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Buttonboots – My weightloss journey….

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  • Ugh! Form Filling…it gives me the pip every time I have to settle down and do it!!
    Much sympathy for the loss of your bank..we have had to change banks because NatWest is closing our local branch and we wanted to bank at a place with a branch open and a real person to talk to should the need arise!

    Final Target…magic words! I’ve just reaching at that stage..but I’m sneaking up on it without it noticing. I decided that I will set, at sometime, a final target that has a couple of pounds leeway so that Christmas won’t be a problem! Meanwhile I’m concentrating on the mini targets I set for myself, and enjoying the 5:2 winter foods.

    Do hope your bronchitis is going at last…enjoy the new jumper…it is such a pleasure to buy something new in a smaller size!


    Where are you Buttonboots?!

    I am still here and alive!….although there were a couple of days when crawling under the duvet and dying seemed a very tempting idea!

    The fluey cold virus was bad enough, but it left me so drained! I could hardly drag myself up into the chair! The horse-pills masquerading as antibiotics sapped the last remaining vestige of energy!

    With the added stress of the PIP form-filling (still waiting to see if/when I need the dreaded face-to-face) – well it is really no wonder that my body just decided to shut down for a week or so.

    I am taking things easy at the moment….not much choice to be honest!

    I DID step onto the scales a few days go…very nervous as I suspected my metabolism was even slower than usual thanks to barely moving. …plus I have been bloated …..but to my surprise the scales were still hovering around the 14 stone 1 give-or-take a half pound…so pretty much stayed the same!

    We have visitors for a few days…and I really don’t feel like joining in the cake-fest!…We have been invited out to lunch tomorrow, I am considering going but just having a coffee. (I don’t eat in public anyway so no real surprise there……thankfully the place we are going knows me quite well. My only problem is one of the guests is a relative who takes it as a personal insult if people aren’t ‘enjoying themselves’ – which for them means having another slice of cake!…Still they will all be gone by next week and I can REALLY rest!

    Easter is creeping up rather quickly this year…hard to believe we are pretty close to half way through March! I am limiting myself to one small egg for Easter….but I have treated myself to a bunch of ‘Bloom’ flowers (They do gorgeous artificial flowers!) to cheer up the living room…no calories in them!….and no pollen either! (I have allergies!)

    So pleased to see you posting again Buttonboots…I think we’ve all been worried! I do hope the recent short breaks of sunshine have done some good..it has seemed such a long winter this year!! I love Easter…the garden is full of daffs…and our Magnolia tree…four years old …has at last come out of her MegaSulk and offered us nine flowers. YAY!!!
    Love and best wishes for a peaceful week at the departure of your visitors.


    Hello Buttonboots. Sorry to hear you’ve been so unwell. I hope you’ve turned the corner. Your spirits will lift with the joy of spring no doubt, as long as all that pollen in the air doesn’t affect your allergies. Are you enjoying your new home? Moving is very stressful even though it should make your life easier overall. Well done in the weight stakes. I feel that my body and mind are rebelling and I need to back off a bit. Stay well. Big hugs, Fuvvie aka Heather

    Big hugs to all Mums out there! (It’s Mother’s Day today in the UK….my lovely Mum gets 2 Mother’s Days each year…one celebrated midway through Lent – today – and one in May when the rest of Europe has Mother’s Day!)

    Visitors have been and gone…the weather is starting to warm up…things are finally settling down!

    Stood on the scales this morning ….low battery!…..but it still registered my weight….

    14 stone….and hovering!…..jut over?….just under?…..I will happily accept a 14 stone!……that 13 stone something mark is gonna appear really soon!

    No time to sit around today…I am cooking lunch for Mum. (Chicken broth with mushrooms and rice noodles…Roast Beef with roasted veggies and green beans…Shortcrust flan with crΓ¨me-pat and peaches)

    (Hope you are feeling brighter Fuvvie!)

    Oooh Yum! What a deliciously gorgeous lunch for Mothering Sunday! I bet your lovely Mum really enjoyed it! Half way through Lent and it was a Hovering Sunday on the scales in our house too. The target weight needs to be fixed for me, but I’m putting off actually writing it down in case I get complacent about 5:2. Monday is my permanent fast day…the others are variable, but Mondays are usually peaceful and calm after the weekends, and my fast has become a carefully planned Monday treat! Isn’t that odd! Before I began 5:2 I couldn’t imagine being thinner and enjoying a diet….now I can’t imagine not eating as the 5:2 family does!

    Best wishes for a sunny week!

    Happy Easter!!!….He is Risen!!!!

    It has been a manic week or two…trying to sort out bank accounts (my bank is closing and so I have to sort out a new account)….and arguing with ATOS – they have FINALLY accepted that I cannot travel and so need a home assessment.

    I baked a pretty awesome loaf of ‘Easter Bread’…with cardamom and raisins. I had a slice this morning with almond-butter…..and later today there will be Chocolate Egg (I have one, relatively small Hotel Chocolat Egg….seriously good chocolate!)…I LOVE that I can still eat the ‘traditional’ treat foods!

    So….what did the scales say this morning?????


    That drop to ‘under 14 stone’ has been a long time coming!….but here we are….and the next mini goals of 13 1/2 stone…and some way off getting under the 13 stone mark….are definitely going to happen!

    The real joy of 5:2 is the knowledge that it WORKS…yes, it may be slow…but the results are definitely there!

    Happy Easter indeed!!! Glad its a cause for Double Celebration! Well done…onwards and downwards…and enjoy the Feast today!


    Congratulations Buttonboots. You are doing so well. Indeed it is cause for celebration and that can come in all sorts of ways. Do you reward yourself with a new book or music or clothes? I can’t imagine that you take the route of food as a reward, especially as you allow yourself treats. I believe one reward was a lipstick. Oh joy πŸŽ‰

    Congratulations Buttonboots! Well done. And hi to your Mum too.


    It has been a manic week or so.

    I have got a few hospital appointments coming up…including a battery of tests – spread over a whole week. Thankfully the tests are such that I can get them dome in 3 separate appointments and come home between them….and just to make things absolutely PERFECT I have my PiP home assessment in the same week…between the first and second day for the tests. Aint that gonna be fun!

    (I can’t reschedule the PiP as you are only permitted to do this once)

    So…for the next two weeks I will put the 5:2 on a semi-hold…if I manage to fit in a fast day or two then all well and good…if not then I will not beat myself up about it….the whole thing with 5:2 is fitting it around all the **** that life throws at you!…if I CAN manage one fast day a week then I will hopefully manage to stay the same….the big thing will be avoiding the hospital shop on the days I am there for tests…too easy to grab a croissant …AND a family sized bar of chocolate…and a sugary pop….after all I am here for the day, might as well be comfy whilst I wait!….NO!!!…Kindle and healthy snack will see me through!

    Right then…scales today…

    13 stone…13.2 pounds…another half pound gone! Slow but steady!

    Ooof! Busy two weeks. Very best wishes for the tests, PIP visit and resisting temptation!

    Oof what a week!

    Tests are over and done…and I don’t fancy going trough THAT again any time soon!….My back was covered in tiny patches…dozens of them…and then I was covered in sticky tape….it felt like I was encased in a suit of restrictive armour!….By day two it was a darned itchy suit of armour…firstly because I could tell that I was reacting to some of the irritants…and secondly because I was not allowed any shower and no antihistamines or soothing cream during the week of testing. ….Friday the patches came off (and I was so lucky to have a morning appointment….the department apparently cancelled all afternoon appointments due to the NHS Rannsomware incident!)…I was given some sheets with all the positive reactions (various metals and chemicals)….soothing cream for the irritated areas…and permission to shower! BLISS!

    During the week I heard about scan-bran (Scandinavian Bran Crispbread)…apparently if you do Slimming World you will be familiar with this crispbread (Slimming World must be one of the very few things I DIDN’T try for weight loss….I certainly tried other clubs – with limited success). Anyway, I was told that this stuff is not exactly palatable but is great for a weight loss boost if you can force it down! …let’s just say it is VERY high in fibre!….I picked up a pack just out of interest…I had read online about ways people try and get this stuff eaten – including baking chocolate cakes…..but I am clearly rather odd!….I scrunched my way through the whole pack (No….not all at once!!!!….) and was left smacking my lips at how delicious I found it!…..I’ll certainly buy it again. Not because of any magic weight loss properties…but because it is so tasty!

    I am so glad the back is free from the ‘armour’….I suspect it weighed a good few pounds (felt like it anyway!!!)…no way I would have stepped onto the scales laden down with it!….I am free from the patches but have a few lumps and bumps where the allergens ‘took’ virulently…hopefully the lumps don’t weigh heavy!!!!

    13 stone…12.8 pounds

    Oh another half pound or thereabouts!

    Mum was talking about my birthday today….it’s in August….and suggested I might like to go for ‘posh’ afternoon tea if we can book a table at the one place I feel happy going…..I do love that 5:2 means that I can plan a real treat like this without it meaning going ‘off plan’!!!

    Very glad to see you posting this week Buttonboots, and that you are as OK ish as it gets after a week like that! Hope the test results make life easier.

    I love 5:2. This weekend we had a Terrible Meal in a student pub…well yes, I know…but our nephew….who is an excellent cook but was up to his eyes as assistant musical director of his university student musical…we went to a matinee so said we’d eat at the pub to save him time. I took one look at the menu and knew from the scents in the air that light on the spices was never going to be an option!! I have a lifelong digestion problem too. Hmmn. Couldn’t even eat soup…there wasn’t any on menu. Picked at a mediocre potato in the end! Back home… after the excellent show… it was such a pleasure to eat a favourite 5:2 with salad and my beloved tomatoes. It wasn’t a Fast Day…but the pleasure of pure flavours and very little seasoning couldn’t come fast enough for me!

    Interesting to read about Scan Bread….must try that. Tend to eat half a big Matzo cracker to keep the calories down.

    Enjoy planning you posh Birthday Tea…Afternoon tea is such a treat. It’s the feeling of luxury which a dainty table setting, filled with little gentle treats always brings I think. Mmmm…..

    All good wishes


    So glad to see you posting after such a heavy week, Buttonboots…hope the test results will make life easier.

    I love 5:2. We had a Terrible Meal in a student pub last weekend…well yes, I know…but our nephew (an excellent cook) was up to his eyes in the student musical, and we were going to the matinee, we said we’d eat in the pub to save time. The scents in the air told me that low spices was never going to be an option…and I have a lifelong digestive problem. Hmmn. Couldn’t even eat soup…none on the menu. Picked at a baked potato in the end. Back home, after the excellent show… it was such a pleasure to eat a favourite 5:2 recipe with salads and my beloved tomatoes. It wasn’t a fast day but the pure flavours and low seasoning couldn’t come fast enough for me!

    Never heard of Scan Bran..must try it. I usually eat half of a Big Matzo cracker to save a calorie or two.

    Enjoy planning your Afternoon Tea..such a lovely treat I think…gracious living when sometimes life is less than gracious!


    Another week over!

    Ikandoo…the only place I can find Scan Bran is Holland and Barret….it’s worth a try if you can find it near you….but you MUST drink plenty of water if you eat it, that stuff is seriously high in fibre!…It is very much a love-it-or-hate-it food!

    My skin is taking its own sweet time to settle down…a couple of those patches certainly ‘took’ well!…I am reminded of the day back in Junior School when we had the ‘biscuit jab’ (The inoculation against Tetanus and, I think, TB?…all school kids had it, and it was a little circle of round needles…so looked like a biscuit…)…some pupils had no noticeable reaction, some were a bit itchy, some a little red and raised lumps…I was one of those whose arm REALLY showed where the jab had taken!

    I have taken a gentle week…trying to relax after the assessment last week…a copy of the report has been requested so we can see exactly what the assessor has said – hopefully before the decision makers letter comes through! (We might need the extra time to prepare an appeal!)

    The weather is slowly getting brighter and warmer….won’t be long and I will be longing for the summer to end and the autumn to arrive!!! (I never did like the hot weather.)

    So….onto the scales….deep breath….and exhale (who knows how much that air weighs….might as well be safe and breathe out as much as possible!!!!)

    13 stone…..12 pounds…just under???…no back to exactly 12 pounds

    Well, that is another 3/4 of a pound this week…one and a half packs of butter!

    (I’m not one for setting firm targets…but am counting the weeks to Christmas….I wonder what the chances are of being under 13 stone??????)

    Hi Buttonboots. You are an ongoing inspiration. All of those packs of butter gone. I’ve stacked an impressive 20 packs back on. Actually, 40 if a pack is 250gms. I’m still 40 packs in front from April last year. So here we go again. I’m going to read yours and Lolly’s thread from the beginning to remind myself about commitment and faith in the programme.

    I reckon you can make it under the 13 stone.

    It’s the TB vaccination that has the round of pricks. I don’t think we have any other vaccine combined with that. Here we have a quite painful injection for tetanus all on its own. Maybe it was part of the triple antigen. I can’t recall. Would have to look it up.

    Anyway, thanks for your ongoing entries. Hugs, Fuvvie

    Fuvvie – big hugs!…We all get plateaus (and little hills that spring up too!)…that weight gain will soon shift if you get pack on track….you know that 5:2 works, so just plan the right tome to get back on board!

    Assessors report for PiPs has arrived….some bits make me feel hopeful for the award-letter…and at other parts I wonder off the assessor has muddled up my report with someone else’s!….and then there are some wonderful jumps of twisted logic…apparently I touched my hair (I probably did!) which somehow proves that I have FULL movement of my arm and can apply crΓ¨me to my back without assistance?????….but the BEST bit of the report….my physical appearance….It was noted that I was casually dressed (HEY that was one of my best ‘smart’ tops!), well groomed (so apparently neither anxious nor depressed?????!!!!!) and I was of ‘average’ build!….AVERAGE build!…not a chunky little blubber-pot, but I am ‘average’! (Okay, so maybe that speaks more to the state of this country….sadly in the UK, overweight is rapidly becoming ‘average’)….anyway, all I can do now is wait for the official award letter and see what the decision maker thinks of all the evidence.

    Mum and I shared a Marks-and Spencer dine-in-for-2-for Β£10 special this week….pork steaks with sherry butter…potato-rostis…..followed by profiteroles…and a rather unusual sparkling drink flavoured with coffee. (We added some broccoli to the main course)….We both found the portion so generous that we made it last for 2 meals!

    On the scales this morning….
    13 stones….11 pounds
    One more pound (2 butter packs) gone!

    even with sherry butter on my pork steak…and creamy chocolatey profiteroles…. I can still lose weight!!!!!

    (Just want to send hugs to all those affected by the horrible events of London overnight)

    It’s been a hectic week or two….

    PiP assessment has come through. As expected the Decision Maker pretty much copied what the assessor had said. So, there are some errors in their assessment. However, the benefit award is pretty much what we had hoped for – and even better is that they have accepted the physical disability is ‘ongoing’ and the recommendation is that I do not need another assessment for 10 years!

    Less thrilling has been the fact that we had a break in – nothing stolen – and he did NOT get into my place (I was in and I heard him trying the door – but it was locked, thankfully!0…he did get into 4 of the flats before leaving empty-handed….Police have made an arrest…However, as a result all ground floor flats are encouraged to keep windows close overnight…and it has been SOOOOO hot!

    With the heat, my skin has been feeling a bit ucky too….still this is the UK…Summer never lasts too long!

    Weight-wise…I weighed myself a week or so ago and had dipped under the 13 stone 11 mark…..but on Sunday I weighed in again and the scales said it was back to 13 stone 12….BAH!….thankfully, I know this is just a blip….possible bloating…..and nothing that cannot be dealt with by staying on plan!

    Hello Buttonboots…thought about you yesterday…we had affogato for pud!…so came here for a catch up. SO very glad your final PiP assessment was ‘better than likely’ (as Mr. Bronte once said about Charlotte’s book)….. and ten years left in peace and quiet sounds excellent.

    The heat affects weight I think. I put on 2 ‘Sunshine’ lbs in ten days… (Snort!)..which had disappeared after I had sulked and avoided weighing until the temperature went down!….you’re right of course…. Keep Calm and Carry on is the motto!

    We are going to have to mix my 5:2 with DH’s Lo Carb diet.l He’s pre-diabetic, and we’re part of an experimental workshop full of new ideas about food. He’s as excited as I was when I discovered 5:2! I looked after my diabetic Mum 20 years ago, and boy have ideas about pre-D eating changed since then! …so I’m away to see what 5:2 has to say about Lo Carbs…

    love to you and your Mum

    Hi Buttonboots

    how are you? I’ve decide to get back on the horse and rejoin the forums and I was hoping you would be around – wow! so glad to see you are here, but you are disappearing!!! Hope you remember me!

    I was in Trier a couple of weeks ago, and was invited to coffee and cake – wow! Beautiful puds as well as sandwiches – at 11 in the morning. I has been many years since I had coffee and cake in Germany. It made me think of you.

    Just couldn’t manage 5:2 for a very long time after getting my gall bladder out, of course put on weight but still 8 kgs under my start weight, so making another 8 kg my target.

    So delighted to join you once again on your journey.

    How is your health? I hope you are seeing the much needed improvements, especially in your skin. Take care

    Milena x

    Very pleased for you , Buttonboots with a positive outcome re your assessment. That would have been scary hearing the burglars at your door. My son was home alone here once, aged 21 at the time, and he heard someone on the verandah going from door to door trying all the handles. He was very frightened but got up anyway and started turning lights on and he heard the intruder running around the verandah, jumping down the front stairs and tearing off shortly after in his car. Our house is surrounded by verandahs and if someone truly wanted to get in, it wouldn’t take much. But we aren’t aware that this has ever happened again. We are living in a rural area and don’t have very close neighbours. But can’t live our lives in fear. Glad you were ok. It’s reassuring when the culprit is apprehended.
    Looking forward to hearing that the scales have taken a nose dive again. Cheers, Fuvvie. xx

    Good morning Buttonboots xx

    Happy Birthday Buttonboots…hope you have a lovely day!

    A very belated happy birthday, Buttonboots. I remember the last birthday. Funny to think these links have been here for over a year. Here’s to a wonderful next 12 months and more. Cheers, Fuvvie xx

    Well…it has been some months since I was last here…..sometimes life has a way of throwing EVERYTHING in your path!

    But, I am still around!

    It’s hard to believe I have now been in this ‘new’ place for over a year!…and then all the ‘fun’ with benefit claiming…and some skin issues that meant even more tests at the clinic (give them their dues…after the HUGE scare a few years ago, that clinic take good care of me!)

    Still…I got through the year…and even managed to keep up with some sort of fasting most weeks ( working on the principle that even one fast week will give me a chance of not-gaining any weight!)

    Here we are at the beginning of a new year…and I am hoping to be able to focus more on losing a little more of those pesky excess pounds.

    My last weigh in had me at 13 stone 9 and a bit…which is better than I had hoped for…(I had a GOOD Christmas!!!!)

    Whilst this isn’t huge as far as weight loss goes , I am taking the New Year as a chance to look how far I have come….as I sit here, I am wearing my PJs…M&S size 18!!!….and they are easily ‘comfortably big!…I had a gift voucher for Christmas and am looking at getting a pair of size 16 for summer! (although I DO like oversize nighties for summer!!)….hard to remember sometimes that a few years ago I was squeezing into 5xls from outsize stores!

    I think it will soon be time for me to actually decide what my final ‘target’ will be weight-wise!

    So…back to regular two fasts a week….and making the most of my ‘new-ish’ kitchen gadgets….a Halo …and a Soup Maker….plus I have a new little multi-pot that does the work of a slow-cooker plus a few more functions….Disability doesn’t stop me being a foodie…and neither does fasting!

    Great to hear from you. I had wondered how you were getting on. I think that it is important to look back to see where you have come and to look forward to see where you want to be. Enjoy your kitchen gadgets!

    So good to hear from you. Just the motivation I need to keep on keeping on. You are my inspiration!

    Really glad to hear from you buttonboots and so pleased the scales are still going down since your last post. X

    Buttonboots! You’re back! Yay!!
    And, a size 18- way to go, girl!!
    I keep in the shadows here, reading for motivation, and always look for a post from you. During what seemed to be a long silence, I offered a prayer for your good health now and then. I was thrilled to see your update. You made my day. πŸ™‚
    Your new kitchen gadgets sound great. I received a Spiralizer for Christmas. I have made Zuchinni “pasta” noodles. Fun, healthy, and tasty.
    Regards. πŸ™‚

    Happy Birthday Buttonboots!😊

    Hope all is well Buttonboots. I’ve been away from this forum for a while & unfortunately the weight has crept back on. So I’m on the 5:2 again & had to log back in – just reading your past posts is so inspirational (thank you) but I’d love to know how you are doing. Best wishes πŸ™‚

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