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  • Hi all, my attention was drawn to a couple of articles in both local and national press concerning diet and dementia. Specificly, the Daily Mail, Monday 9th Dec ran an article which stated that the benefits of the Mediterranean diet has specific benefits in the fight against Dementia and other chronic diseases. Health experts from around the world are meeting in London to discuss effective treatment and cures for Dementia.
    From the many articles posted on this forum it is clear that posters are aware of the health benefits of diet and fasting. It is clearly obvious that we “Are what we eat” and as many posters have shown they are actively following healthier diets to improve their health. I do not think that one specific diet such as the Mediterranean diet is the complete answer, research has shown that other diets also have benefits, the “Okinawa” diet for instance shows that the people of that region in Japan live on average longer life spans on a diet rich in vegetables and fruit with little meat.
    I just thought the article would be of interest to some posters, and others who have voiced concerns about Dementia and other health problems.
    Good luck to you all.

    Hi thanks for posting this Couscous

    I’m interested in this as my grandmother, mother and aunt all had/have dementia and I really want to reduce my risk and delay the onset of this horrible disease in myself.

    The discussion going on at the moment in the news seems to suggest that the 5 main risk factors for dementia are being overweight, poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking and high alcohol consumption. Personally I’d add stress as a 6th factor, but that’s purely based on my mum’s experience.

    So the fast diet seems to be one way to help reduce some of the risk, coupled with healthy eating on the 5 non-fast days.

    Hi magimum.

    You might find it useful to check out vitamin B12 and its relations to dementia, ie Alzheimers. Research shows a clear link between low levels of B12 and the development of the disease.
    In the other end of the lifespan research shows that lack of vitamin B12 causes trouble in childrens development of the brain.

    So it makes sense.

    Acccording to what I have read the 5:2 diet is reducing the production of the IGF-1 hormon witch influences aging – and demntia is normally associated with growing older.

    So it might very well be useful.

    Best of luck 🙂

    I recently discovered some fascinating information about eating virgin coconut oil and great improvements in the functionality of Alzheimer’s sufferers and dementia sufferers in general. It is the medium chain fatty acids in particular in virgin coconut oil that are helpful for feeding the brain and partly removing the deposits that cause the disease. There is too much detail to mention but look up doctor Mary Newport on google.
    Of course this is not a cure but any step that can restore someone even a little is worth trying.

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