Fast Diet 5:2 should be called 6:1!

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  • Hi,
    I have been on the 5:2 diet now for 18months. I like (?) it but have the following observations.
    I fast for 2 days a week: at the moment Monday and Thursdays. This can change but is just the present pattern I am in. I am very aware of my diet on the day before the fast day as it is my experience that I get headaches, & nausea if I eat too many carbohydrates and sugar. This makes the fast day really unpleasant.
    The day after the fast day my stomach has shrunk. My brain wants me to eat more to compensate for the fast day (I deserve it!)but risk feeling really bloated and uncomfortable if I eat too much! Also my stomach does not take kindly to fat and sugar on the day after.
    This means that you have to be aware of what you eat all the time: which is good! But the advert that you can eat what you like on 5 of the days is true but it costs you!
    Any Comments?


    Hello Samoablue

    This is an article I largely typed out for THE LOACA THREAD but it might be good for you to read and research further; certainly what you report seems to correlate with what the good Doctor is saying.


    WHEAT BELLY – by William Davis MD.

    I have been wanting to tell you about this article I read ages ago but have never found the time! There is nothing on the telly tonight; so I thought I would eventually get on with it.

    I did state at the time; this may be really old hat to you LOACA’s who are more clued up on carbohydrates etc but I have assiduously ignored all talk/suggestions of giving up bread/pasta/rice etc because frankly, I don’t want to! To ram that point home; we just recently bought ourselves a break maker!

    However, reading this article has made me think whether I might try an experiment for a few weeks/months……Anyways see what you think…..
    I’m not going to type it out in it’s entirety; just the salient bits that might arrest your interest.

    Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight and Find your path back to Health by William Davis MD (published by Harper Collins June 2014)


    (Now that is the highlighted comment that made me sit up and read on)

    ‘Can’t face baring your midriff on the beach this summer? Try this ultra-fast diet devised by a top cardiologist that targets your tum – just by cutting out wheat…..’

    Put simply; it’s the fastest bikini diet ever. And unlike detoxes or faddy eating plans; this diet is good for you too. Devised by cardiologist Dr William Davis; it kickstarts rapid weight loss – up to a pound per day with a total loss of up to 10lbs in 2 weeks.

    Better still the 2 week Tummy Shrinking Diet (Daily Mail 31.05.14) is specifically targeted to attack your tummy fat, swiftly slimming your waist in record time.

    Easy to stick to, without any boring calorie counting or puritanical portion control, it works by acting on the hormone insulin. Insulin doesn’t just cause you to pile on weight around your middle, it also increases your appetite, at the same time as your spare tire.

    By eliminating just one key element from your daily eating habits you can stop piling on the pounds, reduce cravings and boost your energy.
    Not only this but your health will rapidly improve too, cutting your risk of breast cancer, arthritis, diabetes, dementia, heart disease and signs of premature ageing.
    All this whilst still enjoying red wine (hoorahhhhhh!).

    And that key ingredient you need to cut out? It’s not fat. It’s not even sugar….it’s wheat – and here’s why eliminating it can get you back into your bikini.

    (I’m going to paraphrase this now or I’ll be here all night!)

    Back in the 50’s and 60’s our grandmothers didn’t join gyms or juice entire vegetable patches for breakfast; yet they were still noticeably skinnier than we are today, with smaller waists and flatter tummies.
    So what changed?

    According to Dr Davis: it is down to a fateful shift in ‘official’ nutritional advice. This ’advice’ moved away from the idea of ’meat and two veg’ to a diet low in animal fats and high in supposedly heart healthy wholegrains.
    Of those wholegrains; wheat is the one we consume the most. Today it accounts for 20% of the calories consumed across the world.

    But as our consumption of wheat has increased; so too have our waistlines. But the wheat we consume today bears no resemblance to the wheat of the past. In order to keep up with world demand; for the past 50 years it has been cross-bred and genetically manipulated to create a fast growing, high yield crop that is resistant to drought and disease.

    Modern day wheat has been turned into what Dr Davis calls a super-carbohydrate – this means that it is turned into blood sugar by your body faster than almost any other food, making it wildly addictive and triggering spikes of insulin, the hormone that converts excess blood sugar into fat, stored primarily around your stomach…….

    In fact few foods rate higher on the Glycaemic Index or GI – the nutritional measure of how much specific foods raise blood sugar levels – than those made from wheat.
    This is not just white bread from the supermarket but ‘healthy’ wholemeal bread too!

    ……what you might not realise that is that while plain table sugar has a GI of 59, wholemeal bread is much worse at 72 (!). Which means that, shockingly two slices of wholemeal bread will send your blood sugar levels soaring higher than a MARS BAR! Which has a GI of 68!

    He agrees that wholemeal versions of bread/pasta/rice are still better than the ‘white’ denuded versions however, but says that ‘doesn’t mean that lots of the “less bad” things is good for you’.

    ………Dr Davis describes it as ‘the formula for creating a nation of fat people…..‘

    He suggests that folk fill the gap in their diets with vegetables, nuts, meats, eggs, avocados, olives, cheese etc – that is real food that doesn’t come with a label – then not only will you NOT develop a dietary deficiency but you will enjoy a flatter stomach, weight loss, more energy, better sleep (?!) and all round better health!

    I have read posts on here alluding to what and how our grandmothers etc prepared meals and I’ve noticed insulin mentioned a great deal on other threads; so I fully accept that this is not BREAKING NEWS.

    However with me, it was the Mars Bar example which brought me up sharply; I eat two slices of wholemeal bread with filling on top, pretty much every day for lunch because I really enjoy it……

    Makes you think doesn’t it?


    I am a coeliac so everything gluten free so no wheat , definitely better for you. Wheat can be toxic and our bodies were not built to digest gluten . I was diagnosed about 9 years ago and I have always cooked from scratch so found it quite easy to adapt. One thing is even if you are not diagnosed you still might not tolerate wheat. If I get caught like galaxy chocolate was fine a few years ago but not know, hence hard to track things and made me I’ll, upset tummy then nausea for a day or so.

    If you have any question please ask


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