Back from holidays and gained 3 kilos in 2 weeks!

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Back from holidays and gained 3 kilos in 2 weeks!

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  • Hi all, just need a bit of support. I’ve been on holidays and enjoyed the time away. I walked a lot but didn’t fast and definitely enjoyed my food. I really wanted to relax and enjoy, but now I’m back to my first day of fasting

    Glad you enjoyed your holiday. My suggestion would be to start afresh as if this is day 1 and go on from there. Hopefully it will only take a short while to lose. You’ve done it once you can do it again. Think longterm, this is just a blip.

    Thank you muffin10. I have succeeded in my first fast day, so I’m feeling more confident that I can begin again, and I will use these forums to keep me enthusiastic. Hope as you say it doesn’t take too long to lose those 3 kilos again! Many thanks again, Annie.

    I’m in the same boat. First real fast day in a while yesterday and it was tough but I survived. Probably ate a little more than I should but not too bad. Thursday is next and hoping it gets easier to get back in the swing of things. Luckily, no vacations or holidays for a while so hope to be at my goal weight before the next break.

    Hello Summerannie and Raena,

    I was wondering if anyone else had experienced the same weigh gain during the holidays. I have allowed myself to enjoy Christmas and New Year’s holidays and now, after having gained about 4 kilos (I am still afraid to go over the scales!), I find it VERY difficult to find my mojo again! I have tried fasting, but somehow, in the night every good intention goes to the rubbish bin! How did you get motivated agai I have lost all my weigh in summer, when it was easy to go for healthy options but in winter I find that the chocolate, biscuits and cakes are just too tempting! Please help! How did you get motivated again? Shall we record our progress here?


    I to gained 3.5kg in 2 weeks over Christmas whilst away. I think alchol was the culprit.

    I have good news it took 1 week of healthy eating fairly strict and 3 fasts dropped off 4kg.

    My point is it is fluid and a little bit of fat no the end of the world.

    Jump back in it doable.

    You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow! Thank you Bali! Very inspirational!

    I will keep your story in mind this coming week to get my determination back.

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