April 2019 Challenge

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  • Day 11 – Manchester, England – FD

    Well yesterday’s NFD began well, including me going for my run. But then I got completely derailed in the evening. I had decided to eat controlled and not count my cals and then by the evening time I just went completely off track. I’m really annoyed with myself about it 😡 I think I’m defo going to have to count on my NFDs at least until I get (back?) into the swing of things.

    I did some meditation this morning to try to get my mindset back right. I’m still 😡, but today is a FD, so hopefully things can get put firmly back in their place. I think part of the reason that I’m so 😡 is that I have basically spent the last 3+ years bouncing around between 12 and 13 stone. I desperately want to break down below the 12 stone mark and actually believe that I’m making some real progress, rather than just bouncing around in-between. *sigh* I’m tired and feeling a bit run down and generally sorry for myself, and my work situation (end of contract in July and not knowing what I’ll do next) isn’t helping either. Apologies for the whingeing / ranting! It’s good to have somewhere to vent that’s away from loved ones though, I must say! And I understand that my troubles pale into comparison with what others are going through, so again, apologies!

    @flourbaby: ‘Well, we’re 1/3 way through the month, the first flush of a new challenge has gone, it’s time to knuckle down, get Oh-So serious, pull fingers out, stop faffing and just get on with it’ – I think I shall take this forward as my mantra!!

    @coda – it sounds like you’re having a tumultuous family time. I do hope things improve soon. Your sons’ travels sound amazing. I absolutely live to travel and that all sounds like my dream kind of trip.

    @rabbette – thanks for the hoop update. It sounds even more daunting now!! Maybe I’ll just do the action without the hoop as others have suggested

    @daffodil2010 – I’m glad the interview went well. Did they say when you would find out about the 2nd stage?

    @shelliz – I haven’t noticed any change to my belly size either, but that could also be because of me hanging around this weight for so long, as I said above…??

    I definitely needs this:
    Day 11 Pocket List

    Good luck everyone – together stronger!

    Day 11 Wales NFD
    Day 10 FD

    Thank you all for your kind words and support. Have managed to get out for my walks Tues and Weds, so that’s a start.
    Back in work tonight for 3 x 12hr nights, nights always make me feel low, so won’t help with this funk and the situation there makes me feel like walking away, but keeping going one step at a time.
    My walking buddy, woofit is worrying me, he had surgery to remove mast cell tumours last year, more came within weeks of this and so they put him on doggy chemo. He had been doing really well and the tumours had almost disappeared, then this week one has just grown and grown, so back to the vet Monday, not looking good but he is ok in himself.
    I seem to be lurching from one problem to another at the moment, hope you are all doing well x

    I would like to know why eating one bagel which weighs 6 ounces appears to put 16 ounces on the body the next day? “Asking for a friend!”

    Day 11 UK NFD

    @ciren2 I developed adult onset asthma about 7 years ago which was a shock and no matter how I tried just couldn’t get the technique with the inhaler I use Budesonide and so far so good so fingers crossed for you x

    Day 11 – Perth AUS – CD

    Win some lose some, at least I’m not shovelling in too many calories 🙂 Tomorrow a 500 FD to reset.

    Day 11- Midwest USA – NFD

    Weigh-in day today was a shock: -3lbs That is too much at this stage, and I assume there was a fluid shift and I need to rehydrate. I’m also really focusing in on getting proper amounts of protein and calcium due to the risk of bone and muscle loss at my age. I’m not interested in the scale moving at any cost. Dehydration, bone loss and muscle loss are other causes of weight loss – those are things I don’t want! Since the eating window during the week is smaller I’m finding that I’m needing to continually be more intentional about my nutrition.

    Successful 500 FD yesterday, was in the Zone and enjoying the simplicity. Working on getting more protein and more high-intensity excercise, based on the feedback from my Lifesum App. I totaled my calories for the last week and it was 8,621 between my 3 fast days and 4 feasting days. Averaging 1200 cals/day is right where I want to be, so it was a successful week

    @alisa The birding class sounds fun. I would love to be a bird or some day. Being out in a seeing the sights and listening to the sounds is my happy place.
    @bluesqueak, @snowflake56, Betsylee, @jaifaim, @ciren2 Thanks for your feedback – that makes sense. I’m going to keep doing my fasting on non-consecutive days because it is working for me and I like to keep my body guessing! I am finding this protocol to be the easiest plan I have ever used to lose weight, and I don’t want to overcomplicate it. If it’s so simple for me I wonder if I must be doing something wrong! 😋

    @aglowworm What foods in your kitchen are derailing your success at night? Would you consider tossing out the toxic to make space for success? Today is a new day – nothing to feel bad about. Sometimes when I reflect on unplanned binges and I think about what I was feeling at the time and I realize that I’m pushing down negative emotions by eating “comfort” foods. You don’t have to answer but as you reflect back, what were you feeling that evening?

    Wishing everyone a successful day!

    USA Day 11 FD

    Today is another FD 500 for me. I am amazed how easy this has become and how filling only 500 calories can be. I am thinking my body adjusted from eating 800 calorie FDs and water FDs.

    Daffodil2010, I am glad your interview went well. You are in my thoughts for the second one! I know my daughter will soon be looking for a job, as she can’t keep her job after her son is born. Her company doesn’t have paid maternity leave, so they told her she will have to leave when the baby is born. I thought that was illegal in the U.S. but apparently, under certain circumstances, it is not illegal. If a company has fewer than 20 employees, it doesn’t have to carry maternity leave insurance, so she has to leave her job. I find that horrible. I thought of that when you mentioned something about a 10 month maternity leave when looking for a new job. Good luck!

    Good luck to all those hula hooping and have fun along the way!

    Adding myself to the pocket list again!


    Happy Day 11, Canton OH FD
    @excelsior12309 your question put a smile on my face. My answer would be that the 6 oz bagel is very social – did not want to party alone and brought 10 oz worth of water along for company.
    @michelinme yay for no carbtastic bloats!! And I also understand the feeling of saying goodbye to beloved old clothes
    @shelliz the last place I lost fat was on my belly and it’s usually the first place I notice weight gain. Some of us are more likely to be apple shaped than others, but don’t worry fat cannot hide for long – sooner or later it will give up the ghost
    @biddiev I agree, before I started this WOL I used to eat when I was bored, upset, happy, sad, angry or simply because it was there. Now that I restrict my eating to a specific window, I find that I get hungry maybe once a day – if even. IF definitely helps you develop a different relationship with food.
    @daffodil2010 I personally will be shocked if you do not get that job, and I mean it seriously
    @snowflake56 your observations are spot on
    I personally liked the B2B fasts because you get in a rhythm; first day is usually the most difficult. By the end of the second day – you feel like you could go on for ages…

    Adding myself to the pocket list!


    Day 11,Germany, FD
    Hey everybody! I didn’t post for a while because I had so much going on and somehow felt that everything was too much…
    I more and more get to the point where I realize that for me less is often more – also with social contacts and social media!
    My food was going well though and I was happily surprised that this morning my scale already showed me my goal weight for April! ☺️
    Well, since I’ll be on a Wellness Trip with my husband soon that might put a little weight back on but I’m very glad to see things moving…
    Wishing everybody strength and happy days!
    Onwards and downwards! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

    USA Day 11 FD
    Second Post

    MiracleLou, I saw that you are going on a wellness trip soon. I envy you. We have some wellness spas in this country but i have never been, just trolled their websites. It would be nice but it means I would have to go alone, an idea I am not fond of! When you go, have fun! 🙂

    @russetfox: Working nights must be pretty awful at the best of times, especially if it’s not a good place. Can you make a plan to change your job? I hope things improve for you. Stand back and think of the possible options.
    Also, I’m so sorry about your poor dog Woofit having cancer. I hope the vet can help him. Sending ((hugs)) for you and cuddles for your boy. xx

    2nd post

    My dinner had 515 cals, totally forgot it has cheese on it. Next time we’ll share one potion, we both thought it was too large but of course ate it anyway. I think you whisk or beat eggs, not whip them.

    @ciren2 I’m having pronounciation problems and my left hand (I’m left-handed) can’t hold on to things very long, everything falls down when I don’t concentrate enough. Holding a pencil and writing also causes difficulties. I started playing the piano today, haven’t done it for a while, it’s a good exercise for the hand.
    @aglowworm don’t apologize! I think it’s often easier to “talk” here than talking to family or friends, it just makes them worrying about you.
    @russetfox I’m so sorry to hear about your dog, they are such good companions. I hope the vet can offer some kind of relief.
    @excelsior12309 to make you feel more guilty perhaps.
    @fiftyandfabulous just weigh again tomorrow.
    @ccco that is horrible! You’re happy to be pregnant but know you’ll lose your job after the baby is born. I hope your daughter will find another job soon. Can she apply for it already or does she have to wait until the baby is born?
    @basyjames I agree the second day is easier. I don’t have a solution yet but plan to do another FD tomorrow. I’m having a party weekend ahead of me.
    @miraclelou I think we all understand, just do what is best for you.

    Bye for now!

    Day 11, VA, USA, LFD B2B2B

    I was going to go for the gold of WATER fast all the way, however this morning I felt a bit weak, so I had some Miso broth and then felt good to go! That changed my fasting from water to liquid. Slow start to the morning but had to get up and going because I teach a 8:30 yoga class, hence the reason to not feel weak. I read I could have maybe just ingested a bit of salt and will try some pink salt next time, I do an extended water fast.

    ?????? Question about WFD – I tried searching for this but got mixed answers.
    I would like to know what you guys think- Does black coffee or tea without milk or sugar ok for a WFD – b/c both of those things are obviously NOT just plain water.

    @excelsior12309 – easily its the calories and fat of the food. I mean heck if the weight of the food was what counted you bet your sweet bottom I might just live on whipped cream.

    @debster251 – You can HOOP! I believe in you. it could be you need different foot placement. I found that I more easily got the rhythm with one foot stepped forward (just as if I was going to walk forward) then I do a motion that is more of a tiny bending/straighten the front knee so that I’m rocking from back foot to front foot. This forward back motion was easier then feet apart and trying to swing hips side to side (and from the profound awesomeness of my hips no one would suspect it would ever be a problem *giggle*) and also try the other foot in front, sometimes one foot “leading” is better than the other one.

    @shelliz – 31 days and you are B2B good for you! You got me thinking Ive been doing this WOL for 73 days (and just doing my first B2B) Hope you are having a warmer day. Hot tea or hot water with orange slice for me when it chilly.

    @fiftyandfabulous: the B2B, Others have answered this question really well (please do what works for you) but I did find an interesting article – The 5 stages of Intermittent Fasting by Paige Jarreau
    None the less it talked about 5 stages of fasting – and the time period we arrive in each of these phases. The article is very informative and it is what inspired me to do a longer fast

    (along with the awesome support of this group)
    ********* THANK YOU ALL for support ***********

    @aglowworm – oh no, please don’t let picking out a hoop discourage you. If you want one, just let me know your measurement from floor to belly button (and if your waist measurement is listed in the spreadsheet I can get that and then give you all the figures (so all you need to do is fill in the info from the figures I give you) Trust me having your own cool hoop to your size and your own sparkle colors is a lot more fun. I NEVER would have continued to try had it not been for my friend helping me get/make the first hoop.

    ALSO any one else who would like a custom hoop —— please just let me know. (I don’t make them, but I will try and search someone whom is in your region to order from them)
    1. Measurement from floor to belly button
    2. Measurement of your waist (if its in the spreadsheet I can use that.)
    3. Where do you live (so that I hopefully can find a seller close to your home for less shipping)

    Adding myself to the pocket list!


    Cheers – May your fast days go fast and your slow days go slow.

    Day 11 Belfast NFD
    Should have faster today, but forgot it was Thursday! 😗
    I shifted 3/4 tonne soil myself yesterday afternoon, then OH and I tackled the next batch today. Half a tonne left, and now the beds are filled and a few others topped up, we’ve too much. I’ll have to find a place, because it’s stuck on my lawn and the grass will go yellow if I do t get it shifted!
    @aglowworm – just a bog standard hoop from Argos. It’s not weighted, but I feel it’s heavy enough!
    @ciren2 – 😂 I was a sporty child but never could hula. I have a bad back and have found it good for loosening the stiffness.
    @michelinme – can you take your shift in? It seems a shame abandon it.
    @russetfox – sorry to hear about your furry friend. Hope his problem can be sorted. Xo
    @shelliz – I have had the same experience as @basyjames. Although in maintenance I am mostly quite thin, except for the spare tyre. That gives me a dilemma because I don’t want to lose any more weight but I DO, want to reduce that fat middle! Even cutting all those sugary things hasn’t made much difference really. Perhaps ditching carbs is the answer?
    @ccco – I’m shocked at the predicament your daughter finds herself in. I was made redundant 32 years ago when I was nine month’s pregnant ( I have to say I never looked back) but I thought all these years later times would have moved on for everyone.


    Thanks for the encouragement Rabette. I’ll keep trying!

    Day 11 UK FD

    On the bright side, I’ve not eaten a single thing today. Tho not drunk enough water either.. I had a wonderful clear out of my main food cupboard this morning. Shelves all look tidy & makes sense, it’s well-stocked and definitely encourages me to want to cook from scratch and eat a wonderfully wide range of gf vegan food.

    Also did some (mostly sale) shopping in Uniqlo for random selection of non-sale black leggings & skinny green stretchy trousers (M), sale – 2x t-shirts in pink and mustard (men’s XS) and a gilet in beautiful metallic teal (woment’s L, roomy for layering). And – for once – Everything Fits!!! Came home and had a quick sort throught the wardrobe, passed on some large black long-sleeve t-shirts and tops.

    On the not so bright side, I had an awful experience with my largest local brance of a well-known UK supermarket. Staff members accused me of having not paid for some shopping back in January and insisting that I hadn’t shopped in any of their branches since. (I did a big shop in another branch last Thursday.)

    I remember exactly what happnened bc January was the last time i was in that particular branch. We had self-scanned the shopping, we’d “randomly” been picked out for checking and had to put everything through again on a cashier-operated till. Twice the work and an extra 30 mins with queues and packing/repacking.

    Today there was no hint of an apology, no acknowledgment at all that their systems might be at fault. I was repeatedly disbelieved, asked for immediate proof of payment – unstated but repeated implication that I had stolen from the shop. And the colleague at customer service simply stared at the shared computer screen, tight-lipped and didn’t say anything.

    Had I not been in shock I would have simply left. As it was, I couldn’t think straight, needed food and my friend who was helping me/had driven was on v tight timescale. We whizzed round with the self-scan machine spending as little as possible. But when we got to the end the machine wouldn’t let me check out and instead summoned an assistant – the same one. She had set up the system so that I had to have everything double-checked by going through a till Which meant queuing up, unpacking, putting everything through the check out assistant, thenrepacking everything before i could pay. Which took another 20 mins and left us running late. And publicly shamed.

    I came home and dug out bank statements to evidence that I’d paid in January – and have shopped in their stores 8 times over the past 3 months! 5 hours later I’m still far too angry and upset to write a complaint yet, and will never set foot in that shop again.

    I’m so fed up with living in such a horrible hostile environment. Whether it’s DWP or Home Office, local authority or companies – all these assumptions that people are lying, fraudulent, cheating, stealing. It makes me so angry, sad and miserable:(

    But on the bright side, at least I haven’t eaten my feelings 🙂

    USA Day 11 FD
    Second Post

    Michelinme, that is absolutely awful! I would never set foot in that store again! It isn’t even me who went through all that but I am unbelievably angry. It’s terrible when someone does the wrong thing and it takes some doing to sort out things. I don’t get the impression that they are trying to sort out anything but intend to continue to treat as a possible thief! I hope you find a better place to shop near you. You don’t need that aggravation every time you shop or the bad feelings that come with it!

    @ciren2 Thank you; I had a wonderful day and actually produced a hare that I’m pretty proud of

    @betsylee… binning the sweet treats on the way home sounds like a good idea, and much kinder than roundly refusing as I’ve been doing up to now! You’re a nicer person than me 🙂 I’ll give it a go next time.
    @aglowworm I really hope your fast day went well and you feel more in control. It’s so easy to fall out of the ways you know you should be eating isn’t it? Being stressed and tired just makes everything else a millions times harder, and it’s even worse if you’re an emotional eater (which I suspect many of us are… I certainly am!).

    @russetfox I am so so sorry to hear the possible bad news about your walking companion. As the possession of two canines myself, I know exactly the hold they have on your heart. We have our fingers and paws crossed for Woofit.

    @excelsior12309 if you eat more carbs than usual then your body will retain more water, which obviously makes you heavier. This is just one of the MANY things that makes you retain water… stress, TOM, not drinking enough water, having more salt than usual etc etc etc. Bodybuilders say to weigh every day and then divide the figure by seven to get a true reflection of your weight because we can all fluctuate so much during a week.

    @michelinme oh what a dreadful experience! I’m so sorry you had to go through that! When you’ve got over the shock you should complain if you can be bothered… it’s outrageous and their staff need some urgent training to say the least!
    Well done for not eating the hurt and anger away x

    USA Day 11 FD
    Last Post

    Well, the kitchen is closed completing a 16:8 eating protocol on my FD500 day. Tomorrow, beginning right now, I am on a 24 hour water fast. I am beginning to find I can control my eating better when I don’t even eat at all! Eating seems to set me off and then I have to fight the food demons for the rest of the day. However, I am determined to do whatever works best!

    Debster251, I wish my daughter could go for a job interview while pregnant but I seriously doubt anyone will take her before she gives birth. A lot of things have not changed as much as one would think since the days long ago when I had babies. In fact, I remember going for a job interview right after I got married and I contemplated whether I should remove my wedding band. At that time laws came into place here where interviewers were not allowed to ask women things such as when did they plan to have children. Needless to say, some still did. I really want to believe that we are moving forward in how we think of women but we aren’t fast enough. My son-in-law thought he could take paternity leave (something relatively new here) but he was told no. Well, that does give me a chance to jump right in there! A bit of silver lining!

    Day 11, UK, FD

    Successful FD today, and I exercised, so I’m happy with my day 🙂

    @daffodil2010 my bird feeder is doing really well, lots of birds and they are all regulars 😀 . But I spotted a sparrowhawk on the tree in the garden next door one day, amazing bird, but sent all other birds making a dash for cover, obviously. Its worrying as well being a breeding season, they will all have little ones soon.
    I am following a live cam of an eagle nest in USA, and at the moment they have 2 little eaglets ❤ , if anyone is interested let me know and I’ll post a link.

    @michelinme I am absolutely horrified to hear your story about that store! And so angry! That is an outrageous behaviour, and totally unacceptable. Complaint is not enough, you need to demand an apology and for the staff who behaved so unprofessionally to be disciplined. Go on Twitter and shame them 😡 😡 . Sending you hugs 🤗 xx

    Have a good evening everyone 🌼

    Day 11 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Trying to have a good under TDEE day today. Worked the museum this morning for a preschool field trip with some 30+ little ones. They are so cute! This preschool requires a parent to attend with the child, so it was very easy. Lots of kids LOVED our new museum.

    @shelliz – as others have said, the belly fat does seem to go last. In fact, I know I lost upper chest, back, hips, thighs and even face before I lost any belly/waist fat!

    @flourbaby – yes, I do pat myself on the back for having given over 10 gallons with this blood bank. Probably another gallon with previous ones… and VERY glad I am healthy enough to do so. I think giving blood fools my body into staying healthy to keep up blood production.

    @daffodil2010 – congrats on your great interview! Show’em your best!

    @michelinme – your shopping fiasco is almost unbelievable! How can a grocer stay in business with that type of customer treatment?! I would find another store too.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 9 & 10 – Japan – NFD
    Day 11 – Japan – WFD

    Working on water fast #28 in 2019

    Day 11 – Eastern WA USA – NFD

    Enjoying some eating today. Broke yesterday’s fast at about 43 hours over lunch with a friend today after the card making class. Will eat once more shortly – always aiming for LCHFMP – Keto stylings. Then next fast will begin through tomorrow and breaking late morning Saturday.

    @betsylee – Wow! 46 ethnicities in your congregation, that’s united nations right there. I’ve enjoyed ESL over the years and travels (often missions trips of different sorts) but don’t think I’ve been part of a setting with that many ethnicities. I did teach an adult ESL class for a time in Winnipeg, MB Canada with 23 different backgrounds represented.

    @miraclelou – you already reached your April goal! Woo-hoo! How long is your wellness trip and what does it entail?

    @snowflake56 – you’re right, we usually beat or whisk eggs, but we do whip egg whites until forming stiff peaks for certain recipes. 🙂

    @debster251 – if we didn’t have the ocean between us and a whole continent, I’d be glad to take some soil off your hands for my flowerbeds…

    @michelinme – what an accomplishment for you that you didn’t eat your feelings after that uncalled for treatment! After you’re in a better place, I bet you’ll come up with some good wordage to deal with the situation. If I were the business owner, I would not want any customer to be treated in such a fashion and would want to know about it.

    Together we are stronger!

    Day 12, Japan, FD B2B2B

    Yesterday’s FD went OK, but I have to say that B2B2B is probably not for me… Usually after FD I wake up feeling good, hungry but not uncomfortable. But today I woke up feeling unpleasant even after some hot tea. Almost bought unnecessary junky snacks (but persuaded myself successfully to only buy the salad I needed) Haven’t been craving junky food or sugars ever since adapting this WOL so yeah, I guess 4:3 probably works better for me. But you’ll never know without trying! Still nice attempt I’ll say to myself.

    Tomorrow is DH’s birthday and he requests chocolate cakes! Try my best to have a small portion…

    Finally got some time to sit down and write some replies!

    @biddiev I totally understand 1500 cal feels like a lot more. This WOL really changes our body, and mind!

    @gretta Haha that dream of almond lattes sound so real. Don’t know if I can resist the second cup if that happens in real life.

    @stephsie I had exactly the same experience, feeling starving by the end of B2B. I think there are ppl good at it and ppl not so…

    @ciren2 Sounds like perfect weather over there! Enjoy the sunshine.

    @daffodil2010 Good luck on your 2nd interview! And I started making kefir seeing your post here(in March). It tastes wonderful!

    @flourbaby Can’t believe it’s 1/3 – or almost 1/2 – of this month! How time flies. And by the end of this month it will be 1/3 of this year!! (gasp)

    @betsylee Really respect someone who can do 4 FDs straight! Good luck!

    @snowflake56 Sounds like a feast! Hope you are feeling better about BP etc. Yes I think I just need to be patient about my body shape. What will go goes.

    @aglowworm You can get it covered by today’s FD. We can do it! And that’s why I’m using an app to keep track of everything I eat. We all know NFD can be really tricky…

    @russetfox Praying for your lovely walking buddy. Hope he will get better soon.

    You guys have been ACTIVE! Which is good!
    I’ll have to make a 2nd post.

    @rabbette ‘if the weight of the food was what counted you bet your sweet bottom I might just live on whipped cream.’ Almost laugh out loud when I saw this. Best quote ever. I would love to live on chocolate meringues and salty caramel popcorn please!

    @fiftyandfabulous I’m really glad your shared Lifesum App with us. The water tracker and food intake report is so useful! Definitely helps me being hydrated. And I like that you can count your avg calorie intake from the record every week.

    @miraclelou You are right. Less is more! I feel the same about social media, or information around my generally. And applause for reaching your goal for April! And Wellness Trip! Good for you! Sounds like a perfect month 😀

    @michelinme That sounds unbelievable! Your posts are always so polite and calm, I believe you should never be ashamed like that even in public! It’s totally their fault and they have been so rude and not respectful to not believing in someone behaving so nice. If I were you I would send a direct message to the CEO or who ever in charge of the company over social media, and indicate how disappointing the experience was. Or write to the company but not the local branch. Oh I would write about the day and time for them to discover who was in charge that day tho! It should be them who apologize and realize that they are wrong, but now you losing a place to do happy shopping! And a loud and warm applause for no emotional eating 😀

    @songbirdme Oh belly fat, I wish I can stick to my FDs like how my belly fat sticks to me! Hard like rocks!

    And here is the pocket list for today:

    Day 12 Pocket List

    Day 11 Ohio, US — NFD(70 bites)
    Day 10 — NFD(73 bites)

    Yesterday was a marathon day. It started at 8:30 am and the classes and meetings didn’t stop until 9 pm. I was exhausted, and worse, the suddenly warm weather has brought the grasses out so that my allergies started acting up again. Late at night I needed to take some pain meds and also took some crackers to help with their processing, whence the 3 extra bites. Today was back to the normal (at least for right now) intake.

    More extra meetings today, so I didn’t get my usual work done by day’s end. With any luck, I’ll be able to get caught up between classes in the morning.

    @shelliz Yes, how we distribute the FD’s is a very personal thing. For most of February I tried doing one FD/one NFD and wound up getting sick at the beginning of March. Since then I’ve been doing one FD/two NFD and that seems to work for me and establishes a nice rhythm. It turns out that the weeks alternate between 5:2 (like this week) and 4:3 (like last week). The most important thing, imho, is for each person to find their own sustainable routine.

    Have a great end of the work week everyone!

    Day 12 Bristol, UK NFD

    Today I’m out with my father and then this evening cleaning and sorting at home. I find the best way to stop picking is to keep really busy so I don’t even have time to think about food.

    I have now lost exactly 40 pounds since I started working on my weight (a little bit before I started 5:2), but the bulk (literally!) on this WOL. I’ve still got a way to go, but it really does work for me. Hooray! 🙂

    Have a great day everyone x

    Day 11 California. NFD

    Today I reached my ultimate goal weight which was pretty surprising but I will not consider myself in maintenance unless I stay this weight until the end of the month.

    Day 12 – Melbourne AUS – NFD

    Kitchen closed at 560cal yesterday, so another FD done.

    Went to the osteo about my sore hip and she reckons it’s muscular, and after some work and dry needling it’s feeling heaps better which I’m relieved about.

    Weighed in this morning at 68.8, so although 0.4 above last week (though I think my cold caused some dehydration…), two consecutive weeks under the big 7-0 so it’s all trending in the right direction! I’ve also done lots of weights in the last week so the body is also looking firmer, which I’m thrilled aobut.

    Great work on all of the B2B’s happening! I’ve not done one, and don’t have any real desire to – quite happy with my Monday and wed/thurs FD’s which seem to work.
    @ciren2 although I’ve never suffered from asthma, my brother has for years, not fun at all. Hopefully this new medication schedule gives you some relief.

    @aglowworm try not to beat yourself up over a food slip-up. It happens, and with this WOL it means you can move on, press the reset, and get back to it! I’m a terrible binge eater, and I’ve found that trying to focus on the nutrients I’m getting from food helps to change the focus. So if I’m going to have a day of feasting, at least my body will be getting lots of good vitamins, minterals, protein etc out of it! @fiftyandfabulous ‘s suggestion of keeping foods out of the house is one I go by also. That way if you are going to have an EFS day, at least it has to be planned!!

    @russetfox that’s awful news, thoughts are with you and your doggo, hoping for some positive news Monday
    @fiftyandfabulous what a whoosh!! The discipline is paying off.
    @ccco I’m always shocked to hear when companies don’t pay maternity leave. I’m fortunate that my company offers a decent package (including paying superannuation for up 12 months if I decide to take additional unpaid leave). Hopefully those companies change soon!
    @songbirdme the thought of all those kiddies running around – cuteness!!

    Day 12, Emden Germany, 2nd of B2B

    FD went well yesterday but I was so cold last night, needed an extra blanket and socks. I haven’t had that for a long time. Today I plan to eat carrot/apple salad with mandarin juice and asparagus with butter and a boiled egg on top.

    @rabbette thanks for the link, there are other interesting articles as well.
    @debster251 that was a good exercise, I hope your muscles aren’t sore.
    @michelinme what a horrible experience, it seems they didn’t want to give you a chance to proove they were wrong. You have to complain about their behaviour.
    @shinything could you post the link please, would love to take a look at the upbringing.
    @songbirdme I’m sure the children enjoyed it, most of them like museums where they can do things instead of just looking at things without touching them.
    @annemarilyn thanks! Sometimes when I write something I know something is wrong but I don’t know why.
    @shelliz it’s good to try out new things, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. If you don’t feel well today, just stop and make it a CD. Let’s both enjoy our party weekend, mine is at a friends house, we stay there overnight.
    @stephsie 40 pounds, you must look totally different, great achievement! Enjoy you day out with your father, they are precious.
    @rafiki44 congratulations on reaching your goal! You can highlight your handle on the spreadsheet (or I can do it for you), you deserve to be “green” now.
    @gretta I hope your hip improves soon.

    Day 12 Pocket List

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 12 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Got the news yesterday that Dad is being discharged from hospital tomorrow!! That’s fantastic news BUT put the family in a pickle as the house is still messed up after the builders were in, major clean up, and furniture needs to be moved, curtains put up etc…..

    and it’s the absolute worst weekend as my brother and his family travelling to a weddin, so that 4 gone, another sister has had spinal injection yesterday, so that’s another gone, a brother has to being his son to children’s hospital for an IV, so that’s him gone, another sister has two kids so she is trying her best…….so that leaves ME and DH to take over the huge house “getting ready for Dad”!!!

    Early start tomorrow so. It meant that I had to cancel my plans to attend a 40th birthday bash tonight (but means I won’t be eating and drinking party food).

    Still downward trend on scales. Yay.

    OMG, to both @ccco and @michelinme for both of your different but equally shocking stories. Hugs.

    Day 12 Belfast NFD

    I fell well and truly off the wagon yesterday. I tutor a little girl and her mum gave me some jelly babies from a well known store for Easter, which didn’t make it home. That’s the first time in a long while I’ve actually binged. ☹️ ah well, at lease they’ve gone! That sugar dragon is always lurking 🐉

    @michelinme – what a horrible experience you had to endure. My heart goes out to you. Shopping is a hostile enough experience without additional hassle. I hate those self scan checkouts. I hope you get some redress when you send the proof and a big apology.
    @annemarilyn I think it might it a bit costly to ship it lol😂
    @stephsie – congratulations on losing those 40lbs. No mean feat. I love the phrase ‘working on my weight’. So understated and it certainly doesn’t reflect the hard work, dedication and self control that’s been going on!
    @rafiki44 many congratulations on reaching that momentous goal.
    No, @snowflake no sore muscles. I took it slowly and didn’t lift too much at one time in the wheelbarrow. Job nearly done, thank goodness.

    Onwards and downwards

    No pressure Daffodil, it’s great news about your dad, but I’m guessing you’ll be tired after you’ve tackled the huge job. Xo

    Day 12 – UK – NFD
    Away for the weekend so no work today and out in the sun for a cycle.
    Hope you all have a good Friday fasting or otherwise 👍
    @aglowworm today is a new day … you’ll get there and we all have days like that… I was doing really well yesterday until my man simply “suggested” a magnum ice cream…. that was it… the seed was planted 🙄

    We rise by lifting others 💕
    Onward and downward ⬇️

    Day 12, London, UK, NFD

    It’s the 1st of my 4 weekend NFDs …………………….. I must stay mindful!!!
    @rabbette & @shelliz ……………………………… for me it would be the mightily moreish cheesy melt in the mouth puffs of air called Wotsits!!! Although whipped cream sounds pretty good too!!!
    @debster251, I’m with you on the sweeties!!! A friend gave me a pack of blackcurrant & liquorice sweets which didn’t make it home, nor did the surface of my tongue, my jaw is aching this morning from sucking!!!! Thinking positively, at least it wasn’t that enormous Easter box of wine gums; Xmas & Easter mean the dangerous obstacles I need to swerve get bigger & Bigger & BIGGER!!!
    @stephsie, thank you for your post today, sometimes I forget just how wonderful this 5:2 malarkey is!!! It’s the only thing that EVER worked without feeling deprived, miserable or unhappy, not forgetting the ‘Why me!!’ feeling whilst wistfully watching ‘skinny’ friends wolf down enormous quantities of the foods I would gain 4lbs just looking at!!!!! Your enthusiasm has helped reignite my love for this WOL …………………… it’s always been there, we just fell into that comfy phase!!! I’m not trundling along any more, passion and enthusiasm from now on!!!!
    @daffodil2010, I agree with @debster251 no pressure, you can only do what you can do!! I’m sure your dad just wants to be home more than anything, he won’t mind if there are things still to be done once he’s home either.

    Keep the faith people, these NFDs will NOT get the better of me!!!!

    Day 12 UK NFD

    Day 12, UK, NFD

    I decided to step on the scales today and I was pleased to see a drop of over 1kg since the beginning of the month 🙂 . What a little self discipline can do! 💪

    @snowflake56 here is the link for that live nest cam, enjoy 🐣

    Gotta run some errands now but I will be back later to post again 😀

    Have a lovely day everyone ❤

    Day 12 UK CD

    Thank you so much for your very kind messages @ccco @stephsie @shelliz @shinything @annemarilyn @songbirdme @snowflake56 @daffodil2010 @debster251 This group is wonderful group and I’m hugely grateful. Today I’ve lost the anger, still have hurt & sadness. Surprised how traumatised I have been. But i’ll keep my notes & bank statements & wait until after the weekend then write to the head office. A “more in sorrow than in anger” approach fits better for me.

    Unfortunately last night I lost my resolve not to derail my FD …cracked open my jar of Festa Della Mamma dark chocolate truffles. On the bright side I only ate 5 or 6 rather than all 35 🙂 But awful stomach and gut pain afterwards – guessing that’s at least partly my 5 weeks of veganism and the shock to the system.

    Weekly weigh day – still back at 65kg, my plateau for the last 9 months. But my waist & hips have gone down 0.5″ since last measured, which feels like great progress. Thanks @songbirdme for the heads up about pattern of fat loss… i think i’m following along nicely.

    I’ve changed my mind about today’s plans and going to be v gentle with myself. After a slow morning I’m going to do yoga & meditation, pick up urgent emails & update my action list for next week. Then read, perhaps tidy the front pots area, early supper, shower & hairwash and very early night. Two early mornings ahead and some full days; I want to feel more healed and ready to face the world & its demands.

    @shinything great to hear about your sparrows – not so much the hawk. I feel v protective of my resident flock – and once rescued a baby sparrow who was trapped inside the pigeon-proof bird feeder while the sparrowhawk gripped him from outside. Very dramatic – felt as tho I’d faced a dragon 😀
    @rafiki44 CONGRATULATIONS on reaching your goal weight!! 🙂
    @gretta great news about your hip recovery – and continued progress!
    @snowflake56 good luck with your second day of B2B. Hope you continue to feel better under your DH’s tender care x
    @daffodil2010 good luck with sorting out your dear Dad’s house tomorrow. Hope you have a wonderful day making his house back into a welcoming home:)
    @debster251 ah yes, jelly babies 🙂 I was fine until the truffles called my name – lid now firmly back on until Easter Day!

    Whatever your day brings, here’s to gentler minds and wiser choices x

    Second post, totally missed out to include the link for the live nest cam in my post 😳
    @snowflake56 here: https://www.raptorresource.org/birdcams/decorah-eagles/

    @michelinme unfortunately I don’t have sparrows, but I have a couple of dunnocks, robins, starlings, doves, red spotted woodpecker, great/blue/coal tits, blackbird, and had a little wren the whole winter but she is not around these days so I don’t know what happened to her. I can’t believe you faced a sparrowhawk like that! 😱 Well done! 😀

    Day 12 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Good CD yesterday. Happy for that. After continuing to fight with my scale so that it would register my weight (it’s really old… probably 20 years) I ordered a new one from Amazon. Sure enough, when I am able to use both old and new, the new one is 1.5 pounds heavier than the old! Oh well … still considering myself at maintenance. Ha ha!

    @shinything – your webcam link goes to Decorah, Iowa, which is several hours north of me! Youngest DD did a summer camp there – a lovely Luther College town. That webcam was all the rage when people first discovered it a few years ago – still a fascinating thing to watch. I loved your list of birds, too! I have many of those around my feeders as well, but DO have lots of sparrows.

    Today is Silver Sneakers then off to be my “SongBird” self and judge high school choirs this afternoon and then again tomorrow. I love being a judge for singers be they solos, ensembles, or choirs. The pay isn’t bad either. I add it to my “new clothes” fund. With my weight loss, I have nearly cleaned out closets of all old clothes.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 12 – Midwest USA – NFD (1lb away from goal!)

    I have indeed overshot my goal for April already. I was freaking out yesterday about all the weight loss but as I reflect, my loss pattern has been to lose in chunks and then stay steady for a while. I am continually amazed at how efficiently this 5:2 protocol works! I’ve never lost weight this quickly before.

    I’m focused on nourishing my body with vitamins minerals and protein from foods but at the same time, I am enjoying whatever treats I want to eat on my feasting days (AWAY from the house). I don’t feel deprived at all and I’m still *shocked” at how easy this has been after you get past the first couple weeks.

    I actually didn’t think it would be possible for me to get down to the 130s because I haven’t been this weight since high school. I’ve spent a lot of my adult life overweight. Although the past few years I’ve gotten more and more *fit* and more *healthy* I was still weighing in the 140s in 150s and killing myself “eating clean” and doing hard core workouts. I’m a believer that 5:2 can take you to the next level. The *ideal* level that you previously believed was impossible while allowing you to enjoy food and family. Seems too good to be true, but here I am!

    @miraclelou I was wondering how you fared after the cabbage soup detox. It sounds like it was overall a good reset! Well-done on meeting your April goal Enjoy your journey!

    @rafiki44 You have gotten to the finish line – congratulations! I understand what you’re saying about making sure your weight can stay stable. What an exciting moment to step on the scale and be at goal. Well-done!

    @shelliz I am glad you are also finding the LifeSum app useful. I am SO motivated by hitting my numbers and the fruit/veggie/water trackers. I like seeing things in black and white and I like seeing overall *trends.* Lifesum also gives me such useful feedback at the end of the week with the Lifescore feature – I need the nagging and the accountability. 🙂 I actually didn’t realize how low my protein intake was until I got my Lifescore this week. So I’m working on getting more protein. Will keep the app for at least a year until my habits are solid! It’s much cheaper than hiring a personal trainer and a nutritionist.

    @stephsie Congratulations on sticking your new habits and creating success! 40 lbs is a LOT to celebrate! Doing the happy dance with you!

    @shinything Congratulations on your success this month – keep it going!

    We are stronger together – keep believing!

    Day 12: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD

    Cold and sunny today. Perfect for delivering mail, which was light today, so even better. Got home a bit early!

    @michelinme: I am disgusted by the way that store treated you….especially in such a public way. There is absolutely no excuse for that. I don’t blame you if you are VERY angry. You should certainly write to the top dog in a very firm way. What evidence are they producing that you didn’t pay? None, I would guess. You should be compensated by them for that humiliation. If need be, go public, but only if the first action fails.
    Obviously you will NEVER use their stores again, and make sure they know that too. Big hugs from me, and well done for not falling into the food cupboards after that ordeal. Lots of support on here, so don’t be sad xx

    @ccco: I’m the same as you. I’m better not eating at all….once I eat breakfast, thoughts of fasting are out the window….if (IF) I can avoid breakfast I’m in with a chance….but once I start eating…
    @shelliz: Enjoy the chocolate cakes tomorrow….but go easy! Happy Birthday to your DH.
    @stephsie: 40 pounds! That’s amazing…well done to you.
    @rafiki44: Congratulations on reaching your goal weight….what a star!
    @snowflake56: You are still having quite a few problems then, medically? Have you have all the tests done, do they actually know what is wrong? I hope you improve.
    I’m left-handed too…I always say it’s a sign of intelligence!!
    @Dafodill2010: Great news your dad will be home tomorrow. He must be thrilled. I hope you manage to get his house tidy….but he will only care that he’s HOME, so don’t fret about the small things.
    @fiftyandfabulous: What motivation; you are losing weight well and quite easily.

    Day 12, va,USA, LFD (B2B2B2B) whhhhat!!!!

    (I will read u guys post a bit later and respond accordingly)

    So I’d never done B2B before (not in a healthy way) and I’m excited Today I work with more energy and I am mediately chugged a glass of water which helped a lot then I proceeded to have 1 cup of broth and an americano.

    I made it to a group fitness class (it was an April goal) and feel awesome. Now I just wish I had remembered to carry my water bottle with me.

    I’ve weighed myself every day some times twice if the notion hits me (I’m not usually someone who does that – but i have found it quite interesting to help me realize the fluctuations) I keep all the data recorded. Date, Time and weight. It’s been interesting to see how much a 4 day fast does jumpstart the weight loss.

    I also like not being bogged down with food, (prepping it, eating it, washing dishes) jeeez if I could live on air this would be easier. I am looking forward to something tasty when I break my fast (and I have pondered what that will be) I plan first a bowl of veggie broth with a few cut up veggies. Just to easy my body back to eating. Then I’ll put something more deeply taste bud divine on my menu.

    Day 12 Pocket List

    Day 12: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD

    Just wrote a long post, replied to lots of you…and it’s all gone.
    So I’ll keep to essentials this time.

    I am totally disgusted at the way that store treated you. Especially, they had NO RIGHT to publicly humiliate you. No right at all. Can they show you proof that you didn’t pay in January. No? I’d guess not. Write a very firm letter to the top-dog. Send it by special delivery (costs more, but you’ll have a signature and it will look serious) expect to be compensated for your unjust treatment and very public humiliation. If that doesn’t produce results, go public, but only then. Never shop there again….make sure they know that too.
    Well done for not falling into the food cupboards on your return; that took strength.
    Lots of support here xx Sending ((hugs)) xx

    Day 12 – USA – NFD

    Hello, all! @stephsie and @rafiki44, well done and welcome to maintenance…when you lose over 30-40 lbs., you look like and feel like an entirely new person…@Fiftyandfabulous, welcome also to the 130s! I haven’t been in the 130s in 15 years. I lost 52 lbs. doing 5:2 in the past 2 years and never want to go back! The best part is that it was achieved without starving ourselves and eating healthy food. @brightonbelle, I think I missed saying welcome back to you after greeting a few “oldies”. @ciren2, here’s to the lefties – we are always right, lol! I’m left-handed too! @daffodil2010, I concur with @ciren2: your dad will not care about the details – he will just be so glad he is home! Sorry you will be burdened with all the cleaning up, though, but you are doing a labor of love!

    @daffodil2010: So please to hear your dad will be coming home tomorrow. He must be so happy. I hope you manage to get his house cleared up, but your dad will be happy enough just to be HOME, so don’t fret about the small stuff.
    @stephsie: 40 pounds! That’s amazing…well done, great effort.
    @rafiki44: Congratulations on reaching your goal weight. You’re a star!
    @snowflake56: A fellow left-hander…I always say it’s a sign of intelligence!
    Have you had all the tests done to try and find out the cause of your health troubles? I hope you get well soon, it all sounds such a nuisance.
    @fiftyandfabulous: Wow! You’re doing SO well….what motivation for you.

    Day 12 Wales FD

    Day 12 Pocket List

    Thank you all for your support, it means a lot xx Vet rang and asked hubby to take woofit in tomorrow morning, as our usual vet is doing out of hours cover and would like to keep continuity.

    USA Day 12 WFD

    Adding myself to the pocket list.


    Congratulations to everyone who has already made their month’s goal; also to anyone who has lost up to 40 pounds or more (looking at you, stepwise-well done!). It is so wonderful to this these achievements, since I seem to be always struggling. Despite two B2Bs this week (currently in one), I have put on 2 lbs. according to this morning’s weigh in. Unbelievable! But I will persevere! I am so proud of all of you. This is quite a journey!

    @russetfox: Good luck at the vet tomorrow…our dogs are such precious family-members.
    Woofit ((Hugs))xx

    @ccco Wow, that is SO frustrating!! It’s just a fluid shift; weight fluctuates because of hormones and a bunch of other factors. Try not to read too much into it. Here are my thoughts for your consideration: Just carry on with the 5:2 plan. It sounds like you have fasted a lot this month. Why not make a move in the opposite direction? How are you nourishing and cherishing your body? What is your body saying to you? Food is a gift to be received, not something to be withheld as punishment when the scale does not move. Can you consider incorporating some higher calorie days (1400-1600) 4-5 days per week to replenish vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein? All of the cellular machines in your cells need proper fuel to go about their purposes. What about focusing on behavioral goals instead of the scale? Those are within your control everyday. Your weight will normalize, just give it time. Let back on the reins a little and be gentle or the horse will fight its bit.

    Hope everyone is having a good day!

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