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  • I followed the Dukan diet for a few months and never got ketone breath. I started this diet last Mon with no problems, 2nd fast day on Weds also passed by with no problems, On the Thursday I went to circuit training and on Friday my non-fast day I was getting horrible breath smell whenever I sniffed! Today is my 3rd fast day and I went to circuits at 9:30, I ate nothing until 4:30 and only after that got the ketone breath 🙁 Any hints welcome. I haven’t really got more than a few pounds to lose but am following this diet to try and stay the same weight

    I’ve noticed it everyone once in a while too – I can’t figure out what triggers it. I was guessing that it was caused by not enough carbs maybe? (I am really just grasping at straws here, have no idea.)

    I read once that bad breath can be caused by hunger (also bad diet) – something to do with the stomach acids. I bet it stops after a while though, and I bet it is helped by drinking more.

    Sometimes medication,ie pain killers can cause yukkie breath, also teeth fillings that are a bit dodgy. While fasting the usual snack food, drinks, lollies aren’t being consumed so may intensify any breath issues. Drinking more sounds like a good idea.

    Yeah I get ’empty breath’ which is sometimes more noticable than others. I don’t think it can be a reflection of what you’re eating, because I eat exactly the same every fastday but I definitely notice it on fastdays. I don’t think it’s horrible noticable bad breath for other people, I think it’s just empty tummy breath and it probably would help if I drank tea or something other than just plain water but tea has to have milk and 2 sugars in it for me, otherwise there’s no point.

    Luckily the pack of mints on my desk are 2kcal each.

    Panic not! Although bad breath is a bit anti-social it does mean you are burning fat. About.Com puts it better than I can; hope it will at least make you feel better about the byproduct of all your efforts.

    “Ketosis merely means that our bodies are using fat for energy. Ketones are molecules generated during fat metabolism. When people eat less carbohydrate, their bodies turn to fat for energy.

    Most cells, are able to use ketones for at least part of their energy.

    But there is one type of ketone molecule, called acetone, that cannot be used and is excreted as waste, mostly in the urine and breath”

    Excellent! I am glad it is not just me, then. Everything else about this diet is just brilliant…… is so easy, and so successful, but cleaning my teeth 4 or 5 times a day on my fast days just to keep my mouth fresh is a bit of a pain.

    Still, for 8kg weight loss in 5 weeks, this is a small price to pay.


    Chewing some fresh parsley gets rid of this . I GET IT WHEN I am anxious too xx

    Hi all, yeah it’s probably just the ketone breath. You tend to get it once you’ve been through a particularly long ‘genuine’ fasting period and sometimes after exercising in a fasted state but it can just be random. I haven’t had it for a few weeks because my fasting rhythm has been messed up a bit by a few weird/holiday weeks in a row but I have it back today and I’m pleased about that. It always cheers me up when I get it because I know that I’m burning fat. It really isn’t noticable to others and you get used to the metalic taste so I honestly don’t mind it anymore (been on 5:2 for almost 2 years BTW) but if you really hate it then keep a stash of sugar free, low calorie gum at hand. It comes and goes but it never seems to disappear for good, so find a way to get used to it or cope with the effects.

    Happy fat munching 😉

    Interesting comments here, thanks, I’d assumed it’s ketone breath but the funny thing is, I’m not aware of it myself, but my partner tells me! Says it’s not so good and the diet can’t be good for me.. (He’s yet to read the book).

    So glad this isn’t just me – doing 4:3 and sticking to about 320 calories on those days with approx 1000 calories on the other 2 mid week days and just eating ‘normally’ at the weekends – finding it OK except for the bad breath which I am very conscious of.

    There is a mouthwash called CB12 that is effective. And drinking water to fill up the stomach.

    Hi jml13,

    People confuse ketosis with ketoacidosis. Unless you have an underlying medical problem I don’t think your boyfriend should be worried. My wife is a nurse and gets worried when I go into ketosis as well. Even she has a misunderstanding of the concept. I monitor my blood glucose and ketone levels when fasting (I do zero calories for two consecutive days) and both are in the normal range. 3.9-4.0 mmol/L for glucose and 0.5 mmol/L at the end of the first day and 2.3 mmol/L ketone at the end of the second day.

    Ketosis is when you have a nice fire in your fireplace, ketoacidosis is when the house is on fire. Ketosis just means you are deriving the majority of your energy needs from fat conversion into ketone bodies. Your liver is doing its job. Your body uses a mixture of glucose, glycogen (a form of stored glucose) and fat during any activity and these percentages change depending on diet or activity. When you flip into ketosis the majority of your energy needs is coming from the ketotic process.

    I just chew lots of non sugar flavoured gum to hide the ketone breath.

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