Anybody doing 4:3???

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  • Hi,
    I started 4:3 almost 6 weeks ago and have lost 20 lbs. Which is great! But I was wondering who else is doing 4:3 and what their experiences are on the long run. I can’t imagine I’ll keep on losing 3.3 lbs each week.

    Hi Evie, Those on 4:3 tend to come and go on this forum. I’m not sure whether this is because they reach their target goal so depart the forum or because they end up dropping 4:3 because they find it unsustainable over the long term. You’ll find most in this forum practice 5:2 and many have given 4:3 a ‘go’. If you click around the threads or do a search, you will find a few others who may be currently practicing 4:3.

    Hi EvieB do you find the 4:3 formula sustainable? I’m considering having a go. Thanks,

    Hi i_will_get_there,
    Yes, I think so! I’ve been doing it for almost 7 weeks now and I don’t find it hard at all. All though, I suppose if I were to entertain more I’d have a harder time fitting it in my schedule, because I don’t like fasting when I’m with friends. I’ve also read that when you get to your goal weight that it’s easier to keep the fasting days but that you up the calories on those days from 500 to say 1000. My mom just went from 5:2 to 4:3 as well, because she didn’t loose weight on the 5:2. And she finds 4:3 easier to do than the 5:2 because she found fasting after 2 or 3 days eating more difficult than every other day.
    In my 7 weeks I’ve had 2 real binge moments but they have had absolutely no effect on my weight loss at all.:) The first time, I had a fast day the next day anyway which apparently negated the binge. And the second time I just added an extra fast day the next day and it worked. It gives me a lot of comfort that even if I have a binge moment, which of course I’d rather not have, that I’ve got tools to deal with it.
    Hope this helps!

    Hi! I’ve been on the 4:3 method for three weeks now. I noticed that I’m starting to find it harder as time goes by. How do you make sure you get enough nutritients on the non-fasting days, I feel like i’m not getting enough because I start to feel woozy sometimes even on non-fasting days. This may also be because I restrict my calories on non-fasting days too.
    Your weightloss is very motivating though! I hope I’ll have lost about that amount in three weeks!

    Hi Eventry,
    For starters I take one of those Life Extension multivitamin & mineral supplements every day so I don’t have to worry about nutrient deficiencies. And I eat veggies, fruit, proteins and carbohydrates, I just don’t eat them all in one day, they’re spread out over the week!
    I used to eat veggies, and meat/fish on my fast days but that got to be too much of a hassle measuring and I felt to hungry afterwards (veggies do not still your hunger very well). I now eat my veggies on my non-fast days and on my fast days I eat what I love to eat. I noticed that if I’m really enjoying my food that I feel less hungry and more fulfilled afterwards and it’s easier to persevere. So in the mornings I love to eat yogurt with strawberries. And in the evenings I eat tuna and salmon sashimi with soy sauce and wasabi or spicy chicken with ketchup or boiled potatoes with chicken wings. A lot of protein (fills you up better). I also noticed that I prefer more pronounced flavors on my fast days (mostly spicy). On my non-fast days I don’t restrict my calories but I did check how much I eat. I’m allowed around 2300 calories (based on my weight etc..) and I tend to eat between 1500-1700 calories. Which is probably why I also loose weight after a non-fast day. I used to eat a lot more but I’m now able to stop eating when I don’t feel hungry anymore and even skip a meal when I’m not hungry. Something I never used to be able to do. So the fasting does help change your eating habbits, because it wasn’t a conscious decision on my part.
    I also used to get really grumpy and tired on my fast days but after about 4 weeks that changed and I don’t feel grumpy or tired anymore. So the wooziness could be down to your body getting used to the fasting but I would suggest multivitamins if you’re not already taking them.
    Hope that helps! And good luck!

    oh, and p.s. Surimi sticks (imitation crab meat made from surimi) are a real find. They are really delicious and you can have quite a lot of them! 🙂

    Hi all, I did 4:3 for two months. I lost 15lbs, went from 202 to 187, but now I am stuck at this 187 mark, wavering between 185-187. Part of this is because I changed to 5:2 two weeks ago, and that seems to basically keep me at maintenance levels. I think I need to buckle down and go back to 4:3, but there is always some event at work or with friends that make the 3 down days harder to stick to.

    So, I’m now finishing up my eighth week of 4:3 fasting and have now lost 34 lbs. Which is a massive boost for me to keep going. But what I’m starting to find a little difficult right now is that I have to plan my meals ahead of time. I used to just eat what I felt like eating but that doesn’t work when you’re fasting and I have never been much of a planner. So I suppose that’s my learning curve, but I’m finding it more difficult right now because it feels like I can’t be as flexible as I used to be.

    i’m doing basically 4:3 but i simply eat one day and the other not… I started only in a couple of weeks but i’ll definitely stick to this. In the past i had done a couple of 4\5 days fasts. I really see the benefits of eating this way… I’m not really loosing much weight until now, but i have to say that i really don’t feel the hunger anymore. I’ll stick to this and come here to tell you again how’s going! Still i now tend to not eat rather than making transgressions to eat more while fasting… I’m not taking integrators of sort, but i’ll def focus more on making some better quality meals in the next days (as for vegetable or fruit based meals). I’m also trying to reduce carbs on eat days, while not caring at all on the quantities NOR quality of everything else i eat. I’m afraid this plan could led me to some anorexic pattern, since for example yesterday it was a fast day and i ended up skipping dinner too, so my last 24h fast became a 36h one. I did breakfast with one pastry and coffee without sugar, and then i ate a lot (half a chicken and a couple of potatoes in the oven) at lunch…. Now i don’t feel any hunger, so i’ll probably skip this dinner too… I don’t know if this will be good for loosing weight, and so i’ll be very careful to eat something anyway even if not hungry… As i said i’ll stick to this and see what happens!

    Just started my 11th week of 4:3. Am slightly peeved because I didn’t loose a gram last week even though I stuck to it perfectly. And did sports every single day last week… 🙁
    Have now lost 37 lbs in total. But this plateau is making it more difficult for me, psychologically speaking. Hope I start loosing weight again soon!

    Here’s the link to another active thread of those doing 4:3:

    It has been about a month since anyone posted here so I hope you guys are still fighting the good fight with the 4 3 as I am about to start it myself.

    After a four month weight loss of 30 pounds and countless inches on the five two and incorporating a lot of exercise I have reached a plateau. Ideally I would like to lose another 20 lbs. I am currently 166. I am starting my third fast day today, and I will continue workouts five to six times a week. However, I am not sure what to do about my TDEE on feed days. Should I leave it the same? It is about 2300 calories….

    In any event I will post my experience and results here and maybe it can help people are are considering trying an extra fast day.

    I’m now in my 16th week and have now lost 56 lbs. I have however cheated a bit on the 4:3 fast. I was a little bummed that I twice had a week where I didn’t loose a single gram that for the past 2 weeks I have been doing 3:4! So 4 days of fasting. Which is going really well. I just really want to hit my target of 66 lbs before the new year. After that I’m going back to 4:3 and accepting the way it goes. Slower… 🙂

    Hi all and thank you so much for all of your awesome comments. I am going to start the 4:3 diet next week. I used to be on this thread regularly doing the 5:2. It’s been years and I am up 20 pounds through the Covid fatigue from last year so I need to lose that and I’m starting Monday which is May 10 and I hope by mid July my first camping trip to be moving towards my goal. Thx for everybody’s inspirational on this blog!

    Hello from France!
    I’m also on 4:3, doing everything by the book with 0 cheats.
    Because of weight fluctuation I weight my self every 6 weeks (it’s more stable, on May 6 I’m ending my third week).
    I’ll update here (to share info) how much I dropped during those 6 weeks of 4:3 (ill update my weight loss on May 28).
    Good luck to us, and please who ever on 4:3 update your weight loss.

    Hello I’m doing 4/3. I fasted 5 years ago and lost 5 stone in 11mths. Sadly I ended up having a few ops on my back and a new hip and totally lost it. Did SW and lost 2 stone until the pandemic hit and I went back up to 19st 1lb!
    I’ve always tweaked my fasting as needed for social events, weekends away, holidays etc. If I can’t do 3 then I do 2. There’s no hard and fast rules. If you make it to rigid you’ll get fed up. It’s a way of life, you have to make it fit you to make it work. I also reduced my NFD to 1200 cals back then. I’m doing 13/1470 now. Reducing cals by 500 from your TDEE really helps but because you’re fasting this happens naturally for you. For me fasting broke my sugar and carb addiction. This meant I ate healthier as I was eating just from hunger not from cravings. This is just my experience but I know that happens to a great deal of fastens. For the first time in my entire life when I was losing that 5 stone I was IN CONTROL of what I ate and why I ate. I want to get back to that. For me it has to ‘click’ in my brain or I just can’t do it for more than a few weeks. This is my first week back to fasting with a real enthusiasm to eat better, lose weight, feel better, move easier. I’d hit that 19 stone wall and if I didn’t start now I’d just keep growing!!
    I’m doing this with a friend who only wants to lose 7lbs but we eat a lot together and go out a lot together and it’s been really helpful for us both.
    I’ve lost 7½lbs in my first week and 2 inches of my hips! She has lost 2lbs and has stopped treating herself daily to biscuits because she’s eaten well, thus undoing her good work. This will spur me on. Remember that when the scales don’t show it your clothes and tape measure will. Remember to keep feeling good about all the benefits of this WOL not just what the scales say. Good luck with your journey. X

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