Falling off the 5:2 train

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  • Hi Guys
    Would love some motivation and support. I successfully lost 19 kilos on 5:2 and maintained for over a year. Felt so good thought this would be a lifestyle change but for a number of reasons I have gained about 4 kilos and I’m completely off track.
    I’m having difficulty sticking to a fast day and whereas previously on non fast days I was pretty selective on what I ate I feel like I have no control. I’m finding it hard doing this around cooking for family etc and not wanting to eat diffently to them.
    Has anyone else experienced this and can help?
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Dianna,
    I am not yet at maintenance, but at the moment my vision is that it is not so much ‘staying on the train’ as staying on a surfboard. You finally get to stand up straight, but then you have to keep adjusting to remain up straight.

    I know there are so many reasons weight can come back on. I have been keeping up with the science and if it isn’t gut microbes messaging your brain it is metabolism setting or fat cells with memories or that wicked advertising.

    Cheers getting back on the train, or up on the surfboard at this new time, with a different set of life factors to adjust to.

    Come and join us at https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/hello-southern-hemispherites/ if you like. The support and experience there has helped me navigate the waves!
    Or check out the Maintenance Chatbox, which doesn’t only talk about success! https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/thank-you-dr-m-for-my-success/ That’s where I plan to go when I am in maintenance mode!

    I presume the trick to eating what your family eats involves keeping to smaller portions, or having some days or times when you just can’t eat all the things they eat? Good luck working it out!

    Hi Dianna,

    Just don’t give up, and don’t stop doing FDs, even if they’re blowing out a bit. 4kgs is not the end of the world, it’s not huge, and you’ve done this for a long time and you can get yourself back into it again.

    I was not finished my weight loss when we went into a prolonged period of several capital L life stresses coming all at once. I found the FD’s a challenge and also there was some stress eating. I went up nearly 2 kgs over 8months, before I was able to re-establish weight loss again and get a rhythm back into my 5:2 lifestyle. I only missed 2 whole FDs in that time and half of the others blew out a bit or a lot. But the secret for me was to just keep doing it and eventually it seemed to click back in to being able to do them before all the big stresses.

    If it seems too many things to get back under control try working on 1 thing at a time. This week work on resestablishing not eating 1 food that is causing you grief, next week try reducing portions but not too severely, the week after replace some foid or drink with a better option etc.

    You can do this,

    Thanks Cinque I will go and have a look at those links you put in.

    Merryme I have had a few stressful months that has led to these bad habits creeping back.. so aware that I am eating for comfort instead of nutrition.

    Hi Dianna,

    I’ve been maintaining a 30lb weight loss for over two years now.

    The first year was easy, I think partly because I was still being mentally strict (I was initially scared of relaxing and putting the weight back on).

    The second year has been more challenging, and this summer I’ve had a near constant urge to eat on non-fast day afternoons once I’ve started eating. I don’t eat bread/cakes/biscuits/chocolate during the working week though, so if I’ve really got to snack I choose healthy and/or lower calorie things like nuts or corn cakes with marmite. I’ve felt frustratingly out of control on non-fast days, although I’ve avoided gaming any significant weight.

    The last couple of weeks have finally been easier. I’ve felt full with no constant craving after lunch, so I’m hoping I’ve ridden it out (whatever it was!).

    I had hoped, once I’d lost my excess, that I’d just be ‘normal’ but I’ve come to realise that maintenance is just as much work as losing weight! It takes constant vigilance and mindfulness.

    I suspect most maintainers have periods where they gain a couple of kilos and lose motivation and focus.

    It’s not always easy but I like the new slim, fit and healthy me far more than the old flabby me, and I’m not prepared to go back there!

    Hi HappyNow
    Yes I completely get what you are saying, its once I start eating its all I think about. The fast days have been hard and I have gone over on just about everyone so I’m not losing.
    I refuse to buy other clothes because like you I love the slim healthy feeling and the comments I had been getting from people.
    I will be vigilant this week and accountable.

    Hi Dianna, I’ve maintained my 24kgs loss for about a year now. I completely relate to the cooking for OFMs part of your post. It’s not so much that I have any trouble doing that, I’m just disappointed that my always slim and fit OH has absolutely no motivation to improve his diet. So, I feel I’m doing all I can to educate myself, make better choices, life a longer, healthier life – and this is all for what if your partner isn’t interested?

    One thing that has always helped me with respect to OFM cooking is that I’ve always planned my FDs in advance and my OFMs eat around what I’m having, not the other way round. This might mean extra portions, extra veg, a serving of rice, bread rolls or a combination of those. That way, you won’t be missing out on what they’re having.

    Pleased to see you’ve joined us on the SH thread so I’ll see you over there as I can’t do two threads!

    P.S. Hi Happy! Hope you’re well.

    thanks thinatlast will look at for you on the other thread.

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