indicates I get in 2 fast days in an 8 day interval and I create sure that there are 2 appropriate fast days in the A week before and the A week after (which usually indicates that in exercise Iโ€™m doing 4:3 on my first A week at house if weโ€™re really keeping track of in 7 day incriments). Furthermore, Iโ€™m a organic 16:8er anyway, so that allows too.

    Best of fortune with whatever you go for and have a charming holiday

    Thanks Detoxmanic, I know what you mean about starting the holiday at the airport. We’re only off to the south coast of England so it won’t be too hard to monitor the food intake but I might go for the fewer meals option and play it by ear.
    Thanks all for your help!

    I have reported the above post re FAT LOSS FACTOR to admin – not clicked on the link but doesn’t seem appropriate

    Ayrie122 – You don’t seem like you belong here and your link is probably malicious. Glad you are reported as spam

    Thanks detoxmanic and Amy C.
    I agree – it looks like a dodgy link to me.

    Well… Posting the question about fasting on holiday was an attempt to curb my overeating on holiday (which I knew would happen) but it didn’t work.
    I managed to put on 3 lb which doesn’t entirely surprise me but I do feel a bit angry with myself about it.
    The good thing about this is that I now know that I need to keep logging my food intake on holiday (which I didn’t) unless I want the same thing to happen next time.
    It also proves how well the FD works for me so all is not lost!
    I also have a renewed seal for fasting and will really try to lose that added weight and get the scales back to pre holiday weight… And then loose some more for that holiday in France in August.
    Well done all holiday fasters… You are more disciplined than I managed to be. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Guess skipping meals didn’t work. Maybe this will give some hope:

    Thanks simcoeluv. That’s a great post! I too hope I will lose the weight easier as it went on quickly. It’s the ‘old’ weight I have to work harder with… The kg’s/lb’s I took years to a accumulate.

    In the grand scheme of things this is a minor blip on the downward curve… Thanks for the perspective!

    First day of fasting after almost 2 weeks ‘off’.
    I’m amazed how quickly I seem to have got back into it… it’s the routine of a fast day that makes it easier I think.
    Saying that it’s only lunchtime and I do feel hungry.
    The real test will be this afternoon when I cook the children’s dinner. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Many people believe skipping meals is a fast way to cut down calories, but in the end, they don’t succeed to lose weight. Rather You’ll be more probable to overeat or even binge if you not take regular meals. Additionally your body may go into “starvation mode” if don’t eat adequately, causing you to gain more weight rather than losing weight!
    Always try healthy, filling snack, such as an apple and some other fruits. Smart snacking will assist you to lose weight.

    Carloscont, have you actually read The Fast Diet book to understand the principals behind it?
    The whole point is to give your body a break from processing food and getting sugar spikes, so you must miss meals. Ideally, you eat your 400-600 calories in two “meals” only, early and late to allow for maximum fast time during these days. This means you cannot snack, it reduces the effectiveness of the process. Many people have great trouble if they do eat. It is much easier to only drink and stay clear of food. When you do eat, make it plant and lean protein with flavour. Fills you up without empty calories.
    I recommend you read the books.

    How strange, I have lost almost 2 stone in 10 months by fasting – skipping many many meals and am so fit and energetic. Must have been doing it wrong then …

    I have to say I’m with barbarita and PVE on this one carloscont. It’s the snacking that makes me Not lose weight and the fasting really works for me.
    Not only for weight loss but it Has many other health benefits.
    After my 2 consecutive fast days this week I have lost 2 of the 3 lb I put on over holiday so I’m on the right track again!

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