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  • I just began this particular site’s program Sunday by knowing I need someplace to go online for support, which for me means a place to read and maybe put up a post or two when appropriate. Last year at this time, I went on a calorie-and-protein-counting diet combined with plenty of walking to be ready for a formal wedding party four months in the future, which made a good incentive to bolster my desire to once again, “get back on the diet,” back into my proper size and feel good again in my body and mind. It worked great, although as is often the case, I started eating my regular treat foods again and soon the pounds crept back, mostly around my middle. I will say that I don’t have a lot of weight to lose, but being my age and you don’t have to know that, and being short as well, I can’t eat much and lose weight, so I have always tried to keep my weight within limits. Last year, my children were doing the same thing, trimming down for the Big Wedding and that helped all of us. I have never had to eat so little just to maintain weight before, which is all right. I learned I eat for boredom’s sake and for “company” watching my DVD movies at night, enjoying myself as I can these days of retirement and getting to do whatever seems right. Anyway, throughout my life I learned that fasting really works to get back on track and made even pregnancy possible without adding excess weight. It helped my OB always encouraged low weight gain and praised me for it. His personal method was one day fasting which helped him avoid overweight; he was not much bigger than a hobbit, so he needed to be watchful. What a dear man he was; he and his nurse-receptionist wife together had to have their arms twisted to pay the bill for their services (you can see I am somewhat a long-in-the-tooth member here.) Last year, I learned I did not like to think about food all the time. Also I learned to be careful to eat plenty of protein, the daily citrus, and consume plenty of liquids, as well as to allow that occasional treat day where I forgot the whole thing in favor of not getting religious about losing weight and then beating myself up over it. What helped tremendously, last year, was buying new clothes at each state of reduction. That was a thrill. The smallest size I got to is too small for me now, some cute jeans I am using as an incentive. When I can squeeze into them again at all, I will order ONE new thing (I have already chosen it.) Tuesdays and Thursdays are my chosen fast days. I am not going to think about food and just reflect on those good feelings I had (along with the family, who were happy their shave-downs worked) and remember that health is godly as much as any other thing we do as Christians. I like not worrying about my health, but to do what I can to maintain it, because well I do like being around. This was a long story, and I probably won’t post again, unless someone were to comment on it, and I saw the comment. I don’t use my email for online programs and will probably do a lot of lurking until I have something to report while working on this year’s weight project. I am happy that the weight I lost last year mostly stayed off, except as mentioned, that final ten pounds that came back over the last few months which I want to take off. At my age that you don’t know about, where I can’t eat much and fast it off, it may take several months to get back into those cute jeans again and buy that ONE item I have promised myself! Best of success to everyone.

    Did you get into the cute jeans ?

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