auto-immune disorder and the 5:2

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  • Hey all,

    I have been on the 5:2 for about two months. I have lost roughly a pound a week since starting. I have found another awesome “side effect” to being on the 5:2. For years I have suffered from an auto-immune disorder that causes me to break out in large painful hives at a moments notice. I have been poked, prodded, tested, scanned, tested again and again and no doctor has ever been able to nail down the cause. It has been a huge disruption to my life as I never know when I am going to wake up with a hive across my face deforming me to the point where even my mom has no idea who I am.

    Since my second week on 5:2 I have been hive free. My doctor of course has no explanation, he says it could be my “diet” but has truly no idea.

    Having suffered from this for over 8 years and to have it literally disappear in a matter of two week and stay gone is truly amazing. I was on a daily dose of steroids and antihistamines to help keep the hives at bay and have been off the drugs since week 2.

    It really is amazing. Forget the weight loss, and my cholesterol going down, the hives going away is truly the best part of this whole experience. I am beyond grateful that I found 5:2.

    🙂 see your next post

    Hi Storitier
    Some of us have posted under “psoriasis much improved” that our skin problems of many years are improving
    or much improved. Psoriasis is also an auto immune disorder.
    Any way, great news you are having success, a very welcome unexpected side effect for me, also!

    Mulville, it is great to hear this is helping others with a similar condition.

    That’s amazing, amazing news! Awesome!

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