Cold, sleep deprived, struggling

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  • Hi all

    I’ve been at this 3 weeks and not posted yet though I have been reading the forums to keep me focused. I’m on my 6th fast day today and 6lbs down so far which is fab and I haven’t been finding it difficult until this week. Monday was a hard fast day and I nearly caved while getting my children their tea. It turns out I was coming down with a bad cold which hit Tuesday and I’m still battling with now. My kids have been sleeping badly (I was up 4 times in the night) so I’m run down and exhausted too. I really need to sleep but I have a 20 month old to entertain all day and then my 4 year old later too and my husband works till 11pm today so no chance of a rest.
    Looking at advice on here the consensus seems to be to not fast with a cold; I am worried about dealing with my children when feeling so rough and weak but I’m worried I’ll let things slip if I break today’s fast. I will struggle to fast tomorrow if I’m not 100% as I’ll be at work and I’m a teacher with challenging classes tomorrow so I’ll need some energy. We also have a social weekend planned so fasting would be hard then. The thing is I get colds a lot (though I get over them fast)and I am sleep deprived a lot so its not like this is a one off, I don’t want to get in the way of weight loss as it has over the past 18 months. If I break the fast I am likely to hit less healthy foods in desperation for some energy!
    Arghhh what should I do?

    Golly you have got it all on your plate haven’t you. My only suggestion is plenty of home made veg soup, add some protein in the way of chicken or whatever suits you. Even have the soup with the chicken in your fingers, it my be more filling that way. Remember you can change your fast days until you feel better, even get over your cold a do a 4:3 to get back on track. Take care of yourself, you have plenty relying on you, good luck…CG xx

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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