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  • Hello all,
    Well I have decided to take control and start the fast diet, alongside the clever guts diet. I bought the books a few weeks ago and have read them both, I’ve been lurking around these forums and have decided to be brave and introduce myself lol
    I’m Di and live in North Wales in the UK, I’m 46 and currently weigh more than I’ve ever weighed, even at 9 months pregnant with my daughter!
    I am starting on Monday, I’ve planned my week and did a ‘practice’ day last week to make sure I could actually fast and it was ok.
    I’m going to start a blog in the personal section just to write my thoughts and feelings and why I’m doing this.
    I just want to say thank you to you all because reading this forum has given me the confidence and belief that I can do this!
    I look forward to this journey

    Hi, Di and welcome to the Fasting Lifestyle. You have prepared yourself unusually well! Good luck. I’m sure you will succeed. I look forward to your progress posts.

    Thank you so much.I have never been more determined!

    Hi Di 🙂

    I managed to lose over a stone in just over a month on this diet last year. Unfortunately, I then went on an all inclusive holiday and it went downhill from there. I will also be starting again on Monday and I am determined to keep it up this time!

    I’m 27 years old and I am a size 20, I would ideally like to get down to a size 14.

    I found that on the fasting days for the first couple of weeks, I ended up getting headaches and was having to go to bed early because I was so tired. But I pushed through and your body slowly gets use to it all.

    Hopefully we can get each others spirits up!

    Welcome to the 5:2 fasting forum, Di. FD’s aren’t as difficult as I thought they might be, because they’re actually very low calorie days, 500 calories is just enough to keep it interesting for me. I have a few things that are FD staples, like 160 calorie cans of salmon and a light canned soup that I like that’s 180 calories for the whole can. Probably not as healthy as a home made soup, but I like it and it’s something that I can keep in the pantry that’s always ready to go. Old fashioned Oatmeal is another staple for 150 calories. Apples that are around 100 calories, give or take depending on the size are another. Another is frozen bags of broccoli or cauliflower, the whole 100 or 150 calorie bag. Very filling and I love both. Iseason them with lemon juice, salt & pepper. Different combos of these things are often what I eat on most FDs. I prepare another meal for OFM (other family members) or often I’ll go out and pick up Subway sandwiches for them on one of the days.

    The key for me is keeping it simple and always having fallback foods that I like on hand so I don’t have to do a lot of thinking about it. After the first few weeks my weight loss averaged a pound or less per week, but for me, this way of eating is easy. It doesn’t feel like a diet. (I’ve been doing it for maintenance for 3+ months, just eating a little more on NFDs.) Good luck to you on your weight loss journey! You’ve got this!

    Thank you all for your replies,this is such a supportive community!

    CharBear, absolutely we can keep each others spirits up 🙂 I’m doing fast days on Monday and Thursdays so we’ll see how we go.

    Simcoeluv thank you for that 🙂

    CalifDreamer Thank you for that, so helpful, keeping it simple is good for me! I love the seasoned brocolli idea. 🙂

    I agree with CalifDreamer – I’ve seen plenty of others say it – an apple or a boiled egg (eat them slowly) are good things to eat because they are effective at taking away your hunger for quite a while. I might have one or both of these on a 5:2 fasting day – usually I just eat nothing and have a meal in the evening (250g of oven baked fish and mixed veg – onion, red pepper, few small toms and olives, or home made red lentil and tomato soup – really quick and easy to make in bulk – I can post a recipe if anyone wants it). I believe I am often under my 600 cal limit but really I don’t care if I’m slightly over. Sometimes you have a few really great fasting days and loose no weight then suddenly you see a little drop and it turns out to be sustainable one, not a blip.

    Thank you Lemonstar…. any recipes that are quick and easy are always welcome in my book, so I would certainly appreciate the recipe 🙂

    So tomorrow is my first fast day, the kids are still off school so I’ve already prepared my meals for the day, the calories work out at 476, soup for lunch and chicken salad for dinner so if i’m desperate I’ll have an apple but I’m sure I’ll be ok.
    I’m actually excited to get started! My hubby is joining me too which is fab 🙂

    Lemon, yes, please post your red lentil and tomato soup recipe! That sounds really good. I never thought of that combination before, but they would go well together.

    Di, good luck on your first FD tomorrow.

    Monday is a popular day for fasting so you will have lots of company here, myself included. Great that you have planned ahead what you’re going to eat, that is the route to a successful fast day 😉. Drink plenty of water. If you get light headed or a bit dizzy a bit of salt helps, I often drink a teaspoon of Marmite in hot water (some prefer Bovril) on fast days. Good luck 👍

    I do Sunday and Thursday although I did think about Monday. My wife doesn’t work on a Monday and she doesn’t like to drink any alcohol the night before a work day so Sunday if the night for a glass of wine for her. Although Sunday is more awkward than weekdays – because to sometimes clashes with family or social things – I think Sunday is probably a day when my normal calorie intake would be higher than most days (because of family and social things – eating out or together or with friends) so I figured Sunday was likely to be a bigger “hit” on my weekly intake. My wife doesn’t really like me doing 5:2. One of my daughters had (there is never 100% recovery imho) anorexia – a very complex mental illness when you see it close up and upsetting for people supporting and around the person with the illness. I haven’t mentioned, and won’t mention, that I am doing 5:2 to my daughter.

    MissyBear what a fab idea! I love marmite <3

    lemonstar I get where your coming from and I agree we sometimes have to be careful, we are a family who foster and I wouldn’t have done this with our last young adult in the house as it would have affected her mental health and wellbeing.

    Today is going ok, I have felt a little hungry this afternoon but drinking lots of water and herbal tea and it soon passed. Evenings are a danger time for me, so if I am really struggling I’ll have an apple.

    Fast Day here, too. Eggs baked with Boursin cheese + salmon for breakfast. Shrimp/asparagus/citrus salad for dinner. I’ve got to hold the line on wanting to snack tonight – sometimes the snack foods call to me.

    Want recipes, Di? This one is a favorite:
    Fish Roasted with Vegetables: 234 calories 5.2 g fat 4.8 g fiber 29 g protein 16 g carbs 180.3 mg Calcium PB GF Delicious one-pan meal. AND it is low in calories and fat.
    4 0z pollock or other white fish ½ slice bacon 2 oz carrots in 1/2” chunks 2 oz Brussel sprouts cut in half 2 oz cauliflower florets, cut in half or quarters 3 oz cherry tomatoes, cut in half 1 Tbsp Parmesan cheese
    Set the oven at 450 degrees F. Cook the bacon in an 8” oven-proof pan, such as cast iron. Remove the bacon, chop it and set aside. Put the prepared vegetables in the pan and toss to coat with the bacon fat. Salt and pepper to taste. Roast for 10 minutes. Remove the vegetables in their pan from the oven. If you think they will need more than 10 minutes more of cooking, put them back in for 2-3 minutes. They will not be cooked through at this point. Turn oven down to 400 degrees F. Make room in the pan for the fish so that it is sitting on the hot pan. Salt and pepper the fish. Return the pan to the oven and bake 5-10 minutes more, depending on the thickness of the fish. Sprinkle the entire contents of the pan with Parmesan cheese and bacon.

    Greek Chicken Salad: 295 cal 12.8 g. fat 4.8 g fiber 23.7 g protein 26.5 g carb 240.3 mg Calcium PB GF This recipe was long ago clipped from a magazine and stored in the recipe file. When I saw it, I recognized that if most of the olive oil were removed, it would make a smashing Fast meal. We like this one a lot.
    1 and 1/2 oz chicken, roasted and shredded 1 and 1/2 c. shredded romaine or 3 oz salad greens 1/4 c garbanzo or small white beans 2 and 1/2 oz tomato chunks or 1 c cucumbers, cubed 3 black olives, pitted & sliced 1 oz feta cheese, crumbled 1 and 1/2 tsp lemon juice 1/2 tsp olive oil 1/2 tsp each of mint, oregano, parsley
    Prep the meat, greens, tomatoes, and olives as described. Measure the lemon juice, olive oil, and herbs into a salad bowl. Whisk together. Add the greens and toss to combine. Add the chicken, beans, tomato/cukes and toss gently. Top with the olives and feta.

    Chicken/Turkey Dinner: 284 calories 4.5 g fat 9.3 g fiber 31.6 g protein 34.2 g carbs 58.2 mg Calcium PB Perfect use for left-over roasted or lemon-marinated grilled chicken breast. Instead of potatoes, enjoy the crunch of high-fiber crackers. So low in calories that you may even have some lovely fruit for dessert!
    4 ounces roasted breast meat, without skin 1/2 [3 0z] cup green beans 2 oz carrots, sliced as coins 2 pieces Finn Crisp crackers 1/2 cup sliced strawberries.

    Good luck to Di and Lemon. keep us posted.

    Red Lentil & Tomato Soup
    Headlines: it’s filling.
    250-300 cals per 500-600g serving (without cooking onion in olive oil),
    300-350 cals per 500-600g serving (when cooking with a tablespoon of olive oil.)

    1 tablespoon of oil (now this is the high calorie ingredient 13.5g = 1 tablespoon-119 cals so use as little as possible or to hell with it – your choice!)
    1 large onion (chopped – you are going to blend this soup with a hand blender so no real need to worry about size imho)
    1 clove of garlic
    175g (6oz dried red lentils
    400g chopped tomatoes
    600 mls (~1 pint) vegetable stock (I used stock Knorr stock pots)
    300 mls (~ 1/2 pint) of milk (I use semi-skimmed)
    1 tablespoon of Worcester sauce (I use Lea & Perrins)
    2 tablespoons of tomato puree
    Add a few dashes (3-5) of tabasco sauce to add a hint of bite – don’t overdo it.
    Freshly ground salt and black pepper (I do about 10 twists of a grinder each)

    1) heat oil in deep saucepan (I bought a stainless steel stockpot 3 years ago for £25 from Amazon – 5.1L capacity, 20cm diameter and 16cm high and use it for soups, stews, chill, spag bol, etc, This one:-
    but it’s not available now – it’s good value for money IMHO and has been used more than any other pan I have)
    and fry the onion and garlic for a few minutes.

    2) stir in the lentils, tomatoes, stock, milk, tomato puree and Worcester sauce, i.e. all the other ingredients.

    3)Bring to the boil then cover and simmer on low for a good hour – (you may have to stir to stop it from sticking on the bottom – depends on how low your hob goes and how good your pan is)

    4) Blend with a hand blender. I used to leave mine chunky at one time but now prefer it totally smooth.

    I actually add a little less milk and stock to make my soup a bit thicker. It keeps well in the fridge. I always make up a double lot in my stockpot – saves cooking another night. I don’t just eat this soup on 5:2 fasting days – I’ve been eating it for about 15 years. It’s filling although sometimes I do it it with toast – sometimes with a bit of Marmite, sometimes with honey and sunflower seeded bread (not with the Marmite obviously). The bowls we use hold between 500g and 600g depending on how hungry you are and how close to the top you want to fill them.

    From the packaging and google:-
    red lentils – 86 cals/100g so 175g=151 cals
    tomatoes (Tesco Italian chopped) – 25 cals/100g so 400g=100 cals
    vegetable stock pot (30g) – 13 cals per pot
    semi-skimmer milk – Cravendale – 49 cals/100g so 300 mls=300g=147 cals
    large onion (google, 128g, cooked) = 56 cals
    clove of garlic (google, 4g) = 4 cals
    table spoon of tomato puree (google, 15.6g) = 6 cals

    Total = 151+100+13+147+56+4+(2×6) = 483 cals.
    The mass of these ingredients are 175g+400g+300g+128g+4g+(2×15.6g)=1038.5g
    So 1038.5g = 483 cals
    So 100g = 46.5 cals

    So a 500-600g serving of soup is about 233-279 cals – lets say 250-300 cals as I excluded the olive oil from the calculations – if you do put in a whole tablespoon the figures change to:-

    calories = 483 + 119 = 602 cals
    mass = 1038.5 + 13.5g = 1052g
    So 500-600g servings are 286-343 cals, lets say about 300-350 cals – so the olive oil bumps it up by 50 cals/serving. TBH I usually do use a whole tablespoon of oil as this soup is often the only thing I eat on a 5:2 fasting day outside a boiled egg or an apple or a few bits of carrot or celery. BTW – if you don’t have enough onion in – just use celery to make up the difference – in fact, if my onion is small I just a 1 or 2 sticks of celery to make up for it.

    Tnx for the soup recipe, lemon star. Looks yummy. And thanks for the calculations, too.

    Lost 1# due to yesterday’s Fast. Now back down below Target. Whew.

    Thank you @fasting_me and @lemonstar for those recipes! Those seem terrific!

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