Anyone fasting (no caloric intake) on alternate days wants a buddy?

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Anyone fasting (no caloric intake) on alternate days wants a buddy?

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  • 193.4lb after the run! lol I know it is water weight and what not, but still nice to see it going down rather than up. Usually those runs suppress my appetite, so I’m not hungry, however I don’t feel like extending the fast overnight. I’ll have my lovely keto meal and salad in 3-4hours, and then I can eitehr do OMAD again, or a 36h.

    May 13/ 161.8/ EFD (Egg Fast Day)

    @165gw – must woot woot first – 193.4 yeah buddies! You’re doing it. It’s happening, even if its just for a little while, you know you are getting there. I think it’s great to celebrate!

    Monday morning and I started the Egg Fast. I decided since I’m limited with food I’d start the app with it just so I can have a record of the fast. It sounds so weird to be doing an Egg fast, but I find it kinda fun. I really like the challenge of cooking with ONLY eggs and adding cheese if I want. I feel like its an art project. At 3 x 5 days that’s at least 15 meals. I also realize that I don’t want to get board or jut go COMPLETELY out of my egg mind, I will need to keep it a little different for some meals.

    On Sat, I had 3 Peach Cobbler beers! (And don’t regret it, they were so good!) Did pretty good as I only went up to 161.2 on Sunday morning and I decided to have a NFD on Sunday and only went up .6 from that which may (fingers crossed) settle out after this first fasting day. We shall see 🙂

    That is PROGRESS to not have sore knees! I like your expression better (touch wood) ours is knock on wood. And right on! Finishing before the kids! That is an accomplishment I’d be psyched!

    @165gw – We all need reminders about things, my sweetheart reminds me all the time about using the Natural Calm, because I’ll use it for a while and then forget. – Hope you don’t get sick and if you do give yourself time to rest. Lots of soup and liquids is what I find helpful if I get a touch of something.

    After I do a vigorous yoga class I find I’m more hungry if I have been eating Keto style. So unless I’m outright water fasting, I’ll have a snack. I’m rooting for ya on your OMAD or 36hr.

    Thank you, Rabbette! I ended the fast at 27h. It was a strange feeling–I wasn’t hungry, but I really wanted to eat something nutritious! I felt I needed it. I had a plate of brocolli with a little bit of cheese, bell peppers, eggs and bacon, and a tomato-feta salad. Then coffee and nuts for dessert.

    Right after eating I was ambitious and started a 45h fast on the app. After eating a large keto meal I feel like I won’ be hungry for days lol I think the timing of this fast is really good and I should be able to finish, especially after a couple of shorter fasts.

    I love how you are seeing the egg fast as an art project! When I imagined doing it myself I literally imagined soft boiled eggs for day on end ha ha. Good job at actually thinking past the boiled eggs concept.

    Thank you for the liquids reminder. I had an pleasant discovery this morning. I steeped some ginger and turmeric roots and then added plain soda water to the mixture, about half and half. It was bubbly and absolutely delicious. Like the best gingerale, and no sweetener! I’m steeping more of the roots now, so that I can have this anti-inflammatory fizzy water later in he day. I hope it helps me with the possible Plague that my kids might be experiencing lol (they are getting the same mixture but with honey and echinacea tea).

    This is interesting that keto makes you more hungry after a class. Hm…I have noticed some years ago that light to moderate cardio can kill my appetite, keto or no keto. If it wasn’t so stupid-cold today, I would have continued my fast. The weather does affect me this way–I felt I my body needed the food, even if I wasn’t hungry per se. I am feeling great about it, because I wasn’t out of control and I didn’t overeat.

    I have been experimenting with my stride and using the hips more in order to be kind to my knees, so so far so good. Maybe it is working. I’m also doing straight leg lifts for front and outer thighs. Which made me realize how WEAK my thigs are! I used to do the same exercises with weights on my ankles! Now, without the weights, my muscles trembled. I guess this mean I can experience some pretty rapid improvement in my muscle strength ha ha(trying to look at the positive).

    This might also mean slower weight loss. But from what I have been reading–weight loss does NOT equal fat loss. Meaning that while the weight can be stalling, we are still losing the FAT if we are in the caloric deficit and keto. This is something to remember when there is a plateau. The 193-ish area was so good to see though–I’m getting closer to the 180s!!!!

    I’m going to get some interesting beers in July–when it is actually hot ha ha. I can already imagine a bonfire and beer. Ahhhhh….summer…(cold here today lol).

    Good luck with your Artistic Egg Fasting. You should make sure you take photos of each meal and then you can have a collage of the project!

    I posted a long (typical ha ha) reply this morning and now I see it is not there. Hm. I’ll try again.

    We ARE getting there and each step makes a huge difference, despite the little variations and back-and-forths.

    I’m very impressed with how you are thinking of the Egg Fast in such creative terms! When I imagine my own egg fast I see hard boiled eggs in front of my eyes! You should take a photo of each of your egg meals and by the end you will have an Art Project about your Epic Egg Fast (feast?)

    I look forward to some beer experiments during warm summer nights—beer and bonfires sound appealing. At least those are my thoughts on a colder, gray day in May. 13, 19

    I AM very psyched about the W2D2 and I’m cautiously optimistic about my knees. I am going to get one of those “Back on Track” magnetic something / heat redirecting something blah blah knee braces, I think. To pamper my knees after running.

    I started making turmeric and ginger fizzy water and it is DELICIOUS! I steeped organic turmeric roots and some ginger and then diluted with plain soda and it was like the best gingerale ever. I hope this helps me with inflammation as well (the knees and the Plague that my kids are having).

    Hm, I’m ALWAYS not hungry after a slight cardio, not matter whether I am eating keto or not. Which is kind of a win-win.

    I ended up breaking my fast at 27 hours and ate a lovely keto meal—broccoli with cheese, bell pepper, tomato and feta and olive oil salad, bacon and eggs and black coffee (ran out of cream!) with a small handful of nuts. It was rather interesting. I wasn’t hungry, but I had this strong urge to nourish my body with food. I ate a large meal, but not as large as on some days, and I didn’t overeat! It was really a great feeling.

    As usually, right after a meal I feel so full and content that I think I won’t be ready to eat for hours. So I started another fast on the app! I plugged in 45 hours, so my goal is to fast all day tomorrow and eat Wednesday morning. It’s been 10h and I wasn’t hungry all day, even a little bit! Which was kind of weird and super nice. I was at a food court with a friend and wasn’t tempted even by the smells. I just sipped my water.

    I wonder of OMAD could be a good option then in the future! That’s exciting. I will do a longer fast until Wednesday morning though. I want to challenge myself. The challenge here is that normally I start fasts much closer to the evening, then at 36 hours it is morning, and it is easy to extend to 44 or so. This time I started the fast at 1pm and this means tomorrow night I will be at 31 hours! I’m excited to test this out.
    Tomorrow is my upper body work out with the free weighs, and I’ll do more thigh strengthening as well. Today I mostly did the stretches.

    So I am at 24 h water fasting and my kid brings over a grilled cheese sandwich he’s just made and starts explaining how he followed a youtube tutorial and this is the best gcs and I should examine it in detail. He was so proud too.

    At first i was fine but now EVERYTHING smells of gcs.

    I’ll persevere. Until tomorrow morning. Depsite the aromas and the cold rainy day. I am doing it for autophagy.

    May 14/161.2/EFDx2

    I’m almost mad at that number! If I had been water fasting I would be down at least 1lb! Oh you scaly wag Mr. Particular. Actually let me run upstairs right now and do a re-count. Ha **106.8*** Thats better, but I do wonder what I’m doing wrong?? Although I do remember yesterday it was egg-ceptionally hard for me to drink water. Today is better tho.

    Breakfast was 2 scrambled eggs with avocado.
    Lunch was egg salad (mayo without sugar can be used as your OIL) that must be consumed with the egg.
    Dinner was a-friggin-mazing egg drop soup. I was making dinner for my SO and cut up their “hot sausage” and cooked it in my chicken broth, took all the sausage out and then dropped my eggs in. OH MY GOSH it had the BEST flavor! Totally want to do that again.

    Breakfast 2 eggs scrambled each with a table spoon of Irish Butter o_O and this time with cheese.
    Lunch was the egg salad as I really was looking forward to it and figured I should eat it while I’m excited about it.
    Dinner – I’m looking forward to the egg drop soup again, although I do not have any sausage for flavoring, maybe I’ll just sprinkle in some Ol’Bay.

    I’d say the hardest thing for me is to eat the 1 tbl of FAT that I need to eat with EACH EGG! I’m getting to know myself and that I’m not a die-hard fan of butter. I mean I like a little and to me a little goes along way. I’m also like that with cheese. Whew this is testing my limits of both an oil(FAT) and cheese. Luckily the cheese is listed as optional So I don’t have it with every meal but if I feel like changing up the eggs – I have it.

    I did get cream cheese yesterday which I haven’t had in ages. So I’ll see I if I can shake a leg and maybe make a quiche. I’m also intrigued with a recipe I found for a Cream Cheese Pancake (although I’m totally NOT a fan of separating eggs and beating the whites till they peak ;-( so it may not happen.

    Oh and the Salted Carmel Custard – yeah that one is another recipe that I must make.

    NOT hungry after cardio? Oh my gosh I’d say I’m super hungry or at least super thirsty which used to mean hungry in my head.

    Oh My gosh a grilled cheese sandwich! I can imagine the stone cold look in your eyes as you try not to even look at it and just nod your head and say “um-hum”

    Getting to autophagy go team go!

    PS I might say that WFD are easier. I’m finding I’m in-between NOT hungry and VERY hungry all the time. Hope this is just a beginning phase.

    Aw, enjoy your Artistic Egg Experiment and don’t second guess your weight. It is not a linear progression anyway, so there is no way of knowing what Mr. Particular would be saying if you were WF. Also, not enough is known about fasting to make any predictions. Maybe a slower loss on the Egg Experiment will lead to a faster loss right after. The Whoosh Effect.

    Do you have to eat butter, or it can be coconut oil? What about mixing cocoa powder with melted coconut oil and then freezing it an ice cube mold? I love biting into frozen coconut oil, especially if it is “chocolate!” Or you can make bite pea size portions of it and just swallow.

    I do ADORE all kind of cheeses though, so I’d do well on a cheese diet ha ha. Butter, not so much. To enjoy butter I really need bread. Speaking of bread, I bought low carb / keto bread for the first time ever! I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m excited about it!

    I used to make cream cheese and almond flour pancakes! Yum! I often ignore the “separate the yolks from the whites blah blah” in recipees haha. I probably end up with something quite substandard. Now I want a cream cheese / almond flour pancake.

    The Salted Caramel Custard–oh, this I need to look up!

    I hope you enter a better Egg phase and find a good balance. And I hope you don’t end up hating eggs! They are such a tasty and convenient protein.

    My day was devoted to fighting my ahem…constipation. It’s been getting progressibely worse in the last several days, maybe a week, and it would be just like me to totally ignore and hope it would resolve on its own. Considering all the veggies I had the last time, I was sort of expecting for the issue to resolve. I hardly even have constipation, so I’m not used to taking immediate measures.

    So today wasn’t a clean fast. I had Natural Calm 3 times. And a daily fiber (with no added sugar, but definitely sweet) 3 times as well. And had several cups of the senna tea. Googled yoga poses and accupressure points and implemented. Jogged on the spot (horrid rain outside). Did stretches. Drank LOTS of water. I think there’s a minor improvement.

    I have some prunes, and I might break Keto tomorrow for the sake of my digestion. Apples, prunes, coconut oil, saurkraut, greek yogurt and broccoli will be a part of my day, if things don’t improve substantially by morning. I can’t stand that tea anymore, so it has to be something else. I almost had the prunes today (I LOVE prunes) but decided to wait if the third cup of tea will do its work overnight. I’d rather not break keto, if I don’t have to.

    The good thing is, I wasn’t hungry today ha ha.

    192.2!!! Broke my fast at 48h.

    This is 10lb down from April 16th! Knowing how things fluctuate, it is probably 8lb down, but still AMAZING.

    I did my W2D3 run and for one of the runs did 3 minutes, intead of the 90sec. W3 is 3 min runs, and I was scared and wanted to test it. I barely made it, but I made it. I did my run solo as now both of my running companions are sick.

    I had a tomato, cucumber, avocado, arugula / spinach salad with no dressing. I find that when I have tomatoes and avocados + salt, I don’t ever want any dressing, not even olive oil.

    My calories are around 850, and the carbs are 50-60, so moderate low carb and not keto, but I’m working on my Digestion mostly today. I took Natural Calm Magensium and will take Digestive Aid as well. I can’t stand that senna tea. I might throw up just thinking about it.

    Next meal is brocolli. Possibly the prunes. The prunes alone will be 60 carbs.

    I do want my bacon and eggs for supper though!

    Goals for today–lots of water, lots of stretches, and better digestion!

    How is your Eggventure, Rabbette?

    May 15/ 159.6/EFD x3

    I still like eggs (thank goodness) Today for sake of time I still just made them scrambled then went off to teach. Came home had a mini egg salad *as you are suppose to eat after you walk, which I led a vigorus yoga class, I assume they mean eat after exercise, if I ate after just walking I might be eating eggs non-stop. Ha I realized I had a typo, my number yesterday started at 161.2 then the re-count was 160.8 but I’m sure you know that I was NOT suddenly 106lbs. HA the egg fast would be a bit egg-stream!

    I keep reading and looking up different articles about it and what people observe, I think we have already made these observances on our water fast. 3 days in and I’m going to stick it out to 5, but I don’t have high hopes as what I observed from others and how much they lost doing an egg fast… which has been around 10lbs! So far I’m only -2ish lbs and thats if you count that I started from the 161.8 on the first day of the egg fast.

    I did make an egg-citing discovery (besides for all the different ways I can egg-spress my words, oh my gosh just tape my mouth shut, errr i guess since I’m typing tape my fingers behind my back) My discovery is that I made Crepes. I never had even tried to do that b/c I though it would be to difficult. But they came out pretty good and they were not that hard, I would definitely make they again to change up breakfast time.

    I like most of the eating for LCHF, but I do not like that a lot of dessert recipes call for artificial sweeteners, I feel like there should be some kind of dessert that doesn’t need sweeter?

    Oh my I hardly ever have constipation, but when I do, I usually always have it at a camping festival. My body seems to make sure I’m not anywhere near the comforts of home. When I have experienced a bit of discomfort – my go to is also prunes, they work every time. Yoga poses that help would be a squat, lie on your back hold one knee into your chest, then do other leg, Childs pose and forward folds. I like the forward folds while seated then you can stay for a good 3-5 minutes.

    I did not think this egg fasting through b/c I am attending a dinner with my SO on Sunday! This dinner will prob not be anywhere near keto AND it will have beer. And really I’m not going to not have beer, I just need to accept that fact.

    I think some things I have learned is that I would rather do an extended water fast Or even OMAD with WF at the beginning of each day. I get better results and I don’t feel like I’m always thirsty. AND forcing myself to eat butter. I do Like your suggestion of the coconut oil and coco… will look into it. I don’t think I’m allowed to have the chocolate tho on the Egg Fast.

    I also had some natural calm today as my LEGS have had a flare up of achy/cramps/tightness/ My SO said I was moving my feet like a machine every thirty seconds I would twirl my feet.…. Wondering If I’m sensitive to eggs??? None the less since I have this dinner on Sunday I will need to start my transition on Friday evening. B/c everything recommends 2 days of still eggs in the morning and one LCHF dinner.

    Hope your bathroom time is soon something to celebrate.

    May 16/159.0/EFD

    a total of -2.8lbs down. I guess thats not too bad, considering the amount of calories I ate every day with an Egg Fast – lets do some *fun* calculations (*I’m being sarcastic)
    77 cal per Egg
    100 per TBL Butter
    110 per oz Cheese
    x 6 = WOW 1722 calories!!! +Had an egg and butter after workout *b/c It said too do that. Thats an egg-tra 177 calories

    Total of 1,899 calories per day – Now this is AMAZ-BALLS considering I did still lose weight. That is VERY interesting. However I do not feel this is the WOL for me. I will take WFD and regular FD over this for the future.

    I’m considering transitioning tonight with a Keto meal. I’m feeling deficient and just outright hungry. I don’t like feeling hungry all the time, I think that is why I like water fasting, I don’t feel like this doing that.
    *_*_*_*_*_* Actually scratch that – I just got up and poured a bowl of plain arugula. I do not need to prove anything else to myself. I need greens! Besides I’m still suppose to have eggs for breakfast & Lunch tomorrow for transition days.

    I throughly stuck to it for 3.5 days and while weight loss was not dramatic – I did lose and I did learn a boat load new ways to make eggs! It was not all a loss – I will say egg-spiriment is complete. Haha

    How are your workouts going? Knees still good?

    I can’t believe we are 1/2 way through may! My may start of 162.2 I’m only down -2.2 for the month, but hey, I’m downward not upward so I’m not going to feel bad. Just going to try a WF next week. (Debating how many days…) possibly just go for 72 hours and then extend it if I am feeling good and OK with it.

    Tag You’re it!

    It honestly sounds like a LOT to lose almost 3lb in 3.5 days, especially eating all those calories. It is amazing you stuck to it. That’s some will power. I’m sure you want some variety in foods before water fasting! Well deserved too.

    I think when people have a 10lb weight loss from this, it is because they stopped eating carbs and that’s the initial “water weight”. We’ve already passed that stage with fasting. So your actual Fat Loss was amazing.

    Today is my off day for running, but I did squats and upper body exercises.

    My ahem…Bowel Movement Issue…hasn’t resolved. Yesterday was devoted to: drinking water every hour, eating prunes and nuts, eating grated apple, drinking more water, drinking digestive drink and magnesium. All with minimal results. I’ve never been constipated, so I don’t even know what too expect. Sure, I had a day of a hard bm, but nothing that prunes wouldn’t immediately take care of.

    Today was spent at home devoted to 1. drinking water every hour. 2. Making and drinking prune juice every hour (Well, made prune juice once, but a lot). 3. Drinking water with chia seeds every hour. 3.a. Drinking Senna tea in the morning and in the afternoon. 4. Doing various yoga poses. 5. Feeling sick of prune juice 6. drinking miso soup and some brine. 6. Mildly freaking out. 7. researching suppoositories. 8. Making a coconut oil DIY suppository–no help. 9. Mildly freaking out again. 10. Regretting I ate at all yesterday. I should have fasted.

    The results of all this is upset stomach, some loose stools, and I’m still constipated. I hope that an enema and some suppositories will be delievered later today and I hope something will help.

    It has been a very long and tiring day, but hey, it is a liquid fast! I expect some drop in weight after the BM issue is resolved. Ha ha.

    At this point I’m somewhat worried about eating again! But I will start slowly and probably will leave Keto alone for a week.

    I hope I will have a good weight, run, and BM update tomorrow lol

    Bad news first. TOM. BM issues not better. 196lb (thanks, TOM and BM).

    Great news: run Week 3 Day 1, which has 3 segments of 3 minutes running, and it felt great! I think it was supposed to be only 2 segments lasting 3 minutes, and the others 90 sec, but my app acted weird and I listend to it and ran 3. I hope my knees are okay tomorrow.

    I had a liquid fast yesterday and will do a liquid fast today. I’m still clocking it as a fast on the app, but will delete it later. I had chicken broth last night.

    Today I had prune juice…and now about to drive to the pharmacy for reinforcements. This is getting ridiculous. Having HUGE regrets on not acting on this earlier when I had the first signs. Why did I think it would resolve oono its own when I switched to Keto and stopped all the fruits?? I should have known better. Idiot. (me.)

    May 17–the Infamous Liquid Fasting Day. Prune juice, water, fizzy water, chicken broth, some fake aloe vera drink (just forget the no sugar resolve for now), sweatener-free flavoured soda (why the heck not). Rinse and Repeat.

    With so many different OTC things for constipation I wasn’t even sure what to get. Decided to get the Big Gun–Miralax. The fact that it says “Should produce a bm in 2-3 days” was oddly reassuring–this means that not having a bm for 2-3 days is not the end of the world (like I thought! If the hospitl was closer and if husband was in town, I would have already gone lol)

    Reading more about it made me even more glad I never let my kids take it–horrid stuff especially for kids. My son was constipated when he was 18 months and I did everything to avoid Miralx, and I’m glad I found other ways to help him. I hope it at least works for me! lol

    Googling about constipation symptoms and how to heal was odd–it was really hard to find real information, and a lot of it was indirect ads without giving you any answers. Looking at the constipation shelf at the store made me realize it is a freaking INDUSTRY. Kind of sad.

    I’m feeling well, except that I’m bloated and today was not a good day to take a new set of BEFORE pics lol. But I figured out how to take them in my mirror (awkward mirror.) I’m also tired of drinking so much, but I’m careful not to be dehydrated.

    Most sources say to not do a liquid diet when constipated. But again, most sources would not support water fasting, so I wonder if liquid fasting information is not looked at objectively eitehr. I’m not sure where the truth is, and it makes sense to do a liquid fast, but maybe I’m wrong. I plan to continue the liquid fast for the next couple of days or until the situation improves. Eating something seems counter-intuitive and a bit scary.

    I have to figure out how to start eating solids. Miralax is horrid for intestinal bacteria, so I will need to focus on probiotics first. I’m thinking kombucha and kefir and the special medicinal probiotic yogurt as the first meals, followed by steel cut oatmeal and fruits / veggies. Keto will have to wait.

    I’m not sure whether the the first day after the liquid fast should be an eating day or a water fasting day. I guess I will play it by ear.

    May 18/160.8/NFD

    Oh my goodness. Dear @165gw, you poor thing. Hugs. Maybe a monster hug… I could squeeze it out of you. Awe.

    And just so you know not everyone has a BM everyday and it is ok, I don’t and if I’m water fasting I won’t. I mean certain meds can inhibit folks from having a BM for a week. So give yourself some space, to create space. I do hope you can find some comfort.

    From what i’m reading on the subject you are doing all good things to get the flow going. Maybe more Coffee? And we have this stuff here called Epson Salt (sodium chloride) you can put a teaspoon into 8oz water and drink it. I feel bad that you are having such a struggle, you darling soul. You might transition from the liquid fast to fruit or broth with some veggies. Veggies are known to give good fiber that can help move things along. Onions and garlic is also suppose to help.

    – – Yesterday, I held strong to my water fasting (I knew we would be going to this little day festival so I held out all my calories in anticipation.) I did make a bowl of broth with veggies before going so that I would not be temped with buying foods there since it can be quite expensive! (vender foods in this town can be quite good, like we have this one that has bowls of grains, black beans, avocado, with veggies on top. They change the grain and veggies for different dishes they serve.) We also have traditional not healthy stuff like funnel cake, fried foods and what not, but I don’t find I’m ever overly tempted by that stuff unless I just feel a whim b/c I’ve not had a funnel cake in 3 years and I get one to split with my SO.

    Debated on OMAD, but I feel hungry (prob all the mixed drinks) my sweetheart was happy go lucky at home with cocktails and it’s nice just throwing caution to the wind *I mean jeez we are two gown adults playing mixologist at home.

    I really want to do an extended water fast next week. After all the eggs, butter and cheese I feel I need a re-set.

    @rabbette: you are so warm and positive! Your kind words lifted me up. Thank you!

    Good things first: I went for a run and felt GREAT. Week 3, Day 2 is DONE. I even went for a speedy 2km walk after the run. I’m water fasting today, 24 by now.

    Not so good things: Well, I don’t think things are improving at all. Today is Day 2 on Miralax, and the bottle says it produces a BM in 1-3 days. After some research I uppsed my dosage to twice a day. I’m going to take one more dose late tonight and if there is no improvement by tomorrow (day 3.5) I’m going to the local ER to be checked out.

    I’m reluctant to take more fiber or more stimulant laxatives because everything says not to overload your system. Yet it seems that the stimulant (senna) and fiber did a better job. For now I have decided to trust Miralax and just wait for another 24 hours.

    Wish me luck! I really don’t want to be at the ER… I do realize that it is okay to go without a bm, and when this has happened to me when I am fasting, but they always resume promptly after eating and they never feel like I have to go but can’t… I’m obvioulsy trying not to google any scary things.

    I hope you had a lovely weekend and had fun at the festival. Water fasting soon?

    @165gw – I’m “on the edge of my seat” so to speak with what is happening with you. Breathe and be. Being check out in the ER can at least give reassurance of what you feel you need to do/or not do.

    Gosh I hope you are feeling better.

    Today my SO and I attended a catered dinner. I had a burger, took 1/2 the bread off it and a small bit of macaroni salad. I would say I drank most of my calories. Which would also explain why I am wide awake at 1am. Eeeeep.

    Water fasting you ask…. yes. Actually that’s the plan for this week I have in mind just straight up water M-F but
    open to just Water M,Tu, W and the traditional daysa Th Start our Water with a broth dinner and Friday broth and light veggie soup. (At least that’s my sketch for the Week.

    Can I say I have had terrible RLS after the egg fast. I must be deficient in some vitamins or minerals b/c it’s been a rough week with it.

    Hope you’re able to process your goods and hope my shins stop aching. Cheers to getting older.

    Thank you, Rabbette!! I’m “on the edge of my seat” as well haha. Here are the gory details. Last night I added sennokot to the Miralax and set alarm for 4am. Had a tiny amount of diarhea and nothing else so decided to follow with my plan to go to the local ER (planned to go before it got busy). I’ve never been to a hospital for myself, except for when I had my kids, and even then it was 1 out of 3. I’ve taken my kids to big city ER. That was my first time at a rural hospital ER, all by myself, for myself. 1h from home. At LEAST I knew to check before going that it was open ha ha.

    There was no one there, so I was seen right away. The doctor was a bit annoyed. He said that he would “still check” me (as though doing me a favour), but I should just double Miralax and sennokot and go home. I told him I already had doubled Miralax and he said to just continue with it. He gave me a mixture of something brown, stinky, but sweet to drink when I got home. Unlabelled in the urine sample container and I didn’t ask what it was. He referred to it as “something.” The nurse giggled. I did drink it when I got home. Can I say desperation?

    He dismissed my other symptoms completely.

    Basically the verdict is that unless I’m in pain and throwing up, there is no obstraction and since it took 2 weeks to get to this point, it should take about the same time to get better. Which does make sense.

    I felt that if I were to mention fasting I would be further discredited for my stupid choices (ha ha), so I asked if it was better to eat or not to eat. The way he said “Eat”, in a soft, comforting voice, sounded like he took pity on me, so it seems that fasting is okay. When I mentioned that I had a liquid diet for 2 days he got excited and said, “That must have helped!”. It hadn’t, but my take from it is that fasting and liquid diet are my plan for the next week.

    Emotionally I’m better. I am also relieved that I’m on the right track with the meds as all the sites I read said not to mix them and not to exceed dosage etc. There are 4 types if not 5 of anti-constipation meds and I was unsure whether I was taking the right types for my situation and whether I could combine.

    Physically I’m feeling fine.

    Logically–I do think that something is not completely right with the digestion, but obviously nothing that can be addressed now.

    Sounds like you had a fun weekend! I hope the drinking calories were worth the lack of sleep. Sometimes they totally are!

    Sorry to hear the RLS got worse, especially after getting better with water fasting. I wonder if it was not a lack of something during the egg fast, but the lack of the actual fasting? I hope it gets better with the water fast you have planned.

    I was 93.6lb this morning, a 40h water fast.

    Signed: 43, going on 70

    May 20/ 161.8/ WFD

    I feel like I should write a song about the number 161 – or play the lotto. I mean I’m starting to think that Mr. Particular has a favorite number. We are going to need to have a talk with him and get him to pick a lower favorite number. ah-hem…

    Oh. My. Goodness. well I certainly would still feel all out of sorts with what is going on with the bathroom business, I mean you are on SEVERAL methods to try and get things flowing. I can’t believe the Dr. was a bit dismissive. hummmm I mean its not like you have been to the Dr for anything else in the last few years. I think your concern was/is valid.

    Well I guess we still need to wait it out.

    The crimson wave ride started yesterday and boy does that throw a wrench into getting ready for an evening out. Not only that, but also since I’m in-between sizes I look frumpy in my bigger clothes and not quite slim enough for my smaller clothes. The only other things I have right now that fit me better were a couple of yoga shirts I purchased a couple weeks ago so that I didn’t look so unkept. I don’t like looking untidy, unless I am trying to do it on purpose!

    Well time for me to go and teach! Sooooon you will be back to feeling better and wow look at that number 193.6 and thats before you have rid of your food baby you are holding on to….

    MAY 21, 192.8 (after a 48 WF and 12h liquids fast and after a run)

    @rabbette: 161! Just recently it was 165! You go, girl!! (Weight loss always seems faster when it is not your own!) 159 is next. Mr. Particular is just getting all good and ready. Being in between sizes totally sucks. I guess that’s your motivation for a WF. Love the line about loving looking tidy, unless untidy on purpose haha. I totally get this.

    Re: Bathroom Business. I am cautiously optimistic and now have diarhea. HA!

    The Miralax and the stimulant I had yesterday morning did’t seem to have an effect, but drinking olive oil in the evening seemed to directly correlate with bathroom. Twice. I took Miralax and the stronger OTC stimulant before bed. Woke up–no BM. So I thought that either it all got cleaned out, or in addition to everything I lost the urge to go. Went for a run. Came back. Had BREAKFAST!! Started with kefir, prunes and peach. Waited an hour. Had roased beets and sweet potatoes, saurkraut, black beans and quinoa. (Taking a break for keto for now). Waited a bit. Had half and orange and tea with date and nuts power balls. Had diarhea. Hooray. Something is working. Now I need to be careful at getting all the probiotics and taking it easy.

    Interesting that I didn’t lose any “extra” weight during this Bathroom Ordeal. I mean, I can’t even say, “At LEAST I lost some weight.” Nope. Nada. Back to just under 193lb and after fasting too, so it is probably like 195 again. When Mr. Particular comes back to his senses, tell him to send a telepathic note to Moody.

    I finished my Week 3 in the C25K program. The knees are still well. I was walking after my run today, in the rain, with no glasses on, and a truck stopped by and Someone asked whether I was walking for exercise or needed a ride. I have no clue who it was, but I guess one of the neighbours.

    My plan is to have another complex carbs and greens meal later today and then start a 36h water fast, if things are well in the Bathroom Department.

    I got happy too early. I decided to eat eggs with a bit of ham to see how things would go, and things are not going well. That was a mistake.

    I think I DO need to go of the pills slowly, even though I was hoping that since I wasn’ on them for too long I could quit cold turky.

    Also turns out the herbal tea has way more senna than the pills. Weird. Had the tea. More olive oil and natural calm. I hope this is not back to square one.

    I should really treat the next day as a different type of “fast” and not “back to eating as normal.” Which sucks, but probably my reality for the next week. This is going to be harder than water fasting!

    May 21/159.4/WFD2

    breaking the 161 pattern yay.
    So weak and tired that I had to take 1/2 a day subbed out my classes. I was just too tired. I’m almost to tired to type.

    as for the pills vs senna depends on when the pills need to break down in the body as to how strong they are made. The tea has to go past your whole digestive track.

    As for Keto (and the egg fast) I was a bit stopped up afterwards -so you could be onto something about the Keto. Grains may be our friends. I love quinoa and don’t know if I could ever truly avoid it forever. Unless I get tested for Celiac disease.

    For me I have to come off the WF slowly. Starting with broth then broth with some veggies. Otherwise I’m in the loo for most of the day b/c my stomach or intestines are not ready. Take your time, its a process to come out of fast longer than 36hr.

    I’m so sorry you are feeling so tired! Could you be coming down with something? I hope you feel better soon. I take Elderberry syrup and Orego-flu when I feel I’m coming down with something–seems to help, even if just a placebo effect.

    I grew up with the idea of needing to eat while sick to “nourish” the body, but now I wonder if fasting would actually be better for healing. Thoughts?

    Quinoa is actually naturally gluten free!I love it. I think I’m going to go vegan-ish for now until things stabilize. I need to device a slow plan though. I got too excited about eating. I think the tea had its effect, though, which is good and better than yesterday!

    You are so right about the slow intro of food after a fast. It is important. I simply must do this. I’m really bad at this…I just want to enjoy food again. I know it is all mental and I will work on my mind-over-matter stragetiges.

    I hope you feel better!

    Oh totally missed the 159lb part!!! YAY!!!!! You go!!! That’s so very exciting! I can’t wait until I’m in the 189-land–I need some excitement in the mornings!

    Ah yes u are right about quinoa- it is recommended to give it up only at first because it can cause a gluten reaction.

    This fasting I’ve missed food a bit more. I’m two days in tho so tomorrow should be better. I’ll probably have broth Thursday evening. I forgot I have a belated birthday dinner to attend Friday evening, Not sure About eating dinner yet …. will ponder solutions. – see I need a game plan. So that’s what I do I kinda make a mental note as to when I need to take the next steps with the WFDs

    And yay I made it once again to 159. Now to stay below it is the challenge.

    May 22/159.0/WFDx3

    Third day is a charm right. Fasting today is easier, and i’m less tired. Yay 2 for 1 here. Contemplated the dinner thing friday. I looked at their menu (when I woke at 5:30am with nothing to do, my up time is 7ish) really the only thing that caught my eye was steak tips. Which I’ve never had before, but looked it up and looks awesome. It was that or just a steak. I have craved red meat in this last year WAY more than I ever have. Honestly I had not ate meat for about 10 years and I didn’t even miss it, till some time last year.

    Its prob not the best way to break a fast, I’ll need to have broth with veggies on Thursday night and see how I do. Otherwise I’ll just be sitting there drinking water OR I could just politely decline…. man, then I feel like a party pooper (little do they know that would be the reason I would not be there. Bahahahahahaha)

    speaking of the subject, I sure hope you’re doing better. I’m sorry its been quite the ordeal and feels like it is taking so long to sort itself out.

    I always forget how much easier the 3rd day of a water fast is… sometimes the hard part is making food, but even that is sometimes not that big of a deal. I mean I made my SO an egg, ham, polenta, cheese, quesadilla this morning. Looked good but really just enjoyed that THEY enjoyed it.

    An interesting thing happened at the store tho on Monday that I forgot about till thinking about food, cooking/shopping just now. When I did the food shopping on Monday (1st day of Water Fasting this week). I actually was appalled by most of the food in the grocery store. It was very odd feeling. There were so many food choices that I walked by thinking, why on earth did I ever eat that, and how did we get to this point to have so many processed foods etc. It disturbed me enough that I think I only spent like 35 dollars on food for the week. I came home and hardly put anything in the fridge, realizing that my SO needs to eat! Had to get creative with the little amounts of food that I did buy.

    hope you are having a good day!

    159 is becoming your new old weight! 155 will be here before you know it!

    Good job planning for the dinner and taking all the right steps towards the gradual break of the fast. And awesome that you are feeling better!

    I get this feeling in the store, especially about the processed foods! There is so much junk in the stores. It is awful. Processed and over packaged. I guess we should be grateful we have the choice, as there is time and place for everything. But the standard North American understanding of nutrition and what is heathy to eat is so skewed. My kids take a sports class and their instructrs routinely lectures them on the importants of breakfast (which is fine). But he repeats over and over that Captain Crunch is the best breakfast cereal and that cereal is the best food for breakfast. Mine just roll their eyes after the class to me, as they know that the cereals are all sugar and really not good to start the day with. It is not like they never eat junk food, and that’s fine too–moderation is the key. But some people should never be lecturing on nutrition.

    I think I’m better overall, but no means back to normal and after today I’m even more convinced I need to be ready for the long haul. I decided to do 16-18h “fasts”(funny how this doesn’t feel like a fast now?) until my GI tract is back to normal. I have a feeing I should not take longer breaks from food yet. I had a salad: brocolli, quinoa, sauerkraut, prunes, roasted chickpeas, onions (I made it all up and LOVED it! Going to have more of this kind of salad again. Loved the combination.) Prune juice and fig and prune bars. I risked it and had a little bit of smoked cheese and eggs and ham “muffins.” All of this over 3 small meals. I did drink more of the senna tea, due to feeling constipated, and mostly had diarhea throughout the day. Now it has been alternating. Annoying, but I’m feeling a little bit more in control.

    I’m already looking forward to longer fasts! I cautiously enjoyed eating today, but also had the attitude of “since I’m going to have an upset stomach anyway, let me just eat what I like.” Luckily I like healthy stuff. I am craving the simplicity and clarity of fasting again. I also like the challenge of complete fasting much better than the challenge of small meals under my TDEE lol.

    I forgot to step on the scale in the morning and I’m a little bit worried that I’ll gain weight on the 16-18h fasts and all the carbs, but maybe it will all even out and be okay. My GI health is my priority. I do wish however that I knew what is the best approach–to fast (and give the GI tract a break) or to eat small portions in my eating window. For the moment my intuition say to eat small portions to have it all moving. I can’t find any good information about it, and I know my family dr will just suggest Miralax as a good solution.

    My Week 4 run is tomorrow–I hope my knees do fine. It is a longer run, I think 5 min of running in one go!

    I’m glad you had a good Day 3. Onwards to 155!


    It started to seem that I haven’t lost any weight in May with all the fluctuations, but the app reminded me that my weight on May 1st was 198lb and the lowest weight just at the end of April that lasted a couple of days was 196. So I have lost at least 3lb and we have one more week to go! I can still meet the minimum goal of 4lb a month. Sweet.

    I completed my run today and it went super well. I ran for 3 min + 5 min + 3 min + 5 min. My knees are a touch sensitive, but not too bad and I think with a 2 day rest I should be fine.

    I resolved to have 16h fasts but now I will just see how the day flows. I’m at 17h and feeling well and it feels like it is way too early in the day to eat. Might wait until closer to 20h.

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