August 2019 – Monthly Challenge

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August 2019 – Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 16 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Good dinner out last evening – BBQ ribs that were incredibly tender. Great production of “Man of La Mancha” as well.

    @ktcaroline – hugs and prayers for a swift and complete recovery

    @emmataylor – absolutely agree, no fasting in Italy! Enjoy it all. We loved our trip there 10 years ago, August also as a matter of fact. Sure was hot, but we had a fabulous trip.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 17 country West Australia NFD
    1 kg down over 6 days so VEEERRRRRYYYYYY happy!!!
    It is SO good to be back on the wagon with my fellow wagoneers. It is such a pleasant place to be.
    This lovely group of people really does keep me accountable.
    Yesterday went grocery shopping and have got into the habit of buying myself a little food treat BUT this time I really did stop and think about the 5:2 group and your collective support across the globe stopped me!! So yay ! Winning! and thanks!
    You see together we definitely ARE stronger. Just a shame I haven’t been listening to you guys a lot sooner but still…
    @ktcaroline, I really hope you recover soon. So sorry to hear you are unwell. Be kind to yourself.
    @flourbaby, yes I most certainly am enjoying my ‘Dolly ‘time – wearing lottos tight sweaters. Mind you ALL my sweaters have become a bit figure fitting in the past year.
    @ciren2, hope you don’t get too wet on your rounds but please send all rain down south to west Australia . We are DESPERATE for rain. Have just come off the driest July on record and August heading the same way.
    The climate definitely seems to be changing.
    @emmataylor, in Italy you will be enjoying a Mediterranean diet – and that’s what everyone says is the best – so win win situation.
    Onward and downward.

    Day 17: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    My Long-Weekend….no deliveries till TUESDAY!
    @i-hate-lettuce: WELCOME, of course you can join….you’ve done brilliantly well so far.
    @ktcaroline: stay well, and relaxed xx

    Day 17 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    I actually lost half a kilo after Thursday’s FD and then yesterday’s CD. So I’m hoping I can stick to regular 5:2 & leave out the CDs.

    @flourbaby – if you’re battling roaring dragons, that would be a ‘thunder’ of dragons. ‘Weyr’ only pertains to the tame ones. Any ‘Big Bang Theory’ fan knows that! 😅

    @rabbette – congrats on the new ATL!

    @ktcaroline – wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Have a good weekend everyone! 🍎

    Day 17, London, UK, NFD,

    @ktcaroline, it must have been so scary! I hope you manage to get some rest, take care of yourself. xxx

    @emma taylor, I really envy your ‘jet set’ lifestyle, but I could do without those Italian temptations!!!

    I lost by battle with the ‘thunder’ of dragons who made my life difficult yesterday, there was bread & cheese shared with my mum (Did I have to eat, just to keep her company??) anyway at least the Indian meal was ‘pants’ so I didn’t finish half of it, note to self – stick to Thai!!

    @funshipfreddie ……… careful, your inner Sheldon is showing!!! …….…….. Glad I’m learning something new every day, whether I retain this info is yet to be seen!!

    Off to get some housework done ……………………. maybe!!

    Stay strong everyone!!

    @Ciren2- Thanks for the welcome, finding this fasting method works for me!
    Have to count the calories each day or overeat ! Taken a few years but suddenly seem to have found some willpower!

    10lbs gone 18 lbs to first goal…..

    @i-hate-lettuce: So, you see, it works!
    Post each day, which helps you stay accountable. The day is the same day as the month, regardless of where you actually are. Where you come from, and whether it’s a fast-day (FD) or non-fast -day (NFD). See example above by @flourbaby.
    Ask anything you like, everyone is friendly and helpful and stay with us on the challenges, which have been going on month by month since May 2016. Good luck.
    @funshipfreddie: You’re making it sound so easy, I’m feeling jealous now!!

    Day 17 – Ireland . NFD
    Back home today and a quick swim in the sea. Weather is much better here than south coast UK – which is rare!
    Not making great choices today but never do in airports…
    Hope everyone is doing ok!
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Rightly or wrongly (but it seems to work for me)
    I’m managing to keep to between 6 and 700 calories on fasting days and as my BMR is 1958 keeping below that on even my ‘bad’ days.
    Today calorie intake 1671 exercise shows 1078 calories burnt (Fitbit) so even if those two figures are slightly out still well under BMR number!

    Day 18 country west Australia CD
    another 100gms down. I seem to be losing in increments of 100g – but I’ll take it anyway.
    @ihatelettuce. Welcome! And congratulations on your weight loss to date.
    This is a lovely bunch of people who share their up/ down/ sad/happy/ crazy/ messy events called ‘life’!.
    I have found this group to be so supportive, generous in sharing their tips/ recipes/ health journeys.
    Personally I am much more accountable and mindful when I post daily.
    Having started with gusto in November 2016 and made good progress until I reached a plateau mid 2017 which lasted sooooooooo long that I jumped off the wagon and rolled way way way down the mountain, sadly.
    So now after a few false starts over the intervening time I am clambering back onto the wagon. Sometimes we hold on by a fingernail but the rest of the crew hitch you by your britches and hold on to you.
    It’s only been a week since really committing to this WOL seriously again and already it has made a big difference to food choices and portion sizes.
    Hope you stay around to enjoy your journey.
    @funshipfreddie thank you for letting me know that a group of dragons is called a ‘weyr’.( Bit of a word nerd here!)
    For the past year I have been hosting the world congress of weyrs and thunders of dragons. Many Many dragons – more than I knew existed , but I have started slaying them one at a time.
    Trouble is they seem to be like calories – multiplying without one even being aware of it.
    But I am now in my dragon slaying suit , so dragons – beware!!
    Happy Sunday all, wherever you are.
    I am off to church – 5ºC and no heating. 👀😇


    So…….. it’s been a while…….A long while!

    Matilda had me locked away force feeding me until, I gained 20lbs!

    I managed to escape and praying that you all are still here!

    Thank goodness!

    I don’t wanna do this on my own…….. Will you have me back?

    I don’t trip……..I do random gravity checks!

    Day 17 & 18 – Japan – NFD

    Water fast was easy … I guess after a couple hundred water fasts the body figures out how to handle it.

    @lilymartin – You are correct that New Jersey isn’t in Australia, but my son did go to Australia for a week before as part of an exchange program. However I’m blown away by how you tracked so much of what is going on. WOW! You can even list the handles of people that haven’t been around this month. That is a skill I don’t have.

    OMAD again,
    Was going well until I attacked the biscuits. Anyway my son and I made home made pizza.
    Back on track today. Finished a lovely walk and not beating myself up.
    @kt Caroline hope you recover quickly. My favourite food hasn’t changed . I could eat roast chicken 7 days a week. Cooked a beautiful chicken in the air fryer the other day and it was delicious. I love my food and unfortunately over the years my food intake has increased and despite being fairly active weight has increased. Days are getting longer, Spring is just around the corner and bodes well for weight loss I hope. Have a great day,

    Day 18: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Spoke to DD (in Melbourne) on Skype at pre-arranged time yesterday. Skype is so weird….cam’t get used to the delay and un-synced-ness of it! She and her partner (still trapped in UK!) are meeting up for a holiday in Thailand next week.

    Hey….welcome back @bert1802….we’ve missed you. Press re-set (just like I’ve never yet been able to)…ha…ha! You can do it.
    @lgbran: That’s right…never beat yourself up. It’s against the rules.

    Day 18 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @ciren2 – the half-kilo loss was a surprise to me! The only thing I did differently last week was to start using myfitnesspal to track my food, even on NFDs. It’s quick & easy once you get used to it. It made me realize I was underestimating the calorie content of some things, or not even bothering to count the occasional snack. It makes me think twice before I eat anything now. My new rule is – if I’m not logging it, I’m not scoffing it.

    @i-hate-lettuce – welcome! I’m not crazy about lettuce either.
    And welcome back @bert1802

    Wishing everyone a happy S🌞nday

    @funshipfreddie ….Throwback to being a kid, mothers idea of salad was loads of lettuce with half a tomato on top!

    @lilymartin … cheers, determined to make this thing work, only been 3 weeks but feel so much better already, which really helps. In 2 weeks time we’re off on a cruise…. so going to have to be careful (although the last one was 4 weeks I only put 5lb on without watching what I was eating) this time if I can limit the damage and hop back straight onto the regime shouldn’t be too bad.

    second post.
    @bert1802 – welcome baccccckkkkkkkk!!!!! So good to have you back, says she who has only been back a week!!.
    I must have had Matilda’s friend at my place because I gained a whopping 18 KGS!!!!!!! ( would have been better if pounds but….)
    Actually I can’t blame Matilda or her friend or anyone else except me and my wanton disregard of 5:2 principles – and eating like there was no tomorrow.
    Anyway back here with everyone else doing it One Day At A Time.

    Day 18, London, UK, NFD

    Another NFD, I doubt it’ll be super controlled, I’m getting rid of ‘stuff’ which stealthily found it’s way into the house!! As willpower & mojo have both gone on their summer hols, I’m doing that thing we say we shouldn’t do ……………………. I’m using my tummy as a bin!!! I struggle to throw food away, it’s sooooo much part of my make-up, plate finishing included!!! At least there isn’t any bread!!!

    @bert1802, it’s sooooo good to have you back!!! 20lbs will be gone in a flash, stick with us and I’m glad to see another fab ending, I missed them when you went AWOL!!! As @lilymartin (and the rest of us!) say ……………… One day at a time!!!

    So remember …………………………..

    “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” – C.S. Lewis

    Day 18……… Very Rainy Florida……. CD

    Thank you for the warm welcome back.
    So much has happen to make me hit rock bottom and now I’m in the process of gathering all my stuff scattered all over my front lawn.

    I did do a reboot for my brain , I watched Dr. Mosley’s documentary, redid my stats in the calculator and researched the benefits basically everything I did when I first started back in the day!

    So, yesterday, I was standing in my closet, trying to figure out what fits and what doesn’t and you won’t believe what I found….. a pair of pants with the tags still on them……. They are wayyyyyy to small but I know have goal pants or tracking pants depending on how you want to look at it……

    I can’t wait get to know those I don’t and reconnect with all those I do!

    I don’t trip…….I do random gravity checks!

    USA Day 18 FD

    I have been very hit or miss this Summer coming online but dutifully following my diet plan. It’s been such a busy Summer! My vegetarian diet is going well, although yesterday I drank far too much alcohol! I don’t usually do that and find I am more successful if I don’t drink. Anyway, I hope everyone has a great 5:2 day or whatever protocol that is working for you! 🙂

    Day 18. California. NFD

    I had a fast day yesterday but I probably ate too much as after my salad I ate some popcorn because I was so hungry. It wasn’t terrible but not great either. I’m up about two pounds from my low but that seems ok so I just need to watch the trend over time I suppose. Maintenance is tricky!

    The weather is much cooler here this weekend which is nice. We may go to breakfast once my SO comes back from mom duty. We only go to breakfast every few weeks so it’s a nice change as I don’t usually eat breakfast. If I go out to breakFast I usually skip lunch as I’m not hungry.

    @ktcaroline I hope you are doing okay.

    @ I hate lettuce – welcome!

    Day 17 & 18 USA (Illinois) NFD

    I keep on keeping on.

    @bert1802 — YEAH! You’ve returned to the fold! 🙂 You know we always welcome back anyone who has “strayed” from us. I agree with @lilymartin and @flourbaby that your 20 pounds will be gone before you know it.

    @ccco – I am with you on the alcohol. I adore Long Island Iced Tea, G & T’s, and most all wine especially in the summer. Then there are other cold weather drinks… ah yes. Wish they didn’t have all those calories!!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 19 – Adelaide,AU FD
    Two weeks left in the month! I’m thinking I will have to start counting calories on my NFDs to stop the yo-yoing.

    Day 19 country West Australia FD
    It’s wonderful to already have clothes fitting somewhat better even after a mere 8 days back living the 5:2 WOE.
    My work pants fit better and at least I can breathe a bit more often!!
    Who was it who used to talk about her ‘ big girls’ pants’ in 2016/2017?
    Anyway I have had to put on my ‘ BGPs’ in more ways than one this past year or so.😱

    Day 19, FD, Aus

    Have been off line, away with work and playing with new pup. Despite travelling, I did manage to get in one FD last week but otherwise things have been slightly derailed.

    Have enjoyed catching up on the posts and learning about dragons. Great to see you back Bert1802 and love your sign off.

    And also really helpful to read posts – while I had promised myself a FD I started thinking about what to have for lunch. I am (re)committed to the plan today!

    Day 19: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:
    Well, I could say “thank goodness it’s the last day of my long weekend” as being at home and not slogging round my deliveries, causes me to eat too much! However, I DO look forward to my six-weekly long-weekend, so…
    Anyway, 1 kg up so far and I’ve got today to go….!

    Day 19 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Here we go – into week 3! It’s not supposed to be easy; that’s why it’s called a Challenge.

    “We are what we repeatedly do”. ~ Aristotle

    Pocket List – Day 19

    Day 19 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    So busy this weekend that I did not get to sign in. I did read posts every morning though and it’s great to have @bert1802 back in the fold. Welcome back!!

    @lilymartin reading earlier that you were on a very long plateau before you jumped ship? I can seriously understand that, my plateau so far has been all of 2019! But it’s logging in here and reading others stories that makes me determined to stay here.

    Now, I have a feeling that this might the week of the Woosh!! I don’t know why, but I just have a feeling that this week might be it! I am hoping that by Friday morning something might have changed to get me off this plateau… positive mental attitude for the week ahead.

    It’s a 4 day week for me as I have Friday off. We are going to Co. Kerry in our camper on Friday morning and I am looking forward to relaxing by the Atlantic Ocean on Friday night…..hopefully a few pounds lighter 👍

    Pocket list Day 19

    2nd Post

    Pocket List – Day 19

    Fasting day today …….. good start, not feeling hungry and have quite a few jobs to do this morning! Good weekend, even had a glass or two of wine and the scales haven’t gone upwards, result.

    @rafiki44 thanks for the welcome …

    Day 19, London, UK, NFD

    Another dreaded NFD to navigate, I’ll try to make it controlled, but I’m crossing fingers for an unplanned FD, wouldn’t that be lovely!! It’s such a struggle to fast at home, if I aim for OMAD, I might find today more successful than the last 3 days have been!!

    Today is planning day, I’ll set out this weeks’ meals & this time ………………… I’ll stick to it, simple!!! I’m only cheating myself after-all!!

    Stay strong everyone & keep the faith!!!

    Day 19 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    @bert1802 welcome back.

    @ktcaroline hope you’re resting and feeling better.

    Pocket List – Day 19

    Onwards 😉

    Day 19 – Japan – WFD … mostly done

    Pocket List – Day 19

    Day 19 UK FD

    Back after unplanned frantic trip Dad “stable” and we are taking it a day at a time so back to fasting today Welcome back @bert1802 I’m also aiming for a 20lb drop x

    Day 19 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – FD

    Sigh….so no movement on the scales this week BUT my trousers were falling (literally!) off me this weekend! so much so my daughter commented on how ridiculous they looked! haha! can’t wear them again – guess I might need to go shopping!
    Had better NFDs this weekend so hoping, hoping, hoping for a WHOOSH this week – am planning some very focused FDs.

    @ktcaroline – sorry to hear you have been poorly, hope you feel better soon.
    @i-hate-lettuce – welcome on board!
    @daffodil2010 – enjoy your jaunt to Kerry. I’m off to Cork in a few weeks and cannot wait!
    @flourbaby – we must be cut from the same cloth – I have real trouble throwing food away, empty plate always, waste not want not and all that! I’m trying to buy in less but it’s difficult during the summer with everyone coming and going, and don’t even get me started on bread…….just try to avoid it completely now.

    Happy FD Fasters!

    Pocket List – Day 19

    Day 19 – Reading, UK – CD

    Hello everyone. I’m working from home and trying to stay cool. A health blip is a bit of a shock – it’s the first time it has every happened to me, so I’m trying to re-adjust. I’m reading through your posts and smiling. You are such a positive lot – it’s wonderful to be around you all.

    Anyway – daily questions continue. Today it’s a serious one …

    What health issue are you ignoring? Maybe you don’t have one, which is great. I ignored high blood pressure and landed myself in hospital. So what are you ignoring?

    Day 19……Florida……FD

    What a tough morning, I really did not want to wake up from my slumber. But today is the day, I’m taking the bull by the horns and taking back my life!

    It is so nice to see so many familiar names….. like coming home again. I tried looking back one forum because I can remember if I started this in Nov. 2015 or Nov. 2016. I just can’t understand how one can have a particular life style for so long then revert back to old dangerous ways. So, I guess, I could just beat myself up for running away from the wagon or pulling up my big girl panties and deal with what’s in front of me.

    So….. onward and upward!

    KT…….I know for a fact, I am ignoring what I can only imagine as a lot of health issues. Honestly, it’s not like I am totally against doctor but I do not like the system under which the operate here in the states. Pharmaceuticals are even worse. I refuse to be apart of a system who values the almighty dollar over the health and well being of the people.
    I think that’s one of the reasons, I value this way of life because we are allowing our bodies to do what is suppose to do. I know I felt a hell of a lot better when I was participating fully. Right now, I’m over all my joints aching!
    I thinking your question was a great opportunity for all of to look into ourselves and see what we have chosen not to see!

    Okay well……I’m never going to make it to work, if I don’t actually get out of this bed!

    FYI……I still work at the same job, although my position has changed yet again well not really changed just more added on…… now when I’m not on the road, I not only do receiving but now I get to do the purchasing too!

    Just thought of this….. I probably should do a little bio for those who don’t know me!

    I don’t trip…….I just do random gravity checks!

    Day 19 USA (Illinois) FD

    Going to join on the pocket list today – need a good FD.

    Pocket List – Day 19

    Onward and downward.

    Day 19, Melb Aust FD800 (kind-of)

    Continue to be challenged this month – a freezing (for us) breath of winter came up from the Antarctic, and we are back to shivering again. Usually by this time of winter, there are signs of the approach of spring, and I guess there are some plants sprouting fresh leaves, but it’s COLD, and I don’t cope with it very well. Sigh! Better than the pouring rain that @ciren2 has had to cope with in the middle of the U.K. summer, though.

    @ktcaroline, sorry to read that you ended up in hospital, and hope you are recovering well now.

    To answer your last question, like Daffodil2010 (I think), my favourite food (chocolate) hasn’t really changed, but I am leaning more towards the vegetables and finally away from the crisps, just in the past week. Plus I have discovered protein bars, and they are such a handy “lunch” snack when you’re out and about.

    My friends have planted the cherry tree, and told me it’s doing well. Once the weather warms a little and stops raining, I’ll be moving some plants around the garden so that space will be filled with an Australian native bush.

    @brightonbelle, was it you whose father was suddenly taken ill? – my best wishes for his recovery.

    @funshipfreddie, great that you feel you’ll be able to stick with this WOL in maintenance. Good for you!

    Less than 2 weeks left of August, so let’s make them good ones!

    Day 19 UK FD

    Back from 4 day narrow boat trip… and less narrow than when I went! A lovely time albeit hardworking and at times smelly, but overall simply wonderful. Aching all over, covered in bruises I can’t even imagine how I got them, exhausted and swaying and over-indulged. But happy 🙂

    I’ve drunk wine and eaten eggs and cheese and snacks and chocolate until they’re coming out of my ears. But stayed away from gluten and as ship’s cook I got plenty of vegetables onto the menu and into my crew mates! Now feeling very puffy and in need of a strong reset – esp as I’m off for 4 day festival on Friday. Today is the day to do things differently again!

    Massive pile of Stuff to plough thru, but brain still in holiday mode. Have unpacked and loaded washing machine, tidied up and just about landed my head. Now for long overdue shower & hairwash, stretch & meditate. Then ploughing thru the pile for a couple of hours and see what I can do.

    Meal planning – Lashings of fizzy water and some marmite tea to get me through to supper Defrosting some lentil & veg soup, perhaps add quorn chicken pieces for some chewy protein and an orange for pudding sweetness. Then toothbrushing and an early night. Sounds like a plan!

    @bert1802 welcome back! You’ve come to the right place to rejoin the waggon. No time like today 🙂
    @ktcaroline so sorry to hear about your heart issue, and hope you feel better v soon. Nothing is as important as health x

    Health issues I’m ignoring? I live with lots and spend my life negotiating around them otherwise I wouldn’t do anything. Balance often slips, so it’s good to be reminded of the importance of sleep, stretching and space for mental well-being and good boundaries. But otherwise I suspect it’s the backlog of screening things for me – all those preventative checks we get on the NHS where I think i’m at least a year behind.#

    Whatever the day brings, face it gently x

    Pocket List – Day 19

    Day 19, VA, USA, FD

    Tuesday will start as FD
    however, I do know there is pizza in my Future tomorrow evening.
    Wed I’ll plan FD
    That starts our 5 days of travel… I’ll actually plan on OMAD for most of the trip or skip the meal and just have water – b/c why waist(haha) the calories on just an OK meal when we are bound to hit up a really nice BBQ place through the mid west somewhere.

    Posting will get a bit more dicy as we travel. I’ll be thinking bout you guys and still sticking to my guns.

    @flourbaby – that mind-set (having something great vs mediocre) has saved me from eating crappy potato chips. Which chips were my nemesis. But I noticed last week I had a hankering for chips (I ate some) and thought huh, thought these were better tasting than this… so then I easily closed the bag after 4 chips. (((What!!!!!))) never in my life have I done that until now.

    @ktcaroline – OH my just read you went/were at the hospital! Hugs. As for your question about ignoring health, prop just not getting my full on cardio. I finally took a step and had a whole blood panel done and most everything seems to check out ok. So me I’m just being lazy about cardio.

    @missybear – when in maintenance do you loosely aim for just below your numbers so you can try and stay at your number b/c of natural flux of weight loss/gain?

    @lilymartin – welcome back to the wagon! Its a nice wagon, a bit rough at times and occasionally there is some falling off that happens, but luckily its always fixable and ready to just hop back on! (BTW my favorite word for pants is Britches! so glad someone else uses it) Yay to your work britches fitting better too!

    @funshipfreddie – I know I can’t wait to discover if (fingers crossed) I change over to an actual 5:3 instead of 4:3 or even 3:4FDs as I’ve been for the past month. YOU are so right on the tracking of calories… @ciren2 it is a pain but, I do it once every couple months for about 2 weeks so I don’t dread it as much AND once you do it for foods you eat regularly you will know those calories. I too would underestimate my cal especially for snacks – or sneaky food tasting while I’m cooking!!!! I like your rule tho “if I’m not logging it, I’m not scoffing it.” My rule is similar – If you can’t bother to look at the serving size and calories AND just have 1 serving then don’t have it.

    @bert1802 – your post had my sides splitting laughing “I don’t trip……..I do random gravity checks!”

    @rafiki44 – usually popcorn (homemade popped fresh on the stove only enough oil to pop the corn) is my go-to snack with less than 60 calories for 1.5-2 cups mmmm yes please!

    @daffodil2010 – keep on with us and the plateau you are bound to middle it down. Could be you need to do the trick that @funshipfreddie and I do with logging calories for a bit FDs and NFDs (((or it could be that I think both you and I like a good stiff drink and those come loaded!))) In that case is there a different stiff drink you could have that would hit the spot and less calories…. Ponder that. I changed mine to a Bloodorange Moonshine on the Rocks for summer and so far it is working!

    @michelinme – oooooo 4 day festival! Yay Have fun, I love festivals and/or music and/or crafts.

    Pocket List – Day 19

    Day- 19- Atlanta, Ga.- USA Today’s a fast 800 day!!

    Well that’s today’s fasting day done ….. well a coffee still allowed for.

    So calories in today ….. 685

    Calories burnt on today’s walk (fitbit) ….. 935

    My BMR is 1958 …. feel very good (and slightly smug) being so far under BMR, seem to be doing things right.

    Piece of steamed white fish for lunch
    Small baked potato and chilli bean mince for evening meal
    Drinking more water than ever, 6 or 8 glasses
    Wife very good at checking calories!

    Looking forward to a sensible day tomorrow which includes half a homemade pizza at less than 500 calories….

    Day 20 – UK – posting for tomo.

    I’m new to August 2019- hoping a bit late I know but I need the accountability and support of the forum!

    My current weight is 165 which is down from 197 in April but have stopped this WOL over the last two weeks. Still got 35lbs to go before I reach my ideal weight!!!! IF really works for me so just got to keep remembering that!!!bi always lose weight then congratulate myself for losing it and sabotage myself!

    Well done to all the current losers 🙂

    Day 20, Aus, NFD

    Had really good FD yesterday – did not feel hungry at all. Feeling back in the groove, baby!!

    I love your questions @ktcaroline. For me, if I’m deep down honest with myself, I am ignoring my alcohol intake. I do drink far too much and while I don’t think I’ve got any health issues NOW as a result, if I continue this way, no doubt I will develop them. When I’m fully in the 5:2 swing of things I drink less and aim to do 5:2 for alcohol too (ie only drink on weekends).

    Wishing you a speedy recovery; glad you are at home – always a far healthier environment than hospital!

    @ktcaroline – do you mind if I ask the group a question. I’m curious as to how you arrive at your goal or maintenance weight. Is it what felt right? Is it what looks right? Or based on some objective thing like BMI?

    Day 20 country west Australia CD
    WooHoo!! 1.9 kgs down in just over a week with 2 solid FDs and having more CDs than I have in a VERY long time.
    The somewhat sad thing is that it shows just how far over my TDEE I was eating daily for a year!!
    @penz, I love a glass of wine or 2 – we have some sensational SSBs from the south of WA and I love white wine from Marlborough NZ – but have had to mostly give up alcohol
    I suddenly developed an ‘intolerance’ to it. I was getting very flushed and red and feeling quite unwell whenever I had a single glass.
    Red affected me worse than white.
    It was something that just came on suddenly earlier this year.
    So now I choose the occasions when I think, oh well I’ll just cop the consequences.
    @prina39, from my experience, no time is ever too late to hop online and post for accountability.
    @daffodil2010, yes I was on the plateau so long that I called in the decorators!!🏡
    I tried everything I could possibly do to ring the changes but I just think those fat cells and calories liked where they lived and were simply going to stay!!!
    So I am hoping that this time , should I get back to said plateau I will sit and enjoy the view. 😎
    To be fair I did just that last time , but 3 months of no change and , well….. off the wagon I fell and rolled right down the mountain, stopping at every conceivable place to ‘refuel’ on the way!😓🥐🌭🍞🥨🍔🍩🥛🥂🍰🥠🍦🍷🍭🎂🍧🥟🍕🥓🥩🍗🥗🥘🥃🍸🍫🍝🍥🍤🍿🌮🍲🍰🥧🥜🥦🍎🍕🍸
    So simply being mindful, smaller portions and fasting and much better results so far!
    @rabbette, yes this wagon is good company to be in, and they certainly hold you tight.
    @i hate lettuce, I think you have a right to be smug. Well done!
    @michelinme, forgive my ignorance but what is a narrow boat trip? I am intrigued!
    @betsylee, I agree it can be challenging to fast when it is cold.
    Cold weather + copious cold water = very efficient kidneys!!
    Onward and downward

    Day 20: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Back to work and hopefully control! Long weekends are good, but…..
    @lilymartin: Good for you…you did it and got back firmly onto the wagon.
    @prina39: Welcome…plenty of support here, always.

    Day 20 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – CD
    A new ATL! At 68.9kgs, I’m half a kilo down for the month. So, not maintaining exactly, but I’d rather go down than up. I may need to eat a bit more on NFDs.

    I’m going away tomorrow to stay with friends, which is why I’m doing a CD today. Any more fasting this week is highly unlikely.

    @ktcaroline – I don’t have any health issues that I’m aware of.

    @penz – I based my ideal weight on a combination of what I think is a healthy BMI – for me 21/21.5; and what looks & feels right.

    @prina39 – welcome! And well done – 32lb down in 4 months!

    @rabbette – glad you like my new ‘mantra’ – ‘if I’m not logging it I’m not scoffing it’.

    Day 20 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Decided for an impromptu B2B, see how it goes. I have the positive thoughts for this being Whoosh Week so I won’t derail it….I just have thus feeling that this is the week 👍👊

    Good FD yesterday. Did not use MyFitnessPal (forgot) to count calories but I ate hardly anything so know it was low. Will log my planned food for today though to keep me on track and follow the lead of @funshipfreddie and @rabette.

    Yes, @rabette, I know it’s my fondness for adult beverages at the weekend that keep me here on the plateau. Previously I used to only drink on a Saturday night and lost 50lbs. Now myself and DH have a bad habit of indulging in wine and/or beer 2-3 nights at the weekend. So like @penz I know I am ignoring my intake ………not saying I get loaded at the weekend, but I do enjoy the convivial glass or so of wine 🍷

    @ktcaroline here’s to your health. Take care of yourself.

    @lilymartin So glad you are back, and you are providing me with inspiration NOT to hurl myself out of the wagon. I have done that before and it always ends up being back to almost where I started. I will continue to enjoy the view on Mount Plateau…even if with gritted teeth!

    Got confirmation that I start another contract to cover another Maternity Leave from mid September. So yay! That’s a bit of certainty financially until well into 2020! And unlike other times, I did not feel the need to “celebrate” with food or drink. I just kept on with my FD. Smug!!

    Have a great Tuesday. Who’s joining the Tuesday Fast?

    Day 20 Pocket List

    Day 20, London, UK, FD

    Phew, thank goodness I’m back at work! Yesterday was quite controlled, but the evening munchies are too hard to ignore on a NFD yet quite easy on a FD …………… weird how the mind works!

    Today, I’ve soup for lunch and a veggie stir fry for dinner, I’ll have to work my way back to OMAD. Even after a month being home, I think the B&B holiday messed with my mojo!!

    @ktcaroline, touch wood, no health problems here!! At least none related to weight, however the hormone pandemonium we ladies are blessed with after 40 ……………………………. those I have in abundance!!! Magnesium oil, 5:2, niacin (B3) and cashews have helped, particularly with the anxiety which appeared overnight from NOWHERE!!!

    @brightonbelle, I’m sending healing vibes to your dad, stable is good, I hope it wasn’t anything too serious xxx

    @penz, I’m aiming for the healthy BMI (I know it’s meaningless!) of <25, which means I’ve got a good 20lbs to lose!! I think realistically I’ve got 10lbs to go since I’m already a size 10-12 and it’s really just fat pockets that need to be dispatched. I suppose what I’m saying is …………………………………. I’ll know my ‘happy place’ when I get there!!!

    Congrats @lilymartin & @yo-yo fletch ………………… success on the scales or in the trouser department is always an inspiration here!!!

    When I quit smoking, the one thing I knew was that if I had just one cigarette I would have 1000!!! Today I had to kick myself since I can feel myself teetering in the edge of that slippery slope of ditching 5:2!!! Maybe the 4 NFDs over the weekend weaken my resolve(?) I usually give myself a fasting break when I have my summer holiday, but I know I need to get right back on the wagon once I’m back. I just need to stick with the challenges and fasting otherwise I’ll blink and be back where I started!!! I KNOW THIS!!!!

    Anyway I need to remember this mantra from @at ………………………..

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

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