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Buttonboots – My weightloss journey….

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  • I haven’t had much chance to update my progress over the last week or so.

    It has been a rough couple of weeks – I have been spending a fair bit of time helping to look after the family member who has been so ill. I am so grateful that she is still with us, and of course I would do ANYTHING to help her at the moment…..but I am disabled myself, it has not been easy!

    I have managed to keep up the fasting – but have been taming meds which slows everything down for me.

    Anyway, the scales on Sunday….

    14 September…16 Stone 11 1/2 pounds

    I stayed the same….I am determined to see this as a positive! With all the stress I have been under I could easily have resorted to comfort eating …but I didn’t!

    Also, I have had a non-scales result…I took a trouser-suit out of the wardrobe and tried it on – to see if it was still too tight……Heeeeee! I have had to take the trousers in! They were way to big!

    I went to M&S today and decided to treat myself…to a packet of Roobius, Cocoa Nib and Vanilla Tea….hope it tastes as good as it sounds!

    So, on to another week….surely the weight loss will start again soon!

    Great job Buttonboots – stress is always so hard to deal with. So good of you looking after a family member given your circumstances. Very nice NSV on the pant suit!!!

    Thanks newme@50…..it has been a rough few weeks!…I am actually feeling surpringly content to stay-the-same weight for a week or so…this is a long-haul weight-loss for me, and I can cope with it slowing for a little …..the NSV really help with this!……so on with the day…I am making a super-low-cal and almost zero-fat spicy butternut soup today – I am restocking the freezer over the next week or so!

    Hi Buttonboots, thanks for keeping up with your posts as they are definitely inspirational to read. It’s really useful to know that the bad weeks do come even when you’ve stuck to the rules but that if you keep at it, then slowly and surely the weight loss will come (along with all the other benefits of course). It’s easy to read that you should be losing 1lb per week and then panic when it doesn’t happen.

    My own pattern was to lose 6lbs in the first week (no doubt water weight) and then either 0 or 2 lbs in subsequent weeks (measured on a scale that’s at least 20 years old!). But I don’t get disheartened in the 0 weeks as I can tell from the fit of my clothes that things are changing.

    I’ll definitely keep checking in on how you’re doing πŸ™‚

    Thanks Kosiejelly….yes bad weeks certainly come! I have been so tired this last week. Partly because I have been taking medication which makes me really tired – and partly because I am doing ‘too much’

    The Roobius/Cocoa nib/Vanilla tea was rather pleasant! There is a definite cocoa flavour to it….maybe a little too ‘scented’ with the vanilla, but a nice enough cuppa in the afternoon – and no need for a biscuit!

    Talking of biscuits…I seem to be beating the biscuit addiction! I am able to keep biscuits on the house…usually ginger nuts and forest-fruit go-aheads….and am happy to NOT eat any for a few days! If I REALLY want a biscuit with my nightime drink – on a non-fast day of course! – then I have one, and can usually stop at just the one (maybe two for the ginger nuts!)……As of yet I am not brave enough…or stupid enough!!!!…to try keeping a pack of chocolate digestives in the house!…or custard creams (always a weakness!)

    I am filling up the freezer at the moment…lots of 5:2 friendly stuff. Home made soups, low-fat/cal bolognaise sauce, …all portioned up ready for one….so fasting meals are just a few microwave minutes away in an emergency…..planning is the way to go!

    So…..what did the scales say this week?…..

    16 stone…..10 and 3/4 pound

    It’s a loss! 3/4 of a pound!…a packet and a half of butter!….the scales are moving again!!!!

    Plans for this week include thinking about a fasting-friendly porridge breakfast…I’m thinking oats made up with water…and some frozen berries mixed in when it is cooked…

    Great loss Buttonboots! And great idea filling up your freezer with lots of 5:2 foods! How was your butternut soup? I love butternut squash and bet it would be amazing as a soup. Hmmm I have a leek at home that would also be delicious in a butternut soup! Maybe with an apple too for a titch of sweetness! Oh and some curry powder – can’t forget that!

    Great job staying away from the biscuits. I can on fast days on non-fast days I have more problems. I have a few boxes of chocolate digestive at home as they are selling them cheap at Walmart so I’m stocking up! I really need to just put them in a zip-lock freezer bag and freeze them.

    Keep up the good work this week!!

    Well…I am still here…just about!

    There has been very little time for posting recently. Little time to do much at all really! Much of the time has been spent travelling to and from the hospital – accompanying my lovely relative for tests, tests and yet more tests!…And then there have been my own check-ups which all seem to come at once!

    I can’t really complain though…I have a number of medical conditions – one of which landed me in hospital a couple of years ago, and I only found out later just how close I came to not coming out again!….I still visit a clinic for this as an out-patient, and then there a couple of other appointments at the hospital too….and it takes almost all day sometimes!

    So, back on topic….dietwise….I have managed to stick to my fasting 2 days a week…and it has been TOUGH some days!

    Porridge is a great breakfast in the cold weather…but I still like my breakfast omelette on a fast day sometimes. And veggie bakes are delicious and fast-friendly and comforting now the weather is getting colder!

    Non-fasting days are still something of a surprise…like today…non-fasting…and a Sunday…so what shall I have for dinner…backed stuffed chicken breast with roasted Mediterranean veggies!….now, I admit it was absolutely delicious!…but where was the Yorkshire pud?…the creamy mash?…and/or roasties?…and for pudding?…fruit, jelly and home-made joghurt!….again a nice enough pudding, and I scraped the bowl clean…but where is the suet pud?…the pastry?…and the CUSTARD!!!!!….Don’t get me wrong, I still love a roast dinner with all the trimmings, …and I still believe a ‘proper’ pud comes with custard…but increasingly I find I am just as happy to skip them!

    Right…now for the weightloss….or sort of!….slight hiccup!…I was a little frustrated when the scales showed no loss….but as it happened I had a GP visit….of course he weighed me…’you are doing well’ he said, ….I just glared at him (I’m not really rude…just Autistic!)….’Really,’ he said, ‘ that’s half a stone off since I last saw you!’….so, I went back home and the next morning demanded that Mum let me use her scales….and had her doublecheck the weight…her scales agree with the GP!….I have decided that my tasks this week will include buying a new battery for my scales!

    So my weight?

    Somewhere between 16 stone 10 1/2..and 16 stone 7….does it really matter?…I like to know I am losing weight…so I need to sort out my scales…but I DO know there is ‘shrinkage’…my clothes tell me that!…and also, however much I jiggle around on the scales…even if I wear a jumper instead of my tee….even if I weigh myself after a meal (and I have done all of the above at times!)….the scales still stay under 17 stone!!!!….Now for some that might seem a shockingly high weight….but I am squeeing!….next stop will be the scales never again showing 16 stone….no time limit, it happens when it happens…but it WILL happen!

    Congrats on your loss and sticking to 5:2 , Buttonboots! You must have really strong willpower, considering how busy you have been.

    Hope all is well with check-ups etc.
    I’m glad to find out I’m not the only one to do the same thing with the scales! Lean forward, lean back, let my belly “go”, suck it in, get on, get off, get on, get off etc to see if it goes over the next stone boundary! … Congratulations!

    It must be so freeing to not feel like you “need” certain foods/meals now.

    You’re right! It will happen! And you are totally entitled to “squee” at your achievement! A month ago, I was exactly in your position, and never thought I’d break the 16 stone mark. I broke 16 this week! WOO! I still haven’t stopped beaming!

    Good luck!

    Hi button boots, this is the first time I have read your posts from the start, you are a true inspiration…I look forward to following you to under 16….thank you so much for sharing your progress.

    Well done Treat18, you must feel great.

    Good luck to everyone this week.

    Sorry, I mean Treat89!!!!!!

    hi byttonboots,
    thnx for your post…………. it`s a inpairable post.

    Another week flies by and it is Sunday again!

    Winter is most certainly on its way, and I have put the heating on!

    Hospital visit went as well…or otherwise as expected!…This week I just went the once – it was time for my breast-screening. When you are a somewhat larger lady then you have correspondingly large boobs….and that darned machine can be down-right painful!…Still, barring anything unexpected that is one hospital visit I won’t need again for a couple of years!

    This week I will be back at the hospital – regular check-up at the skin clinic. Shouldn’t be too bad – just a check and possible tweaking of my prescription cream/ lotions…it just seems every check-up is coming at once!

    (Well maybe not EVERY check-up….I have the dentist in January….and am absolutely NOT thinking about that until the New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    On Fasting days I feel happier within myself if I cut back on the caffeine…I still have my first cuppa in the morning (aint NOTHING gonna stop me having a ‘proper’ cuppa first thing!)…but I drink decaff coffee and herbal teas during the day….I am becoming rather fond of the M&S Roobius (Redbush) with cocoa nibs and vanilla – maybe a little ‘scented’ but still rather good….I have just noticed that Hotel Chocolat do a cocoa-nib infusion – no vanilla – I am very tempted to put a tin on my Christmas list!

    Baked fish parcels are also becoming a favourite….just place a small piece of fish on a piece of baking parchment, add some chopped up veggies, a small splash of liquid (wine if the calories allow!), some herbs/spices… fold into a parcel and bake for about 20 minutes until the fish is cooked….really yummy, and if tomatoes are part of the veggies than there is a sort of tomatoey sauce thing going on!

    Weigh-In time….and yes, I changed the batteries in my scales….

    October 19th…..16 stones….9 1/2 pounds……

    YES!…tis certainly looks like it is going down! Something like s pound and a quarter…ish….yes, it could be the batteries , but I don’t care! The scales are moving!!!!

    Thank you treat89, blacksharp1 and BrisTon….it’s really good to know people don’t think I am just rambling away here!

    Sunday again!

    And I remembered to put my clocks back! I was fasting yesterday…and I had my breakfast at the ‘usual’ time (as if the clocks had NOT changed)…does this mean I had an extra hours fast?

    I was at the skin clinic this week….my skin is NOT in a good condition – but the specialist has prescribed some new stuff so we will see how that works….I’m really hoping the new shampoo will do something for my hair – the last lot really dried the hair out……I have to say that I really MISS having baths with lovely scented oils!…I used to love a good hot soak (and would take a book or magazine and make an evening of it!….These days I can no longer get in/out of a bath (and no longer have a bath – I have a wetroom) and no scented products, only the prescribed stuff….still I need to be positive! I can shower as much as I want…and my skin is no longer trying to kill me!

    The Christmas editions of magazines are appearing in the shops – and loads of tasty recipes to tempt a foodie! At least 5:2 means I can enjoy some of my favourite treats…..and my German origins mean I do love my Advent treats…We have a tradition of having Advent Sunday coffee mornings, with biscuits…cakes…chocolates…marzipan….and it is only a few more weeks before Advent!….I must be strong!

    Actually I have proof of my surprising will-power!….Yesterday morning I realised I had no bread. I went with Mum to the chemist (which is a bus journey away) and then coming back realised the local baker closes at midday on a Saturday. No problem…I bake my own bread (usually but not exclusively using a breadmaker)…So I set up the machine, in with the ingredients…switch on and settle down to other stuff….only to be surrounded shortly after by the tempting smell of fresh bread…fresh, warm, crusty bread…and it was a FASTING day yesterday!!!!!….Not one morsel of the warm bready goodness passed my lips!…I just kept telling myself “I CAN have bread, but not today!” …Mum is coming over shortly to slice it up for me (My dyspraxia means I can’t use a bread knife safely)

    Right then…time to record my weight…..

    October 26th…….16 stone….8 pounds

    16,8!!!!!….A pound and a half off!…3 more packets of butter gone! (or perhaps two rather large and bulky baking potatoes?)….Dare I hope for the 16 and a half stone next week?

    Well….this week will begin with visitors from Germany…which means ‘entertaining’….which means food!…and ends with a family birthday…which means….FOOD!!!….I really need to focus on fitting in my two fast days..and enjoying the festivities but not overdoing things….and if I get a weight loss next week so much the better!

    Do you ever get the feeling that everything is going against you weight-loss-wise?!!!!!

    The new medication from the skin clinic have really helped – at least as far as clearing up the skin goes! However, a quick glance at the paperwork showed that two of them are known to cause weight problems. (One of them is a steroid)

    OH BRILLIANT!!!!!!

    For the first few days I concentrated on getting the skin under control – whilst still fasting one day and staying as close to my TDEE as possible for the others. Not so easy – Fasting Day was okay – but I was so HUNGRY on the other days….and really craving refined carbohydrates with a side helping of something fatty!

    AND then there was the family visit! Seriously, no-one does coffee and cake quite like the Germans!

    Home-made soups have been a real boon these past couple of weeks. So warming, filling and really low cal/low fat….and though I say it myself pretty darned tasty!

    I mad an amazing sort of sausage casserole….low fat sausages and root veggies (lots of swede…love the stuff!) cooked in the slowcooker with tomatoes and LOADS of chilli!….each portion contains just the one sausage – it makes a really satisfying meal for a Fast Day now that the weather is so cold!

    Yes, I also ate cake! But only ever took one slice of the sort that I fancied most on the day! Then I retreated to a corner and drank coffee!

    So….what did the scales say this morning?…….

    16 November….16 stones………6 1/2 pounds

    Oh I am so thrilled! I am under 16 and a half stone!

    Dare I hope for under 16 stone by Christmas?!!!!

    First thing to do then is to recalculate my TDEE (I do this periodically….and getting under 16,7 seems a good point!)…make sure I am not overeating on non-fast days.

    (16 stone 6 and a half pounds!!!….*giggles*)

    Well done you on your brilliant weight loss journey, I started trying to loose weight after I had my son who is now 3 when I weighed 18st6, had another baby in that time and been on various different diets, started 5:2 on September 28th 2014 weighing 15st13 and since have lost 20lbs, bringing my weight down to 14st7, 5:2 is by far the easiest and most sustainable way of loosing weight and I think it’s so great because we can adapt it so easily so it fits into our every day life πŸ™‚

    That’s really good news buttonboots, it’s fantastic to reach (and beat) those milestones along the way, really pleased for you πŸ™‚


    Yes 5:2 is fantastic….maybe not always easy – but it is doable and as you say, sustainable.

    I love the way it fits into my life…allowing me the family celebrations (within reason!)…and the warming comfort foods like sausage casserole (without the mashed potatoes and dumplings…and using low-fat sausages!)

    Well done you on losing weight whilst bringing up a baby…I’m childless myself, but now how temptingly easy it is to finish up the leftovers on children’s’ plates – and to crunch down on a Farley’s Rusk! (surely I’m not the only adult to just adore baby-rusks?!!)- I may not have children but I DO have nephews and nieces….and you are setting your little lad a terrific example for healthy eating – he will grow up with a lovely healthy slim Mum!

    Thanks Kosiejelly…

    I still can hardly dare to think about the amount I have to lose!….Small milestones are the way to go!…and it means more opportunities for the ‘little celebrations’ too!

    Hi Buttonboots. Congratulations on you progress. I started yesterday with my 1st fast day and I read right through your journey. You’re inspiring my dear. Well done. I’m a little older than you with some restrictions on normal mobility. I particularly liked how you kept yourself busy on fast days by knitting. I have busy hands too and can’t handle doing nothing with them, and you gave me permission to sit and knit, or sew or whatever, if I’m not up to anything else on the day. Thank you!

    Hallo Merryme!

    Thanks for the lovely comment!

    Knitting and sewing are terrific hand-occupiers. I am currently embroidering some Christmas Cards …and knitting a PJ-Case. (I like to have a few projects on the go at once…sometimes my fingers can’t hold the small embroidery needle but can manage knitting-needles….other times I just want a change!)

    Well done on starting 5:2…it really does work! It can be a little tougher for those of us who are a little ‘older’ …and disability issues sure don’t help…but this way-of-eating is doable!

    Fasting Day for me today…..just had a small bowl of porridge…..and planning on a piece of fish with veggies, wrapped in baking parchment and baked, for dinner tonight…..there are a few grapes ‘on standby’ in the fridge if I feel the need to pop something in my mouth at lunchtime….and fruit-tea to sip during the day…..and in addition I have set myself a ‘target’ of finishing one of my cards this afternoon – just need to do the snowman and stars plus some back-stitching of details.

    Sunday again…and it is Stir-Up Sunday!…one more week to go before Advent – which means one more week before all the goodies start coming thick and fast! Mum has already bought the almonds for marzipan (and walnuts, Dates and Cherries for topping/stuffing the marzipan)….no doubt biscuit recipes will be discussed this week!

    One thing I am getting more confident with is ‘being strong’…I know that I only need restrict myself completely on two days a week…on the other 5 days I am able to consider those treats…and I KNOW that I am able to limit myself to ‘just one of my favourites’….So when the marzipan comes around I will eagerly take one of my favourites (bear-paw…a small roll of marzipan half-dipped in bitter chocolate! mmmmm) savour every nibble and then politely refuse another piece!….Nothing is ‘forbidden! I love this way of eating!

    Fasting Days this week went well….lots of warming drinks…I have a nice selection of fruit teas – very warming, pleasant, and doesn’t need the biscuit to go with it like ‘normal’ tea does!…Another portion of that sausage casserole went down well yesterday, followed by a sugar-free jelly portion (2 course dinner on a fasting day!…*snicker*)

    Lots of embroidery this week…keeping those fingers busy!…And I can’t nibble when doing needlework – I wouldn’t want to smear the fabric!

    And the results for this week?….Here we go…..

    November 23rd……..16 Stone…..5 1/2 pounds

    Yes! There goes another pound! …Bye-bye!…Don’t want to see you again!

    So…onwards with another week….which I have just discovered may include a trip to Norwich…which means stopping off for coffee (and cake?!!!)…and visiting Lakeland (Kitchen Porn!!!!!….and so easy to spend way more money than I have!)…and Hotel Chocolat (focus buttonboots….focus!!!)……I will get through this week!!!

    Just time for a quick update…..

    It has been rather busy for a week or so! Lots of planning to do for Christmas (Being HFA I really, REALLY, like to get planning done….mental lists….written lists….double check them…..colour-code them…..I spend more time on the planning than I do on getting anything done!!!)

    It’s hard to believe that 2 Advent Sundays are already past!

    I will be sharing Christmas Dinner with Mum and an elderly friend this year…..Mum and I will be sharing the cooking….Mum has been AMAZING! She is determined that I will enjoy a delicious dinner but not ‘undo’ the good results I have been having!….Turkey crown has been ordered….and this afternoon Mum will be cooking /freezing a few bits for the dinner (red cabbage…apple mousse…cranberry compote)….and I will be baking some festive bread – spiced orange and cranberry…..baking bread gain on a fasting day!!!)

    And I really need to get those Christmas Cards finished this week!

    So…..just time to log in the weight…..

    16 stone….4 1/2 pounds!

    Alright! Another pound gone (for good!)…Someimes I wish it would go quicker…but the main thing is it is going!

    I need to book a check-up with my GP this week (just need a scrip for one of my meds that can’t go on my normal repeat prescription)…I know he will weigh me – he ALWAYS does! Hope he will be pleased! (A few months ago he showed me the graph in my computer records….a few years ago I was around the 22 stone mark!!!!)

    So onwards with another week or so….lots to do….and lots and lots more planning!

    Hi Buttonboots … I’ve been reading your entries, and just wanted to say that you are doing amazing πŸ˜€ an inspiration you really are! Have a good day x

    Thank you so much Dragon Fly!

    It’s good to know others are following my progress…and finding it encouraging!

    Sunday again!

    And another busy week.

    I had to visit the GP this week. Two of the meds I take are not on my repeat prescription, I have to see the GP every time I need a new supply, and thought I’d get one of them restocked now – rather than to find myself running -out on Christmas Day!…..Of course, the first thing the GP said was ‘hop onto the scales’! Honestly, I swear if I went with a broken arm his first idea would be to check my weight!….His response to my weight was a delight to see! He actually told me he was ‘impressed’!

    Then.as the weather is decidedly chilly I pulled out a leisure suit to wear around the house. It is a lovely muted green colour and very soft!…..unfortunately it was new last year…and this year I can barely wear it! The trousers keep falling down and the top simply swamps me….Mum laughed as she watched me try to make a cup of tea one-handed (I needed the other hand to hold up the trousers!)…We are looking to find a smaller-sized suit, and the old one will be given away. (Mum knows someone whose mother is a ‘larger’ lady….and this suit has only been worn a couple of times….)

    Lots of delicious and tempting food around this week…but I managed to keep to my two Fasting days….and to restrain myself on non-fast days!…I have indulged – but within reason. It hasn’t been easy – especially when those little German Spiced Biscuits appear – honestly you just can’t stop at one…or two…..

    I did a fasting-favourite of baked fish yesterday and added a good dollop of chillies and tomatoes which made a really good and seriously-spicy sauce for the fish….absolutely delicious!

    So, what did the scales say?

    Sunday 14th December…..16 Stone …..3 1/2 pounds

    There goes another pound!

    Chicken Curry with Coconut Rice today…and a chocolate from my Christmas box too!…I really love the way I can enjoy good food and still lose weight!

    Hi Buttonboots … hope you had a good Christmas! How are you going at the moment? I feel I put on a few pounds over the last few weeks, but am back on it now! Bring on the weight loss. Take care and stay strong x

    Well now I have just read this story right through and it was just what I needed to inspire me back onto the old 5.2 bandwagon again. I have had a rough two years with all the weight going back on again – dont you just love steroids πŸ™ BUT my start date will be Monday 12th Jan and inspired by Buttonboots example I shall not be worried if it is slow as long as it is steady that is the main thing. Well done Button, we shall all be waiting to hear how you got on over Christmas and if its anything like most people it may well be a gain. Anyhoo so what if it is, get back on that old wagon and keep the faith.

    What amazing thread this is and well done on your weight loss and your determination, very inspiring.

    Hallo! And a Happy New Year!

    Thanks for the lovely comments!

    Well Christmas has been and gone…and very enjoyable it was too! I surprised myself….still did my fasting! 2 days a week apart from Christmas Week when I just managed to fit in one. However, I was not ‘quite’ so strict with my TDEE on non-fast days.

    That’s the ‘good’ part of the last few weeks!….Not so good has been the ‘skin’ issues…I was quite ill for a few days…ucky wet rash and a bit of a temperature……still, we have all the stuff we need to deal with these outbreaks!…and the feverish has now gone – although you can still clearly see where the skin was affected!

    One lovely thing happened!….Before Christmas I was walking through Marks and Spencers with Mum and we saw a lovely jumper….’not for me’ I thought, ‘not for another year or so!’ …I paused to have another look and Mum came to see it too….I looked at the sizes…they went up to a 22….Mum raised an eyebrow and held it up against me….she suggested I try it on….stupid idea! I wear 5xls from an outsize store!….Mum laughed at that and pointed out I wear 3xl now and they are getting big!….so I grumbled as we went to the fitting room…I don’t think I’ve ever been there before!…I want to pause here and give a big shout-out for M&S…their fitting rooms are amazing! I am disabled and use a walking aid…without a word the assistant directed me to a ‘disabled’ changing room – large enough for me and mum to get into with both our walkers!…and with a decent seat in there…and an emergency pull cord…and coat hangers at a low-height!…little things like that make a huge difference!!!….anyway…back to the jumper…it FIT!!!!…I can wear M&S clothes! (Well okay…..I can wear ONE item…..)….Mum grabbed it off me and wrapped it up for Christmas!

    Most of the Christmas Goodies have now been consumed…so back on the plan again….

    Weigh-In has been a minor problem…I have a set of Weight-Watcher digital scales….and I think I mentioned changing the battery only a month or so ago…..Well I weighed myself…16 stone 9 1/2…WTF?!!!!….deep breath and try again …without moving the scales…16 stone 4….oooooh I can live with that!….then this morning I got on…16 stone 6 3/4….???!!!!….try again just in case…16 stone 8………..I have no idea what is going on with those scales!

    I am first of all going to look at one positive thing….however doolalley those scales are they are not able to show above the 17 stone any more!!!….and I will take a sort of ‘mid-way’ estimate and record an average sort of figure…

    I think I weigh something like

    16 stone and 6 pounds!

    When health and weather permit I will venture in to town and see what the Boots scales say!

    New Year ahead…..I don’t like to set ‘targets’ as I am just setting myself up to fail!….(I get disheartened by not attaining them!)….but I will continue to take great delight in my little losses…….and not a target as such, but 52 weeks in a year…say about one pound off a week….well 4 stone is 56 pounds…wouldn’t it be amazing to be about 4 stone lighter by next Christmas?!!!….We shall see!

    Hi Buttonboots! Sorry you were unwell over the break πŸ™ hope your much better now!

    Yayyy, I loved reading about the Jumper in M & S πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ So thrilled for you. You’ve done so well. I got some gift cards for M & S for Christmas, but will wait until Summer I think, when hopefully I will be a bit smaller πŸ™‚

    Have a good day, and stay positive .. I think you’re amazing πŸ™‚ xx

    Thanks Dragonfly!…Hope you enjoy spending your cards later!

    This week has flown by pretty quickly! Christmas is all packed away again until Advent (which will be here before we know it!)

    Our local newsagents is currently offering all sorts of Christmas chocoatey goodies on half-price-or-less ….AND at the same time they have a twofer on crΓ¨me eggs!… get’em early before they all go folks – only 12 weeks until Easter!!!….Seriously it is getting so hard to avoid sugary/fatty temptation…for the overweight..the health conscious…and little kids!

    I had yet another appointment at the hospital…and yet another change to my meds…Honestly I seem to spend so much time up there recently!

    Still…I have managed to fit in my two fast days this week….and get pretty well to my TDEE for the other days…..I had a really delicious Thai-style chicken last night…on a huge pile of green beans….yes I DID think a spoonful or two of sticky rice would have gone down well! But honestly for a fasting meal it was amazing! So satisfying!

    Non-Fasting Day today…so I will enjoy one of my delicious chocolates…I had a Hotel Chocolat Christmas Box….and have actually been able to make it last!…No mindlessly inhaling the whole box in one sitting! I KNOW they are not forbidden…(well not 5 days a week!)….so I have the choice whether to indulge – and many days I decide I don’t really want one! (Santa seemed to do a little shopping at Hotel Chocolat this years…chocolates…cocoa-chilli-oil….cocoa-nib-infusions (super on a fast day!)…and a bottle of cocoa gin!!!)

    Right then…what did the scales say this morning?

    11th January….16 stones and …..3 1/2 pounds

    Very pleased with that!….Whatever glitch happened with my weight or scales over Christmas…this is back to what I was at my last-before-holidays weighing…so right back on track!

    And onwards with another week…………

    I am about to start this diet and find all your posts inspirational as well as a little humorous! I am in america and don’t undertand the whole stones part but it is obvious you are making great progress.

    Have a great week Buttonboots πŸ˜€

    Thanks for the support leigha and Dragon Fly!

    Well, here we are again…another Sunday!

    Feeling a little stressed due to the inefficiency at my local GP…I took my new prescription request from the hospital to the GP surgery for my GP to write the prescription…’No problem’ says the receptionist, ‘ he’ll have the request this afternoon’….end of the week and NOTHING…quick phonecall to GP and they have no evidence of my request – the paperwork has ‘gone missing’. ..They have agreed that on Monday they will phone the hospital and talk to the specialist and ask him to fax a repeat request….My skin is feeling horrible – and now it will be a few MORE days before the scrip gets written and sent to the pharmacist and I can get the meds I need! GAAAAARRRGH! ( I will NOT hit the biscuit tin for comfort!…..actually there are only gingernuts in the tin….where are all the choccie digestives and custard creams?…removing all temptation was a REALLY good idea!)

    Anyway…..back on topic…fasting…and weightloss.

    Ordered a new pair of summer slacks this week from a catalogue (I am wearing clothes with ‘number’ sizes now – not a xxxxxl!)…I had to send them back…the waist is WAY too big. It is going to take a while for me to get my head around ‘normal’ sizing….I do seem to have a minor problem…my waist appears to be a good size or maybe even 2 sizes smaller than my hips! (All the women in my family have ‘good childbearing hips’…which would be less ironic if it wasn’t for the fact that I can’t actually have children!).

    When planning for this week I quickly realised that fasting would be awkward this week. Fitting in two separate days was going to be tough…so I made the decision to do 2 consecutive days….Friday and Saturday…boy was that tough! Friday was probably worst…usually I tell myself ‘no, I won’t eat that potato/chocolate/walnut bread today…I can have it tomorrow if I want’ but with consecutive days fasting I had to wait TWO days!!

    With the freezing weather (snow yesterday) porridge has been a diet-saver. Porridge made with water and a few fresh blueberries (on offer this week at Morrisons!) is warming, filling and comforting!…and it allows me plenty (?!!!) of calories left for a piece of chicken/fish with heaps of spices and a plateful of veggies in the evening.

    Right then….what do the scales say this morning?

    18th January….16 stones and 1 1/2 pounds

    WHAT!!!! That is 2 pounds! WHEEEEEEEEE! Four packets of butter!….best incentive ever to carry on for another week! (I still remember when I started 5:2 ..I was going to do it for a week…and see what happened…then another one week…and it’s still going okay, albeit slowly I’ll give it another week….and there is still a little bit of me that sees me doing this for the rest of my life – one week at a time!)

    Buttonboots you’re doing brilliantly! Well done on fasting two consecutive days, I don’t know if I’d be strong enough yet. Like you said, its telling myself I can eat tomorrow that keeps me going lol. Fantastic weightloss for you this week too πŸ˜€ Good luck with this week … I’m fasting Mon/Thurs, hope I get through it. The cold weather makes me want to eat more for sure.

    Take care x

    I’m keeping up with your progress on here Buttonboots and so pleased you’re doing so well. I know I couldn’t do 2 fast days in a row so am mighty impressed that you managed that.

    I’ve struggled a bit post Xmas. My fast days are fine but I’ve allowed my non fast days to get a bit out of hand. I think next Xmas I’ll have to throw in a couple of fast days rather than tell myself I can eat what I like for a couple of weeks as it’s thrown me out of whack. I’m reigning myself in now though and hoping to get back into the pre Xmas pattern that was helping me lose weight each week.

    Looking forward to your next instalment πŸ™‚

    Hi jelly, I am in the same boat. I am finding it hard to get back on track. I ate far too many carbs and crap over xmas and but on a kg or 2. Even last week I put on one more kg whilst on the 4;3. My body seems to be in fat storage mode now after all the carbs. Like you, I was doing so well before xmas. Its depressing!!

    Good morning!….’good’ being a relative term!…the weather is horrendous!….Sleety slushy rain, and it is oh so cold!

    Thanks for the supportive comments! I so understand the longing for comforting food in the cold weather Dragonfly (more on that in a bit!)…Kosie Jelly and Kindle, yes Christmas might have caused a blip – but that is all it is! A teensy little blip that we can overcome by going back to 5:2!…This is long term for me….the occasional sts or gain is NOT going to get me down!….I KNOW that 5:2 works!

    It doesn’t help that I have been a bit ‘uck’ these last few days….stomach problems, migraine headache and to top it all a crop of mouth ulcers!…The headache has meant that I didn’t want to do much in the way of knitting or sewing …and watching TV and reading strained the eyes too…One of my (many!!!) prescribed meds is for the migraines so I’m hoping that this at least is all sorted for a while!

    The decidedly wintery weather means that I have been craving comfort foods. Thankfully it is quite easy to adapt 5:2 to allow for these even on a fast-day! Sausage and mash? (why not?..one (maybe two depending on make)low fat sausage, mashed carrot or swede with a load of black pepper, no-fat onion gravy and a serving of green veg too)…curry? (absolutely…a fasting favourite…one chicken thigh with a low-fat sauce…cauliflower ‘rice’)….fish and chips (well…almost!….bake a piece of white fish, sprinkle with a few seeds for a non-batter crunch….instead of chips have a couple of baked veggie-wedges….then add a tiny sprinkle of salt and a whole load of vinegar! Instead of mushy peas I like cabbage or sometimes sprouts, both of which go surprisingly well with vinegar!)

    I was quite excited this week…a rather late Christmas present arrived….ordered from Lakeland (oh I love that shop!)…it is a vegetable spiralizer!….I can use it to make courgette and carrot ‘pasta’ (great for more fasting ‘comfort’ dishes) …and all sorts of fruit and veggie strips and spirals.

    Right then…what about the weight then?

    1 February 2015 (Wow one month of the ‘new’ year gone already!)…..16 stone….and 1/2 pound!

    Another pound gone….very slow but steady!….AND…there is every hope that I might drop below 16 stone this week! WHEEEE!

    I love this thread! You’re awesome Buttonboots!

    That’s all! πŸ™‚

    It’s been a few weeks since my last update…and this is just a brief one!

    I was started on a new batch of steroids…and have had a bit of a miserable time….some bloating and a lot of listlessness and general bleargh feeling!

    For the first week I just managed the one day fasting…but managed to get back to two fast days after that….however, I have made the decision NOT to weigh myself for another week!…The bloating is probably going to make me ‘weigh heavy’…and I don’t need that sort of misery just now!

    So…I am going to stick with things for the next week and then weigh myself…with luck I will have managed to sts during this period…we shall see.

    I need to keep telling myself that for me this is a long slow process….but I am going to get there eventually!

    To cheer myself up, I have bought myself a pair of new shoes! I can only wear flat shoes…and they need to be extra-wide…I tend to stick to Hotters shoes…the ones I have ordered are the ‘Tone’ style in Denim Blue….I thought they might look good this summer when I wear the jeans I haven’t been able to before!

    Fasting day today…I had porridge made with water this morning…and apple at midday and tonight it is low-fat chilli-sausages with steamed veggies….definitely back on track now….let’s see how things go this week!

    Keep smiling Buttonboots πŸ˜€ I’ve been absent from the forums for a few weeks myself, and finally felt strong enough to weigh this morning, plateau .. exactly the same for the last few weeks! It is a slow process, we can do it! Good luck with the week xxx

    Hi button boots wish skinny here, I did well for a while last summer then winter came and oops… Just eat when it’s cold.. And get down in myself in the winter months. Today after a spring clean blitz I decided right time to start again and I know just the lady that will make me strong… I read back your posts realise that you have now lost over 2 stone!!!! Amazing inspiration.. I want to get back on track again as I weighed myself and I’m 188 pounds… Too heavy !!!!! Not fitting in to my trousers for work etc…. So just to say you inspired me to get going again I want to like my body again!!! Keep up your posts big hugs

    Hi wishskinny!….thanks for the kind words!…and well done for getting back on the plan!…you know it works!

    I braved the scales at the weekend and am actually pleased with the result….

    6th March…hovering around the 16 stone 1 pound mark….maybe 1 1/2

    Which means that despite the steroids playing merry-hell with the plan, I am more-or-less where I was!

    The weather here is cold enough that warming soups and stews are still really welcome….and they fit nicely into a fast day too!

    I had a slight surprise the other week….I was looking at buying a new pair of shoes…and it seems as if my feet have shrunk!…Same style as usual but I seem to need a half size smaller….now if only the tummy, hips, butt and boobs would follow the example of my feet!!!!

    Hi buttonboots and wishskinny! Hope your both doing well today. The weather is gorgeous in the UK today, although slightly cool. I went for a long walk at lunch, and came back to read your posts. So motivating!

    Have a great day and stay positive xx

    Just time for a quick update……I have had a really heavy cold. but am still 5:2ing!

    First thing s first…the result of the scales this week….

    23 March….16 stones and 1/2 a pound

    So between a half pound and a pound off….that is one or two packs of butter!

    I know the weight loss is slooooooooooooooow but recently it has been with almost zero exercise!

    It is important to remember that there is no such thing as ‘normal’….just ‘normal for me’….I will never get the quick results…but the weight IS shifting…and WILL stay off!

    This coming week will have one challenge…I want to try the recipe for my Easter Bread (I do ‘special loaves’ at Easter and Christmas)….Christmas was spiced orange and cranberry and was one of my most popular yet!..For Easter I was thinking of a light bread with dates, walnuts and hot-cross bun spices, and a honey glaze….I really hope I get the recipe right pretty much first time – so I don’t have to bake more loaves to ‘tweak’ the recipe (and then eat all the bread…’cos it’s a shame to waste it!)

    Well, here we are again…another Sunday!

    It has been fairly quiet….disability issues have meant I upped the meds at the beginning of the week and this always makes me sluggish!…Still it means all the more time for getting on with my knitting!

    The weather is stubbornly cold and damp here on the East Coast – thick sea fog at the moment…..Still, I have a freezer packed with comforting foods (thick peas soup , with low fat sausages added…..veg and barley soup….home made curry – cheaper and MUCH healthier than takeaway, and pretty darned tasty!…) Being prepared is the key to success!

    I am still getting almost tearfully happy at clothes buying….I am not a fashionista – I wear what feels comfy, but it is such a joy to be able to look in places other than the outsize catalogue that stocks 5XL and larger!
    Okay, so I am looking at size 20/22 but it has been YEARS since I could even dream of shopping for clothes on the High Street!

    Dinner today will be Goulash, Red Cabbage and Dumplings…no potatoes for me as I will have the dumplings (semolina ones, yum!)….One of the big plus points of 5:2 is that I can still eat my favourite meals!

    Right then….what did the scales say this morning?……..I think we need a big drum roll today, and maybe the full brass band?

    29th March….15 stone ….13 1/2 pounds

    Yes…that’s right!…15 stone 13 1/2….I have gone under the 16 stone mark!!!!!!!!!….It’s a pound loss this week which is great, but even better, it is a whole packet of butter under the 16 stone!

    Bye bye 16 stone…I don’t want to see you again!

    (And ……I have a box of Hotel Chocolat mini-eggs in the cupboard….I might nibble one today!)

    Well done that’s brilliant I’ve read all your posts you are a inspiration ! And that bread sounds amazing let us know how it turns out

    What an inspiration you are! loving your journey. Well done on getting below 16 stone.
    Onwards and downwards. Good luck x

    My favourite poster by far! Such an inspiration and a joy to read. Well done.

    Awwww! What lovely comments!

    I’m flattered at being thought if as inspirational!….All I’m doing is chronically the way this is working for me.

    I am in my 50s, and disability means that I am unable to exercise much (if at all) and my meds can complicate weight loss too….The way I see it, if I can lose weight with all this going against me, then ANYONE can!

    Spiced Date and Walnut Bread is on to bake…and I will be making some joghurt cheese to slather on top…yum! (Good thing I’m not fasting today!!!!)

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