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  • Hi guys am looking for someone to lose weight with.. Am starting on Tuesday on a 5:2, I need someone who I can txt with to
    support and encourage each other:)

    Hi, good luck with your fasting. I’ll be in my second week this coming week, but have a cold at the moment so not sure I’m fasting tomorrow or Tuesday. Happy to be a buddy if you like?

    Do you know how are planning on your fast? I only have drinks in the day (mainly hot water or cup of tea and I take some milk from my overall calories) and then have a warm meal in the evening. As I find that easier than spreading my calories throughout the day.

    Welcome! I feel the same way, wish I had someone to text rather than the longer process of posting haha, but I live in the USA and it looks like most live elsewhere. But, I’m also here for you if you need anything 🙂 What days will you be fasting? What are your goals? What will your fast day look like?

    Hi guys I will be fasting Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I am looking to lose 3 stone , will be drinking herbal teas through the day and have a meal in the evening. Aiming to exercise for 30-45mins each day. @ Amala r u on Whatsapp as we can txt each other for free. @ fattymessi hope u feel better soon, it would be great to buddy up when u are feeling better.

    Hey hope tomorrow is good for you. I’m full of cold but did fast today as I didn’t feel that hungry at all!! Have had a few more calories so roughly around 560 instead of 500 but it’s all good, off to have a soak in the bath and then bed!!

    Happy to whatsapp if you want!!

    Hi @ fattymessi

    Am starting tomorrow just herbal teas and water, then main meal in the evening. If you would like to Whatsapp:)

    Hi happymadge2014. I’m starting the 5to2 tomorrow too. A bit nervous as I haven’t ever really restricted my calories to anything like 500. A bit embarrassing really but I can’t even remember the last time I ‘skipped’ meal. I’ve weighed out everything I am planning on having tomorrow. I’m skipping breakfast and then having some veg/ a boiled egg and a few almonds for lunch tomorrow with a mini snack pot of baked beans and a slice of rye bread for dinner. Not too excited to start but I’ve had a bit of excess weight which has been bothering me for years….and now is the time I want to do something about it!

    Have you done this diet before?

    Hi makeithappen and welcome:

    Here are some tips/explanations of how 5:2 works on another thread on this site. They may help:

    Good Luck!

    Hi @ makeithappen

    I have done the 5:2 before and lost 2stone went on holiday and did not pick it up again. So am looking for ppl to diet with and encourage each other:). Am on teas all day tomorrow then Tomatoe soup and garlic bread. 45 mins exercise in the morning. X where r u we can swap nos and txt each to encourage and motivate each other. X

    Hi Happymadge2014, I too am starting tomorrow and would appreciate a buddy… if there are a few should we create a whatsapp group? c

    Hi @ SR07 that sounds like a fabulous idea a group to motivate each other. How do we go about it. X

    I just downloaded the WhatsApp! I think it’s a great idea to have a group, the immediate support will be incredibly helpful. Now how do I add everyone..?

    Is there a way of us getting each others numbers without displaying them on here? I would happily create the group if we could somehow do that 🙂

    Hi am happy to befriend on Facebook and we can then swap nos to form. X

    Hi Simcoeluv, thanks for the link. That’ll be some good bedtime reading!

    Happymadge that’s amazing you’ve had such success with this plan before. Did you find it hard exercising in the morning and not eating until dinner? I’m always starving after a gym session!

    Amala and SR07 the whatsapp group sounds like a great idea. It’s strange there’s no private messaging function on here!

    I’m based in the UK. Are we all in the same time zone?

    Me too Happymadge2014


    I found it easy when I was focused and determined.. Unfortunately I lost my determination along the holiday. But am focused again now, am in the uk.. So hopefully we can motivate each other if we have a group. :))

    it is just a case of somehow sharing information across here…. a pain really x

    @sr07 on fb I am melody Kupara let’s catch up. X

    If there is someone happy to be admin maybe they can create a group on Facebook and we can all join and encourage each other. I’m not very savvy with techno.:)

    Just FB requested you 🙂 Pic of me and my son as profile if that helps


    I created a WhatsApp group named Fast Group! Didn’t want to say 5/2 group because there’s 4/3 and ADF, hope this helps us connect in a more immediate way.

    Fab hope this will work as a helpful tool for those needing help and encouragement.

    added you @happymadge2014 🙂

    Can you please add me to the fast what’s app group? 917-513-0520


    I also want to lose my belly fat.

    I am also looking for someone I can text with – Gmail or Facebook.

    Hope to hear from you.


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