Do you HAVE to eat on your fast days?

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Do you HAVE to eat on your fast days?

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  • Hiya guys, I’m new to this but wondered if, during your fast days, you HAD to eat…even if you don’t want to?

    I’m only into my second week, so as I say, this is all new to me. On both my fast days last week however, I didn’t eat a thing. I just kept myself topped up with water, and a couple of coffees. I felt fine, and had no urge to eat at all.

    So, in order for the 5:2 to work as best as it can for me, should I force 600 calories down my neck on my fast days, even if I don’t want to??

    Thanks for any help, suggestions you can make.


    Hi Scotsman

    What you’re doing is fine. The 500/600 calorie limit is the MAX, that’s all. I wish I could do it too but I cherish my 500 cal supper on FDs!
    All the best, Bootsy 🙂

    Great!! Cheers for the reply Bootsy!

    Was kinda thinkin that perhaps the body/diet NEEDED those calories to be entered during the fast days. If that’s not the case then that’s fine. As I say tho, this is all very new, so I may yet end up craving that supper one day!

    Once again thanks!….and just out of interest, where on the planet are you?

    Hi Scotsman; the idea of eating the 5/600 cals on fast-days is it is recommended as being what is most sustainable for people to manage this diet plan. More people will be successful and will stick with it if they know they can eat a little on the fast days, but like Bootsy mentioned, it isn’t a requirement.

    I’ve been eating around 400 cals on my two fast days and wonder if it might be better/easier for me to simply not eat at all. I don’t mean easier in the sense that I might have to fight hunger more, but easier in the sense that I wouldn’t have to try to figure out what a 400-500 cal meal actually is.

    Hi Scotsman

    Haha, that’s one of my usual questions/wonderings about posters on here. I live in Bristol these days but have lived all over England in my time – and a brief sojourn in South Wales. Are you still North of the Border?

    Good luck with your 2nd week.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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