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  • Day 2 Oxfordshire UK FD
    @at thanks for hosting.
    Hi everyone, sorry I didn’t check in yesterday but I was out with DD for a bit of retail therapy in Cirencester, about 30 mins from where I live, bitterly cold but lovely to catch up. Needless to say day 1 was a NFD, especially since DH cooked a delicious lamb curry for dinner.
    Today is a FD and meals are planned for the week.
    Just a bit about me. I’m 58 female, retired. Two adult children, husband and dog.
    I began my journey back in 2013 when I weighed in at 77.6kg, and a BMI of 30.8. It was the heaviest I’ve ever been. I’m only 158cm (5’2”). I began just controlling portion size and lost about 5kg. it was really slow and I was getting to the point of giving up when my neighbour said she and her hubby were ‘doing‘ 5:2 why didn’t I try. TBH I wasn’t sure but once I tried it and started to lose I was hooked. I managed to lose 19kg over the course of the next 6-10 months which was fantastic. I kept on top of things for a while then gradually this year the weight began to creep back on and this summer I joined the Aug challenge because I had put back on around 8kg. I could feel it around my middle and my BMI was creeping up.
    Over the last few months I have managed to lose just over 5kg. I’m so pleased with that especially when I consider I was travelling for 2 months and was less than focussed.
    This month I am 3.3kg away from an all-time low and whilst I would love to get there this month I know my weight loss slows down the closer I get, so I shall be happy if I can lose a little and keep things under control over the Christmas festivities.
    The only way is down.

    Day 2 Canada FD

    I woke up ridiculously early this morning….excited for a FD?!?
    @snowflake56 I agree with you on how helpful the scales can actually be. Mine bounce all over the place without rhyme or reason, so I am going to go on the fit of clothes.
    Have a great FD/NFD everyone

    Pocket List – Day 2

    Day 2 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – FD

    Please count me in for Dec and thank you @at for hosting

    Something extraordinary happened this weekend. I’ve been married for 24 years, together for 29 years now and this weekend I’ve had the most honest conversation I have ever had with my DH regarding my weight. He started the conversation by telling me he was concerned about me and asked me some pretty emotionally challenging questions.The conversation wasn’t easy, he wouldn’t let me duck the questions and I admitted to him (and to myself!) just how bad things have been for me (2019 has been challenging for me in oh so many ways!)- a lot of this he already knew but to say it out loud was a breakthrough for me. I cried, he listened and we put together an ‘action plan’. He has committed to fully supporting me, that’s not to say he wasn’t supporting me already, he was, he’s a quiet man, doesn’t say too much, has a wife and two daughters to do that for him! but I guess things just came to a head and don’t you sometimes have to hit rock bottom before you can begin your recovery?

    So, here I go again, for the first time in a long time I am feeling very positive. My health is suffering and I can no longer bury my head. My DH is going to join me on my FDs and with the support of him and all of you lovely people I am hopeful that I will learn to manage and maybe even conquer my demons. December has it’s own challenges (for everyone!) but I don’t want to postpone this until January – I need to do this from now and if I can commit to basic 5:2 and apply mindfulness on NFDs then that will be a very big positive step in the right direction for me.

    Phew! This is all a bit heavy. Feeling a bit nervous about putting this out there but – there it is, let’s see if I can do this…..and thank you all for your continued support.

    It is indeed, good to talk.

    Pocket List – Day 2

    Day 2 second post.

    @yo-yo Fletch

    Good for you young lady, meet it head on, grab it by the horns and give it your best shot!
    When I started I set myself targets, not huge ones, targets that are achievable. Once the first one was successful, picked another one, but again, made it ‘do-able’.
    Eventually we will add all the small targets together and find there has been a huge success!

    Went on one of my ‘Man on a mission’ walks this morning, before I knew it I’d done more than planned, got home then did loads of jobs, finally sat down just after 3pm ….. 6 months ago, before 5:2 I would have been shattered doing half the walk, half the jobs wouldn’t have been done either. Starting to feel good and just a bit pleased with myself.

    Yes, we can!

    I’m going to start reading my new Water Fasting book(let!) tonight before bed. It finally turned up on Saturday, after Amazon lost it and had to send another. Over £10.00 for a quite titchy book…! It had better be motivating….only then will it be worth the money.
    @brightonbelle: It’s hard to keep on track sometimes (in my case….always) but just keep with us anyway. December’s not easy at the best of times.
    @snowflake56: You probably have the best idea regarding weighing. The trouble with me is; I’d rather KNOW! Balance scales have got to be the best….I don’t trust my digital ones (anymore)….

    Pocket List – Day 2


    If you’re fasting today, add yourself for motivation. Good Luck xx

    Day 2 USA-Utah FD

    Off to a good start! Life a smidge more hectic than normal but I’m determined not to let that impede progress. I’m enjoying reading all your messages friends! Hope you all have a marvelous Monday!

    Day 2, VA, USA, FD B2B

    Whew I must ask why doesn’t this dang wagon have handles? I surly tumbled off into the dust! Ha This is the first month I’m up from last month weigh in – stats later as I need to do the measurements to see how they fair.

    Cool things over the T-give holiday would be that my extended family asked “where did the rest of you go?” I told them it was from IF and they wanted to know what kind of FDs do I do (which I realize is challenging to explain b/c I have changed up my routine several times especially if I hit a stall) none the less I try and go with how I first did it. Which was 4:3 (b/c I knew I ate a lot) and 4:3 worked better for my FDs and still does.

    Some things to note over the American Thanksgiving holiday is that I don’t like the traditional food that is served for T-giving. I can not have turkey (I can’t seem to digest turkey or chicken) Corn and stringed beans from a can hardly felt like a healthy choice and was not very tasty, but that was about all I had. I need to reinvent a dish or two (I really wanted more veggies like some roasted carrots, beets or even Brussel sprouts!)

    So really all that leaves are the desserts… which I have to say this was the first year I have EVER really liked pumpkin pie. (And that is what I had a good amount of… pumpkin pie) and apparently that means +6.4lbs from said pumpkin pie. Eeeeeep!

    I started with an FD on Sunday and shed -1lb of it already. Got to keep at it. Luckily this is the only holiday which I have to eat at someone elses house and while I could have easily made it a FD (haha) it would have made for some very interesting conversation that would have been WAY more awkward and I’m sure they would have thought I had some kind of eating disorder *but truthfully I really don’t like eating food that really does me no good* OR if I’m going to eat non-healthy food at least let it be junk food I like.. but how on earth do I explain that in front of a whole shebang of family members! Haha

    Well I’ve go to dash for the moment and go sit on a couch… I’ve got to try it out and see if we want to purchase one.

    You are not alone to anyone else whom encountered a T-give weight gain.

    Pocket List – Day 2

    I think I grabbed the correct list… if not know that you are also loved and maybe this is future good luck for your next FD.

    @yo-yo-fletch: That is such a heart warming story and a turning point for you. What lovely DH you have being so supportive..((hugs)) to you.
    Sorry I was on the previous page when I copied the FD pocket list….unintentionally missed some of you off!

    Pocket List – Day 2

    There you are….

    Day 2 UK FD

    Getting right back into the start of the challenge with a FD today and again tomorrow. Had smoked fish and veg for dinner and the kitchen is now closed!

    Good luck to everyone, newbies and returners!

    Day 2 USA (Illinois) FD

    Had to laugh, @ciren2 at your scale battery situation. I had seen this as a Facebook meme last night:
    “Managing your weight around the holidays just requires a little planning … for example, I took the batteries out of my scale on Monday.”

    I know you’re not laughing, but that was one way to look at it!

    Turkey noodle soup last evening was okay but likely needed a bit of spicing up. I could have added onion and garlic. Would have helped. The Thanksgiving mincemeat pie is down to 2 slices. Will be better for us when it is gone!

    Joining the list:
    Pocket List – Day 2

    Onward and downward.

    Day 2 UK FD
    Day 1 UK NFD

    Long day yesterday and forgot to post! Hello to old friends & warm welcome to newbies. I’m F55 5’6″ & live in London. I put on weight via health issues affecting mobility/energy, stopping smoking – tho best decision Ever – and hormonal changes. Got to 181lbs and knew something had to change.

    Started 5:2 with December 2017 challenge at 181lb, BMI 29 then made mostly steady progress apart from a 9-month plateau. Went down 3 or 4 sizes in clothes and slimmed to 140lb, BMI 22.8 by June 2019, most of the way to my 133-140lb goal. Slipped off the waggon over the last three months with illness and unexpected bereavment…unleashed the sugar dragon and the rest is all too easy. I’m still puffy but have come down to 149lb and am hoping to make good progress in December. Other December goals are daily adapted yoga & meditation, a good sleep routine and sticking to 5:2.

    Resisted most temptations yesterday, and have had a reasonable tho unplanned FD today. Heading for very early night with flask of ginger tea – wretched cold has flared up again after day out yesterday….It’s week 4 and I’m determined to get on top of it!

    Here’s to a good December challenge together – we can do this!

    Day 2 – UK – NFD

    A long day travelling back to Cumbria from Suffolk on the train…….
    This evening an early birthday celebratory meal out with DD and then saw a live telecast of Les Miserables The Staged Concert – fantastic!!

    So going to have a quick read and catch up before going to bed – will comment more tomorrow

    @ciren2 @bellyblast – Thank you 🤗

    @mia139 @aussiechic @samanthajc11 @yo-yo-fletch 🤗 @rabbette – Welcome to the DECEMBER 2019 CHALLENGE – LAST ONE FOR 2019! Lovely to have both some newbies and some regulars with us for this most challenging of months – you are all on the spreadsheet should you wish to use it for motivation x

    The support, camaraderie and friendship offered on these challenges is wonderful – no one judges!
    Remember that “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out.” Robert Collier

    Day 3. London. UK FD
    I actually ate three meals today, which I don’t think I’ve done for years. And they were all ‘proper’ meals. I felt soo full. But, I’m not beating myself up. I’m sure early man had days of heavy feasting followed by fasting and scarcity. I’ve just got to get on with that second bit.

    Starting a pocket list

    Day 3 NFD. Had FD yesterday, but failed around 4pm… Didn’t eat much, just enough to stop feeling like I had jelly legs and was about to faint. I’d had a good aqua class in the morning, riding my bike to and from the pool, but I think the lack of carbs did me in. Fortunately I’m not one for biscuits, cakes etc., I tend to eat cheese and peanut butter (hmmmmm a few calories lurking there) and I am very healthy, but I am carrying just a few extra kilos which I would very much like to lose. I’m using My Fitness Pal to count calories and to remind me to drink more water. I am 68, female, live in Darwin, Australia, where it is very hot at the moment. I love reading everyone’s stories – what different lives we live, yet all have this one thing in common. Good luck to everyone!

    Day 3 country West Australia CD

    Day 2 Ohio, US — MFD

    Well, got back from the South of the US late on Saturday, and was down with something on Sunday — probably something I ate while travelling. It’s absolutely incredible that we’re into December already!

    Thanks, @at, for hosting this month!

    Alas! All I can do is just check in to say, “Please count me in for this month’s challenge.” I still have some work to do yet tonight to get ready for tomorrow.

    So have a great one!

    Day 3: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    I think I might try to shun the unreliable scales (if I can…) and take my waist measurement instead. We are told that our waist should measure no more than half our height. We could be carrying the dangerous visceral fat otherwise. Well mine is four inches (20 cms) too big then.
    I know I should be 10kg less too….

    Day 3 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Good start to the month yesterday; just oatmeal and fruit. No fasting for me today!
    But here’s a start on the pocket list for those who are..

    Pocket List – Day 3 🍏

    Day 3, Emden Germany, NFD

    yesterday’s FD went well, beetroot soup, 1 slice of Knäckebrot and the very thin heel of the brioche I made.

    Muddy times are ahead of me, we need a new plaster on the driveway. This morning they brought the new paving and the workers will start this morning.

    @yo-yo-fletch what a lovely husband you have! I hope your life will get better now you know he’s supporting you.

    @bellyblast just give it a try. My measurement dress is a lovely low back cocktail dress I bought in the 80ies in Toronto. I still love it, that’s why I want it to fit although I haven’t worn in years. Where in Canada are you?

    @ciren2 my problem with scales is that I’m too frustrated when I weigh myself after a FD and still weigh the same or even more. I want to see a good result although I know this is unrealistic. Frustration leads me to eating sweets so for me it’s better to have the scales in the basement and go by the clothes.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 3 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Sitting here with a scarf wrapped around my neck as I have a really bad sore throat, sniffly, sneezing, aches and pains.p, did not sleep too well with all the sniffling and sneezing……I know it’s not flu as I wouldn’t even be able to get out of bed, but feel pretty wretched nonetheless.

    However, managed an FD yesterday, but I dud gave a snifter of cognac around bedtime to try and ward off the cold (my DH swears by it) but all that did was bring daily calories to just under 700. No result from the alcohol (though it WAs nice 😄)
    Dosed up with ACV, garbled with salt, lemons in my water bottle, off to work I go.

    Just to keep on. The only thing about working in an open plan office when you feel feel like this is that it doesn’t help. When I worked in the glasshouse a couple of years ago, any sign of a cold would soon dissipate with the fresh clean and cold air in the workplace 👍

    Enough moaning from me. Right now there is just about to start sunrise and the sky is amazingly orange and red. The sunset yesterday (16.08!!! So early now ) was absolutely spectacular too…..everyone was commenting on it. December is starting off better than November

    The iPad is messing me about. Gonna log off before I lose this post 😱

    Day 3 – NFD – Ireland 🇮🇪
    Hello everybody! I’m back to try apply myself ahead of Christmas 👍 thank you @at for hosting again! And thank you all for being here – it’s great to get back..
    I’m sorry I missed November @ciren2 😢.
    The first challenge I joined was October 2017…and I’ve been intermittently fasting in all senses of that phrase 🙄
    I bob around 11.5 -12 stone now having started out at nearly 13 stone in 2017. I’m quite happy at the mid- lower end of this range and ideally would like to get to 11 stone next year if I can.. I’m very active, very muscular but carry weight in my hips and tummy.. unfortunately weight comes off my face first… I am struggling this year with lots of draws on my time so my posting and commitment to the forum hasn’t been the best since I hosted in May… top tip if you want to nail a good month of fasting is to host 👍

    I love being outdoors even in our lovely Irish weather and cycle lots, walk, hike and play tennis regularly. I live by the sea so love getting out on the beach.
    I’d like to find time for Pilates and strength & conditioning but life is already so busy with full time work, elderly ill parents, my relationship and of course my family and friends. I am starting a new S&C class tomorrow so that will be a challenge 💪

    I’m pretty much staying away from alcohol and sugar as much as I can… but I am very easily led particularly when I’m out with friends so will never be off either completely but it’s going well in my opinion and that’s ALL that counts… although you will always have people offering their opinion when you decide to try cut alcohol.
    No-one else has my life or my body and they can “hold their whisht” as we might say here 😂
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 3 – second post

    Go for it @YoYoFletch – what a great husband you have! It’s tough when you reach that rock bottom spot but you know – the only way is up ⬆️ from here! You will smash it and It’s a great decision to start now…. no point waiting to make positive changes… every little one counts 👍
    I’m with you 👍

    Day 3 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Did my routine Monday FD yesterday and feel better for it today. Been drinking too much red wine over the past week and not sleeping well. I need to hang on tightly to our 5:2 wagon especially now when I’m a bit of an emotional mess. Complication with mum’s will causing delay with funeral arrangements…..note to us all, review your will especially if it was written a long time ago.

    Doubt I will log in daily this month, but I will lurk and enjoy the positivity and support given here. I’m not letting go just because this month is extra challenging, now is probably when I need to be here most……otherwise I will be back to where I started.

    @at thank you for hosting xx

    Day 3, London, UK, FD,

    I’m back at work and relieved to be fasting today. Although I’m sticking with the 30DS, my eating has been super carby which makes me crave more & more carbs …………………….. why haven’t I learnt this lesson already? Selective memory, I believe!!!

    @brightonbelle, I think there’s some ‘Fasting Fatigue’ mixed in with some good old fashioned self-sabotage!! I dare not take a break from fasting, it’s supposed to be my WOL, and if I have a fasting holiday, no doubt I’ll be staring at 195lbs again in NO time!!! So, I’m pulling up my big girl pants and just doing it, it’s neither brain surgery nor rocket science and it certainly isn’t difficult or depriving ………………………….. that pizza, red wine, chocolate or muffin WILL be there in 3 months’ time or even on a NFD …………………………………… just not EVERY NFD!!!!

    @yo-yo-fletch ……………………. We’ve got you!!

    @yogi51, like you I love cheese and ……………………… (whisper it) peanut butter (not to be mentioned in the same sentence as me or @penz!!), unfortunately, unlike you, I definitely am one for biscuits and cakes!! Ho-hum!!

    @ciren2, I’m going for the measuring tape throughout December as well, since I’m doing the 30DS my measurements WILL go down (leggings already falling to my ankles!!) but the scales will be stagnant or even (Gulp) go up!!!

    @jaifaim, that’s exactly what I say ……………………. “I am very easily led” ……………………..I guess I need new friends!!!

    “Sometimes we’re tested not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strengths.”

    Day 3 UK FD

    Trying to get a good start to December with another FD. Need to buckle down despite all the December temptations. Off to the Perth sunshine early January with a case full of clothes which will be very snug if I can’t stay firmly on the wagon !

    Good luck to everyone today.

    Day 3 UK NFD

    Pleased with yesterday’s FD aiming for good NFD today

    Day 3 – Lakes UK – CD

    Morning all, bit late again calling in this morning. Good FD yesterday, unusually for a FD, slept really well last night!
    Glad it’s not as frosty here this morning heating engineer doing boiler service, just about finished so will be out for a walk very soon.

    Hope everyone’s getting off to a good start this month, might try sneaking in an extra FD this week, usually have 2 but want to try and get to a new low either this or next week. Cold weather doesn’t help though!

    Take care all

    Day 3 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – NFD

    Happy to report a successful FD yesterday for me and my DH.

    @i-hate-lettuce @ciren2 @at @snowflake56 @jaifaim @flourbaby

    Thank you all so much for your kind words of encouragement and support, appreciated more than you will ever know….I am grateful to my DH for intervening (something he has never done before) I guess I needed someone to say to me ‘let me help you’ and who better than my DH.

    I do now feel like this is a turning point for me and I’m aiming to tackle Dec one day at a time, small targets, move more, better sleep (hopefully!)
    and less worrying about things I cannot change!

    Good luck to all fasting today x

    Day 3 Melb Aust NFD
    Day 2 TDEE
    Day 1 NFD

    Please count me in for this month, @at – I’ve changed my colour on the spreadsheet to red to say I’m in. It’s been a disastrous past couple of months for me, trying to finish all my study data gathering, then presenting a preliminary report on it all last Thursday 28th. Now all that stress is over, I want to focus on “me” a bit again. First step – lots of solid sleep, which has started happening. Step two – restrict NFDs to sensible amounts. Step three – proper FDs.

    Agree with @funshipfreddie that controlling NFDs is crucial. Just because it’s a NFD doesn’t mean licence to eat everything in sight!

    @yo-yo Fletch, and @brightonbelle, moral support given and needed! 🙂

    Day 3, VA, USA, FD 3xB2B

    Shedding that extra lbs surprized by the weigh in this morning. My body is like where did all the desserts go?! Last night was roasted veggies of tir-colored carrots, onions, and sweet potato. I also made my sweetheart a side of pinto beans and rice. I even went back for 2nds on the veggies…. mmmmm

    I guess it pays to eat your veggies!

    Busy day today, I’m hoping to catch up on post later tho. I have 5 yoga classes I’m teaching today so we’ll see. 5 is alot to teach in a day in case you guys/gals were wondering.

    Pocket List – Day 3

    USA Day 3

    More lucking around this month, as I’ve been so busy between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s hard to keep FDs up with so many places to go! In any case, I am trying! Adding myself to the pocket list today! So far my FD is going well!

    Pocket List – Day 3

    I am always impressed when I read of everyone’s successes and methods of getting through their successes. Congratulations!

    Have a great day, everyone!

    Day 3 Oxfordshire UK NFD
    Lovely dog walk today at Sherbourne, NT village. Then lunch in the village shop, delicious scrambled eggs on toast. But now I’m feeling a bit sluggish. Just wondering if it was the bread?
    @daffodil2010 – hope you’re feeling better soon, nothing more miserable than a cold with all those aches and pains.
    @YoYoFletch so glad you DH is supporting you, it makes life a lot easier. Mine is super supportive, except when he cooks. I have to keep reminding him I don’t need as much as him – he’s 6’3” & I’m only 5’2” when I stand up straight.
    Enjoy your day everyone

    Supposedly the “lightest” day of the week (Tuesdays at Royal Mail) but with Christmas round the corner the mail is creeping up and up. Just for now the boss has asked me to do a daily collection from a wildlife place at the far end of my round on a farm. So a van load of hedgehog houses, bird boxes and other products of a similar nature….NATURE….ha…ha!! Whoops.
    @betsylee: good to see you back with renewed enthusiasm.

    DD is at Melbourne airport tomorrow afternoon, taking the first leg of the long flight to spend a month in the UK.
    We haven’t seen her since Boxing Day last year, spent saying goodbye at Heathrow airport.
    We’re meeting up for lunch in a restaurant in less than two days time! That’ll be her midnight with jet-lag. I suggested she left it till the next day….but when does a daughter ever listen to her mother??
    She’s spending Christmas Day with us and we get to meet her OH for the day too.

    @yo-yo-fletch: See what a difference a supportive OH makes! Good fast days both of you.

    Pocket List – Day 3


    Day 3 Canada NFD

    Had a great FD yesterday, I am starting to lose the feeling like I have a sack of potatoes inside me:)

    @daffodil2010 hope your feeling better very soon
    @snowflake56 I was thinking about daily weigh ins yesterday. I’m going to weigh weekly and go on clothes, the bouncy scales can mess with my head. I live in Kelowna in beautiful BC, snow on the ground here. Your dress sounds tres chic

    Good luck to all todays fasters, you can do it!

    Day 3 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Good FD yesterday. Just checking in.

    Onward & downward.

    USA Day 3 FD

    I hope my fellow pocket list fasters of today, emma-taylor, matpi, and rabbette, did well today. By carefully measuring everything today and writing it down, I managed a pretty good FD. I don’t yet know what I will do tomorrow, but I am seriously trying to work off Thanksgiving dinner and everything else that will come from today through Christmas. It will be a journey! If you aren’t already in bed, I wish you a lovely evening!

    Day 4, Aus, NFD

    Monday’s planned FD was a bust but I did a successful one yesterday. It helped that OH said I’d feel better about myself if I did a FD. Aren’t supportive husbands wonderful, @yo-yo Fletch!

    Thanks for not mentioning the PB word, @flourbaby….. Oh wait, you DID!

    Hello @Yogi58. I lived in Darwin many years ago and loved it. Even the build-up.

    @ciren2 – your excitement is contagious. I can’t wait for your DD to be home either!

    And before @funshipfreddie says it, happy hump day everyone.

    USA Day 3 FD

    Ciren2, I remember when your daughter left to work in Australia. I have no doubt you are overjoyed to see her again! ….even with the holidays!

    Day 3 Ohio, US — NFD (70 bites)

    It seems a little difficult getting back in the groove after freely eating during my Thanksgiving travels. So today’s 70 bites is definitely more than the goal of 59. On the other hand, it may really be due to having a really stressful meeting today, and even though I’ve been preparing for it, there were some things that caught me by surprise. In any case, I’ve been consistent in doing my daily 10K and Sandow exercises since I’ve been back. Well, little by little!

    Yesterday’s fast day saw me shake off the start of a cold that maybe I was exposed to while travelling. I’ve noticed that my fast days seem to rev up my immune system a little and can nip any incipient cold in the bud. Have other people noticed the same thing?

    Patient endurance attains to all things!

    Day 4 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @ciren2 – ooh, dunno if shunning the scales is a good idea?! It’s a slippery slope. Then you start blaming the tape measure. It must’ve stretched a little…? Maybe just ask Santa to bring you a new, reliable set? Some of these new ones can do just about everything except put the kettle on!

    @matpi – I’d never thought about that until now, but I definitely get fewer colds since I started fasting. I used to get two or three per year. Now maybe one, and it clears up faster.

    Happy Hump Day! 🐫

    Pocket List – Day 4 🍏

    Day 4 NFD but haven’t eaten much (yet). Have been busy and not hungry, maybe due to having good nutritional foods in small amounts. I really do need breakfast – an egg or two, with a thin slice of sourdough. I find it easier to skip dinner, perhaps because of slothful evenings, followed by sleeping for 8 eight hours. I usually do some sort of exercise class in the morning and start to feel a bit unwell by lunchtime if I haven’t eaten. And then when I do have something I suddenly get tired and want to sleep!
    And Penz, it is nice to know that you loved Darwin, even in the build up (which we are having now). We didn’t have much of a Wet Season last year, so we are hanging out for the monsoon, and all those fabulous thunderstorms 😊

    Day 4, Emden Germany, FD

    I’m doing a few more FDs this week as my friend will come to us for a few days and wants to go shopping. I don’t need anything but she’s very good at talking me into dresses she wants but doesn’t fit in.

    @missybear just take good care of yourself and try to stay with us.

    @bellyblast It’s such a pity cocktail parties are out of fashion! I only know Vancouver Airport at night. We had to stay there for over 3 hours in the middle of the night flying back from Tahiti. I have family in Ontario so we always started our holidays there. Driving from East to West is on our “What to do when we don’t have a cat anymore” list.

    @suki2 my husband is also taller and needs more on his plate so I always eat from a small plate. Food on a small plate looks like it has more on it and it’s always enough for me.

    @ciren2 how excited you must be!

    @betsylee lovely to have you back with us.

    Pocket List – Day 4 🍏

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 4 – Lake district – FD

    Morning everybody

    Was thinking of a FD today, but when I got up, it’s a cold windy day, the past few have been colder with hard frost, but without any wind, so more comfortable if that makes sense……oh what the heck, just typing that made me change my mind! FD it is.

    @bellyblast … Nice when you start to feel the good effects!

    @ccco … I’m the same as you, have to weigh,measure and record everything to make it work, but worth it.

    @matpi … Yes, I’m with you on feeling better following fast days.

    Pocket List – Day 4

    Take care all.

    Day 4 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    @snowflake56 we also have a “What to do when we don’t have a cat anymore” list. Our 16 year old girl has epilepsy and we have to give her medication every 6 hours so she can’t go into the cattery anymore. All the money we would have spent on holidays over the past 2 years is set aside for future adventures, but we really hope that will be a long time in the future before we are able to take those trips. Australia is top of our list.

    Wishing success to all today’s fasters….and to today’s non fasters all things in moderation 😉

    Day 4 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Posting later as I did not go to work today. Got up alright to get ready but felt so bad with this cold that I decided to try nip it in the bud and stay home gargling with salt, ACV, lemon water, anything to stop this cold. Plus yesterday in the office I was pretty bad with the sneezing and sniffling, my boss even suggested I should go home. But I stayed on…..Ooops, hope I haven’t passed on this cold to my workmates in the interim 😱

    @funshipfreddie and @matpi I would say this is my first proper cold since starting this WOL……but it’s a humdinger.

    Anyhow, no point trying to fast as I intend to ingest lots of lemsip and honey and keep warm. Going to watch Netflix today by the fire and please God be back to work tomorrow.

    @ciren2 so exciting that your DD is coming home for Christmas. I remember her leaving last year. You must be over the moon.

    Right, let’s heal!!

    Day 4, London, UK, FD,

    Stepped on the scales this morning & the numbers are going up!!! 1st reaction ………… PANIC, 2nd reaction ………………….. DISBELIEF ……………………….. 3rd reaction ………………………ACCEPTANCE!!! I have been 30 Day shredding daily, I haven’t been drinking enough water, I have been fasting, there’s been zero red wine, cake or chocolate, so I know it’s probably muscles holding water for repairs and I truly want to not only be slim, I want to be fit too. I promised not to be a slave to the scales this month and this morning’s results prove why!!!! ……………………a schoolboy error!!! I’ll keep fasting, I’ll keep exercising, I’ll avoid the scales and I’ll have to dig out that slinky black dress I bought 5+ years ago & only dreamt of wearing ………………………… SHE will be my guide!!!

    @ciren2, you’ll be bursting with excitement for the next couple of days!!!!

    @rabbette, I had a Brussel sprout, chestnut, red onion & mushroom bake for dinner last night, the veggies are winning!!!

    @daffodil2010, what kind of Irish woman are you?? Or did you just forget to add the hot Jameson’s to the list?? A hot toddy by the fire almost makes the head-cold worth the suffering!!! Feel better soon!!!

    So, it’s time to get some work done and keep my mind off of breakfast, which is in about 4 ½ hours!!!

    Onward & downwards folks!!

    Day 4 Melb Aust TDEE

    Good to be back in the swing of watching what I eat and actually being able to control it. Having adequate sleep seems to be a major key.

    Thanks @snowflake56 & @ciren2 for the welcome backs.

    NFD tomorrow, but possibly OMAD, and then a true FD on Friday. Girding my loins for it already. Just managed to get “The Complete Guide to Fasting” from the library and up to page 55. It is encouraging my motivation.

    Have to get back to my Christmas card writing (yes, I still do some of those), so – Happy fasting everyone!

    Day 4 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – NFD

    @betsylee – your 3 step plan to get back on track is the same as mine so I’m with you on that! One. Day. At. A. Time.

    @ciren2 – how exciting!!!! you must be beside yourself with excitement, now that really is something to look forward to!

    @suki2 @ciren2 @penz – yes, it makes a difference having my OH firmly on side. So definitely a BIG shout out to all the partners out there that play such an important supportive role….sometimes without even realising it!

    Yesterday wasn’t the best of NFDs due to being out all day and not having time to cook BUT I was in control and my choices were deliberate. I guess I need to start planning ahead for those types of days and maybe dust my slow cooker off.
    Today I should have more time at home and my meals are planned for the day.

    Have a good day everyone and good luck to all of today’s fasters.

    Day 4 UK FD

    All good planning on keeping busy today and looking forward to my vegetable Thai green curry tonight , I love it really quite hot 🌶 something to look forward to on a cold night

    Day 4 USA (Illinois) CD

    Finally finished up some leftovers from last week … maybe now we can really eat healthier. DH just had to have his eggnog milkshake (seasonal temptations) yesterday, and even he is saying we must do better today.

    Onward and downward.

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