August 2019 – Monthly Challenge

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August 2019 – Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 7 UK CD

    Wonderful reading all the posts today. I’m a bit out of sorts today – transition time, a thunderstorm brewing and not even started to pick up the backlog of Stuff. And another evening of picking at nuts and dried fruit.

    So aware that some of my downess is from letting all my usual self-care stuff slide… Early nights, yoga and meditation, drinking lots of water,more structured day.

    And the sadness of a finding a dead sparrow outside my back door.. unmarked and still warm. I suspect it may have flown into the glass. A fair number of the flock were perched unusually close to the house, as tho they were in mourning 🙁

    Time to reset with those things that work. And plan for good sleep routine and early night. Sleep is foundational for good choices.

    Whatever today brings, practice the pause x

    Day 7 Melb Aust, CD

    FD became a CD, but still not too bad. After the FD yesterday. I was already 0.9 kg down from the start of the month – but still in the middle of the “plateau” range.

    @ktcaroline – you asked a question about ideal weight – I really don’t know. I haven’t been near my ideal weight since I was 14 years old. Blame it on travel to and from school with 2 really skinny friends. They always bought a fat-filled snack to eat on the train on the way home so I did too. They gained nothing, but I slowly went up to 70 kg (154 lb), lost it again over a few summers in my late teens and was within my BMI range for a few years in my early twenties. Since then the weight has slowly crept up and up. On this WOL, now I’m actually down to around 161 lb and am determined to stay on a downwards trajectory, not yo-yo as has happened all to often in the past.

    @ciren2, sorry that the bite is still itching. An anti-histamine tablet, as someone else already suggested, may actually help. Did you try any aloe vera gel? Or is it not available in the U.K.?

    @gretta, glad the funeral is over, you’ve done a great job, now focus on yourself a little

    @Winsomewaif, you’re doing great!!!

    Sorry, forgotten so many I wanted to comment on. Was it @funshipfreddie struggling with tax – twice a year? really? Income tax, or is it some either kind of tax? I don’t even want to think about income tax yet, but I’ll have to do it soon.

    Maybe a FD tomorrow. Was going to be a CD, but I’ll try for a FD and see how it goes.

    Day 7, VA, USA, FD B2B2B

    Ah – The third day of FDs usually this is the easy day. However hormones are in flux and has made me tired AND hungry. I’ll try and stick to my routine. I may make the tuna salad as I just feel like I need energy. Ugh.

    @jaifaim – oooo was the swim cold? I’ve actually never swam the Pacific Ocean – my sweetheart has and I think I remember them saying it felt a little warmer than the Atlantic Ocean (which I have been in several times) Although it has been a while, now you are making me miss swimming in the ocean.

    @babs_b – my SO apparently went all “hell to leather” as you say just last week. They said they think they just got a second wind. I guess be careful of the 2nd wind seems to blow the sails right out the water. Haha

    @flourbaby – good job on those office temptations! The upper thigh and butt area does seem a bit “squish” as you describe. Yes I do think the body holds on to water and then when you finally drink more its like oh, ok… wasn’t sure if I needed to hold on this or not.

    @ktcaroline – at my ideal weight? I don’t know I’ve never been my ideal weight in my adult life, I’ll let you know when I get there.

    @bluevelvet – Welcome – worry not about your English, so far you are doing great!

    @lgbran – hi and welcome.

    @michelinme – hugs

    @betsylee – I’ve never been my idea weight either. Ice cream at lunch was probably a big culprit. Funny enough I’m not a huge fan of ice cream. I mean I like it, but what drove me to eat it in middle school for lunch I have no idea. Maybe the fact that lunch at our school was pretty sucky.

    Day 7 Pocket List:

    Day 7 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Enjoying beautiful weather here in Pembrokeshire, we haven’t experienced the extremes some parts of the UK have suffered recently, just a really lovely summer….that might change soon as we have a warning of thunderstorms and high winds for the weekend so I’m getting my walking in while the sun shines 😎

    @ktcaroline to answer your question, being at my ideal weight (for the first time ever, I was fat as a child) feels like living the dream….every day. Even after over a year of being in maintenance I still get wonderfully surprised by my slim self….I don’t think my brain has caught up with my new body yet…. I will catch sight of my reflection in shop windows and not recognise myself and I look at clothes in shops and wonder if I can squeeze into them only to try them on to discover I need a smaller size. There are so many amazing things about being at my ideal weight like being able to walk briskly uphill and hold a conversation and feeling so healthy and energetic. I feel younger! To all of you still working towards your goal please keep going….if you have ever felt unhealthy or embarrassed or lacking in confidence because of being overweight (as I did for most of my life) you really need to experience the fantastic feeling of being in maintenance at your dream weight.

    So……keep on keeping on everyone, you are absolutely worth it 😊

    Day 7 UK FD

    Fasting going ok but need to modify as we are eating as a family tonight so might go a little over but after reading @missybear s inspiring post I’ll adjust my meals tomorrow to compensate as want to stay on track

    @gretta: Glad the funeral went alright and you are ready to press the reset button. ((hugs) to you xx
    @daffodil2010: Poor you….horseflies really ARE awful. They always come up from behind too, don’t you find? They’ve got you before you get a chance to spot them. I hate them!
    @jaifaim: good luck with your tests.
    @ktcaroline: I love your daily questions! When I reach-ED my ideal weight in 2016 (before it all went wrong) I was DIS-BELIEVING! After 25 years I was back to my young-girl weight. Sadly I fell off the wagon after I’d maintained for only a few months. Maybe BECAUSE I was dis-believing, eh?
    @lgbran: Great achievement! Bet you feel really motivated now. You see, it WORKS! I’m exactly like you; emotional eater, all or nothing (but mostly all). Stay with us on the challenges.
    Ah @betsylee: No, I haven’t tried any other remedies. I baulk at spending money, and medical things are always expensive, (they think we are desperate?) on something that will go away within a few days. But, everybody, thanks for all the tips. If only I’d had something with me at the time, but hey….wasp stings don’t happen that often (thankfully).

    Day 7- USA (NE TN)- FD
    My stomach is exceptionally noisy and annoying today. It needs to shush! I’m just trying to keep my head down and do what I need to do without being evil to everyone else.

    I’m waiting for the weekend carb weight to go down before I have a bratty tantrum over my weight. I do feel awfully bloaty in the mid-section. Bleh.
    Another camping trip in a few days. When they are all finally over I might be able to gain some ground.

    I have to run to the store after taking teen daughter to volunteer. She’ll finally be getting her driver’s license soon. She’ll be 17 in a couple months but she hasn’t been ready. I really need her to drive herself to her dual enrollment class twice a week as I have other kids to school and can’t be playing taxi-mom.

    @rabbette Re: my son. We are actually pretty sure he IS dyslexic. He has never been formally evaluated. The school system will do nothing for homeschoolers, so if we want him evaluated, according to his pediatrician we’ll have to find a place in NC (the closest probably an hour and 15min drive or so) to have that done and pay out the nose to do so. His father is dyslexic, and I taught the kid to read and he’s exhibited ALL the signs and still continues to read very slowly. I would welcome any links/resources/help. I’m super worried about him and the ACT next year. He is super bright and his comprehension is great, he just reads really slowly. He also has unmedicated ADHD. Whether or not we’ll finally medicate him will depend on how he does once he gets his learners’ permit. He has to be able to drive.

    @bluevelvet Welcome!!!

    @gretta I am truly sorry for your loss. (((hugs)))

    @at Completely agree with you re: workouts. If I don’t feel like working out, I ask myself: “Have you ever regretted it once it’s over? And how awesome do you feel afterward? Like a million bucks? Well get to it then!”

    @jaifaim Yay for getting close to an ATL.

    @flourbaby I’d have them follow the lady in the back row who does the modified exercises. They do HIIT workouts with me often using modified exercises and very light or no weights. It’s the best way to get them cardiovascularly conditioned for soccer season when we have nowhere for them to run safely here at the house. They are too young for a treadmill, and it’s hilly and holey here in our yard. We’re rural and live a 20 min drive from anywhere we could find a park with a place they could run. I probably won’t have them do the video unless we lose internet. They love the married couple that does the HASfit workouts and prefer them over anything else.

    @ktcaroline At my ideal weight I feel proud of myself, comfortable in my own skin, and a lot less self-conscious. Frees up my mental energy to obsess about something else. lol!

    @ciren2 I feel for you. I’m grappling with poison ivy I didn’t even get into. My kids got into it and got the stuff on me. It usually takes me over 3 weeks to get over it. I had to take Benedryl last night to get it to stop itching enough to sleep. Most of the usual remedies don’t work on me. Calamine lotion irritates my skin so badly it’s worse than the poison ivy itself. I hope you turn the corner and the itch stops plaguing you. Certain wasps give me an awful reaction like that as well. But if I have Benedryl cream with me and I get it on the sting immediately, it usually mostly nips it in the bud and barely develops into anything.

    Perseverance! That’s my mantra today.

    Day 7 Pocket List:

    Day 8 – France – NFD

    Hello everyone Thank you so much for the warm welcome !!! I really appreciate the positivity in this group.

    Had a bit of a heavier dinner tonight but since I cook every meal at home I kept everything around 1700 cals today. I have been busy with appartment hunting all afternoon. I’m excited about getting a bigger kitchen because right now, I have to chop my vegetables on my desk in my teeny tiny 10 square meters parisian appartment.^^

    By the way, can anyone tell me what a “CD” is ?

    Have a nice day 🙂

    @jaifaim : Love your Username ! 😉
    @missybear : Thank you very much for your inspiring comment about the ideal weight : it gives me hope!! I personnaly have never felt like I was at my ideal weight since I was already a bit chunky as a kid. I have managed to be at an acceptable weight (around 75-77 kg for 175 cm) but I haven’t been able to maintain it for quite a few years.
    @lgbran : Congratulations on the 2 digits!!
    @yo-yo Fletch and @Winsome Waith : i’m actually just sitting at home so it’s really easy not to eat too much ^^. I’m mostly afraid of keeping up the IF when I get back into work in september and have to teach teenagers all day. It requires A LOT of energy.
    @flourbaby : Thank you so much for the advice. Cashew nuts are delicious so I’ll definetly give it a try! And I’ll look into Niacin for sure (which, apparently, can also be found in nuts).

    Day 8 – AU – FD
    Boing!! Just like that back in the red. But now I’ve hit the blue once, I’m going to keep at it until I stay there.
    Thanks for the inspiration @missybear I need to keep reminding myself how good it is to find clothes hanging loose just that little bit. I’m not looking forward to today’s FD at all. I found out yesterday that I didn’t get the job I interviewed for last week. And I’m tempted to eat and drink my disappointment away.
    @bluevelvet A CD is a Control Day or Controlled Fast Day where the maximum amount of calories consumed is 1200, I think. I don’t do CDs myself. I enjoy not counting calories at all on my NFDs. On page 1 of this forum is a list by @funshipfreddie of most of the acronyms used on these pages. And I can see how you will find FDs difficult when you are back at work teaching teenagers. That takes stamina!

    @ktcaroline I ask myself that quite a bit. What did I feel like when I was at my ideal weight five years ago? I remember putting a bikini I hadn’t worn in years in my bag and heading to the local pool. When I got changed and looked in the mirror I realised what age and a twin pregnancy had done to my mid-section and I told myself “Just because you can (fit into that bikini), doesn’t mean you should.”
    Onward and downward.

    Day 8 – Melbourne Aus – NFD

    Quick check in today, has been lovely reading everyones posts but unfortunately don’t have time to reply, will try to a bit later!

    Good FD yesterday. And a dry one at that too (about time).

    Hope eveyrone is well, thanks again for all the support and wishes, this forum has been a safe space for me over the past couple of months, and i’m forever grateful.

    Day 8: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    @stardustdream: I don’t know what Poison Ivy is, but it doesn’t sound nice!
    In the UK we can’t start driving lessons on public roads until 17. It’s quite a thing to want to do when you reach 17….learn to drive!
    Right, I’m afraid I must go….time for work.

    See you later xx

    Day 8 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @ktcaroline – how do I feel when I am at my ideal weight? Initially I felt ecstatic; for about 5 minutes. Now I’m too focused on staying there. But it wasn’t a long, painful journey for me. So I can imagine many people having a much greater sense of achievement.

    @betsylee – yes, income tax 😱. As a provisional tax payer & not PAYE I have to estimate my tax for the year. I have to pay half now & half in February. And then I still have to submit a year end ITR12. It’ll be a lot easier once I’ve done it a couple of times; but my laptop nearly got launched out of the window the other day 😡

    I am NOT in the mood for a FD today. But I’m going to do it anyway; because it will have been worth it when I step on the scales tomorrow ⚖

    Day 8 – Pocket List – Together we are Invincible

    Day 8 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Some great inspirational posts recently, and @missybear you have described exactly how I felt for a number of years when I was maintaining around my ideal weight of 126( or 9 stone or under ish).

    I still feel good when I catch sight of myself in mirrors and photos, but need to knuckle down to get rid of those extra 10lbs. Today will be a great FD.

    I was never overweight until I stopped smoking in 2002. That, and meeting my darling DH who wined and dined me as part of his courtship 😍 meant weight started piling on. I have been struggling since, lost 50lbs in 2013, gained back 30lbs by 2017, lost that again by 2018, gained back 10 by start of 2019… ….at least the yo-yo gains are getting less and that is entirely due to this WOL and the support of you guys.

    As @funshipfreddie said, “Together we are invincible”

    Day 8 – Pocket List – Together we are invincible

    Day 8 – UK – CD

    Hi everyone! Apologies, it’s a very quick post from me today because I’m already running late 😱. Ooops! Yesterday was a F800 MFD – all went ok. I’m now 3lb down since Monday & creeping down to the next stone bracket. Fitbit tells me I have 11.8lb to go until I hit my first target. Then it’ll be approx another 7lb to get to the main target.

    I’m hoping to get a bit more activity in at the weekend- had a lot of work to do this week which has taken priority.

    Have a good day all x

    Day 8 – Reading, UK – FD

    Oh yesterday was not a good day – but the wonderful, wonderful doctor sorted me out with antibiotics and I’m now feeling a load better. We’ve so got to look after antibiotics and not take them for granted!!!!! Needless to say food wasn’t my priority yesterday.

    I’ve been reading all the posts and there is some really inspiration about ideal weight. So today’s going to be a focused day so I can fit into my clothes again!

    So today’s question – If you could change one thing about your life to make it easier to get to or maintain your ideal weight, what would it be?

    Day 8 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – FD


    Quick post today as busy, busy day ahead!

    @funshipfreddie – hahaaa! I’d be with you on the launching of laptop mid tax return but oh the relief when you finally press the ‘submit’ button!
    @ktcaroline – glad you are feeling better!
    now there’s a question! without a doubt it would be giving up alcohol! Now, I don’t want to sound like I have a problem here (hahaa!)but I’m just not sure I want to do that (just yet anyway) As a rule I don’t really drink at home and never during the week when I’ve got to get up for work but lets just say we’d be considered ‘regulars’ at our local pub come Friday. I’m hoping I can incorporate my weekend tipple into this WOL. I guess I need to practice moderation before I consider abstinence!

    Planning on drinking buckets of water today – I soooo need a WHOOSH!

    Happy FD Fasters!

    Day 8 – Pocket List – Together we are invincible

    Day 8 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    The one thing I could change would be giving up alcohol….but its not going to happen. I have cut down and usually only drink over the weekend and I need that treat to look forward to, it keeps me going on hungry FDs…..its my reward for being good all week 😉

    Day 8 – Pocket List – Together we are invincible

    Day 8 Melb Aust CD

    Aimed for an extra FD, but it’s ended up a CD (better than a NFD). That’s okay, I’m finish my pre-weigh-in week with a FD tomorrow, and see where I’m up to.

    @funshipfreddie, Uggh! Glad it’s you and not me with the tax returns. Had to chuckle at the visual image of the laptop sailing through the window! 🙂 I’m still using a tax agent, but from next year, as a retiree, I’ll do my own tax. It should be simple enough; I won’t have stacks to enter/ claim.

    @ktcaroline, wasn’t sure how to answer today’s question. For me, whatever reduces my levels of stress would be things I’d change, as I’ve been very much a stress-eater in the past. I’m trying to change that now.

    @missybear, very impressed with your maintenance story. Inspiring.

    @winsomewaif, slight ups and downs seem to be part of the process. That’s why some folk here only weigh once a week, as it better allows for minor variations. And the joys of TOtheM for women, how salty food is, how much carbohydrate has been eaten, etc. will all affect weight in the short-term. Provided the trend is down, that’s all that matters.

    Onward and downwards everyone!

    Day 8, London, UK, FD,

    Late check-in from me today due to an early meeting.

    Lovely post @missybear, yes …………………….. I am worth it!!!

    @stardustdream, I hope you weren’t offended by my ‘Mother of the year’ quip, I was thinking, my own mother couldn’t get me to do the 30DS, the only person who can get me to do it is ME since it’s torture, self-inflicted pain is acceptable!!! I suppose incorporating some P.E. into your home-school schedule must be tricky.

    @bluevelvet, funnily enough I struggle to fast at home ……………………. Far too easy to get to the kitchen!! However, when I’m at work I can just get on with work and stay committed to whatever healthy light lunch I bring with me.

    @funshipfreddie, the best type of FD is the unplanned, ‘how did that happen??’ FD, the 2nd best is the ‘I really don’t want to, but I’m gonna!!’ FD. Stay strong, that determination will pay off and you’ll be polishing your halo & patting yourself on the back tomorrow morning!!!

    @ktcaroline, a few years ago I would have said the one thing I would change would be ………………… Genetics!!! I would have wanted to be one of those people (we all know one) who eats vast quantities of whatever they like and stays slim!! However, now I know they may be slim but they’re soooo unhealthy inside!! So now, the one thing I would change would be WHEN I discovered 5:2, had I discovered it 20 yrs ago, before the yo-yo diets, the cabbage soup, the slimming world, the calorie restriction and the self loathing they generated, I might have a healthy relationship with food and be able to let go of some of the bad habits ‘dieting’ has woven into my make-up!!! I’m slowly letting go of some, but there remains a certain amount of guilt if I eat something super high calorie, I just need to keep reminding myself ………………………. “It’s a NFD, it’s ALLOWED!!!!!”

    @missybear & @yo-yo Fletch …………………………. I’m not giving up the vino for anybody!!! Yes, I do have a problem ………………. I love red wine!!!! LOL!!! When I do my dry months here and there throughout the year, I think (for about a minute!) that I could make it permanent, but for me I would have to have NEVER tasted alcohol in order to be teetotal!!! Same goes for chocolate & bread I guess!!

    I’m stealing this ……………………

    Together we are invincible!!!

    Day 8 UK CD

    Missed breakfast , wrap for lunch and planning a veggie curry for tonight so hopefully amend for my stretched FD yesterday

    @ktcaroline – easy answer 🥂🍷🍺 for me , but for the foreseeable future it’s weekend only so there’s some hope

    Day 8_ Atlanta, GA- USA FD 800

    USA Day 8 FD

    Read the posts and almost forgot to post myself! LOL I have been so busy this Summer with my new grandson, remodeling my home, and playing golf that I have had little time to post. However, staying active keeps me in the game! Well, this vegetarian diet of mine has turned out to be a godsend and has been the most sustainable way of eating I have found yet. I can’t believe how quickly the weight is coming off. However, I do measure the olive oil and avocado very carefully. Despite how healthy they are, they do pack in the calories but the recipes are sumptuous! I’ve been at it for one and a half months and maybe I have found a type of diet that I can permanently sustain.

    Adding myself to the pocket list and wish you all a wonderful day!

    Day 8

    Day 8- USA (NE TN)- NFD

    It’s after noon and I’ve still eaten nothing. Weird but that’s fine. I slept even more poorly than usual. My silly brain.

    The kids want to ditch school and go do something. But with 5 people involved certain things get pricey. Especially having to burn fuel to get into town. They have a birthday party invite for Sat. They can eat cake and swim then. And we camp Sunday.
    The girls just want to go thrift store shopping, I bet. The boys would be miserable. Teen daughter just can’t ever stand staying in the house.

    @flourbaby Absolutely not offended. I remind them how absolutely miserable they are when the soccer season starts up and they have to run in practice without being in shape. They comply with my workouts but of course they don’t want to do anything but play Legos or video games anyway. Lol! I always tell them to do the modifications but most importantly just keep moving. My youngest son is 8 and most of the time he gets great joy out of making up his own move instead of doing the one on the video. He is so funny! I had them walk circuits in our very hilly yard with me yesterday. But perhaps today they’ll do something with light handweights inside with a video.

    @ciren2 Poison ivy is a rash from the plant of that name. It secrets an oil and when the skin comes in contact with it and causes an allergic reaction that is magnitude-7000 red and itchy and sometimes causes blisters. But I never blister. I just get the inflammed itchy rash that lingers FOREVER. And I itch. Did I say it was itchy? LOL! They have over-the-counter creams for it but none of them work for me and some make it worse. It is common in wooded areas here. Or areas that are near wooded areas. I don’t even have to touch it myself. My family, who aren’t allergic, brings it in the house on their shoes or clothes and share it with me. So kind of them.

    @ccco You sound like you are really enjoying your menu! I’m so glad you are having such fabulous results!

    Sending calm, happy vibes to all the Pocket Listers today.

    Day 8, VA, USA, FD B2B2B2B

    Yesterday had a Dr appointment with a new Dr that I I think I would like to make my family Dr. and as they are going down the chart and list of things she asked me an interesting question “How do you feel about your weight?” ((For a moment I pondered how to answer that…)) no one has ever asked me that question and anytime I have been in the 140s range I don’t think I’ve ever had a Dr say anything about my weight. I finally answered with “I appreciate my body but I would like to lose a little bit more weight.” She answered with “Ok then, sounds good… I wasn’t trying to influence you either way I just wanted to know how you felt about it.”

    Really got me to ponder tho “ How do I FEEL…. about my weight” I do try and have a healthy attitude toward weight. I am tired of carrying around this extra baggage and I know I don’t have to live like that, I CAN make better choices.

    Did alright yesterday, had some pumpkin seeds last night, had a little bit larger portion than I had intended. Pumpkin seeds are good for iron and I as feeling super depleted yesterday.

    @missybear – thank you for such inspiring post – it is helpful for keeping the eye on the prize as I drink the rest of my water container while my SO makes lunch mmmmm the smells.

    @stardustdream – I am also ADHD (however, the ADHD is more or less exasperated by the dyslexia, when I’m stressed) especially in situations such as reading… I can not emphasize this next part enough…. go get him tested and documented! Even if it cost you out the nose. If he gets documentation that he is dyslexic – he can get extra help with things like the ACT. He can have an aide read the test questions to him. In college he will get extra time for writing papers and more assistance in a lot of other ways. I encourage you please set aside the time and money to do it. Getting him tested while he is still school age is also helpful because it cost less than it cost to test an adult… There are Scholarships for students with dyslexia as well but none of that will matter unless he has documentation. I say this because I struggled and went to college and when I was finally tested and documented (out of my own pocket) it was a relief. I also have tons of tips and tricks to help myself and don’t feel ashamed any more about my reading (b/c I know there is a valid reason why). I’ll post some tips and tricks next time. I’ll also search if there are some places that help with testing cost.
    *side note I thought your comment “frees up my mental energy to obsess about something else” funny.

    @winsome waif – I think you should wear the dang bikini be proud of that bodies life journey! But I understand I feel like my legs would be talking to me if I did it.

    Pocket list Day 8

    Day 8 – Ireland – CD (started as FD but slightly over)

    Bummer just lost a long post…where I’d actually got back to some of you… I can’t even blame the forum as it was my own fault on phone…
    @rabbette sorry I must have mixed you up with @rafiki44 who is in California..
    @bluevelvet thanks!! It’s A little play on words and stands for Just Another Intermittent Fast And I’ll Maintain …. one day I’ll just be one more fast away from maintenance…. I will I will I will 👍😂
    Of course I am always hungry too so works both ways 😉
    I lived between France and Ireland in the first half of my life and France Is very much my second home 🇫🇷 ♥️🇫🇷♥️🇫🇷
    Thank all for your good wishes on my tests… all seems normal which is great… full results will be sent to my current GP who I don’t have much faith in but am trying to find a new GP who will look at the whole picture rather than the clock ⏰!!!
    Good luck to all fasting today / you are doing better then I am.
    Oh @ktcaroline for me it would be to be a non-binge type person… I can stay off alcohol, sugar, crisps for months and then I’ll fall off the wagon and find it hard to say NO… my sisters can do moderation and I just can’t…
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    2nd post

    Loving the daily question @ktcaroline, it’s really getting us all to ponder and I am enjoying the responses. For me, I am in the alcohol group. I do a Dry till Fri (well, most weeks), but the promise of wine at the weekend really spurs me on.

    Now, if only I could resist the snacks whilst enjoying the wine….

    Having a great FD today. Talk tomorrow

    Day 8 – UK – FD

    What a lovely day 😎🌤 just perfect – cannot believe the weather forecast for tomorrow and Saturday!!!

    Yesterday ended up being a NFD but not disastrous!

    Started today with a 9am aerobic class then DD came over with her 🐶 and we did a 6mile hike on a local fell and then ate at a little cafe sitting out in the shade – a small quinoa and green bean salad for me, whilst DD had a yummy looking blueberry scone still warm from the oven so no butter/cream or jam required!

    Back home for a much needed shower and a little rest – then baked a cake for tomorrow – the walkers/runners are meeting at a friend’s house for our regular Friday run/walk (the one who recently celebrated his 80th!) scones and cakes with coffee at his house after. I made Mary Berry’s Blueberry, Lemon And Passionfruit Traybake – I have made this before and it is easy to make and absolutely delicious 😋

    Had some bad news this evening about my friend who was diagnosed with lung cancer, she is having a bad time atm and feeling distinctly unwell 😢 I do wish we didn’t live so far from each other……Hopefully she will start to feel better with the treatment regime they have started her on.

    On a good note I managed to stick to a FD with some homegrown stewed rhubarb with homemade kefir this evening – I have logged on to post to ensure that I don’t get tempted to stray…….

    @jaifaim – well done on the downward trend and just 1lb off your ATL
    @ktcaroline – getting to and maintaining my ideal weight makes me feel really good both mentally and physically and a big bonus is that I’m full of energy and loving life!! So glad to hear that you are feeling better and that the antibiotics are doing their job.
    And in answer to today’s question – I must not change anything – As they say if it’s not broke……otherwise I’ll soon be back to where I started from….BTW As others have said loving the daily question 🤗
    @lgbran – well done on getting under 3 digit kgs
    @missybear – An inspiring post and I totally agree with everything you said in your post and feel the same!
    @flourbaby – I’m with you on “I would have to have NEVER tasted alcohol in order to be teetotal!!!” so I have cut down on my 🍷🥂 intake and only drink 3 nights a week unless a lot social outings but then I try to make up for it the next week…..

    Off to make a cup of tea then an early night – feeling pleasantly tired after all that exercise today……

    Adding myself to the pocket list to ensure that I don’t stray away from my FD
    @Winsome Waif

    My personal motto since finding this WOL has kept me on the straight and narrow many a times since finding maintenance “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started I was desperately wishing to be where I am now.”

    Day 8 UK FD

    Quick check in for accountability. Successful FD but not drunk enough water and had a nasty cough/hoarsness most of the day… time for cxr.

    I’m just skimmed all the lovely posts but so tired – and not eaten yet! 81yo mother came for tea and stayed for 6hrs, DD wanted last minute help proof-reading an assignment for her professional qualification… and not got my project stuff done. But BALANCE! Tomororw is another day.

    Whatever choices the day brings, practice the pause x

    Day 8, Québec, Canada. NFD

    Yesterday was very emotional. My sister had sent me a post saying her dog died during nightime. She even gave him mouth to mouth. She was sad and tired. I was sad for her, she is my baby sister. So, as a result, I ate lots of chips while crying and laying down on the couch. I didn’t call because didn’t want to wake her up. Wrote to her husband by Messenger…but it wasn’t like talking with my sister.

    My brain knows very well I should’nt eat that but sometimes the emotions seem to be the strongest. At least, I don’t feel guilty. I know that those things happen !

    Back on track today and my weight did not get up to much. So ….going on !

    I know that dog people will fully understand !

    Wishin everyone a nice day !

    Day 8 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Quick check in. Been very busy. Keeping at maintenance.

    Welcome to our newbies: @bluevelvet and @lgbran. You found a terrific community here!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 9 AUS NFD
    Whew! I made it through FD yesterday barely. I was so tempted to have a teeny weeny glass of red wine after a long stressful day and didn’t!!!! Thanks to all of you. Knowing I’m going to report back kept me on the straight and narrow. @at I think of your motto often.
    The weather has been horrendous so it is difficult to get much outdoor exercise, which I sorely miss. When the weather is nice I like to walk or ride my bike to work but yesterday… huge winds caused a gum tree to drop a branch onto two cars at work. I was lucky it wasn’t mine. Bikini season feels a long way away.

    Day 9 – Japan – ?

    This is just an update. I haven’t been fasting that much for the past couple weeks and I’ll probably start again … maybe September.

    I have been hit with a raft of issues were more important.
    * Mother passed away
    * Son accepted to Princeton with full scholarships but wife isn’t happy with it …
    (~10000 km away) This has been hard.
    * I’m on the verge of losing my job because of corporate changes. That is ugly.
    * Father was in a traffic accident and because he is 87 and has to pass a medical exam before he can drive again. I spent 5 days with him. He eats very healthy, maybe a bit on the light side but healthy. He on a farm more than 20 miles away from town.

    I’m just updating why I’ve been absent. I’m okay, while maybe a bit stressed but okay. Fasting is important to me but so are other things.

    The only thing is I kind of wished I hadn’t looked at my mother in the coffin. She had serious dementia and multiple operations on her bowels. She looked like she had starved to death and most likely she did. It was a haunting image. The death wasn’t unexpected, I just didn’t realize how rapidly she had declined until then.

    Day 8 Ohio, US — NFD

    Please count me in for this month! Moving chaos hit big time starting July 31 and is still continuing. I don’t have internet yet in my new place, so have been effectively off the grid. Not sure when I’ll be on the grid again, but rest assured I’m rooting from afar for everyone in this WOL!

    Day 8 – USA – NFD

    @dykask, my heartfelt condolences on your mom’s passing, and absolute commiseration on the other issues going on in your life. We’ve all been there at one point or another. Thank you for letting all of us who look forward to your nightly (night to us!) posts….it was magnanimous of you to even feel like you had to explain. Here’s hoping you will continue to cope. We love you!

    Thanks @metatauta! I’m very interested in nutrition and fasting as tools for health. Sometimes we just have to work on different projects but the tools are still there. Seeing first hand the results of not using the tools is pretty shocking.

    Anyway I know a lot of people come here to lose weight and that is good and healthy for many. I’m less concerned about my weight now, but very concerned about my health. This WOL is a good for that.

    I’m not afraid of death, but I’m afraid of a long drawn out process of dying. I had a grandmother that used to be afraid of going to a hospital because she said that is where people go to die. She pretty much died while working, on her feet. Maybe she could have lived past 86, but at least death was on her terms.

    My mother was only 81. However she was really dead in some ways for a long time. She was at the point where she would only repeat what I said to her. It was hard to even try to talk to her. Her decline started many years ago and she let herself suffer a lot. I’m sure she didn’t feel that way. Maybe she couldn’t have avoided the dementia or all the medical problems, but I’m pretty sure years of poor nutrition contributed to her suffering.

    So my advice to everyone is go ahead and fast and lose the weight. However eating well is also important.

    Day 9, Aus, NFD

    Hello all – It’s day 9 already?!? I’ve not posted since the first, but that’s because I’ve got a new puppy (a blue cattle dog), and been absolutely distracted. From work, life, and 5:2 unfortunately. Time to haul my fat arse back on that wagon!

    Still catching up on posts.

    @daffodil2010 (I think it was you who asked). Horses in the southern hemisphere are notionally given a birthday of 1 August, regardless of when they are actually born.It helps standardise ages. I think this is in part due to the horse racing industry (but happy to be corrected). A horse’s age is calculated back to 1 August so a racing 2 year old, for example, could in fact be almost 3 years old depending on when it was really born.

    @ktcaroline – I am liking your regular questions! A great way to pause, take stock and stay on track.

    Day 9 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – CFD

    @flourbaby – you were right! Big-time halo polishing this morning. 😇 And so much more gets done when there’s no food in the way. The day flew by once I got my head in the right place, and I even cleaned some windows and painted a couple of walls.

    @yo-yo – I’ve found that when it comes to alcohol, abstinence is much easier than moderation. Crazy, but true! A bit like abstaining from food for most of a FD is easier than tormenting yourself with several tiny meals.

    @ktcaroline – that’s a tough question! Just one thing..? For me, maybe a nut allergy would help?! 🥜

    @dykask – so sorry for your loss. I lost my mother to leukaemia 14 years ago. She was only 61, and apart from the disease was as fit as a fiddle. I still think of her every day.

    Yet another public holiday in South Africa today – National Women’s Day. So, happy Women’s Day to any South Africans reading this.

    Day 9 – Ireland – NFD

    Morning all, crazy storms here overnight so have not slept much at all…we rarely have thunder and lightning here so I enjoyed listening to the rumbling and watching the sky light up… may not swim today…. 🤔
    So, having spotted a number near my ATL on Tuesday I’ve bounced back up by 1.5 LBS. it’s a shame but I wasn’t well last weekend so guessed that was the reason… but having seen that lower number I am very focused on getting there again.
    I have a busy weekend ahead with a surprise party tomorrow night for my friend so will enjoy that, while attempting to stay on the dry, we’ll see though.. I’ll go with the flow 👍
    Well done @winsomewaif on getting through the day and resisting temptation 💪
    Good luck to all those fasting today..

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 9 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Incredible rain last night but it’s now a glorious morning. Looking forward to the the weekend. Eldest stepdaughter is 30 today so we are hosting a small family dinner to celebrate tomorrow, should be fun.

    Good FD too yesterday, going back to basics is how I have to do it. No fancy LFD, B2B2B, WFD, Egg Fast…..just keep on keeping on with what works.

    @funshipfreddie With you on the nuts. I only recently discovered walnuts and cashews (through this WOL) and it’s hard to stop nibbling. Addictive!

    @penz that’s interesting about horses birthdays. I live in a very horsey area of Ireland, (studs all around), I must ask my horsey friends if it’s the same here. ☺️

    @quebecoise Oh my, I had tears reading about your sisters dog and fully understand your own reaction. Do take care.

    @dykask So sorry to hear about your mothers passing. It’s always a shock no matter what. I lost my mum to a heart attack when she was only 54. If she had only stopped smoking and looked after herself nutritionally she may well still be here. But, you are so right that the health benefits of this WOL will far outweigh the weight loss so keep on. I remember you telling us about your Dad last year, a farm man from Montana who lives a good life. Thinking of you at this hard time.

    @matpi good to hear the move has happened and looking forward to hearing from you once you are back on grid.

    Have a good Friday.

    Day 9 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    @dykask very sorry to hear that you have been hit with so many stressful situations all at once. I admire your positive attitude. This testing time will pass, stay strong. Thinking of you and sending virtual hugs xx

    Day 9 – Reading, UK – CD

    My deepest sympathies @dykask – so hard to lose your mother even if its unexpected – and be facing family problems from every direction. Look after yourself during this difficult time.

    @quebecoise – I’ve also got a younger sister and know how much you want to be there when these things happen.

    I’m in the wars this week – I landed back in the doc’s office yesterday – and now on stronger meds. Let’s hope that does the trick.

    My question for today is – what is your biggest trigger for overeating? Mine has to be getting over tired. What’s yours?

    Day 9 – UK – MFD

    @dykask my sincerest sympathies – it sounds like you’ve had more than your fair share of things to manage. Wishing you a more gentler ride in the coming weeks and months.

    @funshipfreddie – I’m not from SA (though have relatives there) but happy National Women’s Day to you! Always happy to see these events being celebrated around the world.

    @ktcaroline I hope you’re on the mend soon. Good question… my biggest trigger is not getting enough sleep! Body craves all the carbs. I’ve had a few later nights this week for various reasons and I’ve noticed the carb cravings a lot more on the days where I haven’t had the best night’s sleep.

    I am planning another MFD today (800cals). I had plans this evening that have now changed which means I can get another MFD in this week. Yesterday was more like a NFD in the end and I had a rice dish for dinner which was my first proper hit of carbs all week. Overall I came in around 1500cals though, which I’m really pleased with. When I stepped on the scales this morning I had dropped 1/4 lb, which I was surprised to see. Only 1.5lb now to break down the next stone barrier! This is keeping me focused to make some good decisions today food-wise!

    I am booked onto my fave gym class tomorrow morning and have a nice long walk planned for Sunday – this week’s been a write-off for activity so it’ll be good to make it up a bit at the weekend.

    Have a good’un all x

    Day 9 UK CD

    Weekly weigh day and I’m down by 0.5lb on the month. Surprising as I’ve not had any FDs, tho I’ve kept to 16:8, 18:6, 20:4 or OMAD.

    But too much dried fruit and nuts, not enough sleep etc. Feeling puffier and have put 0.5″ on waist and inflated my carbtastic stomach by a full 2″/5cm!! Yesterday’s possible FD didn’t happen bc mother came to tea, late supper etc.

    For this next week I’m working on proper meal planning, better sleep routine, restarting daily yoga & meditation, plus basic 5:2 – perhaps a long overdue WFD. Two long weekends away in the wilds when I won’t have much choice in what’s available so need to get my head back into a helpful place.

    @dykask so sorry for your troubles, and the loss of your mother. so hard to have a really difficult time on so many fronts all at once. Take care of you in the midst of it all x

    @quebecuoise so sorry about your sister’s dog. That sounds really hard. And somehow it’s not the same until you’ve spoken to /seen your sister for yourself x

    @jaifaim somebody wise once said that when hitting ATLs – esp as you get closer to goal weight – you have to hit a number 3 times before you claim it… keep on keeping on, you’ll get there x

    @ktcaroline loving your daily questions, but such a full week it’s been hard to think!

    Food changes – biggest has been dropping carbs. No white carbs in my house now, and rarely eat them outside. Bread – has gone from daily to baking a weekly gf seedy oat loaf, to freezing it in slices for occasional toast, to only baking one when visitors or to take to community events.

    No ‘must fit’ clothes that I’m aiming for – I gave away all my smaller clothes from when I was sick in the early 2000s & v underweight. And when underweight I gave away my ‘bigger’ clothes. The only things I’ve kept are a couple of dresses from 20yrs ago which are too big already; DD nicked the smaller ones a couple of years ago – and they’re right on trend now!

    Biggest trigger for overeating is tiredness – there’s research that shows we’re hard-wired to find it harder to resist carbs, fat & sugar when tired. Alcohol removes top layer of self-control/wise choices. And eating sugar always triggers the desire for more sugar while lessening the resistance – aka waking the dragon 🙂

    OK – time to make a start on the day’s pile! Whatever your day brings, practice the pause to make helpful choices x

    Day 9 – 3rd post

    Thank you for all the support! I’m humbled.

    I’ve actually managed to do a water fast today. Probably #57 in 2019.

    I think that losing a mother that is only 64 or 51 would be much, much harder! My mother was degrading quickly for about 4 years and slower for much longer. I knew her death was coming soon this year. Mostly I had already got over that. However the funeral brought up a lot of family drama. I’m not so good at dealing with that. 😀

    Day 9 UK NFD

    Really want to try and show some restraint this weekend Had a good session at gym this morning but out for lunch today and hubbys bday tomorrow so will be indulging 🥂 but keen not to put back those pounds I’ve worked so hard to shed straight back on

    ❤️ to @quebecoise & @dykask

    Day 9, London, UK, NFD,

    Quick check-in from me today.

    I stupidly woke the dragon with a licorice & blackcurrent sweet ………….. just one, but one is enough!!! I’m now thinking about food with 7hrs to go before my Thai meal out!!!

    @dykask, thinking of you and your family at this trying time.

    Off to get some housework done.

    Happy fasting folks!

    Day 9: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    My day off work. It rained seriously during the night, I woke up several times hearing it hammering down. Luckily for my work colleagues working today….it’s bright, breezy and DRY!
    @dykask: I wondered where you were. I can understand your recent absence…..I’m SO sorry your mother has died. Dementia is the one illness I think we all dread most of all. Also all your other family troubles and the possibility you might lose your job. Talk about troubles coming all at once. Keep strong, it’ll all work out in the end, I’m sure. It does seem a wonderful opportunity for your son…how does HE feel about it?
    @ktcaroline: My trigger for overeating seems to be….starting to eat! Hhmmmm..

    Day 9, VA, USA, CD

    So far water for today. Its Friday, I know there might be drinks… but maybe not as I don’t like to drink when I’m out. I much prefer a good cocktail at home. Now for food, I’m thinking some sushi tonight before the show. mmmmm

    @dykask – hugs

    @ktcaroline – Missed answering yesterday – giving up one thing to make it easier, It might be like @funshipfreddie nuts might do the trick. I freaking love them! I also love potato chips, but somehow I have given those up. (The nuts tho… I might need that allergy too) Todays question: trigger for overeating… well I realized I have SEVERAL! One is Stress (if my kitty is sick or I feel like I have a huge thing to do I get all snacky.) The other is eating or tasting the food while I cook! If I do that (which for some things you have to taste it to see if its right) I will WANT to keep tasting/shoveling the dang thing into my mouth. Really must gain some self control…. Although typing that out has kind of made me more aware of it.

    Cheers, got to go teach.

    Day 9, UK, FD

    I know its very late, but I hope you guys don’t mind me joining now. I’ve been fasting (sort of) but just haven’t been in a mood to post, since I had a very stressful time. I found the lump in my breast, and of course, freaked out. Went to my GP and was refereed urgently for a scan and mammogram, suspected cancer.
    However, it turned out to be just a cyst! I can’t even describe what a relief it was to hear that! I feel like I’ve been given another chance at this thing called life 🙌
    Its good to see this group going strong and supporting each other, I’ve been visiting and reading sporadically ❤

    Sad to read the post from @snowflake56 that she stepped back from the challenge 🙁 . If you come to read sometimes …. I wish you all the best my eagle watching friend ❤ 🐦 .

    @dykask good to see you around. So sorry to hear about your Mother passing, my condolences. Dementia is such a cruel illness. Hope your Dad recovers fully fast from his accident. Keeping my fingers crossed for your job. Sending you love and positive vibes 🤗

    @michelinme its always so distressing to find a dead bird 😰 , I had few flying into my glass garden doors, but luckily no fatalities. I put some cling film on the outside of glass to stop the reflection, because that’s what they see, and they stopped flying into it 👍.

    I probably won’t be posting every day because I am so busy these days, preparing to go to visit my mum and also, I might be moving, so much to do …
    But I will read and get inspiration from you guys ❤

    Have a good evening everyone 🌼

    Day 10 – Japan – NFD

    I did water fast for about 32 hours.

    Thanks for all the encouragement. @ciren2, my son wants to go. It is a good school albeit small in his area of study. He has about 12 years ahead him as he will need to do post-docs after PHD. So if he goes and does well he will be well set for graduate work.

    Besides what 18 year old boy wouldn’t want to be 10,000 km away from his parents?

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