Buttonboots – My weightloss journey….

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Buttonboots – My weightloss journey….

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  • Wow, that bread sounds good.

    I am fasting today, homemade vegetable soup later for tea, then a liquids only day tomorrow. It works for me.

    Good luck!

    Hi, I am really new to this. I see that today is your fasting day and so is mine. I also am having homemade vegatable soup later on but I haven’t a clue how many calories in a bowl. Can you shed some light on this for me. Would be so grateful for a reply. Thanks. Pat

    Hi Paddy That is an impossible question. It all depends what is in your soup. To be accurate you should weigh and write down the calorie content of everything, then divide by the number of portions it makes. Mine is spicy carrot and lentil and I reckon it is about 150 – 200 calories. I have it quite watered down on fast days and I know that I will be nowhere near the 500 calorie maximum at the end of the day. I don’t weigh and count everything but I am losing the weight.

    Good Luck and maybe you could start your own thread to let us know how you go on? We shouldn’t really hijack Buttonboots thread.

    Hi Buttonboots, lovely to read your updates 🙂 I am so happy that you’re enjoying the clothes shopping. I’m exactly the same and go for comfort rather than fashion, but it really does feel brilliant to go to high street shops and find things you like. You’re doing great, and like the others said your updates are an inspiration to read.

    Good luck with the day, stay strong x

    Hello buttonboots
    just wanted to jump in and say you are a great inspiration for anyone who is considering trying 5 2 or struggling with it. I have just read all your posts and feel incredibly lucky to have done so.
    Keep up the good work

    Hi Buttonboots

    I have just read whole thread. What a great loss overall. How much was it fom the start? I have seen you on another thread I am on.

    Keep up the good work. Your determination despite your health problems is commendable.


    Wow! More lovely comments!

    Ginette…as I think I’ve said elsewhere, it is pretty difficult to assess how heavy I was originally…I just know I couldn’t use bathroom scales – which went up to 21 stone…My GP said something like 22 stone – but I really didn’t want to hear the exact figure!…

    I tried various diets and would lose a little and then plateau. My health issues meant that one day I was rushed into hospital (totally unrelated to my weight issues!) and I REALLY lost momentum after that – I struggled to just keep my weight even.

    Later I felt strong enough to jump back on the bandwagon of dieting (who am I kidding!!…’jump’…I don’t think I even jumped much as a child!…I limped over to the wagon and hauled myself on to it!)…One of the things I had tried was 5:2 and I knew this worked….I think I would have been about 18 1/2 stone when I restarted the plan…and this thread charts the progress down from 18 4 1/2 .

    I want to tell people…5:2 DOES work…it isn’t always easy , and you get crappy days as well as good ones…but that happens with everything in life!

    Hi buttonboots

    just read through all your posts, by ‘eck, I was on the edge of my seat hoping for the breakthrough to 15 stone something!!!! Brought a tear to my eye when I saw it.

    You are awesome, I think your journey should be mandatory reading, you certainly have the odds well stacked against you, but your journey is pretty much exactly as weight loss should be, about a pound a week. But to do it with your odds, amazing!

    You are indeed a shining light – and I love the picture you paint of the slabs of butter!!

    thank you for sharing.

    Awww milena…I am blushing at your comments!

    So….another week is over…and what a week!

    I saw the GP at the beginning of the week. I thought it was just going to be a ‘regular’ check-up. However, he decided that the side effects of one of my meds could be eased by adding a new medication to the ever-increasing list. I agreed to give it a go….and started them on Tuesday. Woke up on Wednesday totally drained of all energy. By Thursday I was dragging myself to my chair first thing and nothing else…no reading, no knitting, no nothing! Friday I just gave in and went back to bed!….The leaflet DOES say ‘may cause some fatigue’ but this was ridiculous!…..I finally decided to stop taking them and feel much brighter but still somewhat dopey today. ….Of course this is going to mean going back to the GP to see where we go next.

    Diet-wise I haven’t been over-eating but understandably I haven’t moved much either! So I wasn’t really that hopeful for much of a ‘result’ this week.

    I did manage two ‘sort-of’ fast days….and the other days were not far off my TDEE – although I wasn’t checking as strictly as usual. …..and I DID enjoy a few slices of my home-baked Easter Bread….and a portion of Mum’s special curry.


    5th April (Easter Day!….He is Risen!)…….15 stone…13…1/4 pounds.

    Well! That was unexpected! I was almost steeling myself for a glitch and a slip back over the 16 mark!!!…..I have actually managed to lose a smidgin!.. quarter of a pound…or a half a pack of butter!

    Oh…and I have bought some ‘jeans’ to wear this summer!…Size 26….and pull-on….but a real boost to my ego!

    So….onwards with another week….every little victory counts!

    Hi Buttonboots

    bet you are feeling a bit llike a guinea pig, at least your doc seems to care, hope the next alteration to your meds fairs better!

    You paint the picture well, half a pack of butter, a couple of Easter eggs too!

    Well done!!!

    Well done Buttonboots, you are doing really well.

    Sunday again…and although it is still cold here on the coast, the mornings are certainly starting to get brighter.

    I will be swapping my winter duvet for the summer one today….and have also begun the job of ‘switching wardrobes’…taking the summer things out of the case and packing away the heavier winter ones. Mum has been going through things with me – pointing out which things should go to the Charity Shop as the are too big for me now – no point in keeping them until next winter when I will have lost even more weight!

    Clothes are difficult…and at the same time something of a joy! It is fantastic to be able to look in High Street shops (well, some of them anyway…maybe next summer more will be available to me!) but I am at an ‘awkward’ size. For jeans for example, I need a 26 for my hips but my waist is a 22/24….I may need to invest in a belt or something!….and why do shops/manufactures seem to think the ‘larger’ ladies are all giantesses! I have to take every pair of trousers up by a good inch or three! (Even the supposed ‘short’ length needs taking up!) that’s a waste of good material I paid for!

    Fasting-wise…I have managed my two days this week. On both days I have completely skipped breakfast with hardly a grumble (I do have my first cuppa though)..to give a longer fasting period…then a light fruit-based ‘lunch’….and a small but satisfying main meal….yesterday I had an ‘English Breakfast’ for my main meal …poached egg, low-fat sausage, tomatoes and mushrooms (plus some sprouts…I just love Brussels sprouts and they are just yummy with the yolk of the poached egg running over them!)- very satisfying!

    Non-fast days have included the belated Easter Lunch with Mum…I cooked honey glazed lamb – it was gooooooood! The box of Hotel Chocolat mini-eggs is still not finished – I honestly don’t find it hard to limit myself to one at a time…not on a fasting day of course, and even on a non-fast day I sometimes think ‘I don’t really want one…maybe later’.

    So what do the scales say?……

    April 12th: ….15 stone….12 1/2 pounds.

    That is 3/4 of a pound off! Very pleased with that!….it’s a struggle sometimes but it is one I am winning!…and it DOES get easier (some days at least!)

    Well done BB and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who loves sprouts 🙂

    hi Buttonboots

    how are you well I hope, missing your updates.

    I am missing you too Buttonboots xx

    So am I.

    *waves at lovely people who noticed I was AWOL!

    Well…I’m back! I have been pretty miserable with my health for a couple of weeks. Skin problems flared up again – REALLY badly. ….and a deep deep fatigue. Not just a lack of energy but falling asleep in my chair in the middle of the day…various blood tests being done, and yet more visits to the skin clinic.

    I’m still rather weary at the moment…but back on my feet (more or less!

    5:2 wise ….obviously it hasn’t been my major concern! But, I have been determined to stick to my 2 fast days a week as much as possible.

    So….with some trepidation, I stepped on the scales this morning…..

    May 10th……15 stone (phew…not back over the 16 stone mark!!!) ….11 1/2 pounds.

    WHAT???!!!!….double check that reading!…Yes ! …I have managed to lose weight!..>WHEEEEEEEE!

    Right then…onwards with another week….I know things will still be slow for a few weeks….my skin is far from good even now…but I trust the doctors will eventually hit on something to soothe and heal it!…and the weight is still slowly dipping downwards.

    I have been noticing MUCH more ‘looseness’ in my clothing….very comforting and encouraging – especially as I felt strong enough to go into town last week and made the mistake of trying on a pretty little twin-set in the store changing rooms. ….PLEAE PLEASE PLEASE tell me they have those fairground distorting mirrors in there!!!!…I looked like a beached whale!…..(twinset went back on the racks…I could get into it but it was still a tad ‘snug’ for confort….still it WAS a ‘large’ size 20 so I was hoping a bit much….maybe next year?….DEFINITELY| next year!)

    Great to see you back Buttonboots! but sorry to hear about your health problems, I do hope the doctors can help you soon.

    Yes, you are right about the mirrors in store changing rooms, very unforgiving. You will be in those size 20’s this year, never mind next!

    Good luck x

    Sorry to hear about your health Buttonboots but lovely to read about your progress. As Applepie says you’ll be wearing that twin set before you know it. Take care.

    Dear Buttonbots,

    when I first joined this forum over a month ago and read through many of the posts, I read through all of yours and I have enjoyed reading about your success. I am actually relieved to see you have returned to posting. Congratulations on your continued weight loss through adversity, and I hope your health improves as you continue your weight loss journey.

    Warm regards.

    Hi BB

    So nice to see you back. So sorry about your health problems. You have made tremendous strides in your weight loss., with a staying power that is so impressive. I hope you are feeling better now and skin problems can be awful. I have a friend who has lukemia and he has awful ongoing problems. These are due to a transplant. He is on medication that is ridiculously expensive, but saving his life. He is about 50, so still young.

    Sometimes life throws so many things at us it seems unfair. Your health problems and success have made you stand out like a beacon lighting our way. We are all so pleased to see you back. You are inspiring, please believe this.

    Some people let disabilities get them down. You have helped all people with disabilities. A true champion.

    May your health continue to improve and your weight melt away.


    Hi Buttonboots

    soooo pleased to hear from you, and you continue to indpire and amaze!!!

    Re the mirrors, Ive seen the beached whale for years, M&S is particularly bad, might explain their losses in ladies clothing. Imagine being able to increase business by millions just by changing a few mirrors. But the head honchos will be men and woman who wouldn’t dream of buying thrir clothes their, and the design team will be young size 10s who have never seen the whale. Always take an honest friend!

    I use aloe vera, found it helpful for my skin, cant imagine it being as good as medicated cream, but I have always used it on my cats. According to my vet, if it gets licked off, its is actually kind to the stomach. Another thing I began by using on my cats but have used myself for many years are the bach flower remedies. Illness can affect our emotions in many ways, might be worth looking it up. Mentioned it only because Ive been treating my very ill cat, frankly my dying cat and have spent some very long nights with her. Ive been mixing remedies for both her and myself. She hasn’t been able to walk for days, but wandered – staggered more like- into my bedroom to wake me. Hubby says she has been grumpy all morning, as she has always mumped, a great sign.

    Hope you turn a corner soon, and have a great week!!!

    hi buttonboots totally love you,ive just started 5;2 these last 2 weeks and enjoying it…sat for a hour and read your blog from start to finish,love your honesty about it all..it seems slow to be coming off me but ive got 3 stone to lose so taking it a day at a time..best wishes carol

    Hi Buttonboots. Wow, I have just devoured your thread and it has really really inspired me. Thank you. I have bad psoriatic arthritis and I really feel for you trekking back and forwards with doctors and meds. Much like my own life. You are an amazing and inspiring woman. Have a good week and I look forward to following your journey 🙂

    Didn’t get much of a chance to write anything yesterday….and only just grabbing a few minutes today!

    no weight recording yesterday – I usually fast on a Saturday and then weigh-in on a Sunday….but I ended up switching a few things around….there have been a couple of family events this last week. …So I was non-fasting on Saturday and didn’t want to dishearten myself by stepping on the scales when I knew I would ‘weigh heavy’ due to extra water.

    Bank Holiday today AND another family ‘do’…as ever, the family celebration was coffee and cake….I am non-fasting today , so could allow myself a small treat. (the beauty of 5:2 is that it accommodates ‘normal’ life with things like birthdays!)..there were 3 cakes on offer, I took a small sliver of chocolate fudge cake – it was nice enough but SO sweet and rich!

    I also had a minor ‘crisis’ when my freezer broke down…I had to arrange things so I was eating up the thawed contents!….New freezer will be bought this week I hope…these things are sent to try us!

    Fasting Day planned for tomorrow…and then hopefully on Saturday with a weigh-in again on Sunday!

    Here I am again!

    Oh those family does are calorie/fat laden! Very few people know that I am 5:2ing (I have ‘failed’ so often at losing weight…I have been keeping this strictly under-my-hat….some people have noticed a slight change…others either don’t notice or don’t mention it!)

    Providing I can arrange my fast days so they don’t coincide with celebration days I am fine. This plan is usefully flexible that way.

    The weather is starting to get warmer….although living by the sea means that we often get sea breezes (and sea gusts…and sea gales too!)

    My ‘normal’ breakfast has switched from porridge to branflakes for the warmer months…still with lovely fruit on top. (Blueberries this morning…I just love them!)

    I have been doing a fair bit of knitting…My OCC boxes are almost finished…and I have also got one of those ‘adult colouring books’ – sometimes my fingers cramp too much for knitting – I’m hoping the colouring will be possible!….and soon I need to make a start on my Christmas cards! (I embroider a dozen or so each year for close friends/family)….I like to keep myself busy!

    New freezer arrived and has some of my favourites safely tucked inside…..I always like to keep some frozen fruit – mixed berries are good and I love frozen bananas in summer (smush them up and they are like icecream!)….and I keep small portions of chicken cooked in various space combos , so on a fasting day I just need to grab a pack and defrost, then add some steamed veggies (or salad now the weather is warmer) for a main meal.

    Non-fast day today…I have a little piece of beef I shall roast (slightly rare) with steamed veggies, horseradish-spiced gravy, and maybe a Yorkshire….don’t know yet about potatoes….if it’s just me I shall probably not bother, but I am going to invite Mum to stay over, so she how she feels….and a sort-of-trifle afterwards. Not something I usually do just for myself (because lets face it I’m a bit of a greedy-pig over trifle and would scoff the lot at once!) I have done sugar-free jelly with fruit and some low-fat custard., I’ll swirl a little joghurt on just before serving. (not a proper trifle I know, but I have a hankering for something sweet and even on a non-fast day I need to be careful!)

    Weight check time….

    15 stone…10 pounds


    A pound and a half down…3 packs of butter!….there is nothing so encouraging when losing weight as seeing results! I feel encouraged to battle on for another week!

    One more week gone…and are we really half way through June already?

    The big news for me this week is that I have bought a bra! This might not seem a ‘big’ thing…but believe me it is! Even if the far-off days when my weight could be deemed ‘reasonable’ I have always been somewhat well-endowed. As the weight increased, so did the boobs. Eventually I got to the point when I could no longer buy a bra to fit – and custom-made ones were way out of my price bracket….this coupled with the fact that my skin flares up so easily meant that I started going bra-less for long periods…and it has been YEARS since I regularly wore one!…Anyway, the weight loss has meant that I can start looking again, Ample Bosom have a good selection of large sizes and I found one that is 80% cotton (cotton is best for my skin)….Mum came over to double check my measurements…YES I seem to have lost enough to fit a bra!….ordered it and it arrived this week. (48E…which is a HUGE surprise!….but a nice one!)…and it fits…not only ‘fits’ but it FITS!….it was almost comfortable! A second will be ordered tomorrow…it’ll take a while to get used to the feeling of wearing it, but I am almost giddy with joy!….Sometimes it’s the ‘little’ things isn’t it! (If you can call these hulking great boobs ‘little’ 🙂 )

    I’ve been ‘good’ with my eating this week. The slightly warmer weather (which didn’t last long…cold and wet AGAIN today!)has meant that salads look more appetising…and I keep an emergency supply of sugar free jellies ready for those ‘have to have something sweet NOW!’ moments. At only around 10 calories and zero fat a portion they an even be incorporated on a fast day if needed!

    My spiralizer has really been showing its worth this week. I bought it partly because disability means I need all the help I can with prepping food. (Knives are all but forbidden!) …and partly because I hoped it might help with healthy low cal meals on fast days….and it does! Courgette ‘pasta’ is currently one of my favourites!

    And then I had earlier spotted some yarn in a gorgeous shade of blue…I bought that and a soft muted grey to go with it…and this week I finished knitting a new hat for winter!

    So, I suppose it is time for the weight recording….

    15 stone…..9 1/2 pounds

    Hmmmm…I had thought it would be more than this!….But I guess that’s the way things go!….Some weeks you follow ALL the rules and get a smaller loss…other weeks you just ‘coast’ and the scales show 2 pounds ff (not that THAT happens often!)…Anyway…I will be positive…It is a loss…it is another packet of butter gone….and I have non-scales-victories to revel in…I can wear a bra!!!!!

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGH….I just typed out a long post and lost the whole rotten thing before hitting ‘Return’!!!….So annoying! (Still maybe it will teach me to ‘save’ occasionally when posting something long!)

    So….how much can I remember of the lost post…

    I recall typing about the weather…how it is cold now but I don’t mind because I’d always rather be too cold than too warm. After all I can pop on an extra layer for warmth, whereas if it gets too hot then I just swelter and sweat!

    Hmmmmm….then I think I mentioned the walk I took earlier this week. We had a slightly warmer day, which happily coincided with one of my ‘good’ days, so I took my walker and along with Mum walked the few minutes to the park. We were lucky enough to find a bench free, which gave us a lovely view whilst we sat and recovered ourselves enough for the stroll back! One of the blessings of living so close to the see is that it is not far at all to get a sea-view – which I love…..Whilst I don’t kid myself that this counts as ‘exercise’ it does count as a much-appreciated mood lift!

    And that led me to another mood lift….I went with Mum to the GP this week…in the carpark an acquaintance greeted us, she chatted to Mum and then turned to me. She admitted, with a grin, that she hadn’t recognized me at first as I have lost so much weight! It is hard to believe as I KNOW we last saw each other just before Christmas – so 6 months ago?…have I really changed that much in such a short time?…Still it was nice to hear that!

    Last thing I remember typing was that I am having Mum over for lunch (Turkey, bns mash. steamed veggies….fruit and joghurt afterwards if wanted)

    Right weight record time…..

    15 stone…..8 1/2 pounds

    Another pound (2 packs of butter!) gone……and I think I can now start hoping for the fifteen and a half stone!

    Here we go again!…another week gone!

    Just a short update today…I am nursing a bit of a headache….weather=related by the ‘feel’ of it.

    Not a bad week all in all….my brother came for a visit, non-fasting day for me but I still refrained from having the rich buttery sugar-pastries! I just had a cup of tea and a nice chat!…I was somewhat flattered when just before I left he commented on my weight loss….it is clearly starting to show! (Like the friend last week, it has been about 6 months since I last saw my brother, so ‘something’ must have changed in that time!)

    No need to cook today….Mum is providing dinner…one of her ‘special’ chicken and chickpea curries!

    Right….weight recording….

    28 June……..15 Stone….7 1/2 pounds.

    Oh yes! Another pound gone (those packs of butter are melting away 😉 )….If I stick to it that next half stone will be beaten this week!

    Right off for a cup of tea…see if that helps settle the head…….

    Well if I wasn’t inspired and motivated before, I certainly am after reading this thread.

    I’m in my second week of the 5:2 (down 1.4kg), and Buttonboots? Thank you. I have just bookemarked this thread so I can read it whenever I feel unmotivated. What an inspiration you are!

    I have just started my journey today and came across your journey so far, I have to say reading your post is funny and inspiring!!!
    Your humour and honesty is motivating – I will be following your story for times when I need motivation, inspiration and that little bit of humour/sparkle..

    Sunday again…time for an update!

    Firstly, thanks to Elphaba and dottiedieter…it’s been a bit of a surprise really to realise that others are reading my ramblings. I’m thrilled to think I might be inspirational!…thrilled and somewhat shocked! I am just telling it ‘as it is’ …at least for me. I am never going to be one of those ‘I lost 10 atone in 3 months’ stories! For me the weightloss is very slow – but steady (ish)…and it is staying off!

    So….on to this week…

    The weather has been really muggy – not nice at all! It has left me so drained and tired!

    Visitors again this week…and I somehow stuck to a fasting day whilst they were here! I stuck to a cup of tea…and no cake. Then we went for a drive which had the benefit of being a little cooling.

    Mitten-knitting is coming along. I just need to pick up the stitches for the thumb and knit a few rows for that and the first mitt will be done. Actually, the ‘trial’ mitt will be done! I have decided to do the real mitt on a size smaller needles and also to do the top of the mitt in the same contrast colour as the stripes on the wrist…..so a few more weeks work before they are done!

    With the sticky-hot weather I have been looking for cooling treats (and trying not to think of the luxury ice cream I know Mum has made!….it’s so good…I would eat the whole tubful!)…I have made some fruity ice pops (apple mango ones and pineapple/lime) which are zero fat and low calorie. Also I have been ‘inventive’ with drinks…I did an iced tea yesterday using cocoa nib tea bags with ginger, and adding a good shot of lime…really refreshing over loads of ice.

    I’m cooking chicken tonight…with a citrusy herb coating…..I will have some tonight and save a small piece for tomorrow when I will have it with a green salad …fasting tomorrow, it always help to plan ahead!

    Bit of a scare this morning…..I weighed in as normal…

    15 stone…10 3/4 pounds

    WTF!….There is no wat…NO WAY!!!! that I have put on 3 1/4 pounds in one week!….

    Deep breath, step off the scales and back on….

    15 stone ….10 3/4 pounds


    Take a break…sit down for a few minutes….resist the impulse to throw the scales out of the oh-so-conveniently open window….also resist the temptation to eat the contents of the fridge and larder in 5-minutes-flat (if I’m going to put weight on I want to have a darned good reason!!!!!)

    let’s try again…..

    15 stone 7 pounds

    Alright!…I’ll accept that!

    That would be a half pound off which sounds reasonable (if not as much as I wanted!)….and also means I have the next half stone target reached.

    Next thing to do though is to check my TDEE…double check to make sure I’m not over-indulging on non-fast days!

    Well…what a week!

    The heat has been pretty oppressive for a few days….I have just been sitting and sweltering! It hasn’t helped that my skin hasn’t been too good. Sweaty and Sore – not a happy combination!

    Still, I have got through it…and let’s face it, I live in the UK…summer is probably half over by now!…And just in case my predictions are wrong, I have a small but powerful fan set up in my living room!

    Great confidence boost this week…I bought some new jeans to wear this summer. They were bought a few months ago and I have all but been living in them. (I was thrilled to have ANY jeans…and especially these which have a ‘number’ for their size rather than a series of Xs followed by an L!)…anyway….I now have to start looking for a belt….my lovely jeans are too big for me now!

    With all the heat and skin issues I was feeling pretty grotty…and took meds on Friday…now, I KNOW that I can’t fast after the meds, it just doesn’t work for me…so I weighed myself first thing on Saturday…so this weigh in record is for a 6 day week….

    Saturday 11th July…..15 Stone….6 1/4 pounds

    Yay! 3/4 of a pound gone and firmly under the 15 and a half stone mark!

    Now, I am not a huge fan of ‘targets’….I don’t like setting myself up to fail!!!!…..buuuuuuuuuuut……my birthday is the end of August….6 weeks or so to go….how close can I get to being under 15 stone?


    You really are an inspiration! Not flashy, nor any huge losses, but a real slow and steady, hope the 14 13 arrives soon!!! Imagine that!

    Of course I know you have skin preperations – I do hope you see an end to the need for them soon – but have you tried aloe vera, not at all sure if helpful at all, but I find it soothing, Ive always used it on my cats at the suggestion of my vet – but I now use it myself, its helped with the dreaded under busom thush – the curse of the full breasted woman – I use canestan as well, but the aloe vera gives wonderful relief, helpful for son’s mild skin problems too, and excellent for heat rash I find.
    Am I right in thinking you are now less than 2/3rds of the woman you were? Gives me hope aiming to be a bit less than that myself, its great to be on this journey with you, though I’m just less than halfway there.

    milena x

    Hi milena…thanks for the lovely post!

    Yes, slow and steady is the way it is going – but it is staying off! I sometimes but a magazine and flick through weightloss articles…I get a little frustrated sometimes when I read about people who have lost 4 stone in about 3 months!…why can’t I lose weight like that!…but then I remind myself how far I have come!…I may not ever be the ‘poster girl’ for a magazine but I am my own personal success story and that is the only story that really matters!…and isn’t that actually true for all of us?

    It’s difficult to know exactly how much I have lost…(I was in denial for a while, and also too heavy for my own bathroom scales)…I think we decided I was somewhere between 21 stone 7 and 22 stone…scales vary, so it’s hard to be exact!….Allowing for the higher figure of 22 stone , and rounding my current weight to 15 and 1/2 stone then I have lost 6 1/2 stone so I am well on my way to being 2/3 of the woman I was!

    If you stick at the plan, then I am sure you will get down to your target – whatever it is.

    Good luck!


    Wow Buttonboots you are doing fantastically!


    I hope everything’s OK? It’s been two weeks now without an update from you… Sundays just haven’t been the same!

    Well….what a couple of weeks!

    It’s sweet to know that people notice if I haven’t posted for a week or two!

    To be honest, I haven’t felt much like doing anything for the past weeks. Posting has been way down on my list!

    I have had a really bad flare up of my skin, so back to the skin specialist. Yet another rejig of the skin meds. Which has resulted in bloating, fatigue and general uckinesss!

    Still….most of it is settling down, and this skin trouble is something I have lived with since my teens, you’d think I would be getting used to it by now!….Unfortunately I am also HFA (High Functioning Autistic) and like to run my life by laws/rules….All my logic says that if I follow the skin-med routine then I shouldn’t have any flare-ups, and then I get stressed when things aren’t that logical…and then the stress makes the skin worse!…a rather vicious circle!

    It’s similar sometimes with the weight…I WANT to believe that everything will follow a beautifully ordered mathematical pattern…I fast for two days with 500 cals…I eat reasonably for 5 days within my TDEE…and then I should lose a set amount every week…but of course weight loss doesn’t follow the perfection of mathematical logic! …it is SO frustrating!

    Anyway…I have tried to keep up with the fasting….and when I checked in the middle of last week I had stayed the same…pretty much the best I can hope for at times like this…I am hoping some might be water (one of the crèmes is causing noticeable bloating!) but we shall see if it shifts.

    I have just had my fasting day main meal…courgette pasta with broccoli and chicken in a chilli/tomato sauce…it was SERIOUSLY good! Very filling, deliciously spicy, and honestly, I hardly registered that the ‘pasta’ was just veggies!.

    Two days of visitors coming up this week…first one should be easy enough to deal with – one slice of whichever cake takes my fancy and loads of coffee!…..the second will be a café meeting. I don’t generally like eating in public, so might get away with no cake at all! If I DO feel that I can mange something then I have checked the menu in advance and they do a scone with butter and jam, I will order that and then ignore the butter part!…….That’s the beauty of 5:2…with a little forward planning I can meet people for coffee/cake twice in one week and hopefully still lose weight!

    Right…time to tackle the washing up…then shower and rub in assorted crèmes…watch a bit of TV whilst knitting….and soon another fasting day will be over!

    I missed my ‘usual’ catch up here on Sunday, just time for a quick one today.

    It has been a rough few days….pretty much not only house-bound but chair-bound. Still, it gave me a chance to get some knitting done – try and look on the bright side! Hat and mittens are all done, I am ready for winter!

    I am very dopey at the moment – but this too will pass. No surprise really that I am still at the stay-the-same stage. Drat it!

    I will NOT allow myself to get down-hearted! Life – and weight loss! – is a series of ups and downs!…I have come a long way and refuse to give up just yet!

    I have been fasting today – and had a favourite sausage (low fat) with carrot mash (loads and loads of black pepper!) and broccoli and a teensy dribble of chilli ketchup…yummy-yum-yum!

    Great British Menu is on in a moment…I do love foodie shows! (Bake Off tomorrow….droooooooooooooool!)

    So, still on track if not actually losing!

    So pleased to read your update, although definitely not pleased to hear you’re having a rough time. Your journey is such an inspiration. Take care.

    Hi buttonboots. I’ve got my fingers crossed that your health gets better very soon.

    I’m so glad bake off is back on. I thought it would be torture watching it while dieting but as no food is forbidden it’s not so bad. Work are doing a bake off later this week so I get to be Mary Berry and do a little tasting.

    I’m glad you’re staying on the positive side and so you should. It’s a plateau and none of your achievements so far are diminished because of it. Looking forward to the next update no matter the progress. It feels like catching up with a friend when you post 🙂

    Well, Sunday has turned up again…and I have actually managed to do a ‘catch up’!

    I am still feeling a little dopey, and slightly tender…every item of clothing feels as if it is lined with barbed wire!

    I have , however, been muddling through at my own slow pace.

    I have started some Christmas preparations….I have begun to make a Christmas Pudding…not an edible one!!!!! It is a hat in the style of a pudding, brown at the bottom, cream coloured on top with holly leaves and berries on top……and this morning, Mum is coming round for the usual Sunday Morning coffee/knitting/chat and I shall get out some old patterns and decide which Christmas cards I will make (embroider) this year…..I am competent at knitting/sewing but everything takes me soooooooo long, and I need to get a wriggle on if things are to be ready for December!

    Mum had visitors this week, and I baked a loaf of Honey, Date and Walnut bread…oh it was GOOD! The bread turned out perfect, rose beautifully, the fruit and nuts didn’t sink to the bottom but stay evenly distribute, and the sweetness was spot-on……I enjoyed one luscious slice, and when Mum’s visitor mentioned she was taking her grandchildren on a picnic the next day, I offered to let her take the rest of the loaf! 5:2 means I can enjoy a slice of that gorgeous still warm home baked bread….but if I had kept the rest, I just KNOW I would have made a cuppa and scoffed the lot in one go! I really don’t need that sort of temptation!

    I have also enjoyed a delicious scone this week, and some home made ice pops (apple and mango flavour…and yesterday I put a batch of pineapple and lime ice pops into the freezer to enjoy this coming week), and I have had a couple of rather scrummy Hotel Chocolat chocolates….which has been counterbalanced by 2 fast days and sensible eating generally!

    So….I stepped onto the scales this morning…..and……

    15 stone…… 4 1/4 pounds!


    That looks like about a 2 pound loss….but the important thing is the weight has started to shift again!

    Curry today…I do love a good curry!….and I need to keep an eye on things this week….I KNOW there will be ‘unexpected’ treats coming towards the end of the week….next Sunday will be my birthday, and that means CAKE!…and a family friend has promised some hone baked cookies….I must be strong!

    Here we are again!….Another Sunday….and it is my birthday!

    It has been a ‘sluggish’ sort of week. The heat has been oppressive, some nights have been so sticky and airless it has been hard to sleep – and I NEED my sleep!

    During the day, I have been relying on cool drinks (ice, thankfully, has no calories!) and my home-made ice pops…deliciously refreshing and much easier to incorporate into a healthy diet than ice cream (although I do enjoy the odd scoop of the ‘good’ stuff!)

    With it being so warm this week, it is hard to remember that in just a few weeks Autumn will be here and I’ll be looking at getting out some jumpers…the joy of living in the UK!

    I’ve been eating loads of salad this week…and fruit. When I started 5:2ing both salads and fruits needed a little ‘re-education’ in my mindset. Every other diet (and believe me I have tried them ALL!) encouraged me to eat salads with no dressing – with the new way of eating, I happily add just a little of my favourite dressing (currently Hotel Chocolat cocoa infused chilli oil….WOW!) onto a salad or a plate of green veg, even on a fast day (counting the calories of course!) and remind myself a little fat helps my body absorb those fat-soluble vitamins……with fruit it is different, many diets in the past have said fruit is ‘free’ (with a few exceptions) and can be eaten without worry – and I DO eat a large variety of fruit, most of the time…but on fast days fruit needs to be counted as part of my allowance! I cannot eat 500 calories PLUS unlimited fruit!…..Still, I am pretty much used to the rules by now, and when you think about it, they make sense!…and the plan WORKS!

    Not much exercise done this week…do I ever?….But even getting out was difficult. I DID manage to get to the wool shop and bought the wool I need for my teddy (next knitting project!)…I have some book tokens but haven’t got as far as the book shop yet – maybe this week? It will give me a chance to consider what to buy…a new cook book?…or perhaps a new addition to my collection of old girls’ school stories? (some publishers are reprinting lots of old titles)

    Foodwise….I had some AMAZING fishcakes on a non-fast day…and I really want to work on adapting it them for a fast day….the smoked fish is no problem, but I want to find a substitute for the potato (carrot?) and then I’m thinking some crushed up branflakes would make a good crispy coating.

    So….let’s get down to the weight record….

    15 Stone….3 3/4 pounds

    ALRIGHT!!!! another half pound gone for good! Not bad for such a sluggish week!

    And for today…YES, there will be cake (I have chosen my favourite…coffee and walnut), and I will be enjoying a chocolate truffle…and Mum is providing dinner…..but it will just be one day…back on plan tomorrow!

    Happy birthday! Coffee and walnut cake yum. Enjoy x.

    Hi buttonboots I’m in Germany and I thought of you. I check in every week to see how you are doin’. You’ve been a real inspiration to me and hopefully you will again when I get back from my hols. Germany is not a country that fits well with dieting and I don’t think the results are going to be pretty! Although the country is really great.

    Hi Buttonboot,

    Congratulations on all your progress! Wow, youre doing so well, and Happy Birthday!!!

    Reading your thread really inspired me to be so positive at the beginning of my 5:2 journey last November, and periodically I pop in to see how you’re going. Sorry to hear you’ve been so unwell, but good on you for sticking to 5:2 and it sounds like you’re enjoing your 5:2 journey too. You’ve inspired a lot of people.

    Happy Birthday again!

    A day or so late with the update this week.

    It has been a good week in many ways….

    After the ‘official’ birthday was over (and thank you for the birthday greetings!), I have had friends and relatives come by on a couple of days…..more cakey temptation!

    Noseinabookgirl…enjoy your time on Germany! I do so love German cuisine! I agree it is so hard to resist those tempting meals (and the Germans do some of the BEST cake around!)…but actually the beauty of 5:2 is that you can enjoy your favourite foods – in moderation – 5 days a week! So I can – and do! – enjoy some of what I call ‘home’ cooking on non-fast days…and with the colder weather coming along rapidly, I will be enjoying the traditional meals more often…and that includes some of my favourite German cakes and desserts!…..Having said that, if I was going to be in Germany on a holiday then I think I would accept a sight weight gain and just ENJOY myself!

    I bought some new PJs this week….what a thrill to go into M&S and look at the ‘just in’ range and be able to buy a pair!…yes, they are a size 22, but I could get into a 20…the thing is I actually want them a bit baggy…I hate tight nighties and PJs.

    The first of the Christmas cards has been embroidered…I now need to look for the right cards for mounting them – I might have to think about making those too.

    The coffee walnut cake was delicious…remains have been sliced into portions and frozen…..I will be enjoying the cake for a month or so yet!

    Now …the weigh in…….


    I had a sneaky weigh in midweek….it looked like I was 15 stone 3……Sunday came around, and I was all ready to see a small loss…..but….the darned scales are broken!…one of the feet fell off! Now of course it doesn’t balance properly. Sticking the foot back isn’t an option – the scales need all four feet aligned to weigh accurately….so…nothing for it, but to buy a new set!….I decided to give it a day or so and then decide whether to get the same style again or a different make.

    So, this week I just need to FOCUS!….Stick to the plan and never mind if the new scales don’t arrive before Sunday!

    Best of luck – have just started the 5:2 journey. Have found your comments extremely inspirational and wish you all the best for when the new scales arrive.

    Sunday evening…just time for a quick update…..

    The weather has turned decidedly wintery. I am seriously considering switching from branflakes to porridge as my ‘go to’ breakfast It’s usually October before I make that switch!

    I am also planning on batch-cooking some soups for the freezer. There is nothing like a warming bowl of soup for comfort on colder days….and they really are good on fasting days. Cauliflower and Broccoli is always a favourite (and can be ‘enhanced by a small shaving of cheese if calories allow!)….and I do rather love spicy butternut squash.

    I ordered a pair of jeans from a catalogue…and need to re-order in a smaller size….YAY!….Actually, I could almost go down 2 sizes as far as the waist goes (almost but not quite!)…but my hips are still a good size larger than the waist, so it is just the one size smaller…plus a belt to cinch in the waistline!

    Now the weigh in…….

    New scales arrived and have been set up….slight horror when I first stood on them as the registered 15 stone and 5.8 pounds ….I had to take a few deep breaths and tell myself that there is going to be a difference between scales!

    Now that was about a week ago (Monday I think????)

    I stepped on this morning…

    15 stone…..3 pounds exactly.

    I am not going to see this as a 2.8 pound weight loss in one week…lovely though that sounds….but these are new scales so I will just accept 15,3 as my current weight….onwards with a new week….and see how that goes!

    Here we go with another Sunday!

    New trousers arrived…and despite the fact they are a size less than the ones sent back are still so baggy at the waist that they need a belt! AND they are not elasticated waist they have a zip…a ZIP!!!!!….Yes, it sounds a little thing, but for years…decades to be honest!…I was only wearing pull up elasticated waist jogging-style trousers!

    I do however wish those hips of mine would shrink! And the belly get a little less blubbery. And the boobs shrink just a little! (Sorry guys but Huge great boobs are not all that desirable! They are so HEAVY….all ‘big’ girls know they give you back ache!)….Still…focus on how far I have come – and the rest WILL shrink a bit given time.

    I have just put the central heating on – just to check everything works)…won’t be long before I have it on for Winter….it is getting really cold in the mornings!…And I HAVE started having the warming porridge for breakfast!

    Veggie casseroles make a tasty fasting day meal for the colder weather…and I am enjoying baked fruit for puds when I need something sweet…I did baked pear with a sprinkle of cinnamon last week. Delicious! (And on a non-fast day I can add a spoonful or two of custard!!!!)

    A friend brought round a ‘treat’ this week…Almond Croissants half dipped in chocolate…I gracefully refused! In some strange way, knowing that nothing is forbidden really does make it easier to say ‘no thanks’!

    So…..what do the scales say this morning?……..

    27th September…..15 Stones……..1.6 pounds

    WHAT!……That is about a pound and a half off…BUT it also makes the drop to under 15 stone look as if it might be possible!….I LOVE this way of eating!

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