Eating for your blood type

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  • Morning!
    I’ve been on a 5:2 break since the summer and looking to get back on it for the run up to the festive season. I’ve been reading about the Blood Group Diet and have found a lot of what I eat is on my “avoid” list! There are still lots of my favourites left though on the list I should eat that are beneficial for my health and funnily enough my fast day staples (like mushrooms and sweet potatoes).

    My question is, does anyone else combine this thinking with their 5:2? Such as eating plenty of “Beneficial” foods on their fast days so as to optimise the health and weight loss benefits?

    Would anyone like to join me? Maybe we can share our findings. Such as whether it made a more dramatic affect on our weight loss and general well being.

    Just a thought, would welcome opinions.

    Hey Manders!
    I’ve read about the Blood Group diet before, but I don’t believe in it at all. So I won’t be joining you 😉 I’m not going to debate, if you want to do it, do it! Just make sure you have information from different places and not just the official site, OK? 😛

    Hi Nika,
    I appreciate your opinion. It would only be something that I would trial. I like to mix it up to keep my interest in a diet. However, the list to avoid can make choices limited but at least it’s made me think about new flavours and steering clear of processed food. Always a good thing in any diet.
    I wish you luck with your own 5:2 journey.

    Beetroot, mint and feta salad (with cucumber and spinach leaves) for lunch today. No dressing required. The portion I made was only 171 calories and I’m so comfortably full. It looked and tasted amazing.

    Good luck with it Manders. I read the book years ago, at the hehest of a friend. I never bothered with it as it outlawed some of my favourite foods – from memory strawberries, kiwi fruit & pickled onions were among them. Now I actually think that there may be something to it, as pickled onions have erm… rather an effect on me when eaten in any great quantity, kiwis make my lips tingle (so do under-ripe bananas but can’t remember if they were on the list) and although I adore strawberries I do get a bit of heartburn if I eat too many – so, I guess it did pick out the foods that I probably shouldn’t eat. Unfortunately I’m afraid no ‘diet’ that asks me to give up completely on something I love (in small doses) is going to prevail on me long-term.

    Do let us know how you get on though – it’ll be interesting.

    I agree Tracy, I’m not supposed to be eating chicken, avocados, prawns or tomatoes. All of which I love and have had success in losing weight while eating them. But when I saw the list of things I could have I realised I loved these things too but rarely eat them because of their calorific value. In fact I ate them most of my life before dieting and didn’t gain weight!

    I thought if I could take the cleanest, such as the low calorie fruits and veggies I could mix it up with my 5:2 and enjoy extra health benefits and maybe a kick start to a plateau too.
    Both diets steer me away from canned, jar and ready-made food.

    Thanks for your reply. I will definitely comment on any progress I make that I consider can be attributed to the combination of the two diets.
    Good luck with your fasts and non-fast too.

    Keep us posted when and if you try it, having some more information never hurts! 🙂 They’re telling me I should go vegetarian though, which is an absolute no-go for me x)

    Ok, I’ve read various websites and books over the last few days and have the information I need to move on with this method. I can’t report any weight loss (but it’s been less than a week, I didn’t really expect to) and no weight gain.

    I have however noticed already some health benefits. My digestive system seems much happier, I have more energy, I’m sleeping better and toxins are coming out of my skin.

    I’m ready now to incorporate this into 5:2.

    12 more fasts til Christmas. As I read on the Fast Diet FB page!

    Good luck everyone xxxx

    Sounds like it works for you, that’s great! ^^ Keep us updated!

    My friend donated bone marrow last year, and during her process she read a ton of info on eating for your blood type. We both quickly came to find that we both eat completely wrong for our blood types. I had tried to stick to what works best for me, but after a little while I went back to my old ways. I did however majorly lessen my dairy intake and have kept with it. Definitely improved my skin, which I love, so I’ve stuck to it!

    Yes, Cappy, I found too that I’ve had to totally rethink my diet. Of-putting at first but actually it can be quite interesting creating meals around a list of food that you’re provided with.

    Just completed my first Group B Fast Day and feel great. Hardly hungry between meals at all at the moment. Just ready to eat at mealtimes and more content than uncomfortably full. I have found that my skin is brighter and smoother too. But I have increased my water intake and banned sodas so I’m sure it’s as much to do with that than anything.

    9:30am 100g fresh pineapple chunks
    12:30pm aubergine and goats cheese salad
    4pm salmon maki

    Looking forward to my weigh in Friday.

    Anyone else care to share their favourite/ recent fast day menu?

    One week. One fast. No exercise. Half an inch off belly and hips.

    Its simple, Girls and boys both having different limits of heomoglobin level. For boys it must be 11 to 13. For girls, it should be 13 to 15. So according to that you check out blood level and have diet. To increase blood level try to eat iron content food, fruits, vegetables ets.,

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