April 2020 Monthly Challenge

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April 2020 Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 21 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Had a very good CD-800 yesterday, so scale was kind at 2# loss this morning. Yeah. Will try to be consistent today. DH is making me eggs for breakfast now.

    Onward and downward.

    USA Day 21 FD

    Since yesterday’s FD crashed and burned, I am trying again today. I can’t go back to look without losing this post, but someone here mentioned cortisol and weight gain. I agree. Even if you don’t realize how stressed you are, it can still be present. In these challenging days, it’s everywhere! I also saw something online that I found somewhat amusing. We’ve all heard of the freshman15 for new college students but now people are talking about the coronavirus 15! I can see it. We are all home way more than we would normally be and even if we are exercising or walking that go about outside working, shopping, visiting, etc. is also exercise which we don’t have now, especially this time of the year we those of us who are going into warmer weather, we won’t have golf or tennis or swimming or any other outdoor activity we love. I have to keep that in mind when I eat, along with my personal rationing of food that is getting harder to get! Anyway, hope you all have a lovely day!

    Day 21 UK FD
    Hello all, After a very successful March, weight loss has been slow. Having lost another 1lb (after 3 weeks) on Saturday, somehow I managed to gain 6 lbs by this morning. I know better than to take this in isolation and Saturday was following a FD on the Friday, however some bad habits had slipped in – tortilla chips, chocolate and a bit of alcohol. Oh yes, now that I’m in confession mode butter! Not logging in with you has not given me the right focus.

    As it happens, today is my FD and I am sticking to it. I’ve just been scrolling through your posts and they are so motivating. Jumping on the bandwagon, I love the story of @daffodil10’s father escaping to the mountains.

    @matpi and @jaifaim, I’m glad to know that I’m not alone when it comes to the weight loss being slow.

    Pocket List – Day 21 🍓

    Thank you everyone!

    @at – I like this ““If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    USA Day 21 FD

    My FD has gone excellently today. I have closed my kitchen at 432 calories and will use all my willpower to ensure that it stays that way, Coronavirus or not, boredom or not! LOL

    Hope everyone has had a day that is as good as to be expected in these times!

    Day 21 UK FD?
    Day 20 UK FD

    Woop woop! Finally managed to get a FD under my belt yesterday – so I’m popping another one in today!

    Yesterday worked bc I was unexpectedly busy but mostly bc I drank plenty of water. I wouldn’t have done, but I gave myself permission to add a splosh of wild plum shrub – and Robert is my proverbial 🙂 Not a habit I want to keep up bc it has sugar & it’s not good for dental/gum care but hopefully it has set me off in the right direction

    It’s a much-needed right direction bc I weighed in an astonishing 161 lbs on Monday morning. a 2yr high and 21 lbs/10kg up since Sept 2019. This morning weight back to 158lb – still 4lb up on April but heading in the right direction. As I’ve not broken my fast yet I’m heading for a good CD or possible B2B.

    I caught up w posts yesterday but got sidetracked before posting.
    @flourbaby thank you for encouragement!
    @at great to see you back. Your exercise regime is still breathtaking
    @ciren2 lovely to see you – I think of you when the sun shines!

    Day 21 – UK – CD

    Managed a great FD300 yesterday which included a 45min Broga class, a 5 mile hike around my local fells and a 1hr Yoga class in the evening – felt really good! It was great to be part of such a large pocket list and it certainly kept me motivated.

    Thank you for the welcome back – it is nice to be part of the forum once more after my intermittent contributions over the past few months – I have not weighed myself since the end of March and will wait until the end of the month as I plan to put in a controlled end to this April Challenge 🤞

    We worked out today that this lovely weather has been going for nearly 5 weeks in our area……how lucky is that but my gardening neighbours are praying for a bit of rain – the weather forecast this evening is for higher temperatures over the next few day with continuing sunshine 😎☀️

    Lovely to read that @ciren2 has popped in and is staying healthy whilst continuing with her important role with the post office 🤗
    @daffodil2010 – the story about your Dad made me smile …….totally understand where he’s coming from – I do hope that the outing made him feel good!
    @flourbaby – I definitely needed to get back here as I had been indulging in too much lovely fresh sourdough bread, cheese and wine…….need I say more…….
    @basyjames – great to have your OH joining you – mine does not need 5:2 he’s super fit and lean but does understand my WOL and cooks for himself when I’m doing a FD like yesterday 👩‍❤️‍👨
    @dykask – you never cease to amaze me about your willpower in completing those water fast days 💪
    @i-hate-lettuce – I live in Ambleside
    @jaifaim – it’s good to let our emotions out and listening to your emotional needs is great so I’m sure your cry made you feel better 🤗 I tend to agree with you that life will change……less international travelling……flying and cruise ships are certainly less appealing……and perhaps social distancing bing a new norm……time will tell……
    @helen285 – thank you – I discovered that quote some time into my 5:2 WOL and it struck me that I definitely did not want to go back where I was before so it now is my inspiration
    @michelinme – thank you – I only discovered my love for exercise with finding this WOL and I have not looked back since

    Logging here tonight is my way of keeping that CD going…..as I was very tempted with some chocolate brownie I have in the kitchen with my name on it and OH has lemon and ginger flapjacks as his favourite, both obtained from our local deli that also used to run a cafe in the village which is obviously closed for now but they are providing us with a lovely collection of baked goods in the deli……..

    Went for a short walk today and did a high impact pilates class late this afternoon with OH joining me – we then had a healthy dinner of Nigel Slater’s baked peppers, courgettes, aubergine and tomatoes with yogurt and sumac – a fantastic recipe that I highly recommend – here is the link for anyone interested in giving it a go…..

    Hope everyone is feeling good and coping with this continuing social distancing……we can do this with the support of this amazing forum – TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 21 Canton OH NFD

    Rough day today, I had to tell the part-time members of my team that they were temporarily but indefinitely furloughed. It sucked!!!

    Day 22 FD. country west Australia
    Have had several NFDs in a row so going for a FD today.
    Congratulations to all those who have had a successful FD recently – well done.👍
    @at , I do so agree with your saying.🤞
    @basyjames, feeling for you. Such a tough thing to do with staff.😓
    Off to work myself. I’m self-employed but client numbers are well down.
    My office and my hands must be the cleanest in the state! SO much hand washing and disinfecting ( which I always do anyway but am doubling down on during this pandemic)😷🤲
    Go well everybody.🤗

    Day 21 Ohio, US — NFD

    All in all a fairly quiet day.

    @daffodil2010 I’ve simmered down from that Zoom meeting. It surprises me that it would have had a strong effect on me, since most of the contention involved actions and issues that occurred before I was on the scene. I think that maybe just the atmosphere of tension was strong enough even to be communicated over electronic media.

    @at Your mention of baked peppers brings to mind a present conundrum involving a box of Stoufer’s baked peppers. An Instacart shopper mixed up my order. Instead of getting frozen blueberries I got some extra things in my order yesterday: the baked peppers, a box of sausage links, and a box of General Tso’s chicken, all items frozen. Since I’m a vegetarian, I certainly didn’t order these items. I’ve told Instacart about the problem and have been waiting to get a reply back. So far no response. If they don’t respond I’ll have to hunt somebody down to give them to. On the other hand, I hope that the meat-eater to whom these should have gone to is enjoying my frozen blueberries!

    Day 22 Melb Aust FD

    CD yesterday was well-controlled, and for today’s FD, so far so good.

    @michelinme, just a heads up – I will be breathing down your neck fairly soon – I’m now just over 162 lb, so getting closer 🙂 I hope to reach 160 lb by the end of April, so maybe mighty May will do it?? Or maybe not, as from the sounds of your post determination is kicking in.

    @at, It’s so lovely to have you posting again, and I just love your “mantra” – it’s an excellent reminder.

    @ciren2 and any other hover-ers, hope you’re doing well during this season.

    Starting today’s Pocket List:

    Day 22 Pocket List

    Day 22 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Quick check in on this glorious morning. Would it be the lack of air traffic and industry that is causing this great weather for much of lockdown April??

    Good ish FD yesterday, not completely old school, but enough to lose me a couple of pounds from the astonishing Monday post weekend weight.

    Have a great hump day everyone.

    Day 22 FRance FD

    Bonjour All. I managed a good FD on Monday, followed by a NFD yesterday where I ate a mars bar ice cream, followed by a other mars bar ice cream. Oops! I really did enjoy them, though.

    So, today is a FD. I’m planning on just drinks (water, tea, coffee, tissane) until early evening then something with protein and veg or salad.

    Lovely, our cat, is making good progress after her injuries and operation so we have to take turns watching her so she doesn’t lick or scratch her stitches. I’d normally be outside working for most of the day but now it’s half. I can make up for the lack of exercise in a week when she’s allowed outside again. The main thing is, she’s getting better.

    Bonne chance to all today’s fasters.

    Day 22 Pocket List

    Day 22 – Lake district UK – CFD

    Good morning everyone

    Another morning woken up to brilliant sunshine and a cloudless sky! Going to have to water the garden today!

    @at – we’re on the Kent Estuary between Arnside and Milnthorpe, noticed a big increase in visitors this weekend just gone. With central lakes ‘closed’ they’re looking elsewhere. The small shop along in the next village is struggling to cope, visitors have cleared the shelves a couple of times!

    Like many, I’m avoiding the ‘news’ as such, sticking to digging for facts

    @suki2 – Oxfordshire, lovely area, visit it occasionally, round the Hook Norton area so it’s handy for Oxford. I have a pal there who works within the University and sends me all sorts of interesting papers from there. We particularly love the Ashmolean Museum, spend hours in there!

    I need to focus on the next two days, suddenly out of nowhere put on a couple of pounds, that’s the first increase since Christmas! Not doing anything different and still walking and gardening, but as we know, this WOL can throw a spanner in the works occasionally, for no reason.

    Take care all

    Day 22 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – 🥚FD 3

    I see Jason Fung – along with two other authors – brought out a new book earlier this month – ‘Life in the Fasting Lane’. Has anyone read it yet? The reviews on Amazon are quite mixed.

    Pocket List – Day 22 🍋
    @funshipfreddie 🥚FD

    Happy Hump Day! 🐪

    “A year from now you may wish you had started today. ― Karen Lamb

    Day 22 UK FD

    As scales not moving thought I’d get the tape measure out which was even worse NO loss from belly but my bottom is disappearing Aaaagh

    Day 22 Pocket List –🍋
    @funshipfreddie 🥚FD

    Happy Hump Day! 🐪

    Day 22, UK NFD

    Quick check in. Yesterday was a CD, had a scrummy chicken and tomato stew from Tom Kerridge’s cookbook for tea.

    We took our neighbours dog for a long walk yesterday, back along the canal in gorgeous sunshine, we both came home with very red heads, my nose is still very red today😀.

    Keep safe everyone, keep washing those hands.

    Day 22 UK CD

    Another successful FD yesterday, this time under 800 calories.

    Enjoyed a mindful OMAD of red lentil pasta with quorn chicken in a tomato & spinach sauce. i suddenly remembered the trick of making things interesting with spices, so enjoyed freshly grated horseradish and cajun spices – Who needs cheese & butter? (ahem) Followed by stewed bramley apple & prunes with a blob of ff greek yogurt. Yum!

    Still feeling v puffy and aware I’m a lot bigger than I was – clothes don’t fit and my fat suit has successfully inflated over the last few weeks. But woken today with a bit of DAFD smile, remotivated and another 1lb down

    @betsylee I knew you’d catch me up! Thank you for the challenge to keep going. Here’s to successful run for both of us 🙂
    @flourbaby yes, mojo seems to be peeping its head above the parapet at long last 🙂

    I started today with some tidying of corners – sorted out my underwear drawer, and moved my laptop base back into the spare room which serves as my study. I’ve been online so much in my 38 days of lockdown that I’d automatically based my new laptop riser in the middle of the sitting room. I’ll still depend on it for connecting, working and writing, but moving its home base from the heart of my home to a room with a particular purpose feels like setting a new boundary for my new rhythm. Gently adjusting from crisis mode to the longer laul so I plan to spend more time reading, gardening and hopefully writing.

    Today is unexpectedly free, which is great. Off to hang laundry and drink coffee in the sunshine for half an hour. Aiming for a small omelette and salad lunch and a vegan supper – plenty of rhubarb and cooking apples to use up ahead of this weekend’s veg box delivery.

    whatever your day brings, go gently 🙂

    Day 22 Oxfordshire, UK – NFD
    Bad night’s sleep last night. Thankfully not a FD today but will still need to be mindful. Feel full of hay fever too, so will keep things slow and gentle today I think.
    @helen285 – I hope your FD went well. I think many of us are finding that the scales are a bit fickle this month.
    @basyjames – that’s never nice to do.
    @ihatelettuce – I’m south of Oxford, but I know the Hook Norton area and the brewery. Probably nearish to @ciren2.
    @saffy420 & @at – two recipes I will have to look at.
    Good luck to those fasting today.

    Day 22 Ireland FD

    Hi all, ah yes sometimes a little cry does you good – to be honest I’m very much seeing the good and the bad in this new world we live in….@basyjames I’m so sorry for you having to let people go out on furlough…those really are the tough times.. we have taken pay and hour cuts across the board but i see the positive in this as always wondered how a four day week would suit me.. 🤔
    Be strong everyone – we are here! That’s the most important 👍
    Today’s Pocket List
    @funshipfreddie 🥚FD

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 22 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Happy Earth Day here in the USA. Just checking in. Hope everyone manages well today.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 22 North Canton FD

    Thanks everyone. Glad to see you posting again @at

    Happy Earth day everyone!

    Sliding into the pocket list

    Today’s Pocket List
    @funshipfreddie 🥚FD

    Massachusetts, USA

    Chilly here in New England so I’m not as motivated to go outside for a walk but I will. Managing not to pig out on NFD so feel like tomorrow’s FD will go well. Last FD of the week. Monday and Thursday seems to be a good routine for me.

    With more hunkering down ahead, I’m focusing on savoring each day – certainly we are all getting lessons of staying in the moment as the moment is lasting very long being quarantined. 😉 But each day does bring something new.

    Joining you Thursday fastest tomorrow!

    Day 22 – UK – FD800

    Today ended up being an unplanned FD800 so I’ll take it – did a 1hr Yoga class where my teacher celebrated Earth Day – a lovely way to start the day. Did some much needed housework and baked some “Pastine De Riso” or Italian Rice Pudding Tartlets as requested by OH

    I received my new phone and spent time setting that up with DD support – my old phone completely died and silly me did not save my contacts properly so have lost all my contact’s phone numbers…….

    @basyjames – Thank you for the welcome back – not an easy task you had to do, I’m sure you did it in the best way possible but that is no consolation 🤗
    @matpi – what a pain with the shopping – I’m lucky in that my village shops are catering really well for us and I go out once a week to shop whilst we are isolating, I have been able to avoid the big supermarkets, There are a few things I can’t get locally, they are not essential but I’m missing those treats!
    @betsylee – thank you
    @clemmi – bienvenue, je suis ravi de vous voir participer à notre défi de mars – I was lucky to be brought up bi-lingual but don’t get the chance to practice my French much these days
    @i-hate-lettuce – you too live in a lovely part of cumbria which I have visited – my OH has done the Arnside Knott race several times

    Even though my FD was unplanned I’m adding myself to the pocket list to ensure that the kitchen door stays firmly shut from now…..🤞
    Today’s Pocket List
    @funshipfreddie 🥚FD

    WITH THE NEW DAY COMES NEW STRENGTH AND NEW THOUGHTS – This is from First Lady and activist Eleanor Roosevelt, and perfectly sums up why you shouldn’t fret if things don’t go your way today – tomorrow is a new day!

    Day 23, FD, Aus

    Yes, you read that right, FD for me!!!! My OH is back to his keto diet (on which he always loses weight so so easily – so so unfair) but that’s the incentive I need to get back to 5:2. And reading pages of all your lovely posts.

    Your comment, @michelinme about moving your laptop base reminds me of the importance of separating work from home, when working from home. I’m lucky that I have a dedicated study which is rarely used so I am able to physically leave it at the end of my work day, and not return until the next. One of my colleagues deliberately puts on her work attire each day, so that when she gets changed at the end of the day, that’s her mental trick to “going home”. What are other people doing?

    I am hoping that life does not go back to normal when this COVID-19 situation is over. Let me explain. In the last few weeks, I have noticed more people exercising outdoors and enjoying the fresh air. There are more couples, and families out together than I have seen. Strangers – perhaps to make up for what appears to be a rude gesture in giving each other a wide berth – are making eye contact and calling out greetings. People are looking out for their neighbours and assisting them in small, but such meaningful, ways. We have learnt we don’t not have to use as much transport as previously. We have learnt we can work from home in many cases – and perhaps this will lead to more flexible working arrangements in future. Nature is recovering quickly – increase in wild animal movement, decrease in pollution. Governments and scientists are sharing information, without invoking intellectual property rights. I hope all these changes become part of our new normal.

    And thank you too, whoever mentioned it, the Leslie Sansone clips. They look fun! And easily doable at home. (Not quite as nice as a MOAM style of walk in our beautiful bush environment here in Canberra, but far more pleasant when it’s cold and grey!)

    Day 23 Melb Aust CD

    Yesterday became a FD800, but still okay and after a CD today, plan for a proper FD tomorrow before Saturday’s weigh-in. One week left till the end of April. Will have to be really diligent if I want to reach my April goal, but realistically, won’t get there. I’ll have still lost a couple or few kilos, and that’s all progress.

    Hope everyone is doing well in your small corners of the globe. Hasn’t the recent reduction in air pollution been wonderful (one big plus in the midst of many major negatives)!

    Keep on keeping on everyone, gear up for a big final week down.

    Day 23 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Had a lovely evening yesterday with our first BBQ of the season, sitting in the sunshine after work, a delicious burger from our local artisan butcher, salads, red wine. Plus a slice of my granddaughters birthday cake who turned 4 on Tuesday but we couldn’t attend her small family party…but a slice of cake made its way to us via a Tupperware box collected by DH at her doorstep.

    I met my recently retired friend in her backyard for lunch the other day. To explain, we kept within the guidelines….she lives near to where I work and I would normally be walking around the area at my lunch. So I suggested I bring my lunch and coffee to her house, she had the side gate open for me, we sat at opposite ends of her huge outdoor table and chatted. Oh my, it was great.

    I hadn’t seen her since Lanzarote in mid February and it took this long to figure out how to do a social distance meet up in real life, but it worked so well. She said it made her day. She is not cocooning so can go out for exercise and shopping but has not seen friends or family since lockdown started. I am the nearest when I am in work.

    Has anybody else found a way to social distance meet up within the rules?

    @penz totally agree regarding the world being a nicer place, albeit much different, and I don’t think any of us will be back to normal, whatever that is, again. I mean, I love travelling, but I am reluctant to start flying again when this is over. Maybe we will all be grateful for our own home country and live more sustainably.

    Keep safe everyone. Have a great Thursday.

    Day 23 – Ireland – CD
    Morning all! I hope you’re all keeping well…
    @penz I walk or cycle both in the morning and the evening to start and finish the working day… in the morning I take a break at 9 am to do Joe Wicks and am getting better at breaking for lunch – for the first five weeks it was terribly busy but easing a little now…
    Each morning when I get up I decide which it will be.. 🚶‍♀️/ 🚴‍♀️ it very much depends on the weather and tides..
    My home is a tiny cottage so my desk is in the kitchen but I have it well set up and “hide” the screen etc each evening and weekend… I have a nice swivel chair so it’s comfy and fab to look out in my garden as I work… also very little effort to get to the kettle, fridge etc 😂.
    Have a great day everybody!!
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 23 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – 🥚FD 4

    Pocket List – Day 23 🍇
    @funshipfreddie 🥚FD

    Day 23 – UK – CD

    An early start with an on line Broga class with OH – sweaty work today!!! Lovely shower after class and now relaxing with a cup of tea……

    Another beautiful warm day for us so will be going out for a long walk soon and might run into a friend who is doing the same walk but from the other end……will stop and chat for a bit keeping more than the required social distance apart before we head off in different directions to finish the same loop ☺️ we think that this fits into the social distancing criteria as we are not walking together and will only meet up halfway for a chat……

    OH loved his treat yesterday – I ate one (which fitted into my FD800 calories) out of the 12 and when I just checked he has eaten 6 already!!! how does he stay so slim…….

    Very happy with the new phone so far – thanks to DD for helping sort things out – we have been using FaceTime much more during this self isolating period – makes us both feel better to see each other when we are talking – miss meeting up with her and her dog Archie for walks and lunch 🤗

    Hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy – I’m trying to make sure that I nurture both my physical and mental wellbeing as I miss my social life so much…..

    “The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.” BUDDHA

    Day 23 – Lake district UK – FD

    Good morning everyone,

    Late on parade, went out for early walk, very quiet on the roads, just wonderful.
    Quick call in to add myself to pocket list, might call back later.

    Take care all

    Pocket List – Day 23 

    Day 23 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    I almost gave in and had a glass of wine last night but somehow managed to convince myself that it will taste better on Friday…..happy with that small victory.

    Another gloriously sunny day and I should be looking forward to my daily walk but I’m not really……quite shocked at how close some people get when passing on the lanes around the village. Yesterday I asked a couple to give me more space but they just ignored me and continued to walk side by side meaning I was just a couple of feet away from the ignorant woman insisting on remaining in the centre of the lane!! I’ve also experienced cyclists and joggers coming up quickly behind me well within my two metres space when they could easily have moved to the other side or called out to me so that I could move. The inconsiderate behaviour of some people has shocked me….the most disappointing behaviour is from local people who think its acceptable to still be renting out their holiday letting properties. Sorry, rant over angry 😡

    Need to turn my mind to positive thoughts if I’m going to last until tomorrow evening for that 🍷. Wish me luck….better get myself on today’s pocket list.

    Pocket List – Day 23

    Day 23. FD. London UK

    Just had a lovely long walk in the cemetery across the road from my flat. I used to run there just after my dad died, but I’ve not really gone in much since. Today I took a cup of coffee and walked around all the little paths and had a lovely time. Met a nice couple and had a chat about nothing in particular, but it was lovely to just shoot the breeze, then my sewing friend called so we had a long natter about fabric and sewing ( very boring for some but very interesting for us!) then I bumped into my downstairs neighbour so we had a long conversation about our gardens. I had a little cry when I first went over there – just felt sad, but I came back a couple of hours later feeling a lot happier. Hope everybody is keeping safe, and well. Joining today’s pocket list.
    Pocket List – Day 23

    Day 23, London, UK, FD

    Late check-in from me today, I completely missed posting yesterday too!!

    @penz, so good to have you back with us, there have been a few MIA recently, understandable given our global situation!! I’m with your colleague, I’m up exercised, showered and dressed in ‘work clothes’ and I get changed for the evening after ‘work’ ………….. it’s only leggings & matching top, but it’s become a uniform of sorts now!! I’m glad you’re a Leslie Sansone convert, I’m so pleased to have found her since the 30DS isn’t great for my dodgy knee, I’ve been doing her routines since Day 5 without fail, sometimes twice a day, it’s a habit I aim to keep once I’m back to work!!

    The scales are FINALLY being kind and reflecting my hard, Hard, HARD work, so here’s to perseverance, determination & believing that ……………………

    …………………………. “Most people give up right before the big break comes — don’t let that person be you.” – Michael Boyle

    Pocket List – Day 23 🍇
    @funshipfreddie 🥚FD

    Day 23, NFD Oxfordshire, UK
    Quick check in. Hope all ok. will catch up tomorrow

    Day 23 UK FD

    Quick check in. Successful FD! Back tomorrow to catch up with posts

    Day 23 Canton OH NFD

    I have to do a better job of posting. Hey! The scales are responding nicely to back to the basics fast days. It’s awesome 🙂

    @flourbaby my routine is well established; get up, workout, take a shower and get dressed in my work clothes for the workday (including light makeup), but I don’t change after. Once I am done with my work for the day, I walk away from my work space which is set up in my formal dining room and crash on my favorite section of the couch in the living room. Congratulations on compliant scales-that’s a beautiful thing; job well done my friend

    @at OH loses weight just by thinking about it. Its a gift I wish I had.

    I am so glad that we are finding ways to stay connected to each other. Social distancing has really emphasized how much we all need each other, and for that I am grateful.

    see you all tomorrow, Lord willing.

    Day 24, NFD, Aus

    PFDS! 🙂 Welcome back mojo.

    Congrats @missybear on resisting the siren call of the glass of wine. You’re right, it will taste so much better today.

    Good idea to hide the computer screen, @jaifaim – must be hard maintaining that break between home and work in a small house but I like the idea of being able to look out into the garden. I look out over native bushland which is good for the soul.

    It’s Anzac Day in Aus tomorrow – a day where we take a moment to commemorate our Service personnel. Because of all the restrictions in place, we’re being encouraged to forego the traditional dawn service and parade, but go to the end our driveway, or out on our balcony and hold a candle. It will be a very different experience, but a moving one I’m sure.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    Day 24 – Japan – WFD (#33 in 2020)

    Feeling good … only about 21 hours to go!

    I have been feeling more hungry in my NFDs. Not sure why as I’m eating more than I need.

    Day 24 Melb Aust FD

    Doing okay so far, but only halfway through the day. Some of your ideas on how to socially distance but still socialise are really good. I’m visiting friends this afternoon – one person is allowed to visit others, particularly if there’s a reason, but not 2 or more – after avoiding physical contact with them for weeks due to their health challenges. Apparently they’ve been wanting me to come visit, but thought it was me who didn’t want to. We’ll be maintaining a 1.5 metre separation (In Australia, separation is required to be 1.5 m, not 2 m) at all times, but it will be lovely to actually see them, plus I’ll be taking over a couple of things they want, so there’s a reason for the visit. I may just sit outside their front door, and that will be fine.

    Starting a pocket list for today:

    Day 24 Pocket List
    @dykask WFD

    Day 24 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Looking forward to a sunny weekend and my mission is to paint the garden fence. There’s a lot of it so it will take at least the weekend but I am looking forward to it. I love that slow methodical thinking time with painting and even better outdoors with sun and birdsong.

    Going to meet my friend for lunch in her back garden again today. I have told some of the girls in work (who are friends with her)about this new way to meet and one of them, who lives near her, is going to pop by after work one evening and share a glass of wine. I can’t do that as I live in another village, but I think it’s a great idea. I felt for her in her isolation, she was so lonely, we will prevail.

    @missybear that’s terrible that people are still renting out holiday homes and that people are still going to them!

    I have noticed dangerous “taking exercise” around me….as in people dressed in dark clothes with headphones, walking or running in front of me, not facing the oncoming traffic on the country roads…..I even saw somebody cycling the wrong way on the road with his toddler on the cross-bar!!!! I hope accidents won’t be a result of this restriction.

    Have a great day.

    Day 24 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Another bright sunny start to the day, cloudless sky again. Reduction in air pollution? But we live out in the country with very little pollution anyway, makes you wonder though?

    Friday weigh in, no change this week, but that’s OK the unexpected 3 lb loss a couple of weeks ago will do nicely.
    Really good FD yesterday, right up to bed time, couldn’t get to sleep for ages, the ‘inner warthog’ was kicking around and grumbling in his cage, not happy! Weirdly, was hungry last night, but just happy with coffee this morning!

    @penz and @jaifaim – Daughter is working from home, she very quickly decided to set up her ‘office’ in the small spare room, at the end of the day she closes up and leaves it.

    @daffodil2010 – BBQ’s, we love them, even been known to be out under the shelter in winter! Nice you can find a way to meet up with friend, our daughter is on her own, this rule about not being able to socialise or keeping to people in the same household is not helping people who are on their own. She has managed to meet up occasionally (keeping the appropriate distance etc) and had a much needed natter. We contact regularly, but its not the same on a screen!

    @betsylee – end of month weigh in, that keeps me going in some respects, only lost weight one week this month, but it was 3 lb out of nowhere. Having said that I’d ditched my trying too hard and went back to basics, which worked immediately!

    Big long walk yesterday, so maybe a short MOAM walk today, then BBQ AND wine this afternoon, spatchcocked chicken prepared yesterday and marinading in fridge. Inner Wartog can have a fun day today, gives me time to recover before next Friday weigh in, bet I’m not the only one who works like that 😉

    Take care all

    DAY 24 France NFD

    I’ve done 2 FDs this week, Monday and Thursday but haven’t lost any weight. I think it’s because I haven’t done the exercises I usually do. I am on ‘cat watch’ half of the time with my husband doing the other half. We have to be sure that Lovely doesn’t scratch her wounds or pick her stitches. Also, if we stroke her, she sleeps. When she sleeps, I am making masks against COVID 19. I have a list of requests from family and friends.

    @at thank you for writing in french!
    @ I hate lettuce What is MOAM? Your chicken BBQ sounds very good. I think we may have a BBQ this evening.

    On a posttive point, even though I have lost no weight this week, I tried 3 summer dresses on which now fit! Last October, they were too tight and showed every bulge but now a nice loose fit.

    Have a good Friday and bonne chance to the fasters.

    Day 24 – Post 2

    @clemmi – MOAM = Man On A Mission

    From comments made by some people in the village who see me in ‘exercise mode’, walking at pace for exercise rather than a walk with my wife which is slower. I go out every day as part of this 5:2 WOL (Way Of Life) and to help the weight loss and just feeling good!


    Day 24 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – 🥚FD 5 😳

    The egg fast is almost over! I initially planned on doing only 3 days; but yesterday I was feeling so euphoric I decided to keep going. So today is the last day. I hate to think what my breath must be like; just as well I live alone & we’re still in lockdown.

    Good news from our president last night. Restrictions will start to be lifted – cautiously – from May 1st. So we’re currently on ‘Level 5’, & will move to ‘Level 4’ next week. The details are still being ironed out, but the poor smokers will finally be able to get their fix, & they may even be selling wine in the supermarkets. Exercise outside the home will be permitted too! Happy days…

    Pocket List – Day 24 🍏
    @dykask WFD
    @funshipfreddie 🥚FD

    Day 24 UK NFD

    6 days of just 🥚!Probably is a good thing you live alone @funshipfreddie 🤨

    Been over a month now since I left the house Have been keeping very active with YouTube Yoga , 30DS and Leslie Sansome but my wardrobe has shrunk to either workout gear or PJs/Loungwear Felt very odd putting on real clothes to sit out in the garden yesterday but even though the scales are budging I can now get in some of my holiday clothes so somethings working

    Looking forward to a beer in the garden this evening but will limit it to a couple

    Day 24, London, UK, NFD,

    Zoom Pilates all done, coffee poured, now catching up with my virtual friends, then a Zoom Yoga class at 1pm!!!

    (Next paragraph isn’t fasting related, just covid musings!!)
    There are people in this world who may be less educated and less informed than others, their fears are as real as ours and they’re vulnerable to suggestions ………………. I truly hope NOBODY decides to ingest, inject or inhale any form of disinfectant!! My friend overheard a conversation amongst her son’s Zoom maths class this morning ……………………………… one child said he heard you could kill ‘it’ by drinking Fairy liquid!!! She’ll be having a serious chat with him ASAP!!! I believe I’ve done (still doing) my bit to follow the lockdown rules and limit contact & socially isolate, this is the most I can do in this pandemic (I’m no doctor!!), the people of Sweden are about to be inundated with hospitalised sufferers as their numbers are 6x those of their locked-down neighbours Denmark, I don’t want to see the news for a while!!

    @basyjames, I love the idea of you putting your face on for a day at home!!! I’ve amended my routine to suit the extra exercise, Pilates, Yoga, walking both inside and outside takes 2-3hrs per day, so without making it a habit I have been completing work projects in the evenings, mainly just to get it off my plate ……………………………… it keeps me out of the kitchen too!!!

    Recently my days have been OMAD’s and the scales are rewarding me!! I think my NFDs were bordering on EFSD’s, and I found it easy to justify it, crazy, I know!!! These 7 remaining days of this challenge will ALL be OMAD too, more controlled and no early dragon awakening followed by the stress & angst of trying NOT to eat everything in sight!!!

    Your month is mirroring mine @brightonbelle, staying indoors, exercising and only dressing for exercise – sports leggings & top, or workwear …………………. Erhh, smarter leggings and top, and lounging …………………stretchy legging & to!!! The sports bra for the exercise is the only difference!!! To be honest, leggings are too forgiving for a fasting life, my work trousers used to clue me in pretty quickly to any overindulging!!

    Stay strong everyone, keep the faith!!!!!

    FD went completely by the board yesterday. I made some very red soup from fresh beetroot, celeriac and a tin of lentils. Added some kefir and only intended to have a bit, but scoffed the lot during the day. I just wasn’t in the mood. It’s the first FD I’ve messed up since the start of the lockdown, so I’ve decided to give myself a break. And, after spending the first few weeks in leggings and ‘leisure wear’,I decided it was too depressing so I dress up every day in the prettiest dresses I can find. I’m making some new dresses from my huge stash of fabric, so I’ve got plenty to go at. Cheers me up no end. Just in the process of cancelling all our upcoming holidays. No point crying about it. Could be so much worse. I’ll try for a proper FD on Monday. Happy Friday all. H

    Day 24 UK CD

    So…..after 3 solid FDs & 1 CD my Friday weigh-day has me almost back down to my March end weight. It’s a post-FD weight so can’t really compare with Monday’s excess, but v motivating!

    If anyone is feeling completely off the rails, has gone backwards for a while, is feeling sluggish & miserable, or can’t imagine getting back on the waggon – yes you can! It’s not about an instant fix, but getting going in the right direction – simply starting the journey again. We can’t turn the clock back but we can start where we are, use what we have and do what we can.

    Off to lunchtime virtual church – back to catch up with posts over lunchtime salad 🙂

    Day 24 North Canton OH FD
    I think mindful social get-togethers like the ones that have been described here are a great idea. We are planning a team get together keeping medical guidelines in mind, with every one sitting at their own table with their boxed lunch, but still able to communicate and talk.
    @clemmi inches lost is a win, congratulations!
    @flourbaby I cannot believe that it was actually suggested to use disinfectant and UV light internally to kill the virus; and the saddest part is that a few people will follow those instructions and kill themselves! We are firmly in the twilight zone at this point; that has to be the only explanation!!! God help us all.
    I tried to wear my work clothes for a quick trip to the office and it felt strangely restrictive, very restrictive, too restrictive.
    You are right leggings are too forgiving for a fasting life, thankful for the ability to follow back to the basics ADF
    @Emmataylor I sympathize. I did that a couple weeks ago and it was a downer
    @michelinme congratulations!! That is very encouraging news

    Pocket List – Day 24 🍏
    @dykask WFD
    @funshipfreddie 🥚FD

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