Does anyone want a diet buddy

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Does anyone want a diet buddy

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  • Hi Kgm127, I am having the same problem as you, have a good fast day then blow it all away the day after!!!! I think it’s my willpower (or rather lack of it)!!!!! I have good days and bad days, depending on family/work etc. I am so DETERMINED not to fail this time because I am fed up of always feeling uncomfortable in my clothes. Keep strong, maybe plan the days meals the day after a fast day? That’s what I’m going to try. Let me know how you get on?

    Hi Dabootie, that’s awesome, well done, wish I could do the same!

    Hi Count me in too .
    I want to lose 50lb (3 stone 9lb) . I give up really easily but i must stick to this .

    Hi Scotty 121, welcome and good luck.

    me too ! need to drop 15 lbs)
    thanks !

    Good luck with the day everyone 😀 I’m fasting, and am so relieved. I look forward to my fast days. Bad food choice for dinner last night, carbs, and suffering for it today. My body is changing obviously .. not usually this uncomfortable. Its all for the greater good, I can do this!!!

    I want to aim for 5/6 kg loss. I lost 3.5 stone about 6 years ago and have regained about half a stone due to going out/eating out more than I used to.
    Week 1 was this week – have done 2 fast days back to back, thinking of doing a third today.
    Found it quite easy to do as in not feeling that hungry but have been going over the 500 cals slightly mainly due to bad planning, so I guess next week will be the proper start.

    start weight: 56.6 kg (prefer to work with kg)
    height: 5 foot (teeny)
    weigh day: wednesday

    Hi Dragonfly, I’m also fasting today. I’m a bit under the weather at the moment so just a cup of tea so far today feels ok. Looking forward to reading my Fast Diet book which came yesterday.

    Sorry to hear you’re not too well topcat, hope you feel better soon. Good luck with fasting today. I got the book last week, its a good read, and full of so much information! Enjoy!

    Hello everyone 🙂 I’m new to the forum and the fast diet. I’ve just finished week 2 of my fasting and I’ve lost 10lb! I can’t quite believe it. I’m usually rubbish at sticking to anything so I’m glad I’m finding the fast diet ok. I think finding forum buddies will help me further.

    Well done Lauren! I’ll be your diet buddy if you like. I’m halfway through week 2, so not weighed in yet, but enjoying this ‘diet’ so far.
    How have you found fast days? I’ve been fine with them, though feel i need 2 days in between, rather than just one. I seem to have more energy on fast days too, which is refreshing , i thought i’d be weak with hunger!

    Hi Dabootie, where do you get Miso soup? Do you make it yourself? Or do you buy it? And what are slim noodles at all? I’ve never heard of those noodles… well, that might just be me.
    Well done to have lost half a stone in three fasting days! Fantastic! How much more will you try to lose? I will finish my second fasting day today and will have my next weigh in on Monday. I felt a bit dizzy today, probably from not eating enough… Since we had a nice sunny afternoon I went for a walk before picking up my daughter from school. That was lovely. I have been good all week, no cheeses and wine (VERY difficult – we live in France and there are so many lovely cheese farms around us…) and no choccies either. I pat myself on my shoulder! Good luck with the rest of the week! Talk soon to all of you!

    Hi Topcat! Hope you feel better soon! Stay strong!

    Welcome Lauren1204, what a great success to lose 10lb in 2 weeks! If I lose weight constantly I’d be happy to lose that much in a month, hopefully.

    Scottie121, Don’t think about giving up! Let’s stick to it together! Success will be yours!

    Hi SoniaN, what a fab success to lose that much weight! I think you’ll be fine with this FDing! It sounds like a perfect way to maintain your great weight loss!

    Good luck to you all! I will go to bed early today to avoid snacking. Talk soon!

    Wow Lauren – that’s fantastic. Well done.
    I’m fasting today and was doing ok but making the kids dinner is making me really hungry. Need to try and resist.
    Just telling myself it’s only a couple more hours til bed!

    Hope everyones okay, Friday at last!!! My fast was so difficult yesterday, but I managed it. Why is it that the second fast of the week is always more of a struggle. Hope it will get easier as the weeks go on.

    Have a great weekend, I plan to keep my meals healthy and under my TDEE if at all possible, definiately not over it anyway .. and sleep!

    Wine tonight maybe 😉

    Stay strong x

    Hi everyone, I am on my first week of 5:2 and have lost 1 pound! I am not sure when each fast day should begin and end. Have to admit I tend to ‘graze’ inthe evenings, so am probably cancelling out the day’s fast. Any suggestions please? Good luck to everyone, good to know there is encouragement out there.

    Hi dragonfly! Well done to have survived your fast day! I find it hard too when I’m at home. I try to keep busy and go outside if the weather’s not too bad. Takes your mind off food. I got over my 2nd fast day yesterday. So far so good. Might be difficult with the weekend. My husband likes his food and wine on a weekend. I hope I can stay strong.

    Hey Topcat, have you looked at your new recipe book yet? How do you like it?

    Have a good weekend everyone!

    Hi Tinanmac, welcome! I have started this Monday and read about the fasting bit. Have a look at the FAQ section, they explain it well there! Good luck!!!!

    Thanks busymummynell, seems that evening grazing is out! I’m going for the 36 hours fast starting early evenings. Hopefully this will do the trick if I can cope. I am 70 and have never wanted to diet before but weight I added in the last 18 months is ridiculous. Makes me feel about 90! No rocking chair for me

    Hi busymummynell you asked about miso soup, I’ve been buying it from my local supermarket, you can normally find it in the Asian section. It comes in small boxes with small sachets of paste inside. If your supermarket sells Japanese things such as the things you need for making sushi then miso should be in the same area.

    The noodles are probably a bit more difficult to find in France. I get mine from places such as Holland and Barrett and super drug, and got a similar type from morrisons. I’m sure you can buy them online.

    4 fast days in and maintaining, but I know I’m going to struggle with my next 2 as I’m going to have to do them towards the end of my latest shift which is 8 days and I’m going to feel very drained. Planning my next one for Monday which will be hours 41-49 of my ‘week’ and then Weds which will be hours 58-65!

    Hi busymummynell, the Fast Diet book so far is an interesting and encouraging read. I haven’t finished it yet. The recipes do give some good ideas which I know I need! I have also bought a Tefal Optigrill so I can healthily grill some chicken or pork on a Fast day evening to have with some veg. Might try that tomorrow.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

    Thanks Dabootie and topcat7000 for your info. I’ll have a look for those things in my supermarket. Will check out the book on the internet.

    My first FD week was not bad. Had my second weigh-in this morning. Not encouraging. I think the weekend cancelled out the hard work of the week. Even though I tried to keep control over things…sniff. I’m going on a fast day today and maybe tomorrow too. It’ll be a 4:3 week for me.

    Tinanmac, how did you get on over the weekend? I find grazing in the evening is the hardest to give up. I try and drink a lot of green tea. Supposedly that should help with loosing weight.
    Have a good week everyone!

    Hi busymummynell … good luck with your fast today, I’m fasting too, we can do it! Its so much more difficult to control things at weekend, stay strong!

    Hey guys!

    Hope you don’t mind me butting in here 🙂

    First of all, I wanted to tell busymummynell not to fret about the most recent weigh-in. Your weight will go up and down during the week a bit anyway. What I find helpful is not to weigh myself on Monday morning. Weekends tend to be a bit more food-oriented and especially Sundays for me as that’s when I go to my parents’ place for dinner and we cook up delicious food together. I also wouldn’t recommend weighing yourself the morning after a fast. I’ve taken to weighing myself on Friday morning as I usually do fast days on Monday and Wednesday (and maybe Saturday if I feel like adding a third day to my week). By having one day of normal eating (but not weekend feasting) between a fast day and weigh-in, I feel I get the most accurate result of my weight.

    I also wanted to check something with everyone in this thread: Do you keep track at all of your calories on non-fast days or do you just eat and not think much about it? I’m not sure if I should track mine or not. I’ve tracked for a week now to get a good feeling for what fits into my TDEE, but if I keep counting every day it’ll start to feel like any other “diet”. Do you guys still have good weight loss results even though you don’t count calories on non-fast days?

    I’m fasting today too. Today was first weigh-in and I’ve lost 5.5lb! I know that when I did Diet Chef last year I lost 4.5lb in week 1 too so I know that the first week usually is good for me and my weight loss should steady from now on. Still, it’s quite motivating of course! I am just hoping that this way of life proves quite manageable – I do like the idea rather than counting calories every day!

    Hi, hope everyone is still feeling positive. Thanks busymummynell, had a good weekend making low calorie meals to freeze. However evening snacking is hard to stop. Must re educate myself somehow. Good thing is that I’m more aware of what I’m eating and avoiding high calorific foods, time will tell!

    HI Little penguin I wanted to answer your question. Yes I do log all calories I consume on non fast days. Just so I don’t go over. 🙂 I do it mostly as I want to have my treats but not go over

    OK i’m feeling really positive. 2 weeks in and i’ve lost 3.4kgs. Not bad considering i polished off the remains of my xmas choccies on feast days!

    I find the older I get the harder it is for me to lose weight. Little Penguin, I’ll take your advice to weigh on a Saturday rather after a fast day. I hope I don’t lose hope. It’s hard at the moment… And to answer your question, I roughly count calories but as Yvonnek07 said, it’s just to use it as a guideline, you don’t want to overdo it because then it’s becoming a diet and that could be frustrating. And after a while you’ll get used to what’s in what food. Good luck all!

    busymummynell, actually I think (although I’m not claiming to be an expert) it’s better to have one non-fast day before weighing yourself, just not the weekend as many of us tend to splurge during the weekend. For example, I fast on Monday and Wednesday, so I weigh myself on Friday morning. That way I have Thursday in between, which is a non-fast day for me, but still a very controlled one as it’s a weekday. I’m not sure about weighing myself the day after a fast day, but it’s definitely a better alternative than weighing in after a weekend of possible splurging 🙂

    I hope your next weigh-in shows more encouraging results (and please keep us posted!), but all bodies are different and for you it may be harder to get started with weight-loss, but then suddenly it might kick into gear if you stick with it!

    NancyDrew, that’s terrific progress. I know what you mean about the chocolates – I have some left from Christmas too that are calling to me some evenings 🙂

    I also use the ‘500 cals’ as a guide – I think I’m probably closer to 600 on Fast Days but I agree with busymummynell, I don’t want to do this religiously or it will feel like a proper diet which is what I want to avoid! Am having a cup of peppermint tea right now to take my mind off today’s Fast day. Roll on breakfast tomorrow 🙂

    Hey Katser! Yes my willpower sucks lately! I think I am going to get control over my habits before starting the fast again. If I keep eating crap, it’s kind of defeating the whole purpose of this. So I’m just going to focus on eating well for a couple of weeks, see how I’m doing, then start fasting again. Good luck and talk to you soon!

    Little penguin, thanks for your encouragement. I do my fast days on Tuesday and Thursday if it suits my daily work. Then I should try and resist the scales until Saturday morning and hopefully it’ll be a good start into the weekend. I will give it my best! Fasting today is actually really good. I feel a bit weak but I am sitting down with a green tea and a book in a moment. Keep you posted!

    I am just starting this diet and hope to lose 20 kg. I stopped smoking and have just piled on the weight due to my love of chocolates and of course keeping my hands occupied. I am a 64 year old male and wonder if I could join one of the buddy forums.

    Welcome Roma. All are welcome to join in here. You’ll see many of us have different lifestyles due to family/work etc and have different amount of weights to lose. Well done stopping smoking – I have never smoked but can imagine how hard that might have been to give up – so if you can do that, you can do this! I am fasting today (I always think that sounds worse than it is – I mean, you can eat something, right?!) – may get another peppermint tea in a moment but of course it’s not the same as chewing something! I will have a small meal this evening when I get in from work and look forward to breakfast in the morning when it’s back to toast and honey – can’t wait!

    Busymumnell I’m finding it harder to lose weight as I get older too. Don’t be too despondent about your recent weigh in. I did 5 2 last year and for weeks nothing came off, then one week I had lost 6 lbs. It does work, it just takes time.

    I weigh myself on a Sat am and don’t count calories at the weekend. I lost 1 lb this week which felt a bit of a disappointment after last week but just trying to stay positive.
    I’m fasting today. Roll on breakfast tomorrow!

    Stay strong everyone – we can definately do it and will feel the better for it. Fingers crossed.

    I’d like some Diet Buddies if poss.
    I’m late 60’s, have long-term IBS plus a lot of other ‘stuff’.i live alone now, so meals can be a chore.
    My weight seems to plateau on all other diets I’ve tried so I’d like some help both starting and sticking to this diet. I’d love to lose 30lbs.
    Anybody out there with advice or in the same boat?

    Welcome Roma! Good on you to have quit smoking! It must be one of the hardest habits to break. But here you’ll be in good “hands”, everyone is so supportive! And fasting sounds so much worse than it actually is as Sweetpea24 said. I find that after a day’s fasting I actually don’t want to eat all I can the following day. So, even if it is a slow process, it’ll show at some point. I hope. Keep going everyone! The day’s almost over 😉 ! And the next breakfast will come!

    Hi Fadedglory! Welcome to you, too! It’s a bit like a big family here. You’ll get the hang of it soon and there’s always someone to answer your questions and cheer you up! Good luck!

    Hows everyone doing? I’ve been so disappointed at not being able to fast this week so far, had terrible stomach ache most of the week, and each time i’ve tried to fast I’ve not been able to complete it. Feeling a lot better today, so am going to attempt my fast tomorrow, but wont be too hard on myself if I can’t do it. My tummy ache seems to ease when I eat something, although I am keeping it healthy 🙂 I need to get through at least one fast day this week!

    Good luck everyone x

    Hi Dragon Fly, I fasted on Tuesday (well, probably ate around 700 cals but hey ho!) and will do again tomorrow. The way I look at this, this could be more a lifestyle than a diet so if you miss a fast one week, either add it in the following week or just pick up where you left off. It’s no big deal as long as you keep on track for the most part (that’s my view anyway). So don’t be too hard on yourself – see how you feel tomorrow. I’ll be joining you in the attempt 🙂

    Hi everyone, im a life long dieter but new to this one and would like to join the forum. Some of your posts have been really inspiring. Im 44,exercise 6 times a week and have a bmi of over 33!! and I need to loose 42 lb ! I just cant seem to crack it. ideas of what to eat on fasting days would be great as I only eat porridge on fasting days.

    Hello everyone, sorry I’ve been AWOL most of the week but as predicted work has caught up with me. My extremely busy weekend led to me appearing on the websites of a few national newspapers online versions…trying to control the chaos caused by the Eurostar disruption.
    Today should have been a fast day but unfortunately my job is quite active, largely outdoor and the cold has sapped my willpower…oh well I will have to try again!

    Hi Sarahjbass, exercising 6 times a week is amazing! I’m lucky if I can do it 3 times (I do work long hours and travel quite a bit for work too). I have about the same amount of weight to lose as you. I think part of the key to the fasting days is planning ahead in terms of what you will eat – I know if I rely on rummaging through the fridge when I get home and I don’t know what I will eat, I’ll choose the wrong thing. Some of the M&S Count on Us range are just over 250 cals so I have some in the freezer. Also, Sainsbury’s Be Good to Yourself have some microwave dishes in plastic pots that are around those calories too (and Innocent have some pots like Thai Curry noodles or something to put in the microwave at a similar calorie count). I have also ordered an egg poacher as I quite fancy having poached egg on a piece of wholemeal toast – I find I don’t need butter as the egg makes the bread moist. I think another trick is having quite a list of things like this to choose from so you don’t get bored. I shall look into having porridge as you do – I like it with some honey on it, it’s low GI and filling.

    Evening everyone, I am fasting tomorrow, the second fast day this week. This is my second week and stupidly I weighed myself this morning only to discover my weight is exactly the same as when I started! No matter, will still keep at it, I know that my eating has changed for the better and so I’m sure it will work out ok. Got to keep going, hope you agree. Good luck to you all.

    Hi Dragonfly, sorry to hear about your tummy. If you can’t do the fast days why don’t you try to eat little bits over the day, more like snacking? Once you feel better you can pick up where you left the last time.

    I agree with you, topcat, I hope it’ll become a life style for me one day, too. So far, I also made the mistake to weigh myself. But this week I have resisted. So far at least. My weight doesn’t come off all that easily either and I am often tempted to stop this but then the next day seems to be a lot easier and I continue. Let’s see what it brings.

    Stay with it, you lot! I try it too!

    Thanks topcat7000, some good ideas. Today has been a bit of a fail for me (Only my second fast day) because I was starving Ive probably had a total of 900ncals (Used to be 2500 so I should be happy) but I have burnt 750 cals by walking and cycling.

    With regard to finding it hard to exercise, I have some tips. If you are away from home use an app to measure calories burnt, taking the stairs instead of lift, walking the long way to your destination and having a dance to your fav songs before you get ready to go to dinner. It all adds up. I have problems with the nerves in my legs which is exasipated when I run so have started a power walking group at our local running club.Starting a walking group with like minded friends and setting specific days to walk (Prams too!!) means that you get free therapy, have a laugh and some ‘me’ time.You feel so energised that you do your chores in half the time!

    Hi everyone, I’ve just joined today… Started 5 2 beginning of January and loving it so far. Think support is great to keep me motivated.. The weight has crept on since undiagnosed under active thyroid.. Now on the pills and want to lose about a stone… Hope everyone’s doing well x

    Hi all! This is my first week of the Fast Diet. I will turn 50 in April and would like to find my waistline before then. I’ve been using MyFitnessPal for a while but I think my portions are off. I would like to lose 15 lbs/7 kg. The first day wasn’t hard, and I’m surviving the second day without huge hunger pangs. Lots of celery and tea today…Thanks for letting me jump in!

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