December 2017 Challenge

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December 2017 Challenge

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  • Day 7 – USA (Illinois) – NFD

    Have to be careful on my DAFD (DayAfterFD) but was very happy about yesterday. It has turned very cold here, though, so drinking hot tea and Miso soup yesterday giving me about 450 calories. Likely will break my fast with lunch and do a 16:8.

    @lilymartin – how fun that you are singing for the elderly! I used to routinely do some nursing home visits and sing for them… I need to get back in that rotation, maybe as a New Year’s resolution. I’ve managed to learn how to sing while I play piano for myself, and routinely I tell everyone I’m not perfect and one or the other will have mistakes!

    @bert1802 – no fun those cold meds. I remember taking some Tylenol Sinus at school, and it left me incredibly irritated! I wanted to murder this one boy who was mis-behaving…. Good thing the principal stopped by for a visit at that moment, and I was able to pass the boy off to him. Ah the joys of Middle School students. And you are so right that those of us on maintenance need to listen to our bodies. Isn’t NOT doing that what put us overweight?!

    Thanks to all who took the survey. I am sure our input was very valuable.

    Hugs to anyone in California. May you all be safe!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 7, NFD, US

    How can we be a week down in December already?!?

    @songbirdme thought of you last night, when we attended a concert. They sang the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard called “Evening Rise”. Do you know it? I’m trying to play it on the piano.

    Sending love to everyone!

    Day 7 – USA – NFD

    Good FD yesterday, was at about 200+ cals until early in the evening when my low-carb Reese’s peanut butter cups were calling me from the freezer, so 595 calories total. @mari84, I empathize with the season of illness that threads throughout the whole family; I’ve been there and hope it passes soon. @flourbaby, thanks for the idea about looking forward to maintenance in 2018; if I keep going at this pace, I may reach it by spring/summer 2018 and it’s a great motivator. Speaking of “swerve”, there is a granular and confectioner sugar substitute called “Swerve” (you can get it on Amazon) and I use it in all my low-carb, no sugar recipes. I highly recommend it. I’m still practicing a dry-ish December, but not completely abstaining.

    @songbirdme and @snowflake56 and all those who love hearing great voices – Sadly Dmitri Hvorostovsky has died recently aged 55 after suffering from brain cancer – amazing sound!

    Hvorostovsky & Kaufmann – Pearl Fishers duet

    Day 7 – USA – FD

    FD yesterday went well and I’m feeling great, so going to try back to back FDs. Scale not budging (in either direction at least), and a because of a change in plans yesterday I wasn’t able to get in my bike ride. My only activities logged were the two senior yoga classes I taught. My experience is that I do best if I combine controlled eating or fasting with activity, so I need to get those miles in.

    Goal today: complete a successful FD, and log a 5 mile bike ride (rolling hills!).

    Not doing well in keeping up with all of the posts, but will continue to try. Good luck to everyone today.
    Very chilly here – I live in Wisconsin in the USA and we have gone from 60ºF on Monday to 23°F today. With snow flurries. Drinking lots of hot green tea and coffee to warm up. Hope everyone who is reading this somewhere in the world is cozy and comfortably warm.

    Take care, Markie

    Day 7 – USA – NFD

    Second post: @markie99, you brought back memories…we used to go to Lake Delton for mini-vakays in a dog-friendly hotel…it was in the 50s in late August in the a.m. Thought about retiring there, but just not the kind of weather we wanted after living in Chicago, lol!

    @at thanks for the link, what a great voice and what a loss at such a young age.

    Day 7 – SW WA NFD

    Will try to keep it liquid during the day and then moderately enjoy the last class of the 1/4 party with adult ESL class.

    Have a wonderful Thursday!

    Together we are stronger!

    Day 7 – Massachusetts – NFD

    Yesterday was a FD – I felt so out of it and foggy until about halfway through the day, and then ketosis must have finally kicked in because I felt wide awake and I felt great! It definitely seems to kick in quicker if I limit my carbs from grains, but my IBS right now prevents me from increasing my vegetable intake.

    How does one resist free delicious Thai food? Today we are getting Thai food at work and I just can’t resist. Going to try to make it healthier by bringing brown rice and eating that instead of white. Hopefully I won’t overdo it and wake up the sugar/carb dragon.

    Good luck to everyone fasting today! And remember, even if you mess up, just keep swimming!

    Day 7 – Washington NFD 4:3

    Yesterday was rough, I felt awful all day & did not fast…thought I might be getting sick; started the day feeling bad & much better today.

    Working towards a successful FD tomorrow!

    Day 7 – McMinnville Oregon USA – NFD
    I had a good FD yesterday so the challenge today is to keep control!!

    @miraclelou – Acckk the wine dragon 🍷😈
    @lilymartin – How fun to sing Christmas carols, I bet it’s really appreciated. Stay strong. 💪
    @daffodil2010 – Your spa trip with girlfriends sounds like so much fun, enjoy!

    Day 7 Akron OH FD
    stay strong people

    Day 8/CD 16:8/Melbourne Australia

    Day 7 Sunny Mexico
    I had planned on having my second fast day but didn’t want to pass on lunch on the beach.. will now do a Friday fast!
    Happy Thursday!

    Day 7 North Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    Good fast day. Ate at 6 pm last night and just eating salmon and a salad now. Hopefully that is all I will eat today.

    Day 7 UK NFD

    Thank you for all your responses yesterday when I asked if anyone else felt down when they began this WOL or on FD in particular. It helped helped SO much to hear your experience and encouragement and I’m hugely grateful.

    I think the lack of daylight is a big thing for me, as well as lack of sunshine, post-viral fatigue for over a month, health and relationship issues with family and friends – and especially not sleeping well. I’m going to start by tackling sleep, but remember to drink plenty of water and come back to the gratitude journal idea too. Thank you for the reminders and ideas – I feel connected, and inspired to dive in and work with it rather than run away or bury it under a mountain of chocolate, cheese or beer!

    Day 6 was actually a really well controlled day full of lovely food and lots of learning. I was surprised to realise I’d come in at just on 1000 calories which feels really good. Still only beginning to learn about how many calories in things and feel as tho i’m exploring in a whole new country!

    I made some great white bean pate for tomorrow and defrosted some lentil & root veg stew to add tofu and blend into soup. Today I did some good food shopping – noticing changes already, and I was already a pretty healthy vegetarian. Beginning to recognise that in some ways i’m going back to the way I shopped and cooked 25 years ago when I had more time and energy – funny to rediscover myself in this process alongside learning new stuff.

    I researched recipes for healthy(ier) mincemeat to put in my homemade gluten-free/low carb mincepies and am v excited to try that one. It will sit beautifully alongside the homemade gf/no added sugar port-and-lemon christmas pudding I made at the weekend. I’ve never thought to make either before, and that’s nearly my traditional Christmassy food done! Except I might make a healthy/ier cake and/or some gingerbread to offer to guests….

    Today was going to be FD but it contained a working lunch followed by 2hr meeting and a farewell thing. I skipped breakfast and had a couple of really healthy salads for lunch (=400 calories) but during the meeting ate 450 calories’ worth of chocolate crispie things, and then a clementine. O well, I’m not beating myself up and will fast tomorrow. For supper tonight I’m going to have something with eggs and maybe rice to line myself up nicely for tomorrow’s fasting. And get an early night!

    Onwards & downwards! Thank you again x

    Day 7 California FD

    This week’s second FD and it’s needed after too many sugary treats since Monday’s fast. I seem to be out of control thes last several weeks, except that I’m doing my 2 FDs per week. Thank goodness for that! I was 60.1 kg, 132.5 lbs. this morning. My final goal is 58 kg, 128 lb., so not too far to go, but I just can’t seem to control myself long enough to get there. I need to do better on NFDs!

    I need to make a decision to either limit the holiday foods in the house or stop eating them and leave them for others.

    @snowflake56 – no, I had not known “EvenngRise” but found several renditions of it on YouTube, including one suitable for melody bells or boomwhakers (a school-used instrument group) that would give you the notes for your piano playing. It really is lovely! Haunting! I would love hearing it on Native American Indian flute too.

    @at – I see Dimitri passed away just a couple weeks ago. An amazing voice,and the Bizet duet was amazing.

    @markie99 – for me, FD’s are notoriously cold, even in summer. I drink hot beverages too and use my rice bag hot pack for hands or wherever. (I live just into Illinois south of Monroe, WI, and we got the same cold front and dusting of snow.)

    Speaking of those bags, I just made 5 of them that utilized 10 pounds of rice for a Christmas auction next week. Just carrying them up from my sewing machine in the basement made me wonder how in the world did I carry around those 35# more that I’ve lost?! Wow…

    Day 6 FD , Day 7 NFD Brisbane, Australia

    Have had two very successful fast days this week. Both days were so busy that I forgot to even have my cup of Pho soup for lunch. By 4:30 pm I was starting to feel hungry though. I have seen a .5 kg drop since last Friday 😊

    @flourbaby you made me laugh 😆 with your description of wine drinking.
    @mari84 hoping you will escape the dreaded stomach bug.
    @at great job staying below your goal weight on your holiday, you are proof that we can still go on holidays, eat and enjoy ourselves!

    Summer has finally arrived here in Brisbane 🌞🌞 At least it makes drinking lots of water easier!

    Stay strong everyone…you’ve got this.

    Day 7 – USA – FD
    Second Post: @metatauta, glad my post brought back memories of Lake Delton and the WI Dells. We live in SE WI, so not too far from there. Lake Delton suffered a terrible fate back in 2008 (it emptied because of a serious road erosion) but has actually recovered very well and is back in use. The WI Dells is still a beautiful place, and is known for indoor waterparks. BTW, we love Chicago. Cold weather, but wonderful and cultured city. Where in the US are you?

    Day 7 Newcastle UK 🇬🇧 NFD.
    Thought I’d posted.

    Day 8 – Japan – FD 83.8kg

    I must have really drank a lot yesterday! (Water, coffee)

    Anyway this is FD #12 of year 2 (I think)

    Just checking in. Won’t be with you this month but yes please to next month.

    I just can’t cope with anything more than staying below TDEE.

    In case I can’t login for a while, (am grieving and very tired), happy Christmas all.


    Day 7 NFD/CD Oregon USA

    Yesterday ended up being a total overboard TDEE.
    Aiming for control today and moving FD to tomorrow due to a commitment tonight.

    Really need the weekend to push a hard reset though I think.
    Been way to easy to overdo on the NFD’s.

    Luckily the sunshine has been out here (unusual for us at this time of year) and it’s bright (but cold).

    On my work computer so no emojis…
    May your holidays be blessed and your pounds be less.

    Day 7, Germany, NFD
    Day 8, FD (probably LFD)
    Have a good day everyone!
    I am very tired right now, could hardly sleep last night and don’t know how to survive this day… LFD might help to stay clear…

    Day 8, Norway…FD

    Well, it wasnt a definite FD yesterday…but cant have been to far off…was down 0.5kg anyways, so that made my friday morning.

    Today will most likely be a natural FD, as im working in the office from 6.40-15.00, and then straight to work #2, from 15.30-22.30…no time to eat i guess, and a lot of walking and lifting at the elderly center. A good end of the week, i feel like every day has been a halfway-FD….oh well, the scales go in the right direction.

    Have a good day and week end everybody.

    Pocket list of fasters for today:
    *feel free to add your name is you are fasting today, the more the merrier:*


    Day 8, UK, NFD

    77.1kg this morning; 2.3kg up on last Friday. It will be interesting to see what another w/e does and whether I need to re-think my maintenance regime. The plan for next week is FDs on Mon, Wed and Thu. Hopefully that will see me at, or below, 77.1kg next Friday.

    Have a great Friday and weekend everybody!

    Day 8 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – CD

    At a new low on my 5:2 journey, 137.2, with about 8 or 9lbs more to go. Definitely have climbed down off November Mount Plateau. But the party season is now starting!

    It will be controlled today. Less than 1000 calories. I have a chicken, butter bean, peppers, mushrooms, turmeric and Chinese 5 spice thingie already cooked for tonight’s dinner. NO wine tonight. I have to work tomorrow and DH is working tonight anyway so I will look forward to a drop of wine tomorrow.

    And then Sunday is my Christmas treat at the spa with the girls…no holds barred!🍾
    See @bert1802, I am giving myself an early Christmas gift ☺️

    Boo, it’s snowing outside and wind chill -5C…and no sign of my heated insoles. I have 5 thermal layers on my torso, merino wool socks plus merino fleece tights on my feet and legs….please let my feet stay warm 😬

    Happy Friday everyone

    Day 8 UK NFD

    I have woken up to snow and the forecast is for heavy snow today. I am quite excited by it as we haven’t had more than a few sprinkles for the past few years. It may cause trouble for the volunteers getting here to help tomorrow but the rabbits will have great fun playing in it. I will try to make some videos. It would probably be a good idea to post some on YouTube and try and do some fundraising. I am not very good at that part of running a charity. But then if I was money minded I would be doing something else! Still we get by. Luckily our new student who comes on Saturday for her work experience lives just over the footbridge up the road so she will be able to get here so the piggies will get cleaned out and the waters done, and I can do the rest. I just hope the water bowls don’t all freeze. Thawing them all is a job my hands don’t need. It is amazing to me how people get stopped by small amounts of snow in this country. Having lived in Wisconsin snow wouldn’t stop me. Luckily we are on quite a busy road so deliveries can usually get through. I think people struggle most on residential roads that councils don’t do anything to.

    I had a better day yesterday and managed to rein in my eating. Still ten and a half stone. I need to put my eating window back in place in the evening, I had a very strict one of 20:4 while losing weight but perhaps 16:8 would be more appropriate for maintenance, so kitchen firmly closed at 8pm at least until the language courses start again in January.

    Day 8 Newcastle UK FD.
    This will be the third fast day of the week. Hoping for a good weight loss by Sunday

    Day 8 a very cold and snowy Belfast NFD
    I’m a bit disappointed that my weight isn’t down more than 1/2 lb today. No LFD yesterday but under 500 cals
    Thank you @at and @snowflake for the music. The pearl fishers duet is one of my all time favourites. It makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Such a loss at a young age. I hadn’t come across the other piece, but it is beautiful. I have saved the links for later.
    @mari 84; hope your little one is better and the bug passed you by
    @rainbowsmile – take good of yourself. We look forward to seeing you again when you’re good and ready.
    I don’t envy you @ Daffodil2010 and @fatrabbit, working outside in this weather. Stay warm! I’d love to see some videos of your piggies @fatrabbit. Your stories have been such an enjoyable part of this forum.

    I’m going out this evening with my girlfriends. I’ll try to stay controlled, but I tend to have a few G&Ts. Mmmmm…

    Pilates has finished now till January, so I must start back to daily planks.

    The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.

    Day 8, London, UK, FD (maybe a <1000 cal CD),

    @rainbowsmile, I’m so glad you checked in, the grieving process is a long & arduous road, but you’ll keep trudging on and when your dad pops into your mind, you’ll smile or cry or laugh. I’m still doing all of the above, and I guess I always will, but the pain is dulling gradually. Merry Xmas Mari, and remember, staying below TDEE is better than above!!!! (((xxx)))

    Another FD, maybe. I’m out for dinner tomorrow, so I’ll keep today as either a FD or a well below TDEE CD. It should be ok as I’ll be off to pilates soon, then shopping, cleaning, etc, etc, etc.

    To those struggling, it might be worth sticking to basic 5:2, leave the B2B2Bs and LFDs for another day!!!! Let’s have a controlled run up to the temptation of Xmas!!!

    @songbirdme thanks for the link, this is my favorite version It is accompanied by a piano. At Christmas we always dine and play music with the neighbours, we have a violin (the 9 year old), 2 flutes (my husband and the next door mother),the piano (son and I) and a guitar (next door father). I also found a flute version, my husband will give it a try too, he’s quite good at playing with our neighbour together.

    Day 8, Newcastle UK, NFD

    “What a difference a week (without wine) makes lalalalalalala!”

    @anna6 & @mjmj – sounds like bliss – sunshine and lovely food.
    @emma Taylor – I’m with you and other pocket dry winos. Doing well so far.
    Hahaha @flourbaby – yes, an image of the first glass not touching the sides did float through my mind as I typed those words. However, my tip is for how to cope in company 🙂
    @mari84 – on the bright side – hopefully you should all be well for Christmas x
    Fantastic news about your friend @at – prayers that her treatment continues well.
    Hello @snowflake56 – great to see you popping in to say hello. Hope all is well with you.
    @metatauta – since last Wednesday’s ‘Sauvignon Blanc’ episode I have had 2 halfs of beer at the pub on two separate occasions. I really, really, enjoyed and savoured them. So much more enjoyable than mindlessly swigging wine in the house every night. Good for you doing well too.
    How’s your B2B going @markie99? I really like B2B’s – especially on a Monday/Tuesday to get the week off to a good start.
    @rainbowsmile – Mari – thanks for keeping in touch and totally understand how you are feeling right now. You’re doing really well to stay within TDEE. Sending a big hug. Take care and look forward to hearing from you in due course x
    Great progress @daffodil2010 – you are helping strengthen my resolve to achieve my December and January goals.
    Your idea of YouTube videos of the rabbits is a great idea @fatrabbit. Strangely we have blue sky and bright sunshine up in the North East. I think snow is forecast though.
    @quebecoise – how you doing partner??? We can do this.

    So I’ve saved this until last. My Christmas Day no wine strategy:
    I have offered to be driver for my Dad and Brother & Partner who are having their dinner at my niece’s home.

    “Your life does not get better by chance. It get’s better by change.”

    Day 8….Florida….FD

    Welcome to the Christmas season….. I was not able to fast yesterday….. One of our reps purchased lunch yesterday,so today I’m going to try it again. Im up according to the hateful scale, soI want to get that under control before my clothes start becoming hateful too……

    No more cold meds for me….. beside waking up once in a coughing fit…. I’m think it’s begining to go away…….

    @daffodil…… Enjoy your spa day……. That sounds like a lovely gift to yourself! You deserve it, you’ve worked hard!

    Well I must go an be an adult……

    Wanna know why Santa’s so jolly?

    He knows where all the bad girls live!

    day 8 FD, Ashburn, USA
    planning on fasting with coffee(2-3 cups) during the day and maybe have a light meal in the evening if I feel hungry.

    Day 8, Anglesey, NFD

    The real Christmas tree is still standing and Walter the cat hasn’t yet become the star on top. But we haven’t decorated it yet…! Maybe once the twinkling lights and baubles are on it to bat, he might investigate!

    Yesterday’s fast went really well. I’m noticing how I appreciate flavours in food more and am a little more conscious of eating – like when and how. It is all being quite an interesting journey and I look forward to discovering more.

    Tonight, my husband Caz is on work’s Christmas party number 1. He is usually the chef and so I am a bit uncertain what to make. But I feel the temptation of a pizza, pudding and beer tonight! Plus I’m on my period so I think it is just what the doctor ordered, along with some film or binge-watching something on Netflix.

    Day 8 UK FD

    I had a bit of a blow out last night & ate the tub of spare biscuits & chocolate crispy things I’d brought home from meeting -I’d brought them home to take to a lunch for homeless refugees on Sunday. Now not only have I eaten an extra and unnecessary 1000 calories but I’ll need to make or buy something to take with me. And then cope with people being grateful while I feel like an imposter – double whammy!

    So that was my first week of this WOL and it wasn’t boring!
    I’ve lost 1kg (yay) and begun to interrogate both food and feelings.
    I’ve been really down and lost and had moments of finding myself.
    I’ve begun to learn about calories, explored and experimented with making things, and been encouraged and inspired by complete strangers.

    Today will be about lots of hot & cold drinks, white bean pate and carrots for lunch, and lentil, tofu and vegetable stew/soup for supper. And keeping busy with a bit more structure.

    Pocket List for today


    Day 8 – Colorado USA – NFD

    I think I learned a valuable lesson this week. I tried to implement multiple changes all at once.
    And it back-fired spectacularly!

    I jumped into December Challenge with a massive list of “No”
    No Diet Coke. No wheat. No gluten. No breakfast. No sugar. No wine. No alcohol. No sweets. No snacks. No seconds. No fast food. No potatoes. No French fries … ☹️ No Fun!!

    It was ridiculously too many strict Rules piled on at once.
    I’ve already navigated 2 Christmas parties by volunteering to be Designated Driver. But I have another 5 more to go. And, I’m back at work now & the break room is loaded daily with fresh holiday treats.

    For the most part, I’m able to follow my “No” rules. But (blah blah blah… Deleted out too much boring detailed info about my job) By mid-week, I cracked.

    For example, I haven’t eaten a single cookie (biscuit?) in over FOUR YEARS… on Wednesday, (more deleted work stuff), I totally cracked when I walked into the break room & shoved 6 sugar cookies in my mouth (SIX) 😳 Sigh.

    Next week, I’ve decided upon 2 changes:
    1 — (removed more unbelievable work mess here)
    2 — I’m going back to Basic 5:2 guidelines. Two solid FD and then normal NFD (without my million added on extra “No” rules.). That way I can tell myself, “You’re fasting today. If you’d like to have that tomorrow, you can. Just be patient.” Instead of my mind screaming “No! Never. You can’t have that ever again.” Too crazy strict.

    =Whew= Sorry to unload on you guys, that was a lot to get off my chest. Feel MUCH better now.
    Thank you for listening. 😊

    Sorry for that long post up there, Folks. I did go back & remove a bunch of work-stress info. Everyone with a job, especially over the holiday season, faces added stress. No need to compound that by reading someone else’s tales of woe! 😜 Besides, I’ve got plans on how to handle it.

    All that said, this past week was not a total wash, I managed to stick to either 16:8 or just 2 meals each day. So still, a tiny bit of progress was made!

    Start weight = 156
    Week # 1 = 155.4
    Week # 2 = 154.6
    Week # 3 = 154.2

    2nd post
    Found a box with 2 mince pies left in the kitchen. Mmmm… scoffed the first one and was about to go for number 2, when just for giggles, I decided to look at the info on the back. 256 kcal!!?!!?? In ONE mince pie?? That’s more calories than a third of a bottle of wine!!

    Ok, 2nd mince pie safely back in the box.

    Day 8 USA (Illinois) – NFD

    Yesterday went quite well, stayed under TDEE on a DAFD for which I am happy.

    @happymargo – wow, those WERE a lot of “no-no’s!” Just manage couple or you will never again be HAPPY!

    Exercise at Silver Sneakers today then supper with friends at Olive Garden. They have terrific salad, so will try not to over-eat on any entree! Oh… there will be wine I bet, but will just go with one glass.

    Onward and downward!

    Day 8, Cornwall UK, NFD

    Weekly Friday weigh-in and not lost a thing! I’m really mad about it as I did two good fast days and thought I was being restrained on NFDs. I did lose 1cm off my waist so that consoles me just a tiny bit.

    Its been an interesting week as this is the first time my yoga buddies have noticed I’ve lost some weight (30lbs down). I let go of the reins as soon as I got some recognition. And I’ve reached a plateau – at 92kgs – where I sat for several years before having my son. So my body has probably thought – great – back to normal weight – I’ll just pause here. And I need to lose a lot more. And I probably reached for those yummy nuts too often as a NFD snack – note to self – only in emergencies.

    Just have to keep going. And remind myself of a forum favourite – I havn’t got this far to only get this far…

    @happymargo – I enjoy reading your struggles!

    LOL, @songbirdme – so I’d end up being just Plain Margo or Hungry Margo instead?

    Think I’ll take your advice & back my foot off that gas pedal a bit. Ease up on the No’s. Select a few key rules & then just enjoy the 5:2 WOL. 👍🏼

    PS: Silver Sneakers sounds fun. They have that at our gym too…. wonder if I have to wait another 15 + years before they’ll let me in. Hmm. 🤔. Is there an age limit?

    @cornish-jane – Wow! 30 pounds down already. Congrats! That’s fantastic progress.

    Don’t give up. If I recall correctly, our lovely hostess @bert1802 had a lengthy weight plateau….but that whole time her pounds stubbornly held steady her pants size kept falling. (Or her panties were falling off? Something inspirational was definitely happening!)

    Bert, fatrabbit, onahealthyhigh, at, songbirdme, bigviking (and MANY others) are my heroes!

    Do NOT dispair of the plateau. Seems all our long term, successful posters have encountered it & made it through to the other side. You can too!

    @happymargo – remember that saying, ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’. This is exactly the right place to offload. I think we all have at some time or another. Glad it worked and you feel much better. xx

    Day 8 – USA – FD

    @markie99, sorry for not answering yesterday re: Lake Delton. We actually visited there when the lake was drained out; we moved to TN in 2012. @fatrabbit, I can relate to changing water for critters in cold weather, the least favorite of chores in winter. Small world that you also lived in WI – for how long? @daffodil2010, nice going on your dispatch! @rainbowsmile, thinking of you during your grieving process. @Strawberriesandcream, you are an example to me of accountability. I also had a one-day setback in Dec. so far, but the other 6 days were dry. Cruella did not reward me, however, so I’m a little peeved about that. I thought the weight would just drop off suddenly. @happymargo, I’m glad you reasoned it out and recalculated your strategy regarding the “no’s”.

    I have a friend since high school (45 yrs!) that I’ve kept in touch with, but haven’t seen in 28 years. She now has dementia and her family is taking care of her. I used to beg her to come visit but she always had an excuse not to. Now all of a sudden, she is a world traveler, wants to visit everyone! Her mental capacity is of a 6-8 year old, so OH and I are going to have her for a visit next week. I may have to post quickly each day next week because the Internet gets her in trouble as she has no discretion anymore. She will not act the same, but she is the same person I love and I’m very excited about it.

    Day 8 – Massachusetts – FD

    Yesterday’s nfd went okay – brought brown rice for the free Thai food and maintained control over how much I ate. However, ate more of my dinner than intended (not the worst, was healthy). I also did eat two chocolate squares (50 cal each! Darn you, chocolate) but stopped at that.

    Good news is that today’s a FD! I threw this extra one in this week to make up for Monday’s cheestatrophy.

    I also figured out what I’m giving myself this month – I just signed up for next semester of classes in swimming at the Y! Now I’m going to level 3 and I’m very excited! 😆

    Added myself to pocket list today

    —Pocket List Day 8–


    Just keep swimming 🏊‍♀️

    Day 8 – USA – FD

    Second post: I forgot to add myself to today’s pocket list:


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