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  • Hey

    I just started this diet, and I’m having some trouble understanding the calorie table in the book.

    I look at raspberries and in the book it says 100g is 30 kcal, but when I check other calorietables online some say raspberries is 54 kcal?

    And a recipe in the book says: 1 small banana (100g, 95 kcal) but calorietable in the book says: 100g banana is 103 kcal.

    So what is it I’m missing? (Maybe a translation error?) (non english version)


    I have had this problem for a large part of my ‘dieting life’ David. Its one of the reasons counting calories only, failed for me.
    With ‘The Fast Diet’ because you only need to be really strict with calorie counting on two days, and have some leeway (between your BMR and TDEE) on normal days, life is much easier and weight loss more sustainable.
    If you are following this way of eating just to lose weight I think its best to use the higher calorific value – therefore erring on the side of a good weight loss.
    If you intend continuing fasting as a way of life for the other benefits it provides as well as weight loss. just use the higher calorific value on your fast day/days.
    The flexibility makes this way of life easy to control and to see a change in your body, by loss of weight and loss of inches, as a steady ongoing thing.
    Good luck 🙂

    Lindyw: Thank you for your reply.

    I havent before counted calories – and I find it strange the recipes in the book doesnt use the calorie values in the book. It just seems odd.

    I would have thought there would be exact values (more or less) but I ran into several foods that differ. Like Hokkaidopumpkin is it 20 kcal/100g or is it 37kcal/100g or something it counted with or without seeds…

    If you are counting calories, it would be nice to use the “correct” values, if such a thing exists 🙂


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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