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  • Hi just been told I’m borderline diabetic so I decided to try and lose weight to counteract it .when I started mid July I weighed 16 stones 4 pounds im now down to 14 stones 11 pounds.I have the weigh scales that give your fat content and muscle .both have changed .the fat by about 3% lower and the muscle 3% higher also my water content has increased.this is no doubt the best diet I have tried.between fast days it seems no matter what you eat doesn’t alter your weight .but saying that I now eat sensibly and keep the sugar as low as possible.I intend to make this a way of life .not just a diet.I only do moderate excercise because I drive for a do seem to reach plateau phases when nothing changes then the weight starts to decrease again .patience is a must.I will soon be having new blood tests to see if my insulin has regained control. Watch this space.regds.

    Well done Mick, that’s really encouraging. Hope your sugar/insulin is back where it should be – let us know.

    Kudos on your success so far! I find the fasting makes me a lot more mindful of what I eat. But I do love to eat too! 🙂

    Well done with yr loss I am sure you will really reap a lot of health benefits from your efforts


    Any update? I am also borderline diabetic and just started the 5:2 yesterday. I hoping my levels will normalize and am wondering how it worked for you?

    Hi just had a blood test my count has gone from 58 mm to 41 mm so virtually normal .good luck.

    Just an update on my blood sugar levels .had the hbac test 2 weeks ago the levels gone down to 41 from 58.normal level is 20 to 40.if this stays the same in 3 months I won’t be classed as type 2 anymore.regds mick.

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