August Aspirations 2021 Challenge

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August Aspirations 2021 Challenge

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  • Day 18 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD

    Managed only 1000 calories yesterday in preparation for tonight. The same people who invited us to go OUT last Wednesday have invited us to go OVER tonight–to their home, in other words. He’s making a smoked pork loin, and I don’t know what else is on the menu. It will be lovely, I know, but a big part of me is protesting that all this socializing is wreaking havoc with my weight-loss plan, LOL! So I’ll cross my fingers that the side dishes are not heavy and calorie-laden, skip lunch, and then do my best to eat with moderation while doing justice to the food they prepare, and maybe, just MAYBE, I can stay at 1200 or so for the day??

    @lilymartin Those lovely warm and sunny days after a stretch of winter weather are real gems to treasure, aren’t they? I wish you strength and resolve that your 5:2 journey is full of success!

    @songbirdme Those bucket travel lists do get pretty long, especially when there’s this little problem of a world pandemic to discourage world travel. Do you and DH have plans for where you’ll go first when travel is again safe?

    @northgeorgia Oh, such a shame! How will those two resigning impact your own work levels? And how nice that your weight has stabilized; that sets you up well for heading down again, doesn’t it?

    @daffodil2010 Sleep does indeed set up each day well. In fact, several times over the years, I’ve read that, if you want to lose weight, get more sleep! So here’s hoping that your good weight in your eating patterns, coupled with your better sleep, will finally nudge those scales in the right direction!

    @funshipfreddie Congratulations on speeding along toward your goal weight! And I just googled a jacaranda tree; that must indeed be stunningly gorgeous.

    @emma-taylor Really, 500 calories for gazpacho?? The recipes I researched didn’t have it nearly so high…

    @jaifaim You sound wonderfully positive, and I’m so glad. We look forward to hearing more chatter from you again!

    @happymargo Just as success feels wonderful to you, it looks wonderful to us; so glad you’ve found a workable plan!

    @babs_b Bummer on the bad night’s sleep last night (that’s what you meant by shocking, right?), but glad your NFD yesterday was in control. 👍

    @at I’ve never had a facial…you make it sound as if I’m truly missing out, and I’ll have to think that through! On the other hand, I’m quite a regular at getting a pedicure, and it’s about time to be scheduling another. Your goal list reminds me that, every now and again, I get a flash of what was normal behavior for me when I was 32 and weighed 132 quite consistently: normal behavior then is what I now deem to be virtuous behavior. Sounds like the reason I weigh more now than I did then, because I’m not inclined to be virtuous very consistently, LOL!

    Pocket list day 18 🙂

    I’m perhaps a fifth of the way through sewing the quilt top together; this is definitely the exciting time. So off I go to clear off surfaces for my cleaning lady to clean, and then to my sewing room until we head off to dinner.

    Day 18 Canada CD

    I went for a walk yesterday!! Sounds like a small thing but it was the first time out in nearly 3 weeks and felt great. Two walks are on the agenda for today. I use an app that works with my phone and have been looking at all of the measurements it tracks. I don’t think they are all that accurate, but are interesting. It lead me back to the TDEE tracker to look into what I should be aiming and it was good to revisit. Being active certainly helps out with your daily allowance so that is my goal.

    @at enjoy your blissful facial
    @babs_b sleep is essential isn’t it?
    @nortgeorgia we have over 8000 people evacuated for fires here at the moment. Emergency services give them vouchers to restaurants for meals but the big challenge is the lack of staff. Many restaurants are closing or operating at reduced hours as they have no options, not sure where this lack of workers will end
    @jaifaim it sounds like life is good! I was also thinking about seizing every day at the moment this morning
    @funshipfreddie I love jacaranda’s, breathtaking colour
    @daffodil2010 I hope that letter comes soon
    @stitchincarol did you make any progress with your quilt?

    Day 18 USA – NFD

    Still on the ZBC track, coffee only for breakfast, then hardly eating much at all until supper time. Maintenance going okay.

    @daffodil2010 – oh how wonderful you’re getting relief with the orthotics! Yeah yeah! And may the missive for your DH arrive soon. How frustrating.

    @funshipfreddie – is there anyplace in the world without corrupt politicians? I suppose there must be someplace, but I believe they likely are everywhere. And your jacaranda trees: I remember seeing them in San Diego when visiting my brother. What beautiful splashes of color!

    @jaifaim – checking in is good. I remember in early challenge days, @coda would keep track of everyone on the challenge to make sure they checked in daily! You gotta know it helps.

    @happymargo – yes, seeing “in print” the food choices we make must be helpful. And you also have me looking for gazpacho recipes!

    @at – back to basics are so good.

    @stitchincarol – we have designs for a great safari trip to Africa, if that ever could happen? Also, Oregon is the only US state neither of us have set foot in, so that’s on the list. Like you, I have also never had a facial but think about it. Pedicures are also my regular splurge. Necessity. 🙂

    Onward and downward.

    Day 18 OMAD 😁Barcelona

    @stitchincarol. – I’m only going off what I read on the side of the carton! Around 46 calories per 100 ml, and those cartons are a litre. Unless my maths is off. Quite possible.

    Somebody ( sorry, can’t remember who ) said their sleep had been a lot better this year than last. Any tips? Mine is quite poor. I was just reading Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search For Meaning ( fairly heavy going) but he suggested trying to stay awake as a good way to get to sleep. I’ll try anything ….

    Day 19 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    The letter arrived yesterday!!!!!!! I collected it from the post office, brought it home and went back to work, sending DH a photo of the envelope…the first time to see his mothers handwriting. He got home from work early to read it and take it in. When I got home he was all red faced with tears and emotions.

    Oh my, loads of photos, lots of family resemblance, lots of love in that letter. Her story was heartbreaking, it was the true stuff of Catholic Ireland in the 60’s, forced into a Mother and Baby home, then her baby being taken from her and she never knew where he went. She wanted to keep him!

    She has had a good life and she said she always thought of him and always loved him. So wonderful. So sad.

    DH was so angry. Who could blame him. But he is also so happy b

    Have a good Thursday.

    Day 19 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @daffodil2010 – wonderful news for your DH! I can imagine his emotions must be all over the place, & it’ll take time for him to process everything.

    @songbirdme – the jacarandas are stunning. There are white ones too, but not so many & they’re not nearly as attractive.

    I almost got beaten up by a monkey yesterday?! I met a friend for lunch at the Blue Zoo, supposedly Durban’s oldest restaurant (1914). It’s in the middle of a park & we were sitting outside. The monkeys can be a real nuisance. I’ve seen them steal food from people’s plates before, & the waiters come round occasionally & spray then with water to chase them away. A troop of maybe 10 monkeys turned up about half an hour into our meal. One of them came up to our table & grabbed a couple of sugar sachets. Then he came back about 5 minutes later for more! So I stood up & clapped, thinking it would scare him off; but he just hissed at me & actually moved closer! So I grabbed a chair, like I was going to throw it at him, & then he decided to go & play with his friends 🤦‍♂️ 🐒

    Day 19. Barcelona

    @daffodil2010. Finally! How sweet, and how sad that his mum was one of thousands of girls and women who had their babies taken away. It just seems criminal. Thank goodness they have found each other at last. No wonder he is angry. I hope their time in the future makes up for their loss in the past.

    Day 19 – UK – NFD

    @daffodil2010 I am so pleased the letter arrived. How sad that DH’s birth mum had him removed from her – that’s such a common tale in so many 20th century adoption stories. I can’t imagine the complexity of the emotions they’re both feeling, but it’s lovely they’ve been reunited.

    @funshipfreddie the monkey ordeal sounds terrifying!

    @stitchincarol I hope the quilt is going well. Fine tuning my sewing skills has been on the to-do list for a while now, I’m in awe of seamstresses & quilters’ skills. However, I have picked up the balls of yarn recently and am currently crocheting myself a new jumper for the autumn. When that’s finished I’m moving on to make myself a cardigan. I much prefer the look of knitting over crochet but I find crochet so much easier… either way, it keeps the hands busy in the evenings when they’d normally be grabbing things from the kitchen!

    I’m pleased to say I managed another proper FD yesterday. I hopped on the scales this morning and I am back where I was after last week’s FD, so the little blip of the weekend didn’t do too much damage thankfully. It’s a lesson learned though… I really do want to start seeing proper losses now! I have 5 weeks until my first mini goal line and I need to lose 4lb to get to where I’d like to be. Then it’s another 11 weeks until the next one, by which point I’d like to have lost another 10lb.

    Have a great day, all! 🙂

    Day 19 – USA/GA – FD

    Disaster. Weigh-in: 225 lbs. I think the culprit this time was rice. Had a nice meal out with coworkers with grilled chicken, vegetables and rice. Came home and intended on something light, but my sister-in-law had made vegetables and rice, and my dad had grilled pork tenderloin. I can see where I might have easily had 5 cups of rice yesterday. And I’m not even a big fan of rice. That’s over half my goal TDEE. GRRRRRRRRRRR

    Just say no to offers to finish off someone else’s leftovers. Or just have a teaspoon. Egads.

    Pocket list day 19

    Day 19 / Florida / FD

    Yesterday was a blast at Universal Studio’s water park: Volcano Bay.
    Kids are officially back in school, so there were no lines or crowds. DH & I really got to enjoy the pools, all the rides, lazy & crazy rivers.
    Great way to beat the heat!

    And also a great workout! Multitudes of flights of stairs to climb up for each ride & attraction. Could really feel glutes & calves getting a workout! = Whew =
    (Looking forward to the day that I can wear a swimsuit in public with more confidence though.)

    @daffodil2010 Wonderful news the letter came. Such a long-awaited reconnection! Hopefully there will now be many happy times moving forward as they become acquainted.

    Pocket List Day 19 🍎

    Day 19 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD

    Dinner last night was perfect, with lean meat and low-calorie side dishes…well, all except for the peach pie for dessert, which was such a yummy treat! And today’s FD feels like a treat as well, so all is good.

    @bellyblast Well done! How did the two walks go yesterday? Progress in healing is always joyful! I got the quilt almost to the halfway point, and will make more progress this afternoon. 🥰

    @songbirdme Have you always done nearly OMAD for maintenance, or are you shifting your tactics these days? Oh, and Oregon? Be sure to go to Oregon Caves, Crater Lake, and Ashland for the Shakespeare Festival–you’ll need two or three or four days in Ashland, and tickets MONTHS in advance, to do credit to that little town! Oh, and the quilt show in Sisters, and Tillamook Cheese in Astoria…can you tell I grew up just across the state line from Oregon??

    @emma-taylor Did you try staying awake in order to go to sleep? Did it work? DS29 struggles with getting to sleep and that always makes me so sad…he’s too young to already be struggling with sleep issues!

    @daffodil2010 Oh my. I don’t have words. Hugs and love and joy to you and DH. SO very heartbreaking and awful, but so very joyful finally. 💗💖🥰

    @funshipfreddie 😂🤣😂🤣😂 You take the prize for best story of the day! Fighting with monkeys over lunch, indeed! 😁👍 I’m STILL giggling!

    @babs_b I agree that knitting is much prettier (it drapes better) for garments. Try finding yourself someone (or a YouTube video) to teach you to knit holding the yarn in your left hand, just as you do to crochet; then you’ll find crocheting and knitting are not so very different at all. When you’re taught to hold the yarn in your right hand to knit, it’s VERY different from crochet…

    @northgeorgia So frustrating when you think you have a plan that will succeed, and suddenly you’re thrown off course! Get through today (which will be tough, remember, with all those carbs in you), and that scale will be much prettier tomorrow!

    @happymargo Oh, your day sounds like a total blast! Will you do that very often?? And I’ll just bet you looked TERRIFIC in your swimsuit; we are always our worst critics!

    Pocket List Day 19 🍎

    I’m off to church to do my church secretary thing this morning, and then I’ll come home and continue sewing together the quilt top. Should be a fun day.

    Don’t forget to repeat over and over and over, as the need arises: “Resolve! Resolve! RESOLVE!”

    Day 19 UK FD

    A very quick check-in, I apologise as I have been so busy recently.

    Last week I only managed 2 X FDs and this week the same.

    Today is my 2nd fast day of the week.

    For me, 2 X FDs per week is simply not enough….. the pounds are coming out of the shadows, creeping slowly towards me!!!!!!!!

    Hoping to get 3 x FDs done next week!

    Over & out XX

    Day 19 Canada CD

    I am enjoying tracking what I eat with MFP, as it is often noted is sure is an eye opener:) I haven’t had any wine this month and had such a good sleep last night, I had also forgotten how much alcohol messes that up. Selective memory!!
    It is a cool clear day and I am looking forward to getting out again for a couple of gentle walks. @stitichncarol it went well yesterday, great you have progress with your quilt. I have friends who are great quilters and admire their creativity.
    @daffodil2010 I am so glad your DH is now connected with his mum, a happy sad story there

    Have a great day!!

    Day 19 UK FD

    Wow @daffodil2010 what an emotional time it must be 💕

    Very pleased with my progress this week – have a big wedding coming up in 3 weeks time and I’m determined to get into an outfit I have lurking in the wardrobe so upping my Pilates and Leslie walks💪

    Pocket List Day 19 🍎

    Day 19 USA – NFD

    Oh the joy and emotions of reading posts from our International Little Band! Wow…. Tears and laughter.

    @daffodil2010 – how wonderful that the letter finally arrived! And it sounds like it brought about every bit of joy and sadness that it could. Just reading your post had me in tears, mostly happiness for your DH finally getting some wonderful connections., But yes, sadness that his mum was subjected to what was all too common then. Sending you both so much love and hugs. (((Daffodil)))

    @funshipfreddie – visions of a LION tamer at the circus with your chair! Glad at least you weren’t scratched or bitten!

    @stitchincarol – wow — when we get that Oregon trip planned, we will contact YOU as travel agent! My OMAD of late kind has just happened by chance. Going out to dinner generally means I save calories for that. Makes sense to me at least!

    @high5 – so you’re trying to do 4:3? Wow. More power to you. If you really want to do 5:2 maybe look at how much you eat on the 5 days?? That always seemed to be my issue if weight did not come off doing 5:2.

    @northgeorgia – I think rice “does it” to me as well. I really don’t care for rice as much as potatoes or pasta, but some meats just seem to require it. I like the bulgogi (Korean marinated beef) from COSTCO that does require rice to soak up the good juices. Well, then I always add soy sauce too.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 20 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Thank you ALL so much for your comments yesterday, I feel I have you all at my back as we negotiate these emotional times with DH and his birth mum. However, it really is all good, the tears now are generally of joy, they have shared a text message, emails, more photos, and tomorrow will be the first phone call.

    After I post here I am to look up flights, just in case a trip to the UK will be in the near future for the reunion.

    One poignant thing, my sisters husband is also adopted, and she told me last night that he was adopted from that same mother and baby home 😨 As both men were born in 1969, a few months apart, they could have been there at the same time, looking at each other through the bars of their cots ☹️

    FD wise, weight is stable but no downward movement but feel thankful that after the week that was (and to be) I am maintaining.

    @funshipfreddie, I splurted my tea at your monkey fight at lunch, fantastic story 😆

    Have a great Friday you wonderful kind people xx

    Day 20 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    so, I’m thinking of changing my username to @monkeywhisperer..? 😅

    I saw from another thread that Michael Mosley has yet another book in the pipeline. ‘The Fast 800 Keto’ – due to be released at the end of the year.

    I don’t want this mini-trip to derail my goal-reaching strategy. So, one more FD tomorrow, then maybe I can squeeze in a couple more after I get back before the end of the month. Then I’ll still have averaged more than 2 FDs per week.

    @daffodil2010 – amazing coincidence re your sister’s husband?!

    Day 20 – Canada 🇨🇦 – NFD

    Good morning everybody. Just a quick post to say hello. I’ve come off the rails, urgggg, and doing far too much snacking 😬. My home is a bit of a disaster after the move and will take some time to organize, difficult to stay on track. Back to normal on Monday 😌. Take care all.

    Day 20 UK NFD

    Ha ha @monkeywhisperer – all I could think of was Peter Kay in the safari park ( apologies if the UK tv show isn’t an international thing )🐒

    Going to try and not undo all my good work so far this week by splurging at the weekend

    Have a good one all

    Day 20 – UK – NFD

    @brightonbelle – haha, I loved that episode!! He’s hilarious. @funshipfreddie the username change would be really fitting!! lol 😀

    @daffodil2010 – what a coincidence about your Brother in Law being in the same place. What are the chances? Well done on the maintenance, that’s a real achievement with everything that’s been going on.

    @stitchincarol – Thank you so much for the knitting tip, I am definitely going to give that a go. I do knit but I can never get into the same kind of rhythm that I get with crocheting. I’m going to give it a bash on Monday evening when I’ll next be needing to distract myself from the kitchen!

    @dvw – We’ve all been there! Sounds like quite an overwhelming situation at the moment, take it easy.

    It’s another NFD for me today (TDEE), though a little part of me is contemplating another FD to make up for only having 1 last week. I’ll see how I’m feeling nearer lunch time and decide, not putting any pressure on myself. Weight has stayed the same this morning after yesterday’s NFD which is good!

    Have a good Friday!

    Day 20 – Rural Nebraska, USA – TDEE

    Yesterday’s FD was a tough one. I figured out shortly after I got home from my job at church that I needed to be out of the house for the afternoon if I were to have a successful FD, and the quilt would have to wait for today. I had some groceries I needed to pick up for tonight and a couple other errands, so I went to Omaha to shop. The problem was that every store I went to had me drooling. “OH! Let’s have THAT tonight; it’s that horribly over the calorie limit!” Somehow I kept myself in line, and did do some treats: I got 4 oz of blackberry sriracha glazed smoked salmon and 4 oz of smoked halibut (both to split with DH) and a salad kit; it was a massive treat, and MFP says the total calories of that plus the peach we split was 507. And this morning? Oh, but I was thrilled with the scale’s response to my good behavior: 149.4! That’s a 2.6 pound drop from yesterday morning, and the first time I’ve been below 150 in several months. It felt wonderful.

    Tonight my great-nephew will be back here from St. Louis; he’ll spend the night and then move into his college dorm tomorrow (an hour away; he was here last school year also). I’ve promised him Tuna Noodle Casserole and Peach Pie for supper, so it will take some juggling to be sure I stick to the quantities that will keep me at TDEE.

    @high5 If your choice is to do 3 FDs each week, then it’s perfectly reasonable. But are you sure you don’t want to cut back on calories on the NFDs? I finally–after months of saying I would–started using MFP and it really has been fairly mindless since so many of the foods we eat are already in there. SO many!

    @bellyblast “selective memory,” indeed…I think we all have selective memory about the disadvantages of alcohol, and only think about how delightful it is to enjoy! 😏

    @brightonbelle Good luck on the wedding outfit looking and feeling glorious by the wedding!

    @songbirdme Well, I actually thought of several other places to go after I’d posted, so I’ll be ready for you when you plan your trip!!!!

    @daffodil2010 Wow, both husbands from the same mother and baby home, at the same time? Amazing. It’s also amazing that you’ve not gained weight with all this stress; that can be chalked up to very impressive resolve and restraint; well done!

    @funshipfreddie “@monkeywhisperer” sounds about perfect! 😂🤣🤣😂

    @dvw I’m in full sympathy with how hard it is to tame moving boxes and settle in to a new home; you’ll be settled AND back on track with 5:2 very soon, I’m certain. 💪

    @babs_b Nice job on staying steady with your weight so far, and do share your experience with the knitting on Monday evening!

    “A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.” May we all be successful in our resolve today so that we can be persistent like a river!

    Day 20 Canada CD

    Yesterday I walked 8000 steps and consumed 800 calories and am feeling good. The great part about recovery is when you start to feel like you are back to your old self:)

    @high5 two FD’s sound like success to me and I am sure many others who are here, give yourself a high 5 for that
    @brigtonbelle sounds like the wedding will be a great motivator
    @funshipfreddie thanks for the hoot of a story
    @dvw hang in there your mojo will be back I am sure
    @sonbirdme yes it is the other 5 days that bring me undone as well, even though I find it tedious logging everything into MFP helps keep me honest!

    Day 20 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 221 lbs. Working from home today, but for breakfast and lunch focused on meats/proteins to keep me satisfied. Trying to watch the carbs a bit today since they’re so loaded with calories.

    Day 21 – Lake District UK – NFD

    HELLOOOOOOOO ….. we’re back!

    Good morning everyone,

    Hope you are all safe and well.

    What a trip! Absolutely what we needed, yes we saw ‘the kids’ and had our weeks walking holiday in the Cairngorms, a few days away besides this!
    But after the last year or so to walk aboard the brand new cruise ship was brilliant. Mrs IHL particularly loves cruises, but this one was really good, lots of time for us.
    Twelve months earlier on the day we walked onto the ship, I was having a CT scan and a number of procedures which as many of you know led to quite a grim time! However walking up the gangway and being met by so many people we know made it quite emotional.

    Restrictions and procedures are in place to keep passengers and crew safe, so we made the most of everything. Will post a few bits and bobs of what we got up to, but as always with a holiday comes the return home and jobs to do!
    We have been very busy since we got back, particularly with the garden (and my neighbours!) I don’t remember throwing half a ton of fertiliser everywhere before I went, but came back to a jungle (which is one of the reasons why I’ve been late posting) as well as growing looks like a herd of wildebeest have walked through the plants.

    However, back we are and not too much damage done on the old waistline, I’m about 6 pounds heavier, but will shake most of that off fairly quickly, I hope.

    Our days on board were mostly very relaxing and having fun, breakfast followed by long walk round the promenade deck, then changed and down to the hydrotherapy pool and steam room (steam room great for my throat, did the world of good) this was every morning and we spent between an hour or hour and a half in there, a fabulous way to begin every day!

    So, Now back to the usual FD’s and normal life 😉

    Take care all

    Day 21 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @brightonbelle – I love Peter Kay! I’ve only seen his stand up comedy though. There’s a lot of his stuff on You Tube. This ‘misheard lyrics’ is one of his best: Not sure if Americans will be able to understand that accent though?!

    @i-hate-lettuce – welcome back!

    Not in the mood for a FD today but, got to do it. I’ve been told we’re going from the airport straight to a restaurant tomorrow for my friend’s birthday lunch.

    Have a good weekend! ⛅️🌈

    Pocket List – Day 21 🍓

    Day 21 – Canada 🇨🇦 – NFD

    Thanks for the commiserations folks and thanks for the Peter Kay link @funshipfreddie – absolute gold, I’ve never heard of him but I’ll be sharing this link with everybody I know, hilarious!

    Have a great weekend.

    Day 21 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD800

    After Thursday’s FD, I weighed 149.4 yesterday morning. After yesterday’s dinner for the returning great-nephew, I weighed 152.8. Does that tell you how thoroughly I did not succeed at “RESOLVE” and TDEE?? /sigh/ It WAS a glorious meal and evening, however, LOL. So, although we have a 90th birthday party to go to this evening, I am resolved to make this day no more than 1000 calories, and perhaps as low as 800. (I’m allowing myself some wiggle room because I have no idea what’s on the menu at this party, and so determining calories may be a challenge.) RESOLVE!!!

    @bellyblast Wow! 8,000 steps is a terrific achievement in your recovery progress!

    @northgeorgia Nice weigh-in yesterday; fingers crossed that it’s still lovely this morning!

    @i-hate-lettuce Welcome back!!! Only 6 pounds up is very impressive, and should indeed be gone easily, and I look forward to more details about the cruise! One thing caught my attention; you said the steam room was great for your throat…I didn’t realize your throat wasn’t entirely back to normal. (You do minimize your aches and pains, don’t you?) So, spill: why is your throat benefitted by steam, and how long (if ever?) will it be before your throat is back to entirely normal? And, again, welcome back; this thread is not the same without you!

    @funshipfreddie I could indeed understand his accent (well, most of the time, LOL) and he’s a funny guy! And your commitment to a FD is making me re-think my plan for today. I’m going to work on talking myself into the RESOLVE necessary for 800 maximum, or perhaps even an actual FD500; if I get there, I’ll pop on later to add myself to the list. Thanks for your motivating determination!

    @dvw I can just imagine how the Peter Kay clip was a good antidote to the tedium of unpacking and settling in!

    I’ve done three horizontal seams on my quilt, and have nine to go…steady progress!

    I wish you all (and myself, LOL!) strength and resolve in achieving whatever your eating goals are for today.

    Day 21 NFD -USA

    Quick check in. Ate too much (carbs and salt too) yesterday, and the scale showed it this morning. Oh well, I know what I need to do.

    Will try to catch up with more of you later on.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 21 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 224 lbs. I bought tons of chips/crisps, sorry! Labor Day is around the corner and we’ll likely host again. However, I also bought lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and finally found the Walden Farms zero calorie Ranch dressing (I’m sure it’s not super tasty, but will add a little variety to salads on FDs!)

    My birthday is Tuesday, so there could be a secret feast in the works. I need to be careful this weekend 🙂

    Day 21/ Florida/ NFD (below TDEE)

    Oh my! I’d forgotten how awful a hangover feels! 😝
    Last night, attended our first Wine Club meeting for the neighborhood.
    Lovely people & we all brought foods to share… some appetizers were quite fancy. I took baked Brie cheese drizzled with honey & slivered almonds, served up with apple slices and red grapes. It got polished off!

    For the wine tasting (& rating) we choose Merlot. Each month it’ll be a different variety, to expand our tastebuds. The dinner & tasting was delicious and quite moderate…but then all the guests hung out, continuing to chat & drink until after midnight.
    Next month must remember to be careful of that portion of program ! Ouch!! 😣

    Wanted to avoid the scale this morning, but hopped on as usual. Last week has gone well enough that the number is creeping down (even with Wine Club indulgence.) Yay!

    DH & I just finished our gym workout, so time to shower.
    Have a fabulous weekend, Fasting Friends!

    Day 22 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Good FD yesterday. Weight this morning exactly what it was after my last FD.

    @stitchincarol, & @dvw – well done on deciphering Peter Kay! When I was about 8 my parents, siblings & I moved to Ottawa from Greater Manchester in the UK, & people struggled to understand me. As soon as I had my new Canadian accent we moved back to the UK, and then I got teased by my British class mates; they called me yankee doodle pigeon. Sometimes you just can’t win 🙄

    Boo Boo is reluctantly ensconced at The Cat’s Whiskers, & I’m off to the airport in half an hour.

    Have a good week everyone, & let’s make the last 10 days of Aspirational August count! 💪

    Day 22 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Getting back into routines again, waiting for the weather to clear then out for a walk this morning. Even during the cruise we managed to get our 10k steps in, nice wide promenade deck which was good for sea days.
    Due to covid the cruise was round the UK, something we would never have considered, but as mentioned in my previous post, it was a much needed trip, this was the one originally planned (and cancelled several times) for our 40th wedding anniversary last year! However we were looked after incredibly well and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

    One of the highlights for me is there was an ORCA team on board, they do research into whales and dolphins. Well being an outdoors sort of a guy, this is of huge interest to me, so spent many hours when at sea joining the team of spotters.
    I’m quite good at spotting wildlife and have had great success with previous teams on other ships. This trip was exceptionally good, the sea state helps when there are no ‘white caps’ on the waves good visibility!
    There were two spectacular days, one off the NW coast of Scotland coming down from the Minch and the second off Wales. We saw hundreds of Bottlenose dolphins, dozens of Minkie whales, a lot of porpoise and seals, even a rather large turtle! The list of seabirds was also quite long, so sea days for me were very enjoyable, it’s also good to be reminded that our costal water have such a good and varied amount of wildlife.

    @stitchincarol – The steam room, yes a huge help. The radiotherapy really did affect my throat. It did a fair old amount of damage, but did it’s job, destroyed the cancer. Unfortunately the side effects, although many have eased, some are still here and might never fully return to where they were. I cannot produce much saliva so eating can be awkward, particularly anything dry, but as long as I have a drink to hand it’s OK (ish).
    My voice has been affected, deeper than it was and (some might say thankfully) I can’t sing anywhere near as I could before. Morning I’m really croaky and it takes a while to ‘lubricate up’ and I can’t talk for very long before water is needed.
    However, the alternative to not having the treatment? Well I might not be here now so, simply grateful and just getting on with it.

    Going to be a FD tomorrow and Thursday, getting back to the routine, need to get rid of the weight gain ready for our next exploits!

    Take care all

    Day 22 UK NFD

    I love hearing about other people’s holiday @i-hate-lettuce🐬I’ll be joining you tomorrow and Thursday

    Have a good Sunday all

    Day 22 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 223 lbs. I’m surprised; although I did ZBC yesterday, I lost my mindfulness as the day wore on. In a few hours, my family is throwing a birthday lunch feast (my actual birthday is on Tuesday), so I am doing another ZBC today. I’m trying to remember “balance out the calories if the temptation or expectation is to consume more than normal.” I’m also trying to look at ways to replace junk with healthier bulk. Finding tasty foods with fiber, vitamins and minerals for overall health is a goal of mine.

    Popcorn wins out over chips.
    Soup can satisfy quicker than pasta.
    Fruit, not handfuls of candy.
    Water, water, everywhere (keep that 2-liter sealed).

    Hmmm, refrigerator haiku anyone? LOL

    Day 22 USA – NFD

    I’m doing pretty well, keeping at maintenance which is good.

    @funshipfreddie – I also thought Peter Kay’s lyrics show was thoroughly delightful. We’ve all had our own misheard lyrics, often with comical results. When we watch any movie with British or Scottish people speaking English, we put on the subtitles. I think that Manchester tilt on English is hardest for me to understand. Last night we watched a movie about a Glaswegian woman who is a country singer, “Wild Rose” was pretty good, but the subtitles were required.

    @i-hate-lettuce – wonderful to hear about all the wildlife from your cruise! How delightful to see so many creatures. Sounds like you’ve adjusted to the aftermath of your treatments with good plans. Sing anyway is my recommendation, even if you’re not as good as you were before.

    @northgeorgia – I like your final suggestions with the semi-haiku for the kitchen!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 22 Canada NFD

    In the last 3 weeks I have only been recovering at home and only spent time with friend once. What are the chances she has tested positive despite being double vaxed
    I am through the infection period as have everyone else she visited with and aside from a lose of taste she is well. I guess the answer to when will this end is probably never.

    Sounds like a wonderful trip @i-hate-lettuce

    Day 22 MN/USA CD

    Oh my, I realized I haven’t signed in since Day 16! That was also my last really good FD. I have had a hectic week taking care of DD’s house, pets, yard and garden while they were on vacation. Thank goodness they are home now, and I have been relieved of those duties. Now, I only have my own home and garden to take care of.

    I also had two medical appointments that required a bit of travel, and of course I couldn’t manage to get them on the same day. One turned into an overnight stay away, which made it difficult to get to DD’s home and do my “chores” there. I am now done with medical appointments for the year 🤞. I tend to avoid taking care of medical issues that I know I should, like a lot of people, I guess, but this year I promised myself that once vaccinated I would take care of everything I had been putting off, and I have done that. I am very relieved and happy with myself for finally attending to things.

    I’m very behind on posts, but @daffodil2010, I am so happy to hear of your DH and his bio- mother reconnecting.
    @stitchincarol – My DH thinks you are “a wonderful wife” and that your birthday celebration for your husband was perfection. He now expects a similar birthday, but since it’s in winter, I think we can swerve the scooters.

    Tomorrow a FD, and Wednesday as well, then we are off on a visit to our DGD’s new student apartment at the university she is starting tomorrow! We will also visit other relatives and friends while down south. Home again next Monday or Tuesday. I’m staying between 153 lbs and 156lbs, so more or less maintaining over the last several months. I’m hoping to change things enough in September to actually start losing again.

    Day 22 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    A weekend of salty food and the scales show it. I was also not feeling too well, low level pain in my foot and my neck and even where my appendix used to be…just blah….so had to take painkillers..

    Hasn’t used my earthing sheet all week as it had been washed and so normal cotton sheet on the bed all week….put the earthing sheet on last night and voila, feel soooo much better today. So does DH. He was complaining of a cold and swollen glands all week….and this morning, much better. It works.

    It promises to be a great week weather wise, a nice way to finish off August.

    Welcome back @i-hate-lettuce

    Have a great Monday, tomorrow will be my FD

    Day 23 – Lake district UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    FD today, really good long walk yesterday and bright sunshine today, going to make the most of it, heading out early!

    Take care all

    Pocket list day 23


    Day 23 Barcelona

    @Daffoldil2010 – the earthing sheet! I took mine off a while ago to wash it, and forgot to put it back. No wonder my sleep is poor. Thanks for reminding me.
    Is there any more to report on your DH and his family? We go home on Friday ( subject to Covid test results here. I can’t even begin to think about the repercussions of getting positive results…), then more tests at home two days later. It hasn’t been a great holiday, but I’m glad we came. Happy Monday all.

    Day 23, U.K. FD

    August has turned out to be a bit of a blur!

    I am so sorry I’ve not had a chance to read everyone’s posts for ages, August seems to have disappeared in the blink of an eye! But I hope you are all doing really well.

    I have succeeded in doing 2x fast days per week but that is not enough to counteract all my weekends away of overindulgence!

    I need to get back up to 3 days of fasting per week

    This is difficult because I am taking so many long weekends so cannot fast on a Friday!

    So this week I am taking the plunge!!!

    I am going to try to do a back to back fast day on Monday and Tuesday! 😱

    I absolutely hate back to backs and also they do wreak havoc with my hyponatraemia, so I do have to do this pretty carefully otherwise I will end up being ill which would be totally counter-productive……

    So Monday and Tuesday are going to be back to back fast days 😱

    Then another fast day on Thursday

    Then more EFS Friday through Monday next week (we in the UK have a bank holiday on Monday!)

    Good luck to everyone fasting today

    Monday’s pocket list

    @i hate lettuce

    Second post

    Sorry I did that wrongly… you’d think I’d know by now 🙄

    Here is the pocket list copied and pasted from Mr IHL!

    Pocket list day 23


    Day 23 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Day 23 UK FD

    Yes @high5 I’m in a similar situation, doing well Mon -Thurs I always have good intentions for the weekend but by Monday morning I’m back to square one , so I’m just going to get a grip

    Pocket list day 23


    Day 23 – UK – FD

    I hope everyone’s well. I had a lovely weekend, saw friends on both days which was great. I ate a few sweet treats and had a couple of glasses of fizz but it was all pretty well controlled. I’ve noticed that my appetite has really fallen back since getting back on the 5:2, which is good. My mission now is to get a lot more walking into my routine. I weighed myself both days of this weekend and I was still the same as I was after my FD on Weds so hadn’t gained anything. I didn’t weigh myself this morning though, so that might’ve changed.

    Today is FD and I’ll be eating….. (drumroll please)…………
    Chicken & veg soup at lunchtime
    Quorn chilli with cauliflower rice this evening

    (Why change the habit of a lifetime eh?!)

    Still aiming for Weds to be my 2nd FD of the week, that rhythm seems to work well for me.

    @high5 – I’ve been stuck in maintenance for ages now (well, gaining and losing the same few lbs for about 2 years!). I’ve also seriously considered B2BFDs on Mon & Tues. Fingers crossed you’ll be fine but please don’t punish yourself with them. Especially important if you have a condition that could be made worse! Be kind to yourself 🙂

    @daffodil2010 – I have never heard of an earthing sheet, what is it??

    Have a lovely day x

    Pocket list day 23


    Day 23

    @babs_23. There is a film on YouTube called The Earthing Movie which explains all about earthing, or grounding, as it’s sometimes called. A lot of people find that by going barefoot ( or using a grounding sheet) their body heals itself of all kinds of illnesses. For free! ‘Bit like fasting. But no profits for anyone, so not promoted quite as hard as other ideas.

    Day 23 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 225 lbs. I want this to be the last time I see 225. I’m not surprised after yesterday’s nice little birthday feast! Ready to up my resolve this week. I may even hide the culprit junk foods in bags and mark them for “Labor Day” gatherings, etc., just to make sure I don’t dive into them.

    Another mantra for me: “Stop snacking and find a hobby.” LOL

    Good luck to us all on the pocket list today!

    Pocket list day 23


    Day 23 North Canton OH FD
    I have been gone for so long that I needed a map to find my way here ooof!
    Sorry guys, was dealing with staffing issues last week and then I just needed to unplug for a while, but I am back now. I decided to start a personal diary with a checklist of my goals, my food intake and my exercise output, and it has been a quite helpful with keeping me on track. Due to all the stressors last week, I wobbled a bit on my resolve, but I am firmly back on board now, weigh in this morning 166.7- probably the first weekend in a while that I am starting the week at Friday’s weight; I usually seem to gain then lose the same 2-3 pounds over the weekend. I am hopeful that a steady hand will win this race.
    Nuts have been a triggering downfall for me for some time. Nuts are great, they are good for you and I love them dearly but I also eat way too many of them. So I decide to pre-empt my headlong dive into them by portioning out my daily allotment into mini Ziploc bags. The bags are accounted for in my food dairy for the day. Doing this one thing helped me stay under TDEE all weekend.
    @high5 please be careful with your regimen especially since you have a medical condition.
    @northerndawn I empathize with your busy month, best wishes to DGD as she heads off to school.
    @northgeorgia water water everywhere indeed
    @i hate lettuce sounds like an amazing trip, and so thankful that you are here. I have also heard the same report from other survivors, but as you said the alternative is unthinkable
    Pocket list day 23


    Firm resolve for us all today

    Day 23 MN/USA FD

    @basyjames – What a great idea to count out and pre-pack your daily allotment of nuts! They are a downfall for me on many days. My DH and I have become very fond of a mixture of smoked almonds and wasabi flavored almonds in a one to one proportion. I know I “think” I am sticking to 28 nuts (one serving), but I’m sure I have extra. And on a daily basis that really could add up.

    Pocket list day 23


    Firm resolve for us all today

    Day 23 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD

    I did decently on Saturday, coming in at 848 calories, no beer, and including a piece of peach pie leftover from Friday when our great-nephew was here after a summer away. Then yesterday was too busy to give time to post, and that busy-ness led to WAY too many calories. We had a party to attend with nine of DH’s colleagues and their wives and children; I thought I was being careful, and didn’t even finish the one beer I opened, but MFP says that, between brunch after church, the party in the afternoon, and a generous piece of pie when we got home, I reached 2500 calories. /sigh/ The pie is almost gone, and I plan to ignore that last piece. DH simply doesn’t love pie as much as I do (and I don’t love cake as much as HE does, LOL), so that’s a big reason I seldom bake a pie. When I do, however, I’m without any spine at all to ignore it. Thankfully, I’m not likely to make another pie until Thanksgiving, so I should be fine until then, LOL!!!

    @happymargo Only with 5:2 could a post combine sorrow about a hangover with a celebration that the scale is going down, LOL!

    @funshipfreddie Have a grand time visiting your friend!

    @i-hate-lettuce Lovely description of spotting wildlife. 🥰 I’m so naive about cancer and its after-effects, that I had no idea you still had side-effects. I fully understand the attitude of getting on with it–the alternative would certainly have been far worse!–but I hope you eventually are able to produce more saliva, at least.

    @northgeorgia You ought to take those chips over to your mom’s house; if they were around me, it wouldn’t much matter how many bags I put them in, or how many notes I put on the front, they wouldn’t last!! 🤣😂🤣

    @songbirdme I’m starting up choir again at church–with fingers crossed that we don’t have to immediately quit again–and am so looking forward to the forced vocalization, as my voice needs the “exercising”! Which is a very roundabout way of saying I agree with your comment that @ihl should sing regardless! 🎵

    @bellyblast Oh, my! I’m so glad your friend simply lost her sense of taste–and hope that she recovers it quickly–and that you didn’t get sick at all. Close call, eh?

    @northerndawn I chuckled at your DH’s approval. First, I must give all the credit to DH24, who planned my DH’s day; second, do share the details of your own approach when your DH’s birthday comes!

    @daffodil2010 That’s so cool that the grounding sheet truly works wonders for you!

    @emma-taylor I wanted so badly to have great results with the grounding pad I bought, and simply didn’t, so never bothered with a sheet. I’m delighted that it also works for you, however. Fingers crossed that the covid tests are negative for you!

    @high5 I’d never heard of hyponatraemia, but it’s apparently not at all uncommon. Be careful in your approach today and tomorrow, and I hope you come out okay. High protein seems to be part of solving/preventing it, right?

    @brightonbelle Doing well M-Th and then over eating F, Sa, Su seems to be the problem with many of us–I’m certainly facing the consequences of that this morning, so don’t think you’re in any way alone in this!

    @babs_b Well done on not being any higher after your FD last week!

    @basyjames Nice job on controlled eating over the weekend and weighing the same this morning!

    This week has zero social engagements, and I just resolved that, if someone calls to suggest something, I will politely decline, citing a “previous commitment”…the commitment being my determination to eat to TDEE. This whole week is supposed to be in the 90s/30s, so my poor yard is still not going to get the attention it could use, but the quilt (which is currently 75% assembled) will get done, so that’s good.

    The real challenge is finding some sort of exercise that I can/will commit to…sitting at a sewing machine doesn’t burn many calories. 🤨 What I want is a dance class, but none of the dance studios around here offer classes for adults. 😒 I’ve searched on YouTube but haven’t yet found anything; I’ll keep hunting, because I need to start moving this body more intentionally and vigorously.

    I wish us all strong resolve to stick to today’s eating plan!

    Pocket list day 23

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