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  • Hi, I’m new here 🙂

    I’ve been fasting for 23 hours a day everyday for the last six weeks. I’m eating one meal a day consisting of lean meats and a ton of vegetables/salad. I only drink water during my fasting hours.

    I’ve heard you can drink black coffee during your fast but looking at the label it says 2 kcal per serving – does this mean it would break my fast?


    No. You consume about 1kcal per minute. So that coffee will be enough for 2 minutes worth of energy. That’s not enough energy for you to drink your coffee. Depending on what you eat, how much you weigh and how long you have been doing this for you might be getting into ketosis after 23 hours. Is that your intention? You can buy cheap keto meters to measure ketone levels.

    I’d love to get into Ketosis, but don’t think I’m able to. Although I’ve cut plently of carbs out, no potatoes, bread, pasta, cereal, cake, ect. Only vegetables and meats for my one meal a day. Carbs 20-50g.

    I’ve been doing this for six weeks, nearly seven. I haven’t weighed myself. I don’t want to get obsessed with numbers so I’m avoiding scales and going by how I feel.

    Fasting or self-flagellation? What is your goal, Piece?

    To lose weight is my goal and feel better about myself. Fasting is helping with that. I just want to make sure I’m doing it right to get the most out of it.

    If you’ve cut calories drastically you’ll possibly lower your BMR rather than lose lots of weight, then if you go back to eating normally again it’ll all go back on… like Biggest Losers in the US. You could well be in ketosis during the day, but depending on the amount of carbs in that one meal it’ll cause a big insulin spike, from my understanding. If you want to be in ketosis, maybe follow the keto diet (under 20g carbs per day, protein according to your weight & height etc., then fat for the rest of the meal & eat until you’re full). Fasting becomes easier once you’re used to the keto diet, rather than more of a starvation diet that you’re doing now. If you want to learn more about keto, check out the 2KetoDudes, very good info & podcasts, or Dr Jason Fung’s on youtube. Otherwise stick to the 5:2, but not doing 500 cals a day every day, you could do it alternate days, then eat normally in between.

    Honestly, I don’t understand the Keto thing. Is it to go along with Fasting or is it instead of Fasting? If it were an essential part of Fasting, then Michael would have mentioned it in the book. Since he didn’t, I choose to ignore it. I wouldn’t know if i were ‘in ketosis’ or not. What are the benefits of that that Fasting alone cannot give me? Seeking a little clarification here, not challenging anyone’s ideas.

    Hi fasting:

    The body is in ketosis when it is deriving a majority of its energy from burning fat. The fat being burned can be either dietary fat, body fat, or a combination of the two.

    People that water fast like ketosis because it indicates they are burning body fat. If a person suffers from Type 2 diabetes or is worried about high blood sugar, ketosis indicates the body is not suffering from excessive blood sugar. Being in ketosis can also help some people that suffer from epilepsy. Here is some basic information:

    The body works just fine burning fat or sugar (carbs), and can switch back and forth between the two as the diet changes. There is no known medical benefit for a healthy body to be in ketosis rather than not. There is a current fad that has people taking ‘ketosis pills’ so their blood streams contain a lot of ketones even though they are not in a fat burning mode. There is much debate about whether this is helpful, and many researchers believe it may be dangerous long term.

    The ‘ketogenic diet’ is one that is high fat/moderate protein and low carb which, when followed, will put the body in a state of ketosis and keep it there. What is now called a HFLC diet used to be called the Atkins diet, which has been known as an effective weight loss diet for decades.

    As with most dietary subjects, many people have beliefs and opinions about ketosis that they strongly advocate. But in my opinion, for healthy people there is no reason to worry about ketosis one way or the other.

    Nice summary of ketosis by Sim. Cant say I eat a keto diet as I eat too much veg and fruit. Personally if you eat carbs that are derived from whole plant base and it contains significant fibre you would struggle to go wrong. Do I think true fasting has significant health benefits. Absolutely yes. Valter Longo has a huge body of work on the subject. He has also developed (for commercial purposes) a fasting mimicking diet which personally I do not think is the same as actually fasting. Hence I still fast 4 times per month but I differ from Longo’s method in that I do it once per week rather than 4 days straight per month. I enter ketosis at about the 20 hour mark (I measure this) but it has taken a long time to “train” my body to respond like this. When I first started fasting it would take about 48 hours of water fasting to get me into ketosis. I also incorporate HIIT into my exercise but I only do this once per week. Doing HIIT properly is not pleasant.

    Thanks, Sim + bigbooty for updating me on kept eating. Since it is similar to the Atkins Diet, then people will fall off it since it restricts groups of food. In its heyday, I had lots of friends on Atkins. They all said the same thing: ‘I lost 30 pounds.’ Then they got tired of it and regained the weight.

    At age 69, I do my own version of HIT. On the ellipsoidal machine I keep a pace of 100 strides/minute. then every 2 minutes I go faster for 15 seconds which drives my heart rate up to 153 bpm. I try to do 3 ‘sprints’ within a 7 minute set. That’s enough excitement for me! But I think that it does me some good.

    Piece, ‘doing it right’ by Dr Mosley doesn’t involve starving or achieving ketosis. Try 500 calories on 2 days/week. Eventually it would be good to weigh yourself or at least to take measurements, so that you have a frame of reference. That’s good science.

    you can drink coffee. You will not break a fast

    hi mate,

    Ive been intermittent fasting for about a year. I smash the black coffee when im doing it. Its an appetite suppressor and doesnt give you an insulin hit, there is about 5-10 kcal a cup, its barley anything. It dampens your appetite and has no effect on the weight loss results… tuck in my freind

    I typically don’t try to push into ketosis as I haven’t noticed enough positives to overcome the negatives. It tends to make me a bit aggressive which isn’t that good around other people. Besides that I get very bad ketone breath.

    I guess the big advantage of ketosis is that it should make water fasting easier with less hunger. However I think I pretty much see the same effects from just practiced water fasting. The only period that I really notice is about 20 hours into a fast when by blood glucose typically takes a good dip. That is probably when I’m exhausting my stored glycogen. Sometimes it takes longer than 20 hours to hit but almost always before 24 hours into a fast. That period typically lasts less than an hour. When I have fasted past 3 days I notice that the blood glucose will decline considerably after ketosis gets into high gear. However at that point I don’t feel it.

    The big problem I see with 23/1 approach is that one meal may be a lot larger than normal meals. In general from what I’ve read the OMAD folks tend to eat 1400 to over 2000 calories in that one meal. So typically it isn’t an extreme calorie deficit but one that does seem to be extremely effective to weight loss. However once one stops that lifestyle it might be hard not to slip into overeating as the lifestyle may have trained themselves to eat pretty large meals.

    As for coffee, I think black coffee is fine as long as it is limited to a few cups a day. (Even while fasting)

    Hey guys, I recently started to think about dropping coffee and switch to tea, other than it proves your creativity, I see it can also have a dramatic change in my weight and health. Did anyone hear about this Red tea?

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