Anyone have problems with constipation?

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Anyone have problems with constipation?

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  • I’ve been doing this 5:2 thing ever since I saw Micheal’s special on it about 2 months ago. To be honest, I think it’s THE BEST. I feel great. I’ve lost about 15 pounds & best of all, well maybe not BEST of all, but very importantly I believe I can keep this up. I went through a hip re-surfacing surgery & came out & went right on this program. It’s GREAT.

    My wife has just started the program about 3 weeks ago & she seems to be having some problems with constipation & thinks it may be partly due to the 5:2 program. Is anyone else experiencing this? If so, what have you done to remedy it? If I have a problem with “the big C”, I drink a few ounces of prune juice before bedtime. The next morning I’m good to go. So to speak.

    I’m surprise that there’s nothing in the book about irregularity, especially since Micheal is a Doctor. I thought there would at least be something even if it just said, “there shouldn’t be any problems with it”, or something.

    Thank you in advance to anyone who can provide some input.

    The key is to drink lots of water on a fast day and get walking. Works every time!

    Yes, drink more water – at least 8 glasses a day if you can.

    Odille – 179cm – start 01062013-115kg – current 112.4 – aim 65-70.

    OK. I’ll pass this info along. We walk 2 miles every day. Although I do tell my wife she needs to drink more water, maybe this will be the encouragement she needs to make that happen. Thanks!

    I do drink at least 8 glasses of water a day AND I still find I get constipated on fast days. I’ve had some great results from living 5:2, 21 lbs lost a and great blood results . I now take psyllium and slippery elm in yoghurt every night. After 16 weeks I’d love to sort this one out!

    The key to keeping things moving for me is ground flax seed–(not whole flax seed which can pass through your system undigested). I make sure to have about a tablespoonful each day. Sometimes sprinkled on salads, in my fast day evening cup of miso soup, in yogurt, in my low-carb pancake batter (1 egg, 1/4 cup whole milk ricotta cheese, 1 Tbsp soy flour, 1 Tbsp ground flax seed, dash of salt–delicious and much healthier than regular pancakes. These pancakes are my treat the morning after my fast day.) Flax seed is also rich in omega-3 fats so it is a good alternative to fish as a source of omega-3s for vegetarians.

    Thanks for that Pixie. I’ll go out and look for ground flaxseed. Hope I can find some in small town Australia or do you order it on the Internet. The last week I have been taking psyllium in orange juice at night followed by a glass of water and its been working better. Not perfect yet but still working on it. All suggestions gratefully accepted.

    If you can’t find them already ground you can buy whole flax seeds and put them in a blender if it’s capable of grinding tiny seeds. I tried grinding them in a little chopper thing I have but they just spun around and remained whole. When I tried the blender it worked better. Good luck.

    My wife and I have been doing the 5:2 diet since April 1st and have had great results. I’ve lost 22 lbs. and she has lost 15. I am having trouble with constipation but only for the last week or so. I drink lots of water and since I started the diet I am walking about 15 miles per week. I saw a comment about flax seed which I will try. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’ve thought about talking to my doctor but haven’t done so yet.

    You may try a bit of foods with red sauce or syrup during the week…both seem to have good effects on the GI system.

    Pixie-Pie1 I am with you on this one. On non fast days I have a serving of cracked flax seed with my breakfast. I have it either with porridge or in a glass of veg juice blended first thing in the morning. It works for me.
    Holland and Barrat sell cracked seed although at a premium price.

    Yes. I’m five weeks in and I have suffered constipation. Suffered like I’ve never suffered from it before. That’s despite drinking heaps and heaps of liquid in herbal tea during my fast days. I am going to try using Nu-lax proactively. We’ll see! Otherwise I’ve lost some weight and I now enjoy some previously forbidden food during my 5-days. I do find the two days a mental struggle but have stuck at it for the sake of long term health.

    Husband is suffering with constipation. IM losing weight and inches and feel great. He’s not losing much but become increasingly constipated. Have bought fresh figs today to see if that helps.

    Hi ljc1011, if you can buy Kiwi fruit, try getting your husband to eat at least 2-3 of these a day, that should do the trick πŸ™‚

    Both me and my wife have been on the Fast Diet for 7 weeks. We both have lost circa 8 pounds but we both suffer from constipation. I am 58 and eat prunes, apricots, dates, figs and other high fibre foods and went daily before going on the diet. Things have changed. I went on Friday 23 August 2013 and next went Tuesday 28 August. Seems from the posts that constipation is a common problem.

    Constipation happens.

    I though everyone goes through this, at least at some point in their life.

    Aside from also reading a book, perhaps a better approach that I often use is colon cleansers.

    Nature needs help, even if it’s asked indirectly.

    I have just had the worse case of constipation ever and now have piles (haemorroids) Im miserable and in so much pain. On Sunday (Tuesday here) I couldnt even walk I was in too much pain. I edrink thre litres of water a day and exercise 5 days a week.

    Im in week 14 of 52ing. I had noticed I wasnt pooping as well as what I used to before I started 5:2 it was hit and miss really. Im not surprised I was constipated as I have cut out alot of carbs but the past week has been terrible.

    Im now skulling back Metamucil which is a fibre powder supplement full of fibre. They say it can take up to three days for it to work. Im now in day two and havent had alot happen so hopefully tomorrow I will be all ok and wont have to see a doctor.

    Sorry for going into detail :/

    P.S Im also fasting today (this wont put me off, no way lol)

    Poor you!

    I don’t know if this will help but in an effort to go vegan a while ago I only ate plant foods for a couple of weeks …. leafy greens, any green veg in general and, although I eventually went back to eggs and cheese, it had a very strong side effect, if you get my drift. Might be an idea for a few days? Good luck.

    Hi Chrissie,

    Im not eating alot of green vege. I used to before I started this woe so need to pick up the pace again. I love Brocoli especially so will pick the pace up again when I go food shopping next.

    Constipation…yep here too the first week.
    Lactulose…did not do anything
    Movicol…nothing either
    Senna…too much of a good thing!

    Now I just take a Magnesium supplement daily, keeps me regular and keeps headaches at bay as well!
    Bottom and top happy again!

    By the way leafy greens, are good for almost everything…they fill you up, keep you regular, contain a full range of goodies and on top af that are as low cal. as you could wish for.
    Leafy greens must have been designed for fast days πŸ™‚

    never have

    but if u have high fiber foods w/ protein u will be fine

    healthiest high fiber food list

    What can high-fiber foods do for you?

    Support bowel regularity
    Help maintain normal cholesterol levels
    Help maintain normal blood sugar levels
    Help keep unwanted pounds off

    examples of a healthy fiber protein fastday meal
    super quick

    i’m addicted 2 this so far 4 brunch w/out chicken

    Broccoflower, raw 2 cup 40
    Eggs, fried, no fat added 1 medium egg(s) 63

    caesar dressing homemade mix below in chopper w/ seasons garlic etc

    Almonds, unroasted 4 28
    flaxmilk unsweetened ΒΌ cup 6
    Olives, black 4 medium 17
    Vinegar 1 teaspoon 1
    Cheese, Parmesan, dry grated 1/2 tblsp 11

    Chicken, breast, boneless skinless wegmans 1 medium breast 110
    sprinkle on top
    Popcorn, air-popped (no butter or oil added) 1 cup, popped 31

    Your Menu Total 307 cals

    hope this helps
    the site above will help you replace the fibers

    Like Jannine, I take a magnesium supplement everyday. I started because folks with asthma, and migraines are often low in magnesium. one side constipation. have to be careful though, over 4 or 5 hundred milligrams can cause diarrhea. I also try to eat lots of fiber, along with the tons of water. good luck, hope you see some improvement soon.

    Seeing the magnesium recommendations and remembering that milk of magnesia can help with constipation, I’ve just been shocked to see, on the web, that milk of magnesia has been banned in the UK by the EU ruling that is contains too much sulphate!

    This post reminded me that I’ve bought some hi-fibre sachets to make a drink with – to get things moving – not quite constipation – and so I thought, I’d better have one.
    Please be advised – if you make a hi-fibre drink, then best drink it immediately. If you let it stand, as distracted me just did for 20 minutes, then what was dissolved, swells up in the glass and turns into an unpleasant thickish gel – at least I know now what usually happens next.

    The worst constipation I’ve had, was on the Cambridge diet – unbelievable pain! And it happened both times that I did the diet.

    Not too bad with fasting, just not as regular as I’m used to – so some days I can feel a small bit bloated, hence I’ve decided to have a hi-fibre drink or two on a fast day.

    Funny enough I have been a bit the other way

    For constipation I would suggest Panda Liquorice from Holland and Barret it is natural and gentile it also taste’s nice, not sure of the cal content but who cares if it helps you to go
    Just a piece about half an inch or an inch before bed and that should do the trick
    Good luck

    Wow – I did not know that Finnish panda licorice is available abroad! Licorice does help with constipation.

    However, has any of you tried psyllium?
    I have understood that it is very powerful.

    It is even used for horses which eat too much sand or soil, to get it out from their stomach.

    hi everyone,
    very early on this plan i did find i wasnt as regular and put it down to not eating as much. but then i had constipation, after suffering very badly with this after doing the cambridge diet the same as snedger mentions, i didnt want to be in that state again so i took califig, (syrup of figs) it worked a treat i always remember my mum giving it to me as a child. very rarely need it now as everything seems to have settled. xx

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    4 ur topics & replies

    wish there was a better way ugh

    I am very happy to find this forum and don’t know why I didn’t think of checking it sooner. I have loved my progress on the fast diet. I have lost 20 lbs in 8 weeks and it has not been a huge effort. My diet on off days has changed for the better too. Many of the recipes in the cookbook I have incorporated into my daily life. In general, I have been eating a LOT more vegetables low GI and GL fruits, drinking LOTS and LOTS of water. Despite all this, I am having huge problems with constipation (both on fast days and non fast days). I am very frustrated with it and was surprised that a bigger deal wasn’t made about it in the book. I have resorted to enemas, and multiple types of laxatives. I have been exercising a fair amount but probably not as much as people here suggest. I will do more and try some of the remedies recommended. I am hoping to get back to a regular state.

    I just wondered if your wife’s constipation issues have lingered. I have tried multiple things and it’s been difficult. Trying prunes. Lets hope they work.

    Dried or tinned prunes always work for me when the problem arises, plus a few dried apricots, plenty of water everyday. Rhubarb is good too, though I appreciate not everyone likes it. In general, plenty of fruit and veg, Allbran or bran flakes. A few mugs of strong fresh coffee sometimes works too. Hope these suggestions help.


    Hello to all Bunged Up people!

    I thought I would mention Oatbran to you.

    I would suffer from this kind of problem definitley- all the time-except I include Oatbran in my diet (made by Mornflake in UK).

    I tend to have it in with my normal branflake cereal in the morning; I also made a decision to have still have it on my fast days so I don’t develop the problem in the first place.

    It is high in fibre and this definitely aids regularity and also softens-if you get my drift.

    Also a fantastic side benefit and the reason I started to take it in the first place; is that it helps to ‘actively reduce cholesterol’.

    It says on the tin (no really it’s a packet) that ‘Oatbran works by absorbing excess cholesterol on its way through your body. So, by sprinkling some of the Oatbran onto your meals you’ll be getting the benefit without any fuss’.

    Take heed though; I’m sure I read somewhere that when it is going through your system; it uses up 16 times the equivalent of what you are taking in water from your body. So make sure you have extra water to compensate for this.

    I can also remember something about soluble and insoluble fibre; can’t remember which this is. Do your own research if you are interested.

    Hope this helps
    Oops should have mentioned-it’s only Β£1.73 so won’t break the bank

    Hi All,

    Have been on the 5:2 for about 8 weeks, had lost 17lbs, was enjoying increased activity (gym/walking), energy and general wellbeing. Was eating well and drinking loads of water. Became very constipated and over the counter remedies did not work (Tried from Tuesday to Yesterday with no joy) Sorry if too much info. Pharmacist gave me pessary which tried and worked today, phew! Have not been tracking/fasting since Tuesday in case it made things worse. Have been really low as concerned if this was a side effect of fasting (even though was fine for the first 7 weeks). I am keen to resume as feel out of sorts not being so focused on healthy foods/lifestyle. Funny how we take good digestion for granted, until something goes out of balance.Will start Monday with a fast. Has anyone else experienced similar? If so what worked and how can I stop it becoming a problem? Thanks

    Poor you, I suffered from this for years until I finally plucked up the courage to see my GP. He put me on Movicol 2 sachets a day and it works a dream. If I have the odd day when I dont go, I simply dont worry about it, it will work out within a day or two. I also make sure that I have enough fibre and on non-fast days have porridge or all-bran for breakfast as they are both high in fibre. I can understand that if you had previously had a high carb diet, then changeing this to a much lower carb regime, might result in constipation and so if you want to stay with the change, which sounds like a good one, talk to your GP. There are very simple solutions to help you with this.

    Thankyou Kipkatzz. That sounds like good advice. Will return to my usual fast tomorrow, Monday and make an appointment with my GP while keeping a mindful eye on fibre, fluid and exercise. How are you doing with this lifestyle? Thanks again πŸ™‚

    Update: My constipation is no longer a problem. I got a colonic and then started taking an ounce of Aloe Vera juice in the morning and before bedtime. I feel better than ever. The colonic made a big difference.

    There is one major cause of constipation and that’s not eating enough veggies, greens and other high fiber foods like oats. You can bet if you eat enough of this stuff on fast and non-fast days there is no way of being constipated. You’ll be going once or twice a day and farting like a horse to boot until your body gets used to all that fiber. The problem most of us have is that even before 5-2 we were barely getting enough roughage to keep us regular.

    “has any of you tried psyllium?

    I have understood that it is very powerful.

    This is an ingredient in the colon cleanser that I’ll use this week on my feed days.


    I’ve been doing the 5:2 diet since March and feel great – lost just under a stone, no probs sleeping, But I’m finding I’m just SO windy! I am farting for Britain! Any suggestions? (no probs with constipation)

    “I am farting for Britain!”

    Which IF are you doing?


    The Mosley Fast Diet – Mondays and Thursdays, I stick to <500 cals.

    Remember the Liver Cleansing Diet? That had.a great recipe for LSA (Linseed, Sesame Seed & Almonds) and it’s great for the gut as well as being a great substitute for sugar etc on cereals. It’s also great on salads.
    Recipe: 120grms of Linseed, 60grms of Sesame Seeds, 30grms of Almonds (see the obvious percentage?)
    Grind everything together and you have yummy, nutritious mix.
    The LC Diet book also has some fantastic recipes, which I will be using along with my IF.
    The book would go almost hand in hand for healthy eating habits but not the actual cleansing, which can take weeks

    Wow! Thank you so much Maureen, for taking the time to post me this! I’ll definitely give it a try – sounds delish too!! πŸ™‚

    I AM experiencing this side effect and it’s becoming quite bothersome. Especially since I drink plenty of fluids, eat plenty of greens and fibre. I wasn’t aware of this possible side effect until I read this forum. Interesting. Will try some of the solutions mentioned in the forum. Thank you. I’ve been on this WOE for 4 weeks now and have come to a halt with weight loss…probably attributed to the constipation. I do continue to lose inches however. Plugging on.

    Constipation is the only problem my husband and I are having on the 5:2 diet. I drink loads of water, as well as coffee in the morning and herb tea.

    I fully understand that there’s no reason to go every day, but without doing so, stools become so hard and uncomfortable to pass. I really hurt myself straining last time.

    I’ve decided to ditch the porridge for bran flakes, and added some oat bran. I’ve also bought Glycogel, but a bit wary about the instructions to drink two sachets a day.

    Is it something that I’d have keep on with?

    The bran flakes plus added bran for two days seem to have done the trick. I also think that I wasn’t eating enough on non- fast days. Loads of broccoli with my omelette yesterday, too.

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