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  • So we can drink water (still & sparkling), black coffee/tea, herbal tea, green tea??? What about sugar free diluting juice, diet coke…that kind of thing?

    As long as you count the calories you can drink whatever you like. I don’t drink anything but water on fastdays myself (until my sugar & milk calorie counted cup of tea with my 400 calorie meal) and rarely have anything other than fruit juice on non-fastdays, so I can’t really help with specifics but I believe there are calorie free fizzy drinks like Coke Zero(??) – they’d be fine although your dentist probably wouldn’t approve.

    ALCOHOL: I really love a Gin and slim line tonic at the end of the day, I have to say – EVERY day. I know I SHOULD have days off alcohol, but so far have not managed it. apart from a goal to work towards totally alcohol free days, is it ok to have my g&t on a fast day? One or two G& slim lines are between 60 and 120 calories I think. I don’t drink wine anymore as it was too easy to drink too much so switched to G&T as I never want more than 3 singles max.

    any feedback welcome 🙂

    🙂 Kateis48 I too love a G&T, and you know that you can have one on your fast day as long as you count the calories in it as part of your 500 cals for the day.
    The only problem with doing that is alcohol is empty calories so on a fast day when you are eating low calories it does seem to be a bit of a waste of calories to consume them in alcohol. The choice is of course totally your own One thing to keep in mind though is that as you are having it on a very low calorie day the alcohol will affect you more strongly than it does when offset by food.
    Dang – I’m fasting today and now all I want is a G&T and being such a nice warm day here in Melbourne one would go down a treat. (Grumble, mutter, walking away stamping my feet.)

    Hi guys, me and hubby are just about to start the 5:2 … Our first fast day is tomorrow … Can someone help me out with drinks please? I can’t stand drinking wart alone, makes me feel nauseous, so I drink squash all the time. I don’t drink hot drinks either!!! In the book, it says that orange squash is 10 calories per serving of 100ml … Does this mean its 100ml of the squash itself, or does this mean once diluted its 10 calories for 100ml? Also if it’s 100ml once dilutes, this would depend on how strong you like it!!!

    misswaspee, can you add lemon or lime juice to mineral or soda water – that’s what I do.

    You’ll need to look at your orange squash bottle and read it’s Nutritional Information label to see what it is for that brand as there may be some variation. What the label says is for the concentrate. So for example Robinsons Orange Fruit Squash has 56kcal per 100ml of concentrate.

    You’d need to incluce any calories in your 500 total if you use it.

    I love my wine and my G&T’s – but definitely don’t go there on my fast days – discovered Hansells’ Mojito Quench (form the supermarket) – great with cold soda water – and feels extra special with fresh mint and slices of lime or lemon- less than 5 calories a drink! And very nice! They also do a very nice Lime and bitters mix too.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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