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  • hi..

    this is my first post.. after advice from my doctor ive decided to try the 5 2 plan, simply put ive tried everything else and failed…

    i have bi-polar and alas EVER drug im on causes weight gain… the problem i have is, im stable… finally… but when i said to my doctor about losing weight then only thing he could suggest was lower my medication, but as im stable i dont want to alter these…

    has anyone else been in this predicament??? any advice will be better then this LONG journey…


    Hi lisafromhome and Welcome to the fast diet forum

    I am not in a position to answer your question but I would suggest you take care; I’ve only just fininshed posting to another person who is concerned about IF affecting her supplements/medication.

    You said above; ‘after advice from my doctor…’ Did you discuss this very specific way of losing weight with them?

    its two different doctors but he does know my full medical back ground… and he suggested it.. but i could also contact my psychiatrist and see what he thinks…

    thanks… hopefully someone will be in the same situation…

    Hey lisafromhome

    That seems to be okay then Lisa; if one of the doctors knows your full medical history and he suggested it.

    I’m just trying to help here lisa; I don’t want to pour cold water over anything you are doing/considering doing; quite the opposite.
    I just want you to be careful and I too, hope someone who can tell you about their direct experiences responds to you.

    Hi Lisafromhome,

    I also have bipolar,/ massive weight gain from my meds/ stable and my gp also recommended the 5:2 diet. In fact you took the words right out of my mouth by posting this :). I’ve been doing 6:1 for 2 weeks as thought I’d struggle with the 5:2. Haven’t lost any weight and am wondering if I will whilst on the meds. I have 5 stone to lose. How much do you need to lose? How is the diet going?

    In reality i need to lose about 7 but for the moment in happy with 4…4 is my goal for the moment… i had my first fasting day yesterday… i never realized how much i love coffee till i cant have any…. my actual biggest problem is… i don’t eat… were as Monday and Tuesday i ate around 1500 cals and yesterday around 500 cals and it was fine, no problem, i think my problems will come on Saturday my next fasting day as ill have been eating correctly… we can but give it a try, ive tried everything else… fingers crossed… im 117 kgs so 1st thing 17 kgs then 4 stone here we come…

    Hi sorry im in this position too and have just started have about 2 and a half stone to lose just now and have just done my second fast day. How did you guys get on? And did the meds stop you losing the weight

    Hello, I am in the US and am going to try the 5-2 this week. I take lithium and have for 33 years. I have lost weight in the past but my thyroid was working better then. My last teh was 3.56 but has been as high as 4.9 in the past few years. Also Quit smoking and put on weight. I am curious to know how other posters are doing thanks

    Are you still out there? Have been doing 5:2 for over a month now. It’s going well losing about a pound a week [.13 stone? Sorry not sure about metric weight or weight in stones]. I’m bipolar 2. Weight gain has been a problem on meds. While I’m grateful for mood stabilizers I hate the weight gain. What I’ve found is that not only am I losing weight I have more clarity and feel less fuzzy. And Lisafrom home I have coffee on my fast days and find it is OK even in the middle of the day. Fasting AND no coffee would be a recipe for misery for me. Cheers and encouragement to you. Would love to hear how it’s going.

    Me too, they all cause weight gain. I am starting with 6.1 and hope to build to 5.2 I find sugar really affects my moods. I did 8 weeks last year off all sugar, so no fruit, alcohol, refined carbs, No packet foods as they all have sugar as a preservative. Eggs, meat, fish, veg, nuts, coconut oil, basically. It was to try to get rid of rosacea and it cleared it but I also found my moods were super stable. As soon as I binged after, Oh heavens was I depressed. So I really monitor my sugar. I don’t have refined carbs in the house, just normal potato and sweet potato and limit my sugar to one hit a day if I have to have it. Its amazing when I have friends staying and we drink daily and eat cake how quickly I feel terrible and it takes a few days to reset again. But there is some thinking that suggests that sugar causes an inflammatory response in the body so any illness which has an element of that will improve if it is gone, so not only my rosacea but my depression was clearly improved. Its made me realise that 50 years of sugar addiction may not have been the best plan.

    Nice to hear from you! Interesting. I hadn’t made the link between sugar and mood. I started 5:2 out of determination not to get type 2 diabetes. Which my mom has. My prescriber did blood tests and said I was at the edge of the danger zone. I wanted to lose weight anyway but that was the real push. Your post helps me notice that Bipolar comes from the same side of the family that has diabetes. Strong genetic links for both…doesn’t necessarily mean the 2 are connected. Makes you wonder…I have found that the more fast days I have under my belt the easier it gets. Hope it continues to go well for you! One other thing my mom and I both have rosacea! I admit to bipolar she does not…and she is the diabetic. Again makes you wonder.

    Just finished another fast day. Weight continues slow steady fall. At first I struggled with a kind of hangover the morning after that I thought might be related to meds since I take mine at night. Wanted to share strategies. Eating cucumbers as part of evening meal works–perhaps because cucumbers are water heavy? Anyway it really does work. When I was getting hangovers fresh citrus (not bottled juice) had a good effect. Best to all who benefit from meds but struggle with weight side effects.

    Hey Lisa, I also have bipolar and have 40kgs to lose. I was told by a pharmacist that I couldn’t do meal replacements (I was only allowed to 1 meal replacement a day) I think because i take lithium and it would impact my kidneys or something. I was wondering is it safe for someone like me/ like us to fast 2 days straight?

    i am so on your sides!!!

    i have been on every drug known to mankind… it doesn’t matter why, but migraine drugs are often the off label of anti psychotics/ mood stabilizers /SSRIs. i gained 8 stone. i doubled my weight. so fast. eating the same. exercising the same.

    i have a migraine so bad right now i been chucking up and crying with pain all day. this is day 5. they last about 10 days. when your life is taken away, you’ll try anything to get out of pain. people dont understand. but we do.

    anyhow, i lost 5, and now have 3 stone to lose. i am doing the 5,2 with or without doctor’s blessing. it was his drugs that made me fat. notice they don’t offer anything to take that weight off again… and those meds are supposed to stop us feeling so ghastly! but they make us fat… adding to the problem! what getting fatter has done to me as a person… i don’t go out, i am too shy. they look at me like ‘what happened to her’ . people just assume i sit and stuff myself with chips.

    i support you all xx

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