Diminishing days and weight.

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  • Hi everybody, I started the 5:2 a year and a half ago, after I gave up smoking and gained 2 kg (4 pounds). I lost those 2 and then just kept going until I had lost over 7 kg. Maintenance was easy, I just kept doing 1 fast day a week, hoping that would still allow me to profit from the health benefits of fasting.

    In january ( AFTER all the holidays) I suddenly started to have problems keeping my weight. Also I never found the motivation of doing a real 5:2 for a longer period. But I was still happy with my weight of around 61 kg (my lowest was 59). Now, after summer vacation without fasting I am slghtly over 62 and decided to give it another go. So, my goal is to lose 2.5kg and get under the 60kg mark once again. This forum has helped me a lot when I first started 5:2, which is why I would be very happy if I could join you in this challenge. I figure your “deadline” should work for me too.

    I’m actually on my first fast day after the holidays, planning another on thursday or friday. Until maybe an hour ago it was easy, now I’m starting to get hungry. I have around 250cal left for dinner and am already looking forward to going to bed. 😊


    Welcome, Monaem and Beck…it’s nice to see some new peeps joining us.

    I did not do as well last week as I had hoped that I would have. πŸ™
    I’m brushing it off….and I’m going to keep trying to get back into the groove… FD for me today and I am planning to exercise (which I haven’t done in weeks) this afternoon.

    Good luck to you all. πŸ™‚

    Thank you for welcoming me, Floridag1rl! I had a great first week! Lots about 3 lb and about an inch everywhere. I love that I can have a social life and not constantly say I can’t eat this or that! It’s rather liberating and empowering! Today I a FD for me, too. What are some strategies you are using for FD days?

    Hi everybody. Well, I’m on my second fast day of the week. Unfortunately I stepped on the scales this morning and didn’t like the result very much… that was stupid. I should just keep on doing what I started instead of controlling all the time, it’s better for the motivation. The weight dorsn’t always follow your behaviour over the last days, it jumps up and down. Important is the general direction and if you keep on keeping on it follows sooner or later. So, for my own motivation and maybe to inspire someone else, I decided to post here. I will fast today. And I will fast for two days next week. And then again for the week after that. It’s easy!

    Monaem, I used to plan the food on my FDs ahead, that helps a lot in the beginning. Now I just start and when I get hungry I try to wait a little bit longer until I give in. My routine is to drink 1 or 2 coffees with milk in the morning, which keeps the hunger very well at bay. After that it depends a lot on whether I’m working or at home. At home I eat with my children, but without the carbs and the calorie rich food (i.e., they have pasta with chicken and broccoli, I eat some chicken and a lot of broccoli). At work sometimes I don’t eat lunch at all. I always try to save at least 250 cal for dinner. I just try to make sensible choices, no sugar, low carb, because they trigger the hunger. Above all, don’t focus on your hunger or the food you can’t eat. Be busy. With time you sometimes forget that you are not eating that day. That’s all my “wisdom”. Maybe it helps a little 😊

    Happy Friday everyone.

    So I put on a couple lbs while I was on vacation. Not a huge surprise, as I enjoyed myself thoroughly. πŸ™‚ Getting back to my routine has been a little challenging because my work schedule has been crazy…

    I did get 2 good FDs in this week and I am only 1 lb from where I was pre-vacation. Next week I should be back to my regular routine…so I should lose that other lb, just in time for my next trip.

    I am still having trouble motivating myself to exercise…hopefully after my trip I can get back into a routine.

    Beck is right, planning is key.

    Have a great weekend all. πŸ™‚

    I hope that everyone is still out there…having successful FDs and working toward your goals.

    f&f, how are you doing? Are you getting back into a routine, after having all your guests?

    Beck, how are things going for you?

    Duds and Lynne, I hope that you are doing well.

    As my trip was canceled due to the approach of hurricane Irma, I am home for a few days…I am planning a FD today…I really need a successful FD! πŸ™‚

    Hi everybody, I’m still here. After now 3 weeks of 5:2 I’m down 1.5 kg and feeling already more comfortable. Another 1 – 1.5kg and I’m in my comfort zone again. MI hope you are all doing well! Happy fasting! 😊

    Hello everyone and welcome to the new people. It sounds as if you’re all doing well. Over summer, we have been very busy with a lot of guests and then we took a week’s holiday so it’s been impossible to do 5:2. I’ve gained 2kg which although not great, I’m not too disappointed as we’ve had a really great time with lots of nice food and wine. I kept it under control by eating smaller portions (I think my capacity for big meals has been reduced by doing 5:2 since March), filling up only veg and fruit, low carbs and reducing my eating window.

    However, I’m now back on it and am currently half way through a FD. It’s actually quite a relief to be back doing this and I’ve planned another for Thursday. I hope to have shifted the weight I’ve gained in a couple of weeks so I won’t make the challenge I’ve set myself by the third week of September. I still have weight to lose (about 10kg more) and will be continuing after this challenge finishes.

    I’d love to hear how you’re all getting on.

    Hello everyone…We have been having a rough time of it in Florida.
    My family and my home have survived the hurricane.
    At the moment we have no electricity, no water, and no phone or internet service…hopefully they will all be restored in a week or so.

    Today is my first day back to work…I am thinking about making it a fasting day. We’ll see how that goes.

    f&f…I agree with you, 2kg is not bad and I am sure the you will drop it in no time.

    Beck, it sounds like you are doing great! Keep up the good fasting!

    Monaem, how are you doing?

    Lynne and Duds…we haven’t heard from you 2 in a while, I hope that all is well.

    Hi Floridag1rl! So glad you are ok and your house too! Let’s make this a day of fasting! I’m going to join you in fasting today. I absolutely love this way of dieting. I lost about four pounds and I don’t feel like I have to say no constantly when I am invited somewhere! Thank you for asking how I am doing! Have an easy fast day!

    Hi everyone. I’m glad you, your family and house are OK after the hurricane, Floridag1r1. Of course, we’ve seen all the coverage on the news over here and it looks terrible. It’s great that you’re back fasting and in control!

    My first FD after a big gap went fine yesterday. In fact, I really enjoyed it and it was good to wake up not too hungry this morning. I had a small pear and 2 cups of tea for breakfast and have just got back from a nice lunch out (salad, steak, a tiny bit of couscous and chocolate mousse) so feeling back on track. The weather is very stormy here so exercise is a bit difficult but I’m hoping to cycle tomorrow and swim on Friday.

    Who else is joining me for a FD on Thursday?

    Hi Guys

    Sorry l have been a bit quiet – and hi to the new people on the forum! Great to have you on board! I have had a manic few weeks trying to get my daughter sorted for uni. Why do they leave everything to the last minute?

    So, my fast days have been all over the place – some have been just because l haven’t had time to eat properly. However l think the lack of discipline is showing in the lack of noticeable results. I am back to normal this week and it’s my second fast day of the week today. It’s only a week till the deadline isn’t it and maybe this is too little too late! It will be interesting to see the results but l am predicting less of a loss than last time.

    I watched a programme on tv last night about people who have had different diets matched to their way of life. Some people spend an absolute fortune on ready prepared meals and supplements. As least this way it hasn’t cost me a fortune if l have failed!!


    PS – @floridag1rl so glad you are all ok and hope you will be back to normal with all your services soon!

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