Calorie differences in recipes vs my fitness pal

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Calorie differences in recipes vs my fitness pal

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  • Hi
    I’ve noticed this a couple times, big differences in the calories calculated in the recipes and the calories in the my fitness pal app. I’ve been using the calories in my fitness pal as that’s what I count my calories using. I use The portion sizes said in the book and measure everything. Why is there such a difference?

    I am having the same problem. I love the book and the plan, but the calorie count in the book is throwing me off. who’s right?

    Hi – I’ve only been on the fast diet for a couple of weeks but have also noticed discrepancies with calorie count, within the book itself. E.g. the calorie count list at the back of the book says 100g blueberries have 60cals, but in one of the recipes (men’s Day 6 breakfast)it says 100g blueberries is 25cals! This must be a typo, but has me worried about how I’ve adjusted recipes and substituted different fruit and veg, that may have taken me over my calorie count for the day. Anyone else had this problem?

    I’ve also noticed this also, we made the tortilla pizzetta with mozzarella and pesto on page 59 and the book states 203 calories and yet the tortilla alone was 174 calories and altogther based on the actual information of the products used I calculated this to be around 350 calories, a signifcant difference.

    It would be nice if the authors would respond to this post !

    I am having the same problem. I want to make the red lentil tikka masala from the Fast Diet Cookbook for dinner tonight — for my first three fast days I made up my own recipes — but this recipe sounds good, I want to try it instead of having a slab of fish or tofu with a side of vegetables — but the cookbook says it’s 218 calories per serving, whereas calories added up from web sites work out to about 282, give or take a bit depending on what percentage of the masala paste ends up getting used in the recipe. So, I was going to have it with some cucumber/cilantro/low-fat yogurt raita (work out how much I can have to make 40 calories worth) and about 40 calories worth of fruit, but since I only budget 300 calories for dinner on fast days, can I still do that? I already ate my 200 calorie breakfast. I guess the best thing I can do for now is figure that other people have lost weight using these recipes and go for it (or else eat only 77 percent of the 1/4 of the recipe for 4 that I was planning on serving myself?) since I’ll feel deprived without my bits of raita and fruit, but this is frustrating, and in future I will have to work it out ahead of time instead of until waiting until the day of — I have to plan ahead because I’m also cooking for my underweight son, I have to plan out how to up his calories and protein while we still get to enjoy sharing a meal. Why did I even bother to check? I noticed in the Fast Diet book that it counts a teaspoon of olive oil as 27 calories whereas other references say 40 or 41. I was thinking maybe teaspoons are different in the US vs. the UK, but my Fast Diet Cookbook book is from a US publisher…

    I’ve just noticed the blueberry discrepancy, goodness it’s been quite a while too!

    I appreciate the fact that this forum exists however I too believe the authors have
    a responsibility to show their faces on the forum so to speak. Or are they just concerned about the next book/interview/ whatever….. are they scientists or

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