August 2019 – Monthly Challenge

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August 2019 – Monthly Challenge

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  • Oh dear it’s been an EFS day (I hope I got those initials right)….basically I’ve eaten my “home-coming meal” twice! I start with the egg mayonnaise and salad sandwiches, move onto the lemon cake, then the nuts, then the Yeo yogurt, then the Marzipan Ritter bar and finish off with the cheese and the Haagen dazs chocolate ice cream!….so….twice.
    @songbirdme: Oh to be doing like you….

    Work was too easy today, as they accidentally left 108 parcels, meant for our office, at Bristol (or somewhere)…so we’ll get them tomorrow on top of our usual heavy Wednesday, AND, rain is forecast….just to pile on the misery. Say we get 10 extra parcels each…that could easily add an hour to our deliveries tomorrow. Sigh!

    Day 13 – UK – FD800

    2 x FD800 in a row done with plenty of exercise as well – quick log in for accountability

    Hope everyone is doing OK

    Try to catch up tomorrow


    Day 14 – Melbourne Aus – FD

    Quick check in as things have been crazy busy. Very behind in posts but still hanging in there. Nice nutritious sugar free NFD yesterday making good choices.

    HIIT class this monring and now pretty hungry just before 8am, so may make todays aim 600cal.

    Try and catch up on posts later

    Day 14 – Japan – NFD

    Sorry for the delay in posting, I was banned by the spam bot.

    @ciren2 – My son plans on studying particle physics. Currently he is more into the theory side and is planning on an academic future.

    Day 14 country west Australia FD
    Been away and out of range for communication for 2 weeks.
    Managing to hold the line with no real progress weight loss wise but feeling generally better in myself.
    Will catch up with posts later.
    A quick glance over some of the posts is intriguing!
    Glad to see you back@Dykask.

    Day 13 – USA – NFD

    @ktcaroline, my role models over the past 2.5 years has been @at and @songbirdme….they have consistently demonstrated a consistent effort at losing AND maintaining goal weights, and do not flag in their enthusiasm for this WOL!

    Day 14: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Raining…..nevertheless I hope to do better today. The scales are still kind after yesterday’s binge. So that helps my motivation.
    @dykask: My daughter is a research scientist, currently working in Australia. If your son works hard, he should do well, scientists are always in demand.
    Good luck today everyone out there….see you later.

    Day 14 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @daffodil2010 – tile cutter?!! I hadn’t even thought of that! I mean, you’d think someone would’ve invented special scissors; silent ones 😰. Calorie counting, I usually just Google it, and make a note if it’s something I eat regularly. Cashews; I always weigh nuts now. If you want to be really strict with yourself, you could save 100 calories for your bedtime cashew snack? That’s about 10 whole cashews. I save 100 calories for my bedtime Milo drink.

    @ktcaroline – who is my inspiration for keeping healthy & slim? I don’t really have any role models. There are a few A-list actors who are the same age as me though, eg Tom Cruise & George Clooney; & I tell myself, if they can stay in shape then so can I!

    Happy Hump Day! 🐫

    Day 14 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Making today an impromptu FD as my DH is not working tomorrow so it will be nice to gave a dinner together ☺️

    I got MyFitnessPal to log my calories. So yesterday, I was under TDEE, today I have already logged my FD meal and I have a few calories to spare. Thanks @funshipfreddie fir the tip, I think physically counting the cashews to have at bedtime (as opposed to lorrying handfuls into my go ) might restrain that nut calorie overload.

    And wow, I am amazed at the power of cashews for my sleep. I slept through last night and was woken by DH shaking me as my alarm was buzzing. I am 99% of the time awake before my alarm and normally turn it off before it starts!! Not a great sleeper since getting to a certain age but this is a revelation 👍

    @flourbaby, I have tried magnesium oil at night (due to your recommendation) but cashews beat MO for me in the sleep department!!

    So I am going to have to work them into my WOL and see how we go. Love walnuts too 😁

    @ktcaroline….inspiration ?? Well, this is going to sound bad and it’s definitely reverse inspiration….but my very good friend who is 13 years older than me (so 65 now)….I see her struggling with weight, and walking, and creaking about, and various health issues, and tired….I love her dearly, she is great fun and full of life, but I don’t want to be creaking about like that when I get to her age. I know, I am awful for saying that (and I would never say it to her) but that’s what keeps me focused into the future.

    Pocket list Day 14

    Day 14, London, UK, FD,

    Yesterdays’ FD got derailed by ……………….. yes, you guessed it …………………….. cashew nuts galore!!! I wish @funshipfreddie had posted 12hrs earlier, but could I have limited myself to 10??? Highly unlikely!!!……………”lorrying handfuls into my gob” sounds about right @daffodil2010 ………………………… lovely phrasing!!!

    I used to be quite controlled as I was using cashew nuts as “Nature’s Prozac” for medicinal purposes alongside Niacin & MO for anxiety and sleep issues, it became routine to have a small handful (without the “lorrying”) just before bed, now since my holiday I’ve become a bit snack-happy. In the 3 weeks since I’ve been back I’ve polished off 30 packs of cheese & onion crisps …………………. I know exact numbers ‘cause I bought them!! ……………… and 4 peanut lion bars I bought because I HAD to try the new variety, now I need to rein it in, healthier cashews are still teeny tiny calorie bombs to be limited just like peanut M&Ms!!!

    Anyway, I’m having another go today, so rather than B2B2B this week, it’ll be a B2B and my 1st yoga class tonight for about 6 weeks, summer holidays play havoc with my routine!!

    It’s time for me to pummel that reset button, I can sense the binge-dragon has broken his heavy chains & is only tethered by a very delicate thread!!!

    Off to fight numerous dragons; give me strength!!!

    You probably wouldn’t worry about what people think of you if you could know how seldom they do! – Olin Miller

    Day 14, UK, FD800

    Hi all. I’ve been under the weather the past couple of days – bad head, dizziness, a bit faint etc. So Monday’s FD ended up being very much a NFD and yesterday also, with lots of sugar consumed. Not good. I felt so sluggish yesterday evening, but I managed to get myself out for a little walk with a podcast for 45 mins or so. It definitely helped blow the cobwebs away. So I’m back in the land of the living today, feeling much more back to myself and going to have a FD800…. lentil salad for lunch and the Lamb Saag with cauliflower rice recipe from the FD800 recipe book.

    @flourbaby – I’m pummelling that reset button this end too!! Good luck with the dragons, I’ll be slaying a bunch too

    Day14 UK FD

    Going well(fingers crossed) seem to be in a routine of2 FDs a week coupled with no drinking mid week and lots of exercise Scales moving slowly but in the right direction

    Day 14 Melb Aust NFD

    Not a very successful August so far on the FD front, with the scales showing about 1.5 kg gain. Not surprising, considering some of the “food” I’ve been eating. Tiredness/ Not enough sleep have been the main problem, closely followed by my study supervisor putting a deadline on me to get some particular work finished (i.e., stress). It’s not difficult to do, but just the thought of having a deadline has thrown me into a spin. Sigh!

    Interested in the cashews at bedtime conversation. I try to be really careful with nuts (I love macadamia nuts), not only because of their high calorie count, but also because of the high (healthy) fat – having had my gall bladder removed many years ago, I can’t eat too much fatty food in one sitting or I start to develop stomach pains.

    Conference for the next 3 days, so I’m hoping for a reset as I’ll be out of the house away from food.

    @ktcaroline, no-one as an inspiration, though I echo @daffodil2010 where a friend, in my case 13 years younger than me, is overweight and not very healthy. I get very concerned about her. She did go so far as to buy the Fast 800 book, but like many other things she looks at, it hasn’t been translated into action.

    @ciren2, hope the parcels today weren’t too onerous to transport!

    Echoing @funshipfreddie, Happy Hump day everyone!

    Day 14 UK CD

    Did OK yesterday in my OMAD CD – mixing it up to keep my body guessing. But didn’t make time first thing for yoga & physio stretching and could really feel the difference by the end of the day.

    But I’m going on holiday tomorrow. Staying with friends on narrow boat for 5 days with a lot less choice /eating what’s available – esp as I’m already a gluten-free vegan. Will aim for good CD today and make travel day a OMAD… life is for living 🙂

    Got distracted by pottering and making things again today – all v useful but there’s still a backlog of project stuff to be picked up before I go away, and I’m feeling distinctly viral. Time to focus, stretch, drink gallons of water and make a good plan for the afternoon. Late lunch of lentil & veg soup, supper of baked sweet potato with vegan mince & peas or green pea pasta with tomato & spinach sauce. That sounds like a plan!

    Whatever your day brings, practice the pause x

    Day 14 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Yesterday turned into a good FD – not exactly planned to be one, but needed. Hope to get to read posts later on and keep up with everyone.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 14 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – FD


    Popping in for accountability and to say ‘hi’ – very busy at work, people are either on holiday or dropping like flies with various ailments so doing my best to hold the fort.

    Have managed to skim through the posts but really need to re-read at my leisure (whatever that is!)

    Sticking with my regime so far for Aug, find this time of year soooo challenging. On a positive note – historically I gain during the summer months but I appear to have broken the mould with a steady downward trend this year (yaaay! go me!) I’m not always making the best of choices on NFDs but hey! it is a work-in-progress…..

    Plus, a small NSV I can see my face is changing shape and last weekend 2 family members commented on my weight loss!

    Back to work for me!

    Happy FD Fasters 🙂

    Pocket list Day 14

    Day 14 – Reading, UK – CD

    Hello everyone. As always, some really interesting answers. Like others, I have been inspired by this forum and the consistency of purpose. You are a motivational lot!

    Sorry I’m flying in and out so quickly, but work is demanding and I’ve been off for a few days so I’m in catch up mode!!!!!

    Today’s question (not sure if I’ll make it to the end of the month with daily questions, but here goes …):

    Has your favourite food changed since you started this WOL? Mine definitely has – it used to be mashed potato and now its more like scallops or prawn cocktail 🙂

    Day 14 – UK – FD800

    Not sure what is happening but today ended up as another FD800 – that’s my 3rd in a row!!! but I’ll take it as tomorrow will most certainly not be – going out for a Thai meal with friends and I LOVE Thai food!!!!

    @lilymartin – lovely to see you logging in – had wondered if you were still with us 🤗
    @metatauta – that is so kind of you 🤗 I keep with this WOL as it works for me and I definitely do not want to go back to where I used to be back in 2014…..
    @ciren2 – thought of you today on your rounds – it has been raining all day here………
    @daffodil2010 – thanks for the tip re cashews – I have been saving some calories for a small handful before bed and it does work!!!! great sleep the last couple of nights despite doing FD800
    @flourbaby – we have all been there………it’s so easy to slip into that mindless eating pattern🤞that you have managed to fight those numerous dragons today and that you have pressed that RESET button with a good FD
    @babs_b – sorry to hear that you have been feeling under the weather – amazing how some gentle exercise and fresh air can help restore our spirits
    @brightonbelle – I’m trying really hard to emulate your good example re 🍷
    @betsylee – I have been trying to save enough calories for around 30gms (around 170cals) of cashews and I dry toast them in a pan for extra flavour – definitely worth a try!!
    @michelinme – have a fab time on that narrow boat with your friends x
    @yo-yo-fletch – great job on that downward weight bucking your previous summer trend 👍
    @ktcaroline – I’m sorry to report no real change in my favourite food with this WOL so just have to try really hard with portion control……..and of course 5:2 helps to reduce calorie intake!

    We are already 2 weeks into this August Challenge………Plenty of time to regroup and end the month on a positive note – “You Can’t Cross The Sea Merely By Standing And Staring At The Water”

    Day 15 – Japan – NFD

    @ciren2 – Good for your daughter! I am fearful of what is happening in technology related to many current jobs. I believe many types of jobs will be disappearing for good during our children’s careers. Things like scientists, medical doctors, etc won’t likely go away. I think the children focusing on higher levels of skills will greatly benefit. The likely social changes are scary to think about.

    Day 15 country west Australia NFD
    yesterday’s FD went rather well! an scales down a tad – probably only water weight but hey I’m happy to take any loss at this stage.
    Makes the wagon on my side a few grams lighter.
    @at sorry not to let you know. We went off for a 2 week break. All happened very fast and didn’t take my computer and phone reception very dodgy! Lovely to be off the grid for 2 weeks but back home and hard at it now.
    @flourbaby and @babs_b, thank goodness for that reset button!! Think I have almost worn mine out – but still use it often!
    @dykask, sounds like you have one very bright boy! Particle physics – wow! Hope he enjoys his study/ stay in Australia. Hope he enjoys this great country.
    @ktcaroline – my favourite food hasn’t changed – sadly it is ALL of them!!…. hence being on this forum….
    ‘ Do the best you can with what you have where you are’.

    second post
    @dykask, so sorry to read about your mother and sincere condolences. Dementia is a terrible disease – I work in Aged Care and just off to work but took time to start reading posts from July 1st as want to keep up to speed with what is happening with people and for accountability.
    Not sure where I got the notion your son was coming to Australia?? That’s what happens when one tries to scan rather than read properly.
    I am only up to page 3 in July but was curious about the following people :
    These are names I noticed in July but haven’t seen here in August.
    Just wondering if they were like me – on and off the site like a cat on a hot tin roof -, on maintenance or just reading and not posting.
    Simply curious that’s all as some of the names I know from ages ago but many are new to me.

    Day 15: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    @at: thanks for thinking of me yesterday.
    Yes it RAINED and it RAINED! Posties’ waterproofs are useless…..five minutes max in that kind of continuous rain! No Goretex for us. Very luckily, the mail was not as heavy as I’d feared it would be for a Wednesday. Things get quieter during the summer school holidays.
    @lilymartin: Like you I have to skim the posts, I’m always in a rush first thing, and tired later!

    Day 15 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    I just got myfitnesspal yesterday. I’m still trying to navigate it, but wow? It really is a game-changer for tracking food?! Everything is pretty much in there already.

    @ktcaroline – I don’t think my favourite food has changed. I think I just generally enjoy everything more because I’m eating less than I used to. I’m also more aware of what’s healthy and what isn’t.

    We’re at the August halfway mark. We can do this! 🍏

    Pocket List – Day 15

    Day 15 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    My FD was just slightly over 500 cals, the MyFitnessPal really does help keep me on track now. I definitely was underestimating my intake. STILL nothing to show on the scale though…argh…how long must this go on?

    I carefully counted out 10 cashews and popped them into 100ml of my homemade kefir and ate it with a spoon for bedtime snack. It’s the way to go for restful sleep 😄

    Today us NFD. I have logged what I intend to eat already and have 150cals to spare for my TDEE. Not sure how long I will do this, it is tedious to log, and I feel put out that I only have 150 calories to spare and I haven’t even started eating yet ha ha.

    Mindset, mindset, mindset.

    I am powering through Level 2 of the 30DS, obliques look good, still have plenty of loose tum but will keep at it. In 4 weeks time we will be arriving in France for the road trip to Soain and two weeks at the beach. I don’t do bikini’s since I was in my 30’s but it will be good not to look like a beached whale on the beach 😆

    @lilymartin, I too wonder where everyone has gone? But I intend to stay!!!!

    @ktcaroline my favourite food hasn’t changed, still look Spag Bol for example, but I have discovered a host of foods since starting this WOL which are now regulars….Bulgarian kefir and yoghurt, cashew nuts, walnuts, blueberries, chia seed, turmeric and black pepper….

    Day 15, London, UK, FD,

    Ok FD yesterday and an OMAD too, so I’m getting settled on the wagon again, hopefully …………………. It’s so easy to pitch myself off with one false move!!! Cheese snack & soup planned for today, fingers crossed!!

    I managed to have 10 cashew nuts too!! @at I’m not sure I have the patience to toast 10, it would be ½ a bag then the smell, no doubt, would cause the willpower to jump ship!!!

    @lilymartin, lovely to see you’re hanging onto the wagon!! I always like seeing your handle pop up as it calls to mind your drunken ‘grapefruit’ episode, which never fails to make me chuckle (I promise not to mention it again)…………………………. It’s the small things in life that keep me going!!!! ……………. My ‘best’ friend would say something about tiny things amusing tiny minds ……………… I care NOT!!!

    @ciren2, glad to see you didn’t get washed away! I tend to save the days’ posts for ‘that’ time when the dragon wakes up, it’s usually when I’m tired, the collective struggle spurs me on to stick to the plan ……………………….. no reading & eating at the same time allowed!!!

    @ktcaroline, I don’t think my favourite food has changed much, there’s NO hope of amending this handle!!! I still think I could commit murder for a loaf of fresh bread straight from the oven!!! The favourites remain, but I just don’t have them very often, when I do, I fall in love all over again, then have to suffer though the break-up, it’s a vicious cycle, but becoming less frequent. I would say plain Greek yoghurt has become a new favourite, but it doesn’t replace the bread, cake, wine, biscuits, rice, mashed potatoes etc. that are on my list ……………………… the list just gets longer!!!!

    Onward & downwards folks!!

    ‘Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory’ Dr Seuss

    Day 15 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – FD


    Speedy post, busy, busy at work so will have to catch up later! but…feeling strong and ready for whatever the day throws at me!

    Happy FD Fasters

    Pocket List – Day 15

    Day 15 – UK – CD?

    9am Aerobic class made a good start to the day then with some of the group went for coffee and a blueberry scone with no butter/jam/cream as still warm from the oven… lovely catchup!

    A lovely sunny but cooler day here so much nicer than yesterday but apparently tomorrow is another very wet one for us…..I’ll be on a train heading down south so that won’t bother me.

    Going out tonight with friends from down south who are visiting for a Thai Meal – did I say I LOVE Thai food…….so planning on no more eating today until dinner tonight which should keep me on a controlled day……

    Tomorrow I’m heading down south for a long weekend to Suffolk to visit my poorly friend – travelling by train – amazingly expensive so certainly does not encourage anyone to travel by train!!!!

    @lilymartin – just lovely to see you back – sometimes we all need time out and staying away from the internet every now and then is no bad thing!!!! Yes we are missing quiet a few regulars and some who started in July with us did not stay long….shame but hopefully they are finding something that is working for their health
    @flourbaby – I weigh my 30gms and dry toast them in a frying pan and then as they are hot I eat them slowly and enjoy every mouthful – makes me really appreciate them……😇

    I’m hoping to have another CD tomorrow as travelling and will have OMAD with the friend I’m staying with as the rest of the weekend may certainly lead to some overindulgence – will plan on a FD on Monday when travelling back home.

    Will probably not be checking in until Monday night so will use this opportunity to wish everyone a good weekend no matter what the weather is doing in your neck of the woods.

    “Permanent results only come from permanent changes in diet and lifestyle” Dr Joel Fuhrman

    2nd post,

    @at, I hope your friends gains strength in mind & body from your visit, just being there should help.

    Also ………………. I fear a burnt tongue is in my future, patience is NOT my virtue, no halo polishing here!!

    Day 15 UK NFD

    Oh dear making my way up north my dads in a bad way – in ICU I’ll be back on board asap x

    SOOOO much better, delivering the post in the dry and with SUNSHINE too!
    As usual, ate too much when I came home. I’m a great creature of habit, I sit down to read the paper, and with reading the paper goes eating. Always.
    So, starting in the usual way with the healthy salad/egg mayonnaise sandwiches followed (less healthily) with the lemon cake, the nuts, the Yeo black cherry yoghurt, the Marzipan Ritter bar, the cheese, and the Haagen Dacz chocolate ice cream! Hopefully that’s it for the day…..phew!

    @brightonbelle: I hope your dad will be ok. Stay strong. ((Hugs)) xx
    @at: PLEASE be wrong about the weather tomorrow!

    Day 15 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Dinner and a show tonight at our local equity theater in the woods, so saving calories for a nice dinner. “Man of La Mancha” is supposed to have a terrific player in Don Quixote. I love how MFP does my calories for me. Over the years I have learned pretty much what I can and cannot eat.

    @metatauta – thanks so much for the props. It’s this board and everyone here who have helped sustain me through maintenance.

    @funshipfreddie – measuring nuts … whew. That’s a hard one for me with my mixed nuts (no peanuts in this mix) that I love.
    @betsylee – more conversation on nuts. We love them, don’t we?
    @babs_b – hope you are feeling ever so much better
    @ciren2 – keep on keeping on – yeah for sunshine!

    Talk of favorite foods was most interesting. Mine seem to be anything with fats (I can pass up chocolate but seldom cream cheese or frosting made with it). I’m like @flourbaby when it comes to bread with cream cheese frosting.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 15 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    Feeling a little hungry today but staying strong, got to maintain with wriggle room as its our wedding anniversary on 23rd and it is going to be a day of indulgence…..planning 2 FDs and 2 CDs Monday to Thursday next week so that I can enjoy some EFS on Friday.


    Day 16 – Japan – WFD #60 in 2019

    Hanging in there … I’m seriously starting to consider going to 6:1 vs 5:2. Not sure it would make much difference at this point. However I’m going to try to fast today.

    Day 15, Québec, Canada, NFD

    Not posting a lot because I’m quite busy. I bought a house and mooved so I have a lot of things to take care of. However, I am loosing weight and my eating habits are getting better and better thanks to you guys !

    Sad to say, my inspiration would be my 2 sisters. Altough 7-8 years younger than me they are overweight and spend a lot of time in front of TV and IPad eating junk food. I love them dearly but do not wAnt to become that « passive ».

    I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and work hard in and outside my new house. I just love it !

    Wishing everyone a nice evening/morning/day.

    Day 16 country West Australia CD
    Thank goodness for digital scales ( I record weekly on Saturday morning but weigh dally and for the past year have watched the scales go slowly and not so slowly up up up. A bit like watching a climber scaling Everest! Now I’m watching the tedious descent but hey, I digress).
    Anyway, they are showing a 900g loss for the past 5 days with a solid FD and 4 SENSIBLE NFDs.
    As many have mentioned, I too dislike calorie counting and didn’t ever do it before starting 5:2 but MFP is so good to help one know what one could eat and the portion size.
    Initially I found I was WAY over in underestimating what I was actually eating. So back to crunch crunch crunching the numbers until I reach the stage I know what will keep me at TDEE.
    It’s funny how one can become blind to certain things if one choses to be blind enough.
    Having spent the past 12 months more or less in denial or more accurately ‘ if I put the weight on I can take it off again as I have before.’ …with clothes so tight that I inhale in the morning to put on my work pants and exhale at night when I take them off, you would have thought I might have been a bit more aware of my body.
    I was quite aware of the dual tractor tyre the fat fairy had so considerately re-installed around my waist, but not so worried about my boobs. Just thought my bras had shrunk….
    But the other day a female friend whom I haven’t seen for ages was talking with me and you know when someone isn’t quite looking you in the eye but their eyes are just slightly focussed lower?
    Well I was wearing a tight sweater which didn’t use to be but is now VERY figure fitting.
    I hadn’t paid much attention but after our chat I went and looked at myself sidewards in the mirror. And Dolly Parton eat your heart out!!
    After a lifetime of not being ‘well endowed’ ( is one even allowed to say that in these PC days? Anyway I’m saying it about myself so…) suddenly I have boobs!!!
    And it occurred to me that she probably thinks I’ve had a boob job!!!! – tractor tyres notwithstanding .
    So as I lose weight – and since breasts are made up of a lot of fat, that can be where the fat comes off first- if I see her again after I have lost the 20 kgs I’m aiming for over the year, will she think I’ve then had a reduction done!!!
    Anyway, I’m channelling my inner Dolly while it lasts.
    What does one call a group of dragons?
    I note many people are struggling with a dragon, singular but every dragon of every type has been unleashed in my food desire centre and I’m busy trying to slay them left right and centre with a little more success than a while ago but they do still want to go on the rampage at the slightest opportunity.
    I’m building quite spectacular muscles ( of the neurological type) trying to keep them in check .
    The carb dragons are the worst. Anything with the whiff of a carb in, my brain thinks yes yes YES!!
    Someone mentioned fresh bread ….. when one has a terrific baker in town it is so difficult to pass it by without buying at least something….
    Well you can see that I obviously have time on my hands – reading and posting trying to stave off some of said dragons this early in the morning.
    Hope everyone is going well fasting or not.
    Might post later in the day when I have read more posts.
    Keep slaying those dragons…🏹🗡🔪🐉🐉🐉

    Day 16: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:
    @lilymartin: My dragon is a SUGAR-dragon. I remember back as far as around 11 years old coming back from the sweetshop, commenting to my friend that once I started the packet of sweets I HAD to finish them…..I’m 65 now!

    Got to go to work now. Not raining yet….

    Day 16 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – CD

    It’s early days, but I’m finally convinced I can stick with this WOL indefinitely. I thought maintenance was going to be a huge hassle, but halfway through the month the scales aren’t budging!

    @lilymartin – a group of dragons is called a flight or weyr. Well, you did ask 🤪

    Have a great day everyone

    Day 16 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Same old, same old, keep on keeping on……I envy @michelinme on her plateau where she went down a couple of clothes sizes…..on my plateau everything is in stasis…..everything the same ….week after week after week….but hey ho… least it’s only a few pounds to lose, not the 50lbs I had before.

    It could be the workouts I am doing building muscle and keeping me at this plateau? I started the Shred around the same time? It could just be the two year slump? It could be my age?

    Keep on keeping on on. Lots to look forward to in life, a few extra pounds won’t kill me but I will still keep on keeping on in this WOL.

    I was told that I am due to be approached by the manager of another team regarding an upcoming maternity leave. My contract is finished 4th Sept so it will be good to get some certainty for next year. Then, all going well, the big trip to South America in our camper van from late next year!!

    So excited about it. Only you guys know about it, not telling anyone yet as it’s still very much in planning and dreaming stage but so going to do it. Some of you might remember we took a trip to Peru in 2018? That whet our appetites and now we want to discover the entire continent under our own steam 😄😄😄😄😄

    Have a great Friday everyone. Planning a chicken and chickpea stir fry for dinner with toasted cashews! A first! I am seriously going nuts 😺

    Sorry to say @ciren2 we are having horrendous rain and it’s on it’s way over the Irish Sea to you guys in the UK. Hope it bypasses you on your rounds!!

    @funshipfreddie ha ha, I certainly have a weyr of dragons breathing down my neck every weekend

    @lilymartin loved your long chatty post ☺️ And channel your inner Dolly while you can. 😆

    Day 16 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – FD

    Phew! Made through another week! Friday FD for me today, usually unheard of for me, so let’s just hope I can stay strong and not fall (or jump!) off the wagon by the end of the day.

    Feeling a bit blah – scales just not budging despite mammoth effort. Oh well, onwards and hopefully downwards :-/

    Will check in again on Monday so have a good weekend folks.

    Happy FD Fasters!

    Pocket List – Day 16

    Day 16, UK, NFD

    My 2 FDs this week had turned into a CDs. But at least NFDs have been reasonable, food wise, so I haven’t gained any weight, thank God! I’m basically plateauing, don’t know why I’m happy about it 😂 .

    SongBirdMe thank you ☺ , those birds look awesome 😀 , but yeah, sparrowhawks are really amazing birds. I actually really like them, just don’t want them turning my garden into their restaurant lol

    @ciren2 goodnes! I haven’t heard about the seagull but I’m really surprised they would do that 😮. I always get suspicious about reports like that because seagulls tend to be vilified all the time. It made me laugh that you had to chase the sparrowhawk off while at work haha 😀

    @michelinme that’s a beautiful thing to do with the dead sparrow, may he/she RIP ❤

    @daffodil2010 even though I had 4 attacks by a sparrowhawk in my garden I still haven’t actually seen it in action, they are way way to fast and they always just appear out of nowhere with the pray in their talons 😱

    @at thank you xx , my garden has really become full of life ☺, the newest additions are a bunch of long tailed tits that discovered a nice eatery 😂 , beautiful little birds 😃. Great to hear you’ve joined the Bulgarian Kefir club 😃

    @betsylee well done on digging out that tree 👏 , I decided if/when I move I’m taking my little tree with me, so I’m already dreading digging it out 😅

    Anyway, gotta go …..

    Have a great weekend everyone 🌼

    Day 16, USA, VA, CD
    Day 15 FD
    Day 14 FD
    Day 13 FD

    Had 3 really good FDs in a row this week yay! So much that I was only hungry for my beet salad (which was just shredded raw beets with a squeeze of fresh OJ on them) and wow did Mr. Particular (my scale) like that. I reached a new ATL. Which was great, but then also meant that the new utility belts I ordered are now too big! What!!!!

    I have a 3 week cross country road trip taking place next week and weekends I’m a slacker at posting, soooooo you guys may not hear much from me for almost a month. However you should know you are always in my POCKET! Which BTW one of these fancy utility belts has 13 pockets! I’m in Pocket Heaven! I’ll need to take it in so that (fingers crossed) if I head a couple more lbs while I’m away it still fits!) I’ve never had this issue before in my whole entire life, it feels weird.

    @ktcaroline – I like your questions so here we go…
    Inspiration? Mmmmm that one is tough, I’d say I’m a bit like @daffodil2010, where I saw my mom with struggling health and hers was due to Kidney failure so its not like she had energy to put toward exercise but I do feel we could have made better choices for eating. So I want to keep making better eating choices so that I will FEEL lighter and more inspired to MOVE and keep going ever upward.

    Favorite food change… I have new foods I do love like my Arugula and Fresh Carrots! However I have to say, If my sweetheart makes the homemade Mac and cheese – – – I will still WANT it! Now I have noticed I don’t want as much (so Yay!) there is that… Also I do still want Drunken noodles from Thai restaurants (but again I have noticed that If I am NOT impressed with the noodle, I will skip eating the noodle and just eat all the veggies) I think I have realized that I would rather have a REALLLY GOOD decadent dish and eat a little of it – than have a large serving of something that is mediocre.

    Cheers to you guys and know that I’m here I just might not be able to post that much for the next 3 weeks! I’ll still do my FDs tho.

    ★·.·´¯·.·★ Hugs ★·.·´¯·.·★ *•.¸♡ Hugs ♡¸.•*

    Well, it DID rain on my delivery but I think the really heavy rain missed us and went up north. Nowhere near as bad as Wednesday, which was truly AWFUL out there.
    Now starting my long weekend, comes round once every six weeks. The boss tried to ask me to work it, but I said no! We are still short-staffed, but have two new-starters in a couple of weeks time. Both women….we seem to be staging a take-over in our office, getting towards 40% now. Never used to be more than about 5% postwomen. We have to queue for the one single toilet though!! Eight of us.
    @shinything: It was a 4 year old chihuahua taken by a herring gull, I think, in Paignton about a month ago. The man tried unsuccessfully to grab hold of the dog’s legs but couldn’t. Horrible.
    @funshipfreddie: You’ve got it….well done with the maintaining so far.
    @rabbette: Another ATL! Excellent. Enjoy your trip, and keep that belt LOOSE!

    Day 16, London, UK, NFD

    Wine and an Indian meal planned for tonight, August is proving very, very tricky!!
    @lilymartin, it’s the worst thing about weightloss …………………… losing the girls!!! Enjoy your ‘Dolly’ time while you can!!!!

    @funshipfreddie, you’ve shared your experiences, advice & camels!!! But NOBODY, Nobody, nobody needed to know that a group of dragons was called a weyr!!! However ………………… I am currently battling an enormous roaring WEYR!!! ………. LOL!!!

    You will break through that plateau @daffodil2010, keep the faith and do the only thing you can do, as you said …………… Keep on keeping on!!! That dream trip sounds like the BEST incentive to stick to this WOL, you’ll need to be fit, healthy & strong to get the best out of a beautiful continent!!! There’s got to be room for 3 in the camper, surely????

    @rabbette, you’ve nailed the mind-set I’m aiming for!!!…………………….” I would rather have a REALLLY GOOD decadent dish and eat a little of it – than have a large serving of something that is mediocre”

    @ciren2, don’t you know???……………. we women are taking over the world!!! Mmwahahahaha!!!!…………..despite the common toilet situation!!!!

    “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” – C.S. Lewis

    Day 16 – Reading, UK

    Hi folks – apologies for radio silence! I had a collapse on Wednesday evening, and have been in hospital. thankfully it wasn’t a heart attack, but it was a bit of a heart abnormality so I’ve got to do a lot of resting. Just back from hospital about an hour ago so havent had chance to catch up on anything yet, but will be back slowly …

    I really must join in a monthly challenge!

    I’ve only just started 5:2 and been very happy with my start, week 1 = 5lbs week 2 = 3lb week 3 = 2lb found it pretty easygoing so far, the odd glass or two of wine at the bbq (both of which are my weaknesses) but the rest of the week being sensible and 2 days fasting!

    Holiday at the end of the month so will try and be good, then back to 5:2 and monthly challenge in October I think! Will no doubt help motivation.

    @ktcaroline: Oh gosh! Hope you’re ok….do be careful xx
    Are you having any specific treatment for that?

    Day 16 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    @ktcaroline wishing you a speedy recovery, take care xx

    Despite going to bed hungry at the end of yesterday’s FD I slept well and woke feeling good and didn’t feel the need to eat until midday when I had a brunch of 2 soft boiled eggs served on a sliced avocado, yum 😋. Dinner will be baked chicken with a huge serving of veg followed by strawberries and kiwi with Greek yogurt……and yes, as its Friday there will be a glass or three of red wine. I can already hear a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon calling my name!

    Good news from the scales this morning, 3 pounds below goal weight so maintenance going well and some wriggle room for celebratory treats next weekend.

    Keep on keeping on, persistence is the route to success. Have a great weekend everyone 🤗

    Day 16 – UK – visiting.. NFD
    Hi all hope you are all doing ok… away from home again this weekend so NFDs for me but being as mindful as possible…
    I’m also a skimmer of posts st the moment… work is busy.. work being done at home and travelling quite a bit so desperately hanging on to the wagon but unfortunately not getting to communicate with you all too much right now but with you in spirit 👍👌👍
    Good luck to those of you fasting today 💪
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    @ktcaroline I just saw your post and wish you a speedy recovery 💕please mind yourself and don’t worry about posting/hosting we can all pitch in 👍👍

    Just popping in to say hello. I’m in Rome. Fasting not possible in Italy – it’s a contradiction in terms, but looking forward to it when I get back to London. Have s good day everybody. H

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