Fasting on a budget

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  • Does anyone have any recipe tips or suggestions for sources of protein on a tight food budget. Thanks

    Hey there,
    Most obvious one is eggs! Cheap and so versatile and personaly my favourite. 😉

    Cheers missoptimistic.

    Hi weebrownmouse. Research quinoa, pronounced keenwa. This is a cheap, high protein vegetarian grain. Also consider legumes. There are lots of recipes including soups that are high in proteins using lentils, beans,split peas etc. You can do stir fries using only a small portion of meat while padding out with cheap veg. Try using a slow cooker with chicken and cheaper cuts of meat padded out with legumes, veg, etc and freeze portions. Should work out very cheap if you go sparing on the meat. Remember though you do need protein so do not skimp to much and remember protein comes from many sources so a little research will help.
    Good luck.

    I always bulk out meat with plenty of vegetables. We do not need vast quantities of protein and meat should be there to flavour a meal rather than form the base of a meal. I also add lentils and beans to casseroles and stews as well as vegetables.

    Do not forget cheese is also a good protein. Get a strongly flavoured one and the flavour will make a small quantity of cheese go a long way. On Fast Days I make a cheese sauce with 3 oz of Quark (a low-fat soft cheese), 2 oz low-fat cheddar, 1 tsp cornflour and a few tablespoons of milk then pour it on cauliflower or asparagus (in season). This sauce recipe is for 2 people.

    It is also worth googling for 5:2 recipes. I also put in the calorie value I wanted and hundreds of recipes came up. I selected about 20 that appealed to me and my budget and downloaded them

    I’m sure some of you are diabetic. Do you have any advice on how to do the fast days safely without the sugar spikes? Thanx

    Hi Dream:

    This thread has much information (including a cure for Type 2 using IF):

    This thread also has some information on Type 2 and other basics:

    Good Luck!

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