December 2017 Challenge

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December 2017 Challenge

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  • Day 5, Gozo Malta, fd

    I’m fasting half day today as I’m on the catamaran and we’ll start the journey in five minutes. I’ll be eating out this evening. My husband and I are going on a trip to Sicily for six days. I’ll be eating out and try to eat as healthy as possible but obviously I’ll try local food and their divine pizza.

    This morning I weighted 65.3 kilos.

    Have a great Wednesday everyone, onwards and downwards.

    Day 6,Ashburn, USA, FD
    Planning a modified Fast day today with little more than 600 calories .
    I may not eat any grains , will eat mostly salad and egg .
    should be good for the calorie goal I have set for today.

    Day 6 UK NFD

    Today I’m 80kg, which is -1kg in my 6 days & 2 FD of 5:2. I should be pleased, but I’m really down – a deep visceral sadness that makes me want to just bawl. Not sure if it’s diet, fatigue, living in a very dark and gloomy week without any sunshine or something else. Does anyone else struggle with mood when fasting, or at the beginning of this WOL?

    I’ve certainly tapped into a voice which is telling me how awful I am to have got up to 81kg, how it’s only a kg and that’ll go straight back on as it did a couple of weeks ago, how it doesn’t matter anyway bc it won’t make any difference to my life.

    I’m going to respond to that unhappy voice by practicing great self-care – yoga, meditation, shower, preparing a tasty healthy supper and getting ready for tomorrow, having a relaxed evening of crafty things and an early night.

    Day 6 – Ireland – FD

    Fast day going well so far – but my downfall is after 5pm usually. I made my skinny cottage pie last night so will have minimal cooking to do this evening. Also plan to print out the pocket list and keep it in my pocket and think of ye throughout the evening! Planned a FD on Friday but may be heading away for the W/E so now thinking of a possible B2B. Still as Dolly (Parton) would say “one day at a time”!

    BTW is LFD a liquid fast day – trying to catch up on the acronyms!

    **DAY 6 POCKET LIST***


    Day 6 – Washington State – NFD

    Feeling a bit queezy this morning, didn’t workout, headed to work hoping to feel better. Might be too much caffeine with Keto drink and sip of coffee. Won’t be doing that again.

    Going to eat an egg & hope to feel better.

    Hope everyone has a great day, back on track tomorrow.

    BTW what is a Pocket List?

    Day 6 – McMinnville Oregon USA – FD
    Looking forward to a strong FD today.
    @songbirdme – I took the survey.
    @bigviking – A reverse whoosh, what a bummer. Your cheese article sounds a bit fantastical to me, as in wishful thinking. 🧀😃
    @Strawberriesandcream – You are so right, don’t dwell on it. Thank you for the quote and positive words.
    @dykask – That’s good news on the job front!!
    @anna6 – Your Sicily trip sounds wonderful, enjoy
    @michelinme – I love your plan for self care, it’s so important. You might want to try a full spectrum light on gray days, it may help a bit.

    **DAY 6 POCKET LIST***

    Day 6 Akron OH FD

    @bigviking I also had the same experience. When I was in weight loss mode, I kept losing on the scale even without trying however once I mentally switched to maintenance mode, I have been bouncing around on the scale. At first I thought it was water, because how else do you gain 3 pounds overnight!
    My initial plan was to switch to 6:1 with the occasional 5:2 every so often while in maintenance but I think I my over-indulgences on NFD is sabotaging my efforts. Maintenance has been a work in progress and actually harder mentally for me than the weight loss phase.

    @flourbaby your hypothesis makes so much sense to me. Thanks for sharing.

    @Strawberriesand cream even more words of wisdom and more food for thought.

    @stephie S thanks for the encouraging words, but I wore that sweater two weeks ago and loved the way it looked on me. However, it was the kick in the pants I needed. I have been indulging my sweet tooth far too often and I need to cut waaaay back.

    @miraclelou Happy Birthday to you; I hope you had a great bash!

    @dykask I am intrigued by your “mini worker” strategy… hmmm

    Keep the faith everyone, fasting may not win every battle but it sure wins the war!

    Day 6 – SW WA USA – NFD

    Happy St. Nicholas day if there are those who celebrate!

    So many “food” events these days. Will plan to be mindful today!

    @bigviking – benefits of cheese on a study, were also mentioned on TV news this morning

    @ Anna6 – enjoy Italy!

    @michelinme – I don’t recall sadness connected to FDs specifically but on occasion it does happen to me. Your plan for healthy self-care sounds like a good plan. (((Hugs))) & prayers!

    Remember, that together we are stronger!

    Day 5 – 🇬🇧- successful FD 😊
    Day 6 – NFD

    Day 6 UK FD

    I woke feeling very blue… and wondering if I could manage a FD… remaining determined so added myself to the pocket list.. fingers crossed!

    **DAY 6 POCKET LIST***


    Day 6 – Massachusetts – FD

    @bigviking – glad to read about the benefits of cheese. Maybe my splurge with cheese on my Monday FD wasn’t as big as a goof as I thought.
    @michelinme – I just started 5:2 last month and didn’t notice any mood-related changes, just tiredness on FDs. Hang in there and take care of yourself!

    Went out to celebrate a friend’s fifth year cancer free yesterday (yay!), but declined to get a drink of my own and just sampled some of the delicious cocktails my friends got. The milk punch was a delight… but I stayed strong and was rewarded today when I peaked at the scales! Yay!

    What I struggle with most when I dieted previously is feeling like when I screwed up one day I screwed up everything and I would give up. But with 5:2 even if you screw up one day you can reset the next and there are additional health benefits to this WOL such that even if you aren’t losing weight you still benefit from keeping at it. So we just have to keep going! Maybe my mantra will be a phrase from Finding Nemo, which is one of my niece’s favorite movies: just keep swimming!

    Second post

    @anna6 – enjoy your holiday.
    @michelinme – 1kg is excellent in such a short space of time and reaching your chosen goal is a very doable but long term aim. Be kind to yourself. You’ve started the journey, which is half the battle. I’m guessing you’re creative, because your outlet is ‘crafty ’ things. Go and buy yourself a beautiful book and start a ‘grateful’ diary. On the first page, write down as many positive things about yourself as you can manage. Decorate it and make it look beautiful. You are the same, lovely person inside, regardless of what weight you are. Being angry with yourself will not change a thing. I’ve been there. Sticking to this WOL WILL change your life and your health. Take it from me, a tortoise, that you’ll get there. Take care.xo
    @songbirdme – survey done
    @dykask – good job news! One of the things about retirement is that you don’t seem to need so much money to live. Maybe you could dispense with one of your workers?!

    Keep on keeping on!

    Day 6 Ireland FD
    Fast day today and I’ve found it difficult but have got through so far on a LFD by adopting the logic that even if I eat something small I’ll still be hungry after …. it’s actually working but expect I may have an omelette before bed as I don’t sleep too well after a completel LFD..

    Was doing really well generally… until this weekend and my weight has been yo yoing since… but I’m keeping the faith.. I think I’m paying the price now for my lovely weekend away ….
    All the best to everyone fasting today!

    **DAY 6 POCKET LIST***

    Day 7 NZ FD

    Ok I am seriously thinking I need to join the no alcohol group…maybe I could try no alcohol through the week first but the weather in NZ at the moment has been so hot and neighbours BBQ invites are coming thick and fast and whats a BBQ without a little tipple! LOL

    Day 6, Quebec, CD

    I understand you sooooo much ! That other night, I tought exactly like you ” why didn’t I go to bed earlier ? “. I know that i’m tired and due for my bed when I feel like eating even when i’m not supposed to be hungry.

    Thank you for the info I will give it a look. I’m interested in the findings in neurosciences. I find it so fascinating.

    We have almost the same weight and a similar exeperience I guess. Last winterI had managed to get down to 134 pounds and maintain for many months. But I went on vacation at the beginning of July for two weeks, eating a bit too much and came back home to 137 pounds. Can’t seem to get rid of those 3 little pounds since then. It is so frustrating. This morning I am at 135 and my goal is to reach 130 for my 65th birthday on January 31.
    So maybee we could support each other. What do you think ? Do we have a deal here ? Lol

    I’m so sorry for people, animals, trees and all the wonderfull things in South CA. The fires are awfull.

    Take care everyone x

    Please count me in. I just registered today -almost didn’t because it’s that holiday season. Then I realized I could gain five pounds if I waited any longer. My hardest thing will be limiting drinking during this upcoming weekend,,,anyone else?

    Mema 02. Not sure who is doing dry December but feel free to join me. I messed up with Dry Nowinovember and only managed the first and last week dry, with two weeks in Venice and lots of red wine and Campari in the middle. So, no alcohol since late November and now I’m in Paris. Nobody seems to have no alcohol beer, so I’m struggling. Had ginger beer last night which is very sweet but couldn’t think of anything else. Fasting is going slightly by the board, so I’m trying to eat as late in the day as I can, to give my body chance to burn some fat. Hey ho. You can’t do everything. Not sure if I’ll manage Christmas Day without booze, but going to get as close as I can. Good luck.

    Day 5 Sarasota, Florida NFD
    Day 6 NFD Some indulgence today but did a tough Pilates class. FD tomorrow!

    Day 7/CD/Melbourne Australia
    Welcome @betz28 The following link by @simcoeluv might prove helpful and answer a lot of your questions:– (thanks @at). December is a great time to join the challenge and hold each other’s hand as we negotiate the festive excesses and yes drinking is a problem for many of us, including me!

    @bigviking maintainance is different and requires a whole new mindset. I’m currently in the process of composing an answer for another thread. (I haven’t forgotten @philippians4-13 ) I’m finding it surprisingly difficult to answer. Why have I been successful in maintaining under goal weight for over 2 years when I’d normally have rebounded +++ by now? The answer isn’t simply calories in and calories out or adhering strictly to this WOL because there are times when I just can’t fast. What has changed is my mindset. I’m relaxed but vigilant. I haven’t fallen into that obsessive mode that lead me to fall off the wagon in the past. It took me several months to find a pattern of living that worked for me and one I could happily adhere to. I’m eternally grateful for finding this WOL that allows such flexibility and supports good health. (Loved the cheese article.)

    Day 6, Germany, FD
    My dear fellow fasters! I had an awesome party last night – thank you for all your good wishes! Food wise was really good, too! One problem though destroyed my day today : I drank way too much wine and champagne and consequently felt a really bad headache plus extremely sick the whole day! Don’t know how I managed to work… 🙈
    Only now, 24 later, I start feeling better. My FD was quite easy though. Yet I had to eat a some little dry bread rolls to “soak up the rest of alcohol in my stomach” so no LFD as was planned but probably not over 500 calories. Spent the day after work on the couch, not able to move…
    So now I will go to bed and pretty sure tomorrow I will be fine again 😉
    Really must be careful around booze!!!

    Happy birthday @miraclelou

    Still day 6

    @wellme – a pocket list is when someone starts a list because they’re having a fast day & others are also. All who are having an FD can add their names. It started several months back & some would put the list of names in their pocket for support throughout the day. It’s a way of encouraging each other.

    UK Day 6 – End of a FD

    Happy to report managed my FD!

    Found a huge pile of unwritten Christmas Cards to take my mind off things tonight – a task that would normally be accompanied by copious volumes of wine/chocs/etc…. but not tonight – yipee!

    Hope everyone else on the pocket list has had a good day!

    Day 6…..Florida…..NFD

    I didn’t get a chance to post this morning, slept terrible and had odd dreams about my sister that has passed on, which made me over sleep. I really think it was the cold medicine, I was taking….So, I’m done…. not going to take that again.

    It was supposed to be an FD, but they brought out the candy….. and I didn’t have the energy to fight the dragon off…… Tomorrow definitely will be an FD……

    I did want to comment on something @strawberriesand cream said to @bigviking….. when I first started off in maintenance, I too found out that I’ve got to pay attention to my body and how many FDs, I participate in. Some weeks, I can do all NFD, some weeks just one other 3x…. No matter what I do, sometimes I’m up a bit….1/2lb or 1 pound, then I’m down….. Also, I’m losing weight oddly too….. never on a week, I do 3 FDs but I lost 1lb during a week, I over indulged…..
    I think with maintenance, you still have to listen to your body and find your own grove….. it will take time but like with everything…. you’ll get there……
    Remember the best way to eat an elephant…is one. Bite at a time…..

    Okay welll….. the dinner bell is ringing…..

    Wanna know why Santa’s so jolly?

    He knows where all the bad girls live!

    Day 6 California NFD

    Managing to avoid some of the big temptations around this time of year, but not always the regular stuff. Tomorrow’s a FD. Hope I can get back on track!

    Day 6 NFD Sunny Mexico
    Today was difficult trying to stay under my TDEE and it’s mostly because of the alcohol. Some days it just seems to be everywhere, wine with lunch, shopping in the afternoon and ending with a drink and then happy hour! I can see why some people decide to abstain. I really can’t do that too often.
    Fast day tomorrow. Stay strong ! Happy Thursday Everyone!

    Day 6 NFD Oregon USA
    I have had a busy work day today and not enough time to get caught up on posts.

    I saw the link to the book on psychology and definitely want to explore. Can’t remember who shared it now but thank you.

    @michelineme–I struggle with mood and depression but haven’t specifically linked it to FD’s vs NFD’s. I am (through all my own fault) still struggling with insomnia and NEED to get magnesium oil.

    @Debster251-I love your tortoise perspective.
    @Awilson–will definitely check those pinots out as I haven’t had them. So many wineries around us… So little time. 😉

    Definitely not expecting good things this week. Lots of alcohol overindulge due to events and the lurking depression. Which is of course the worst reason to drink but it happens to me… 🙁

    🎄May your holidays be blessed and your pounds be less.⛄

    Day 7 NFD
    just off to sing in a choir some Christmas Carols for an Aged Care facility.
    Drinks and Christmas lunch included so hoping the control might kick in – otherwise I’m sunk!!

    Day 7, FD Norway

    Welcome @betz28 – I first bought the book (on Kindle) and read it within two days, and it was a great motivator. I’ve now also bought the HIT book on kindle, haven’t come very far with that one…but maybe I should now 

    Yesterday was a CD, almost an FD, but I think I ate too much (quantum) for dinner. Spaghetti and minced meat…well, and 4 clementines…that was it… none of the Christmas cookies SOMEONE put in my office for everyone to eat, and not any of the chocolate my OH ate last night…im doing quite well with not eating just because its there and someone else is eating it. I try to remind myself about the phrase: “Will this make me get closer to my goal?”…it the answer is NO, I will go several rounds with myself before eating it  And actually, I’m now in my 5th month of this WOL and I must say that the urge for snacking at any time has disappeared…if(when) I snack now, I really enjoy it, and its not just an impulse or a habit.

    @michelinme – I can sometime get a bit moody/sad on FD’s, if for some reason I get tempted to eat something I shouldn’t, but that’s why this 5:2 is so great, cause if you can’t have it today, you can always have it the next day  And often you are “over it” by the time you can have it, so win win. I’m going to drag myself out to get some suntanning, might help for the mood in general at these dark times. 1kg down is great, ANY kg down is great, it means there is no gaining at least 

    Well, doing a real FD today, looking forward to the weigh-in on that counts, the Friday-morning-one  Busy week and weekend…7am-3pm office work Mon-Fri, redecorating livingroom and kitchen at home in the afternoon/evenings, at 3.30pm on Friday I’m doing my “nurse job” again, also 3.30-10.30pm on Saturday, and doing a Christmas-Stand at a Christmas fair on Sunday…selling popcorn and Cotton Candy.

    Pocket Fasters of today
    *feel free to add your name if you are fasting today*


    Dry December Pocket Winos
    *feel free to add your name if you are attempting a dry December*

    Day 7 – Ireland – FD
    Well that pocket list really works! I printed off the names and every time I felt it in my pocket, it strengthened my resolve!! Thought of you guys fasting away really helped. That and the fact that I had cooked dinner the previous day. My confidence in being able to fast has boosted so much that I am doing a B2B now.

    **** DAY 7 POCKET LIST ****

    Day 7 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    2nd B2B. Good FD yesterday, slightly over 500 calories. Down another half pound ☺️Today is my 3rd FD of the week and I had initially planned for my 3rd FD to be liquid only. I feel though that LFD’s may need to be curbed until warmer weather comes. I just can’t handle the cold on an LFD and even a small amount of carbohydrate like my home made oat bran bread puts a bit of heat into me.

    So today then will be carrot and lentil soup with oat bran bread for lunch and also for dinner.

    @debster251 I too will be joining you in the naughty corner this weekend with a fabulous night away at a 5 star “destination spa” with my two best girlfriends!! Cannot wait. We have been planning this for ages. I have never been, but I hear it’s amazing.
    It’s also super glam for dinner in the evening so a few weeks ago I bought a slinky Ralph Lauren cocktail dress and hoping that the snugness of two weeks ago will have gone. 💃 Enjoy your weekend but let’s get through the next few days with good choices ☺️

    @maayyaa and with that I am afraid me and dry December is not going to happen 😃 Fair play to you though.

    Pocket Fasters of today
    *feel free to add your name if you are fasting today*


    Day 6 Belfast FD (possibly LFD?)

    What an awful tragedy the fires in California have caused. Thoughts and prayers for those involved. @califdreamer – hoping all’s well with you?
    @mema 02 – from a wet and windy Belfast, enjoy your rays of sunshine!
    That’s the way to do it @daffodil 2010! Enjoy every moment. I’m still stalking you an the spreadsheet so yes, good choices next week! Take care of yourself outside In that cold snap coming.

    **** DAY 7 POCKET LIST ****

    A busy day on the cards, which is good on a FD.
    If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you

    Day 7 UK NFD

    Well predictably the party mucked up my fast yesterday. I didn’t do too badly at the actual event, may well have stayed under 800 calories but I went completely off piste when I got home and had a proper binge:( The scales were remarkably tolerant though. I am now exactly ten and half stone. No wriggle room left, I need to not let this be the beginning of the end. Relaxed but vigilant Onahealthyhigh said. Sounds like a good plan, but putting it into practice…

    Day 7, UK, FD

    Yesterday was a disaster. It had been nicely controlled, right up to point I remembered there was Champions League on the TV. Wine, beer, almonds, crisps, mince pies… 77.5kg this morning.

    Day 7, Newcastle UK, NFD

    Yesterday, being the day after my B2B FDs, I realised it was 2.45pm before I even thought of eating. I made my porridge with berries, cream and seeds and really enjoyed it. We had mushroom risotto and some garlic bread for dinner followed by a small amount of dried fruit and nuts. That was the last of 3 garlic baguettes in the house. In future if we fancy garlic bread I shall buy a single pack. I am slowly learning that key to my success is not to have it in the house or it will get eaten. OH has also put on a couple of lbs following his knee replacement recovery and is keen to eradicate them. Once he decides he needs to take action he is very diligent and is not deterred until he reaches his goal.

    @bigviking – that cheese article was music to my ears – I hope @fatrabbit saw it too!!! Who needs sugary rubbish when we can happily enjoy aged cheese 🙂
    Good news @dykask – and spot on re your last sentence.
    @LynnD – maybe throw another FD in this week? Don’t beat yourself up – this way of eating fits with our way of life.
    Way to go @michelinme. The fact that you have recognised and acknowledged your current mindset and have planned your actions to change it is a sure sign that you will succeed. So many people don’t even question why they feel the way the way they do, they just go with it into a downward spiral. You are practicing mindfulness perfectly. Onwards and upwards. And downwards of course in terms of lbs.
    @irishtrier – yes LFD is a liquid fast day. Haven’t managed a successful one myself, but lots do.
    @leggit – perfect mantra – Just keep swimming. Love it!
    Survey done @songbirdme.
    @jaifaim – slow and steady and……… Just keep Swimming 🙂 lol
    @quebecoise – That’s a deal my friend!! As Sean Wallace, The Dark Destroyer on The Chase says “Let’s do this Bradley”
    @betz28 & Mema02 – my response to you about alcohol could turn into an epic ramble, so quick tip – use whatever glass you would normally use – ie. if you’re a wine drinker – use a wine glass and fill it with something that resembles your drink. For example, I will have an Appletise in a wine glass and that looks like prosecco or Cranberry looks like red wine. It’s strange but true – you’ll sip it like wine rather than drink it down if it were in a soft drink glass. The same idea can be applied to other drinks of choice. Good luck – it’s a toughie.
    @bigviking – good result for Liverpool though!!!!
    Hope you’re well and truly on the mend @bert1802.

    “Let’s do this Bradley”

    Day 7, Sicily, Nfd

    Thanks Awilson, annemaryiln and Debster251. Mechelinme I remember when I started this WOL I too felt down. Try drinking as much water as possible and occupy yourself doing things you enjoy doing apart from eat. Give yourself treats after reaching certain goals of weight loss. You already have the general idea. Read the post from this forum to keep you motivated. Keep on going on.

    We have beautiful sunshine like in Gozo, Malta, here today.

    Yesterday I ate a whole pizza and it was delicious. I’ll try to eat as healthy as possible when I’m here but obviously I’ll try Sicilian sweets too.

    Have a great Thursday everyone. Together we’re stronger. Onwards and downwards.

    I’m in with the Dry December pocket winos – think we will be a small group….

    Dry December Pocket Winos
    *feel free to add your name if you are attempting a dry December*

    Day 7 – Japan – NFD 83.1kg

    Busy working and securing future income. However I have to be careful … it is easy to slip into mindless eating.

    Day 6, Anglesey, NFD
    Bit of a blow out day. I’m settling in with this being my first month doing the fast diet and I kind of ate all the things. My day started with good intentions with porridge and berries. We went out to buy a Christmas tree and the convenience food of choice were ciabattas – green pesto and mozzarella. But I also sneaked in a millionaires shortbread. I binged a bit on clotted cream fudge, treacle toffee, Christmas Haribo and honeycomb covered chocolate drops… Dinner was back on track with a smoked haddock kedgeree. Feel tired and lethargic!

    Day 7, FD.
    Breakfast of berries and yogurt to start my day. I feel quite energised and I’m drinking water really well. Often I have to force myself to keep hydrated but I’m willingly doing so today and am on to bottle 2 already at 10 am.
    I have some rosemary crackers in my bag just in case and dinner will be a small portion of leftover kedgeree from last night.
    If the cat, Walter, hasn’t attacked the real Christmas tree today then we will decorate it tonight and start getting a little more fesitve – although it is a bit more difficult having suffered a bereavement this year.

    Day 7, Belfast, FD
    Days 6 & 5, NFDs

    Hoping for a good FD today. Indulged a bit last night – we put up our Christmas tree so a few glasses of wine were consumed. Need to cut that out mid-week for sure.

    Adding myself to the pocket list – good luck everyone!

    **** DAY 7 POCKET LIST ****

    Day 7 – 🇬🇧- FD

    Please add me to pocket list 😊

    Day 7, London, UK, FD

    (Happy anniversary @at……. Maintenance is my big 2018 target!!!)

    Another FD, they’re becoming the ‘norm’ this week!!!! I feel so controlled and calm on FDs that I dare not have a NFD until my planned Saturday night out, or until I have some more control around food!!!!!

    @wellme, the pocket lists were started a long time ago as a special support group for mini challenges within the monthly challenges, like B2Bs, B2B2Bs or more. The idea was to keep a list of those, like you, completing B2Bs, in your pocket which you could whip out as and when you needed a bit of reinforcement that you were not alone.

    @michelinme, the only mood related issues I’ve had since starting 5:2 are ALL alcohol related. It seems to hit me that bit harder and have more of a depressive effect. I think fasting gets my system clean & clear then I have a few drinks & the alcohol pollutes my system. The only answer I think, is MODERATION!!!!

    @strawberriesandcream, I read the words, but I’m not sure I understand the meaning……. ‘you’ll sip it like wine’ ……….It would seem I’ve been drinking/chugging/necking my wine the wrong way……. Who knew????!!!!!

    @rosettafaery, Walter is going to have a field day with the tree; I think cats think you bought a tree INSIDE just for their amusement!!! This will be our first Xmas without my dad who, at 92, chose his time to move on this July, like you I think it’ll be difficult, but we’ll celebrate him too!!!

    Well, the wine seems to have been flowing for a few of us………………. And it’s only day 7!!!!!! LOL!!!! Staying strong & dry until the 22nd………………….. I may have to hide the corkscrew though!!!!

    Keep the faith people and give the Xmas treats a swerve for a couple more weeks!!!!

    Day 7……Florida……FD

    Oh my today has to be a FD,no matter what……..Everyday, I’m starting to feel better and things are starting to look up. Hopefully, a good FD will send me to complete healthiness……..

    Just catching up with the news this morning…….@Califdreamer…. please be safe my friend…… My niece lived in El Cajon…..did I spell that wrong? For a few years when her hubby was in the navy…… she loved it there but said fire season was always nerve racking…… My prayers are with you……

    I’m sorry to hear about those suffering from bouts of depression, I too suffered from it as well as anxiety…… I don’t take any RX, for either as I’m totally against pharmaceuticals but I Cantrell you that a good well balanced diet has helped me considerably. May I suggest doing some research in to it…… maybe finding the right kinds of foods, eliminating those ones that make it worse and plenty of movement will help. My depression has been sidelined for a bit and I’m still working on my anxiety levels…….. But remember you not alone in this struggle…..Please stay in touch, share you good and struggles….. we will be there to help you!

    Okay, I’m off!

    Wanna know why Santa’s so jolly?

    Cuz he knows where all the bad girls live!

    Day 7 – Iceland – FD

    I am planning to do AFD until I go on 10-day holiday on the 18th. Will still try to do 5:2 during Christmas but it may not be enough to maintain …

    ***If you’re fasting today and want to join, copy and paste the list adding your name***
    The more the merrier!


    Happy fasting everyone!

    Perth, Western Australia
    Days 6 & 7 = NFD
    So far behind in reading these posts. Need to catch up.
    Had two major binge days. Last nght’s dinner was 1L of ice cream. The night before was bags of burger rings, twisties, as well as original and salt & vinegar crisps. It seems to have made me a little psychic though. I forsee many fast days in the near future…

    Norway, Day 7, NFD

    So todays FD went out the window. My youngest kid (1.5 y.o.) threw up all over himself and me several times last night, and is still throwing up poor little thing. So I do expect getting this stomack flu as well, as he actually threw up ON me. So I thought that an FD would maybe not be such a good idea to warm up to throwing up a lot probably this weekend? I don’t know, maybe I am being stupid thinking “eat while you can!”. Not that I will over-eat, but I do think fasting would be unfortunate. I am 99% sure I will be sick, so…yeah. Happy pre-christmas-time! I am SO sick of being around illness for more than a month now (either me or my kids or my husband or all of us).

    Well, I will hopefully be able to have one or two FDs next week, depending on when this flu will hit.

    Best wishes to all, hope you are all well!

    Day 7, South Wales, FD

    Joining the pocket list for a FD today. Definitely in need of motivation (thanks @strawberriesandcream !).
    @mari84 hope the bug passes you by….and your little one is better soon.

    ***If you’re fasting today and want to join, copy and paste the list adding your name***
    The more the merrier!


    Day 7 NFD , Ashburn, USA
    yesterday went fine , had a little more than 700 calories. I do feel much better and lighter this morning.

    today i am planning to have my normal eating pattern.
    will see how it goes.

    @ Mari84 – hope your little one feels better soon.
    I found that with stomach bugs if we don’t eat anything (except water and a lot of it) helps get better soon .
    I agree that you may feel weak after that but it helps us get better faster.
    I suggest making ORS at home ( 1tsp sugar + 1tsp salt + 1 -2 glasses of water ) and drink sip by sip

    Day 7 – NFD
    Day 6 – FD as this was my drive back up to Cumbria
    Day 1 – 5 were all NFD whilst I was down in Suffolk but kept to 16:8 eating pattern

    So sad to read about the fires in California yet again. Thoughts and prayers for all those involved.

    Had a brilliant time in Suffolk catching up with friends and many old work colleagues – it involved many coffee mornings, lunches and dinners and of course many glasses of 🥂🍷 but I managed to stick to 16:8 eating pattern and no cakes with the morning coffees. Lots of memories shared and made, lots of laughter…….
    Weight this morning was 53.3kg – I love this WOL!
    Broke yesterday’s FD with a late morning coffee out with OH and had a slice of a lovely spiced carrot cake with my flat white and that will be my food intake until dinner tonight! Planning a lovely oven roasted butternut squash and sage risotto for tonight – DD request!!!!

    I caught up with my friend who has just finished her first line chemotherapy and even though a bit weary and lethargic she was in good form and we had a great time together – she is now having a break from treatment with a scan in a couple of weeks to see impact of treatment 🤞for continuing good news for her.

    It will be impossible to catch up with all the posts but I see there are some “mad” or should that say “motivated” people attempting a dry December – you are all stronger men/women than me but great job!!!!

    Welcome to the newbies and those returning to this WOL @penguinflk @mjmj @michelinme @key @evasietetres @markie99 @rosettafaery @wellme @betz28 – sorry if I have missed anyone out

    @coda and @okeydokey – hope you are both still lurking around in the background and taking strength from the forum – we miss your contributions but understand if you need time out xx
    @bert1802 – sorry to hear you have been unwell – hopefully feeling a lot more like your old self now!
    @onahealthyhigh – you inspire me – celebrating your 3rd anniversary in maintenance – it just goes to show that to lose the weight and keep it off – we cannot go back to doing what we did before when we gained the weight!
    @back2thefuture – Hello I first joined these challenges in November 2016 when you were hosting – I have never looked back since, so thank you for the inspiration and support. These are are for you💐 Hope all went well with your daughter’s surgery x
    @biddiev – I remember you too – welcome back
    @cornish-jane – Good job on being 30 lbs down on your journey – stick with the challenges and the support here will get you to your goal
    @miraclelou and @maayyaa – Happy belated birthdays – hope you both had a fab time 🥂
    @bellyblast – sorry to hear of your health issues 🤗
    @toddybear – thank you for the link for that lentil masala 😋 my sort of food on a cold day!
    @songbirdme – I too have my annual health check next week – be interesting to see what my blood work shows especially in relation to cholesterol levels which dropped dramatically after my first year on 5:2!!!
    @dykask – good to hear that your job issues have been resolved in a positive way!
    @bigviking – I found this quote helpful since reaching maintenance a year ago – hope it might resonate with you too “IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT LOSING THE WEIGHT; IT’S ABOUT LOSING THE LIFESTYLE AND MINDSET THAT GOT YOU THERE” Steve Maraboli. Try not to berate yourself if you have an overindulgent day, especially if it was enjoyable but do try to press the RESET button with a strong FD within a few days…….Maintenance is not easy as you no longer have the motivation of seeing the drop in weight but I try seeing the scales remaining below that target weight as a great motivator and also I keep in mind the long term health benefits of the Fasting Lifestyle!
    @flourbaby – Thank you – I enjoyed celebrating my first year of maintenance over the past week visiting friends in Suffolk and the best feeling was returning home still below my target weight 💃

    For those who struggle with their FD in the cold weather I found that drinking lots of plain hot water or with lemon/lime a great FD saver as it seems to warm me up, give me a full feeling at no calories with the big plus of upping my water intake 😇

    We all have bad days and we berate ourselves but maybe we should take the following mantra on board “Each morning we are born again – What we do today is what matters most” – Buddha

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