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  • Dec 10, VA, USA, FD x3

    That was one heck of a P-List yesterday! The FD went well and as usual 3rd day is feeling easier.

    So far rainy and surprisingly a bit warm.

    I realize yesterday I wrote a 2nd post and b/c the one at 5am was so early I didn’t even realize it was my 2nd post. Well lucky me I stuck with my FD and didn’t forget that too. Ha

    Got to go and teach Tuesdays are very busy teaching days for me.

    Pocket list Day 10

    Day 10 – UK

    Well I’m afraid yesterday’s FD ended up being a CD of around 1000cals due to mixed nuts…… trying hard for today to end up as a 600cal FD……..

    So glad the others on that pocket list held firm……and proved to have more willpower than me @funshipfreddie

    After a beautiful sunny day yesterday it started raining last night and has not stopped since….I thought of you @ciren2 when our poor postman turned up this morning absolutely saturated and said he had only been 1hr into his round……

    @yo-yo-fletch – I feel your pain with that dentist visit – not my favourite place either…..
    @rabbette and @ciren2 – I too love breakfast food but now that I tend to have only 2 meals a day I just have it later in the day as my first meal and sometimes on my FD my OMAD in the evening is a bowl of porridge or poached egg and avocado on a slice of sourdough
    @therealwil78 – I hope you are coming off your 7 day water fast in a controlled way and feeling good
    @ciren2 – way to go with your 24hr fast……and it sounds like a CD OMAD followed…
    @michelinme – it sounds like that bug does not want to leave you – healing vibes coming your way
    @metatauta – well done on your first FD of December – keeping on in maintenance together

    Did not do my regular walk this morning – weather just too grim so instead met with a few of the regular walkers for a mid morning coffee and chat – going to my high impact Pilates class in about an hour with OH and then I’m out with some ballet friends to see a live telecast of Coppelia from the Royal Opera House Ballet – this will include a glass of wine @rabbette during the interval but I have accounted for that in my 600cals today 🤞

    “Food is not the problem. It’s what we do with food that becomes the problem. That’s why we need to learn to keep everything in our lives – especially our eating – in proper balance.” -Joyce Meyer

    USA Day 10 FD

    Adding myself to pocket list.

    Pocket list Day 10

    Day 10 USA (Illinois) NFD

    The Christmas Party last evening was fabulous, but almost all was home made. So much for @rabbette and her mantra…. too much DID go down the hatch. And wine. Oh well … better today. Except while I was gone, DH made a pizza that will likely be supper tonight. I’ll make sure the salad that goes with it is a big one.

    @metatauta – so glad to hear your strength is coming back. Hugs to you.

    @daffodil2010 – yeah for your progress! So sorry your DH is ailing and requiring extra help and attention from you. Prayers for quick healing.

    @jaifaim – yes, hanging by a thread is often the case around here. But isn’t it better know we are “hanging” together? It is for me.

    @bellyblast – YEA! Power of the Pocket List!

    Onward and downward.

    After missing breakfast and going 24 hours up to yesterday mid-afternoon I notice cognitive decline!
    Worryingly, my brain just couldn’t get into gear to sort my mail this morning….worse than normal, that is….and then, later, I noticed I forgot to fill in the log-book after finishing with the van yesterday. Now I NEVER forget that normally!
    I hope dementia isn’t gathering pace??
    So, the calm before the storm on the post today (and I DON’T mean the awful wet and windy weather). Tuesdays are normally light, Wednesdays heavy….today was strangely light for the time of year….I actually finished 10 minutes BEFORE(!) my time. We are going to pay the price tomorrow and Thursday, and no mistake.
    @rabbette: What do you teach?
    @bellyblast: Oh for an “easy” FD!
    @yo-yo-fletch: Do you actually have an appointment with your dentist?! Feel the fear and do it anyway….as they say…

    Pocket list Day 10


    USA Day 10 FD

    Putting myself back on the pocket list.

    Pocket list Day 10


    Day 10 UK CD

    Yesterday’s FD became CD as I medicated virus with food. Lots of spinach, spices, fruit, cacao, ginger tea – and sleep!

    Today slightly better tho apparently sound /look awful (who needs friends?!) so cancelled appointments & did a couple of hours gentle work on laptop for the first time in 10 days. Slow brain, but made a dent in the emails and got ready for tomorrow’s meetings – going to see how I am in the morning.

    Thank you so much for get well wishes @snowflake56 @rabbette @at 🙂
    @daffodil2010 thanks for reminder about last year’s pneumonia – I had forgotten! This does feel much more coldy than feverish, but I’ll call GP if I’m not feeling better soon. Best of luck to your DH with his shoulder recovery – and you with staying strong while he’s off!
    @ciren2 yay to go with first day back on the waggon – time to give those legs a rest after running alongside 🙂
    @rabbette love your ‘made from scratch / not down the hatch’ – I’ve already passed it on to lovely friend who is holding it for dear life as she heads to party!
    @matpi @brightonbelle hope you have livelier brains today
    @jaifaim hold on! One day at a time x
    @yo-yo-fletch hope your tooth feels better without too much adventure. I also hate dentist visits and had to cancel one today bc virus. Now have it to look forward to next Tues – just before my breast screening (yay!)
    @therealwil78 well done on your epic extended WF!
    @bellyblast i used a Jack Monroe woup recipe from Tin Can cook – Jack calls it ‘Hot Nurse’ – it’s certainly spicy!! And so few calories I’d certainly do it again for FD warmth

    Time for bath & early night. Whatever the day brings, go gently x

    Day 10 Oxfordshire UK FD
    Well yesterday’s fast day turned into a NFD due to wine and birthday cake being left over from the weekend. I was also feeling hungry. Probably too much sugar etc. over the weekend.
    So today was another day and I decided it would be a FD 800. So far so good, some eggs for lunch and a ‘beet bourguignon’ for dinner. Coming in at 663 so far, enough for a digestive biscuit later if needed.
    Exercise was thwarted today though as the weather meant the ramble was cancelled. I’ve got to still do about 1400 steps before bedtime. So I’d better get moving 
    It did mean though that the Christmas decorations were put up and Christmas cards written. Tomorrow I can focus on the last few gifts.
    I’m aiming for CD tomorrow and FD Thursday. I really need to get on top of things this week and next.
    Have a lovely evening everyone.
    Pocket list Day 10


    Day 10 Ohio, US — NFD (or CFD?!)(40 bites)

    Most of the day I felt wiped out and only ate a little bit more than on a MFD. That was mostly due to having slept most of the day and consequently snoozed through regular meal times. This evening things may have turned around and I hope there will be improvement tomorrow too. It might just be a weather matter: Yesterday it got up to 54 F (12 C) and was rainy, while today the high was 30 F (-1 C) and very dry, with most of the day below 26 F (-3 C).

    In any case, time to toddle off to another snooze!

    Patient endurance attains to all things!

    Day 11 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Happy Hump Day! 🐫🐪

    Day 11: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Those who fasted yesterday, I hope you all did well….and today, you can eat!
    @ccco: Sorry if I messed up the pocket list….not sure what’s happening with my poor old brain right now!
    @matpi: I hope you feel better soon. So much illness about. Both me and DH have nasty coughs.
    Must fly…so little time!

    Day 11, Emden Germany, NFD

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day11 – NFD – Ireland 🇮🇪
    Hi all and thanks for the support yesterday! It means so much and helped me through the day although honestly it was more CD than FD.
    The Christmas Festivities have started in work so from now on it’s party, lunch, party … we are spoiled but it does mean it’s hard to stick to the plan 👍. First 🎄 dinner today….I’ll go easy 🤞.
    I have put on some serous lbs over the month of November which was the hardest month of the year for me in many respects although this whole year has been tough… I’ll be glad to see 2020 😊. Like many of you I am trying to practise self care as if I’m not well it’s hard to look after others… one of those areas is my diet which affects me both mentally and physically if I fall off the wagon.
    Thanks for bring there and here is to a good day ☀️
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 11 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Trying for an FD today and DH has been made aware that he is on his own food wise. So hopefully I can get through the evening (which is always the hard part for me) and be strong. It’s been two years now that I have enjoyed FD’s while he works until midnight, so much easier for me, but now he is home I will just have to strengthen that willpower muscle.

    @yo-yo-fletch that’s great that the steroid injection worked so quick after 18 months of pain. DH got the injection in April but went back to work after just a week (he is an aircraft engineer so lots of manual work with heavy weights) and the shoulder did not heal. Hence this is the second time around and his consultant is warning him to rest, rest, rest….otherwise it’s surgery 😱

    Also, re the dentist fear…..oh my goodness do I have it. So bad that I only go to this one dentist who offers the Valium sedation….I then tell him to do everything at once and it’s great. Last time round I got a full root canal plus a wisdom tooth extraction in one go!!!

    I hope everyone who is feeling ill recovers soon, the winter cold and flu season has started earlier.

    Happy hump day.

    Pocket list day 11

    Day 11 – Cumbria – FD

    @at what a lousy day we had weather wise yesterday, I never got out further than the garage/workshop, even then it was when the rain eased a bit!

    No walking for me, but exercise…. grrr, rather bad smell in utility room, traced it to the drain tray at the back of the fridge on the condenser, rather hard to get to. Any condensation from inside the fridge and any bits of debris it picks up collect in there.
    This should be removable for cleaning you would think, but no! So a couple of hours in a confined space, prodding and poking, bit of hosepipe to pour weak bleach mix into the tray, old toothbrush and bits of sponge on wire. After a fair amount of cursing and cleaning, got the thing nice and sparkly again, hip and knee was grumbly last night/this morning, not quite as bendy as I used to be.

    Today need a FD, feel a bit bloated, drank too much water yesterday and last nights baked potato was bigger than usual, plus we made mince pies yesterday morning BF (before fridge) so had a couple of testers!

    Pocket list day 11

    Take care all

    Day 11 Oxfordshire, UK FD
    Good morning all.
    Early check in for me today. DH is out for the day, so I’m on dog walking duty twice. Hopefully will make up for lack of long walk yesterday. At least it’s dry today.
    I’ve got lots of jobs to keep me busy so hopefully no time to feel peckish.
    The scales are my friend again today after yesterday’s proper fast ( no cheating). So while I’m in the right frame of mind I’m going try b2b2b.
    Adding myself to the pocket list.
    Pocket list day 11

    The only way is down.

    Day 11, London, UK, FD

    It’s a quick check-in from me today. I’m looking forward to banking another FD, so far, this week has been well controlled – I hope I haven’t just jinxed it, considering we’re only half way through!!!

    With all the dentist talk, I thought I might mention my ‘superwoman’ mother, who never has any sedation or anaesthesia of any kind at the dentist as she hates that numb, droopy lip feeling – even for a root canal!!!! Just the thought alone makes my blood run cold!!! For me, the more drugs the better I say!!!!

    Happy fasting folks!!!

    Day 11 UK FD

    Quick check in , will try to catch up later

    Day 11 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – NFD

    Sadly the scales were not too kind to me this morning showing a gain despite my B2B FDs – ho hum, too much mulled wine at the weekend perhaps…..I won’t let this throw me and will keep on keeping on…..sigh

    @michelinme – we’re living parallel lives at the moment – lol! dentists and breast screening – I had mine a couple of week ago, came back clear so a definite yay from me, the procedure itself was fine too, it’s just one of those things that has to be done….
    @ciren2 – my next dentist appointment is next Wednesday to discuss my treatment plan, in the meantime maximum painkillers and soft food……I fear I won’t be able to avoid root canal treatment so will have to take it on the chin whatever they recommend….
    @daffodil2010 – that’s tough on your DH, I hope he feels the benefit of the steroid injection soon. I’ve very grateful it worked on me so quickly as they told me it could take up to 6 weeks – just hoping it doesn’t wear off!!!! don’t want to go back there! Surgery has been mentioned to me too so desperately want to avoid that if possible….
    Hmmmm…..Valium sedation!!!! now there’s an idea….
    @flourbaby – kudos to your mother! superwoman indeed! I have no superwoman ambitions, drugs all the way for me, lol!

    Have a good day all x

    Day 11- Atlanta, GA- USA- CD

    Hello everyone. Happy Wednesday!! Going to have 2 boiled eggs for breakfast with my coffee. Brought a baked chicken breast and steamed broccoli for lunch. Going to keep it light today because I might have a dinner date later this evening. Also, I stepped on the scale this morning and I’m 5 lbs. from the weight I was at back in June. Finally!! Still 8 more lbs. before I reach my goal. Onward and Downward!!

    Day 11 Canada FD

    All set for another FD, the not eating part is sometimes the easiest. I know I lose control after lunch on the NFD’s and start nibbling on sweet stuff, it is very silly and I need to figure out how to change the pattern. Perhaps switching to doing yoga then as a distraction.
    @michelinme I found Jack Monroe’s website, there are a few recipes there that I will be trying as well as the Hot Nurse. Love the way she writes, the Self Love Stew is a good one
    @yo-yo-fletch ignore those scales, the weight has to drop if you have done B2B FD’s
    Pocket list day 11

    Day 11 UK NFD

    Made it into town despite sleeping fitfully and waking up zonked. Somehow good focus and energy – yay for getting ready the day before – and actually got in on time despite train strike.

    Had anticipated the treat of chips at lunchtime meeting, but only had Christmas dinners. Amazingly I stuck to a salad selection and black coffee – but blew all my smug on the way home with lentil chips. Gained a little ground with healthy supper of brussel sprouts & quorn chicken – using my leftover Hot Nurse soup as a sauce @bellyblast – it’s a great site, isn’t it?!

    For a first meeting/work day in 3 weeks that was much, much better than I expected! Yesterday’s preparation was helpful, I felt realaxed and able to go with the flow all day. A very useful reminder that getting my head into a better place is key to everything… and preparation!

    @yo-yo-fletch – yes, twins 🙂 Tho my dentist appt has just been cancelled as they forgot he’s away next tuesday. Ticking off the backlog, one appt at a time!

    Wishing strength to your willpower muscle for today’s fasters!

    Day 11 – UK – NFD

    Did not manage a FD again yesterday but it was another CD and today has been a NFD (TDEE)

    Busy day starting with a great yoga class this morning, coffee out with yoga friends after. Manicure early afternoon, writing xmas cards and an early evening meal out with some of my regular volunteers group – just back home – cup of tea and brief catch up here before heading for an early bed as feeling very 😴

    Early aerobic class tomorrow then a few hours cooking, serving food and cleaning up afterwards in the Fareshares kitchen at our local parish centre……..

    Hope everyone is doing OK and staying fairly controlled so far this month – I guess maintenance is the game for us all this festive month…….

    “Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” Lou Holtz

    Day 11 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Doing well. Silver Sneakers exercise class this morning.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 11 Ohio, US —- NFD

    This evening I went caroling at a retirement home with a group of friends and then we celebrated with a potluck. I kept on target until the eating targets until this evening and then holiday delectables took a toll.

    Still the high for the day was -1 C — it was warmer in Warsaw, Poland than it was here. Highly unusual. Must be the influence of the full moon.

    Day 12 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Day 12, Emden Germany, NFD🥂

    We’re celebrating our 33rd wedding anniversary today, we’re so lucky we found each other. It turned out so well.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 12 – Ireland 🇮🇪 -NFD

    Managed a decent FD yesterday despite DH popping a bottle of Bergerac on the table at dinner time (I was having a lentil soup, he was having a big beef chilli..yum), but the lady doth protested …and the bottle was put back into store 👍 Yay, small victories.

    He knows how important this is to me but as my FD’s have mostly taken place while he works I guess he doesn’t realise what I have to do and it’s only for two days a week.

    That full moon has certainly been affecting my sleep over the past two nights. Birds singing loudly at 6am with that extra light. I believe the full moon has an affect on everything, might explain why we feel strange or are not ourselves or just something ….different ….going on. When I was in horticulture I remember that planting certain crops around a full moon was not a good idea, ebb and flow of sap etc…..

    I have Friday and Monday off so a long 4 day weekend ahead. Unplanned weekend, just that I was told I had 9 days leave to take, I could roll 5 over into 2020, but if I don’t use the remaining 4 then I Lose them!! Gotta love this new job…only started and I have to take leave, yay. So short working weeks until 2020 for me 👍

    @flourbaby your mum definitely is super woman! For me it’s claustrophobia that has me terrified of dentists (oh and I can also empathise with you on your MRI experience, same for me). So when I found this guy who specialises in nervous patients I have not looked back. (Funny how a lot of dentists here in Ireland don’t offer the sedation….)

    Happy wedding anniversary @snowflake56 and have a wonderful day.

    So, as I face into 4 days off work I hope to keep a lid on it and will try my best.

    Have a great Thursday….it’s usually a busy fasting day today so best of luck.

    Day 12, London, UK, FD

    I’ve a busy morning planned with meetings and wrapping things up for Xmas at work, we shut down for 2 weeks, I can’t wait, although I struggle to fast at home so it might be a disaster!! I suppose if I avoid the Baileys I might just maintain!

    I’ll catch-up & comment later!! Have a good day everyone, it’s nearly the weekend after-all!!!

    Day 12 – NFD – Ireland 🇮🇪
    Yesterday went ok with Christmas lunch being the only meal of the day…. but there was lots of it and it was delicious 😋.cycled and went to a circuits class last night so it could have been worse. 😊
    Blood tests today so have been fasting but I’m starving now so we’ll see how the day goes.
    @ciren2 I can’t believe a year has passed since your daughter left for Oz!!! You must be so happy to have her back with you for Christmas 🎄♥️🎄

    Good luck your all those fasting today 💪
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 12 NFD

    My back to basics appears to be paying off , nice to see a reduction on the scales, trying to show some restraint before the holiday season

    Day 12-Atlanta, Ga.-USA-FD

    Quick check in… Question: I’ve read in the past some of you guys combining Keto with 5:2. Has anyone seen any long lasting results? I did Keto about 1.5 yrs ago and saw great success.

    Day 12 USA (Illinois) FD

    Going to a “Hunger Luncheon” today, a benefit for our local food pantry, so I hope they don’t over feed us. No, I know it’s just a bit of soup and bread for the guests, so I am still calling it a fast day.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 12 Canada NFD

    Another great FD yesterday and feeling lighter this morning, I’m feeling pleased:)
    Happy anniversary @snowflake56, I’m coming up to 35 years and my OH and our kids are the best thing that has happened to me.
    The basics are the best @brightonbelle glad they are working for you.
    My OH is away for 5 days and while I while miss him it does mean I have a chance to really focus on dropping some weight. He totally understands my eating but eats like a horse himself. Yay for small victories indeed @daffodil2010

    Have a fantastic day everyone

    Day 12 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    I would love a glass of wine right now….but it’s a FD so checking in for accountability. It will taste all the better tomorrow 😉

    Day 12: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    6.15pm and I just realised I haven’t logged in today. Ooops!

    Horrible, horrible day on the deliveries today. Truly AWFUL weather, ALL day. Heavy rain, cold. Utterly miserable. I didn’t fast.
    The mail was extremely heavy….it seemed every other address had packets or parcels, many requiring signatures on the PDAs that don’t work properly in the rain. I wore my own water-proof raincoat under my useless Royal Mail one….but all too bulky. The van was steaming up with the dampness and my shoes started to let in water after a while. I finished at 3.35pm…..over two hours beyond my official finishing time. The only thing that kept me going was the thought that it’s my day off tomorrow!
    @brightonbelle: Good for you…keep it up.
    @jaifaim: Yes, how time flies! I’ve only met up with DD once since she came back, but it’s good to know she’s in the same country. We’ll be together on Christmas Day.
    @snowflake56: Happy Anniversary xx
    We are at 32 years, about six months behind you.

    Day 12 CD?

    Got locked out of site by spam filter & earlier post disappeared!

    Feeling yuck w bronchitic cough etc – resting up & will call GP tomorrow. Trying to avoid insta food in favour of healthy, prepped veg to make a stew but ran out of energy… Not usual FD but at least i’m not binging!

    @snowflake56 happy anniversary 🙂

    Strength to all fasters today, and hope to all voters x

    Day 12, VA, USA, CD
    Day 11, FD

    Day 10, turned into NFD, (eyebrows up) It was an easy FD and then as the day wore on my pain slowly increased, so did my “I don’t give a rats a$$ attitude!”. I decided in the late afternoon that I would like comfort food for dinner and let my sweetheart know we would be having Chinese food later for dinner. I was glad to feel like I have transitioned with eating to make a decision like one… that I can say yeah tonight lets have (fill in blank) instead of trying to power though only to just suddenly feel like I’m personally entitled and deserve a bite of everything!

    Yesterday my sweet had naan bread pizza for their supper I had a leftover rice and bean soup (which I LOVED BTW!).

    I decided to add up the calories and wouldn’t you know it makes it just under about 400 (depending on if you can have a light hand with cheese and sauce. And it doesn’t need to be extremely light, just be sure to measure and not go overboard for no reason.) You can tho load it with veggie toppings that would surly make up for anything you would miss out on. I personally have found that if you have a really good white cheddar OR something that lets you know the cheese is on there you need much less of it. None the less here is the jist.
    Naan bread pizza:
    use a frozen piece of naan bread bake just till thawed/warm, sauce (use leftover sauce from pasta night) place sauce and your own toppings on it and pop back into the oven till browned.

    @songbirdme – well dang I suppose if everyone did bring from scratch its a bit harder to stick to your guns. OR shall I say… gums.

    @ciren2 – I teach yoga. Different styles and places throughout the day. 2-4 classes every weekday (occasionally 1 weekend a month I’ll lead a workshop)

    @michelinme – well you got friends on here, I’d make you some soup and drop it off (I’d scurry away from the door and just ring the bell if you felt contagious.) Keep those spices flowing. Mmmmm hot water and spices. Think I’ll get that out for myself today too! And the mantra Haha yes, I also apply the mantra to things like those Butterscotch Haystacks because even tho its put together at home… I haven’t met a person yet who has ever made the already prepared chow mien noodles in that throw together recipe.

    @daffodil2010 – I find if I am relying on a plan (while my SO is home in the evening) FDs go much better. Such as a gentle reminder to my sweetheart as “remember my dear tonight you have pasta and I’m having soup” or what ever easy dish (or dish they like to make for themselves) I have about 5 in rotation for them… gnocchi with artichoke hearts, pasta and sauce, beef fajitas, rice and veggies, naan bread pizza (this can also be enjoyed/shared on a FD as long as this is is the only meal)

    @therealwil78 – I use it to try and ease though a stall. I find long term or daily would be too restrictive AND I have found that holy cow I will gain weight if I just do a keto diet (even fasting 3 days a week!) However I do lose if I use keto diet and combine it with my FDs (as my evening meal) I use it also for a transition day and then let my other days be true NFDs.

    @snowflake56 *•.¸♡ Happy Anniversary ♡¸.•*

    Oh my gosh I will be thinking about you guys on the Pocket list b/c even tho I’m doing a CD (I totally can feel myself nearly blowing it for some leftover spiral ham in the fridge before supper tonight!)

    Pocket list day 12

    USA Day 12 CD

    Tomorrow is another FD of no more than 500 calories. I hope everyone had a great 5:2 day!

    Day 12 Ohio, US — MFD

    Today was a good fast day with a good supply of energy to get tasks done and enough to do my 10K and Sandow exercises.

    Pocket list day 12

    @rabbette I really like your idea for the naan bread recipe. I’ll definitely have to give it a try in this coming week.

    @michelinme Hope that the visit to the doc went well and that you’re able to shake that cold quickly and completely!

    @ciren2 It sounds like you had an incredibly rough day. But I bet the people who got their holiday parcels are really thankful to you. Enjoy your day off!

    Day 13 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Friday the 13th?! Gulp! It started raining when my friends arrived on Tuesday, and it hasn’t stopped since! Oh well; we just had to visit some very nice restaurants and drown our sorrows.
    Back on the wagon with a vengeance tomorrow.

    Day 13 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Friday the 13th…and I am on a day off. Going to do Christmas shopping. Going to try for a controlled day….but the evening might be difficult. Oh well.

    Have a great Friday.

    Day 13 – Cumbria – FD

    Good morning all, been blocked out by the spam checker thing, so didn’t get in yesterday!

    Been an odd 48 hours, a few things going on, not least the lousy weather, I just don’t feel right if I don’t get out for my daily walk.

    Heading to Belgium for a few days so won’t be around, hope your NON FD’s are easy, I find them a lot more difficult than FD’s.

    Pocket list for 13th


    Take care all

    Day 13: Gloucestershire, UK,NFD:

    Yes, Friday 13th….but lucky! For starters, it’s my day off, also it’s NOT raining (at the moment)!
    I’ve taken the dog for a decently long walk…DH can hardly walk while he’s awaiting his new knee, so the poor dog also doesn’t get enough exercise when I’m working.

    Have a great day everyone xx

    Day 13, Emden Germany, FD

    @daffodil2010, @bellyblast, @ciren2, @michelinme and @rabbette thanks! We had such a lovely day. The 80ies seem to be a good decade to get married, @bellybast ahead of me and @ciren2 just after me.

    We discovered a new kind of Martini cocktail with sage syrup and small pickled onions from this vlog: it tastes great. Just try it, you’ll love it!

    Pocket list for 13th


    Have a nice day everyone!

    2nd post

    that should be @bellyblast, too much Martini yesterday!

    Day- 13- Atlanta, GA- USA – FD

    Day 13 Canada FD

    Sounds delicious @snowflake56 thanks!
    I am so glad you have a day off @ciren2 between the weather and the huge loads of mail you deserve one.
    @i-hate-lettuce I got blocked by the spam filters as well. I am wondering if this might be the cause of some of the regular posters disappearing?
    Good for you for eating what works and when it works @rabbette, hope your pain is doing ok today. I love yoga, wow 2-4 classes a day is something.
    Just jotted down my to do list for the day and off to make a pot of soup, good strategies for a successful FD for me:)

    Pocket list for 13th


    Day 13 – NFD – Ireland 🇮🇪
    13th – it’s lucky for some 🤞
    @snowflake56 – happy anniversary 💕 !
    Good luck to those who are fasting today and over the weekend 💪
    Busy weekend ahead as I’m looking after my parents… will aim to make good choices 👌. Monday will be my next FD.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    USA Day 13 FD

    Just jumping in here to add myself to the pocket list. My FD is going well so far!

    Pocket list for 13th


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