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Buttonboots – My weightloss journey….

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  • Ach, if it isn’t one thing, it’s another!

    Tried to weigh myself yesterday…only to find the batteries have died! No problem…I can get some today…except that there is no freaking way I am going out today! I am unsteady enough on a good day – but I woke up this morning to find that it has snowed over night – and heavy enough to settle – at least for the day. (currently raining – so I guess the snow will melt overnight)

    Thanks for the lovely comments!

    Terry- Hotters is a shoe store – mostly they sell from catalogues. They make the only shoes that I can actually walk in!….and the Chalet School series is a series of schoolstories written for girls between the 1920s and 1970s bt Elinor Brent Dyer. She wrote over 50 books in the series so it is the second longest children’s series ever written (longest series was the Biggles series about pilot)- the Chalet Series has quite a fanbase, and some fans have published ‘fill-in’ books to complete the missing terms from the series. (I love books! …and collect schoolgirl stories and also evangelical books for children)

    I cooked dinner for Mum yesterday (UK Mother’s Day….we will do the whole thing again in May for the German/continental version!) Lemon Chicken – which though I say it myself was pretty darned delicious!

    I have decided to defrost the freezer, so am eating my way through the contents! A few bits of chicken, portion of fricks (sort of meatballs) in tomato sauce, and a couple of frozen bananas left – I should have it empty for the weekend…..then I can restock. I have the Fast Cook book and will make some of the spag bol for the freezer (add some spiralized veg ‘pasta’ and I can have that for a fasting day meal!)…I also have a hankering for a nice burger – I make my own – only 20z (50g) of beef in each. They are quite small, but they do hit the spot when I NEED a burger! (And being home made, I can control what goes into them)- and the same burger mix can easily be adapted for filling stuffed cabbage leaves.

    I am so cold at the moment….I will go and grab a wrap for my shoulders and put the bar-fire on and do some knitting….I will NOT use the cold weather as an excuse to have tea and toast (dripping with butter and peanut butter and mixed berry jam!) followed by biscuits to dunk in my tea!

    Although I can’t use the scales today, I am confident I have lost a bit this week!..clothes are feeling looser if that makes sense!

    Hotters!…Oh Yes!… I had a much loved pair of bright pillar box red lace ups for Ages! They made me smile every time I put them on. The current pair are a sober dark navy blue. Hmm. Maybe I need to raid the money pig when I hit the next target weight, and buy something in a cheerful colour again!

    Hope you had a lovely suprise when you put the new batteries in your scales.

    So, here we are, another week gone…another Sunday is here!

    ikandoo, good to see another Hotter fan! Their shoes are so comfy! Go for the cheerful red shoes as your next ‘reward’!

    The freezer has been defrosted – and restocking has begun….frozen bananas (I love them!)…and chicken thighs (I cook one with a slather of joghurt and Dijon mustard….adapted from the ‘Fast Cook’ book…great book for inspiration – and as a total foodie I love to read cook books – this one doesn’t tempt me off the straight and narrow on a fast day!)

    I am planning on baking this week – time to plan the year’s Easter bread. I have a recipe, so will just need to make sure I have the dried fruit and spices…just the one loaf for me, sliced and put in the freezer to limit temptation, but I will bake bread as a gift for others too.

    It is also coming to the time when I need to check my spring/summer wardrobe…I have a couple of new teeshirts which should see me through the year, and summer nighties were bought last year….so I will have stuff that is not ‘indecently’ large! The only issue is going to be trousers/jeans…my hips are a good size and a half bigger than my waist!….Still, it is something ‘new’ for me to be looking at clothes, I used to just struggle into whatever I could find that came close to fitting!

    Now…the scales have batteries…and what do they have to say this morning?

    14 stone…4 1/2 pounds

    Oh, that’s not bad! A pound and a half down! (aka 3 packs of butter!)….not long now and I’ll start hoping for the 13 stone something mark!

    Sunday again!…and Palm Sunday – almost Easter!

    I baked Easter Bread this week – I went for an enriched loaf, with blueberries, cranberries and orange, and a mixture of cinnamon and mixed spice. Though I say it myself, the result was really rather good! …and I am pleased to report that it is all sliced up, bagged in single portions and safely in the freezer!…on Tuesday/Wednesday I will bake the bread to give as a gift – no temptation to eat that! I may decide to honey-glaze the bread to give away (honey-glaze is too sweet for my taste, but I know others like it!)

    As a Christian, this is an important time of year to me….in some ways bigger than Christmas. The main challenge will be to focus my attention on the true meaning of Easter…which is NOT the consumption of my own body-weight in chocolate eggs!!!

    I had to go to the dentist again this week…I lost a filling…not my favourite place t visit! But I used it as an opportunity to make that day a fast day…much easier to fast when you don’t feel like eating!!!

    I bought a new pair of jeans this week…and how awesome does that sound!…a NEW pair of jeans….last year I bought my first jeans EVER!…now I am happily talking about buying a new pair as if it quite the done thing – it still feels amazing!…and these jeans…are PINK!…sure they are a large size – but who cares! Not that long ago I never thought I’d be wearing any clothes in any colour other than black or navy (maybe deep brown if I was feeling funky!) because they are sooooo slimming!!!!

    So, what did the scales have to say this morning?

    14 stone…4 pounds…hovering just under….

    Another half pound….another pack of butter…and if I feel a bit miffed (I was so good this week!) then I just need to remember that it was a pound and a half last week…so still the pound average that is about the norm for this way of eating!

    You’re doing great! More than enough reason to celebrate!

    Great job! I enjoy your success. πŸ™‚

    Oh well done again Buttonboots Love this thread Xx

    What?? A Chalet School fan? How brilliant is that! I can’t count how many times I’ve re-read the whole series and still love them.

    I’m learning a lot, reading your blog, so I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me on my first fast day.

    Happy Easter!….Christ is Risen!

    It has been a busy week, getting the last bits ready for Easter.

    Easter Bread was safely given away -my portions being carefully portioned and frozen. Bread is a real weakness of mine – just baked…fresh and warm and squidgy!

    I will be wearing that green twin-set today!…Bought on offer in the hope I would get in to it…which I did!

    I enjoyed a burger during the week….home made! I really had a fancy for a burger, so sat myself down and asked myself what EXACTLY did I want…was it the meaty sandwich? (in which case would a lean chicken sandwich hit the spot?)…was it the chips that so often go with the burger?( in which case how about some nice oven baked wedges instead?)….and I decided it was actually the meat patty I craved – not the bun or the chips – so that’s what I had for my evening meal, a lovely juicy burger (home made = no additives and no ‘fillers’) cooked ever so slightly rare, with a big plate of salad…I just LOVE the way no food is forbidden, and also that I am starting to be able to make the healthy choices!

    On the scales this morning….14 stones…..3 pounds

    There goes yet another pound!…(even with that burger…and a couple of mini eggs…)

    Off now to listen to the Easter Service and have a hot cross bun for breakfast!

    Easter Blessings to all!

    Happy Easter Buttonboots!

    Bet you looked a treat in that green twin-set!

    That is a good idea, there — to have a tangible marker of success. You’ve sent me scurrying to my boxes for a slightly too-small item (God knows I have a few) as my new measuring stick.

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter Buttonboots πŸ™‚ You are an inspiration to me! I love reading your updates πŸ™‚ You are strong!! xx

    Bleargh!!!!….I have had such a heavy cold this week….really run down with it (so OF COURSE my skin broke out in sympathy!)…I had a couple of days of ‘everything aches’ and steadfastly resisted the lure of the ‘feed a cold’ temptation.

    I did, however, make the decision to do just the one fast day during the week…so I have had a stay-the-same week….it happens and I will accept it.

    One thing made me smile….I was sorting through my wardrobe – looking at the winter stuff deciding what to pack away for now and what will not be worn again…and equally opening up the suitcases and looking at the spring/summer stuff I have. Mum was with me and we had a small pile of items that are due to be taken to the charity shop. Opening a drawer, I looked at a few hand-knitted jumpers. Somewhat reluctantly I put one onto the charity pile and then looked at the next – I used to love that one….navy and white oblique stripes and batwing sleeves…but now, add a couple of poles and it would make a nice tent!…Mum sighed as she looked at it (she is the one who knitted it)…”Why did you have to go and lose so much weight!!!!”… Actually, Mum has been my greatest support in 5:2, – and I’m sure she will happily knit me a new one – or perhaps I will do one myself, I have recently taught myself cable-knitting.

    I have been trying out a few different ‘milks’ with my breakfast oats recently. I have started soaking a portion of oats overnight – and then I can eat the as they are in the morning, or heat them like porridge…and add whatever fruit I like….Coconut milk wasn’t a favourite with me (but I do like this in my veggie smoothies) but almond milk worked rather well.

    Fasting day today…I am thinking of taking a chicken thigh out of the freezer, and marinading it for a few hours in low-fat joghurt and curry spices before cooking it and serving it with cauliflower ‘rice’ ….a curry dinner even on a fast day!

    Your Mum sounds adorable — how splendid to have such a support! Bittersweet or no, yay for you in having piles of clothes too big to wear anymore. I look forward to the day.

    And I’m so glad you’re over the cold and going full steam ahead again. You brighten my day!

    Knit yourself a new jumper buttonboots πŸ™‚ You are doing so well. You did great not to give in to the “feed a cold” rule .. hope your soon feeling better with that.

    Have a good day xx

    Hey, Buttonboots!

    Guess what I got in the mail? A Hotters catalog! I thought of you immediately. πŸ˜€
    The Chalet School series sounds lovely. When I was a girl, I loved the Nancy Drew series. She was a girl “sleuth.” Quite the role model for girls in those years.

    It sounds like you are staying the 5:2 course. New clothes and better health will be your just reward.
    You’ll be over that cold in no time. Perhaps when Spring finally stays for good, you’ll be able to do a little walking outside. What do you call athletic shoes? Trainers? New shoes for you!

    All good things to you. πŸ˜€

    I’ve read that knitting gets your brain into the same pattern of brainwaves as meditation does…so knitting is actually killing two birds with one stones: you get a new, fitting cable sweater and at the same time get incredibly calm and relaxed. πŸ™‚

    Wait…there’s knitting here? Sign me UP! I’m K-Lo on Ravelry.com too.

    Here we go on another Sunday!

    Yes, Terry – I’m staying the course….I’m in this for the long haul. I put the weight on over a few years, it is not going to disappear in a few weeks/months!..I had a chuckle over the idea of my wearing trainers! On a good day, when I manage to get out and about it is in flat shoes which have a good support – and with the assistance of my wheeled walker!

    Knitting is certainly good for the mind!…and I highly recommend it as an activity on a fast day!…You get something to focus your mind on….you are keeping your fingers busy (and away from the biscuit tin!)…and you get the positive feeling of having produced something at the end of the afternoon!

    K-Lo…I’m going to have to look up Ravelry now!…as if I needed mire internet distractions!!!!

    Weight loss wise it has been another slow week…I did everything right and still stayed the same!….but I also see it as ‘oh well, shit happens!…and I haven’t gained any weight!’…(I always said my middle name should be Pollyanna!)

    I need to be careful this week…relatives coming to visit…so I will arrange my fast days around the visit – and be super careful to stick to my TDEE on the other days…that’s the beauty of 5:2, it is so flexible!

    Mum wanted to go to the craft/wool shop yesterday….and on the way back she stopped outside the bakers…

    “Are you fasting today?”
    “No, not today….why, do you fancy a cake?”
    “Only if you are going to join me….”

    I had a look in the window, what to choose?……coffee Γ©clair?….custard tart?….sticky bun?…..

    “Actually, I don’t really fancy one any of those today…shall we just go home and have a cup of tea instead? Maybe have a cake some other day?”

    Seriously, not so long ago I would have laughed in your face if you told me I’d refuse a cake!

    I think it is the fact that on a non-fast day, nothing is ‘forbidden’….previously, when I tried to lose weight there were foods that were on the no-go list…or they were so high in fat/kcals/points or whatever the particular diet used to restrict my eating that I couldn’t have them…and of course that meant that I wanted them even more!…Now, with nothing forbidden, I actually feel liberated and able to make those choices NOT to eat something.

    Aww, poor Mum gets no cake! Doesn’t that β€œOnly if you are going to join me….” tug at your heartstrings, Buttonboots?

    No? Good — because look how far you’ve come! Amazing. And free. πŸ™‚

    Big WIN, Buttonboots (but not for your Mama, perhaps?).
    I had a marzipan bar today and ate it and then thought – well, that was not worth it. You seem to be at the advanced stage where you recognize that BEFORE actually buying and eating the stuff. (Or NOT buying and eating it)

    It’s a pretty cold day today, hard to believe we will soon be in May!

    No, Lolly. Mum is terrific and thoroughly accepted my choice – she is so proud of my weight loss!….Austrian, I LOVE marzipan!(and Mum makes her own…I only ever indulge at Christmas!)

    There was a slight change in plans this week…no relatives, but they will be here this week instead -and staying for a couple of days….Now, they don’t know I’m 5:2ing…and I don’t think they will find out this week! (last time I saw the the weight loss was noted and commented on favourably, but my reluctance to discuss it was also taken on board!)…cake is already being planned and baked!…I will join the group and probably take one slice of my favourite cake – and then stick to coffee….there is also talk of going out for a meal – not my favourite activity (part of my HFA means that I don’t like eating n public…and have loads of rules to be followed if I DO go out!)…it might mean that I make the decision to just fast one day this week – we shall see.

    On the scales this morning…

    Hovering around the 14 stone 2.5 pound mark…so at least a half pound off this week (another pack of butter!)….it might be a little more but the scales were hovering under and then back up…so I’ll happily just take the half!

    Not being to exercise much/at all makes weight loss tough and slow – but it speaks volumes for the 5:2 plan that it even works without exercise!

    If eating out with strangers is an issue for you, Buttonboots, perhaps you could make that day a fast day. Then you could join the family and celebrate but just have, perhaps, a sparkling water and some coffee.

    We recently had friends visiting. It was a new city for them and they wanted to see things and experience things I’d told them about. We went to several restaurants on my fast days and proprietors didn’t seem to mind my abstaining at all if we had several meals between us.

    Thanks LA Chubster…the problem with designating the day as a ‘fast’ day would be that one of my close relatives is the sort who would make a HUGE thing of it if I wasn’t eating. I haven’t told her about 5:2ing…I really don’t feel the time is right yet. …And even not-eating in a restaurant is an issue for me without prior planning (I need a table in the corner… and my chair has to face the wall so that no other customer can see me!…and if I am having a bad day I will be mute, so no conversation!)

    Mum is fantastic and will back me up in whatever decision I make.

    Those are magic inspirational words, Buttonboots …’whatever decision I make…’. If there is one thing 5:2 has done for me -apart from the weight loss of course – it is the development of the ability to say ‘No’ very gently but firmly to the things I really feel I cannot do. Before 5:2 I tended to say yes to everything…but 5:2 lowers weight and guilt levels I’ve found.

    Love to you this week!

    Restaurant meals are a special kind of purgatory for me, for much the same reasons.

    What I find so encouraging about your journey is the way you have made a very personal programme to fit what works for you. You’ve made decisions and adjustments. All things you can live with, and food you’re happy with. Not to mention that you’re living proof that 5:2 works very long-term!

    Somewhere, there’s a butter mountain — but you’re no longer carrying it!

    I LOVE the idea of a buttonboots butter mountain!

    In my younger years, before disability really hit, I used to do a bit of mountain walking…I really miss that…..but the Butttermountain is one I am happy not to see again!!

    I like to think that it’s somewhere near the Tiernsee…

    Another week over!

    The family visit went better than expected.I managed to avoid the temptations of cake – and the weather proved an unexpected ally when it cam to the dreaded meal out. We had a HUGE hailstorm, and it was agreed that we would not go out after all. Instead, I offered to show off my spiralizer, and made a large salad of curly veggies using all three of the blades.

    I did indulge in pizza this week….a design-your-own from Morrisons, where I can ask for a pizza without cheese – so basically a base, BBQ sauce, and veggies and pineapple topping. (No olives for me…PAH, there are very few foods I dislike 0 but olives are definitely on the list!)

    We are now into MAy….and the weather is cold and wet….still more ‘comfort’ food weather than ‘salad’! Mum has made some homemade milk-rice (a thick rice pudding) and I have placed my portion in the fridge to enjoy later today….probably with some poached plums and cinnamon on top!

    On the ‘negative’ side this week, I had to take a couple of dioses of meds to get me through the visit…and whilst they do their job, I know that they slow the metabolism – and also give me ‘munchies’! …so I have had to be super-careful!

    The scales show….somewhere areounf the 14 stone 2 pounds mark!

    This looks like a small loss of about half a pound!…More than happy with that this week!

    Now, I have made a decision for May….I am going to concentrate on healthy eating…and stick to my 2 fast days a week, as well as eating no more than my TDEE on other days…BUT – no weighing for this month!I still expect to lose weigh – but I just feel the time is right to give myself a short break from the constant worry of gaining/losing….I KNOW I am following a healthy plan, and the weight is slowly but surely going down – and it will still do that even if I don’t get on the scales for a few weeks!

    Even without the scales, I will still pop in here though!

    Yes it will, Buttonboots. I only ever weigh myself once a fortnight, and when I’d been on 5:2 for six months, I gave myself a ‘scales free’ month which was last month! Weighed this week, and was on target….so I shan’t bother again until June 2nd, which is the day I must start taking yards of material out of my favourite dress ready for a family wedding. Meanwhile a soft lace shawl is cast on to wear over it, and I’m enjoying knitting it!
    Glad you spiralizer was a hit with the family. Enjoy your ‘scale-cation’.


    Hello Buttonboots,
    I am in awe of your fantastic achievements, your friendliness and humour, and “go for it” attitude. I started 5:2 about 3 weeks ago and yesterday blew it spectacularly because I was in a snitch with some family members. I went from 119.6kgs to 121.4 in one day. In desperation, I came across your link in another thread and set off reading it. Half way through had to retire but woke at 4am and continued reading to the end of your entries. You are one incredible woman, and as all the others have said before, totally inspirational. I will endeavour, like the page in Good King Wenseslass (spelling??) I will mark your footsteps well and step in them boldly, and perhaps achieve a bit of your greatness.
    Cheers from Queensland where we have had our first cold blast with winter coming on, but nothing to compare with yours.
    Warm regards,

    Well said, Fuvvie!
    Buttonboots is an inspration for me, too.

    Don’t fret about the mini-binge day you had and the weight gain, you can’t gain +1 kilogram of fat one day. Probably water retention? And yes, family members can be such a pain πŸ™‚
    Hopefully you are back on track and are having better luck today!


    I discovered your post today. What a delight! I have read the first page. Did not know that the story of somebody losing weight would be that interesting and enjoyable! You have such great personality. Cannot wait to read page 2 tomorrow. πŸ™‚

    AWWWW….thanks guys!…What lovely comments!

    Fuvvie…that weight gain is probably nowhere near as bad as you think!….as Austrian says it is probably mostly water! We all have days when things don’t go to plan…and all you need to do is start afresh the next morning…..Weather is starting to slowly warm up here…I have an internet-friend in Brisbane, so we sometimes exchange weather-moans…too hot for her, whilst I am freezing!

    I have had a bit of a miserable day today…not diet wise so much…but I have an attack of Hexenschuss….or as the English call it, Lumbago…the German is SO much more descriptive! (It sort of translates as having been shot by a witch!)…very misery-making…I have tucked a warm wheat-bag at my back which helps.

    Your post reminds me of a story we read in German classes at school about Max und Moritz (can’t remember the spelling of the latter). But they were stealing a chicken by putting a fishing rod down the chimney and the noise it made as they pulled it up the chimney was (again, the spelling is eluding me) schnoodivoop. It is an onomatopoeic word, the sound reflecting the action, and I loved it. Hexenshcuss is a great word. It is a little over 50 years since I did German so don’t remember a lot. Hope your back is feeling better.

    Hi Buttonboots,
    My comment will be out of the thread, since I am only on page 3 of your journey. I read that you are taking many meds.
    My mom taught me to be skeptical of all meds, and take one only if absolutely necessary. When my grandma could not live alone and moved in with my mom, she brought a box full of 15 different kind of meds. Mom carefully read all of the instructions and find out that some of the meds do exactly the opposite effect to body. She consulted with two different doctors to get better pictures and questioned the necessity of each meds. She went down from 15 to 3 (!). And one of the three was not on regular basis, but when needed. After we got rid of so many unnecessary meds, my grandma’s health was rapidly improving. Well, her memory (Alzheimer) was the same, but physically she was so much stronger, that we start taking long walks – about 2 miles at the time, she started to use a bathroom without support, eating so much better.
    I think, it is good once in a while to go over all of your medications with your doctor, and also have second or third opinion, to see if they all are still necessary. It really happened that they prescribe you first med, than second to helps with side effects of the first, than the third to help with side effect of the second – and so on.
    Additionally, you are losing so much weight and chemistry of your body is rapidly changing. So medical re-evaluation of your health is really important. Some of the meds could be for the illnesses that were trigger by your 21 stone frame, that new you maybe don’t even have anymore.
    I am sorry, that I am a bit emotional and giving advice when not asked to. But your story is so touching. Without even realizing you teaching me a lot. Your helping others, your relationship with your mother, and even knitting – the positive way to live. Congratulation on your success, and I am back to page 3 to continue reading. πŸ˜€

    A diversionary knitting comment — I have a relatively small frame but wear a D cup. My big problem with knitting for myself is getting the shoulders and the bust coordinated. I have all the books and websites at the ready to teach myself how to alter a pattern for fit. I just haven’t done it yet.

    I pulled on a cotton sweater (jumper) over the weekend and was astonished how loose it now is now that I’ve lost 8-9 pounds. I may have to steek the back and sew it up…and steeking would be a new skill for me.

    Fuvvie….I LOVE Wilhelm Busch. hi had a real ‘feel’ for the rhythm of language. His stories were MEANT to be read aloud! And the pictures were just so comical in Max und Moritz (I have this, and Die Fromme Helene on my Kindle – still enjoy reading them!)…you can re-acquaint yourself with Max and Moritz online….http://www.wilhelm-busch-seiten.de/werke/maxundmoritz/streich1.html
    …and the onomatopoeia was schnupdiwup!

    Coldpizza…I have regular check-ups with my GP…and specialists….all my meds are up to date. I agree with you that medication should be reviewed – most of mine is done each year – it’s important to make sure that firstly they still do their job (the body can get used to some meds if you take them for a long period, and they can lose their effectiveness) and also that the different meds don’t counter-indicate each other.

    K-Lo…well done on the weight loss! It’s fantastic when you see the results! ….but you do end up having to learn a few new skills with putting in darts, re-elasticating waistbands, et.c…you will be well-motivated to master the steeking!

    I have indulged myself…and bought a new flavoured-coffee…Maple-walnut flavour….these coffees are my current indulgence. Just 2 cals a cup (before adding milk)

    Fuvvie – if you reread Wilhelm Busch, give “Julchen” a try – the German version is here: http://www.zeno.org/Literatur/M/Busch,+Wilhelm/Bildergeschichten/Julchen/Julchen+das+Wickelkind (the link is just the first story, it goes on with Julchen’s adventures as a toddler, a school girl and a young lady – until she finally, finally she gets married.

    Thanks Buttonboots and Austrian. Have had a look at both and was transported back to school days. But will have to drag out the dictionary to follow the story accurately. The pictures certainly tell the story in essence. FD tomorrow. Chicken soup the order of the day. Just watched Eurovision 2nd semi-finalists. I didn’t ever have a figure like those people😭😩 Are they for real?

    PS. It’s not really 1:18pm. It’s 10:18pm here and I should really be asleep.

    Fuvvie, your German must be pretty good if you can read Wilhelm Busch – was that a special school or special lessons where you learned it? I can’t imagine German or Austrian school children learning English by reading poetry. Wow!

    The Eurovision semi-finalists – I think it’s like ballet dancers, if you compare today#s ballerinas to the most famous ballerinas of some decades ago, they are so much thinner today. It’s weird.

    Hi Buttonboots and Austrian, I went to a Lutheran school in Brisbane and German was the language studied and I did it for 4 years but really have forgotten most of it. Tomorrow is Sunday. Even though you aren’t weighing, hope we hear about your week and what you’ve been up to.

    Yes…it IS Sunday…and even without weigh-in I am here to update!

    THe not weighing has been enlightening in some ways. At first, it seemed almost a relief. No need to worry about what the scales were going to say. I KNEW I had fasted, I KNEW I had stuck to my TDEE on other days….So no need to fret about my weight. I will see a result at the end of the month…..But these last couple of days have been a bit of a struggle. All sorts of doubts have been creeping in…’are you SURE you stayed within your allowance’….’What if there is some sort of blip and you have actually put ON weight this week..you know it happens…check the scales and see of you maybe need to 4:3…or more this week!’…’Those new coffees are delicious – but are you SURE they are only 2 cals each…WEIGH YOURSELF and make sure you are not putting weight on!’…..I hadn’t realised just HOW dependant I have become on those darned scales! I have stuck to my resolve, and not stepped on – tempting though it is …’ooooh go ON!…no one will ever know!’

    I think it is symptomatic of society that we over-focus on weight and size….Of course, I know I am still overweight with a good distance to travel on this journey….But I absolutely refuse to define myself by my weight! I have lived too long like that. …If I am not defined by my disability then neither will I be defined by my weight or the size of my jeans!

    This scales free month is certainly ‘interesting’

    The coffees are certainly good! And it is a joy to drink something ‘different’ on a fast day.

    A current favourite on a fast day is courgette (spiralized courgette – so it looks like pasta) – a big bowlful – which is steamed in the microwave..then I stir in a teaspoon of home-made joghurt with spices stirred in (black pepper, touch of garlic and maybe a dash of chilli or paprika….or swap the chilli for a few chopped herbs)…and finally add a small portion of protein – a little shredded wafer-thin ham…or one rasher of well grilled and crumbled bacon…or last night it was a few prawns….absolutely delicious and so filling for very few calories and no carbs!…Especially good when I NEED a pasta supper.

    It is freezing cold here today..I am telling myself I actually prefer this to the blazing heat of summer! (Not that we get much of that in England!)

    Austrian – I think the use of story books for teaching languages is quite usual in some schools…I am different I guess, because my Mum is German and we had books in both languages at home – and I grew up with bilingual lullabies and nursery rhymes! …One British School I went to, the teacher German teacher gave us one 30 minute lesson a week for German reading – he brought in all sorts of magazines and books for us to read (Pop magazines, Story=Papers, Papers with Sports Articles…and short stories like Nesthaekchen) – I was one of the more fluent readers and would usually grab a Krimi! I think the first Agatha Christie book I read was actually a German translation!…..On the other hand, Mum was taught English in school in Germany and they read Milly-Molly-Mandy stories!

    Right…time to go and get the kettle on..Mum is coming up soon…non-fasting day, so maybe a chocolate too?

    Hello Buttonboots, Congratulations on overcoming the insecurities of NOT getting on the scales. I’m guilty of using 5:2 for weight loss primarily, but also hope to get lots of health benefits for the gut, blood sugar, mood and so on. How do you measure all those variables? The tape measure isn’t showing anything to date, but the scales were down to 118.6kgs this morning.
    You are lucky to have your mother. She sounds lovely. Enjoy that chokkie .

    Sunday evening…and this not-weighing is still causing me a few worries!

    I almost gave in this morning…ALMOST…but I remained adamant, and stayed off the scales!

    I keep getting this niggle that tells me I have put on weight this month…despite having 2 fast days a week = just like ‘normal’….I have to keep telling myself that this is ridiculous…but even if I DID put on weight, then so what? Of course it would be disappointing, but it would not be insurmountable.

    Fuvvie – I am just SO blessed to have a mum like mine! Really. How many people of her age (90 this year!) would be prepared to be a carer?! She is awesome!

    Dear Buttonboots, It is such a relief to see you. I felt like I’d intruded on your personal space. Just tell me to get lost if I do that. You have been a huge inspiration to me and I am very grateful. You can find me on can it all be fluid. I will be lurking but give you back your diary. You have great strength. I’m addicted to the scales but this early in the journey, they help to keep me honest. Hugs to you and your mum. FuvvieπŸ’πŸŒΈπŸŒΊ

    I am totally confused!

    Fuvvie…I doubt you would ever intrude so much I told you to get lost!

    I thought it was Monday today!….Those bank holidays get me so muddled! …Still that’s the last one for a while!

    We had visitors over the weekend. ..I have been strong and had one slice of cake and then stuck to coffee.

    The month without scales has almost come to an end…hard to believe that tomorrow will see the start of June!….I am SO nervous about stepping back onto the scales on Sunday!…In one way it has been liberating – but in another very nerve-wracking. I keep getting the nagging feeling that things have not gone well and I will have put weight on! – And this despite the fact that I have stuck to fasting!..It really does show the stupid fixation we have with arbitrary figures!

    I am fasting today …so have an afternoon of embroidery planned = and maybe a nice DVD….chicken thigh is marinating in spicy joghurt ready top be cooked for an ersatz-Indian meal tonight…maybe serve it with cauliflower rice?…the calories might even stretch to having small nectarine for dessert!

    Fingers crossed for the big reveal, Buttonboots! Endlessly fascinating, the way our minds work.

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