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Buttonboots – My weightloss journey….

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  • Cold Pizza….thanks!….I still have the slip from Boots – I used to use their scales as I was too heavy for ‘normal’ bathroom scales….it says I was just under 22 stone! (and that was AFTER I started losing!)…..that is a LOT of packs of butter lost!

    Visitors this week – and that meant….CAKE! I enjoyed a lovely slice of delicious chocolate cake – and stopped at one slice!

    I was given a gift this week too…a large courgette – actually more of a small marrow – fresh from the garden! I cut off a few circle-slices, sprayed them with fry-light and sprinkled them with different seasonings (one with curry powder, one with ‘chicken seasoning’, one with ‘Maggi’ seasoning – a sort of general mix )before baking them and serving them with some chicken….the curry one was a definite winner, but they were all very tasty!

    So the weigh-in today is a little less-than-accurate…..Usually my Sunday weigh-in is after a Saturday fast-day….and yesterday was NOT a fast day! So it was with some trepidation that I stepped on the scales…

    13 Stone (PHEW!) 13.8 pounds.

    YES! I know this is not an accurate record – it is not ‘really’ a minor gain – I always weigh heavy after a non-fast day!

    This coming week will have its own challenge…I am meeting some friends for a pre-birthday lunch. (BIG deal for me as I don’t like eating in public – it means taking meds before I go to control the anxiety, but I am determined to do it!)….no calorie counting, I will just be thrilled to manage to eat something!

    Hi Buttonboots. Wondering how your week has gone. Well done on last week’s weigh in. Meeting your friends sounds like a big challenge but you are used to overcoming challenges. I hope you really enjoyed yourself even if you needed good old anxiolytics to get through. You are pure gold, girl.

    Morning!…Sunday has crept around again!

    Pre-birthday lunch was really good! I was able to check the menu online – isn’t modern technology wonderful! And so already knew what I would be ordering. I took a plastic box with me so that I could take half my lunch home with me…partly because I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat much in public, but also because, seriously, the size of portion was ridiculous! When you look at what they consider to be a single portion, I am not surprised by the obesity crisis in the UK!….For dessert we all went for ice-creams…again, the online menu meant that I knew what the temptations were…icecream can be a very weight-loss friendly dessert – but many of the options were topped by whipped cream, and sugary meringue, and chocolate flakey bars, and nuts, and biscuit chunks…..I went for an Affogato which was sheer heaven! (vanilla icecream, served with a shot of hot espresso coffee to pour over it)

    There were a couple of comments on my weight…it has been a year since I have seen these friends…..and it was a real thrill to be able to wear jeans!

    Despite the one day when I didn’t count the calories, I did manage to fit in my 2 fast days, and kept to my TDEE on the other days.

    I have even managed a bowl of chilli on a fasting day..mostly veggies in the chilli, and served with courgette noodles (I wanted cauliflower ‘rice’ but was out of cauli!)…very filling, and super-spicy!

    For warmer days I have made my own ice-pops and slushies…I can keep a check on what goes into them – and that does not include any added sugar!

    So….did the day ‘off plan’ have an effect on the weight loss?……

    13 stone…12.6 pounds!

    That’s a pound off! Two more of those pesky packeks of butter!…How did I manage that?…Some weeks you do everything right and the scales stay stubbornly still…and other weeks you enjoy a meal out – with dessert…and still lose!…I am not complaining!

    This coming week will come with challenges 5:2 wise…I am not sure of I will fit two fasts in….birthday on Tuesday….coffee/cake morning on Wednesday….one fast day is already planned, I will see how the second works out….but I know that of I only manage the one, then I can at least hope tokeep any weight-gain to a minimum!

    Congrats on your further pound loss, Buttonboots. And Happy Birthday for Tuesday.πŸŒ·πŸ’πŸŽΆπŸ‘‘πŸŽ‚πŸ¨πŸΎπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ It sounds as though celebrations are underway. I’m sure you’ll manage your week well food wise. You’ve had two years practice on this gig.

    You deserve a very Happy Birthday tomorrow, Buttonboots! Keep building that butter mountain.

    Best wishes for the coming year. πŸ™‚

    Oooh! Affogato sounds wonderful…shall be keeping a Very Beady Eye open for that on the dessert menus in future!

    Happy, Happy Birthday tomorrow, Buttonboots! Onwards and downwards!

    Happy Birthday Buttonboots! Hope the coming year brings all you wish for. Thanks for the continuing inspiration πŸ™‚ I’ll be trying veggie chilli on my next fast day!

    Dear Buttonboots,
    Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day. I love Affogatto. It is a favourite. Enjoy your birthday and imagine a toast to you and your mum. Cheers, Fuvvie

    I had a lovely birthday…thanks for all the good wishes!

    ne friend who knows I am 5:2ing sent me a ‘special’ cake…she knitted it for me…complete with knitted icing and a knitted candle!…All the fun of a birthday cake and no calories!

    We have had a heatwave for the last couple of days….slightly cooler today thankfully. My skin has complained vociferously about the heat! I am one large rash!

    No weight loss this week…but no gain either!…all in all, for a birthday week I am happy with this!

    Here we are on a Sunday again!

    Despite it being no longer a ‘birthday week’ we have still had viitors….one of whom came bearing food-gifts…thankfully it was veggies from their allotment! There was homemade choc-chip cake on the coffee table, but I had a quiet word with Mum beforehand and asked her to save one small slice for me to enjoy this afternoon, and I just had a coffee and stuck to my fast day.

    I put aside a few more items for the Charity Shop this week….a couple of over-sized nighties. I like my summer nighties to be REALLY big – much cooler that way! But I have now got some lovely (and very pretty!) cotton nighties which are nice and over-big in a size 24 (a good size or two larger than I need)…In my cupboard, I had 2 nighties which are still in a good/very good condition and are a size 30/32, I haven’t worn them at all this year, so into the Samaritan-bag they go (Samaritans is my local charity shop of choice)….It won’t be too long I suppose before I will be sorting out the autumn/winter clothes.

    Fasting day yesterday, and the weather was actually quite cool – and raining…I decided to have one of my favourites…fasting-day-fish-pie with broccoli…no one would guess I am fasting when I tuck into a plateful of this!

    No weigh in today….for two reasons……firstly because I only weighted myself a couple of days ago (the birthday week meant it wasn’t a Sunday weigh in as usual)…and second because I have decided to do a weigh-in free month. I did this earlier this year, and thought I would do it again. Just occasionally, I find it helps my mind-set not to focus exclusively on the scales. Yes, I am on 5:2 to lose weight (and I certainly am losing!) but also for my health, and because I think it is a healthy way of life. Also, seeing the scales go down is not the only measure of success…smaller sizes of clothes show my progress, and also the changes in my general way of eating – even on non-fast days……So for September I will still be following the plan, but just not getting on the scales.

    I will still be keeping up with the written-record here each week or so…and hopefully when I get on the scales at the start of October I will see another few packs of butter have gone too!

    Didn’t manage a sign-in yesterday…so have popped in today instead.

    I’ve been feeling a bit rough – and will be contacting the hospital tomorrow to try and get an emergency appointment t the skin clinic.

    The nights are drawing in now….so comfort foods are definitely needed! Saturday was a fasting day for me…I enjoyed a delicious Auflauf (a bit like a frittata or Spanish omelette) for a late breakfast, and sausages in the evening. I managed to get hold of some Venison sausages – low in fat and very meaty!

    I decided to sort out the autumn/winter clothes early…and have yet another bag for the Charity Shop! …even though this is a non-scales month, it is good to remind myself that I wear a smaller size now!

    Ha-ha-ha! you make me laugh with description of your perfect knitted cake!!!
    I start imagining that I replace all my carbs with knitted version: knitted cookies, knitted candies, knitted bread.
    Funny, what is working for us sometimes. I was not able to complete a proper fast for a long time now, and trying to fast today without much expectations for completion. But your story helps me to stay away from caffeteria. Thanks! πŸ˜€

    Hope you feel better soon Buttonboots. Here in the southern hemisphere spring is slowly arriving. We’ve had a colder & longer winter than usual here. The spring weather has kick started my 5:2 efforts, as for a few months I had been struggling even to maintain. However, I didn’t gain any weight & see that as a success. Now its onwards & downwards!

    Glad you had a great birthday….and I do hope the NHS has done its best and you are feeling better Buttonboots. I love Fish Pie on Fast days too..and our French bean plants will provide the veg today!

    Isn’t making up a Charity Shop Bag a great motivator? Age Concern (so good to my family on several occasions) is my current choice, and this week I added to the bag a huge much loved purple fleece which has plenty of life in it, but has got to go… and two white blouses, both of which made me look as huge as the fleece! Care is needed though…I weighed in this morning and as a result of several lovely ‘holiday’ outings (my husband isn’t very well so we do days out whenever we can) I had -unsuprisingly- put on two pounds. Hey Ho! Once I would have panicked…now I will simply settle to a second Fast Day today and should be able to fit in another before Birthday Week next week.! I think the motto ‘Relaxed but Determined’ is going to be inscribed in the record book (with the beloved pens of course!) as the heading for this first September on 5:2. It certainly helps to remember that I would once have been very glad indeed to be the weight I currently am!

    Enjoy Scale Free Month….glad you are still popping in here..you are such a source of encouragement!

    Hi Buttonboots, I’m very fond of frittata type food. Must make the effort to make one. You certainly know how to keep yourself occupied. Hope the skin condition is settling. It sounds very painful. Take care.

    Well…here we are again on a Sunday!

    Coldpizza…sorry you haven’t felt up to fasting for a while – hope everything settles down soon. Sometimes life just takes a swift kick at all our plans- all you can do is roll with it (and pray like crazy as you fall sometimes!)…then get up and start again.

    Ikandoo: It is SO hard to get rid of some clothes isn’t it. My beloved red fleecy dressing gown has been in the charity bag and out again like a yo-yo! Finally I came to the decision that I HAVE a new dressing gown (soft and fluffy and pink) …maybe it is better for the red one to go and bless someone else and keep them warm – back into the bag it has gone!…..Your attitude about the 2 pound gain is spot-on! Firstly, it may not be a real gain- some of it might be water which will go next week…and so what if it is a 2 pound gain? A look at how much you have lost will show that in true perspective!

    Bellydancer:I am hoping for a lovely long cool Autumn here! I wily during the summer months.And yes, sometimes not gaining is a HUGE success!

    The skin is slowly settling…but it HAS been painful…and swollen!

    The rain cam a day or so ago – which saw the temperature drop – thankfully! Also, the hairdresser came , so my hair has been cropped again – makes me feel much cooler – not to say a few pounds lighter!…She comes, on average, every 6 weeks and it is amazing how quickly and how thickly my hair grows…at least at the back! Sadly the front of my head is thinning/balding. (I wonder if there isn’t someway of transplanting the glorious thick hair from the back to the front bald area….or failing that, maybe saving the cut off bits and making myself a wig!!!,….I mean. come on, I can knit, and make lace, and embroider- weaving a hairpiece shouldn’t be beyond my skills!!!!)

    The ‘early’ sprouts are in the shops now. Yum! I do love Brussels Sprouts! Like most children I hated them when young, but these days I can’t get enough of them! I eat them in soups, winter-salads, and even as a sprout bahjee….there is a family joke that I am just looking for the right recipe for sprout-crumble with custard!…They will be even better once the first frost comes, but I am just thrilled to see them available now!

    I have been enjoying fresh juicy plums too (and resisting the temptation to add rich butter crumble and lashings of creamy custard!)and some gorgeous fresh figs….for tonight I think I will have a baked apple – topped with a spponful of joghurt mmmmm (and roast pork – no crackling!!!!! – for the main dinner)

    Time for a coffee break now. ..and as I am not fasting, maybe just the one chocolate truffle?

    Hi Buttonboots. No crackling????? What’s the point of roast pork then? I buy it for the crackling hehe. I too love brussel sprouts. And just recently I had Kalettes, which are a cross between Kale and brussel sprouts. They were yummy. Had to laugh at the picture of brussel sprout crumble. Just a step too far for me, although if you put a bit of cinnamon in there with maybe some pumpkin and a small piece of apple for a sweetener, you may just get away with it. Whipped cream instead of custard. What do you think??
    Our crowning glory does let us down somewhat with age. It’s strange how the back hair is so different. When I decided to embrace the grey, my hair at the back was so much darker than the silver at the front. I then decided the grey could be subdued again and am now back to covering it up with brown. A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. you could use your hair as hair extensions I suppose. That way the hairdresser does it instead of your crocheting it or knitting it or plaiting it and using it as a decorative headband at the front. You’ve triggered off my imagination. What fun.
    Going to get up and do some vacuuming now. Have spent far too long on this computer today. Lovely chatting with you though. Enjoy that ONE chocolate truffleπŸ˜‚

    Fuvvie…no, no and NO!!!…any crumble HAS to have custard….Whipped cream goes with cake!

    Although my hair is thin/balding, it is still – in the main – a deep dark brown/brunette. In the past, I have had badger-streaks appear for no reason – a streak of grey/white – always at the back. It grows out and is gone for years at a time. Very strange!

    I live in sheltered housing, I have a 2nd floor flat. Last week the lift broke down….AGAIN!…it took 2 days to get it repaired properly. (The repair men came, worked on it, got it going again and left…half an hour later it broke down again!)…Each floor is separated by 3 flights of stairs – spiral type (and who designed THAT!!!…We are all disabled and/or elderly here…one single flight – or better yet a ramp – would make more sense!)…Anyway, the ground floor flat next to my mother across the way has become available…I have put my name down for a transfer!…We are just waiting for the council’s decision. (I am a woman of faith…and will leave it in God’s hands…if I am meant to move then my application will be approved!)

    Food-wise, I am eating my way through the freezer…then I can defrost it and restock for autumn/winter. Lots of lovely warming comfort foods…stews…curries…thick soups…chilli…..some for fasting days and some for non-fasts….I love to cook, but can’t always manage it – so on a ‘good’ day I batch cook and freeze, so all I need to do is thaw and reheat.

    September is almost over…and I will be back on the scales….eek!…..Actually, I shouldn’t be too worried….I HAVE managed most of my usual fasts!

    So…we are now into October..another few weeks and the clocks will be going back! …Some of the shops are already starting to get Christmas stuff in…WAY too early!

    I had a lovely moment this week…I had gone into M&S to pick up a few bits and pieces from the food hall – and the assistant at the desk said ‘What’s the secret?’..I looked at her, not sure what she meant, and she smiled and said ‘Well, I see you in store quite often and it is clear that you have lost a LOT of weight! Even these last few weeks – that coat is looking looser!”…I could have hugged her!….(and YES I did tell her my secret…5:2!!!)

    Physically I am feeling so bloated with the tummy….and have had to resort to a laxative (tmi???!!!)….despite eating WAY more than 5 fruit/veg a day on average, I still get bouts of this trouble – and the GP prescribed a ‘gentle-assistance’ for these times….Some weeks you just don’t seem to catch a break!

    I am still waiting to see if I will be moving…last day for bids on the flat I have my eye on is Wednesday….We shall see!

    So…weigh in…it has been AGES since I looked at the scales…and with a bloated tum too!…..

    13 stone…let’s say 11 pounds (hovering just under – not quite enough for a 10 1/2)…..!3, 11…yes, I can live with that!

    The rain here has died down after HOURs of downpour…and left a beautiful rainbow…so cheerful!

    Onwards with another week!

    Hello Buttonboots,
    You are doing so well and I can imagine your jubilation when someone in such an impersonal environment notices the obvious. Well done. October is steaming by. I’m as stuck as though I were in a mixture of concrete, but at least I’m bobbing around like a crab pot bout, up and down and going nowhere, neither up much nor down much. If I visualise myself 2-3 years down the track, it is at least 20kgs less than where I am. But it is going to take an enormous effort. You are fantastic. I too love rainbows. I’m off to choir in half an hour. With laryngitis, and having to do the auditions for the solo spots tonight, I’m not thinking this is going to be my best performance. And there are 8 of us who are doing Tea for 2, So one has to turn up.Have a great week, and well done with your weigh in.


    Fuvvie – sometimes you need to look at the ‘big’ picture…taken as a whole your weight is steady at the moment (up a bit then down a bit) but as you quite righty see, your general trend is downwards and you WILL lose that 20+kg!…I hope the auditions went well, I envy you having a ‘voice’.

    It is ALL go here! A couple of days ago I got BIG news….my application for moving to a groundfloor flat has been approved! I sign the contract tomorrow – and then the council will provide me with some paint – I will be asking for magnolia and duck-egg – and I can get decorator-friend in to do that job. …And I will be packing up my flat for the move…it may take a week or so….I am not moving very far – just to the next-door housing block. But there is one lovely advantage to the move. I will have the most wonderful neighbour…my Mum!!!!

    Understandably my focus has not been 100% on 5:2 this week. But I DID fit in my fast days (but was less careful with the TDEE on non-fast days)….and the scales this morning say….

    13 stone….. 9 .7 pounds!!!!!!!

    That is amazing! I am under the 13 stone 10! Somewhere between a pound and a pound and a half off this week!

    This week I am eating my way through the contents of the freezer….I will defrost it before the move. And I will be spending a little time packing things up.,….One thing I was insistent on before moving was that there will be room for my bookshelves! Many of my books are very old friends…I am not leaving them behind!

    No packing today….it is Sunday which I try and keep a ‘quiet’ day….but I can see the rest of the week being stressful!

    This is such good news all round for you, Buttonboots — I’m so glad for you! Your journey has been such an inspiring one for me and I wish you well on the next leg of it. Those Chalet School books are going to love their new home. πŸ™‚

    So pleased to read all your good news…my fingers were crossed all last week for you! I’m glad you can take the move at a balanced rate, knowing from experience how difficult it can be if the planned move has to be taken in a hurry…(on our last move, the vans arrived a day early for the trans-shipping down our narrow lane.. Eeek…I’ve never completed such a fast final pack in all my life!) Luckily we had packed all our books first…they were the only things we didn’t have to downsize, as, like you, parting with old friends was never on the agenda! Very best wishes for this ‘one more step along the world’.


    Happy to hear that your application is approved! Another congrats on wonderful loss.
    It is very inspiring to read your post. πŸ™‚

    Congratulations Buttonboots. Good things come to those who wait, the saying goes, and here you are living proof. I’m delighted for you. Thanks for your supportive post too. You continue to do well, plugging away pound by pound. That mountain of butter is climbing ever higher as the weight goes ever lower. Well done.

    Just time for a quick update.

    Everything is topsy-turvy here.

    I am hoping to move in a few days….there was a mix-up with the paint – the paperwork was forgotten – TWICE! …and then the company couldn’t deliver …finally got it and the painter is booked for Monday. The council have already fixed the worked surfaces in the kitchen, and they have booked a chap to come and see to the bathroom fan…..so I am living amongst boxes et.c for a day or two!

    This of course means no weigh-in this week….the bathroom scales are packed!..TO be honest, weight is not uppermost in my concerns this week…I’m more bothered about whether the lounge curtains I have here will fit in my new bedroom (save me some cash if I can reuse them!)…and do I put my third bookshelf in the bedroom or the hall?….and how ill I cope without internet for a few days whilst waiting for the P.O. to come and connect the new place to the ‘net!!!!

    Very best wishes for your move! You’re right! Weight can wait this week!

    Good luck with the move Buttonboots. I hope you’ll be very happy in your new home. Looking forward to your next update once you’re settled and back on the ‘net!

    Great news BB. I hope you will be very happy in your new home with your lovely neighbour

    Hi Buttonboots, Hope that cortisol isn’t upping the ante for you. Very stressful moving without all those additional hold-ups. But it sounds as though the end result will have been worth it. Looking forward to hearing how it all goes.

    Hi Buttonboots,
    All you fans are waiting patiently when your internet get installed, your computer and scale get unpacked, so we could get more stories about your life and hopefully to “see” your lovely mother more often. πŸ˜€
    Hugs and Happy new Home!

    Hi Buttonboots, I read your thread but haven’t commented before. I was wondering how you were doing. I hope everything is ok. Moving house is one of life’s big stressors even when the move itself is going to be very helpful long term. Looking forward to seeing you back in action. Take care of yourself.

    Hi Buttonboots,

    have been reading your thread but have never commented. I miss your updates and wonder how you’re doing. Your posts are so motivating for me. Hope you are okay and that your settling in your new home. Looking forward to read more from you. Take care.

    Hello!!!!! I HAVE moved – and am currently surrounded by packing boxes….just stopped by the library as I have no internet for at least another week!
    I am hoping NEVER to have to move again!!!…..
    Weightloss is a minor concern at the moment – shelves, plumbing and new lightbullbs are more pressing…but I have managed at least one, usually 2 fasting days each week…..scales have been located!….Update when I am online again.
    thanks for the lovely good wishes!

    Hi Buttonboots,
    I just happened to read this thread and read about your thinning hair. I have the same problem, since two years ago my hair started to thin mostly above the forehead and on top. The last few months it got worse and I was worried. It became lifeless and you wouldn’t like to see me in the morning getting up. Awful!!!
    I googled the problem and bought Biotin and MSM. They are for hair, joints and nails. After two weeks I do notice a difference – my hair is more “alive” and keeps shape. Try them, maybe they will help (I’m keeping my fingers crossed).

    BTW, I’m 67 years young.

    Hi button boots – so glad to hear from you and sending very best wishes xx. Sometimes when life is completely out of control and we’re bobbing around trying to make sense of it – and in your case make a home – dieting really doesn’t matter at all. Just pick it up again when you’re ready for it, and then remember how strong and successful and inspirational you’ve been and build on your good feelings. I’m cheering for you xx

    Hi Buttonboots,
    How is the settling in process going? Such a good excuse to Konmari everything. Hope you are keeping well and the excitement hasn’t been too much. The old cortisol must be having a field day. Big hugs.

    Just got time for a quick update….moving in is still underway….currently awaiting a quote for some shelves in the kitchen.

    I found the bathroom scales…and very hesitantly stood on them…..

    13 stone 12.8 pounds

    I can live with this!

    Although the weight record shows a gain, I am not fussed…firstly, I can’t expect the scales to weigh the same in the two different building…different flooring too…and secondly, although I have fasted this last week or two, my focus has not been as sharp as usual….so I will just work downwards from this new weight!…( and I am STILL under the 14 stone!)

    I have been fasting today…and am steadfastly ignoring the siren call of my box of Turkish Delight! (My advent treat!)

    Just dropping in to wish you and your mum a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope 2017 sees you meeting your goals and that you love your new home. Xxxx

    Merry Christmas Buttonboots, ..love and best wishes for 2017 to you and your Mum!

    Onwards and Downwards!


    Really missing your take on life, Buttonboots. I hope all is well with you. Big hugs xx


    I am still here!

    I have been laid pretty low for a few weeks. Shortly after Christmas I went down with the chesty cold that is going around. I just couldn’t seem to shift it, and eventually accepted that I needed to see the GP….I was so rough that a home visit was needed, and the GP took just a few minutes to decide I had bronchitis. Thankfully he also decided that the best place for me was to be at home. I was given antibiotics which basically knocked me off my feet…and also meant no 5:2ing for the time I was taken them…as they needed to be taken with food…..to be honest though food was not uppermost in my mind!

    I am now off the antibiotics but still under the weather…the cough is a right **** to shift! I did get back on to the scales last week…not without trepidation….
    14 stone 3.6….eek, over the 14 again…..still nothing I can’t deal with!

    Now that I have a ‘proper’ kitchen, Christmas meant I was given a little help in fitting it out with a few bits and bibs. I don’t have a stove – haven’t had one for some years…I DID have one of those mini-ovens , and a microwave….but no hotplate. ….I decided I would really like to be able to cook stir-fries….and so have now got a Halo! …this does a very good approximation of a stir-fry…and also cooks air-fried chips! You just need a little misting of the light spray-oil stuff…..and the chips are not at all bad!….New resolution, I will NOT eat chip butties 5 days a week (no matter how ‘healthy’ the chips are!)

    I managed to fast for 2 days this last week…although the non-fast days were not as strict as ‘normal’ (or what passes for normal with me!)….So I was back on the scales this morning…

    14 stone….2.6 pounds

    Alright!…..one pound off…back under that 14 stone barrier again ina couple of weeks or so!

    Wonderful to see you posting again, Buttonboots! That nasty cold is a beggar to shift — so many people got it around Christmas this year. Not the warmest welcome to your new place but I do hope you’ve settled in well. You’ll be back under 14 stone in no time and forging ahead, an inspiration to us all!

    Great to have you back Buttonboots! I have missed your updates. Hope you shift that nasty cough soon. I had bronchitis many years ago & know how horrible it is. Take care of yourself xxx

    Lovely to have a post from you ButtonBoots. I missed you. Much sympathy for your horrible bronchitis. Do take things gently until you feel well again.. We had the cold just after Christmas..and all I could eat for three whole weeks was soup (Very Good) and custard (Ooops!!!). Haven’t braved the scales yet, but perhaps at the end of the week.
    Off to Google Halo! xxxx

    YaY ButtonbootsπŸŽ‰πŸ’We had the bronchitis and whooping cough go through this household like a dose of salts this winter. Eventually we all got over it, but it does test your intestinal fortitude. You will shift the weight, I know. I hope you find your strength quickly. I imagine the fasting will help with that if all I read is to believed.

    Your mother must be appreciating not having to cope with the stairs anymore. Does it mean you will get out to the park more often without having the disincentive of the stairs? I really hope you are enjoying it. Welcome back. You were sadly missed.

    Just time for a quick pop in and out!

    The bronchitis is still lingering…and just makes me feel so washed out and bleargh!

    It doesn’t help that I have been snowed under with paperwork this last week or two….I am disability benefits and have just been filling in the paperwork for the transfer from DLA to PIP…I accept that they have changed the benefits, so need new paperwork, but SO much???!!!!….and then, I bank with the N&P – and found out this week that they are closing all current accounts in a few months…more stress and paperwork!

    On a brighter note, I had a gift voucher for M&S at Christmas…I went out this week and bought a jumper. Oh I don’t think I will ever lose the thrill of buying clothes from a shop! Every time I mutter under my breath about how SLOW things are going, I just need to remember buying restricted to buying from outsize catalogues (and only SOME of their stuff fitted!)

    Coconut chicken and veg stirfry with rice noodles for dinner today…yum!

    So….the scales?

    14 Stone….1.5(ish) pounds…..

    So another pound closer to getting back under the 14 stone!…Not long now!

    (I suppose at some time I will need to think about a ‘final’ target….)

    So close — so close! I do love passing those milestones, but what I really appreciate about your journey is that the direction remains clear even when the progress is slow.

    I’ve almost finished re-working my way through the Chalet School series again. It always makes me sad when I come to the end, so this time I’ll be checking out those filler books you mentioned. As a purist, I have my doubts — but I’ve decided to not be a stick-in-the-mud about it!

    Hope the bronchitis clears soon and is not replaced by PIP headache…

    Well done Buttonboots. Wow. So close to the 13 stone range. I share your enthusiasm for being able to buy new clothes that are in regular shops, although I still have to go for the larger sizes. But I’m down 2 sizes so can appreciate where you are coming from. I don’t envy you the paper work. Those forms seem to be endless. And repetitive. Good luck with it. I have a lot of books on audible books and am listening to the Clan of The Cave Bear for the third time. And we are doing Harry Potter for the first time with the children in the car travelling to and fro school and swimming or dance, but it my third time through and I read all the books when they first came out. Stephen Fry has such a wonderful characterisation voice. It is a joy to listen to. Do you ever listen to audible books? they make housework so much easier LOL

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