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Buttonboots – My weightloss journey….

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  • Buttonboots,

    There is a complain: I miss your weekly weight-in reports. It gave me a pleasure to see how your pound drop, encouragement to continue my fasts, strength to stay within TDEE. I also enjoy your posts, but weekly weight-in was like cherry on top.

    The suspense is killing me!!!

    And I am only half joking. πŸ˜€

    Hello Buttonboots,
    I am new to the forum, this is my first post. I read your blog, and am so excited about your journey back to health and mobility. I envy that your Mom is still with you and alive and well at 90. I lost my Mom to cancer at 52. I feel lucky to have had an extra decade than her, and still be in good health. I am trying to make all the right choices to ensure my future health, but love the 5:2 because it allows me to enjoy life too on the Feast days. I have been on the 5:2 since New Years, and have lost 15 lbs. I’m not sure what my target weight should be, but I feel great now at 117lbs, that’s 10 stone 4 in your measures. I will watch your weigh in with great anticipation, but remember- if you don’ tlose, or even if you gain- don’t beat yourself up over it- just get back on the path and keep going! You are amazing, I love your story. give your Mom a hug from me, I wish I could give one to my Mom! Best Wishes- regardless of syour weigh in numbers this time, you will reach your target- keep going, BB.

    Hi Buttonboots. Sunday night here in Queensland. Winter seems to have hit with a vengeance. There’s a power outage due to lines down. Very windy. My husband is busy getting buckets of water out of the tank so we can flush the loo.
    Weigh day. What a challenge. Looking forward to seeing how you are getting on with your embroidery. I’ll be having an FD tomorrow and we’re driving to Brisbane for his surgery on Tuesday. Will stay with our daughter while he is in hospital. Should only be in for a couple of days. Happy weigh in.

    Well here we are in June!

    I nervously stood on the scales…..

    14 stone 4 pounds

    I have put on 2 pounds??????

    But I did EVERYTHING right!

    I’m not going to say that I wasn’t upset…quite a bit!…This was NOT what I wanted to see!

    But, I have had time to get to accept it…a cup of coffee and a chat with Mum is great for calming me down!

    It is only 2 pounds….I can lose that again.

    Because I haven’t weighed myself then I don’t know WHEN the blip happened. …What if I had actually lost a pound or so and then gained water in this last week?…Well, I know I am retaining a little (one of my skin conditions had flared up…and this particular one usually bring s water retention as a side effect) but surely not THAT much?

    And what if I HAVE simply put the weight on? It is not the end of the world!

    I am a woman of faith – and God will get me through this disappointment!

    This coming week I will just stick to the plan. I KNOW it works. I will make sure I fit in 2 fasting days and I will not eat over my TDEE on other days…it is as simple as that!

    I am stronger than ANY weight gain!

    Buttonboots, you are indeed a 5:2 strong woman, and without you many of us would be struggling! It’s two pounds…and that could be water retention and the odd weather we’re having (well in the Midlands anyway..wonderful hot sun, then humid thundery air). Your determination and faith will see you through this blip. Love to you for the coming week.

    Buttonboots you are an inspiration to us all! I’ve just read your journey and you are truly amazing. I have just 1.5 stones more to lose and been on my 5.2 journey for just a few weeks but lost 10lbs! The amazing thing is how doable this WOL is. Thankyou for posting your journey. Onwards and downwards!!

    Hi Buttonboots, You met your challenge and huge hugs for doing that. As you know, I am a serial weigher. I was 13.6 yesterday after a 36 hour fast. I had soup for breakfast, T-bone steak with aubergine, mushrooms and spinach with homemade French dressing for lunch, a heap of triple Brie and 2 glasses of red wine plus slice of roast pork, cracklings, roast pumpkin and steamed carrots, zucchini and beans for dinner. Scales today, 114.4. Cup of coffee and glass of water, 114.9kgs. FD today. I know I will recover and pushing the envelope just reminds me of how far we have come. I know I’m not going to give up and go on an eating orgy because I’m right onto it. I didn’t want to weigh as I knew what I would see. Testing the waters has been good for me. But putting on half a kilo in less than an hour is purely water. As you say, your skin flare up does affect you. Hormones have to be playing their part there. The timing was unfortunate. You have stood the test of time for over 2 years. As you say, you are stronger than any weight gain. Carry on carrying on. You are a winnerπŸ’πŸ™πŸ˜˜


    I know it is very frustrating to see the 2 lb more, but you are strong and amazing woman, and will figure out what was the problem.

    I am weighting myself every morning, and found out that the absolute number of one weighting cannot really reflect your gain or loss, since so many other factors could influence the weight. For example, the last month my weight was 148.0 on May 1st and 148.4 on May 31st, but average for month was 147.0.

    You made a right decision, not to be affected by the weight number, but continue your journey. We are all rooting for you and believe in you! Hugs to your wonderful mom. It is so precious to have supportive mother close by. My mom lives faraway from me, and visits me for 1.5 month every summer. I cannot wait for her visit and wish that she lives close like your mom.

    Stay strong!

    Hi Buttonboots,
    I subscribe to a blog written by a Canadian Bariatric Physician named Dr Yoni Freedman. Today his post was called “Have you lost 30 or gained 2?” Here is the link. http://www.weightymatters.ca/2016/06/real-life-weight-loss-are-you-up-two-or.html
    His point is that it is up to you if you focus on the two pounds you gained back, or the 30 lbs you have lost. He says weight loss and life in general are rarely a straight line from start to finish. I hope you will be able to visit this blog site and get some great advice from this wonderful physician. He has YouTube talks too. You can watch the presentations that he gives to dieticians and other professionals who work in the field. There is so much good information and inspiration and good humour on his web site, have a look. It’s up to you if you see the glass as half empty or half full. My weight fluctuates 3 or 4 lbs depending on if it is a fast day or a feast day, but as long as the general trend it down, and my clothes fit, and I feel well, I’m happy. I wish you continued success- you are doing a great job. Keep it up.

    Another point: when you lost 30 lb and gain 2 lb back. The 2 lb is so much easier to lose for the second time, than the original 2 lb. Just to let you know. πŸ™‚

    I gain 5 lb in a week after major binge, but lost is in about 10 days. It took me 35 days to lose them in the first place. We all have a little steps back before making big steps forward.

    Here we are again on a Sunday.

    Thanks for the lovely encouragement! I have always known that I am in this for the long haul. Too much weight to lose it all quickly – and various factors that mean weight loss tends to be harder for me than for some others. If I have learned anything, it is that 5:2 WORKS!

    The weather has been somewhat oppressive this week – and the sticky heat makes me rather listless. I am really hoping for some refreshing sea breeze soon!

    I enjoyed a very nice chicken-kiev (sort of!) ….on a fasting day! I took a boneless chicken thigh (I love them – there is so much that you can do with them!)….then a small blob of my home-made soft cheese (chilled, strained joghurt) was mixed with LOTS of garlic and parsley….spread the herby cheese onto the thigh, roll it up…and bake in the oven…very delicious and filling – served with steamed greens.

    Right then…what do the scales say this morning?

    14 stone….2.6 pounds.

    ALRIGHT! that’s about a pound and a half! Right back on track!

    Family birthday this week…but I am fairly confident I can cope with that!

    Yay Buttonboots. You go girl. That chicken sounds fantastic. You are very resourceful when thinking up a aridity of ways to cook your food. I’ll weigh in tomorrow morning as I always do, particularly after an FD. Have stayed on fluids all day although my daughter insists I broke my fast by putting a teaspoon of cream in my coffee this morning. Technically she is right, and I just said I was not going to argue the point. They all had Thai takeaway tonight and I had beef bone broth. Very peppery but yummy for all that. Have fun at the family birthday. With your experience and resolve, I’m sure you’ll cope very well .

    Wonderful news, Buttonboots! I know we ought not be so affected by the numbers alone since other good things may be happening inside but they are a major marker on the road and we do like to see those numbers go down.

    I like your perspective on taking the long view as well as enjoying the day. You’re living life and I salute you.

    Hooray Hooray Buttonboots!…So very very glad you are back on track. Weigh loss is so odd sometimes! I’ve noticed that when I reach ‘However Many Stones and Eight pounds’ I get stuck on the eight pounds for at least three weigh-ins. I weigh every ten days at the moment. It seems like a long time to be patient…but thanks to you I take the Long View. Yesterday was the fourth weigh day in the current Eight Pound Cycle…got on the scales with eyes closed and opened just one eye to see….Seven Pounds. Phew! Rushed to read your post to see how you were doing…and WHOOPEE! Enjoy this week!

    Your chicken-kiev (sort of) sounds so good. I also making the cheese you mentioned from yogurt and some buttermilk. I am planning to make the chicken your way. What temperature you use for oven and for how long you bake the chicken?

    Great to hear a wonderful news from you about your loss! πŸ˜€

    Coldpizza…I bake my chicken at 200C….I often do two at once (and eat the second as a sandwich filling the next day) … they cook in about 15 to 20 minutes, and I like to turn them once halfway…just check to make sure they are fully cooked before taking them out.

    Ikandoo – way to go! that’s fantastic! Strange how those pesky scales seem to ‘tick’ just before a mini-target!

    Are we really halfway through June?…it is cold and wet here! (Not that I am really complaining!…I don’t like the hot weather)…I have had to get a thin shawl for my shoulders!

    Actually, we have had a little warmer weather this week…I even went down to the communal gardens to enjoy a little sit outside….just a shame that they allow smoking! I am sure you can smell some of the cigarettes half an hour after the smoker has left! And there should be a rule about dropping the ciggie-stubs onto the flower beds!

    I have frozen some bananas in the anticipation of some warmer weather soon! I am a real fan of mushing up a frozen banana as a low-cal/low-fat version of icecream.

    I have enjoyed one of my more autumnal fasting favourites this week…sausage and mash! (One low-fat sausage with carrot/swede mash and onion gravy)…and garlicy prawns with courgette-pasta was also delicious! It’s surprising how tasty fasting meals can be! But isn’t that the whole point of 5:2..it is REAL food!

    It is the EU referendum this week…I have already voted (I get a postal vote) but will be waiting for the results with interest. I am firmly pro-remain, but am in no way certain the rest of the country will agree!

    Anyway…no politics!

    Let’s get on with recording my weight…

    14 stone….1.8 pounds.

    That’s just under the pound this week…shall we say 3/4 pound?…on an average week I look for between half a pound and a pound…so this is just nicely in the middle -and I would be more than happy for this every week!

    Look out 13 stone something…I’m coming to get you….another couple of weeks maybe??????

    I appreciate your point about having real — and delicious — food on a fast day. It’s not a day of deprivation! Understand your guidelines, choose food you love from within them, and have a good attitude. This, you do so beautifully.

    I’m so happy for you that the scales agree. πŸ™‚

    Wow, well done Buttonboots. You continue to amaze! I am awed by your determination. I am in a plateau at the moment but am actually 7 stone lighter than I was at my heaviest. It has been a long haul & I’ve yoyo”d a lot over the years, but have now decided that I absolutely refuse to ever put any weight back on. The 5:2 diet has allowed me to do this. I may plateau for a while but the long term trend will always be down!

    I credit you Buttonboots with the long view I’m now taking. I don’t know why I never thought this way before. It’s just common sense. The only way is down! πŸ™‚

    As an expat currently living in Australia I too have posted my vote to remain. Worrying times reading about UK news from afar.

    Take care xx

    Thanks lolly!

    Bellydancer – 7 stone lighter than you once were is amazing! Plateaus happen, but eventually we pass them and the weight starts to drop again. Keep up with positive attitude and you will get to your own ‘healthy’ weight! Onwards and downwards!

    Buttonboots, you and Bellydancer have come so far. It’s reassuring to know that those of us who have a long way to go can be confident it is doable. I’m now reading The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living. It’s all grist to the mill. I’m so hoping the scales will register 110.something tomorrow morning. I’ve started trying to do 36 hour fluid fasts but it’s not really working for me. So I think I was better off planning something yummy for the evening meal. Will do that on my next FD.

    Hi everybody,
    Congratulations on your loss! Determination and sticking to the plan really working. I am regularly having “plateau” after or before nice weight loss, and even gain a little at the time, but now I am calling it “stabilizing time”. I think our body needs the time for adjustments to new weight. This way of thinking really helps me NOT to be discourage if the weight is not dropping some week. Keep it up! πŸ˜€

    Thanks Buttonboots πŸ™‚
    And coldpizza, I agree, stabilisation time has been essential for me. It hasn’t been possible for me to keep losing weight without some plateaus in between. Accepting this has been part of the battle for me. Before I discovered this way of thinking, & was enlightened by Buttonboots (my guru πŸ™‚ & I’m only half joking!) my approach to dieting was so self-destructive. If I stopped losing or put weight on I would feel such a sense of failure that I binged & put all the weight back on, & more. It really was soul destroying. Now, I have finally accepted that I’m in it for the long haul & although I still have around 5 stone to lose I can recognise my success in getting this far. As long as I never go backwards again I will always be moving forwards! I hope that makes sense & sorry for the long post & hijacking your post Buttonboots.
    I really appreciate being able to share this journey with you all.

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey. 7 stones lighter is so impressive results!
    Congratulations! I also a big fun of Buttonboots thread and learning a lot from her posts. We are here for a long run. It is very encouraging to read that some people still posting their maintenance stories for 3 years after reaching their goal. If they could do it, we can do it too!!! πŸ™‚

    Yay!! 110.9kgs. In by the skin of my teeth. Going for a walk at the beach with my OH and then lunch in a cafe at Mooloolaba. Really looking forward to soaking up the sun after recent grey days and heaps of rain. I like your stabilising time theory, Coldpizza. We do tend to hijack Buttonboots post, but she draws such positive people in that it’s hard not to want to be close to them and share it with her. It’s like basking in reflected gloryπŸ€—πŸ˜˜πŸ’

    Great result for you Fuvvie!

    I don’t see anyone as a hijacker on this thread!

    I am making a long journey…driving slowly most of the time!….and see people here more as hitchhikers than hijackers…fellow travellers going in the same direction as me and joining me for part of the journey!

    “Hitchhikers” – love it! πŸ˜€

    This hitchhiker is wondering what happened to her lift πŸ˜‰ Took my husband to the airport this morning and did not go straight to the nearest fast food outlet and stuff my face with the most fattening food I could buy, as I usually do. What a relief. I went there and got a vienna coffee and left it at that as today is an FD. It’s hard when he goes away. But eating my way into oblivion doesn’t stop the feelings of loneliness or regret or anger or whatever it is that has previously driven me to overeat. Mind you, I am just marking time weight wise at the moment. Letting a few little treats sneak in I think. It is surprising how little it takes to undo the good work. How are you going Buttonboots? I hope you and your mum are having some lovely chats over warm drinks. Were you very shocked by the outcome of the referendum? It has really put the cat amongst the pigeons. Dieting is not the only place where it doesn’t help to become complacent. The whole world will be watching closely to see what happens next. It could shape up to be a domino effect. I have signed up for the next 4 week challenge and the thought of exercise is hanging over my head like the sword of Damocles. It’s just what I need to get this body going. I’ve observed in my mother-in-law how quickly strength can disappear, although I have to say she is coming on well, and getting her exercises going. I’ll have to do them with her when she comes home which is only a week or so off from now. My biggest worry is how I’m going to get to choir practice when my daughter is no longer living here. Will cross that bridge when I am closer to it. Looking forward to your latest update and description of what your FD treat is. Lots of hugs, Fuvvie

    Ha ha! The driver is still here!

    I was shocked and saddened by the referendum result….I’m still sort of hoping it was all a nightmare and I will wake up and find the vote was ‘remain’ after all!

    No weigh in this week…I was at the specialist last week and started some new meds…including a new steroid…I can FEEL the few pounds of extra water I am carrying!…I will allow my body to settle into them before I brave the scales!

    Good luck with the exercise! In the olden days I used tolike a little ballet – in the privacy of my own frontroom, with a video….I think I must have looked like one of those hippos from Fantasia *giggle*…..but sdaly I can’t even manage that these days….Still, I like to be positive, and I have managed to get out with my walker, and get to the park and back – there is a very handy bench there for a rest before the return journey – and a lovely sea view.

    The weather is STILL cold and wet. I had thought of seeing how the Beanies flavoured coffees work as ‘iced coffee’ but as yet I am still drinking it hot!

    It was fasting day today…I have had prawns (I love seafood) stir-fried with loads of garlic and some tomatoes . served with brocoll….very tasty and hopefully filling enough to see me through until tomorrow.

    I had a leaflet from Hotel Chocolat through the door….how much weight will I put on just LOOKING athe pictures of the delicious choccies?????

    Oh Buttonboots, you really crack me up. The vision of you looking at that leaflet is priceless. I do hope these new meds work a treat for you. I’ve been awake for the past two hours so decided to log in and see how people on the other side of the world are faring. Your walk to the park sounds lovely. You shame me as I can walk freely and don’t. So when daylight comes I am going out for a walk. The dogs will thank me for it. My right hip has been playing up, but has settled over the past couple of days. Our weather has been cold and wet too, but it is winter here after all. I fasted yesterday and had bone broth at lunch and dinner and think I’ll do a b2b today as I’ve stalled with my weight loss. Have signed up for the challenge so am ready to rev things up a bit. There’s been quite a bit of argee bargee going on in the forum lately. Strong opinions expressed but all grist to the mill. It gets one thinking and that’s all to the good. One day we might do the Fantasia ballet together. πŸ€—πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ‘― Prawns sound good but I had pork with some sort of cherry sauce at dinner the other night. It was scrumptious. Very piquant. It’s 4:20am now. Will read for a while. Keep up the good work.

    I am one very tired little Buttonboots this morning!

    I sat up for the football last night…nail-biting stuff but Germany won!

    There is a small part of me that would LOVE to see Wales v Germany in the finals!

    I was fasting yesterday, so my footie ‘treat’ was a cup of Beanies Cookie-Dough flavour coffee (2 cals a cup – before you add any milk…I don’t take sugar) but I will have a ‘celebratory’ chocolate this morning!

    So…I am in a bit of a rush this morning…just time for a recording of the scales….

    14 stone …1.3 pounds…

    That is a half pound off…one more pack of butter…and considering the fact that I am on new meds, including a ‘different’ steroid, I can happily live with that!

    I need to start thinking about the shade of lippy I want for my ‘under 14 stone’ reward very soon!

    Time to out the coffee on….Mum will be here any minute now for our usual Sunday kaffee-klatsch.

    You are doing so well Buttonboots. Not far to get under that 14 stone. Glad to see that the new meds haven’t disturbed your equilibrium. So good to have rewards other than food to float your boat. Must go and do the plank and then shower. Have a doctor’s appointment this morning. She is going to be surprised at my weight loss. Will your lipstick be in shades of pink, red, bronze or ???? Choices, choices.

    Oooh Buttonboots….wising you lots of recovery time and sleep catch up before Wednesday’s football excitement! Congratulations on being so close to a new lipstick! Onwards and downwards.

    Great job Buttonboots! Happy to see you so close to 13 stone. Your journey is so up-lifting.
    My mom is visiting me every Summer for 1.5 month. It is happy time to spend with her. We are doing our first fast TOGETHER! I am excited. πŸ˜€

    Just a quick wave this morning.

    I managed one fast day this week and then things got ‘complicated’…I hate it when this happens! I like life to follow ‘rules’! (It’s times like this the Autism really comes to the fore!)…Two friends/family visits were planned – and fasting days set accordingly. Only for people to phone on BOTH occasions and reschedule their visits – once by phoning just a couple of hours before they were expected….and yes, they had good excuses!

    Of course this meant I was on all edge – which I coped with….just about! (My poor chew-toy has teeth marks though were I was chomping away in frustration!)…and it meant that I didn’t manage the second fast day.

    So I was very nervous when I stepped on the scales…

    14 stone…1.2 pounds…

    WHAT!!! I have stayed the same????!!! YAY!!!! (technically it looks like I may have actually lost 0.1 pound but scales are notoriously inaccurate at these teensy amounts!)….Some weeks, staying the same is actually a victory!

    AND….I was at the GP this week. Now he is the kind of guy who if I go with a broken leg would decide that weighing me was the first thing to do!…For the firat time in years he simply asked me sit and dealt with my repeat prescription request….He DID ask about how the weight loss was going, but simply told me to ‘keep it up’….maybe he was in a rush and when I go back in couple of months he will be weighing me again !

    Wimbledon AND EUFA finals today….and then they are showing Les Mis this evening …the film version ..might watch that…

    And onwards with another week

    Yay ButtonbootsπŸΎπŸŽ‰That’s called winning in the face of adversity. As you say, staying the same can feel like a huge victory. Obviously your GP doesn’t see your weight as the big issue anymore. You have a lot on your plate to deal with but are showing yourself to being a woman of great strength. I salute you. Hugs to you and your mum. They won’t let my mother-in-law come home till I’m well. Can there be some secondary gain in being unwell? I try to think not as she really misses home and has done remarkably well in spite of her Alzheimers. A few more days of respite.

    Mother is now back in the bosom of her family. We now have to be super vigilant as she just gets up and starts to walk without her walker. I freaked out the first time but I just have to stay calm. It’s not her fault that she just can’t remember for one minute at a time. Still, she’s really happy to be home. She’s sitting near the fire watching my grandsons drawing and just soaking it all up. By tomorrow she will have forgotten she’s even been in hospital.

    I put a Christmas jungle bell over my MIL door to know when she opens the door. She also had Alzheimer and did not remember that she broke her hip and later arm and need to be extra careful. She also feel very dizzy after hospital because of dehydration, but refused to drink water. I have to change her diet to include a lot of soups to improve her water intake. Luckily, she could not remember if she ate or not, so I could “cheat” her to include extra bowl of soup or extra cup of tea or cocoa every hour or two, until she become a little bit stronger physically.

    fuvvie…great that you have your Mum back home!

    Have you considered the build-up shakes you can get for invalids. When we had an elderly relative come out of hospital they were sent home with a weeks supply of them…and the GP happily wrote a prescription for a full month when they were gone!. They are nutrition dense and come in lots of tempting flavours (fussy relative loved them all!) – it really helped when food was difficult to take in.

    Morning!….Sunday again.

    It looks like we will be having a thunderstorm later….hit, sticky and oppressive this morning.

    And a heatwave promised/threatened for the coming week. This does not thrill me. Thankfully, living on the East Coast means that we are unlikely to get the really hot temperatures. I do NOT like the heat!

    I will be re-filling the ice cube tray, so that I can have cold drinks – especially on a fasting day (iced black coffee is a favourite!)…and for non-fasting days I have frozen bananas just waiting to be smushed up into no-fat low-cal ‘icecream’….Preparation is the key to success!

    I am also thinking of cooler days…Christmas to be exact! I have chosen the design I want for this year’s Christmas cards, and will make a start on them this week….I cross-stitch cards each year….I am also working on a much larger project of a large angel with nativity scenes on their robe, but am not sure that this will be finished this year.

    So…on with the weight record….

    14 stone ……0.6 pounds.

    Just over half a pound!…Another of those pesky packs of butter gone!

    (New lippy next week?????)

    So close Buttonboots. I’ve had 2 NFDs in a row over the weekend and lots of macadamised whilst driving back from Brisbane, about 110kms. So scales will be too high tomorrow. Will have to be strong on my FD.
    My husband cooked meatballs in a tomato base with aubergines and cauliflower. It was yummy. I did not resist seconds. Still no cake or biscuits even though they’ve been singing the song of Die Lorelei

    Your butter mountain continues to grow, Buttonboots!

    I have a tip for your iced coffee — freeze coffee in the ice cube tray instead of water. No dilution on those hot days. I keep a little collection of bagged cubes — lemon, broth, ginger, garlic, etc. Handy for quick drinks or cooking.

    Fingers crossed for that new lippy. πŸ™‚

    Monday morning….and it is sweltering hot!…I really don’t like the hot weather! Still, I have the consolation that I live in the UK – the summer is unlikely to last long!

    The tip about the coffee ice-cubes is a good one!…I also sometimes have a glass of cold water – sparkling is nice – and instead of ice cubes I drop in a couple of frozen berries.

    Warmer days means lots of tasty salads. I have made a delicious Baba Ganoush (roasted aubergine blitzed up with sesame paste and rather a lot of garlic, plus a drop of olive oil and lemon juice) which is very tasty as a dip for veggies (or slathered onto home made walnut bread – but I need to hold back there – I can easily polish off WAY too much of that)

    ‘Skinny’ Burgers are in the freezer ready to make a quick fasting-day meal alongside a pile of salad.

    Fasting had to be re-jigged this last week….so the weigh-in was on Saturday….

    !3 Stone (WHEEEEEE!!!!!!!) 13.8 pounds!

    Just about 3/4 pound…but it took me under the 14 stones!!!!

    Admitedly, after yesterday, I suspect the scales would show a little heavier…but that will be partly water and the rest will probably go this week (I never weigh after a ‘big-eat’ day …I’m no glutton for punishment like that!)

    So….a new lipstick is on the shopping list!!!!!!!!!

    Ya-hoo! Hooray for a new low. Under 14 stones! Brilliant result! Congrats.

    Yes, well done indeed Buttonboots. You must be feeling amazing.

    I love the sound of your baba ganoush. Your cooking is so inventive & wholesome. You should publish a 5:2 recipe book/menu planner, I’d buy it! I have absolutely no imagination when it comes to cooking. My fast days nearly always consist of a banana for breakfast & scrambled eggs on toast for tea. Not very inspiring!

    Well done Buttonboots. I hang out for your Sunday post like an alcoholic hangs out for the next drink! πŸ˜‚ Now for the perfect shade of lippy. πŸ’‹πŸ’„ I guess walking to the park is off the agenda since it is so hot. After a couple of really warm days, it was really chilly walking beside the river this morning. 14 degrees feels really cold to us but others would call it mild I suppose.
    I’ve got to take Mother to the doctor,s shortly and then it’s off to school to pick the boys up for dancing hip hop. Tomorrow is Grandparents Day at school so that will be a bit of fun. We have the Eisteddfod on Friday. Listening to a whole lot of little boys playing the French horn will be uplifting πŸ€”πŸŽΆ Hope the new meds are doing their job and regards to your mum.

    I love the sound of breaking barriers! Congratulations and happy lippy-hunting. πŸ™‚

    Bellydancer….there is already a 5:2 recipe book, by Mimipencer…not all the recipes are practical for me, but it is full of inspiration!…But I do like the idea of doing my own cookbook!

    Fuvvie….hope the Eisteddfod festivities went well!In the days when I was physically fitter, I was a Youth Coordinator for my Church….this included spending some time visiting all the different activities run by the Church for younger people….and they had a brass band!…I well know the very particular joy of listening to dozens of youngsters playing brass instruments with plenty of vigour and enthusiasm if a little lack of skill and musicality!

    Lippy has been bought….I went for a pinky-brown…..light enough for summer,but not overly red which always looks too ‘much’ on me.

    Not feeling too good this morning…headache yesterday, and a few minutes after getting up today I was throwing up….bleargh!

    I will be pretty much avoiding most, if not all, of the Olympics….instead I have sorted out some DVDs and will get on with embroidering Christmas cards.

    I have been enjoying more icy treats…I have some bags to make my own ice-pops…lovely, cold and fruity and I know EXACTLY what is in them…and it isn’t sugar! (Well some of them have natural fructose from fruit…or a little lactose from milk)

    I was planning on seafood pasta today …but with my stomach playing up I think I will avoid the seafood and look at doing something less likely to irritate.

    Scales today…..(do I really want to look????)

    13 stone, 13.6 pounds

    Well…still under the 14!!!!…and a small loss…better than I thought with a dodgy tum!

    The next week or so will be tough…my birthday comes on the 23rd…and we have a few bits planned…starting with a family vist this week…and next week lunch with some friends….I need to work the fasting around this! (And maybe allow myself to loosen the reins for the actual birthday!)

    Brilliant Buttonboots. Glad you got the lippy. Mixing socially certainly puts us on our metal. I managed so well at the birthday party as I could choose what I wanted. But at a friends place today, they dished up and choice was not on the menu. It was all totally what I haven’t been eating. Probably put myself back a week. Fasting tomorrow. If I don’t remember on the day, happy birthday on the 23rd. I’ll put it in my diary. Done! Have fun socialising for your birthday.

    I just checked your first post.

    On May 4, 2014 you were thrilled to have 17 Stone 13 1/2 lb (just under 18).
    Look at you now – 13 stone 13.6 pounds – FOUR STONE lost (I let you calculate how many butter sticks just fell off you)

    Absolutely amazing and inspiring!!! Great achievement!!!

    Sorry, I feel that I just don’t have enough exclamation points… πŸ˜€
    Everybody who need a confirmation that this diet work, just read this thread.

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