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  • Day 4, Cornwall UK, FD

    The less said about Easter the better. At least I stuck to plant-based eating, but I can testify that it does not prevent overeating – unfortunately!

    I made a mistake delaying my normal Monday fast, with family around etc. Now I have two B2B fasts ahead of me today and tomorrow and it feels daunting. I think I will feel lucky if the scales are not up on Friday. Oh well – I kind of knew this was going to happen when I observed myself writing that I needed a ‘little break’. What was I thinking?!

    All this talk of 5 minute planks. I’m with @kerryn73 in thinking 60 seconds is an achievement. I see I have a longgggg way to go on this one. Last time we had a plank challenge I learned side planks, and fell over the first few times I tried them, and now I can do them OK – I guess I have to hold them for longer now. Not sure what a reverse plank is – will look it up.

    I’ve become a bit of a fasting bore – think I talked too much about it to our visitors! Oh dear. Thing is – when I first started losing weight, no-one noticed. But now I’ve lost over 50lbs, lots of people comment, and it opens the flood gates about how its done etc. I like the recognition but I have another 40lbs to lose so I don’t feel like I have anything to boast about yet. And there is a pride thing about not giving up or going into reverse gear now that everyone has noticed! My fasting secret has been outed by my body.

    Day 4, Gozo, Malta, fd

    I’m fasting at 800 calories today.

    It’s a cloudy day today.

    I’m going to have a new grandchild around 15 December this year. My youngest daughter is going to have her second baby. She has a two year two months old son.

    Have a great day everyone, onwards and downwards.

    Day 4 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    The sugar dragon is back in hibernation and I feel much better for it! Back to my low carb Mediterranean WOE.

    Have a great day everyone 🙂

    Hi all,

    First fast day today, it has been up and down and I have a headache but I will keep pushing through

    Day 4 Stevensville Maryland USA CNFD

    So far so good on my 66hr fast, will break it at noon, with a small salad and 3ozs of chicken. Going to keep my TDEE at goal weight today. Feeling lighter today but will continue to keep my goal to stay off the scale until Fridays.

    My work is really picking up as Spring is here, many customers stopping by wanting to get their yachts back in the water from a long winters nap on land. So many compliments on how good I look, it made me beam all day. Most of these customers haven’t seen me since last fall. I started this way of life in mid January 2018 and have lost 14lbs so far. Will be starting maintenance at the end of April. Hoping to lose 4lbs my then.

    The best preparation for tomorrow is to be your best today. Have a great Wednesday everyone.

    Day 4……Florida….FD

    Today my first born, my baby boy turns a whopping 22 years old. It just seems like yesterday, I was rocking him and playing with little trucks in the dirt with him. Tonight he’s off to celebrate with his girl and friends, so will have dinner and cake with him tomorrow. So providing, I fixed Matilda’s cage, she’ll stay tucked away today. She got out yesterday and really went to town.
    I compounded the problem by avoiding all water as my drink of choice. Must do better today!
    A warm welcome to all the newbies with us this month. We are here for you, whether you post daily, weekly or monthly. You’ve landed on a great support system.

    @lilymartin……. Glad to have you back!

    Well, I’m off the house has gotten up early and started moving, so I can’t stay in this bed forever. Plus, the kids alarm has been going off for 5 min. now and he’s out on his am walk with the dog. So, I’ve got to go turn it off…..

    Your riding a horse at full speed, a giraffe is next to you and a lion is chasing you….
    What do you do?
    You get your drunk ass off the carousel!

    Day 4 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Cold and snowy start to our day here.Whew…will winter ever let go?

    Off to early meetings and full day. Won’t have much time to eat. Yeah.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 4 – UK – FD

    Welcome @noseinabookgirl – never too late to join – I did mid month last November and it was one of the best decisions… you’ll find the experience of the ‘older’ members so useful and their success inspiring.

    @at have a wonderful holiday!

    @annypanny – looks like a brilliant start to your journey!

    I had a disappointing view from the scales this morning that showed I’d put on 2lbs over the weekend…. not surprising as I had two large delicious roast dinners. So I’ve decided to make myself accountable via the spreadsheet and pop in updates as the month goes by – if I am to get to my goal by my 60th I need this month to be a good one!

    Well I managed my long training session this morning and it was ROCK HARD! But you were with me over the last 15 minutes – in spirit at least (your’re a feisty bunch and didn’t let me stop even though I really wanted to)! I’m really not sure I will be ready for the ‘race’ in 10 days but I’ll use it as a training run for something later in the year!

    I was in a glum spot yesterday and think it was the result of the chocolate Malteser rabbits which appeared in the house over the weekend and then disappeared down the warren in the shape of my mouth …. I know my moods suffer after eating sugar so I’ve only myself to blame. I feel much brighter today!

    I don’t plan to eat until this evening but the tummy is rumbling already – will need to use distraction tactics today. I have added myself to the pocket list to keep me going!

    The pocket list:

    You don’t get what you wish for you get what you work for…..

    Day 4, Surrey (UK), NFD

    OOoops I messed up yesterday’s picket lust! So sorry! @michelinme – thank you for the swift correction!

    @strawberriesandcream – my uncle lives in Middlesbrough. Our family are not from there, though, they’re Midlanders. I moved to London to go to a polytechnic when I was 18, started work in London, met my husband there and settled in Surrey.

    @toddybear – I too had a whoosh in the wrong direction after an Easter Sunday roast, and I confess yet another Chinese meal on Saturday – I have a lot of Chinese food loving friends! Even after 2 FDs in the past week, a plateau this week. Well, what did I expect! On a positive note – we both had a good workout this morning. I did a few fast laps in my local swimming pool, to get my HIIT in for the day!

    Just need to keep on keeping on….and remember, Scales are vanity, 5:2 is sanity!

    Day 4, Leeds UK, NFD

    Being careful of what I eat, so far ok (eventhough i started only from yesterday lol).
    Good luck everyone and thanks @shinything for those encouraging words 🙂

    Day 4 UK CD

    Enjoying reading posts & eating my packed lunch on the train to Devon. Yesterday’s extra FD turned into a good CD at 1100, today I’ve gifted the flapjacks to my house sitter and just finished my substantial brunch of oat bread, cheese, spring onion, carrot and apple. That’ll keep me from temptation til supper time.

    Uncharacteristically packed and ready early, I’m beginning to understand why at Easter Sunday lunch my DD said that someone had stolen her mother! It’s grey,windy and pouring rain but I’m feeling centred and contented. I’ve lost a level of anxiety that was being medicated by food – despite the weekend’s uncontrolled chocolate stuffing.

    Now looking forward to almost a week of thinking, talking, writing and reading – with seaside outings and a bit of swimming.

    I’ve been keeping a food diary since I began Dec 2017. I’ve been veggie, low carb and gf for years but realised I’d no concept of calories or portion sizes. It’s been an education! And, with daily posting, keeps me accountable. But with my usual resistance to being constrained, it’s an A4 scrap page for each day, tucked into a plastic folder.

    Sorry not to reply to posts – train, phone, poor working memory and wrist splint conspire. Lovely to read, and with you in spirit.

    3rd post —

    My daughter said hey are we going to plank? (The world is against me on this planking.)

    So we did another and my son joined. Daughter – 2:00 Me – 2:10 Son 2:47
    That is a total plank time of 5:14 today for me.

    Day 4, London, UK, FD (2nd of B2B2B)

    So, how are my fellow B2B2B-pocketeers doing? @penz & @daffodil2010, I hope the dragon isn’t clawing his way out!!! @daffodil2010, top of the range is all good; afterall ………………….. ‘cup half full’ and all that!!!

    I closed the kitchen last night on 491cals, but making a snack box for today I couldn’t resist nibbling a slice or two of the cucumber, so probably ended up at 495cals!!!……………LOL, there really aren’t any calories in cucumber!!!!

    I too keep a daily food diary and weigh daily, it just keeps me sane and shows exactly where I slipped up or better still, exactly what caused that whoosh!!!!!……………. the answer is water!!!!

    Welcome to Arid-April @jaifaim, we’re now a club of 3 including @bigviking!!!

    @toddybear, you’ll power through the race no problem!!! I’m definitely with you in spirit, ‘cause if I was actually there we would be going in reverse ………………………afterall, I AM a tortoise, don’t you know!!!!!

    I dare not post my planking times yet………………………. Abs of flab!!!!

    Keep on keeping on people, we’ve GOT this!!!!!

    Day 4 – Massachusetts – FD

    Time to come back for real! Today’s goal is fasting and eating up to 500 cal. Thanks for the tips about food journaling – I have done it before and when ever I do I do much better at watching what I eat (to no surprise). It’s just hard to maintain.

    Scale says I’ve dipped below my month’s goal this morning. I set a very modest goal – started at 128 and goal was 125, I’m now 124.6! I’ve been lower before from this WOL but wanted to keep myself from being too ambitious.

    Food journal for today:
    Breakfast: skip
    Dinner: egg white veggie scramble ~75 calories
    Foods I am allowed to eat if I get too hungry: protein bar 120 cal, oatmeal 1/2 serving 75 cal, banana 110 cal
    I could eat all of these things and still be at ~500 cal, but what I like to do is only eat them if I get hungry.

    Will let you guys know how it goes!

    Day 4 NFD Oregon USA

    Well hello friends and newbies!

    Haven’t had a moment to catch up on all the posts since returning home Monday night and it’s back to work for me today.😞
    I haven’t stepped on the scale yet and won’t until Friday. Giving myself the week to flush out some of the vacation indulgence. Am back to tracking calories daily on My Plate app and yesterday was a CD at just under 1200.
    I am going to focus on total calories for the week and try for more CD’s instead of NFD’S in addition to my two FD’S. And perhaps use @michelinme‘s one feast day strategy. Regardless I am recommitted to losing at least 15 lbs by end of August. (New goal)

    Hope everyone is doing well and will catch up reading at work 😂😂.

    I’m in for the april challenge. I have struggled as long as I can remember. Human yoyo when it comes to weight. Less success more failure. I love the idea of 5:2 and modifications of it. It makes sense. Humans are not meant to eat royally every day 3 times a day!!! I have observed this in my recent travels. Other countried neither eat everysingle meal and if they do it is small portions. Americans however, EAT, EAT, EAT like kings all the time. I need to get the “rewarding myself” concept out of my head. Reward for what? working out? that defeats my activity every single time. I love physical activity and am active as much as I can but life gets in the way. I need my body to be lighter in order to achieve what I want like running, weight lifting etc. Getting older sucks. I am a fighter and I will fight every step of the way to be healthy and active.
    Looking forward to being part of such a nice community!!

    Day 4, FD, USA

    Day 2 of a planned 3 day B2B2B FD. Welcome Daffodil2010 and Cornish-Jane – together with FlourBaby, we can do this!

    I was doing really well until I started reading the posts. Last night the peanut butter jar was calling, but I thought of you FlourBaby and resisted. Pat on the back for me!

    But today…. Leggit – your spinach egg white munster cheese omelet on sourdough lunch sounds so delish! But I will plough through and ignore my growling tummy. I prefer doing liquid FDs (mandatory coffee with milk, and perhaps a miso soup for afternoon – prob no more than 200 calories all up) as if I eat food, I find it really hard to then stop.

    Day 4 – USA – FD

    @shinything, forgot to thank you for hosting! You’re a natural. @ciren2, slow and steady wins the race. @fatrabbit, I see you’re getting your mojo back! @Strawberriesandcream, I used to have a Nordic Trac, a machine that simulated cross-country skiing and it quickly became a valet for my jackets, lol. Smart of you to avoid activities that hinder your healing; you’ll be back at it in no time! @anna6, congrats on the new baby – more little people to love! @tottie-2007, welcome! I usually make sure I have enough electrolytes on FDs via broth – the salt in it helps replace them. @cornish-jane, one day at a time – 50 lbs. is wonderful; bask in the compliments – you will surely get to the rest of your goal! @leggit, oh, to be 126.4 again…I would say that was 40 years ago for me! @mjrbcd44, welcome back from your holiday! @babansonia, welcome to this kind and nurturing forum!

    I put myself on the pocket list today:


    Day 4 – Netherlands – NFD

    Hi everyone. New to the forum! Short intro – female, 24 yrs old, want to lose 10kg, work out 4 times a week.
    Came across this website last weekend and decided to give the diet a go. I have done intermittent fasting before (16:8) and noticed it worked pretty well for me, but hard to keep doing it when life gets in the way. I think 5:2 will be easier to plan around social events etc.

    Had my first FD yesterday, went pretty well although I had a bad headache last night and this morning. Will drink more water on my next FD (tomorrow).
    I added myself to the spreadsheet, aiming to lose 10kg in total, we’ll see how far April will get me. Hoping to lose 0,7 – 1 kg a week.

    Good luck everyone!

    Day 4, UK, NFD

    Its been a good day so far, went to the local butcher and got a chicken to have it for tomorrow on my FD 🙂 . I think sometimes I don’t prepare and than I find myself stuck as to what to eat 🤔 , trying to correct that.

    Welcome @noseinabookgirl to our friendly, supportive forum. Loving your ‘want to be ‘the best me’ I can be’ , that is my moto too 🙂

    @fffrancesca welcome back! Nothing wrong with being a quiet type, we are all
    different and enjoy different things. If it helps you to read only thats fine, we see you on the SS 🙂

    @ciren2 it happens to all of us, just stay positive and get back on the wagon.

    Welcome @jaifaim, we are all here to support each other so we will hold your hand when you feel like binging.

    Good luck with your first FD @tottie-2007 , stay strong it will be worth it.

    Welcome @babansonia, rewarding is good, we should reward ourself but not with food! Try and find other types of rewards, it might work? Added you to our SS 😀

    Welcome @fitalora good to have you join our challenge 🙂

    Off I go to do some cooking now and have a nutritious meal.

    Good luck everyone 🤗

    Day 4, Cornwall UK, FD

    Hello @fitalora. I too got headaches around fasting days or the day after when i first started 5:2 but they stopped quite quickly. I think it is the body and mind adapting to fasting. If you like Marmite it makes a good salty tea that I find helpful on fast days.

    Thanks for doing the challenge, it helps motivate me.
    I just started about three weeks ago and I try to mix up my fasting, but it always a minimum of 2 fast days. Sometimes I will go 3 days and sometimes not eat at all on my fast days.
    It is working and I love feeling thinner.

    Day 4 – SW WA USA – FD (travelling across Washington to southern British Columbia)

    Making it an FD on this road tripping day. Not sure how to add myself to the pocket list on my phone. If someone can do it for, I’d appreciate it.

    Welcome to the newbies! This is a wonderful community.

    @ciren2 – 24 hrs is a great accomplishment!

    At a rest stop checking in. Now “on the road again”.

    Glad we’re on this fitness journey together!

    @fatrabbit….you did it!
    @annemarilyn….thanks, yes, I’m not too unhappy about 3pm to 3pm. Ideally I should have stuck at the boiled eggs and toast after that, but hey…

    Day 4, Emden Germany, NFD

    ccco USA FD Day 4

    Only had a enough time today to read everyone’s posts! I achieved my planks (5 minutes) but I have been doing these for a number of years now, so this isn’t hard. Did my personal training this morning. I am on a 500 cal. FD today. So far so good! Hopefully, tomorrow will be a water fast. Haven’t done that for awhile, so I am working my way into it. Tried Monday and Tuesday and lost control. I think working my way into it is a better way!

    Saw how many are doing well today! Good luck to all! For those struggling, I know you can do it! :)Have a great day!

    Day 4 – Atlanta, GA, USA – FD
    Day 3 – CD
    Day 2 – NFD
    Day 1 – NFD

    Couldnt post earlier as my toddler is sick, good luck everyone

    Thanks! @shinything @cornish-jane @simcoeluv

    Can someone help me out with some newbie questions?
    What is the difference between FD (Fast Day?), NFD (Non-Fast Day?) and CD (??) and how do you combine/alternate between them?
    What are the pocket lists, how does that work?

    Thanks! I’m going into my 2nd FD tomorrow, let’s hope for a good one.

    @fitalora CD is similar to a NFD but usually below TDEE. NFD would be at TDEE, FD is around 500-600 kcal. You pick the days that suit your schedule the best for FDs , and than pick which days (if any) you will do CD. The rest are NFDs.

    Pocket lists are just the list of people who are doing the same thing on the same day, whether is fasting, planks or something else. Someone starts a list, and then everyone who is doing the same thing on that day (like fasting) adds their name to it by copy/paste in the post they write. Its just for support and morale, to see how many people around the world are doing the same thing as you.

    Hope that makes sense 🙂

    Day 4, Rocky Mountains, US, FD

    Forgot to check in yesterday. It was a NFD.
    @at: Hope you had a great flight to Melbourne.

    Have a good Wednesday everyone! ⚘⚘⚘

    Hi there! I’m new here, and I would love some accountability. I started with you all (secretly) on 4/2. My FD’s are Monday and Thursday. I’ve had one successful 500 calorie FD this week, and I’m excited for another one tomorrow. Thanks for letting me read the conversation while I worked up the courage to join!

    Day 5…NSW Australia…NFD
    Have a good day everyone.
    Enjoy whatever you are getting up to and bye for now!

    Day 4 UK NFD

    My fast day was hard yesterday but I am pleased to report that it was a success. Proud of myself today as I have managed to refrain from the Easter eggs. 😁

    Welcome @smardie, I added you to the spread sheet, feel free to fill any details if you wish 🙂

    Welcome @megs99, good to have you with us! We are friendly and supportive so just relax and join us posting and chatting. Moved your name up on our spread sheet to be in alphabetical order 🙂

    @mishty hope your toddler gets well soon 🤗

    Day 5 – Japan – NFD 80.8kg

    Well my weight is up this morning (after 2 full fast days) it is still the 4th lowest weight I had this year. I’ve also noticed large dimples forming on either side of my belly. Finally later I cut my belts shorter last year I was on the last notch on most of them, now I’m on the 2nd to last. Maybe I’m starting to make progress again after about a six month plateau. (I was building some muscle though.)

    I try to avoid pushing my protein too much. I’m likely less than 0.8 g / kg on a weekly basis. This likely reduces my ability to build muscle quickly, but my strength has continued to improve.

    Day 5 NFD country West Australia
    Yee ha!!!!! Finally a decent under 500 calorie FD yesterday and it feels SOOOOO good.😇
    Back on track with portions and calories – those sneaky little calorie varmints crop up everywhere and get into everything ( a bit like kids really) and often where you least expect to find them!!!
    The scales have been very kind ( mostly water weight I’m thinking , but hey …)
    Well on my way to my modest April goal of shifting 2 kgs of flab the Fat Fairy has deposited around my not-inconsiderable girth in the past 6 months.
    Feeling very happy!
    Have a good day all.
    Looking forward to seeing some of the Commonwealth games.😁

    second post.
    Have just finished reading all the posts – accountability and daily posting is what keeps me on track as others have also said.
    @annypanny, I did have a chuckle at your typo – ‘ a good fat day’ … bring it on!!!
    That has been entirely my problem for the pest 6 to 8 months – far too many good ‘ fat’ days and not nearly enough good ‘fast’ days!!
    I will think about that when I am tempted to eat – do I want to make a ‘fast’ day into a ‘fat’ day , and hopefully that will stop me.

    2nd post ….

    I meant that I average less than 0.8g protein / kg of weight daily on a weekly basis.

    At this point I don’t believe it is necessary to eat protein everyday, but some protein is necessary for good health. Typically I do eat some protein every NFD. Typically from nuts, maybe eggs, maybe meat, maybe diary and there is some protein even in fruits and vegetables.

    I’m clearly not a vegan but my breakfast is probably more vegan that a lot of vegans eat. Basically rolled oats (oatmeal), peanuts, and a lot of furit. I typically do have a small piece of very dark chocolate which isn’t always vegan.

    Hello Everyone! I am a West Coast artist. This is my first time trying the Fast Diet aka 5:2. I am vegan and lost 45 lbs several years ago and have stayed within 5 lbs of that loss. Looking to lose another 45 lbs to conquer my weight struggles once and for all. I started April 1 with a FD at a weight of 199lbs. My April goal is to get to 190 lbs. I work out 5-6 times a week, alternating spin classes and abs classes. I use MyFitnessPal.com to track calories, nutrients and weight. Thanks for including me in this challenge.
    One question: what is a control day (CD?)

    Hi Shim and welcome:

    I really don’t know what a CD is. To my knowledge there are two types of days with 5:2 – diet days and non-diet days. On diet days, you eat 500/600 cal. or less. On non-diet days you eat to your TDEE or less.

    People seem to try to create other days, ways of eating and whatever to make 5:2 more complicated. But it is basically very simple, if not easy to do.

    Here are some tips: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/

    Good Luck!

    Thank you Simcoeluv!

    Hi everyone😊

    I’m a newbie! Started this week, not sure if it’s a miracle as I’ve only had 1 fast day and I’m down 3lb!

    A pound past the weight I’ve been stuck at for 2 months!!

    I’ve tried everything, I count my calories and workout 5 days a week, 3 of those days are classes! So I’m hoping this will get me the results I’ve been after!

    And tips and food ideas would be great 😊😊

    Thanks guys 🙌🏼

    Day 5, Emden Germany, FD

    Day 5 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD
    3rd B2B2B

    Morning all. Lots of new members this morning, hello and WELCOME @sophia235, @shimmera, @megs99

    Please read @ShinyThings very first post at the start of the April challenge which should give you an update on the terms and conventions used. There are a lot of 3 letter acronyms alright but you get up into it very quick ☺️ A CD is a controlled day, not exactly a Fast Day and not exactly a Non Fast Day….it means you are eating below your daily TDEE, perhaps say at 1000 calls, and being mindful of what you eat. For me it works during the week between my FD’s, and then I enjoy my NFD’s with no counting calories at the weekend. It works for me ☺️👍

    So, had my 2nd FD yesterday and it was so cold all day that I felt hungry. Drank so much herbal tea that I sloshed. Had a bedtime snack of oat bran porridge and a smidge of walnuts which (along with a hot water bottle), warmed me up. Had a great nights sleep, did not overdo it on my FD and down another pound this. morning. Easters weight gain is going….though probably not by this weekend.

    Too much chocolate and crisps and popcorn and snacks and wine and Guinness. This weekend won’t be as hectic, in fact, I am delighted that I have nothing planned at all!!! Just relaxation 🤗

    Final FD of the week today, 3rd in B2B2B….it’s too cold to do a liquid FD but will push for as low as calorie as possible. @flourbaby and @penz hope you are both clinging

    Today is a good day to have a good day

    Thanks for the welcome!

    Day 5 UK FD

    Yesterday was certainly a feast day. I ate far too much, starting with breakfast which I rarely do and included cranberries, which are on my don’t touch list because of the sugar content 🙁 And my weight bounced back up, but I knew that quick 4lb drop was too good to be true, I am still down overall. Today is another chance to reset. I can eat tomorrow.I

    It is a lovely sunny day and I have work to do outside, what could be better!

    Day 5, Newcastle UK, FD

    Achieved a dry, 616 calorie FD yesterday – hurray! Woken up feeling good, to blue sky and sun – even bigger hurray!

    Exciting news @anna6 – maybe a Christmas baby?
    Welcome @shimmera and @sophia235.

    @Simcoluv is absolutely right – there is no need for anything other than FDs and NFDs. 5:2 plain, simple and uncomplicated definitely works. However, in an attempt to explain our Control Day (CD) acronym – those of us who use it are differentiating from a proper Fast Day (FD) and a Non-Fast Day (NFD) on which the full amount of Total Daily Expenditure Energy (TDEE) is used. I guess like another acronym we use – EFS (Epic Face Stuffing) – courtesy of our lovely & funny @flourbaby, they help us illustrate our experiences through our posts – hopefully in an interesting and inspirational way, and engaging for all who join each monthly challenge. Maybe it’s a Venus vs Mars thing lol!

    I should also explain for newbies why I used 616 calories on my FD yesterday – not the standard 500 for ladies (600 for men). Last year Dr.M – after launching his 8 week blood sugar diet at 800 calories per day – then went on to say that people on the original 5:2 could also use up to 800 calories a day if it made the difference between sticking to an FD or not. Obviously this will slow down the rate of weight loss but it’s a helpful tool for those of us in the Tortoise Club (TC).

    “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

    Day 5 – London – FD
    Yesterday’s fast wasn’t great, stuffed myself with cauliflower soup and then a portion of OH cauliflower cheese. Why?????

    Trying again today.

    On a happier note lovely to so many newbies – hello and welcome.

    Yoga day for me this morning so fasting will be easier … I never eat until around 3 pm..
    Feeling more in control each day…

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