Buttonboots – My weightloss journey….

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Buttonboots – My weightloss journey….

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  • Hi Buttonboots. Thank you! Picking blackberries is lovely, and so is the jam – my absolute favourite šŸ™‚
    Your username is great too – I saw your explanation and Jacqueline Wilson’s books jumped to mind. My daughter has most of them and I enjoy them too. Hetty Feather wears those boots I’m sure.
    Wishing you the best for your op next week. And well done on your steady progress with if. You’re my role model.

    Here I am again…without ‘fatty lumpkin’!…the operation went ahead as planned,the lump was confirmed as ‘almost definitely a cyst’ and has been sent off to pathology to determine what type and ascertain how/why it appeared where it did….results due in 2-4 weeks…The cyst was larger and deeper set than expected, so a larger incision than expected was needed, but I was still able to go home later the same day…Dressing has since been changed, healing is coming along nicely, stitches will be taken at the local GP by the nurse later this week (well, the outer ones, there were also some ‘internal’ stitches made that will dissolve in time themselves).

    Understandably, this has been a less-than-typical week..my focus has not been wholly on the plan…not helped by having had the plumbers in …and then visitors…it has been a FULL week!….still, I have done the best I can!

    Thanks to the freezer, I haven’t had to do much real cooking this week – too busy for one thing..and far too sore for a day or so too!

    So…the scales this morning…

    12 stone …10 pounds

    Yes! That is a pound off!…2 packs of butter!

    One less positive thing to note eating wise…after being so pleased with the weight loss today,I have NOT been good!!!…Just a couple of little things…I had some sour dough bread, and had planned on one piece, but I had TWO slices left, so ate them both!!!….and then tonight, after my meal I wanted a scoop of mint-choc-chip icecream…and there were two scoops in the tub I had in the freezer…no point in just leaving a small scrap left …so I scoffed the lot!…OHHHH I feel so bloated!..and probable have put on about 10 pounds in one day!!!!! (that’s what my heavy belly feels like!!)….I will just have to be super-careful during the week and hope that things sort themselves out!!!…There are always going to be days like today…thankfully they don’t happen all that often!

    Glad your op went well Buttonboots, and well done on your continued progress. Take care and heal well.

    Hi Buttonboots.
    Just wanted to pop on and say Iā€™m so glad that your fasting journey is still going so well.

    Iā€™d stopped fasting for quite a long time but seeing your new posts has motivated me to get going again, albeit on 16:8 which seems to fit well in my life.

    It always makes me feel uplifted when I read your posts. Your determination is inspiring.


    Good Morning!

    …and a wave to kosiejelly!

    16:8 is a good fasting-window…I generally stop eating sometime before6pm and then breakfast around 8am giving me 14:10…but I am looking at extending this by an hour, eating at 5pm…I am surprised at how well the fast800 works – I admit I was concerned at the extra rations on a fast day…but so far it seems to work for me..and in the end we all need to look at what ‘works for us’.

    I have been reintroducing ‘healthy’ carbs into the diet …but need to be super0careful…my bread is carefully frozen in measured portions beacause it is TOO easy to eat ‘just one more SMALL slice!’

    This coming week will bring a major blip…but one I am planning for, and if I stay the same next week so be it…Saturday is booked for the meet-up with friends..the place does a ‘special’ Easter Afternoon Tea that I might treat myself to!…and fasting can go and hide for that day!!!!

    but that is next week…what has happened this morning on the scales…

    12 stone 8.4 pounds…

    Whoo Hoo! I am happy with this!…I am almost at ‘verweight’ BMI instead of obese….I am getting there!

    Happy Easter…He is Risen!

    The Afternoon Tea was seriously good!…I took the precaution of taking a box with me because I know the portions are large!…Meeting the friends was really nicetoo…it has been about 18 months since we last go together.

    My body let me know that I had ‘carbohydrate overload’ the following day…but is was SO worth it!(The cheese scone was SCRUMMY!)

    In did go back on plan…but then of course Easter arrived…and that has meant a Hot Cross Bun (okay it was 2!…but on 2 separate days!)…and a little bit of the ‘good’ chocolate. (cramming your mouth full so that your cheeks bulge like a squirrel is still just ONE mouthful of chocolate…right????!!!!)

    So all in all, I was a little hesitant standing on the scales this morning…however, it is not the sort of thing that is going to happen every week! And the main thing about IFing is that you fit it into a ‘normal’ life!

    Positive mind-set….and the scales read….

    12 Stone (well that bit is great…I was worried for a moment I might have temporarily put on enough to go back over 13 stone!!!!)…and 8 Pounds!

    WELL…that was a pleasant surprise!…That is actually a small loss…0,4 pound…a little under half a pound….very happy with that!

    Well done Buttonboots. Not easy to lose over Easter. Glad you enjoyed the festivities.

    So here we are with another week over.

    The week started with bright warm weather…and then yesterday it all changed! Heating is back on and I have a shawl around my shoulders!…It’s not that I like the warmer weather – anyone reading my thoughts knows that I would happily jump from May to October (with a brief pause for August – can’t miss my birthday!!!)…I love Autumn – but not the heat of Summer….HOWEVER,I have just bought a simple ice-cream maker, and have a recipe for frozen joghurt…I COULD make some in the cold and rain, but it would be nicer in a little warmer weather than today!

    I have been to the opticians and need new glasses…my seriously poor eyesight has gone even worse!…so that means a slightly new ‘style’ for me…and I am getting a pair that reacts to light – no more sunglasses!

    Now then…how about the scales this morning?….

    12stones…7.2 pounds….

    Just over 3/4 pound..very happy with that…AND it makes my BMI exactly 30…next week I WILL be overweight not obese! (I was tempted to go for a wee and see if that shifted the figure downwards!!!!)

    Congratulations Buttonboots, you must be so proud of yourself – you certainly should be. I hope you’re treating yourself after reaching this amazing milestone. You continue to motivate and inspire me. Hugs.

    Buttonboots.. what an incredible journey you have been on, such a delight to read your inspirational posts..your just amazing. I do hope your weight still continues to be on the downward side you sure deserve it.
    Take care, the world is on your side.

    Hope all good with you Buttonboots.
    Next week should bring my BMI to exactly 30 too, looking forward to that milestone.
    Missing your posts.


    Yay Brambleberry…isn’t it GREAT to wave goodbye to that horrible word ‘obese’!

    And thankyou Suchasweettooth for those kind words!

    It’s been a tumultuous week or so…with a couple of hospital visits thrown in for good measure. Hopefully things will be calmer for a while -although no less than two family visits are already booked…which means CAKE!!!!If nothing else,IFing.5:2has shown me that I CAN cope with these, and one small piece of my favourite cake is not going to be a problem.

    Keeping to a fasting window of at least 14 hours – even on non-fast days has settled down into a routine now…no eating between 6pm and 8am. I’m not sure how I will feel come winter…I DO like a nice hot milky drink before bed on cold night – usually with a few biscuits!!!…still, that’s a good few months away..then again it is bloomin’ cold enough at the moment!

    Right then…what did the scales say yesterday?

    12 Stone…6.4 pounds

    that’s just under one more pound lost…I’d have liked more ,but my focus has quite honestly been a bit hazy, and it IS still just about 2 packs of butter!

    Food for today is already planned (chicken salad for lunch…spicy prawns with a small potion of whole-wheat noodles for dinner, with fruit and a scoop of HaloTop ice-cream for dessert ) so I can concentrate on other things today.

    Morning Buttonboots,

    As your post was on the top I started reading it, loved seeing your weight going down each week, jumped from when you first started to your later posts, your tone has changed in your posts, you seem much chirpier and more confident!! Hope your hospital visits become more infrequent. Thank you for all your posts and keep going.

    Thank You Dramaqueen6!..The hospital visits have become a part of my life now! But hopefully it will be much more out=patient visits and less overnight stays!

    The weather has been slowly brightening up…my hope is that it will pretty much stay as it is now for a few more months…bright, a little sun, but still refreshingly cool! I don’t like it when it gets too hot!

    I was looking at a lovely tee-shirt this week..I really liked the shade of soft green – unfortunately it had ‘cap’ sleeves…those sleeves were so tiny that it was practically a vest rather than a tee! …And I NEED short sleeves…I need them to cover the loose skin hanging at the top of the arms!..So I will have to keep looking for a tee-shirt in that lovely colour!…and remind myself that a little loose skin is an improvement on all that excess weight!

    The warmer weather has meant I am eating more salads…and I have discovered the joys of cold aubergine!..I never thought about eating it cold – I enjoy it cooked and served with lamb…but now LOVE it cooked and left to go cold and eaten in a salad with a drizzle of joghurt and a scatter of pomegranate seeds!

    Right then..time to record today’s scales-reading…

    12 Stone…5.2 pounds

    YES!…another pound gone! (Just over actually!)

    This coming week will see another family visit…and a meal out is planned- but ‘only’ a lunch so I should be able to work around that!

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