August 2019 – Monthly Challenge

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August 2019 – Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 5 – UK – FD
    Day 4 – NFD

    The weekend ended up a bit of disaster eating wise so need to press my RESET button today with a good FD and started the day with my early Broga class – hard and sweaty work this morning 🥵

    @borealis – lovely to see you back
    @karmacatkeeper – welcome to the forum – great support and advice provided willingly here with no judgement
    @rabbette – you are doing amazingly well with this WOL – 40lbs dispatched since February and your BMI reaching that magic 25!!!! thank you for sharing your stats xx
    @daffodil2010 – I sympathise as I had a grazing weekend too with 🥂 and definitely ate/drank well above my TDEE
    @ktcaroline – who is the most supportive of my 5:2 efforts – it has to be me as I have to take responsibility of my body and health 😇 and who is most likely to derail my efforts – again it has to be me 😈
    @stardustdream – very busy but hopefully it will help keep you focused with your 5:2 WOE
    @lilacsparkle – yes of course you can under eat on some NFDs but be careful it does not become a pattern so you don’t fall into the trap of following a low calorie diet as that is not sustainable in the long term!!
    @betsylee – sounds like you have a mechanism in place to get your stressors under control 🤗 stay positive and strong x
    @quebecoise – good goals for August – when I was trying to lose weight I broke down my big goals into small more achievable ones – seems to help to keep me focused
    @emma-taylor – not a good way to achieve a FD but I would take it – good to hear that your tooth is all sorted out ready for that Italian trip – just a tad jealous of your Italian holidays
    @gretta – I’m sure you will do your grandmother proud tomorrow – her memories are forever etched in your heart ❤️
    @ciren2 – poor you – hope the tummy settles down soon – keep drinking plenty of water
    @yo-yo-fletch – You are not alone with what happened during your weekend – very familiar to a lot of us I’m afraid!!! but this WOL allows us to press that RESET button – a few of us on a FD with you today 🤗
    @ktcaroline – well done on your controlled weekend 👍
    @brightonbelle – I am adding you to today’s pocket list as TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER
    @luminess – welcome on board – As you say the Basic 5:2 works well and is sustainable as a WOL too – I have added you to the spreadsheet in case you want to use to help motivate you – here is the link

    Pocket List – Day 5

    I love this Winnie the Pooh quote, it applies very well to our WOL

    Day 5, London UK, FD

    Hi all. A whole year has gone by since I posted in a monthly challenge and I’m still at the same weight as I was this time last year. I’ve recently re-read the F800 book and got the new F800 recipe book so this WOL (IF in general) is back on my radar. Like @brightonbelle, I also have a big event in 10 weeks’ time (the graduation ceremony for my MSc) and I’m using this as my anchor to work towards. The ideal scenario would be a 20lb loss in that time. I’ve tried with F800 but I’m finding sticking to it every day actually a bit trickier than the original 5:2 plan, so I’m moving back over to this one.

    I have been up and down a few lb all year so I’m looking to finally hit this now! The positives are that I’ve been increasing my activity levels this year so I’m now looking to get back into this WOE. It worked brilliantly a few years back when I lost over a stone in a couple of months so I know I can do it! So here I am, throwing my hat into the ring and ready to start shifting some of this unwelcome bulk I’ve gained. I spent a good year kidding myself my body hasn’t changed that much but the cameras and clothes don’t lie!

    Lovely to meet you all and to be a part of it. I’m looking forward to some gentle encouragement along the way. 🙂

    Day 5- Atlanta, Ga-USA FD: Today is the first day of school here in Atlanta, GA-USA. Excited about all the things we will learn about each other this here! Here’s to a great first day and an even better year! Happy Monday everyone!

    USA Day 5 FD

    Hi, all! Just popped in to add myself to the pocket list as today is my first FD of the week! Have a great day, everyone!

    Pocket List – Day 5

    Day 5 UK FD

    My first FD of this challenge. OMAD food is already in the fridge for early supper – green pea pasta salad with endamame beans, tomatoes, cucumber and beetroot, followed by berries.

    Feeling extra thin & thristy today bc like @ciren2 I’ve had digestive upset and thinking it’s maybe something I’ve eaten. V glad to be able to rest the day away with gentle pottering and lots of drinking.

    @ciren2 silver linings! hope you are feeling better x
    @daffodil2010 have a lovely lazy day 🙂
    @babs_b welcome back 🙂
    @gretta I’m sure you’ll do your gran proud. Focus on looking after yourself, and being where you are – the rest can wait xx

    Pocket List – Day 5

    2nd Post

    @ktcaroline – in answer to today’s question, I have a favourite pair of jeans, when they fit I know I’m nearing my happy weight place. Sadly, I haven’t been able to get into them for awhile…..the last time I could, I bounced happily into my living room with a big ‘TA DAAA! Look at what I can get in to!!!’. My daughter (a teenager at the time) looked up and with a roll of her eyes muttered ‘why would you bother’…..
    I also have a LBD – I’ve told my DH that when (yes, when!) I am back in that I want to go to a black tie event (I’ve never been to one with my DH – and really, really, really, yes, really want to go to one!) I have my eye on NYE 2021.
    @at – reset button firmly pressed today….

    Day 5- USA (NE TN)- FD

    I know I’m probably a pound up from the camping trip last weekend. I could only manage a bunch of CDs last week as everything was just so hectic. Had my 2 NFDs this weekend as usual, and now I’m smack-dab in the middle of my first FD of the week. Not as crazy this week, but my life is default crazy to begin with so I should say not “all out insane.”

    Last week I started making the younger kids workout with me to get them conditioned for soccer. We have spring soccer available here, and I’m thinking of trying to talk hubby into having them play both seasons as it would be much better for them to stay in shape. Even though it means more mad running around. The thing with them working out with me though is that they are 10 and 8 and super silly! Drives me bonkers and I have to stop the video and instruct or give them water-breaks…annoying. We don’t have a good flat area here on our property where they can just run as we live on the side of a mountain, so I have them do HIIT videos with me to get their heart rate up. Or walking/jog interval videos. They are just on the low-impact beginner ones right now to ease them in.

    Anyway…blah blah blah.
    I’m going to “grab another cup o’ joe” as they say some places here in the States.
    Try to get the youngers to do their school. The teens are already working on their things in their rooms.
    Going to visit all my online haunts.

    Have a great day! TTFN

    Pocket List – Day 5

    Day 5, VA, USA, FD

    Love the weekend gain O_o ha. But what are FDs without NFDs… that is called not living. So this weekend I did some living yay. The gain isn’t too bad, but it is always eye opening to see how much 2 NFDs (with even a watchful eye and some control mind you) will tip the scales.

    @ciren2 – woah yes the only thing I know when out and about to put on a sting is mud. (That’s what parents always did to me) not exactly sure of the scientific evidence, I’ll leave google to debate that remedy.

    @ktcaroline – Had a laugh over “But it’s my job (the data thing, not making charts of my weight!)” My other love that I studied were databases, so I understand the data thing. As for the question – motivating wearable item… I have some dance pants that need at least -5 more lbs gone to have the best wiggle room.

    @michelinme – wow I guess you are right it is -40lbs in 6 months. Sometimes it feels like it takes forever. Thank you for the reminder!

    @funshipfreddie – YES you are right on about telling folks. They can think very strange things about fasting. I also don’t want to do 3 FDs a week once I get to maintenance. So I do think I need to accept that 3 meals a day will not work for me. I like OMAD (but have a sweetheart who misses breakfast with me) and truth be told I make a pretty kick butt breakfast *all kinds of breakfast meals* I think overall it will take some tinkering with my eating schedule to find how many days of fasting and what I CAN enjoy the other days.

    @betsylee – I’m 5’3 (117-120 lbs) is what is recommended(ish). BMI mid range of 22, I’m aiming for possibly 20ish range… I’m still a size like 14 at this 144 weight. I’m ready to feel more freedom in my body.

    @at – I love that you take Broga makes me smile overtime I read it. It still has not almost sunk in that I’m -40lbs lighter. I do feel better tho when trying to get comfortable to fall asleep. I tell ya, it was so hard to feel like I could rest with more weight even tho partly I was quite tired.

    Pocket list! Day 5

    Came home from work RAVENOUS! So, at that point, ate my breakfast porridge (at 1.45pm!)
    No ill effects so far….so tried out the usual salad sandwiches with tomatoes, followed by the usual lemon cake (I’m a creature of habit). If I get ill again, I will suspect the bagged salad….but it may have been just one of those things, and no explanation.
    Wasp sting STILL itches….regular ice-cube smoothings are the best.
    @therealwil78: You are back at school already? In the UK we generally have just over six weeks holiday from mid-July to the beginning of September. In the old days it was to do with getting everyone to help with the harvest!
    @at: RESET!

    Day 5, Québec, Canada, FD

    Aiming at a FD. If I make it around 700 calories I will be very happy.
    Coming back with this group helps a lot. I eat more conscienly and already started to loose some weight… but must keep steady !
    Taking the habit of keeping track of my food … it’s clear that chips and chocolate shoud be no ! Lol

    Have a nice day !

    Day 5 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    Usual Monday reset after a few lovely glasses of red wine over the weekend. I refuse to weigh myself on Mondays as I know my weight will be up…..ignorance is bliss……my weigh day is Friday 😉

    Pocket list! Day 5

    Together we are stronger.

    Day 5 Oxfordshire FD
    Not a bad day so far. Yoga to start then a two hour dog walk this afternoon. Helped to take my mind off food for a while. Some FD are easier than others. That said I can’t get before 600 caps.
    Btw, what is the pocket list?

    Day 6: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Just a quick “hello” before work. Good luck today, all of you.
    See you later. xx

    Day 6 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Had a lovely day relaxing yesterday, but also got a lot of important online things done too, which makes me happy as takes pressure off. So, although I had relaxing wine sitting outside as the sunset there were NO evil snacks in the house to tempt me so a relatively good day food wise.. Healthy. Clean.

    Unfortunately however, the previous days were not healthy and clean and far too much crisps, popcorn, white bread 😱, white carbs such as chips!! Rice!! Garlic bread….all ended up in my tum.

    Today it’s back to work, reset, first FD of August. Basic 5:2, see how we go. I have 5 weeks before we take our trip to Spain…..

    @ktcaroline I gave a few things I want to get back into….my size 10 black skinny jeans …well I can pull the zip and close the button but it’s needs a few pounds off before it looks right. I have a pair of smart trousers and a zippy back dress that I wore to work this time last year but now both are unforgiving…….so I have at least three things to motivate me 👍

    Pocket list day 6

    Day 6 – Reading UK – FD

    So what on earth made me think that baking bread would make me slimmer? Delicious, but the scales were in a bad mood this morning. Must make amends today!

    Lovely to hear that other people have favourite things in their wardrobe that ALMOST fit (if they/I breathe in, don’t sit down, or laugh). Here’s to all the skinny jeans, dance pants, leather skirts and LBD’s everywhere …. We are all going to look SO GOOD when we get there!

    And hope all the dicky tummies are feeling better …

    Today’s question – what food swap have you made to help you on your 5:2 journey? If indeed, you have swapped any foods.

    Pocket list day 6

    Day 6 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    My first August FD went well. And the scales were kind this morning. I’m still within my target weight. So it looks as if two good FDs + an occasional CD will be enough to maintain my current weight. As long as I don’t overindulge on NFDs.

    @ktcaroline – I have a pair of 32″ 501s a friend gave me in the mid-nineties. He’s the same age/height as me, but he said he could no longer squeeze into them. I’ve always been able to get into them, although they’ve been a bit too snug now & again, & they’ve helped to remind me to rein in the overeating. Now I’m at my goal weight, they’re actually a little baggy.

    As for food swaps; I’m very easy to please with food. I find everything tastes better anyway when you’re not eating constantly. But I’m very sparing with refined carbs. Bread once per day maximum. I seldom eat potatoes, and I definitely get my ‘5 a day’ fruit & veg.

    Have a good day everyone 🍏

    Day 6, London, UK, FD,

    1st of my usual B2B2B of this week, I must be 100% faithful to this weeks’ FDs as I’m out for a Thai meal on Friday, which is an instant 2lb gain!!!

    My thighs are killing me at the moment, Jillian isn’t pulling any punches, anyone would think I didn’t use my legs EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! At least this time around I can still walk, the 1st time I did the 30 DS, I had to bump down the stairs on my bum and fall onto chairs including the toilet, my thighs just stopped working!!!

    @yo-yo Fletch, your daughter is now green with envy since you own what is now sold in shops as ‘vintage’ for mega-$£$£!!!

    @quebecoise, welcome back, we all know chips & chocolate can be a part of our NFDs, but if you’re like me, they’re a definite no-no, at least until I can have a ‘normal’ portion rather than eat the entire bag/box/packet!!!

    Stay strong everyone, one FD at a time!!!

    “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.” – Anatole France

    Day 6 – UK – CD??

    A good FD yesterday of around 300 cals and plenty of water drunk 😇 Hopefully all of us who needed to press that RESET button yesterday managed to do so and are waking up today feeling good

    Went to see “Yesterday” with my film group last night – Took a bottle of water with me to stop me getting the munchies and it worked!! The film is about a hopeless songwriter who wakes up to find he’s the only person who can remember the Fab Four’s hits in a wacky, winning comedy directed by Danny Boyle. In essence the movie is a rom-com wallpapered with the Beatles’ greatness but very enjoyable if you are fan of Beatle’s music.

    Very wet morning in Cumbria today so missing out on our regular walking group – the advantage of living here is that we can go out when the wether is a bit better. OH and I will wander into the village a bit later and I can break my fast with something nice and healthy.

    @babs_b – welcome back to you – it’s been a while back in September 2018 since you were with us – I’m still here and still maintaining following the basic 5:2 regime. Get back on the wagon and I’m pretty sure ditching those 20lbs in 10 weeks is doable – log in and report daily, it’s a great form of accountability x
    @therealwil78 – strange thinking that you are starting the first day of school over there – whilst here the the big summer holidays are upon us and a new school year starts in September. Hope all went well for you.
    @michelinme – 🤞your first FD for August was a successful one – your OMAD sounded 😋
    @yo-yo-fletch – hopefully you also managed to firmly press that RESET button yesterday!
    @stardustdream – great job in motivating your children playing outdoors together
    @rabbette – in all honesty I love my more traditional yoga classes more but enjoy the aerobic and strength work in the Broga classes too
    @suki2 – a pocket list is a list of people fasting that particular day. It helps with motivation to know who is joining you. Originally the plan was to carry the list in your pocket……
    @daffodil2010 – thinking of you on your first FD for August 🤗
    @ktcaroline – In answer to today’s question – I haven’t really done a food swap but have cut down on white carbs especially bread enormously since starting 5:2 – I’m definitely more bloated and put weight on when I succumb…….
    @flourbaby – we are all sending you encouragement vibes for your B2B2B – just remember the Thai meal at the end of the week will be worth it!! BTW love your quote

    One of our previous regulars to these challenges @happymargo (if you are lurking in the background Hello 🤗) used to share these 3 thoughts – so I thought it apt to share them during this difficult Challenge Month of temptations……….
    1– “BACK TO 5:2 BASICS”
    2– Keep striving for “PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION”
    3– Before putting anything in my pie-hole, ask myself “WILL THIS GET ME CLOSER TO MY GOALS?”

    Day 6 – UK – FD

    Hi @at – it’s good to be back. I lost 1lb after yesterday’s FD, I practically skipped down the road this morning. Hilarious how just seeing one little shift on the scales motivates, eh? My mind already feels a lot clearer too.

    We had a bit of a dash to the shops last night and planned out all the meals this week. I’m following a 16:8 today (as I do most days) and I’ve packed a beetroot and lentil salad for lunch. I’m planning on doing a chilli with lettuce cups tonight.

    @flourbaby – I know that feeling of thighs not working! I went hell for leather at the gym last weekend, ended up doing a lot of kettlebell work that was all squat-based. It took me about 4 days to stop walking like the Tin Man(!) and another 3 days for the soreness to subside. I definitely overdid it – it stopped me doing anything else that week, which was really frustrating. I must remember to pace myself!

    Day 6 – Ireland – FD
    Hi all I’m in for August and here with my first real post for the month. thanks @ktcaroline for hosting us!
    I haven’t caught up on posts… but welcome to any newbies.. I’ve been around for a good while but dropped off the forum during the last few months…
    I have a busy month with most weekends taken up with trips or caring for my parents so will work around these.

    My weight has steadily gone back up recently as I seriously fell off the wagon but I know how to fix this so working in that from today…
    I’ve been in quite a low,anxious frame of mind with rubbish focus so hope that clean eating will help with this.
    I’m keeping very active as usual and still working towards a big cycling trip later in the year.
    I swam in our lovely Irish Sea twice this weekend and it was invigorating!!!
    Wishing you all the best for a good start to this month 👍
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕
    Pocket list day 6:

    DAY 6
    Today see my GI doc. Will be getting my results from my test. Hoping all goes well. In the meantime, trying to stay focus on what I’m eating. Keeping hanging around the 170 marks. A few pounds up or down around there. Today, down a bit. Enjoying riding my bike. It took a bit to get comfortable with it but each time, I’m doing better.:)
    Hope everyone has a great week.

    Day 6 UK CD

    Good FD yesterday suddenly morphed into CD as I succumbed to evening munch of brazil nuts and dried apricots. Note to self – structure those exhausted evenings so you stay away from the kitchen! No weight gain, but also feeling a bit sluggish today.

    This is my plan ahead day but proving surprisingly difficult as my head has hit holiday mode too soon. I need to make a list of all the different projects and next actions – some of which are rather backlogged. Then prioritise and schedule them. How hard can it be? Very Hard Indeed when my mind wants to replant sunflowers, pick blackberries, plan chutneys and book trains for trips away!!

    All the more reason to be noting and planning, bc I will feel much better when held by a real framework rather than winging it and tripping over deadlines. And what’s true of project stuff is true of life and food too – plan, prioritise, prepare – and the rest will follow!

    Whatever you’re doing, hope today is a good one xx

    Day 6_Atlanta, Ga- USA. FD. Thanks @ciren2 and @at for the well wishes. I absolutely hate going back so early, but I did enjoy my time off! The first day went great. However, I was completely exhausted. When I got home I crashed. Hoping my body gets used to the schedule soon. But its much easier to stick to my Fd’s when I have such a busy schedule though. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

    Day 6 UK NFD

    Right @babs_b 10 weeks 20lbs ! We CAN do it

    When I stopped working and decided to start working on getting fitter I was a real fan of the Jillian Michaels DVDs and when I managed to get through the 30DS and feel ( relatively ) comfortable I felt confident enough to take up high intensity classes at the gym so I feel your pain @flourbaby & @daffodil2010 💪 x

    Day 6 Melb Aust, FD

    I’m adding myself to the pocket list, even though I’m really at the end of my day (after 10 p.m. here) – but planning another FD tomorrow, so that will work. Very pleased with myself today – my first good FD in a while, so reset has really happened, yay!

    @suki2, I’m not really the one to answer your question about pocket lists, but I don’t think anyone else has, so – my understanding of the pocket list is that it’s a list of the people who put themselves down as fasting on a particular day, so others can be remembering them for good success. Some people may literally write or print out the names and carry them around in a pocket for the day. It can also be a form of accountability. Anyone else? Want to add to this? I haven’t been around all that long, so lots of others could explain it a lot better than me.

    @rabbette, okay, I understand now. Like a friend of mine, you feel happiest at a BMI at the bottom end of the scale. I’m only 154 cm tall, and am aiming for around 115 lb, which will be the middle of my BMI range (but who knows, I may also want to go lower – one can always “dream the impossible dream”! 🙂 ). At the moment I’m still around 161 lb, which explains the last sentence.

    @ktcaroline, Haven’t really made any food swap, but I have moved to TRE and am very happily not eating breakfast. I’ve never felt I needed it, and indeed found that if I “ate a hearty breakfast”, it seemed to set me up for a day of eating. Breaking my fast later in the day suits me better. I’ve greatly reduced eating rice and potatoes, and probably increased intake of other vegetables, so that may apply(?).

    @jaifaim, good to see you back

    @missybear, my official weigh-in day is Saturday – even further toward the end of the week than you, but before Saturday and Sunday NFDs ruin my week. Have decided to ensure those days are TDEE days from now on. Think it will work better for me.

    @michelinme, hope that tummy upset has settled.

    @at, thanks for the encouragement. Things are on the improve re stress, with me refusing to do one task requested, and deciding to step down from another. It’s trying to find a balance. Being retired doesn’t mean constant availability, especially when the doctorate degree won’t magically get done by itself.

    Pocket list day 6:

    Day 6 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Good MFD yesterday with just one meal. Keeping at maintenance.

    Concert in the park band shell went wonderfully Sunday evening. Gorgeous weather, great crowd, excellent comments.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 6 – USA – NFD

    Day 6 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – FD

    Flying visit for accountability!

    Anyone else out there today grappling with a VAT return? It would be nice to know I’m not alone…..
    MTD and HMRC – kill me now……

    Day 6 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    @ktcaroline your food swaps question really made me realise how much my diet has changed over the past 2 years since beginning 5:2. Previously I did low fat everything and daily calorie counting and was still 2 stones overweight! Reading Michael Mosley’s Blood Sugar Diet and Tim Spectre’s The Diet Myth has influenced my food choices, now I enjoy full fat dairy, olive oil, unsalted nuts almost every NFD making food much more satisfying. The swap was in giving up processed carbs and sugary foods….I am no longer tempted by bread, pasta, rice or potato and puddings / ice cream is a very rare treat when dining out. I enjoy this WOE so much more than my previous low fat diet and I don’t get the extreme hunger and mood swings that I used to experience when eating processed carbs and sugars. Thinking about it now, changing to a healthy Mediterranean style diet has done as much to get me to goal as 5:2 it certainly makes maintenance easy for me. Now if I could just swap some of my beloved 🍷 for water 🤔

    Have a great day everyone 🙂

    But…..I’m hanging on in there! B2B

    Pocket list day 6:

    @ktcaroline: Foods swaps….yes, right NOW, over the last few days I’m swapping my daily (yes DAILY!) marzipan Ritter sport bar (496 calories, I’m sure) for a chocolate flavoured protein shake (about 90, and NO sugar)! Good swap.
    Right, off now to walk the dog….DH’s knee stops him from walking far at all, so it’s down to me, or the dog keeps looking at me!
    @yo-yo-fletch: Tax returns! The annual grind. Good luck with VAT (probably even worse!).

    Day 6- USA (NE TN)-NFD

    Just another NFD. Kids need to do their schooling, workout with me and make me aggravated (lol) and the teens have a get-together at a friends house.
    I need to finish grading teen son’s research paper. His writing is so informal he makes me cringe. Dude, please be serious for once. >_<

    @flourbaby- Jillian is so mean, isn’t she? LOL I haven’t done those videos in awhile. Might be something to get the kids to do next week. That will get their heartrate up for sure.

    @funshipfreddie Congrats on baggy skinny jeans! I too am just trying to reduce enough for mine to fit perfectly.

    @missybear I don’t know if this is helpful but for me and alcohol, I limit my consumption to the weekend and on weekdays have delicious flavored teas or low-cal waters in the evenings in place of it. So I do Apple cinnamon spice or Raspberry Zinger teas sweetened with artificial sweetener or Crystal Light over diet 7-up or ginger ale, or a packet of spiced apple cider which is like 10 calories. Or just diet sodas. I put it in a fancy glass or something. And I remember the dangled-carrot of my weekends.

    Wishing success to the Pocket Listers for today!
    Have a fab day, everyone.

    Day 6, VA, USA, FD B2B

    Whew hot! So when I am able to drink at least over 70oz of water (especially on an FD day) I will lose more the next morning upwards of 1.5 lbs but if I don’t get my water only maybe about .5lbs is gone the next day. Just food for thought (or maybe I should say water for thought)

    I noticed this b/c it has been really challenging for me to drink enough water. Its hot as all get out, but I just feel like I can’t keep up. I officially outgrew my 20oz water canister but I really don’t want to carry a heaver/bigger one. I’ll try my SO 24oz one and see if that extra 4oz can at least get me home to get my refills for the hot season.

    @ktcaroline – Food swap! (~instead of)
    Fresh chopped Carrots ~ Buttery Crackers (dipping into tuna salad)
    Sweet & hot peppers ~ Mayo (in the tuna salad)
    Dry Arugula ~ Chips
    cacao nibs ~ chocolate
    Water ~ mindless snacking
    Hard Seltzer ~ Stout
    Gin & selter ~ Gin & tonic
    Sparkling Water with Lime slice ~ hard seltzers or gin & tonic

    Salt under tongue + 8oz water (~instead of) EAT ALL the THINGS!
    ۩ ۩ ۩ ۩ ۩ ۩ ۩ ۩ ۩ ۩ ۩ ۩ ۩ {•——» pauses “starving mode”

    @babs_b – lol “hell for leather” thats a good one… love it.

    @jaifaim – oh swimming sounds so lovely. Keep at it.

    @brightonbelle – keep your eye on the prize… plan those FDs and stick to em!

    @betsylee – oh from all the charts/graphs *scientist* who knows who they are… most charts I see online have 25 as still overweight for BMI. 21-22 is middle and 19 the low end… ah but who knows. I figure I’ll try and go for mid-range and see how I feel. I need wiggle room tho b/c I know I’m going to flux when I reach goal. Oh my gosh goal feels like so far away. I can do it tho. I remind myself I just let go of -40lbs I can do it. I’m going to dream the impossible dream. Lets do it!

    @ciren2 – oh my gosh, I had to look up “marzipan Ritter sport bar” too funny they call it a sport bar, almost sounds like its used for endurance training. Yeah I had to give up the chocolate and if I do have it now, it is once a week. Kinda like my beloved stouts.

    @stardustdream – I had to give out a sign on your sons writing being informal. I am a very informal writer, and finally my ART professor in college figured it out, she said something to me about it and encouraged me to go get tested for dyslexia. Low and behold I was dyslexic (which causes me to write way less Fromal b/c I just don’t know how to write it better.) I can usually speak with a tad more elegance, but writing is so difficult that just getting words on paper is a huge accomplishment. ** I apparently hid my dyslexia very well (not on purpose) I didn’t know that I was… I asked folks to spell things all the time and had friends help me paraphrase b/c I usually quoted EVERYTHING. Like I said I didn’t know how to say it in my own words unless I was verbally asked about a subject. (Hopefully) this is not your sons case, but keep a watchful eye over other tendencies (if you need/want to know more about it, I’m now chalk full of info on the subject of dyslexia.)

    Where is that pocket list I need you. Just snacked on 2 cups of arugula. Must keep it together!

    Pocket list day 6:

    Day 6, Québec, Canada, NFD

    I reached my goal for August of 136 pounds. Haha ! Now for the tougher part : maintining that weight !

    I think I can do that and even end the month at 135. But I have decided to go steady if not rapidly.

    I enjoy reading all the posts and I learn a lot. Thank you everyone !

    Day 6 Oxfordshire NFD
    Bit of wet one today. Managed to get the dog walked before the first down pour. We have a Tuesday market, so extra steps to walk down to buy local produce. Plant stall had some beauties, but I couldn’t carry any more. So walked home and back to buy 3 new plants.
    @ktcaroline – the main thing that derails me is poor sleep. I tend to get the munchies in the middle of night.
    I tell my oh & two best friends as they are all supportive but otherwise it’s possible to behave fairly normally on this diet so no-one notices.

    Thank you at & Betsylee for answering my question. It seems obvious now you’ve said it.

    Yo-Yo Fletch how do you manage B2B? I’m just about coping with alt days.

    I’ll be fasting tomorrow & trying to keep busy, so I think its housework for me. I’m hoping that 3 FD a week will counter any extras over the weekend. Fingers crossed.

    2nd post

    Loving the busy forum today and the chatting that’s going on. Let’s keep doing this 👍

    Day 7 – France – FD
    (Disclaimer : I am French, so some of my phrasing may sound weird).

    Hello everyone, I just stumbled upon this forum today and I am very happy it exists :).
    I’ve just started with the 5:2 diet a few days ago after seeing Micheal Mosley’s documentary. Today was my second FD and I am amazed to see how simple it can be. I am on vacation right now, which probably makes it a lot easier but I’m very excited to see how it goes.
    I have a substantial amount of weight to lose after two years struggling with anxiety and insomnia but I feel ready to start a new chapter. I also decided to go the whole month of august alcohol-free when I realized I was slowly getting into bad habits.
    Tonight I went to the movies with my BF, which is probably one of the best ways to take your mind off food. I saw Blood Simple (1986) by the Coen Brothers. It was dark but pretty good ^^.
    Hope that every one is having a nice day!

    Day 7 – Adelaide, AU – NFD
    I’m in the blue ink! (Below 130 lbs for first time since 2015)
    @bluevelvet Beinvenue! Your English is perfect. I can’t believe you are fasting while on holiday, but whatever works.I couldn’t do it.

    Day 7: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Good morning, or whatever (wherever in the world you are)! My brief illness is over and I’m back to full health, except my wasp sting from last Friday is still itching and ITCHING on my ankle. However, I know from bitter experience from insect bites (esp. horseflies) my reaction takes a whole week to go away.

    @bluevelvet: A warm welcome. You are lucky indeed to find this site so early in your new way of life with 5:2. To start with the motivation is that you lose a lot of weight, and as time goes on you will get used to fasting. Many people on these challenges have lost ALL their excess weight. I was one of them….maintenance is the key.
    @winsome-waif: Congratulations….fantastic effort!

    Time for work….see you later. xx

    Day 7 – Melbourne Aus – FD

    The funeral was as good as it could be. Small but heartfelt. The family all said that my words were perfect, so I’m glad for that. Had lunch at a Greek restaurant following, with beer and wine. Not a great food day, but emotionally I’m in a better place, so ready to look forward and reset.

    My FD on Monday was more of a CD, food was fine, though ended up having a few red wines with the family. Have been drinking pretty much every night since my grandma’s passing, and my weight has gone up as a result. Time to cut back, and look after my body again.

    On a positive note, my DH commented on how much my chocolate habbit has diminished, and has noticed that my hanger is never as bad as it used to be #nonweightwins !!

    @ktcaroline my jeans are my motivator – I’m guessing I’m not alone on that one!! I also have a tight black dress that looks better if I’m a bit leaner, so that will be another item to work towards 😊

    @ciren2 wasp stings are the worst!! I’m a bit allergic and find some antihistamine helps take some of the sting out if the icing isn’t helping.

    @jaifaim it’s incredible how much healthy eating can improve the mood. I must remind myself of this sometimes. Hope your low mood passes swiftly.

    @ktcaroline I go for frozen raspberries with some full fat Greek yoghurt for dessert (add some chopped almonds for an extra something if I’m feeling indulgent…!!) – it’s my go-to treat, and the creaminess of the yoghurt hits the spot.

    @bluevelvet welcome!

    Day 7 Pocket List:

    Day 7 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Excellent FD yesterday, dropped 3lbs of weekend weight (easy come easy go weight) now to concentrate on a good NFD with healthy tasty options and lots of water and early to bed…prepping for tomorrow’s FD.

    I had a look at last years August spreadsheet…yikes, I am today 12lbs heavier. Got to knuckle down to the WOL.

    @ktcaroline I don’t have white carbs in the house since circa 2013 and only have had them as a treat ….but as per last weekend, the rice and pasta and potatoes and white sliced bread all made an appearance. So I am vowing now, NO MORE for August!

    What I have discovered since starting this WOL is the wonderful range of tasty food that are anti-inflammatories and really help…I don’t suffer any joint pain any more. Oh and homemade Bulgarian Kefir….never heard of it before until @shinything recommended it and WOW!! I make at least 3 batches a week of that yummy creamy stuff that is so good for our gut health.

    @ciren2 Argh, horseflies!!! Seriously I would rather a mosquito bite (and they always get infected on me) to a horsefly. Last year I got bitten twice, both times through my clothes and oh my, the swelling on my leg in particular was really bad. The entire thigh and past the knee came up. I know now I should have gone to the doctor in case it was serious but I get a reaction to most insect bites anyway that I just bimbled along.

    @gretta so good to hear that the funeral and your eulogy to your Grandma was all it should be. Take care of yourself in these tough times.

    @bluevelvet. Welcome! I found this forum two years ago when I was only about 5 days in and it has truly supported me since. Looking forward to getting to know you.

    @winsomewaif That’s a big Woo Hoo for you. Fantastic result…may you’re that blue ink more often ☺️

    @suki2 I am a sucker for new plants too. Kudos for getting in the extra walk 👍

    Have a great Wednesday….its hump day already!! @funshipfreddie, hope you post the camel emoji, I like to see it on Wednesday, and my iPad doesn’t have it 😆

    Day 7 – Uk – ???

    A very wet start to the day yesterday but ended up rather nice late afternoon and I have to report that my planned CD ended up a NFD (up to TDEE so not that bad) but I did attend my regular High Impact Pilates class and boy was it a hot and sweaty one – so humid at the moment…..

    Thinking about another FD today but not sure how that will pann out…….

    @jaifaim – good on you for hopping back on that 5:2 wagon 🤗 you know you can do this!!!
    @kaywesterman – 🤞that your visit to the GI doctor had a positive outcome
    @michelinme – Ditto as my CD yesterday turned into a NFD yesterday with some pecan nuts and a large glass of port in the evening – just fancied them……
    @therealwil78 – great that you stayed on track with your FD even after a hard first day back!
    @betsylee – great job on completing that first FD in a while
    @missybear – I agree that it might be a step to far to swap the 🍷 for water…….
    @quebecoise – well done on hitting your August target already – stay motivated and I’m sure you’ll maintain for the month
    @bluevelvet – Bienvenue et ne vous inquiétez pas, votre maîtrise de l’anglais est super. Lots of support and advice given here with no judgment – we are all at different stages of our journeys into weight loss and healthy eating
    @winsome-waif – congratulations on getting below 130 lbs for first time since 2015!!!!
    @gretta – 🤗🤗

    Going to another Broga class with OH this morning as my regular yoga classes are off for 5 weeks whilst my teacher has a break with her family over the summer – well deserved but I’m missing my classes already! Right must stop now and get organised to head out with OH

    “Definition of a really good workout: when you hate doing it, but you love finishing it.” is a bit how I feel about these Broga Classes and might ring a bell with those doing the Jillian Michael 30DS……..I always remind myself that a one hour workout is only 4% of my days so NO EXCUSES – I CAN DO THIS!

    Day 7 – Ireland – CD
    Hurrah! I’m not sure how but my weight is in the way down again and just one pound off my ATL 😀 I don’t get carried away as I had a particularly good FD yesterday and was a little ill at the weekend so will be careful and just keep the focus..
    Hospital tests today for two chronic conditions I have but hope that they will return normal. 🤞
    Still tired, hot flushes and focus is rubbish but think that’s just female life and will deal with this when blood results are back.
    Thanks @betsylee it feels so good to be back… I just couldn’t fit everything in recently but you realise very quickly that this is the place to be 👌
    @gretta you are so right… that’s just two days (Monday was CD and sugar free too) of being back in the zone and already I feel so much better! A lot of it is simply just feeling like you are back in control which is what had completely been missing for me over the past two months… I was able to pass all the holiday sweets in work, ice creams etc.
    Also I had some acupuncture on Monday which I’m sure helped me hugely…
    @ciren2 that swap should make a huge difference!!! Hope you heal from the sting… wasps and jellyfish seem to like me too and they are so bloody painful!
    well done @winsomwaif that is a fantastic achievement 👍👍
    @bluevelvet your English is great!! Welcome to the forum!
    @rabbette i used to swim at Christmas in the sea as a child so I’m hardy but it had been a while since I’d been in … it was a shock to the system on the first day – nothing like your Pacific!! Love any sea though 💕

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 7 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @yo-yo – I feel your pain! After several phone calls, two hours at the bank & grappling with the SARS e-filing site, I just managed to pay my provisional tax bill yesterday. And I get to do it all over again in 6 months 🤨

    @bluevelvet – bienvenue!

    @winsome-waif – congrats on the milestone!

    Happy Hump Day!

    @daffodil2010 – one hump? 🐪 or two? 🐫 😅

    Day 7 – UK – MFD

    Hi all. Daily check in to say hello & to keep myself on track. I’m another lb down overnight, very happy to see that on the scales. I used to hate daily weighing but I find if now helps me just keep track of where I am. Today I’ve planned a MFD – going do the usual 16:8, followed by lentil & goat’s cheese salad at lunch and then the lamb saag recipe from the F800 book tonight. It takes a good 45mins of cooking so my plan is to do something productive during that time – ie go out for a walk.

    @gretta I’m sorry to read your news (I was a bit late joining this thread). Carry on being kind to yourself x
    @brightonbelle we have totally got this! I want to get up on that stage and have my photos taken knowing I won’t be as critical on how I look (ie how puffy my face looked)
    @rabbette lol my quads were not happy after that gym session, let me tell you!! I don’t know what got into me to spur me on like that! Haha

    Have a good day all x

    Day 7, London, UK, FD

    Bone broth & soup to get me through todays’ 2nd FD of my B2B2B, feeling positively angelic for passing on the office temptations ………………….. who thought it was a good idea to open a box of chocolates at 9 a.m?????!!!

    @brightonbelle, I wish I could get to the level where I put Jillian in my past!! I seem to do the 30DS then have a well-deserved break of 3-4 months(!!) then have to start all over again at ‘KILLER’ level 1…………Doh!!
    Still with the 30 Day shred, I see you’re going for that ‘Mother of the year’ title @stardustdream …………………………. “Might be something to get the kids to do next week” …………………..!!!!!!

    @rabbette, I remember way back discovering the relationship with weight loss & water consumption, I think (or I could have made it up!!) that when you lose fat, the empty cells get filled with water and hold onto it, you’ll notice your fat pockets become ‘squishy’. The body thinks we’re in trouble so holds the water, then when you drink lots of water the body releases that store – Phew! panic over – and we have a whoosh!!!

    @bluevelvet, welcome!!! You’ve made the right choice, 5:2 is by far the easiest and most effective method of weight loss, with the added bonus of better health, I’ve found!!! I say that 40lbs down from where I started and that includes 2 Xmas breaks we can’t/ won’t mention as well as 2 ‘eat everything’ holidays and lots & lots of meals out and ………….……. generally living life!!!! For my insomnia and my anxiety I tackle them with niacin, magnesium oil and ‘natures Prozac’ ………………. Cashew nuts!!!

    Good thinking @at, the 30DS runs to about 30mins by the time I can breathe & speak coherently, which is 2% of my day, I too CAN do that, no problem!!!

    @funshipfreddie, you’re never one to disappoint!!! Today feels like a 2-humper!!!

    “Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” – John R. Woode

    Day 7 – Reading UK – CD

    Quick hello to everyone. Listening to your answers about food swaps, I think I’ve not made the necessary changes in my diet to be successful. Less potato and less bread needed. I have swapped alcohol for non-alcoholic though, which is a start.

    I’m also waiting to see the doc this morning – boring infection – I’m irritable and finding it difficult to concentrate today. But – I still have a question for you …

    Today’s question – how do you feel when you are at your ideal weight?

    Onwards and downwards fasters.

    Day 7 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – FD


    @flourbaby – joining you today on your B2B2B – feeling strong!
    @suki2 – I work Mon-Thurs and find doing B2Bs easy enough when I’m busy. I keep going on black coffee and fizzy water and I have one meal in the evening (which I really look forward to!). I have considered doing AFDs but I haven’t organised myself enough yet to try it. Now you’ve got me wondering if it might work better for me as I find it hard to moderate 3 NFDs at the weekend and AFDs might impose some much needed mindfulness Hmmmm…..
    @bluevelvet – welcome to the forum! Lots of hints, tips and encouragement here! I really don’t think I could manage any FDs on holiday, I wouldn’t have the discipline – for me, that’s down time. I have a substantial amount to lose too so we are definitely on this journey together! Let’s embrace it and enjoy the journey!
    @winsomewaif – Yaaay!!!! well done on your achievement – I can but dream…..
    @gretta – you did your grandma proud! now be gentle with yourself x
    @jaifaim – good luck with those hospital tests, hope they go well.
    @funshipfreddie and @ ciren2 – I conquered the VAT return in the end. Tax and tax returns, the bane of my life 🙁
    @ktcaroline – I have no idea what my ideal weight is! I guess I will have to tell you when I get there!

    Ooops! forgot to add this to the end of my post.

    Happy FD Fasters!

    Day 7 Pocket List:

    Hi folks,
    Hopped on the scales and under 3 digit kgs. I’ve been logging on my fitness pal for 30 days and my fast. For 6 days a week fasting for 22 hours with a 2 hour eating window. I’ve been an emotional eater all my life. I’m an all or nothing person. My oldest son brought me some Ralph Loren tops and I plan to fit into them when he returns from the UK. It’s empowering to have some control over what goes into my mouth. I’ve always excercised and had no weight issues until my early 40s. A hip resurface, some MH issues and everything’s went pear shaped I got to my ideal weight 2 years ago. Medication changes, a lack f control and the weight went back on and then some. I plan to get back to my ideal weight by my next birthday in April. Baby steps, might go backwards and then forwards. Not a sprint but a marathon.Its cold here in Southern Victoria,

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