Fasting Day sleeplessness

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  • Have only been on this programme for one week but for both of my fasting days I have not managed a normal nights sleep. Only getting two or three hours. Hoping this is not a weekly pattern. Anyone else experiencing this problem.

    Hi Robsuz, I have the same problem. At the end of my 2nd week, and just not able to get a profound sleep. In bed I just feel too awake, but when I get up I feel tired and drowsy. Perhaps it is a matter of adaptation?

    Hi Ann247 and Robsuz

    I think everyone experiences some sleep difficulties when they first start fasting but just as the fasting itself gets easier, so does the sleeping. Best to try to time the FD’s for when you can afford to be a bit dozy the next day and you’ll soon find it isn’t bothering you anymore. Good luck – this way of life really works if you stick to it and then it’s a perfect way to maintain.


    I experienced this … I just could not settle and sleep and was driving myself crazy. I think it will settle down as we get more used to the fasting and our bodies get used to it, at least I’m hoping so, I need my sleep!

    Same problem. I have found that taking Valerian root extract (for example enables me to fall asleep on the fasting nights.

    I am experiencing those sleeplessness-problem as well. SO you guys take sleeping pills? Or anything similar? Or its just adaptation…

    I think magnesium helps. I am not a medical professional but I think the adrenals get a bit taxed fasting, and we need to support them, which will help with sleep. Haven’t tried the other natural supplement mentioned but will research and perhaps do. Thanks for all your helps!

    I have been doing 5:2 for 3 weeks now and my sleep pattern has gone seriously out of whack – which is why I am still sitting at the computer at 2.15am. I’m not falling asleep until after 5am, even if I go to bed. I thought I was the only one. I might try the valerian and/or magnesium.

    This is my 5th week on the 5:2 FD. I have enjoyed my fast days and now look forward to them, however, I have experienced the same sleeplessness that others on this forum have posted. I am a very light sleeper to begin with, so this “side-effect” has been the only downside I’ve experienced from the 5:2 FD program. Otherwise, I feel more energetic and couldn’t be happier with this lifestyle change.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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