August Aspirations 2021 Challenge

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August Aspirations 2021 Challenge

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  • Day 3 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 223 lbs. Hoping to have a mindful TDEE day before tomorrow’s FD. I’ve been stuck on a 222/223 averaging plateau since the beginning of May. Extra FDs only made me crave more calories on NFDs, so I’m back to 5:2 basics. There is no secret: take in less calories than you need to support your current weight. I want to make a list of common 100-200 calorie “favorites” that are mostly junk. I like the idea of having a “menu” of items I can choose to reject each day (I already know the healthier, lower calorie options I can replace them with through this WOL). For example, if I don’t have that Dr. Pepper, I can save 150 calories. If I choose not to eat a handful of potato chips, there’s another 200. Cutting out just a few extra pieces of junk on NFDs I think will add up over a month’s time. It’s just hard to do sometimes (shame on me for bringing those things back into the house this summer!) I also need to eat more satisfying foods that keep me from snacking on NFDs. This is doable. Here’s hoping August turns into a downward slope. Good luck, everyone!

    Day 3 – Canada 🇨🇦 – NFD

    Had a good FD yesterday and feeling great today. A small loss on the scales and I resolve not to overeat today. The sun is shining and I have a tennis game this morning, life is good. 😊

    I can’t remember who mentioned that without exercise they don’t lose weight, I too am like that. Just a 30 minute walk makes all the difference.

    @stitchincarol I drink coffee every morning, a few cups with lots of 1% milk, couldn’t live without it! No idea if it has an impact on my fasting but like @funshipfreddie I still seem to be able to lose weight so it’s staying. 😌

    Take care all.

    Just joined this site from sunny Scotland. I am on day 8 and on a FD of my 5 2 journey. I don’t find fasting too difficult but I have seriously overeaten on my days off when I’ve done this before so I haven’t had the results I was looking for. I have quite a bit to shift (28lbs) before Xmas (approximately 1.5 lbs per week). I’m aiming for 1500 calories on my NF days to speed things up (51 year old female) but wondering if that is sensible? Also how often do people generally weigh themselves? Its a moot point as my scales have decided to pack in this week!!!

    Day 3, UK, FD

    @stitchincarol – Thank you so much for hosting! I love the aspirational theme…! I also love the emphasis on health, not just on weight loss… a few people have picked out that they saw Michael Mosley’s programme in 2013 about living for eternity (just kidding!) about living a longer, healthier life and I too fast for health reasons as well as weight management reasons.

    I am back from holiday, so I’m sorry to be late the party.

    Fasting today… not finding it too difficult given that I have been on holidays, phew!!!

    I was really happy with my weight before heading off on holidays (although in theory I still had 3.6 LBS to go before reaching my goal weight). However now I am back, I don’t think I will weigh myself until I have a FD or two under my belt!!!!
    This makes me think of one of @at‘s sayings… can’t quite remember it, but it is about being glad about the place you were in, but only realising that retrospectively!!

    @emma taylor } Leeds! Leeds! Leeds! I went to Uni there, such a great city!
    @brightonbelle }

    Day 3 / Florida 🇺🇸 / ZBC & NFD

    Hey, hey! The “group accountability” is already working gangbusters for me!
    Thought I might struggle on my first FD back in the fold…. Nope.

    Keeping you all in mind & knowing I’d have to report in today…I managed my calories nicely.
    There was a wobble over red wine. But I held strong & passed on the glass.
    🍷🚫 Add me to the “Dry Till Fri” crew. Limiting myself to a max of 2 glasses red wine on weekends only.

    🔸Fasting gives my body the gift of Good Health.
    🔸Fasting allows time for repair, healing & regeneration.
    🔸Rest, relax, repair & rebuild.
    Cheers, friends!
    Happy Margo

    2nd post

    Thanks @at and everyone for the warm welcome!
    Hope it’s okay to pass on the spreadsheet….I’ve set myself a calendar on my iPad for tracking. And I’ll happily check in daily on the thread for accountability.

    @songbirdme After 20 years in Colorado, selling home & then building a new house across the country, then quitting my job (Loved 💕my coworkers!) lead to some junky stress eating, for sure.
    My DH assures me we are okay to retire early, but I miss the structure/ camaraderie/ paycheck of working. There’s no shortage of demand for O.R. Surgical Nurses, so I may pick up part time work to keep my skills sharp!

    @stitchincarol …. I think the author you mentioned is Gin Stephens.
    She wrote “Delay, Don’t Deny” and “Fast, Feast, Repeat.”

    They adhere quite firmly to the Clean Fast: Nothing allowed but plain black coffee, plain black or green tea, and plain flat or bubbly water. No milk cream, sweeteners, lemon, gum, mints or flavors of any kind until your eating window opens.

    This is to ensure no spikes or surges of insulin, in order to burn thru stored glycogen & enter ketosis. That’s when your body switches from sugar-burning to accessing stored energy (body fat.)
    Also, avoiding all calories/ flavors etc helps to ramp up autophagy & HGH (human growth hormone) to preserve and build muscle.

    But no worries…. It all depends on your goals as to how strict you choose to be.
    Every body is different (genetics, gut microbiome, medical history, etc) We are an experiment of one n= 1.

    Read, watch videos, ask questions, educate yourself to find what works BEST for YOU and your body, what gets the results (weight loss, vibrant health!) you seek. Keep adjusting to find your formula. Tweak it till it’s easy & becomes a WOL.

    Day 3 – Rural Nebraska, USA – TDEE

    Okay, this resolve thing is working. I was well below 500 yesterday for the first FD in a long time, had a relatively easy time, and was 151.6 this morning–that’s two pounds down from a week ago! Granted, it’s a FD loss, not an actual loss, but the encouragement of seeing that is priceless. Further, I started to type that this is an NFD, and then I thought, “You know, you should actually try for a TDEE.” “Nah, that’ll be too tough, and I probably won’t succeed.” “WAIT. What happened to “resolve”? Of COURSE you’ll succeed if you actually choose to, if you RESOLVE to.” So I’m resolving to. A TDEE gives me 1256, and I can surely manage to eat reasonably well with that many calories, so I resolve, resolve, resolve to do so. And I’ll use MFP to ensure it.

    Whew! That was close! 😉😁

    @penz I wondered that you weren’t fasting! You’ll be on Thursday’s list, however. And, you know, I’m thinking milk in your coffee does stop the fast. BUT the only thing it stops is moving into keto–if, at least, I’m understanding the whole fast thing. And since a fast can mean absolutely zero calories–a water fast–or minimal calories–500 calories==the milk just fits in to the minimal calories approach. I wouldn’t worry about it, just as I wasn’t worrying about the Nytro Coffee, but simply curious. Oh, and @babs_b, I just read your explanation; it’s FAR better and more informed than my comments! And congratulations on beating down that three-year-old as @penz did! 😂🤣🙄💪 It is funny to talk of beating a toddler, huh?? 😁

    @daffodil2010 Welcome to August Aspirations; your weekend sounds absolutely wonderful.

    @jaifaim Enjoy your time with friends!

    @brightonbelle Well done on the successful FD yesterday, and so glad you were able to get a refund.

    @funshipfreddie Great movement on the scale!

    @emma-taylor I think your logic re: coffee with cream is sound, and I’m delighted for you that you see evidence of your weight going down.

    @flourbaby Welcome to August Aspirations, and it’s wonderful that you’re not only SELLING but BUYING! I hope all goes well with both, and well done on 3 pounds down in July!!!

    @funshipfreddie Have you considered actually throwing away the food you are choosing not to eat? I know, I know, it’s terribly wasteful…but that stuff can either go to waste, or it can go to waist….That gem is compliments of something I read probably fifty years ago! 😂🤣😁 Your weight today shows you made good choices yesterday!

    @dvw Great job on the “resolve” rather than merely “hoping”!! I’ve repeated that to myself countless times in these first two days of August, and it has certainly helped.

    @bigh Welcome! Eating to 1500 calories is entirely reasonable, and many of us eat to TDEE (total daily energy expenditure), which is generally a lower number, except for those men among us who are blessed to have a much higher TDEE. My TDEE, For example, is 1256, and that’s going to be my limit today. Our theme for this monthly challenge is Aspirations, and we’ve all been working on eliminating mere “hope” from our days and replacing it with “resolve.” I encourage you to spend some time considering the difference in attitude, and believe you’ll experience success!

    @high5 So glad to see you this month; hope your holiday was blissful!

    Pocket List – Day 3 🍏


    I wish you all sufficient strength in your resolve to achieve today’s goals, for “Every obstacle yields to stern resolve.” — Leonardo da Vinci

    Day 3 – UK – CD

    Out for my regular group walk this morning – weather was perfect – sunny, warm and a lovely intermittent breeze! Coffee sitting in the park afterwards getting a chance to catch with runners/walkers.

    After a successful FD500 yesterday, I’m following @stitchincarol advice and I’m resolving for a CD today and having entered everything on MFP it shows me how manageable it is

    @stitchincarol and others re: the question about coffee/chewing gum messing up fasting – I think it does if you are aiming to get into ketosis and looking for the health benefits fasting brings.
    Dr Jason Fung says “people will have to strictly adhere to water if they wish to attain the other benefits of fasting. The protein present in bone broth or cream, for example, will turn off autophagy, the process in which cells degrade and recycle themselves”
    However my understanding is if you’re just trying to lose weight you can do coffee with a little cream or tea with a dash of milk in your fasting window and you can eat 500/800 calories and lose weight.
    @daffodil2010 – great to have you with us once more – good to hear that you had a fab weekend away in the camper van
    @babs_b – good to hear that my resolve to close that kitchen door helped you to close yours too last night and we both ended up with a successful FD 👍
    @jaifaim – enjoy your time staying with friends on the south coast
    @flourbaby – very busy times for you – hopefully the sales/buy and moves go well and what a positive for July with 3lbs dispatched!
    @northgeorgia – have you thought of not keeping any tempting snack items in the house – if it’s not there you won’t be tempted…..
    @bigh – welcome and I have added you to the spreadsheet if you want to use – the link is on page 1. You can use the link Resources on top of the page and click on BMI calculator to work out your TDEE (TDEE is the number of calories burnt in a day scaling BMR to level of activity. This is the number of calories you need daily to maintain your current weight and is about the amount you should eat on the days you’re not fasting) but make sure you don’t overestimate your activity level!! Another thing you can do is work out your TDEE for your first weight loss target and eat to that to get you used to eating less and it will speed up your weight loss as well.
    @high5 – good to have you back with us after your holiday – I’m like you in not weighing myself after a holiday until I have that first FD under my belt 🤣
    @happymargo – great job on that first successful FD 👍

    @high5 just for you here is my motivating quote “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 3 North canton OH NFD

    I am so sore from all the exercising; this new program is really kicking my booty. I finally summoned the courage to step on the scale this morning, and it appears that I have 10 pounds to lose to return to baseline. That is funny because the mirror does not look that bad and my clothes still fit ok – no worries because I am here for the challenge and I intend to take it one day at a time. I will also incorporate daily weigh ins into my routine.

    @happymargo I agree, what works for person A may not necessarily work for person B. I personally would rather use a crutch of some sort that helps me successfully complete my fast than insist on purity and fail altogether. Purity was much more important to me when I was a young cub, these days the totality of the experience matters more. Congratulations on overcoming the wobble

    Welcome to all the newbies and I am really glad to see some of the old timers still chiming in. I am still getting back into the swing of posting and responding to posts. it always takes me a few tries to get back into the swing of things.

    Stay strong today my friends, you are all worth the effort.

    Day 3 USA – CD

    Going to do a Silver Sneakers class shortly, so hopefully won’t eat anything until a good supper. Can I call that a CD? I hope so,

    @happymargo – you have had some real life changes indeed! My parents lived out their years in south Florida and loved it. Dad left the Chicago steel business and did what he considered semi-retirement teaching high school chemistry & physics. I chose to do full retirement from school music teaching right as I turned 65. That allowed me to go right on Medicare, and that helped finances. My school district wanted me to substitute, but I opted just to do private lessons, choirs and church. Good luck to you! BTW, your advice on the physical aspects of our WOL is always appreciated.

    @basyjames – changes in exercise also kicks my butt too! Always glad to see you here.

    Onward and downward.

    Thank you very much. I think this site will help tremendously. Off to get me 250 cal for dinner. Stay strong everyone!

    Thank you very much. I think this site will help tremendously. Off to get me 250 cal for dinner. Stay strong everyone!

    Day 4, NFD, Aus

    Yay, more newbies! Welcome all.

    Got a new project at work which is keeping me super busy (and slightly stressed as I think the time frame we’re working to is unrealistic) so no time to post.

    oh! but thanks for all the comments re milk in the morning coffee. I don’t think I’ve ever achieved ketosis (not my aim in any event), so I’ll stick with it. On balance, even if it slows weight loss that is still preferable to giving up my morning hit!

    Day 4 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Good fast day yesterday, but then DH wanted to share a bottle of wine with me so I had a glass……the reason why I couldn’t say no? Very emotional evening…

    Well, DH found out more about his birth mother, what she had called him when he was born, his parents were only 16 and 17 and moved to the UK to try and make a go of it, he was born in the UK, his parents separated, and his birth Mom kept him for 8 months before giving him up for adoption……oh MY it’s so sad.

    This time last week he knew nothing of his background, now all this information …’s so exciting but overwhelming for him and I have to keep it together to support him.

    Still had a loss this morning so having a very controlled NFD with good nutritious foods.

    Have a great Wednesday.

    Day 4 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Welcome to @bigh! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    Aiming for another sensible NFD, which for me means keeping calories under 2200. What could go wrong…?

    @stitchincarol – “Have you considered actually throwing away the food you are choosing not to eat?” Um, you lost me there? I think you’re confusing me with @northgeorgia? I never throw food away, because I only buy what I intend to eat! The other day I mentioned having that luxury, whereas people with kids & other family members don’t really have that option.

    Happy Hump Day! 🐫

    That sounds like quite a rollor coaster @Daffodil2020. Lucky you only had one glass. Had a great FD yesterday and aiming for good self control when out for dinner with a friend tonight. Thanks for the welcome to the group.

    On another note when and how often are people weighing themselves. I don’t want to obsess but I’ll be very curious about the results. Scales are broken at the moment and might leave fixing them for a few weeks, that being said

    Day 4 – UK – FD

    Blimey @daffodil2010, that must’ve been a hugely emotional evening and no doubt will be for a while as your OH starts to process all of this. Such a sad scenario with his birth mother giving him up for adoption after 8 months. I just can’t imagine. It sounds like you’re being a fantastic support to him through this :-).

    @penz, I am completely with you on that. I don’t think I’d have ever achieved proper ketosis either, though I’ve never aimed for it and when I lost weight with the 5:2 previously, my cups of tea and coffee kept me sane so I have no intention of trying to change that. In fact, I did go through a spell where I only drank green teas in the mornings up to the 16 hour fasting point and I didn’t notice any difference in the rate & amount of weight loss compared to when I started the day with a ‘proper’ cup of tea!

    A belated hello to @bigh – Scotland is one of my most favourite places and I’m so lucky to have family there too, so I have lots of excuses to visit. I am also looking to shift a similar amount of weight as you are. When I did 5:2 successfully 5 years ago, I shifted about 20lb from mid July – October and that included some weekends away and didn’t track what I ate on NFDs, so I have lots of faith you’ll see the result you want to see too.

    Yesterday was a NFD and I didn’t do too badly at all. I woke up this morning feeling a little apprehensive about the FD today, goodness knows why because Monday’s was really successful, so I’ve just got my plan straight in my head:

    Lunch: Chicken & veg soup (again…. I’m a creature of habit on a FD)
    Dinner: Fishcake with loads of salad/veg

    Pocket List – Day 4 🍏


    Day 4 – Canada 🇨🇦 – FD

    Quick checkin to stay accountable 😔 My second FD for the week.

    Stay strong all.

    Pocket List – Day 4 🍏

    Day 4 UK NFD

    I’m with you in aiming for a nice simple NFD and as you say – what can go wrong? @funshipfreddie

    Oh my @daffodil2010 You deffo needed that wine 💕

    Yes @babs_b I now have the same things on a FD keeps it nice and simple and most importantly stops me thinking about food

    Happy 🐫 day all

    2nd Post – Day 4

    @bigh – I weigh myself a couple of times per week, usually after fast days. Otherwise there can be big fluctuations, especially after a weekend & it can be a bit discouraging.

    Day 4 – Ireland – NFD

    Hi all and welcome to BigH, @sugq123, @edzeko and @wetherby whaler, and welcome back @happymargo, @shimmera, @babs_b 👋

    I’m having such a lovely time here although the weather is not great (and I’m not fasting -EFSSSSSS!!! 🥴) but it doesn’t matter 👍.

    Oh @daffodil2010 that’s so incredibly emotional and sad… but exciting too… thinking of you all 💕

    @stitchincarol, @dvw, @songbirdme @basyjames and @high5 well done on your resolve 👏 I’m not doing great but from next Monday I’ll be back on track 🚂

    @penz I can relate to your work stresses – this is often my world but it does all tend to work out in the end.. keep sane 💪

    @at your weather sounds much better than ours… enjoy!! I did swim yesterday but in drizzle… very changeable here..
    @funshipfreddie I often work much the same as you and don’t have many treats in my house which is a shame for unplanned callers… 😂
    @bigh I weigh once a week and record it here once a month…

    Have a good day everyone.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 4 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 223 lbs. I’m happy because this is the first weigh-in post NFD where there hasn’t been an increase since June! Wonderful to go into a new FD at the same weight you came out of your previous FD. I did yesterday’s FD right. The bean soup was very satisfying last night and I had watermelon for a treat.

    Throwing out food isn’t an option for me, but I can give it away. I won’t give it all away. Hey, I’m honest. And I was honest to tell you all what happened between June and this month! I wondered why I was plateauing doing ADF, 4:3, etc. Too much fasting meant too much craving and cramming on NFDs (feeling deprived). So I started going a little wild at the supermarket. Then I suddenly realized my pantry started to get packed with soft drinks, chips, and sweets. That didn’t happen when I was just doing 5:2. I was crippling myself with deprivation. So, I’m taking the more responsible route. Do 5:2, and keep calories below TDEE on most NFDs. Most, because weekends and birthdays and holidays happen.

    But yes, also beware of leftovers with an “eat by date” and stocking the home with junk. I am actually stretching the truth when I say my pantry is packed. It’s two bags of chips, a few bottles of soft drink, some jelly beans, and a bag of Mounds/Almond Joys. That’s what happened. But I won’t restock now that I caught on to what I was doing subconsciously. I’m thinking I may even label packaged foods by the percentage of my TDEE each portion is. Somehow, I think seeing “10% TDEE” would make me think twice more than “200 calories.” I may try that.

    Put me down on the pocket list today! Feeling good about it!

    Day 4 – Florida 🇺🇸 – FD

    Please, STOP raining!! ☔️
    It’s been difficult getting outdoors for any activity whatsoever. No golfing, pickleball, biking, running, etc has happened for days….Just not worth the risk of getting struck by lightning!

    So we joined a gym. It’s a small community gym, but has all the basic essential weights & cardio machines. I’ll go for my second visit today (still a bit sore from my first session on Monday. It was a good workout! Ha!)

    Yesterday’s NFD was a nice re-feed, stayed quite close to TDEE. Actually, looking forward to my FD today. Give my body some healing autophagy time!
    …. Have a great day, friends!

    Pocket List – Day 4 🍏

    Day 4 USA – NFD

    Yesterday was just okay – ended up being quite hungry after exercise, so I did have some leftovers for lunch. Seldom eating breakfast these day (except my required coffee) so MFP said I was still under TDEE. I am ever so glad I found MFP to count my calories for me!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 4 – Rural Nebraska, USA – TDEE

    Throughout the day yesterday, I kept reminding myself, “Resolve!” Grocery shopping was where the reminder was most needed, lest I bring home foods that were junk and healthy alike, none of which fit into my plan of TDEE or below for most of the month of August. But I succeeded with the chant throughout the day, and the scale rewarded me with another couple ounces down. THAT was a surprise, and simply proves how much I’d been overeating in July–no wonder I didn’t actually lose weight then.

    @at Thanks for your further explanation. It sounds like, from the explanations everyone has had, that coffee/tea with cream or milk will indeed stop autophagy, but coffee/tea with nothing added is fine? I’m not aiming for ketosis, but the true benefits of fasting–autophagy–would be mine of black coffee is an okay thing.

    @basyjames My experience over the years says that just as, when we lose weight, it takes a while for our bodies to shrink down and reflect that loss, so when we gain weight, we don’t immediately outgrow our clothes…eventually, of course, but not immediately. So I’ll bet the weight will come off rather easily now that you’re back to ADF and your clothes will fit fine the whole time. Well done enjoying your beach vacation so thoroughly, but now returning smoothly into your eating and exercise routines!

    @songbirdme How many students do you have? I was startled to get three more students in one day last week, but delighted as well since I love teaching.

    @bigh So glad you’re feeling support from this group! Good luck with finding and making good choices when out to dinner tonight, and enjoy the time with your friend. As to scales, I weigh myself every morning and often before bed. For me, it keeps me accountable, and rewards me for behaving myself food-wise. The only time I’ll skip the scale is when I’ve been over-eating and don’t want to see how ugly the number is, LOL!

    @penz Good luck on the project with the too-tight deadline!

    @daffodil2010 Oh my, I can’t even imagine the wrenching loss of having your baby until he’s 8 months and then giving him up. Yeah, that glass of wine was entirely called for as you helped your DH sort through all his emotions. And WELL DONE on showing a loss despite the wine!

    @funshipfreddie Oops! Of course I meant @northgeorgia…sometimes my fingers just type and my brain isn’t actually engaged, LOL! And can I just take a moment of envy for the 2200 calories you can have on an NFD???? I used to be young enough to have that number, but no longer… 😜

    @basb_b I too was a creature of habit for a LONG time when it came to what DH and I had on FDs. Now, he’s so sick of those things (tilapia, primarily, LOL) that I can barely persuade him to eat it. That makes finding foods that fit for a FD a bit tougher, unfortunately, so sticking to what works is sure simplest!

    @jaifaim Serious bummer on the drizzly weather; that’s sure not what we hope for when on a vacation, but it sounds as if you’re making the best of it regardless. Enjoy the rest of your time!

    @northgeorgia I always forget that your TDEE is so very much higher than mine, and the occasional candy bar or pop truly can fit into that many calories. Lovely news that you didn’t gain after an NFD following a FD; that’s also rare for me, so I get the delight!

    @happymargo Bummer on the rain, but nice news on the new gym membership!

    @songbirdme Well done on staying below TDEE even with eating an un-planned lunch!

    Pocket List – Day 4 🍏


    Lots of fasters on this Wednesday! I wish you all strength for the resolve to achieve your goals for today!

    Day 4 North Canton OH FD

    I was planning to post earlier today but tech woes kept me from doing so. However I resolved that I will post everyday and here I am –Thank you @stitchincarol for the word of the month. It is working wonders for me.

    In keeping with my new regimen, I weighed in this morning to downward movement on the scales. It was not quite a pound, but as it was after a NFD I will take it happily.

    @Daffol2010 that is wonderful news for OH and you, I am so happy for you both. It should be an emotional roller coaster for the next little while and I am glad he has you for support

    Welcome @bigh, I typically weigh once a week, but resolved that this month I will weigh daily just to mix things up as I try to claw my way back to maintenance

    @stitchincarol wise words; you are absolutely right

    A win yesterday as OH had a taste for ice cream and asked if I would go with him. I wanted to keep him company but definitely did not want to eat the ice cream because it would have placed me over TDEE for the day, so I agreed to go but wondered if my resolve would be strong enough to say no when we actually got there. The girls were home and it became a family outing. I cherish those now that the girls are all grown up and driving themselves. When we got to the ice cream shop, it was not hard at all to say no- and I was pleasantly surprised about that. I took a glass of ice cold water and sipped on it while everyone else enjoyed their ice cream. I got ribbed about it a couple times, but everyone understood that I have 10 pounds to lose and they were very supportive. It was such a good experience.

    @funshipfreddie 2200 calories on a NFD wowie kazawee!!! Good for you my friend.

    Pocket List – Day 4 🍏


    Day 4 – UK – TDEE

    Another busy day – 90min general yoga class this morning, an afternoon of volunteering, then watched a bit of the cricket 🏏 test match England v India – cooked dinner and before I knew it – it’s gone 8pm already!!!

    A good start to this challenge Monday = FD 500 Tuesday = CD 1000 and today below TDEE at 1300 (my TDEE is only around 1500!!!)

    @daffodil2010 – what wonderful news for your OH – can totally understand why it’s overwhelming emotionally 🤗
    @bigh – I also weigh once a week after my 2nd FD – I find that it helps to keep me on track 🤞
    @jaifaim – still being very lucky with the weather 🌤 but apparently we are in for some heavy rain ☔️starting tomorrow afternoon and Friday

    Right off to make a cup of tea ensuring that the kitchen door is firmly closed after that!

    “Weight loss is not impossible. Weight loss is hard, but hard is not the same as impossible.” – Author Unknown

    Day 4 – WI, USA NFD

    @bigh – I went from weighing myself every day and recording thousands of entries of this number in thinly lined notebook for most of my life…to weighing myself about once a month or less. I think the question of how often you should weigh yourself may be subjective. I realized for me it was doing more harm than good. Other people need it to stay on task and it may be like a fun game for them. Since I considered smashing my scale through the bedroom window more than once, it didn’t seem much like fun and games for me. Haha.

    Getting back into the swing of it. So much mad respect for all of you who have this down. My FD yesterday went a bit sideways towards the end. I will get there again. I do FEEL better! after just a week or so. That’s something.

    Does anyone on this forum eat a mostly whole food, plant based diet? Just curious.

    Day 5 U.K. FD

    Yesterday’s NFD went pretty well apart from that I had two naughty small packets of crisps ha ha ha

    I am only doing two fast days this week and today is the final day of the week for fasting. I am not really feeling the love this morning, like @penz a grey morning always makes me lose my mojo a bit!

    @at – I like your idea of weighing only once per week after (at least) the 2nd FD of week. I think I shall adopt that strategy!

    @basyjames – RESPECT!!!!! Great willpower! 👏👏👏

    @stitchincarol – I loved your thoughts on our bodies shrinking etc and clothes-fit – that makes soo much sense!

    DH & I both feel we have got away lightly given how much we ate & drank on holiday, but like @dvw we believe that as we did lots of exercise in amongst the EPS, then we both might only experience a small blip on the scales! 🤞😀🤞


    @high5 (The artist formerly known as FiveTwoFan5252)

    Day 5 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    As I type this it looks like I am the first up for Day 5…… Very strange 😀

    NFD yesterday was good, straight up nutritious foods, lots of water, and today is my 2nd FD of the week. Bean and spinach salad for lunch then a lentil and veg soup for evening meal.

    Thanks all for your comments re the amazing but emotional things going on with DH. He sat down last night and wrote his birth Mom a letter (do you know how difficult it is to get proper bonded writing paper in this age of text and email? But I got him some lovely paper after a search of the shops 👍), he chose some photos to enclose with the letter, and it’s going to the social worker who will post to his birth Mom. Then the communication may commence ☺️.

    So I am so proud of him, he really is a kind and gentle man, he wanted me to read the letter and it was perfect, he came through in every word. Not bad for someone who hasn’t written an actual letter in over 25 years.

    Everything is going well. I stood on the scale and there was a loss, but I really need to see a different number next week, as I continue to bob between two weigh points. I feel healthier though.

    Have a great Thursday everyone.

    Day 5 – UK – NFD

    @daffodil2010 it’s lovely that he’s written the letter. Fingers crossed for the start of communication between the two of them.

    I had a very impromptu trip to Ikea yesterday and had to leave right before when I was going to break my fast with the chicken soup. I absolutely love Scandinavian food too so always go into the food market once we’re through the tills, so the minute we set off in the car I was thinking up ways to stop dreaming of all the lovely food in there!! I managed to come away without eating a morsel, got back to my office and had the soup instead. Seems like no big deal but I’m documenting it here because, my goodness, the willpower!! It was particularly tested when I made eye contact with a woman casually walking through the store eating cinnamon buns!

    I didn’t weigh myself before Monday’s FD but I hopped on the scales Tues morning and again today and I’m 1lb down from that point. Now I’ve got to keep a good level of RESOLVE through the coming days to not undo all the good work before Monday’s FD!

    Have a good Thursday – this week is hurtling by! 🙂

    Day 5 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @basyjames & @stitchincarol – yes, 2200 cals! So long as I stick to my FDs; and I scoffed & drank every last one of those calories yesterday. Not very good choices though. There were giant salted peanuts; & I’m still trying to get my head into a ‘dry til Fri’ state. It’s like I’m still trying to compensate for our alcohol sales ban, even though I never actually ran out of the stuff!

    @daffodil2010 – that can’t have been easy for your DH?! Just picking up a pen these days feel weird, never mind writing a letter!

    Let’s make it a good one, Thursday fasters! 🥇

    Pocket List – Day 5 🍇
    @high5 (The artist formerly known as FiveTwoFan5252)

    Day 5 UK FD

    Right ! Really want to make this a good fast day, here’s hoping 🤞
    When to weigh ? I’ve tried every option , now I get on the scales whenever I fancy but I only record when it goes down ( so there can be very lengthy waits ) probably not very scientific but works for me
    Pocket List – Day 5 🍇
    @high5 (The artist formerly known as FiveTwoFan5252)

    Day 5 – UK – CD

    Happy Hour (Aerobics) class at 9am to start the day – warm and sunny for now but rain predicted to start later this afternoon…….a 6pm zoom Pilates to end the day and in between having a lazy day catching up with the olympics and cricket!

    Got to get into the garden sometime today to collect what will probably be my last crop of gooseberries and then decide what to do with them……

    I have a dentist appointment tomorrow afternoon – just for my regular checkup so will probably do my 2nd FD500 for the week tomorrow then a weigh in on Saturday morning.

    Good luck to all those fasting today

    Day 5 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 221 lbs. Now starts the 4-day NFD stretch; expecting to gain back, of course. But hoping to keep it below TDEE today and be mindful of larger/higher calorie meals and avoid snacking over the weekend.

    They are four-laning the road in front of my house, so it’s a challenge each day to see I can access the road both going and coming from work.

    Good luck to the pocketlisters today.

    Day 4 – Florida 🇺🇸 – NFD. ZBC. 🎉 Party day!
    (But *resolve* to get in 20 hour fast first)

    Today will be VERY busy for me as I prep the house & food for a little party this evening!

    I’m hosting a large gathering to teach a bunch of my friends how to play Samba. A card game similar to Hand & Foot or Canasta.

    With the heat, humidity & RAIN here, it’s a good idea to be familiar with a few indoor games & activities to be still be social while inside.
    We have several rotating monthly get-togethers for darts + billiards, Mah Jongg, Wine Club, karaoke, dominoes (Mexican Train) and cards (Samba, Euchre, Cribbage.)

    Needless to say, these evenings are also a great excuse to serve up a slew of appetizers & finger foods. Definitely NOT a FD!!
    However, I will fast right up until just before the guests arrive. Then I’ll open my window with healthy salad + protein so I’m not tempted to immediately hoover up too many party snacks.
    Also, it’s only Thursday, but I may have my 2 glasses red wine for this week tonight. Then keep my weekend Dry.

    I’m keeping up with all the reading here …Love hearing everyone else’s progress & daily news!
    Hope you all have a fabulous day! Cheers!

    Day 5 – Canada 🇨🇦 – NFD

    Good morning everybody. Two FDs done and dusted with a small loss on the scales. I’d like to stay off the scales but I find a daily dose of reality is needed to keep me honest 😬 I think @bigh you should do whatever works for you.

    Thanks to @northgeorgia for the idea of ‘getting back to basics’ – will resolve to stay within my TDEE for the rest of the week.

    Pouring rain today, the farmers are loving it – a good day for packing. I’m working on the kitchen, urggg, sometimes I feel like smashing the plates and just starting over. Take care all.

    Day 5 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD

    Despite some fairly extravagant recipes for supper last night, I again pulled off TDEE for the day–that’s 1256 calories. My chant of “Resolve!” was louder and more frequent than ever yesterday, as I was home and close to the kitchen, but resolve won the day, so that’s four in a row that were exactly to plan. The trick is not to wobble into “I hope” territory, but to be firm with myself, and remind myself the difference between hoping and resolving. It will take months to lose all the weight I want, and I’ve never been resolved for MONTHS, but I also keep reminding myself that all I need to worry about today is today; the months ahead can be dealt with as they arrive.

    @basyjames Excellent example of resolve that you stuck with water while DH and DDs all had ice cream; well done! And I’m not surprised that you’re already down almost a pound; your resolve is rewarding you.

    @at You are doing a terrific job of limiting calories and will soon be BELOW maintenance weight if you keep going!

    @edzeko Feeling better is a huge part of the success of this WOL. Have you tried giving yourself a firm lecture on the difference between hoping and resolving and then chanting “Resolve!” when you’re tempted to go sideways? It takes some serious internal honesty, but has sure been why I’m finally buckled back onto the wagon.

    @high5 Keep in mind that, even on a gray day, it’s warmer than a January gray day, so the chill we all get from fasting will good today…right?? Hold firm to your resolve and you’ll make it through the day with success!

    @daffodil2010 I love how you’re sharing the daily details of DH becoming acquainted with his birth mom; thank you for that. And to be sticking to your eating plan in the midst of so much emotional upheaval is truly impressive; that’s resolve of a stellar variety!

    @babs_b That was more stellar resolve, that you left Ikea before giving in to any of the food; well, well done! Do you have a plan for what you’ll eat each day until your next FD, so that you’ll know just what’s allowed and what is not, in order to eat to calorie goal?

    @funshipfreddie On the one hand, I envy you your 2200; on the other hand, being able to eat so much on NFDs must make FDs particularly challenging, just because it’s such a contrast. That thought makes my 1256 look less pathetic, LOL!

    @brightonbelle “Really want” (to make the FD successful) sure sounds like resolve to me! 😉

    @at I am in awe at how much exercise you do, above and beyond the walking you do. I would love to be more active than I am, but I am still hunting for something that I love and can commit to, and continue to come up empty, so your success and commitment is even more impressive.

    @northgeorgia Nice number this morning! Bummer on the road construction in front of your house; how much longer will work continue?

    @happymargo Your evening sounds perfectly lovely! My mom used to love playing Hand and Foot, so family holiday gatherings had games going much of each day, with Mom as the only constant in who was playing. I’ve never learned Euchre and never even heard of Samba; sure wish I lived close enough to you to be one of your guests tonight. Nice resolve on how you’re going to approach the foods, and the fasting before!

    @dvw You have my sympathy for having to pack; it’s simply no fun, rainy day or sunny day! Nice job on a loss on the scales.

    Pocket List – Day 5 🍇
    @high5 (The artist formerly known as FiveTwoFan5252)


    It’s been a good week, with lots of contentment that my resolve is holding, and I’m on my way to success. But every time I’d think that, I’d stop, and point out that I’m on my way to SLIMNESS, that I’m already experiencing success. “Okay,” I’d say to myself, “but it’s being slim that I really want here, so that’s my focus.” And then would follow a sigh. “But, oh golly, it’s going to be a long time until I reach weight goal, and that’s a long time to wait. I’ll be so happy then, but it’s a LONG time to wait.” Several times a day was the norm for that progression of thoughts, and each time my next thought would be @basyjames‘s quote, and it’s so perfect for that tension between setting goals that will make us happy, and being happy on the journey: “Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.” Guillaume Appollinaire

    Have a good one, everyone, strong in your aspirations and resolve for whatever this day holds for you, and happy!

    Day 5 North Canton OH NFD

    Weigh in 168lbs, 2 pounds down and 8 to go. I held firmly to the word of the month at 4pm yesterday when I began to feel wobbly, drank a glass water which immediately helped me feel better. Then I decided to eat half a salted avocado, and that was my crutch to get through the rest of the day. Went to sleep really tired after a busy day, slept great and woke up feeling exhilarated – was not surprised to see a 1.2 pound drop on the scale this morning from yesterday’s weigh in. Like @stitchincarol said; quick on, quick off with the right plan.

    The weather was just right this morning, I had a really great run on the trails and registered a personal best on the timer.

    @edzeko my preference is a Mediterranean diet and I always strive for whole foods and plant based meals. That being said, I will enjoy a good hearty ribeye every chance that I can get with no apologies whatsoever 🤣🤣🤣

    @daffodil2010 what a beautiful story. Letter writing is a lost art and one that I hope cycles back in our culture. I really hope that OH and his birthmother can forge a beautiful relationship. Its never too late for love, and we can never have too many loving, supportive relationships in our lives. Peace to you guys.

    @northgeorgia road construction can be such a pain, we went through that 2 years ago, but we have a lovely 5 lane road off our housing development and now it’s really a joy. Hang in there, the challenges you are experiencing will be worth it in the end.

    I choose to be happy, exuberant and joyful today – thank you for the reminder @stitchincarol

    have a wonderful and mindful day my friends ❤❤💖

    Almost through my 4th FD since I started this regime. I’m getting into the flow and know that to make this work I need to get into some good regular habits. Found a quick and tasty meal option for my FD days which also happen to be busy days with work and dropping my boy off at football training. My meal tonighy was a chopped babybel cheese, frozen spinach and half a pack of savoury chicken
    rice. It was delicious and quick which is half the battle for me. All stuff I can keep supplies of in which means I’ll not be tempted to stray because I’m not organised. All good here although dying to weigh myself. Damm you scales!

    Day 5 USA – NFD

    Did okay yesterday until the end of our evening out for German food. Only ate about 1/2 of my schnitzel, but then DH insisted we get apple strudel (with some cinnamon ice cream) for dessert that we split. He actually ate about 2/3 of it, so good for me.

    @stitchincarol – i have really had to say no a lot for piano students. Right now I have just 2 families, each with 2 kids. The one of them is a set of twin girls, and i have been careful to put them in 2 different lesson series to try to avoid competitor. They compete anyway. Ha ha!

    BTW – you are quire amazing at your attention to all of our membership when you host. I hope everyone appreciates you as much as I do!

    @basyjames – you are making good progress! I expect your last 8 pounds will just disappear.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 6, NFD, Aus

    I had one of those egg and bacon muffin things this morning as I knew I wasn’t going to have time for lunch. I don’t usually eat breakfast, and this thing is not agreeing with me. Blech!

    Oh wow, @daffodil2010 – what an emotional rollercoaster. How are you both coping with all this new information?

    @bigh – I used to jump on the scales the morning after my second weekly FD. To be honest though, I’ve not stepped on for a while because I know I won’t like what they tell me. My preferred gauge to weight loss is not what the scales say, but how my clothes fit. In one sense I really don’t care at all how many kg I am – but I DO want to look good in smaller sized clothing and to feel better in myself. I like @brightonbelle’s approach the best (only record it when the number goes down ).

    Love your honesty, @northgeorgia – I think you’re being honest with yourself too which is more important! August is going to be your month.

    What’s pickleball @happymargo? I lived in Tampa for two years and never came across it. Huh. Just googled it. Still have never heard of it, not even by another name. I love this forum for all the things you can learn!

    Thanks for the well wishes on my project, @jaifaim and @stichincarol. Just had a very successful meeting with a person who offered the assistance of her team. MUCH appreciated and feeling more in control. A good way to end the week.

    How empowering @basyjames, @babs_b – you got this! Such resolve!

    We have a cloud weekend forecast ahead of us, but at least it’s not raining!!

    One day at a time people. See you Monday!

    Day 6 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Hoping to get into work early as I have loads to do and I want to get home on time for a relaxing night with DH after the emotional week that was.

    My FD was good, but I felt so tired yesterday evening and my neck muscles were aching so much. Slept all night but with many crazy dreams. Did my metabolic workout this morning, had a banana, walnuts and kefir and ready to go.

    I have my own dear Dad up for the weekend tomorrow so looking forward to that. We can dine indoors again once we are vaccinated so we will bring him to our local pub for some nice dinner and pints of Guinness…..he is looking forward to getting out of his house for sure 😄

    Happy Friday

    Day 6 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    I survived yesterday’s FD, just about. Now for 3 consecutive NFDs; which seems a lot after following 4:3 for the last couple of months, & I don’t want to undo the progress I’ve made. I just need go back to my mantra from last year, ‘if I’m not logging it, I’m not scoffing it’. 👀

    @at – please could you take a look at the spreadsheet when you have time? I don’t know what’s going on with it; but every time I make an entry the squares above turn green?! And it’s not St Patrick’s Day & I’m sure @flourbaby isn’t even Irish ☘️.

    Day 6, FD, Australia
    Hi, everyone, I’ve been having email problems, but have just had a lovely read of all your entries for August. What an eventful month for so many, and it’s not even a week old yet!
    You have really encouraged me – thank you! I’ve only been doing this for 6 weeks, and diabetes means I cannot skip meals, and can’t have fewer than 800 calories 2 days a week, and preferably 1000. So my fasting days are limited. I lost 3.5kg in the first 4.5 weeks, and have plateau’d since, which has been disappointing. I’m telling myself it’s OK, but every day I weigh myself and it’s the same as yesterday, I get a let-down. Never mind, reading all your exploits has cheered me up.
    Must go, it’s getting late, and I have things I have to do.
    Bye for now.

    Day 6 – UK – NFD

    Yesterday’s NFD was pretty good for cals. I’m having to remember that it’s actually ok for me to eat on my NFDs. I have realised a pattern of behaviour from when it all went a bit wrong previously (when I re-tried the 5:2), that I’d have a good FD and feel really encouraged so would try to do a back to back FDs through the week, but I found that too difficult so would end up eating, feel really bad that I’d messed up my b2b FDs and then feel disheartened that it’d affect my motivation.

    I felt that creeping in again yesterday for a short while when I started off really well in the ZBC straight off a good FD on Weds, but as the hunger really crept in at lunch time I stopped it in its tracks by reminding myself I am going back to basics, to exactly how I did it before successfully…. 2 x FD500s a week and not getting too caught up worrying about food the rest of the week. I’m easing myself back in to this WOL and taking small steps. One of the reasons why I loved the 5:2 before was that flexibility – that I only had to be uber disciplined on two days.

    So, I’m writing it out here to help reinforce that little bit more too in my mind! 🙂

    I am in the ZBC as usual today, lunch will be some kind of salad (yet to decide what I fancy) and dinner this evening will be steak & veg.

    I had a change around in my office yesterday and I’m now sitting in a different part of the room with a new desk, new plants around me and a lot less clutter. It’s amazing how having a different perspective can give you a different perspective, so to speak! Lovely to have a little change.

    @basyjames – brilliant losses! Well done!

    @daffodil2010 – enjoy your time with your dad. It’s lovely you can actually go out for a meal again.

    @penz – I have found the same with those breakfast muffins, they can really make me feel grotty once I’ve eaten one even though I quite enjoy the taste at the time

    @stitchincarol – amazing that you’ve managed under TDEE so consistently! Well done… brilliant resolve!

    @northgeorgia – I’m also on that stretch of NFDs now too, so doing the same. I’m making sure I’m popping my head in here which really helps to keep me on track

    @funshipfreddie – I love that motto! I’m still in two minds about logging everything on NFDs or not. I didn’t do that before, but I did keep a mental tally so I suppose that’s almost the same, I just wasn’t opening an app to do it! I may be joining you with the no log, no scoff mantra if I don’t stay on track over the weekend’s NFDs!! 🙂

    Day 6 – USA/GA – NFD

    Aww, 224 lbs. Almost 223. Overdid the salt yesterday. Not going for the oatmeal this morning. I think just an egg and maybe a small piece of cheese. It was a stressful week.

    Catch up later!

    Day 6 – Canada 🇨🇦 – NFD

    Good morning everybody. Another rainy day so no tennis. I guess that means I can clean those kitchen cupboards, yippee. 😆

    No breakfast, cereal with fruit for lunch and a mushroom omelette and salad for dinner. I’m going to try some vegan cheese for the first time. My cheese consumption has been totally out of control so I’m trying a more healthy option.

    Take care all.

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