Bouncing back from binge on IF?

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Bouncing back from binge on IF?

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  • Hello,

    I’ve been doing 4:3 for a few weeks now. “Regular” day is 1500 calories (what my body needs) and a Fast day is 500.
    I allow myself a day of no calorie counting every week-10 days and so far, had no issues with it. I lost 2 kilos really quickly.

    This week I had a big binge on Monday, pizza and more. I roughly estimate it at 4000 calories! Yes – More than I’ve had in a long time. The worst was the sodium levels though, as I spent most of that night waking up to get water.
    However, unlike my previous “free” days, it’s been really difficult to bounce back. I fasted the next day (500 calories), and the day after (yesterday) – I tried to limit myself too and had 900 calories. Today I was back on my 1500 and tomorrow is another fast day (my next “free” day will be Friday next week since I have a very long trip).
    But the scales show that I “gained” after the binge 1.5 kilos (out of the 2 I lost in the last few weeks with 4:3), and it’s not shifted much since despite the fasting & exercise.

    I’m just quite surprised because my body is fairly quick when I go back to “normal”. Could it be the sodium still?

    Would love some thoughts and knowledge 🙂 thank you

    Have you been eating fewer carbs recently? If you’re eating lower carbs then your body uses up your stored sugars and burns fat for energy. If you have a big sugar or carb binge then your body will immediately try to replace the body’s sugar store and water along with it. If you cut your carbs back out, sweat out the water then your weight will drop.

    There’s around 7,700 calories for a kilo of fat so there’s no way that you’ll have gained 1.5 kilos of fat in one binge day. Don’t worry, it will be water weight and it will drop back off if you watch what you’re eating in the next few days.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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